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Monday, July 9 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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Tyler and Kaitlyn have been in the HOH talking pillow talk, lights out.


12:38:19AM BBT  At this point, despite having a boyfriend outside the house, Kaitlyn makes her move, snaking her hand under the covers headed for Tyler's crotch. He intercepts her hand and puts it on top of the covers, laughing a small "nice try" laugh then turns on his side to face her.


12:39AM BBT Tyler stares at her for a little bit then asks, "Can you read my mind?"  Then they spend a little while with Kaitlyn trying to read Tyler's mind in the dark.


12:42AM BBT Kaitlyn has convinced Tyler to communicate something by "writing" the letters to a message on her arm. He spells out A-F-T-E-R  W-E and then all feeds cut to Swaggy and Bayleigh in the back yard.





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9:00PM BBT: Faysal and Rockstar are talking on the hammock. They're talking about how Tyler isn't stupid and how he doesn't like when anyone else tries to talk to Kaitlyn and how he gets in the way when they walk in. Their conversation then changes to food.


9:15PM BBT: Houseguests are all in the kitchen eating and talking.


9:28PM BBT: Tyler follows Kaitlyn into the pink bedroom where he helps her with her swimsuit. Tyler talks to Kaitlyn about how Rockstar is complaining, "I have a hard time understanding people who don't make the best of a situation," Kaitlyn says.  


10:00PM BBT: Bayleigh, Rockstar, JC, Swaggy, Scottie, Kaitlyn, Haliegh and Faysal are all sitting in the hottub playing "Never Have I Ever." 
Kaitlyn gets up and walks across the backyard to the hammock to sit with Tyler, Angela, Rachel, and Kaycee, who are talking about waxing. 


10:00PM BBT: Winston, Brett, and Sam are in the HOH room talking game. They are talking about who they think could have the crapp app and the power app. Brett thinks that Scottie has the power app, Winston thinks Swaggy has the power app. Sam suggests that the power app may not be that good this week.


10:18PM BBT: Haliegh and Rockstar are in the Havenot Room. Rockstar is reading and Haliegh gets into the bed with her. They start whispering a few seconds later, but BB doesn't have their mics all the way up. Eventually we can hear them talk about knowing something before it happens and how they can't warn this person because it would hurt their game. 


10:19PM BBT: Rockstar tells Haliegh that Kaitlyn told her that Swaggy is "so aggressive."


10:24PM BBT: Faysal, Brett, Winston and Angela are in the kitchen talking about working out and eating.


10:26PM BBT: "She ruined everything," Rockstar tells Haliegh about Kaitlyn in the Havenot room, "She's dangerous and shady...so shady." 
Haliegh says, "Shaggy has been talking *crap* about her all week." Rockstar and Haliegh discuss talking Kaitlyn off the ledge. "She's a loose cannon," Rockstar says. "I'm going to go talk to her," Haliegh says. Haliegh finds her in the kitchen with the other houseguests where they play 'duck, duck, goose.'


10:27PM BBT: Sam and Tyler are outside talking about the game, Sam tells Tyler that she is starting to feel "more comfortable."  Sam tells Tyler that she's nervous about telling others about her power and that she's listening to Tyler and only Tyler right now. Sam also says that she knows about the plan to backdoor Swaggy and Sam is "alright" with that.


10:34PM BBT: Haliegh and Kaitlyn go back to the HOH room. Haliegh wants to make sure that Kaitlyn has thought about every scenario. Kaitlyn assures her that she has. "This is about me getting justice," Kaitlyn says. Haliegh wants to know if Kaitlyn thinks Winston is a threat. Kaitlyn thinks down the road he will be, but not right now. Haliegh tells Kaitlyn that Swaggy hasn't talked to any of them this week, even though she and Rockstar just talked about how Swaggy had been talking *crap* about Kaitlyn all week.


10:34PM BBT: In the backyard, Tyler tells Sam that other than Sam, Kaycee is the most trustworthy person in the house.


10:36PM BBT: In the HOHR: "none of them have ever said a bad word about me ever," Kaitlyn tells Haliegh about Tyler, Winston, and their group. 
Kaitlyn tells Haliegh that this is a way of starting over with the right people and dropping old alliances. "Why would I keep someone who has me in his alliance, but says I'm a liability?" Kaitlyn asks. Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that eventually Swaggy will want to get her out and she needs to take the opportunity now to take him out.


10:38PM BBT: Kaitlyn tells Haliegh in the HOHR that the new final six would be Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Tyler, Brett, Haleigh, Faysal. "I like that," Haliegh says.


10:39PM BBT: In the backyard, Sam tells Tyler that she trusts his judgement and Tyler asks her if she'll vote Swaggy. Sam says yes. 
Sam tells Tyler that he and herself are the only two in the house who know everything about her power.


10:41PM BBT: Tyler thinks Swaggy has the power, but he's not going to tell Kaitlyn that. Tyler tells Sam that even if Swaggy has it, they have a back up plan to backdoor Bayleigh if Swaggy uses it.


10:42PM BBT: In the HOHR, Kaitlyn says that she made Winston and Brett promise to keep Haliegh and Rockstar safe.


10:44PM BBT: Brett comes up to the HOHR and lays in bed with Haliegh and Kaitlyn. 


10:45PM BBT: In the backyard, Sam and Tyler continue to hash out Sam's previous anxieties in the game.


10:48PM BBT: In the HOHR, Brett tells Haliegh that he just wants to get to know everyone and he doesn't want to play too much game too fast. 


10:54PM BBT: Sam, Tyler, and Scottie are in the backyard talking about the cameras and everyone watching them. 


11:00PM BBT: In the HOHR, Brett, Kaitlyn, and Haliegh talk about Swaggy and how he's played an aggressive game.


11:15PM BBT: In the backyard, Swaggy, Scottie, and Sam are talking about how Swaggy believes that Steve is waiting to be sequestered to battle back into the house.


11:50PM BBT: Bayleigh has joined Swaggy, Scottie, and Sam in the backyard. They talk about game and how "one move" can change anything. Sam says she wants to be flexible and adaptable. Swaggy says that because it's only been 19 days, they don't know if they're playing a bad game or not. "Don't be like Paul," Swaggy says. "I don't know who Paul is," Sam replies.


12:04AM BBT: In the backyard, Scottie, Bayleigh, and Swaggy believe that Angela will be going up once Scottie is taken off the block. 
They continue to talk game and talk about who should be up on the block this week.


12:10AM BBT: Tyler and Kaitlyn are in the HOHR room in bed, the lights are off. They're just talking right now. Tyler tells Kaitlyn that he has to try to hide his energy from her. Kaitlyn says he can't do that. They talk about previous conversations from the day and what everyone is thinking.


12:14AM BBT: Tyler and Kaitlyn go back and forth writing messages on each others arms. 


12:16AM BBT: Kaitlyn asks Tyler if he locked the door, Tyler gets out of bed and locks the HOHR door. Someone knocks, but Tyler and Kaitlyn ignore it. It sounds like Bayleigh is at the door and asks, "Who is up here?" Kaitlyn tells Tyler that she's not in the mood to talk game and they ignore her.

12:18AM BBT: BB gets on to Kaitlyn for playing with her microphone. 


12:22AM BBT: In the HOHR, Kaitlyn and Tyler have gone back to writing out messages on each others arms. Kaitlyn writes out "I want to kiss you," and Tyler doesn't say anything. Kaitlyn turns over to lay on her stomach and Tyler rubs her back. Eventually Tyler says, "10-12," which they had just discussed means "stand by."





12:25AM BBT: Kaitlyn tells Tyler that he's stuck with her. Tyler tells her that he has her back no matter what and that he's going to "look out for her best interest." Tyler keeps asking Kaitlyn if she understands what he's saying. She never really says anything.


12:38AM BBT: Kaitlyn tries to make a move on Tyler under the covers. Tyler stops her and giggles. He then asks her if she can read his mind. 
She tries to read his mind for several minutes.


12:43AM BBT: Tyler and Kaitlyn go back to writing messages on each others arms. 


12:35AM - 12:58AM BBT: While Tyler and Kaitlyn are up in the HOHR, Swaggy and Bayleigh are outside in the hammock. They talk about family stories and also game towards the end. They go over the nominations and talk about Kaitlyn and her secret powers.


12:59AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds.


01:05AM BBT: Feeds are back. Swaggy and Bayleigh are still in the hammock. They are talking to the cameras about what they want to talk to Kaitlyn about. Eventualy they talk about their relationship.


01:42AM BBT: Swaggy and Bayleigh get off the hammock. Swaggy goes over to do laundry. All four cameras are on him doing laundry.


01:44AM BBT: Kaitlyn is now outside with Faysal, Bayleigh. They're talking about family. Swaggy takes his laundry inside to the pink room and remakes the bed. 


01:54AM BBT: Scottie and Bayleigh are outside talking about who is going to go home this week. They both believe it will be Angela. 


02:02AM BBT: Eventually Haleigh and Swaggy join Scottie and Bayleigh outside. They continue to talk about who is going home over and over again. 


02:06AM BBT: Haliegh goes into the Washroom Area to get ready for bed. Faysal is sitting in there, she asks him what's wrong. He says nothing.


02:10AM BBT: A few houseguests are awake, but for the most part they are keeping to themselves in different rooms. Bayleigh is outside with Scottie and Swaggy, but they are still talking about Kaitlyn. 


02:29AM BBT: After several minutes of the same conversation over and over again, Bayleigh and Swaggy get up to do more laundry. Faysal is working out in the backyard.


02:36AM BBT: Bayleigh and Swaggy go to the lounge and continue to talk more game. They talk about previous conversations from the last few days. Swaggy tells Bayleigh that he's upset because everyone keeps telling him how to play the game. Bayleigh explains to Swaggy how sometimes his words come across the wrong way. After Bayleigh lectures Swaggy, they get up to get ready for bed. 


02:46AM BBT: Swaggy and Bayleigh go to bed. It appears everyone is asleep but Faysal, who is in the backyard working out. 


02:48AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for two minutes.


02:50AM BBT: Feeds are back, Bayleigh and Swaggy are whispering in bed, everyone else is sleeping. Faysal is done working out and is now in the kitchen with Kaitlyn. They're hugging. Kaitlyn eventually leaves and Faysal does his hair in the mirror of the Washroom Area.


02:52AM BBT: Faysal goes into the DR. Kaitlyn is upstairs in the HOHR, getting ready for bed. 


02:56AM BBT: Everyone is in bed.


03:16AM BBT: Faysal exits the DR. 


03:17AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds.


03:21AM BBT: Feeds are back. Faysal has changed into his swimsuit


03:48AM BBT: Faysal gets out of the hot tub.


03:56AM BBT: After showering and getting ready for bed, Faysal goes to the havenot room to go to sleep. 


04:28AM BBT: Faysal gets out of bed and goes to the Washroom Area to use the restroom. 


04:30AM BBT: Everyone is sleeping, all is quiet in the house.

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7:15 am BBT Rachel is doing a plank workout in the living room while the remaining HG slumber peacefully. She finishes up a lengthy plank and fetches a towel from the sofa and folds it to place it under her knees.


7:30am BBT Rachel places the towel on the back of the couch and heads for the PBR, removes her shoes and walks to the WC. In/out, washes hands, dries them on a towel that was draped on the sofa, heads to the kitchen, fills a gallon bottle with water and then places it in the freezer. She rejoins the slumbering HG.  

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8:29 am BBT  Sam is in the KT making coffee.  Other cameras are on sleeping HGs.  She gets a spoon and measurs it out, puts in 5, starts to put away the coffee then decides on one more spoonful. She puts in sweetener (looks like Splenda), then opens and closes the trash drawer with her feet. She gets out some milk to put in her coffee as well. She reheats her coffee (must have used up the old coffee before making a new pot), then gets something out of the cabinet and sprinkles that in as well. She takes her cup to go outside, but the overhead door is down.  She tries to raise it, but can't.  (indoor LD?)  She goes to the KT counter, sits down and yawns.

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8:38 am BBT  Sam take her cup of coffee into the WA and curls up on the couch in there.  She gets up, puts her shoes on, takes her coffee cup to the KT and sits it on the counter.  She goes into the BR, takes off her shoes and jacket, takes the clip out of her hair and goes back to bed.

All cameras on sleeping HGs

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8:30am BBT Sam is up making coffee. She looks up at the camera as she adds a single Splenda packet to her coffee. She adds a wee bit of milk, samples her creation, microwaves it for a moment, adds a generous shaking of cinnamon. Another quick taste and then she opens up the sliding door to reveal the lockdown situation. (BB - STOP THAT!)



8:40am BBT Sam sits for a moment at the dining table, then she finishes up her coffee on the sofa in the WA. Finally, she heads back to bed.

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9:14 am BBT  Haleigh, Kaycee and Rachel are in the WA doing ADL's  Bayleigh comes in and hugs each girl.  They are discussing the screaming person scaring them last night (Rachel's punishment seems to be on the whole house)  BB tells Rachel to put on her mic, and fresh batteries are in the SR. Rockstar comes into the WA.  All are discussing the BY being closed.  Rachel was outside stretching and working out when she was told it was a LD (early this AM).  One of the guys is in the shower (can't tell who)

Rockstar and Haleigh go into the KT to make coffee.  Rockstar said she hopes they have more creamer, as she is dumping a LOT into her cup.  Haleigh said someone was taken to the hospital to get checked out, not sure who.  Rockstar said to tell him they love him.  Haleigh said he is just afraid he won't be able to come back, but she and RS think everything will be fine.  (Don't know who was taken)

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9:22 am BBT  LD must have ended during wake up call.  Sam is outside folding laundry. Sam got called to the DR.  Rockstar, Rachel and Haleigh go outside.  Sam tells them where the laundry is, and to take a towel.  She goes to DR.  Haleigh and Rockstar are in the hammock.  Haleigh said JC took Scottie's blanket all night, she is going to take it back and tell him production told her he can't steal blankets.  Haleigh's back is bothering her.  They call Bayleigh over.  They said JC said there aren't a lot of blankets in the HN room.  Discussing Sam took one of the gray HN blankets to put on the bed, so they will take that back, make up JC's bed, and give Scottie his blanket back.

Camera 3&4 are on Rachel, Angela and Kaycee chatting in corner of BY.  Sam out of DR and takes her coffee outside.  She said Swaggy and Scottie talked all night about past HG's.  She said it was interesting.  Rachel keeps saying "interesting" and good to know.  Talk about the screamer coming in and yelling at Rachel, and Sam woke up and said she wan't Rachel, she is Sam.

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9:00am BBT Wake up call… Most of the HG arise and begin ADLs in the WA. Fessie heads up to the HOH and hops in bed with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn starts whispering and she says something inaudible and he says, Shut up! (BB – THE BEDROOM  LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY) Kaitlyn asks Fessie to get up and turn on the lights. He doesn’t, she does. She puts on her HOH power robe and crawls back in bed.

9:30am BBT (BB – STOP THAT! FAYSAL!!!!!) Kaitlyn says, what did you do? He says nothing, is it because I’m sleeping? (BB – STOP THAT FAYSAL!) Kaitlyn asks BB to please elaborate? Am I not allowed to be in here? She says she was when she was a have-not.

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9:35 am BBT  Winston out of shower, brushing his teeth.  Fessy goes to SR to get his battery.  He walks through the KT, says good morning to Tyler, complains about how cold it is in the house.  Fessy goes outside, Tyler still making his breakfast in the KT. Bayleigh comes through and says hi, keeps going.   Sam gets called to the DR again.  Winston into the KT.  Says he might make some slop.Tyler asks if he misses it, he said he didn't mind it, he just didn't like that being the only thing he could eat. 

Bayleigh climbs into be with Swaggy.  She is popping zits on his face (eewww)    Then she kisses where she just popped it. She is talking about the guy coming in last night, Swaggy said he didn't even hear it.  Bayleigh goes back to popping zits on Swaggy. (sorry can't watch this!)


Rockstar and Haleigh on the hammock.  Haleigh is complaining about the ants, and says she is going to try to get some medicine for her neck (she has been complaining it really hurts)  Haleigh says it is hot outside, she is going in.  She and Rockstar talk about possibly laying out later.

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9:38 AM BBT

Haleigh and Rockstar are in the hammock in the BY, talking about Kaitlyn.

Rockstar says that Kaitlyn is telling people that Sam had the power last week, but Rockstar says Sam has it this week and Kaitlyn thinks they’re all stupid.  She says Kaitlyn is playing a dangerous game.

Haleigh says that Kaitlyn’s “loyal flip” plan will bite her in the ass.  She says the other side will put her up in a heartbeat, probably next to Faysal.  Rockstar says it would be smart for the other side to put Kaitlyn up against one of the others that Kaitlyn made a deal to protect (Faysal, Rockstar, Haleigh).

Haleigh tells Rockstar that Kaitlyn is waiting until 30 seconds before the veto ceremony to tell Faysal and Rockstar about backdooring Swaggy.  Rockstar says, “Oh, that’s going to be comforting…  30 seconds before she does it?  So we can vomit?”

Haleigh says it’s good that no one knows Rockstar knows about the plan.  Haleigh is bothered that the whole other side of the house knows she (Haleigh) is aware of it.  Rockstar says, “Their side is so whack.”  She says they’re the kind of people you kick out of the club, and they’re ignorant.  Haleigh tells her they have to play nice, there are no other options.  Rockstar says, “Tragic.”

Rockstar says that Tyler needs to go.  “He’s the root of the disturbance in our force.  He’s whatever that hooded guy’s name is…”

Haleigh: “Robin Hood?”

Rockstar: “No.”

Haleigh: “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Rockstar: “No.  In Star Wars…  Palpatine.”

Haleigh says that part of Kaitlyn’s reasoning is that she wants to show that sides aren’t solidified, there are still moving pieces.  She says Kaitlyn is upset that Swaggy started everything so early.  Rockstar says it was Winston and Brett who started everything early.

Haleigh says Kaitlyn thinks that they’re going to align themselves with Brett and Winston.  “I will literally evict myself before I align with Winston.”  She says she’ll play nice, but won’t play the game with them.

Rockstar asks if she can imagine a final four with Brett and Winston.  Haleigh says she would kill herself.  Rockstar makes a gagging noise.  Haleigh can’t imagine another week with them.

Haleigh gets up from the hammock and complains about the ants.

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9:44 am BBT  Kaitlyn is downstairs in the KT. Rachel is telling her about the screaming guy, and Sam thinking it was for her.

Kaitlyn sits at the counter with her coffee, puts cinnamon in it.  Haleigh, Tyler and Winston are in there too.  Kaitlyn offers an ice pack or heating pad to Haleigh for her neck.  BB calls JC and Scottie to exchange their batteries.  Haleigh said she is sure JC won't be getting up any time soon.  BB tells Kaitlyn to not obstruct her mic.  She tells the guys she doesn't have any padding in her top so let her know if she is "showing".  Rockstar comes in, said she didn't sleep well.  She was in the center saucer.  Kaitlyn tells her that is the one she was in.  Explains how to make it comfortable with pillows.  Rockstar says that is difficult because she is a stomach sleeper.  She said JC whimpered in his sleep all nigh, gave her nightmares.


Bayleigh, Kaitlyn, Tyler, Kaycee and Rockstar are in the KT, getting food and coffee. Outside Winston, Sam and Rachel are discussing Sam's nightmare about someone coming in to beat on her, and that Brett will protect her.  She was waiting for her punishment.  Winston said BB is taking over everyone's dreams and relaxation, and it is only week 3. Rachel said she is fine.  Winston thanked Sam for folding his clothes.  As she leaves he tells Rachel that Sam is a real sweetheart.  Angela is running laps, Sam brings some blankets over to the sitting area to dry.  She said it overworks the dryer and they will dry quickly since it is hot outside.  Brett bring his breakfast over and shares it with Winston.  Winston thanks him for being so nice to him because he is on the block. Kaycee comes out with her coffee.  They are talking about it going to be a hot day.  Brett said he was so hot, that he took a have-not shower in the middle of the night.  Brett says he needs to do laundry, he doesn't hae enough clothes to work out again.  Sam tells him to go get his clothes, the washer is empty.  Brett goes inside to get his clothes.

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10:05 am BBt  Haleigh in WA putting on makeup, just chatting with Fessy, then he leaves, goes to the KT where a lot of peole are talking over each other.  Sam is outside smoking on the couches. 



(I am out for now sorry)


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9:40 am BBT Rockstar and Haleigh on the hammock. Hayleigh says ‘they’ will put up Kaitlyn up next week, alongside Fessie. Haleigh says 30 seconds before the veto meeting she will whisper to Rockstar and Fessie what she is doing. That’s comforting, says Rockstar.


9:42am BBT Rockstar says Tyler has to go, he is the little hooded guy from Star Wars. Palpatine? Haliegh says Kaitlyn is just upset because Swaggy started things so early. Rockstar, says, He didn’t start anything so early, he was just black! Rockstar says Brett and Winston started things early. Haleigh says she thinks we are going to align ourselves with Brett and Winston. Hayleigh says, I will literally self evict before I align myself with Winston.

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9:50am BBT Sam had a bad dream last night and Winston heard her. He asked her how she was and she says she had a waking nightmare last night that she was waiting for a man to come in and beat her. It was like 5 minutes of pure fear. She says she reached over and touched Brett’s elbow and then she felt like Brett would stop and it would be OK. She asked Brett when her punishment was coming and Brett told her she was dreaming and to go back to sleep.


10:00am BBT Brett has made breakfast for he and Winston, because Winston is on the block he says. Winston says JC woke him up when he sat on his head (when the yelling started). Rachel says, I was just laughing when I saw he was already up, he’s a weasel, a straight up weasel.


10:10am BBT Rachel says she started working out this morning after her Josh wakeup. BB called a lockdown to fix the awning so she had to go in and tried to workout there but the cameras were following her and she got creeped out that Josh was going to jump out and get her. So she went back to bed.


10:14am BBT Kaitlyn tells the group in the kitchen she is going to run this morning because she just ate a whole bunch of food. Haliegh is making slop. Kaitlyn tells her to go take a hot bath in the HOH. She asks if she can… Kaitlyn says you can get in the hot tub, what’s the difference?

10:20 am BBT Kaitlyn makes fun of Fessie always looking at himself in the mirror, even when he works out. He tells her he is supposed to look at himself when he works out. She tells him she wants him to get all the hair off his face.


10:30am BBT Rachel tells Fessie about her Josh visits. He says he was awake the whole time. Josh came in while she was making coffee. She asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee? She poured him a cup, he spit it on the counter and told her she made terrible coffee! She was so scared to wake up to a shadowy figure at the foot of her bed.


10:45am BBT Hayleigh is at the counter eating her slop. Today is going to be so dramatic, she says. Rockstar says, how long did we sign up for this??? A week, Haleigh says, chomping her slop. Winston says make patties and add salsa. She’s going to do savory for lunch. Hayleigh says she is refusing to complain. Rockstar likens it to going to a friend’s house who is newly vegan and they cant cook yet. But you tell them it’s great

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10:17 AM BBT

Brett is talking to Rachel and Kaycee, who are on the exercise bikes.  Brett says Swaggy’s side set the stage for Kaitlyn to flip by telling her she’s a liability and jealous.  Rachel says they made it too easy.

Winston walks up and joins their circle.  They discuss who has the power and the possibility that Scottie has it.  Kaycee says that if Scottie gets pulled off the block, then he doesn’t have to use it.

Rachel says that she would use that to her advantage if it were her.  She would tell the veto holder that she has it and wants to save the power for another week to help both of them.  She says it would be dumb not to use it like that, to save it and make a deal with someone, work it from every angle.

Brett says Scottie was told from the beginning that he was being taken off the block, so it wouldn’t matter.

Kaycee says she can’t wait for this veto ceremony.

Winston is complaining about being on the block.  He says they should have put up Scottie vs. Swaggy and figure out which one has the power, but for some reason, they all wanted to put him (Winston) up to hide the alliance.  He says the alliance will be exposed as soon as Kaitlyn noms Swaggy anyway.

Brett says that the logic is sound and that’s why he’s not worried.  Winston says it’s still bothering him, she could have thrown up any of them but chose him.  Brett tells him that he was probably Swaggy’s target, so it made the most sense.  Winston says he understands it logically.  He says he knows he’s not going home, he has the votes, but he’s still worried.

They talk about what the power could be and how no one really has any idea, everyone is just speculating.  Could be HOH comp redo, safe for one week, etc.  Brett says everyone thinks it’s an extra vote, and wonders where that’s coming from.  He says Rachel got a yelling punishment, Faysal had to eat ham, so who knows what this could be?  Brett says he’s not psychic, but his gut is telling him Scottie has it.

Faysal comes up and they disperse.  When they’re alone, Kaycee and Rachel complain about how they looked too obvious plotting.  Kaycee is annoyed at how Winston came up and closed the circle.  Rachel points out he had his arms crossed.  They think it’s too obvious and that the others were probably watching them from the kitchen.


[I'll be out for the next few hours!  -NotFornia]

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12:02PM BBT Feeds are back. Swaggy's on the block.  In the HaveNot room Swaggy's telling Faysal to cut Kaitlyn off so she's hurt and can be manipulated to not vote for Swaggy. [Statistically, if you're black and male in BB, you're out by week 2 or you survive until at least week 5, so not looking good for Swaggy - BBLurkerPlus]


12:08PM BBT Bayleigh goes in for a hug with Swaggy after a pep talk and ends up RIGHT on his mic, which causes a Darth Vader breathing effect, then her saying "you're not going anywhere" breaking up in the mic.


12:16PM BBT Swaggy still sulking in the HN room with Scott, Haleigh, Bayleigh and Faysal. Faysal mumbles "You ain't going home week 2, bro." [Statistically, Chris is in serious danger of just that - BBLurkerPlus]

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12:03PM BBT Feeds are back.  Bayleigh, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Brett, JC and others are in the hoh room talking to a crying Kaitlyn.  Bayleigh says she's going to check on Swaggy.  Swaggy was talking to fessy in the have not room.  When bayleigh goes in to talk to her, he asks everyone else to leave so he can talk to bayleigh. 

Bayleigh tells Swaggy that Tyler was being sweet to Kaitlyn to help her feel better. She said Kaitlyn was saying that Fessy hates her now but she'd rather go home on  week 3 rather than take getting bullied by someone (Swaggy)

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12:02 pm THEY'RE BAAACCKK. Kaitlyn is crying and being comforted by Tyler, JC, and Haleigh in HoH.

In the HNR, Bayleigh is repeating a conversation to Swaggy she must have had with Kaitlyn before the feeds return. Kaitlyn had said she would rather go home week 3 than be bullied. (Swaggy seems pretty calm right now but still surprised). Swaggy believes he has a solid 5 votes. They need 2 more. They plan to work on JC and Kaycee. 

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12:05PM BBT Swaggy tells Bayleigh, "it's ok. we'll get through this."  Bayleigh says, "oh for sure".  Swaggy counts his votes. 

Back in the HOH room, Kaitlyn is still crying.  Kaitlyn says she told Rockstar right before veto, "i hope you can forgive me for what i'm about to do when we weren't allowed to be speaking because i couldn't just do it without giving rockstar a heads up." Kaitlyn says she told Rockstar she was putting Swaggy up.


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