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Saturday, July 7 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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1:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Scottie and Winston in the Have Not Room. Scottie jokes that he has never been a big deal with the ladies but here he is in a house with 8 ladies. All his life he has never had so many people want to get him out of house before. Meanwhile Feeds 3 and 4 are on Sam and Rachel in the WA discussing the difference between an actor's market and a producer's market in Hollywood.


1:35 AM BBT Scottie and Winston are talking in the Have Not Room. They agree that they are handicapped until they know what Sam's power is. They need to figure that out. They call today the Hail Mary of the first quarter. 


1:50 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Bayleigh, Haleigh and Angie in the HOH Room. Bayleigh says that they are going to get the pawns (JC, Sam and Kaycee) to jury, say your welcome, and go from there. They are going to get to stay, they are going to get to participate, but they aren't in the alliance. 


1:55 AM BBT Swaggy C. and Scottie are talking by the Foosball table. They affirm their trust in each other. Swaggy C. asks Scottie about why Kaitlyn doesn't trust him. Scottie tells him that, according to Kaitlyn, he says that she is on the bottom of the totem pole.

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2:00 AM BBT Kaitlyn and Fessie are in the KT. She goes to chase after him. He runs from her and slips, crashing to the ground. Kaitlyn runs to him to see if he is okay and he laughs "Stop, you are embarrassing me". It is loud enough that everyone from the HoH Room comes out to see what happened. Kaylee is called to the DR. 


2:10 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Swaggy on the checkered couch upstairs outside the HOH room. Swaggy is talking to himself. He says that this game is all about opportunities. Feeds switch to Kaitlyn and Rock Star in the HoH bed. Kaitlyn says she thinks Scottie or Swaggy have the power and thinks it is sketchy that they haven't come forward about it. Rock Star says it just sucks that she has no had idea of anyone having any power. She just wants to know who one of them are.


2:20 AM AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Kaitlyn sleeping in the HoHR.


2:25 AM BBT Scottie and Fessie are talking at the KT counter. They are talking about work. Fessie says that they take care of him at Universal. He can get a room that is usually $200-$300 a night for $50.00. Scottie says his work put him up in a hotel once and it was the nicest room that he ever stayed at. 


2:30 AM BBT Scottie and Fessie continue to talk in the KT about visiting Universal Studios and Disney. Scottie then changes the subject to how at least 3 of them have communication type degrees before the topic goes back to Disney.

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2:35 AM BBT Swaggy has joined Fessie and Scottie in the KT. Scottie hopes one of them will play the veto for him. Fessie and Swaggy assure Scottie that he can pick either one of them for veto if it's Player's Choice. Both of them are willing to take Swaggy off the block if they win it. Scottie says that they first need to win Veto, then they need back to back HOHs.


2:40 AM BBT Scottie, Fessie and Swaggy are in the KT. Fessie says he shaves his arm hairs. Scottie tells him that he can stand in a mirror and count his own chest hairs.


2:48 AM BBT BB "Faysal, please center your microphone". Fessie, Scottie and Swaggy are still in the KT. Fessie thinks BB keeps the AC off during the day to keep everyone sweaty and awake. They then start discussing what has occurred on which days. Swaggy fires them off very quickly. 


2:50 AM BBT BBT Scottie goes off to bed. Swaggy tells Fessie that Kaitlyn doesn't trust him. They agree that Tyler is behind it and that if one of them end up with HOH, they are both okay with Tyler going up. Swaggy says that he doesn't care how long it takes, at some time he is going to have to "check" Tyler. Brett and Kaitlyn are picking sides and Tyler is playing both sides. 



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3:00 AM BBT Conversations end in the KT between Fessie and Swaggy. Everyone is either in bed or getting ready for bed.


3:10 AM BBT All 4 feeds on sleeping HGs. 


3:14 AM BBT Fessie gets up and goes to look at the memory wall for a moment before going to the WA to clean up a bit. He then goes to the lounge to pray for several minutes before taking a seat and quietly just looking around the room.


3:23 AM BBT Fessie goes to bed. All 4 feeds on HGs in bed.


4:00 AM BBT Everyone is in bed. All is quiet except Fessie who is rolling around, apparently restless. 

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8:00 AM BBT All 4 fees are on sleeping HGs. 


8:30 AM BBT Swaggy C wakes up and goes to the WC. He is brushing his teeth. 


8:35 AM BBT Swaggy digs through his belongings to find his chap stick. He puts some on and crawls back to bed. All is quiet in the BB house once again. 


8:50 AM BBT Scottie gets up to use the WC. He grooms in front of the mirror for a moment before returning to bed.

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9:30 AM BBT Angela and JC are also awake. BB asks JC to put on his microphone multiple times before he does. Sam is cooking breakfast. BB calls for the HGs to change their batteries.


9:44 AM BBT Sam is cooking breakfast. Most of the HGs are up doing their ADLs.


9:55 AM BBT Almost all the HGs are awake now. Sam has already made french toast and is now making homemade biscuits, much to the amazement of Angela and Scottie who have been watching her and keep asking her questions about it. 

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10:00 AM BBT The HGs are awake and doing ADLs. Almost no game talk at all. 


10:03 AM BBT Haleigh and Scottie are in the SR. Haleigh tells him that he can definitely pick her to play and she will use the veto on him.


10:10 AM BBT Fessie, JC and Bayleigh are discussing have nots. Fessie says that Swaggy has already said he wasn't volunteering for it, so if he had his way, Swaggy would get chosen for have nots first next time. 


10:19 AM BBT Bayleigh, Swaggy, and Fessie are in the PBR talking about Angela and how she likes older men. Fessie says when he turns 30 he is going to jump off a bridge. Bayleigh says she won't cry at 28 or 29 but she will at 30. 


10:22 AM BBT Fessie hits JC with a throw pillow. "Wake you a** up Lucky Charms." 


10:23 AM Angela is talking to Fessie, Bayleigh and Swaggy in the PBR. She says she is bummed about the crap app. She doesn't mind getting a punishment. She will wear a costume or do whatever. She is bummed because it was given to her by America. 


10:26 AM Feeds switch to re-runs.

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10:48 AM BBT Feeds return. The HGs have chosen players for veto. Rachel says that she wants to prove herself, so she is likely playing. JC tells Brett "what is up with her picking Fessie?". 


10:59 AM BBT Kaitlyn asks Rachel if she is excited to play. Rachel says yes, she had a feeling she was going to get picked. Scottie and JC are trying to figure out why Kaitlyn picked Fessie. 

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11:10 AM BBT We can confirm that Rachel was selected to play. Kaitlyn chose Fessie to play. Winston and Tyler are standing at the WA with the water running so we can't hear what they are whispering about to each other. 


11:12 AM BBT Rockstar is hosting the veto. 


11:20 AM BBT Rachel tells JC and Winston that it doesn't matter. One of them has to come down. Winston tells her he hopes she wins it, but laughs and later adds, but I am going to smash you. 

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11:30 am BBT   Tyler/Kaitlyn in the HOH bed talking about NYE in NYC. No game talk here. She’s going to take him to SoHo.

Sam enters with a jar of some type of cream for Kaitlyn. Rub it in and then wash your hands real good. Don’t get it in your hair. Tyler is going to put it on her. On the back of her neck.

Brett walks in and says I hear there is a woman in distress up here. Tyler is putting this all over Kaitlyn’s back. She can’t lift her shoulders. She is majorly whining.




 Kaitlyn has removed her bra and is now laying topless in the HOH while Brett massages her back with the magic cream Sam gave her.

Winston and Kaysee talking about the VETO comp. They think it might be the longest word one. They say, get i-n-g if you can. Concentrating is a good word. Becoming, Kaysee says. Competition, throw an s on it and compete if I can’t find all of it.


JC and Scottie in the BBR. Fessie will use it on Scottie, lots of people are competing for you, JC says. Scottie wants a cool costume.


11:55am BBT Sam is blowing out Rockstars hair. Fessie/Swaggy in the kitchen. Fessie says we gotta win next week, bro. Swaggy agrees, it should be endurance. Lets run this house.  Fessie is recalling a comp where they were spinning around and getting hot with somethings. Battle back is discussed. Fessie asks if Swaggy trusts Rockstar. Swaggy says no. Fessie says anytime he is trying to have a 1/1 with someone Rockstar will come in and hang out. I let her do her thing, but she won’t let me. Fessie says it will be weeks before they have to worry about her.


Fessie says, honestly, lets Get Tyler and Brett out first. Fessie says, I’m cool with Kaitlyn, she won’t put you up, but you've got to keep Rachel from putting me up.

Swaggy tells Fessie that Sam is good till jury because she does so much around here. She cooks and cleans, she’s good. No one will put her up.

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12:38 PM BBT In the HOH Kaitlyn is telling Tyler that she heard from Swaggy that Sam definitely has one of the powers. Tyler tells her that he is proud of her and that he is going to make sure no one invades her bed tonight. Because she needs it to herself tonight.


12:43 PM BBT Fessie joins Kaitlyn in the HOHR. She tells him that she doesn't want him to win the POV. She tells him that it would be very bad for his game and it makes him look threatening by winning back to back vetoes. Fessie says if you win back to back vetoes, then they won't nominate you because you have a good chance of winning it again. Kaitlyn "Oh good, then they backdoor you." 


12:46 PM BBT Swaggy is talking to himself in the lounge. He says that Fessie is going to win the POV and put a huge target on his back by doing so. Swaggy says that the bigger the target is on Fessie, the more he is in the clear. 


12:48 PM BBT In the HOHR Kaitlyn is desperately trying to explain to Fessie why winning back to back POVs puts a target on his back because he is such a threat. Fessie absolutely disagrees and thinks it guarantees him staying off the block. She tries to explain that is why they backdoor people. He admits he is more afraid of being on the block than he is of being backdoored. 


12:54 PM BBT Kaitlyn is telling Scottie that her gut says that he has a power app. He denies it. She says that her spirit guides are telling her the winner of the power app has a name that starts with an "S". 

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[These conversations happened just before the ones posted above. -NotFornia]


12:11 PM BBT

Rachel is with Kaitlyn in the HOH room talking about the upcoming veto competition.

Kaitlyn says the worst case scenario is Fessy winning.  Rachel asks if she wants one of the nominees to win, and suggests that she could try to throw it.  Kaitlyn tells her to try to win, and use it to save someone.  Rachel wants to know who Kaitlyn would want her to save if she won, and Kaitlyn tells her she would expect her take off Winston since they’re friends, and it’s fine with her.

Kaitlyn doesn’t care who comes off the block, she wants it to be used (to backdoor Swaggy).  She’s worried that he might have the power app, but feels she still has the votes on the other side to back her up.  “I don’t forget and I have not forgiven Swaggy.  He has to leave.”  She tells Rachel to do what she has to do, if she wins, great, if not, okay.

They agree that pretty much anyone who wins will probably use the veto.  Kaitlyn says, “There’s no option for this to not work.”  She says that if she herself wins the veto, she’d take Scottie off since it would look weird if she pulled off Winston.  They both just don’t want Fessy to win.

Kaitlyn talks about making big moves and says she’s not scared to do so.  “I would rather be remembered as someone who made big moves than a floater for 2 weeks.”

They wrap up their veto conversation, having agreed that the veto will be used no matter what.  Rachel takes the opportunity to apologize for complaining about her crap app yesterday.  She says she realizes she’s complaining about trending while other people are up there on the block.  They talk a little bit about how they think the most and least trending HG are determined.

Kaitlyn asks Rachel who she would put up if she were to win HOH.  Rachel kind of dodges the question and tells Kaitlyn that she would have done the same thing this week.  “I would want someone strong on the block to fight for it.”

Kaitlyn says she’s still trying to figure out her place and everyone’s grouped up.  Rachel tells her that her only allegiance is to Angela and it’s mostly just a “girl thing.”

Kaitlyn asks her if she feels closer to Brett or Winston, and Rachel said “either/or.  If anybody, Angela.”  She says she doesn’t feel there is a specific order to their alliance.  Kaitlyn tells her to try to form a closer relationship with Fessy, it could be good for her game.  She can see him getting far as a physical competitor.

They wrap up their talk, Rachel leaves.


12:22 PM BBT

Tyler’s in HOH with Kaitlyn now and asks how the talk with Rachel went.  They talk about not wanting Fessy to win the veto.  Kaitlyn says she might suggest to Fessy that it could be seen as threatening if he wins a 2nd veto in a row.

Kaitlyn tells Tyler that she is worried that Swaggy has the power app and that it could send her home.  She says she would really miss Tyler if she left.  She asks him if he has the power and he says, “I wish!”

[Feeds cut out for a minute]

Kaitlyn asks Tyler if he thinks that all the lying is worth it, since she’s a self-help coach and feels she’s being hypocritical.  She doesn’t want to do all of that for nothing and wants people to respect her moves.

Kaitlyn says, “I feel stupid for thinking that you could make it far in this game and be true to yourself.”  Tyler assures her, “Everyone will respect you for this.”

Kaitlyn: “What if America loves Swaggy?”

Tyler: “Even if they do, they love you too.  They love people that play the game well.” 

They agree that no one knows how close they are and that’s good.  Kaitlyn tells Tyler he’s her best friend in the house and he says the same.

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1:00 PM BBT Fessie is now trying to convince Haleigh that winning 2 POVs in a row makes you too much of a threat to be put on the block. She also tells him that makes you an easy target for the backdoor. He disagrees with her too. He says it is too hard to backdoor someone and it not something that will happen this early in the game. 


1:09 PM BBT Haleigh is telling Fessie that if he wins the POV then he is a bigger threat than Swaggy is. Fessie "Even if I'm not in a showmance?" Haleigh "Yes, even if you are not in a showmance." She tells him this is not a basketball game where you go all out. This is a game of chess.


1:13 PM BBT Rockstar has joined Fessie and Haleigh in the PBR. He is now trying to convince Rockstar that winning 2 vetoes makes you too much of a threat for the nomination block because they know you will take yourself down. Haleigh is trying to convince him that they all know he can win comps. He needs to start working harder on his social game. 


1:20 PM BBT Bayleigh joined Haleigh, Fessie and Rockstar in the PBR. They think they have the votes that they need. They contemplate switching things up to draw out Sam's power app. Then we get WBRB. 

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1:31 PM BBT Fessie is once again trying to explain to Haleigh why it benefits his game to win back to back POVs. He describes it to being a bazooka. No one is going to risk taking out the bazooka and possibly missing this early. She continues to try to explain to him the benefit of a social game. 


1:40 PM BBT In the Have Not BR Bayleigh and Swaggy are talking about what Swaggy can do to get off the other's radar. Meanwhile in the pink BR Fessie continues to tell Haleigh that the competitor in him will not allow him to throw a comp. 


1:55 PM BBT Not much has changed. Feeds 1 and 2 show Bayleigh and Swaggy in the Have Not BR about people in their lives at home. Feeds 3 and 4 show Haleigh and Fessie laying down in the PBR. 

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1:06 PM BBT, Faysal and Haleigh in the PBR

Fessy is still insistent that winning 2 POVs in a row is a good move, that everyone will be too scared to put him up, and isn’t worried about a backdoor option.

Haleigh tells him, “I don’t want you to be more of a threat than you already are.”  She tells him that if he does go out there and win today, he needs to spend more time working on his social game with the other side of the house, so they think that they can use him.  Fessy says that’s the last thing he wants to do, and Haleigh says, “That’s this whole game.”

Fessy tells Haleigh that he just wants to play with the people he started with and be 100% loyal to them.  He’s worried that hanging out with the others will make people question his loyalty, and Haleigh tells him that she does it all the time and no one questions her about it. [Except almost everyone has questioned it behind her back, lol -NotFornia]

Rockstar is in the room now.  She wants to know who Kaitlyn’s replacement nom would be.  Faysal says it would be Angela and Haleigh says, “You didn’t tell me that!  Then yes, go win.”  But they aren’t 100% sure.

Fessy explains his argument to Rockstar about winning 2 vetos and no one wanting to put him up.  Haleigh gives her side again.  Bayleigh comes in and they explain it to her too.

They all agree that if one of them takes Scottie off the block, Scottie would be extremely grateful and feel secure with them.

They talk a little more about Fessy maybe throwing it.

Rockstar: “Maybe it will be a mental comp and you won’t have to throw it.”  Everyone laughs at this.


Feeds cut out for a few minutes.


1:24 PM BBT

Just Haleigh and Faysal in the room again now.

Fessy asks Haleigh if she’s got him, because she’s so cool with everyone.  She tells him, “I want you in this game.”  She says getting the two of them further in this game is her number 1 priority.  Faysal repeats back to her, “I’m your number one priority?”  She tells him not to question that and reiterates that she doesn’t want target on his back.

Fessy says he’s already a physical threat, so why not instill more fear?

Haleigh: “You don’t lead a country by instilling fear.”

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2:00 PM BBT All 4 feeds show WBRB. 


2:03 PM BBT Haleigh and Rockstar are in the KT. Rockstar tells her that she can't come up with a good showmance name for her and Fessie so they need to wait until the show is over. Haleigh laughs and says Hessie and Faleigh just don't sound right. 


2:16 PM BBT Swaggy and Bayleigh are still alone in the Have Not BR. He tells her that at this point, he doesn't even want a power app. If he were to get one, he would say F you America. She tells him not to say F you to America but that America is tripping. 


2:24 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Winston and Kaycee playing Jenga in the lounge while Angela, Brett, and Rachel watch. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Rockstar, Fessie, Tyler and Haleigh getting a bite to eat in the KT. 


2:27 PM BBT Feeds switch to reruns. It may be time for the POV.

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2:05 pm Rockstar tells Haleigh she shouldn't be in a showmance because she can't think of a good name. Hessy and Fesley don't work.Haleigh says it's a liability and she doesn't want to be in one. Rockstar says a good female alliance would be great. She likes Sam. Convo switches to food. 


2:08 pm Swaggy to Bay in HNR Kait is feeling herself this week, but next week she will go back to being weak. She is a hypocrite crying all the time.. fish...Swaggy says he trusts their 4 (Fessy, Haleigh, Bay, and him). He says the king and queen are running it (referring to him and Bay)...fish....

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2:20 Scottie to Tyler in HoH "I can't believe how perfect it is that both you and Fessy were picked" Scottie says Winston is pissed. Tyler tells him he isn't going anywhere. Scottie says after POV picks Winston didn't even hug Angela. He says they have a good chance to beat Winston. Tyler says even if Winston pulls himself off they will cross that bridge when they come to it. He tells Scottie not to worry. He is safe regardless. Tyler leaves HoH to go eat edamame with Kait downstairs. 



2:27 Feeds change to old episode. (POV time? or HN?)

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4:27 PM BBT 2 hours into the POV and they are still at it.


5:25 PM BBT We are approaching the 3 hour mark since the HGs started playing for the POV. 


6:30 PM BBT We are still waiting for the results of the POV competition. It has now been 4 hours. This should be good.

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