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Tuesday, July 10 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:00am BBT Rockstar with Fessie and Haleigh at the pool. Rockstar says in my imagination I thought if it were to be that one of the 5 of us won HOH that it would be the 5 of us up there, chilling. It’s just completely different. You two are the only ones I trust, with Bayleigh, she’s in there too. Bayleigh is better at this than me, cause I didn’t mean to, but I kinda went up there and zapped out. Haleigh says, did you really zap out? Yeah, like it was an appropriate zap. I didn’t yell or say, WTF? I said she wasn’t a good friend, at least not to me. When you were crying you didn’t come to me, you went to Tyler, where did that come from?


12:10 am BBT Fessie and Haleigh in the HT. Serious flirtation. Fessie is straddling her and right up next to her face. She says, Fessie you stress me out. You don’t give me any massages, any attention.

12:20am BBT Fessie tells Haleigh he’s gotten attached to her and if he goes home he will have to look at her on TV and wait 2 months to see her again. She says, do you want me to tell you the same thing I tell you every time? He says he wants her to change her mind, he’s throwing it all out there. Lovey-dovey didn’t work, bribery didn’t work. (FISH)


12:25pm BBT She tells him that day 30 she will kiss him… on the cheek. He says, is this Sesame Street? She says it’s a children’s show, Fessie. Why don’t you ask my dad if you can kiss me? She tells him to look in that camera and say, Mr. Broucher, I want to kiss your daughter on day 30. Go… he looks at the camera and says Mr. Broucher… what’s his first name? I’m not telling you, you’re not on a first name basis with my dad. Mr. Broucher, it’s day 20, almost day 21. We say each week in this house is the equivalent of 2 months outside of the house so it’s been like 6 months, and I’d like your permission for Haleigh to give ME a kiss on the cheek.  He says, I’ll bet you I could win him over. They agree to hug. She hugs him and pushes him away. Your hugs are inappropriate. She gets out of the HT and he says so… meet you in the big bowl? She says, we’ll see, you are a persistent little f***.


12:35am BBT Scottie and Swaggy at the washing machine. Power discussion. They don’t know who has it. Swaggy says what is my approach for JC? Scottie says, JC is just trying not to draw attention. Just tell him that you’ll let him be. He doesn’t want to do anything, he wants to be untouched. (Swaggy is chomping chips and slurping salsa and it’s difficult to hear) Scottie is doing his laundry with Kaysees. He says he is going to put his underwear on top of her stack so she has to touch his underwear to get to her stuff. He’s going to say perv!


12:40am BBT Swaggy and Sam on the patio. He tells her that he’s Chris not just Swaggy and maybe he showed the Chris side too late. She says yeah, you need to show your vulnerable side some. She knows it is difficult because of his environment. She says you need to let people see what you are trying to hide.


He says a lot has happened in his past. He hides growing up. His mom left when he was 3 years old, he stayed with his dad. He went to 17 different schools in 8 years. They didn’t have money so all they did was travel. They had family in Connecticut and North Carolina,  So, in 1st grade CN, 2nd grade NC, 3rd grade, NC, CN, NC, 4th grade was NC, 5th grade was NC, 3 different schools n NC, back to CN, 6th grade was CN, NC, 7th grade was NC, 8th grade, 2 schools in CN, then NC. When he got to HS, his dad fell into a coma. So it was just him and his brother, but his mom came back. She never was really gone, but after they got divorced, she had boyfriends and they didn't see her much. (FISH) His dad drank and smoked and had heart failure and kidney failure and all his childhood he’d wake up and see his dad throwing up and one day he said, hey, I’m never going to do this. So when I was 18, my dad came out of the 2nd coma, I went to college, I had a girlfriend for 4 years at the time… long story short… I got to 19, found out my GF of 5 years had cheated on me on my birthday, so I got done with her,  and I get a call that my dad had been found dead. Back to back, cheated on and dad dead. No good bye, he had been dead for 4 days and his body was rotten, like it smells its cold. He was in New jersey playing basketball and he’d been texting him all the time during that 4 days but he never responded so he knew something was up.  So he was trying to find himself and Chris was going through some bad stuff and came from a bad hood and gangs and seeing people get shot, so he had to create a persona that he would be proud of. He started calling himself Swaggy C and for 2 weeks or so people laughed but then it stuck. People started calling him that. He said Swaggy C was outgoing and talkative and Chris was shy and quiet. So, now his mom is back, his girlfriend is gone, he’s got some money because he’s a grown man now making his own money,  but he ended up not finishing college because loans were crazy and there was no one to cosign for school loans. His brother had moved away, his mom moved in with her boyfriend, so he decided to become the best Swaggy C he could be. He didn’t want to be in Bridgeport alone in the hood, so he came out to LA, auditioned for the show, and freaking got on so the answer to your question is, who am I trying to hide???? He says nobody here knows.


12:45am BBT Sam says, why not, why me? Swaggy says,  I don’t want to go to Fessie and say hey, this is my story.

Some people know, Winston knows, we talked a lot week one when we worked out. Kaitlyn and I got close day two when I didn’t pick her group. She came to him and said I know you made the best decision for you, and we both sat down and exploded our hearts, Boom! That’s why I felt like I connected with her. Brief mention of another girlfriend that cheated on him, days before he got on the show. (FISH) He says being in Bridgeport and around the gangs and the lifestyle, it was comforting to him because that’s what he’s seen his whole life. When you are in a gang you put your bandana over your mouth so you can say things and people can’t read your lips. But he’s not that guy anymore and in here it wasn’t to tell secrets, he just liked the look of the bandana around his mouth and he felt comfortable with it. He never gave it a lot of thought until the DR told him not to wear it anymore because they needed to read his lips, so he stopped. Sam said why would you want to wear a symbol of something negative from where you were from?


12:50am BBT He says it was just something he was comfortable with, and some people are scared of certain people and rightfully so. Sam says but not here, we would have all be so accepting of you. If you had worn it in the kitchen and talked to all of us and if somebody had asked you, explained it. But you wore it and snuck around and didn’t talk to anybody. You didn’t wear it proudly. He says, telling every single person all of this might have kept me off the block, but damn…  (FISH)



1:00 am BBT You came in like a loner. We all come in here and try to make friends, but in the end we all leave alone again. She says he was a loner from the beginning. He didn’t want to get to know anybody. How did you connect with the people you were with? She thinks that within the first two days he had his bandana on and he made deals and made secrets and plans and that was it. BOOM! It was done. She said all this stuff happened and she wasn’t even there, she had to guess. It was all hypothetical, Swaggy came in here to win, he’s keeping to himself and he picked these people and some how they agreed to work with you. And IMO if you agree to work with Swaggy, you agree to lose to Swaggy. Because you are that determined and that’s admirable. I’m not putting you down for it. That’s how I felt and I wasn’t on the team. This is my mind and I’ve never said this to anybody. It’s my first impression.

He says he didn’t go to anyone, they came to him after he won two comps, he had to choose a group and he listened to everyone chose the group and decided to work with those people.

She says, he’s all game and little personable, and she’s all personable and little game. Swaggy tells her that every single person in the house except JC and Kaysee has made a deal with him at one time or another. Sam says, I haven’t!


1:05am BBT Sam says she by herself. She doesn’t know the game and she is surprised she is still here. Swaggy tells her that everyone loves her and now that people have gotten to know Sam the person, she will be safe for a long time. Tyler only put her up because she was a robot.

He tells her that he’s got personable with most people, but not JC, Kaysee, Brett or Angela. He doesn’t want everyone to see him as a gang person, someone who was shot at, someone who held a gun, he wants to be known as who he is now and if he doesn’t come off as a nice person, he’s clearly doing something wrong.

Sam says actions speak louder than words. If you look at your actions, you’re really intimidating.

She felt like he was a brick wall and she didn’t know what to say to him and she thought she was getting on his nerves.

1:15am BBT Sam is continuing to give Swaggy a pep talk. She’s telling him how to play the rest of the week, to treat them like he did his old basketball team the first time he met them. Let everything go, just cut loose. If you go, you can walk out with your head held high and know you literally showed everybody everything. Swaggy says where he comes from you have to be ready to die any moment and that’s why he sat at the veto meeting with his arms crossed while everyone else freaked out. He was calm.  


1:15am BBT He tells her he only needs 6 votes to stay and he has guaranteed 5. He says at the end of the day that he loves this place, he loves the mic every morning, the cameras, the lights, all of it. She tells him if he leaves, to come back. He says he can’t. She says come back and work for the show. Be the next Cam. Who? CAM!  C to the A to the M. And we get FISH.

Then we hear” at the end of the day” a dozen times! He’s going to do what she says, he’s going to open up to everyone, he’s going to show them who he is. Be yourself. You are a super star already.

She says she’s going to hit him with MeeMaw Wisdom. Be yourself anywhere you go. That’s authentic power. Whatever you grew up believing, power, influence, whatever it means for you to be successful. All those things can be taken away. We prayed together, I know you believe in god and are a man of faith. You should know, you only have yourself. 100% he says. Whatever we have, whatever we gain means absolutely nothing. That’s not what makes authentic power. All we really have is how we treat others. If you do that, you’ll be successful.

Look at everyone in here like family. Come from a positive real place. She knows he’s got it, she’s looking at him right now. Don’t get down.



1:25am BBT  Sam says  they call this a game? It’s not a fuc**** game. There are no rules. There is one winner and 15 losers. That’s not a game. What other game is like that? What other game is played with 16 people and only one wins? None, says Swaggy. There's one on one games, two on two games,  team games, but there are no games where 16 people play and only one wins. This is not really a game. It is who can tolerate what, for how long, and who gets lucky in competitions, because they are always different, some are physical, some are mental and some are pure fu***** luck. They call it a game, it’s not a game. You can only control yourself, you can’t control 16 other variables. Swaggy says, you are fu***** my head all the way up right now. Right! Sam says. So the best thing you can do here is just roll with it. That’s been my strategy since day one and I don’t know what I’m doing. I have no end game I’m just here from one day to the next. I don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday. I’m here 12 hours a day.

Swaggy says he came in thinking he was going to win so he’s disappointed in himself. And Sam says, see? If you came in here thinking you might only be here for one week, you’d be patting yourself on the back right now.  



1:35am BBT At the end of the day, after all was said and done, Swaggy thanked her for the conversation and she thanked him for the opportunity to get to know him because that’s what this game is to her. A chance to get to know different folks. He wants her to show him how to cook. If he stays 2 more days or the whole time, he wants her to show him how to cook the things she cooks. She says every time she cooks to come get him so he can watch her. She says, Cooking with Swaggy!


1:40am BBT Sam says on the first day, everyone is saying this is going to be most fun summer! We are going to have so much fun!! But you know what? This sh** isn’t fun! At all. And if you are finding a way to make it look like fun, it’s a lie. What if we could all managed to get through the season like f’ing adults, and no big blow-ups, no drama, the most boring summer ever. Good luck with that, says Swaggy. But we all had a really awesome, fun summer. Sorry it didn’t make for good TV, you guys didn’t get to us. We are just all out here having a good time because we all genuinely like each other, isn’t that weird?  



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9:09 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Winston is in the KT getting a cup of coffee then takes it outside.  Kaycee walked past him in the KT, lights are on in the PBR but no one else seems to be up.  Winston goes to sit on the hammock with his coffee.

Kaycee alone in the WA, washing her face.  No other HGs around



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9:16 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Winston swingin on the hammock outside.  Rockstar yawning in the KT.  Kaycee in KT as well.  Kaycee says she wouldn't pretend to know what was going on in here.  Angela up and in the KT, Sam gets called to DR  Angela is getting her cold coffee out of the fridge.  Rockstar is still yawning, not talking to Angela or Sam.  BB calls Sam to the DR again, sterner this time.  Rachel comes by on her way to the WA, gives something to Sam (who is fixing coffee) and Sam said she will put it in her bra.  Sam takes her coffee and goes to the DR. Angela looks to be making slop.  Rockstar left.

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9:35 am BBT  Sam is out on the couches, explaining this is a game like no other.  She said there are no other games where there are 16 people, and only one wins.  She said there are usually teams, couples, etc.  Sam said she told Swaggy that it is more than competitions, it is a social game, and he didn't play the social game.  Sam said she is emotional, and will continue to play that way.  She said she didn't think she would make it past the first week, so she is really happy.  Sam said she told Swaggy to be sunshine Swaggy, to make the most of his time in the house.  She said after that talk, he cleaned the whole KT.  Winston, Anela and Kaycee outside with Sam.

Winston gets up to get more coffee and BB asks them to do the awnings.  Winston said he would stay to help with those.  Sam can be heard saying there are different ways to be a good sport.

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9:43 am BBT  As Angela and Winston are doing the awnings, she asked how the conversation with Scottie went.  Winston said it was interesting, and Angela said that is why she left them alone.  Winston said Scottie thinks it is going to be a close vote.  Winston asked for his vote, and Scottie said he didn't know but he had to talk to Swaggy first.  Winston said they talked about how Steve was promised safety, but when they won the veto he wasn't taken off, then he went home.  Winston said they were the ones that voted to keep Sam.  Letting things sink in about the mistakes early in the game.  He said Scottie thinks it is going to be a 6-6 vote.  Angela said they need to be social with some of the other people.  Winston said he isn't going to do one on ones but he will talk to them, general, how they doing, what do they want going forward.  Winston said he still has to pack on Thursday, and that is kinda scary.  Angela and Winston finish talking, listen to Sam talking.  Winston said she is the sweetest girl, and he asks if anyone wants anything in the KT. 

Sam continues talking about this being an experiment inside and experiment.  She said she is just being herself.   She said she would love to be taken out of the game, but stay in the house as the housekeeper and counselor.  She said the DR is supposed to be for that, but someone went in and said they needed to vent, but was told not now.  Sam said she is still learning the game ettequite,  Like walking loudly into the room if you think there are 2 people in there.  She said she is playing socially, but not strategy. 

Rockstar comes out, and Angela, Sam and Kaycee tell her how much weight she has loss and her bathing suit was falling off her yesterday.  She said she needs a new one.  She said she knew she would lose weight, since she just had a baby,  She said her stomach hasn't fully retracted.  Angela Said if she did crunches it might help it go down. 

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12:55 am BBT  Rockstar talking about a car accident she was in that broke her tailbone, pelvis and something else.  They said Winston knows bones.  He said when someone breaks a bone and needs screws or pins, that is what he sells.  Rockstar talks about her therapy, but she didn't have surgery for it.  She was 27.  She has had 2 more kids since then.  She was on bedrest for 8 months.

Sam said she only broke one bone, when she was in 2nd grade.  Explains how she broke it at school, stayed for the rest of the day, then told her mom about it when she got home.  She started with a pink cast, then the next week painte it purple and they bedazzled it.  She said her mother still has her cast.  FoTH

Back with just Winston and Sam outside.  She said he and Swaggy are a lot alike.  She said he is a lot cleaner than the guys she knows.  He said he isn't that clean.  She said he isn't a redneck douche.  Winston thanks her for that.  Winston said he isn't an open book, he keeps a lot private.  Sam said she does to.  She is outgoing and extroverted, but also private.  Winston said it took 2 weeks for them to talk, but she feels they are good now.  Winston said he thinks they will all be friends outside he house, Sam said probably not.  She said because they live so far apart, and their lives are different.  Sam said it would be so cool to hang out with Angela, everyone would be intimidated by Angela, and Sam would be the sidekick that says, hey, you want to hang out with me?  She said they would e like Mutt and Jeff.

more FoTH


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10:09 am BBT  Feeds are back.  In the KT, Rockstar is talking with Rachel about Orwell, who has been replaced with Orwella.  Rockstar said they have really f'd up the stove in 2 weeks. She said collectively, not the 2 of them.  Rockstar said once she gets off slop she is going to crack an egg into an avocado, put cayenne pepper on it, then bake it in the oven.  Rachel said that sounds really good.

Rockstar said she ran today, and did some bike.  She is about to release the beast of Rockstar.  Rocktar is now upstairs in HOH bathroom talking with Kaitlyn about wanting to let social media when her stomach goes down.  Kaitlyn said Rockstar is obsessed bout that.  Rockstar shows her stomach, and that her belly button isn't back to normal. 


Feeds switch to BY.  Rachel comes out, and everyone says good morning to her.  Sam asks how she slept, someone joked that she doesn't sleep.  Rachel said it is so loud in the house.  She sleeps without a fan or TV on, and in total darkness.  Winston tells her she will need to win HOH then.  General chit chat about the heat, sun, smells of people cooking.  All 4 feeds on BY.


(gotta go for a while)

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10:20AM BBT:  All feeds are on the couch in the back yard where Winston, Rachel, Sam and Kaycee are talking.  Winston:  I can't believe JC got away with not sleeping in the have-not room already." people agree and we immediately get fish. [seriously Big Brother?  Everyone should follow the same rules]

10:22 AM BBT:  Winston's talking to Sam about what he wants done to his hair for Thursday.  He says not to go too short because he looks like a doofus when his hair is too short.

10:24AM BBT:  Kaycee gets up to go inside.  Sam is saying she never met real Winston, she's only met Bro-Winston.  Rachel and Sam are telling Winston that when he's with Brett, he's bro-Winston.  Rachel:  "another reason why I like real Winston is-" and right on cue, Brett walks out.

Winston: BRO, come sit BRO.

10:26 AM BBT Winston:  "I told them we thrive off of each other.  When we're together, we come off as jerks." 

10:27AM BBT:  In the HoH room, Kaitlyn is laying in bed.  I'm not sure if someone is in there with her because the camera immediately goes to the kitchen.  Kaycee is talking to Rockstar in the kitchen.  Angela walks through the kitchen and heads outside. 

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10:53 am BBT  Angela is running laps in the BY while Kaycee is riding a bike.  Angela asks who the next threat is, Kaycee said she really doesn't know.  After thinking about it, they decide Fessy, Scottie and Rockstar because RS doesn't even talk to them.  They agree pawn, target, backdoor.  Then feeds switch back to the KT again.

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4:25am BBT Fessie is in the lounge praying. Bayleigh wakes Swaggy up and he gets up and goes to the WC. Scottie arises at the same time and heads to the WC as well. Scottie says it’s a good thing I brought this (mic). The two sit on the sofa in the WA. Scottie tells Swaggy as long as he has the 6 for the tie, she will swing his way. Scottie says she doesn’t think you have it is why she said that. I think the 7 last week… I think Rockstar/Kaitlyn/Haileigh have a thing together and they are the three that turned. (Swaggy says, you think?) Scottie says the 7 were – JC, Kaysee, Angela, Rachel, and the three of them. He says he grilled the bros about their votes. 

4:28am BBT Fessie enters the WA. Scottie says, let me catch you up… Scottie says none of this makes any sense to me. He asks Fessie if he talked to Kaitlyn today? Fessie says about what? About this whole situation? Fessie says she just felt like she needed to take a stand. Scottie says that’s bullsh**. He details out what he just told Swaggy. 


4:30am BBT Scottie says the only reason Kaitlyn said she would vote in favor of Swaggy was if he got the 6 votes, but she KNOWS he can’t get them because those two (RS/Hay) will not vote Swaggy to stay because the three of them are together. 


4:30am BBT Scottie tells Fessie and Swaggy that Winston and Brett voted to keep Steve and that’s the only way any of it makes sense. The three of them are working together! None of them would have the guts to do it alone! Scottie says those three, (Kait/RS/Hay) have a f’ing final three and they are using us because we are the big players with Brett and Winston. They want us to go after each other so they don’t have to. You told me that Haleigh is the one that brought up my name and Kaitlyn that brought up the power. They are the ones that started this sh**. Swaggy says, so you think if they did that to Steve, they will do the same thing to me? 
Fessie says he does not think the three of them flipped. He thinks Brett and Winston voted to keep Steve. Fessie does not agree with Scotties theory because Rockstar was upset that Tyler came into the picture with Kaitlyn. Fessie still says, just one of them flipped and I don’t know who. 


4:33am BBT Swaggy says, so you don’t think the three will vote for me to stay? Scottie says, no, I think they are going to get the powerful guys out first. Why would they send me home? I have promised them safety if I get HOH. 
Scottie says Tyler told me that Hayleigh knew beforehand that you were going up. Scottie says think about it… the second I said I would go after Winston and Brett was the second I became a pawn. So in their minds we can go after each other and they can sit back pretty. 


4:40am BBT Scottie says Hayleigh and Kaitlyn are playing every guy in here, except Winston, they can’t get a relationship with him. So, today, did you notice that Haleigh was cozying up to Kaysee? 
Fessie says he thinks Haleigh is just trying to be cool with everybody. 
Swaggy says if I don’t have them, I can’t stay. 
Swaggy says to Fessie, remember when we were playing pool and I told you what if Tyler uses the veto on Scottie and she puts me up? And you said there is no way that will happen, and it happened. He says, I need two votes and I don’t know how I will get them. Kaysee is back and forth. You guys work on JC. 
Fessie keeps arguing that it was the bros, not the girls. 


4:41am BBT They are all running numbers and names and Swaggy is coming up with scenarios that keep him here. He thinks he might Battle Back if he leaves. 
Scottie says here’s what’s fishy… it makes no sense that she would put you up and then just hours later tell you that she will save you. Swaggy says she sympathized with him. He only has to swing 4 votes. Hayleigh & Rockstar, Sam &Tyler, JC & Tyler? 


4:50am BBT Fessie keeps defending Kaitlyn. Scottie says he’s going to talk to her tomorrow. I’m going to see if she tells me what she told you about keeping you. Swaggy says, tell her that Swaggy will keep you safe. Tell her that if she does get Swaggy out that she will be gone within the next two weeks!


4:53am BBT Swaggy tells Scottie and Fessie he wants to stay and go after Brett and Angela because they have done nothing. We’ve got work to do. Don’t beat a dead horse, but get to Kaysee and JC. It’s doable. I just need 2 more to flip. 
Swaggy says, Nobody in the house is safe if Winston gets HOH. 
The three head to bed. 

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 11:14am BBT: HG just eating and talking general talk in the KT.

11:29am BBT: Kaitlyn is now up and downstairs in the KT eating bacon. Bret walks off and kaitlyn calls him back, He says he will stand by the back door then walks back to the counter. Faysal is now up and in the KT walking around.

11:33am BBT: Tyler and kaycee in the BY playing pool and talking about music and what they like in music.

11:43am BBT: Brett, Kaitlyn and Scottie in the KT eating watermelon and talking general talk about people Brett knows. In the BY Tyler and kaycee are talking about where they have lived and people they know.

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12:02pm BBT: Rachel and Sam in the BY working out. Faysal in the KT making breakfast while Brett, Angie, Scottie and Winston are talking general talk. Winston leaves and goes to the BY.

12:38pm BBT: BB tells kaitlyn to exchange ehr mic with one in the STR and she yells at BB telling him she can not do that because something is wrong with hers and we get FOTH.

12:45pm BBT:In the HOHR kaitlyn , Tyler and Scottie are talking about this weeks nominations. Kaitlyn tells Scottie she never wanted him to go home she was always after Swaggy.. she says to her there is no sides of the house that she wanted Swaggy up for her game play only not for anyone else.

12:49pm BBT: Bayleigh tells Swaggy in the PBR that she really wants to do her hair today but she has to find a shirt first. She gets a shirt they hug and snuggle.

12:54pm BBT: Sam telling Swaggy they need more groceries that they have burnt up some groceries in this house. Swaggy says yeah this is Tuesday. sam says we need groceries, laundry soap and soap we go through alot of that.

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 1:20 pm BBT. Scottie and Tyler in HOHR talking. Scottie says his theory is that week 1, he doesn’t think Swaggy, Brett or Winston voted against Steve. He thinks it was Rockstar, Haleigh and Kaitlyn. He says he thinks the girls want all the guys to destroy each other and it was best for their game. He thinks they put him on the block and of he figured it out, he’s already on the block and goes home. Tyler says he genuinely thinks if Kaitlyn flipped she would’ve told him by now. Scottie thinks Swaggy, Brett and Winston are trying to play him and make him ping pong between sides. Tyler says well that gives u the option then.


1:25 pm BBT. Tyler tells Scottie he’s in a good spot either way. Tyler says he’s not good and Scottie says no, u r not good with Faysal. Tyler says or Rockstar. Scottie doesn’t think Swaggy has the votes to say. He says even if he has the 5 votes he thinks he has (Scottie, Faysal, Rockstar, Haleigh and Bayleigh), it’s not enough. Tyler asks if Swaggy thinks he’ll be the 7th. Scottie says he’s trying to swing 2 or 3 between Tyler, JC and Sam. Tyler says he’s trying to swing Kaitlyn too in case he can only get 6 votes.


1:26 pm BBT. Scottie says his vote will back up Tyler. Tyler says Swaggy has promised him and Kaitlyn safety for votes. Tyler tells Scottie that swaggy never mentioned keeping Scottie safe. Scottie says him and Ter should get close to Kaitlyn and Haleigh. Scottie says Haleigh is scary good at this game. Scottie says she’s playing similar to him but she’s more flippy floppy. He says she is smart though and we should keep her on our side.


1:30 pm BBT. Swaggy and Bayleigh come into HOHR with Tyler and Scottie. Scottie is clipping his toenails. Swaggy asks if there’s any word yet. Tyler says Kaitlyn is very in the middle. Tyler leaves to go find Sam and talk. Scottie tells Swaggy he had his talk with Kaitlyn and Tyler promising them safety. Scottie tells Swaggy what to say to get her on his side. Scottie has broken the clippers. Scottie says the safer u make Kaitlyn feel the better you’ll be. Scottie says she’s worried about her safety. Swaggy says she’s not safe of I leave. Scottie says she wants safety and not to be seen as a weak player.


1:35 pm BBT. Swaggy leaves. Scottie says what a fun f***ing game. Bayleigh says she is not having fun, it’s anxiety times 12. Scottie says and ot’s only week 2. Scottie says he hopes he gets the good app next week, Bayleigh says she wants it too. She says who knows what questions they’re asking. Scottie tells her the live feeders aren’t the people who have the numbers to keep u trending. He says pay attention to what’ll be on tv. Scottie says he’s not a panderer. Bayleigh asks what means.


1:38 pm BBT. Scottie has finished clipping his toenails and hopes they’re ok, says he doesn’t know how to do it. He tells Bayleigh she was going to do his finger nails, says he doesn't know about those either. Swaggy has come back into the HOHR.


1:39 pm BBT. Tyler and Sam talking in BY. Sam says she got to talk to Swaggy for the first time ever last night out here. She said for like an hour, the “real” Chris. He said the Swaggy thing is just a persona. She says she told him he treated people like commodities. She says she told him this is not a game, the game part is so small compared to the rest of it. Tyler says yeah the social part. Sam said she’s figuring out the “rules” or etiquette of the house. She says she told him to go to bed, forget the last 20 days and make the rest of his time a good lasting impression without the mask or a t-shirt.


1:43 pm BBT. Sam says she came in the house taking it one day at a time and told Swaggy if he came in with expectations, of course he’ll be disappointed. She says she want him to be sunshine Swaggy and the real shy Swaggy. She says it was a good conversation. She says this morning she had a good conversation with Winston and that Swaggy and Winston have a lot in common.


1:45 pm BBT. Sam tells Tyler she got to know the real Winston, not just the bro Winston. She says she got to know the real Brett a little too, outside of the bros. Sam says she offered them personal advice, she can’t give game advice. Tyler says Sam doesn’t know how good of a job she’s doing. He says u win the game being your authentic self.


1:57 pm BBT. Sam and Tyler still talking. Sam says she told Kaitlyn that Winston is a brick wall and she’s interested in seeing the other 3 once he’s gone. She told her Swaggy is softer. Kaitlyn told her she’s not interested in keeping Winston either, eventually he’ll go. Sam wondered if they let Swaggy go now, will they ever have a chance at Winston bcuz Swaggy’s side has a lot of floaters.

2:00 pm BBT. She says if they kept Swaggy they could convince more people down the road to get rid of Swaggy. She says but I said I don’t know strategy so I’ll vote dor whoever u want.

2:03 pm BBT. Bayleigh and Swaggy in HOH bathroom. She says I hope u pull this off. She says another week could be really good. She says keeping Swaggy is good for Kaitlyn’s game bcuz the other side would go after Faysal or Swaggy.

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2:06 pm BBT.  Sam and Tyler are still talking in the BY.  Tyler says he loves her and his head is always spinning and whenever he talks to

her, it stops, then it starts spinning again.  Tyler says he always has to go with his gut and his gut is set right now.  Sam says her while life, she lives 100 percent on instincts.  Tyler says right now Kaitlyn believes that Swaggy will not target her or Tyler if he stays.  Sam agrees.  Tyler says he believes him too.  But he thinks his side isn’t strong and they’re not behind him.  Sam says if Winston is gone and Swaggy’s group has to choose between Tyler, Sam or Swaggy who will they pick?  Tyler says they’ll pick Swaggy.  She says u just said they’re not behind him.  He says they’re more behind them than me bcuz they think I’m the reason.  Kaitlyn comes ands sits on Tyler’s lap.  Sam asks if Kaitlyn slept on it and has new thoughts or the same?  Kaitlyn says she didn’t allow herself to think about it.  


2:11 pm BBT.  Kaitlyn says Sam made a valid a** point to keep Swaggy.  She says she needs to talk to more people and see where they’re at.  Sam says no matter what, she’ll put her personal stuff aside and won’t do anything crazy at the last momemt, she’ll do what they want.  Tyler says he’s up in the air.  Tyler says he’s going with everything that happened and what happened after.  Sam says Tyler and Sam can think more clearly about strategy.  


2:16 pm BBT.  Rachel and Winston on the hammock.  Sam, JC and Swaggy on couch in BY.  Sam wants to cut her hair.  JC says to shave it. 

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07:00PM BBT Rockstar is in the hot tub with JC, Tyler, Kaitlyn and Fessy around, horseplaying a bit.  Tyler jumps in to save somebody's mic, and the feeds go to fish.


07:04PM BBT Brett and Winston are talking with Rockstar and Fessy about being right vs. left handed in sports, and how students were pushed to be right handed in school.


07:08PM BBT Feeds are on fish, WBRB message.


07:11PM BBT Scottie serves up a plate of slop.  Sam tells him and Kaycee that it's stressful being around all the food and in the kitchen - constantly eating.


07:13PM BBT Sam said that she's so proud of Haleigh, that the kitchen is so nice and clean, so less ants.


07:14PM BBT Rachel and JC play kick ball in the BY, it appears to be with a pool ball.


07:15PM BBT Rockstar comes in the kitchen from the hot tub.  She then heads to the back washroom area.


07:16PM BBT Fessy, Winston and Brett talk macho sports talk in the hot tub, mostly about playing while in school.


07:17PM BBT Kaycee and Scottie are at the kitchen counter while Sam continues to clean.  Kaitlyn heads upstairs.


07:19PM BBT Tyler, Angela, JC, and Rachel play soccer with a pool ball (or possibly a lemon?) in the BY.


07:27PM BBT The four lemon playing HG form a line to high five each other and say "good game".  


07:29PM BBT Kaycee, Rachel and Tyler play a game where they're catching a small ball with wine glasses.  Kaycee makes the first successful catch.  




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07:34PM BBT Fessy, Brett and WInston finish up their sports talk in the hot tub. and get out.  Fessy is in the pool. 


07:36PM BBT Sam is in the kitchen making up a slop dish and asks for assistance from Kaitlyn to line a pan.


07:37PM BBT Sam tells them that she's making fake slop pasta and meatballs.


07:39PM BBT Scottie is called to the DR.


07:40PM BBT Sam said that she made a critical error with the "pasta" in that she needed to keep it rolled up while chilling, and then will cut it up.


07:41PM BBT Fessy heads inside and straight back to the washroom area.


07:44PM BBT While in the kitchen, Haleigh applies lotion to her face and upper body because she got sunburned.  Fessy and Winston are taking showers while Haleigh applies lotion to Brett's back.  It was overcast, so they didn't use enough sunscreen.


07:46PM BBT Kaycee and JC line up cups on the pool table and play water pong.


07:49PM BBT Tyler praises Sam's slop cooking abilities.  Tyler encourages Kaitlyn to come downstairs as she pokes her head out of the HOHR, referring to her as a princess.


07:51PM BBT Fessy is now helping Sam in the kitchen while making a protein drink.


07:53PM BBT Kaitlyn, Haleigh and Rachel are swinging in the hammock, wishing that there was beer, and that they are just about due for some alcohol.


07:54PM BBT The girls agree that yesterday was the "longest day ever", and very dramatic - and yet they thought it was going to be way worse.


07:56PM BBT Haleigh said that so far they've sent two guys home, so the women are strong.  (in hammock with Rach and Kait)


07:57PM BBT Fessy tells Rockstar in the HN room that JC and Rachel may be Swaggy's best bet for him to stay.  Fessy believes that he can pull out this HOH and Rockstar said that she wants it as well.


07:58PM BBT Rockstar tells Fessy that Tyler should be backdoored and that he shouldn't have the right to win the veto.

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08:00PM BBT Rockstar says that Swaggy was sad all day yesterday and was curled up in his bed.  Swaggy and Bayleigh are off cuddling in another room now.  Winston and Brett are chatting in the storage room.


08:01PM BBT Winston and Brett agree that Scottie is a genius and an idiot at the same time, and that he's painting himself as a target "little buddy".


08:05PM BBT Kait, Angela, Rachel, and JC continue to play pong on the pool table.


08:06PM BBT Sam is making headway with the noodles and is going to fry up the slopballs.


08:08PM BBT Brett is in the hammock while Winston sits beside it, eating slop.  They are quiet, not talking.


08:15PM BBT Sam's slop meal was a success.  Kaycee massages her shoulders after her hard work.


08:20PM BBT Rachel joins Winston and Brett in the BY by the hammock.  Winston said that he is on the block, so not in a position to say anything political.


08:22PM BBT Brett says that he is now a RINO to the others.  They agree to stay very quiet, but then Winston heads over to talk with Fessy.


08:23PM BBT Brett tells Scottie to be careful because the hot tub turned his blue bathing suit pink and that his leg was a little burned in there.


08:24PM BBT Fessy and Winston play pool.  JC hangs with Brett in the hammock, and Angela/Kaycee walk around the pool.


08:25PM BBT Tyler joins the circling walk around the back yard, and then Rachel makes four.  JC and Brett talk through the votes for Thursday.


08:27PM BBT Brett tells JC to just chill, don't talk game.  Fessy tells Winston that Swaggy has been sleeping all day.


08:29PM BBT Winston talks about how Brett farted one night in the Jenga room and that 4 people walked in and then right back out, that it lasted all night.

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08:32PM BBT Playing pool, Winston and Fessy hope that the HOH comp is better than last week where anybody could randomly win.  They think it will be endurance comp.


08:34PM BBT In the kitchen, Sam continues to make slop meals.  Tyler and Angela go into the lounge to play Heartbreak Jenga.  Kaycee is in there as well, stacking up the blocks.


08:39PM BBT Angela and Tyler are laughing pretty hard about how they'd throw pillows at those that snore, and they hope they show a compilation of all of the throws.


08:41PM BBT Tyler, Angela and Kaycee talk about how Kaitlyn has attached herself to Tyler and that it's awkward.  He said that she needs to see him more as a brother, and speculate about her boyfriend being upset.


08:46PM BBT Rachel, JC and Brett continue talking in the hammock about how perfect this past week has gone.  JC says that Kaitlyn feels that she made a mistake.  Brett said "it's already done", and Fessy looked over - Brett wishes that he didn't say it that loud.


08:48PM BBT Rachel said that Swaggy won't talk to her.  She asked him if he was ok, and he said yeah that they'd talk later, but never spoke to her again.


08:51PM BBT Brett said that Haleigh is bipolar with him - she can ask like his best friend one minute and then not talk to him the next.


08:52PM BBT Kaycee, Tyler and Angela go through the votes in the Jenga room once again.


08:53PM BBT Tyler says that if he's HOH, he'll put Fessy up because "he needs to go"


08:54PM BBT Haleigh brings out some slop spaghetti and meatballs out for Rachel and Brett to try.  Fessy and Rockstar are eating  it on the outdoor couch while Scottie sits with them.


08:59PM BBT Rockstar asks Scottie about his vote. "We gotta keep Swaggy, right?"  Fessy said that he won't vote against Swaggy even if they don't have the votes.  Rockstar said she has her suspicions on who voted Steve out.

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BB Time 9:25pm

Camera 1

Winston, Rachel, Haleigh and Kaycee are in the geometry room.

The girls are talking to Winston about his shirt. He says he got it at

make a smooth shot. She is demonstrating a three finger

rest for the pool cue.

Rock Star passes by.

Rock Star: I feel like I am really good when alcohol is involved.

Then I feel like I am a great pool player.

Rock Star tells Sam that what she made was delicious

(I am thinking she made miracle slop),

Sam: great, we will think of something to do again.

Haleigh leaves the table and is replaced by Scottie.

Kaycee: No f******g mercy, boy

Scottie. thats fine

more chatter then Kaycee scratches on the break.

Camera 1 10:01pm kitchen

Several people in the room snacking and making snacks.

Baleigh and Rock are at the counter. They are talking about

the Bible, sounds like they have been reading the Old Testament about

the tabernacle (there are very specific specifications in Exodus

about the alter and robes) Rock is showing her stones and

comparing them to what she has read.

Rock Star: ever watch ancient aliens? It is about the belief that

there were ancient aliens.

She goes on to tell about the different tribes and religions

in the world that are talked about in the series. She is talking

about how fascinating it is and how it relates to what she

read in the Bible. Same talk goes on.

Baleigh: growing up what was your dream?

Rock Star: what was my dream?

Baleigh: yea what stopped you

Rock Star: I didn't like theater people, they never turn off.

Baleigh: you ever want to go into managing theater

Rock Star: I dunno, cause when...i was like....like its...I am really good

on stage. I can perform, its something I was good at, but I

didn't eat sleep and breathe theater like some of those people.

So I started xxx and …..that's where I found my passion..

Festival culture...

She goes on to tell how she finds festival performing fulfilling

Sam comes in and does some strange behind wiggle dance.

Sam: That's all I got. It's all in the knees.

After they laugh with her they go back to Rock Stars story.

Camera 1 moves to bathroom 10:12pm

Angela: was he pleading to stay.

JC says Swaggy thinks if he gets a tie vote Kaitlyn will

save him, but Angela says “she probably said that to shut

him up.

JC agrees, says “that is not beneficial for us.

Angela: he needs to go home I am done with him

JC: this is crazy

Angela: seriously

JC says they have been crying for two weeks.

(Rachel is behind them doing her face)

JC starts singing/humming while Sam is checking

out the shower and the discarded clothes, wondering

who has left their bikini on the shower floor.

Camera 1 move to have not room


Swaggy and Tyler

Swaggy: I cried last night...

I worry about her vote (Sam's) Thursday night, she is

amazing. I don't have much in common with Sam we come

from different backgrounds, so talking to Sam....I finally

opened up to someone in the house. I feel like Winston

and she will get him one.

Winston and Brett come to the billiard table and start

offering advice then wander away to the other side

of the yard. Kaycee is giving Haleigh tips on how to

Target, and they tell him they like Target too.

Sam comes to the door and tells them she is making churros, when they ask

she tells them she ate with JC while he had fake spaghetti.

Winston: I would gain 25 lbs. I am. I am going to.

Rachel is leaving the room while they talk about the bruise

on Winston's cheek and he says is going to let Sam cut his hair so his mom

won't think he looks shady. He would let it go but his hair

gets really curly.

Haleigh is going to help Sam, Rachel is leaving for a shower, She says she is

using the one downstairs, not the HOH, she will do it like a regular person

Winston hasn't used the HOH shower yet, he will wait until he wins HOH.

He said he did sneak and use the potty up there when Tyler was HOH.

Winston: I am just nervous

Kaycee: we will just get past this week

Winston: I just want my name out of everybody's mouth. I have to win HOH.

He mentions the possibility of a reset. There is whispering about someone

being a “good guy”, but I can't hear the name (9:31 camera 1)

Winston: I just don't want to look too cocky.

He says something about waiting until tomorrow to talk to everybody

while they are on lock down inside and Kaycee is mentioning the names of

people he needs to talk to.

Kaycee: Don't make it obvious.

Winston leaves the room.

Camera 1 9:33pm

JC and Scottie and Brett are with Rock Star in the back yard

They are talking about an instagram game and JC says he

doesn't know how to play. Scottie is struggling to get his

shirt on.

The camera is focused on JC and Scottie and they are talking

about a television show they all like, Jersey Shore.

This conversation is animated with a lot of cross talk,

Sam is gathering towels for the wash but doesn't stay

to talk.

Rock Star doesn't have much to offer, she asks a few questions

but says she didn't watch the show.

Rachel comes to join in, she gives her opinion about a

person on the show that has a residency for being a DJ.

She leaves the group while Brett makes guitar noises.

They want to produce a show called “Make America Brat

Again” They think they will have a hit, but the idea passes

as they go back to the television show.

Camera 4 9:44

Tyler and Kaitlyn in the HOH room, he is watching cameras, she is

silent, he tells her he is taking a shower and asks about towels.

Kaitlyn thinks they have been used up, but he can use the

red one or the white one on the tub.(the white one is

hers). Baleigh is in the bath area, she enters the room as Tyler

goes into the bathroom.

Baleigh: Are you going to sleep Kate”

Kaitlyn: no I am not feeling well

Baleigh: I have been sleeping for about 3 hours, I am just

exhausted. (she heads for the door to leave)

Kaitlyn: Love you

Baleigh: love you goodnight.

Kaitlyn: Tyler?

Shower comes on Tyler doesn't answer but he asks if she is

whining/making noise.

Kaitlyn: no. (she was)

camera 4 moves to backyard


is focused on Haleigh and Rachel playing pool.

Rachel is trying to break the cluster of balls and after

she does, Haleigh puts Rachel's ball into the pocket.

Rachel misses but says they are broken up better

Haleigh: it will be easier now.

She shouts across the yard that she loves “Raising Cane”, tells Kaycee

they are doing great, then laughs at herself. Kaycee agrees to take over

the game for Rachel, who is going to shower.

Kaycee: how do you not finish your game Rachel?

Rachel: sorry I just need a shower. (she leaves)

Haleigh: shouts across the yard, then curses several times when

she misses a shot.

Kaycee: Jiminy Christmas (she misses too)

They are teasing each other while they shoot and miss.

Haleigh wants to take the black ball out, they don't

need it.

BB: xxxxx STOP singing!! (frustrated voice)

Sam is working on laundry behind the girls while

they play billiards. It seems she is folding clothes

for the entire house. She tells Scottie there are clean towels

on the bathroom counter, if not he should come back

doesn't really want to be here. He's a doctor or a sales

person, whatever.

He goes on to talk about Mark and Elena and their romance

in the jury house, Jess and Cody...He would not be mad

if he went to the jury, but if he goes and then Baleigh

goes to jury house. He says he is swearing on his dad and

“stuff like that.”

Tyler is giving non-committal answers, and Swaggy

continues talking about how he has tried to protect his

group. He says if he goes Rock Star will go after Tyler and

Kaitlyn. He also indicates Faysal will do the same. Swaggy

says if he stays, people will be thankful to them and will

not go after them. He believes there will be a tie in the

votes. He repeats that Winston doesn't deserve or want

to “be here”. He says the physical threats are Brett and

Winston. He tells Tyler he wasn't really trying to win

comps (I am pretty sure I heard that at 10:22pm camera


Swaggy tells him the power is over when jury comes.

And that is two weeks. (Tyler's power is for 8 weeks).

He wants Tyler to let Kaitlyn know that he is trying hard

to talk to everyone he can so he can stay.

(Tyler has only mumbled during this whole time)

Swaggy thinks if he leaves everyone will be angry, but

if he is kept safe, they will say there is no issue.

Tyler: I haven't thought that far ahead yet (jury)

Swaggy tells him that if the wrong people were in jury

they wont vote for you. He tells the story about Paul

being robbed because he was not liked. Swaggy thinks

if he stays he will get one of the powers, and if he does

he will tell immediately. He wants Tyler to tell Kaitlyn

that it is better to keep him long term. He says he did

not have the opportunity to play the veto.

Rock Star is at the door, wanting to know how much longer

they need, she wants to go to sleep.

Swaggy tells her just a few more minutes.

He is now telling Tyler that him staying is good tv and

they need to play strategic.

(he just told Tyler: “The only two alpha males left if I

leave are Faysal and TYLER” 10:30:47pm camera 1

Tyler: I am taking everything in.

He tells Tyler if they keep him, everyone doesn't like him

and he will always be a target. He wants to talk to Kaitlyn

Tyler: every single thing you said, I believe you. Every single thing.

They leave the room.


moves to



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10:30PM BBT: Bayleigh and Rockstar are chatting in the PBR. Because they're whispering so softly and because Bayleigh is messing around with her leg wrap, it's difficult to hear anything. We're able to hear Rockstar say, "he needs to stop talking to them."




10:33PM BBT: Angela, Haliegh, Rachel, Brett, and Winston are chatting about dating in their hometowns in the BY on and near the hammock. 

10:35PM BBT: Because Bayleigh is still messing with her leg wrap, we still can't hear her, but she and Rockstar pinky swear in the PBR.  Swaggy walks in. Rockstar tells Swaggy not to talk to Tyler, "I'm telling you, I don't trust him."

10:36PM BBT: Rockstar tells Bayleigh and Swaggy that, "this game means a lot to me...I really want to be here."

10:37PM BBT: Bayleigh and Rockstar tell Swaggy to tell Kaitlyn that she's not his target. Rockstar tells Swaggy and Bayleigh about her conversations with Kaitlyn earlier that day.

10:38PM BBT: JC and Tyler are eating in the KT. 

10:39PM BBT: Rockstar tells Bayleigh and Swaggy in the PBR, that she tried to clear the air with Tyler and apologize for the things she said about wanting him on the block. Rockstar then says that Kaitlyn looks good on paper, because she's a life coach and she meditates, but "she's not a good friend," Rockstar says. Bayleigh compares Kaitlyn to hair stylists that have bad hair.

10:41PM BBT: "Do whatever you gotta do," Rockstar tells Swaggy about getting the two votes so he stays, "just let people know why you're good for this game." Rockstar also tells Swaggy not to start anything with anymore people.


10:42PM BBT: BB tells the houseguests not to talk about production. 

10:42PM BBT: Bayleigh says to Rockstar in the PBR, "You and me like to burn things up...I can take some heat right now." Bayleigh then tells Swaggy not to talk bad about anyone. Rockstar leaves to go read in the havenot room. Swaggy asks Bayleigh about her leg. 

10:43PM BBT: Tyler joins the others in the BY by the hammock, they're talking about past birthdays at nightclubs. Tyler tells everyone he got kicked out of a nightclub once.

10:44PM BBT: In the PBR, Bayleigh tells Swaggy to give Kaitlyn one final plea after he talks to everyone else in the house. She tells Swaggy to beg Kaitlyn, "I want her to think it's all about her."

10:46PM BBT: Bayleigh lays down and props her leg up, she tells Swaggy she wants to go to sleep. They talk briefly about how interesting it is that Tyler goes upstairs with Kaitlyn, while she has a photo of her boyfriend next to her bed.

10:48PM BBT: Swaggy tells Bayleigh that she's kept him calm this week. They continue to talk about the last few days, as well as Bayleigh's leg. "I think I'll be alright," Bayleigh says. Swaggy says he's going to stay up late to talk with Sam.

10:49PM BBT: Bayleigh tells Swaggy in the PBR that he'll have to swallow his pride on Thursday and beg during his speech. 

10:50PM BBT: Bayleigh starts to pop Swaggy's pimples and they talk about grooming.

10:59PM BBT: Swaggy leaves the PBR and walks into the KT, Bayleigh goes to sleep. He looks through the glass door to the BY and says, "what the f***," before going back to the PBR to tell Bayleigh everyone is out by the hammock.

11:01PM BBT: Sam and JC are in the WA, Sam is getting ready to shower and is putting her mic on. JC brushes his hair, he doesn't have his mic on. BB tells JC to put on his mic before he and Sam walk into the BBR. 

11:04PM BBT: JC accidentally drops his towel in the BBR, he then gets upset with the cameras for following him around while he's trying to change. He then purposefully moons the camera and walks into the havenot room to change behind a bed. 

11:05PM BBT: Swaggy cleans the kitchen, Sam goes upstairs to the HOHR and asks Kaitlyn if she can use her shower. Kaitlyn walks into the KT and Swaggy tells her that if she wants to go to sleep, he'll talk to her tomorrow. Kaitlyn is confused, but tells him she's going to bed and they can talk after breakfast.

11:07PM BBT: Swaggy thanks Kaitlyn for letting him and Bayleigh use her shower. Swaggy asks Kaitlyn if he and Bayleigh can use her shower again tomorrow. She goes upstairs to the HOHR and tells Swaggy, "good night."

11:08PM BBT: Brett, Winston, Anngela, Rachel, Scottie and Haliegh are talking about previous relationships and dating apps, they tell Brett he's a "really good story teller."

11:09PM BBT: Kaitlyn, Faysal, and Sam are in the HOHR. Kaitlyn gets into bed with Faysal and they talk about music. Sam starts to get ready to shower. BB tells Faysal to turn the music down.

11:12PM BBT: Kaycee, Tyler, and Rachel play pool and talk about relationships back home. Tyler says he doesn't want to "screw up" anyone's relationships back home, but he's afraid if he pushes Kaitlyn away now, she'll think he's just using her. 

11:14PM BBT: Tyler tells Rachel, "one day we'll have to get her [Kaitlyn] out." They talk game for a few minutes, talking about the different HOH options. 

11:19PM BBT: Swaggy goes outside to play pool with Kaycee, Rachel, and Tyler. 

11:29PM BBT: Swaggy, Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee finish their game of pool. Rachel and Tyler walk away, leaving Swaggy and Kaycee near the pool table. Scottie walks over and Kaycee asks if Swaggy wants to play another game. 

11:30PM BBT: Kaitlyn and Faysal talk about grooming and music, Sam blow drys her hair in the HOHR. In the BY, Rachel, Brett, Winston, Angela, and Haliegh talk about Florida. 

11:35PM BBT: Swaggy and Kaycee are still playing pool. Not much talking. 

11:43PM BBT: Swaggy and Kaycee end their game of pool and walk inside to the lounge to talk. 

11:43PM BBT: In the lounge, Swaggy tells Kaycee that Scottie told him that Kaycee never talks game. Kaycee laughs and then Swaggy tells her he's talking to everyone about they should vote for him to stay. He says Winston doesn't have the energy to stay. Swaggy starts his speech about how he should stay. 

11:44PM BBT: Swaggy tells Kaycee that if he stays in the house, he'll always be a target but if he goes home they could start putting pawns up on the block. He implies that if he goes home, Kaycee might have to go up on the block. Swaggy tells Kaycee that Rachel is on his side. 

11:45PM BBT: Swaggy says he's doesn't want Rachel on the block when his "side" suggests it. Swaggy continues to talk himself in circles for the next few minutes. He goes through the house and gives reasons on why he's a better player. Kaycee looks a little lost. 

11:48PM BBT: Swaggy keeps telling Kaycee he's the biggest threat in the house. He says he guarantees that Kaycee and Rachel will be safe if they vote for him to stay on Thursday. He says he can win the next HOH.

11:49PM BBT: Rockstar walks in and interupts Swaggy and Kaycee's conversation in the lounge, she walks out a few seconds later. Swaggy tells Kaycee all the reasons he should stay safe this week. 

11:50PM BBT: Rockstar and Sam are in the KT. Rockstar tells Sam that Swaggy is talking to Kaycee. "Nothing wrong with that," Sam says. Sam tells Rockstar that she told Swaggy that he needs to let people meet the real Swaggy. 

11:51PM BBT: Sam tells Rockstar in the KT that she had a 'come to Jesus' meeting with Swaggy last night. 

11:52PM BBT: In the lounge, Swaggy tells Kaycee that he doesn't think Rachel is tied down to any alliance. He circles back to his previous argument on why he should stay and how he's the biggest threat.

11:53PM BBT: Kaycee asks Swaggy what Kaitlyn will do if it's a tie vote. Swaggy says Kaitlyn is still thinking about it. 

11:54PM BBT: Sam and Rockstar walk outside to the BY. In the lounge, Swaggy talks about how he doesn't get a chance to play in veto. 

11:55PM BBT: Scottie, Rachel, Brett, Winston, Angela, and Haliegh are still near the hammock and talking about their parents. Sam and Rockstar are on the other side of the BY. 

11:57PM BBT: Swaggy wants Kaycee to pull him aside and let him know if she votes for him to stay on Thursday. Kaycee doesn't say much during her conversation with Swaggy, she just nods and says, "right," ever so often. Swaggy asks Kaycee to keep an open mind for the next two days. 

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