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Nominations week 2


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Just a quick RealiTea Bite before the sun sets on the first full day of Kaitlin’s HOH. Check back tomorrow for the full rundown of her 1-1 convos and what they revealed. 


We had BB App Store open for business this afternoon. I can’t confirm which HG got the power yet but based on dinner conversation Rachel seems to be the recipient of the crap app and she says that was the worst part of her day and she has nothing good to share. 


Feeds just returned and the nomination ceremony has happened. Sounds like Kaitlin went ahead and brought up the suspicion about Winston being a doctor. 

Winston of course was one of her nominations and Scottie was the other. 


Winston supposedly put up to appease Foutte and keep them feeling comfortable. Scottie is a seat filler, easy to target the guy with no friends you don’t have to worry about his allies coming for you. Ultimately by the time the nominations ceremony began she planned these noms with the goal of taking a BD (backdoor) shot at Soggy.


What? Yep! Tyler had a great chat with her but this was all her. She feels like he is the problem in Foutte and he is the one saying she’s dispensable so she wants to fire the first shot! I’m not getting excited about this plan. This is BB and this is, like I said, the first day of her HOH week. Anything could change that plan. 


Veto plauers were drawn Saturday morning. Faysal, Tyler, and Rachel along with HOH-Kaitlin and nominees-Winston and Scottie. Soggy is having a private temper tantrum with the camera because he is neither playing in Veto not hosting the comp. Faysal is certain he should win veto again this week and it will make him such a beast no one will dare come for him. LOL. Haleigh and Angie try to explain he doesn’t need to win 2 vetos back to back and that would make him a bigger target than Soggy! It’s Faysal he won’t listen. 


There you have it! If I sniff out the RealiTea on which HG was trending and received the BB app I will come back and update you here. Otherwise join me tomorrow for the full scoop on all of today’s events. 

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