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Episode 5-Live eviction and HOH

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Julie says a house divided. A budding showmance. A new power in play. It sounds like the perfect time for the first live eviction of the summer. Previously, on Big Brother, Kaycee got the pinwheelof doom punishment, while Sam has to live half human, half robot. After Tyler won HOH, he joined an alliance with Winston, Rachel, Angela, Brett, and Kaycee. Meanwhile, Swaggy C, Faysal, Haleigh, Rockstar, and Kaitlyn formed an alliance of them. Yes, you heard that right, FOUTTE. At the nomination ceremony, Tyler threw up two targets.


As Steve locked up with Scottie, Swaggy C locked lips with Bayleigh. A new power was unleashed giving Sam a possible second life. Although loyal to Level 6, Tyler played the other side of the house. At the first veto competition of the summer, the ham man got a taste of power. But fearing Swaggy’s girl would go up, Faysal decided not to make a move. Tonight, either Sam or Steve will be evicted, but will Sam’s bonus life come into play? Find out live on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and says tonight the first eviction of the summer plays out live. Steve, the former undercover cop, and Sam, the welder, finds themselves on the block. But neither of them might be evicted if Sam decides to use her power. If evicted, she will need to win a live challenge tonight to save her game. How will the other HG should she return to the game. But first, tonight a house divided could make things interesting, but a budding showmance could tip the scales.


We pick up after the veto ceremony and Tyler is relieved Faysal didn’t use the veto and he didn’t need to get any more blood on his hands. Sam says it sucks she’s still on the block, but she has the extra life power. She just needs to get in there and make sure she has the votes. Steve says it sucks Faysal didn’t save him, but as long as they don’t pull anything he should be safe.


Tyler talks to Sam and is reassuring her she should be safe. Outside, Faysal, Kaitlyn, Swaggy, and Steve are talking and Swaggy is confident they have the votes. They count the votes and they believe they have Haleigh, Swaggy, Faysal, Bayleigh, Kaitlyn, Scottie, and Rockstar. Steve says he’s done everything he can do as an undercover cop.


Kaitlyn and Faysal are developing a good friendship and then we hear robot online. Sam leaves the house and Sambot enters. Sambot’s strategy is to show everyone she is invaluable, just like their mother’s. The drape some lingerie on Sambot. We see JC riding on Sambot. JC says he loves Sambot because she is making his life great. JC wants to keep Sam safe this week because he thinks she’ll do whatever he wants.


We then see Haleigh flirting with Faysal. Haleigh says Fessy is cute and he’s trouble. Haleigh tells Faysal she doesn’t want to do something to jeopardize their games. Faysal tells us Haleigh is cute and her telling him that just makes him want her more. Kaitlyn comes out of the restroom while they are talking. We then see Faysal cooking and Haleigh comes up and hugs him and rubs his stomach and Kaitlyn is watching. Kaitlyn tells us she’s started to notice Haleigh hangin gout with Fessy a lot more.


Angela, Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee are in the HOH and Rachel is saying Steve hasn’t come to her and asked for her vote at all. Tyler tells us voting Steve out is best for the Level 6 alliance. The struggle is not letting it leak to Swaggy’s side so they find out about the alliance. They discuss who would be easiest to sway and they are going to try and get Kaitlyn’s vote.


Faysal and Haleigh are in the hammock and Faysal says he wants to talk to her and he wants to be close to her. Haleigh cuts him off and says they would be a huge target. Faysal says but he wants to be close to her and Haleigh tells him he better go to bed. Haleigh says there’s a good angel and bad angel, but they are going to be in the house for three months, so what are they to do? We then see them get into bed and start whispering. We then see them kissing and Haleigh tells us her mom is going to kill her.


Kaitlyn then comes in with Bayleigh and Kaitlyn notices Haleigh and Faysal are in bed. Kaitlyn tells us she just can’t deal with that and it’s so bad. She says they are all close and if they like each other that’s great, but it’s so bad. Kaitlyn then pops back into the bedroom and asks Faysal where her $85 bracelet is that he broke. Kaitlyn then goes to the HOH to cry on Tyler’s shoulder. She tells him about Faysal and Haleigh and Kaitlyn thinks the universe has opened up her eyes to see what’s going on before the first eviction. She sees people partnering up and she thinks keeping Sam might be best for her game.


Tyler says this could not be better timing right now because they really, really need a seventh vote. Tyler says all that petty drama between them might have driven Kaitlyn to them and given them their seventh number.


Steve and Sam are both nominated, but with a bonus life in play someone might not be evicted. Time to go to the house and talk to the HG. They each get a chance to sway votes. Steve is first. Steve gives his shoutouts and says he’s been trying to think of something to sway votes and the truth of the matter is he can’t say enough good things about everyone in the HG and if he can help their game he’d love a chance to do that. He holds no ill will and he’s glad to have gotten to know them.


Sam gives a few shoutouts and she loves all the HG, including Steve and wherever the robot is. She says this has been a great thing for her and they’ve all touched her heart and she would love to stay a bit longer and maybe they can all hang out and make plans and maybe she won’t have to be a robot. It’s now time for the live voting to begin.


Time to vote!

Scottie votes to evict Sam.

JC votes to evict Steve.

Swaggy C votes to evict Sam.

Bayleigh votes to evict Sam.

Rachel votes to evict Steve.

Kaycee votes to evict Steven.


Time to get the remaining HG votes!

Faysal votes to evict Sam.

Haleigh votes to evict Sam.

Angela votes to evict Steve.

Brett votes to evict Steve.

Winston votes to evict Steve.

Kaitlyn votes to evict Steve.

Rockstar votes to evict Sam.


Julie turns back to the HG. By a vote of 7-6, Steve has been evicted from the BB house. Kaitlyn looks shocked. Steve gives hugs and heads out the door. He tells them they are all awesome. Julie welcomes Steve while the crowd cheers.


Sam thanks everyone for saving her and gives hugs. They’ll be talking to Steve in a moment. But first, the app store will be open again soon. Time for the fans to answer some questions to determine who will get the advantage and who will get the disadvantage. Who will get what? Find out Sunday!


Julie asks Steve how shocked he is. He says not shocked. He was more than confident, which is mistake #1. He thought he had an alliance with the bros and Swaggy’s group and he thought having a double alliance was a smart play, but someone within the alliance groups thought different.


Julie says he thought he had an alliance with everyone he just named. Steve says yeah they had me fooled. Julie asks if his age made it hard to connect? Steve says he went in with the idea of being the quirky uncle, but they started to see him as a young father, but they never make him feel like an outsider or disclude him from games. He can’t say enough good things about them.


Julie says he lied about his job but we saw him talking in detail about law enforcement. We see clips of him talking about law enforcement. Julie says as far as they know no one suspects him as an undercover cop, but why was it hard to keep his mouth shut. Steve says when you’re undercover it’s for a limited amount of time, but in the BB house it’s hard to keep up a façade for a long period of time. He says it’s second nature to want to jump into certain conversations.


Julie says in the event he was the one evicted they got good-bye messages. Swaggy C if Steve is watching this something went completely wrong. Brett tells him he played the game wrong and went to the wrong team. Tyler apologizes and says he loves him as a person but he didn’t think he’d really go home. Scottie says what just happened? If Steve is gone, then something went terribly wrong.


Julie gives Steve a chance for final thoughts. Steve says he thinks they are all great and he can’t wait to watch the whole season. Julie says when we return it will be the live HOH competition!


Time for the HOH competition! This competition is called Land A Job. There are several “buildings” in the yard and each building has a corresponding salary. One at a time they’ll launce their ball into the city and their score will be the salary they land in. The player with the highest salary will be the new HOH.  


Scottie is first and he had a malfunction but gets $40K. JC is next and he lands in the street so no job, no salary and he is eliminated. Brett is next and rolls of the mat onto the street and gets 0 and eliminated.


Winston is next and he lands in a yard and hits $12k and is eliminated. Sam steps up next and lands $50k and she takes the lead and Scottie is out of the competition. Kaycee is up next and she bounces around and she hits $15k and she is out. Faysal steps up next and lands in the street and he is eliminated.


Kaitlyn is up next and aims and lands in $80k and she is now in the lead and Sam has been eliminated. Angela is next and she lands in the street and she is eliminated. Bayleigh is up next and she lands in the street as well and she is eliminated.


Swaggy is up next and he lands way over the mat and he is out. Rockstar steps up to take her turn and she lands in the street after bouncing around. Haleigh is next up and she bounces off the mat. Rachel is the last to go and has to get higher than 80k. Rachel takes her turn and lands in the street. Kaitlyn is the new HOH!


How will the game change with Kaitlyn as the new HOH? Julie goes back to the house and congratulates Kaitlyn. Both the robot and the pinwheel of doom are officially dead and good night HG!

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