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Level 6


The social drama in the house is off the charts and as always it begins to effect the foundations of teams. Yesterday I introduced Foute as a team and dished on the players both individually and collectively are playing the game. Level 6 is today’s focus and why this team seems much more stable to me than Foute but still has some ripples that have my attention.


Level 6 is comprised of: The Bros (Winston/Brett), Angela, Rachel, Tyler, and   Kaycee. Currently the Bros are the two of this group that are the wild cards. Winston is a loose canon and he’s lucky to have found a ‘ride or die’ in Brett because he keeps Winston from making game ending mistakes for the time being. 


These two are so comical to watch. I mean granted I never in a million years would have thought in a pairing of these two Brett would be the voice of reason but he tends to be just that. I don’t want it to make Brett sound stable, just of these two he is the one more co conscious of how actions are perceived in the game. 


To his credit, Winston is playing for Winston despite being in this Level 6 alliance for now. Not to say he’s playing well, lol, he’s just making decisions based on he he wants his game to play out before Level 6 goals. The rest of the group was easily persuaded by Tyler to vote to keep Sam but he took a little more cajoling and I’m still not completely confident whether he and Brett will vote how their team has collectively agreed to. 


I mean this guy is certain there will be a double eviction this week. The two of them together can’t keep track of the days or even what day of the week it is nevertheless how many players are still in the house! They had a 20 minute circular conversation over the weekend trying to count how many guys there are in the house and kept coming up with 7! They are attached at the hip bro’ing it up 24/7! 


Even though they spend the majority of their time just the two of them, Brett manages to carve out some social time with others, mutually flirting with Haleigh as well as some suspect interacting with Rachel. Rachel is aggressive in her flirting and I can’t quite determine if she’s genuine or it’s just her personality she’s using to keep Brett locked down with Level 6. That’s another thing to watch. 


Beyond the Bromance every other player on Level 6 has managed to allow themselves to fade into the background in an effort to make Foute feel as powerful and comfortable as possible during Tyler’s HOH. 


While we are on the subject. As I said Tyler is attempting to ensure all of Level 6 and JC vote to keep Sam without telling them why. He’s been great at keeping Sam’s power a secret and using that intel to help his game as well as Level 6’s position heading into the next HOH. If 6 players vote to keep Sam and they fail to flip one vote from somewhere else in the house when Sam does use her power Tyler can secure Sam with, “ see I told you these people here we’re going to vote to keep you and I’m loyal to my word.” 


Tyler is the main reason that Level 6 is far more cohesive than Foute. This literally couldn’t have played out more perfectly if Tyler had scripted it himself. While Foute isn’t 100% certain Tyler is on their team they see him as an asset this week and have been willing to overlook some obvious signs he’s not. Which is amazing for Tyler at the moment because damn near everyone in the house feels they can confide in him. It’s more than he’s the HOH and they are kissing up, although that’s what set him up for it.  


Tyler has made everyone feel comfortable and managed week 1 HOH to be the least threatening HOH I’ve seen in several seasons. JC gravitates to him and believe he has a strong enough bond to consistently be over confident in his abilities to guarantee he can secure the 7th vote needed to save Sam. JC is overconfident but in a non-threatening way and as I’ve mentioned everyone knows to be cautious of what they talk about in front of him because he has no sensor as many of you that saw the TMZ report are aware. 


Saving Sam would be best case scenario for Level 6 but Tyler can’t tell them why. If she is voted to stay they eliminated a floater (Steve) who leans towards Foute and give the proverbial finger to Foute. I’m not sure that scenario is best for Tyler’s game this early because it will insinuate Tyler is with the other team not Foute. 


Level 6 is really focused on how to save Sam. As we know Sam has the +1 Life power. She may use it after an eviction within the next four weeks for a player who is evicted to have a ‘chance’ to return to the game. If it isn’t used by the 4th week whichever HG is evicted that week will automatically receive ‘the chance’ to return to the game. So I was surprised by Sam’s sadness and frustration after losing the veto. She tells Tyler “I’m getting evicted for sure”.


I mean I understand her being upset she didn’t win, apparently she went balls out. But hours earlier she confides in Tyler that she’s safe no matter what and this didn’t seem orchestrated. She cried a lot! I am happy to report since then Sam has really stepped up her social game and is taking to everyone about the fact she wants to stay. Tyler knows if they can flip the vote so she isn’t forced to use her power this week that +1Life could come in handy down the line. 


We will circle back to Tyler in a little while. Angela and Rachel are the same type of player for now as far as breaking down Level 6 team members. Rachel is far more social and crass where Angela is far quieter and more reserved. Both are middle of the line players that aren’t putting themselves in the middle of any drama in the house or directly creating enemies through behaviors an actual house guest shouldn’t be doing from what I see. 


Rachel is the flirt one and seems to have an affection for Brett of all people? There’s already been some discussions between Brett/Rachel and then of course Brett/Winston about what will happen if/When has the HOH to himself and Rachel wants to come and join him. I’m not sure how much is strategy with Rachel versus actual attraction but it’s something to watch for as the weeks play on. 


Rachel is still a question mark for me. She has an aggressive personality and she makes mountains out of mole hills all day every day. But she has maintained a level temperament the majority of the time and when she does get heated retreats until she regains composure. That’s the smart play. She’s been social and does talk game often, but only privately and despite some serious tension between the men collectively and the women collectively she’s surprised me. I’m not confident she can keep that up for 99 days but I’m happy to see her playing a smart strategy. 




Kaycee was more difficult to get a read on. That’s actually a good thing. She doesn’t talk a lot but when she does we see glimpses of her abilities to identify where she needs to be applying her efforts. She is friendly and although not as talkative as the others when she speaks its with a purpose. By Saturday we see her using commonalities to make connections in very casual ways. She’s always around and paying attention which is nice to see.


Kaycee uses workouts as opportunities to build personal connections. This morning Haleigh and Kaycee are talking. Kaycee is discussing the end of HN’s early this morning and all the food she ate last night. What’s interesting is Kaycee says she feels like being involved in the weekly binge feast at the end of HN’s is something she feels like you have to do. 


What we do know is Kaycee is very conscious of her eating habits and regimens as an athlete. This convo and her understanding that moving outside of her comfort zone to make connections and participate in ‘house events’ will require she eats on those nights and just accepts it’s a sacrifice she will have to make to her routine. 


Bravo Kaycee! She may not want to be doing this but sees the benefits in the game and makes the adjustments as needed. That willingness to be flexible and her ability to identify where she can create inclusiveness with all the players moves her up in my rankings this week. No one is talking about Kaycee! No one! 


Kaycee’s spinning wheel punishment does get her removed from a lot of the socializing and happenings around the house at times but honestly I think she enjoys the quiet room to herself it provides without anyone asking why isn’t Kaycee out here with the rest of us. 


Yesterday Angie/Bayleigh discussed their mutual dislike of Winston and common like for Brett/Rachel (particularly Rachel) so if they get rid of Winston in their minds they have a better chance of Rachel forming some other allegiances. Angie suggests she is willing to target the Bro’s. Winston did something in the first 24 hours we may never know what but whatever someone perceived it to be turned all of Foute against him. 


So we have  all the players on the team except Winston and Angela constantly creating interpersonal connections with people outside their teams and after the last few seasons (BB19/BBOTT) this is a breath of fresh air! 


Sam’s work to forge some connections seems to have had an effect on Angie. Angie actually feels like Sam would be on their level (side) if this hadn’t happened but keeping Steve brings Scottie and they need Scottie. Angie goes so far to suggest she would keep Sam over Steve if Scottie wouldn’t turn on them. 


Winston still waffling because he likes Steve in the sense that he can see his casual friendship with Steve being a benefit. 


Steve is now vocally overconfident. He keeps saying repeatedly he’s not worried he has 7 votes locked. He is not worried at all. Despite this he does continue to maintain his convos with W/B and eventually tells Haleigh and 

That he now has the Bros votes which makes 9 so even if someone from Foute does flip he would still have the votes to stay.


Later I will tell you what happens when Steve brings this up. brings this up to Angie/Haleigh. But first.... LOL sorry I couldn’t resist a nod to JC with all his CBS promo takes! 


Look traditionally the older player isn’t given much favor in this game. So I say good job Steve! We see season haven’t season where players create these strongholds on themselves and feel too secure so they get cocky and don’t continue to interact with players positioned throughout the house. Or they feel like they are being voted out and give up. Not Steve. While I do think he should be a bit less vocal about feeling safe, I like seeing him not ride a guarantee no one can really rely on in this game. 


What I find most perplexing is that Winston isn’t in danger this week. He is aware the other side has him in their sights but no imminent threat. However, Winston seems to be behaving irrationally and this continues to generate the most ridiculous theories and completely inaccurate assessments. He and Brett have collectively decided this week will absolutely be a DE. 


The Bros, Winston especially, have wanted to vote to keep Steve this whole time but Tyler has been able to get the other members of Level 6 to persuade the Bros to vote to keep Sam in the event someone from the other side does throw a sympathy or rogue vote Sam’s way. 


Steve has a conversation with Brett and it makes him feel as though he will definitely have the Bros votes. Good job Brett! In Steve’s mind that means even if someone from Foute does flip he will still have the votes to stay. The problem is Steve talks a little too much. 


Angie and Haleigh find this to be potentially problematic. Their discomfort could be a problem for Steve he’s oblivious to. They actually discuss voting for Sam to stay if they continue to find hints that the bro’s will in fact vote for Sam to leave.


Angie and Haleigh’s logic is if the Bro’s do flip they can blame their two votes for Sam to stay over Steve back onto the Bro’s...I couldn’t make this stuff up! If this weren’t enough to make you scratch your head wait until I tell you what Foute did to help Sam’s cause yesterday. 


You would think after Dom’s talk show implosion last season anyone that watches BB and even claims to be an expert would know never participate in any scenario that even resembles a ‘talk show’. Listen, if you are ever fortunate enough to become a HG...DO NOT actively participate in anything that involves Q&A in a group setting! 


Foute decides to of course have a talk show and Kaitlin eventually asks Soggy C which HG he wants to leave next? 

Soggy true to form is overconfident in his position and freely says that he would target Winston. 


Ok there’s no surprise there. The majority of Foute have consistently expressed their desire to get Angela and Winston out of the game. The problem is Soggy says he’s wants to Winston out because...”Winston is all throwing my name around, targeting me but to my face he’s like what’s up with our deal?”


Kaitlin immediately fires back with, “what deal?” Soggy C tries to skirt around it but that doesn’t fly with Kaitlin she’s positive now that Soggy is lying to her and there is a deal. Bayleigh pipes in that Faysal should have told Kaitlin about the final four deal and this makes it even worse! 


Here’s another tip for future HG. Don’t get involved in conflicts or arguments that you are not directly a party to! Stay out of fights! Walk away! Watch from the nose bleed seats somewhere outside of the area where the conflict is happening and just take notes! 


Soggy and Bayleigh play this horribly! They stoke the aren’t you and Faysal besties? We assumed he would have told you? Feeding into Kaitlin’s manic obsession with Faysal and she runs off to him. This creates a scenario where she’s now once again throwing up all over Faysal about how his relationship with Haleigh will prevent them from being each other’s number one’s. On and on and on.


For the last three days I feel like I’ve been watching the same reel over over of the love triangle between these three. Faysal is telling her what she wants to here and swears she’s his number one regardless of Haleigh. 


Look, as in life, in the BB house if what people are saying and what you see them doing conflict...the person involved is lying and you shouldn’t have any problem knowing that! 


Kaitlin eventually runs crying to Tyler. This is where all of Tyler subtle work manifests another opportunity for him to manipulate Kaitlin. Tyler plays this perfectly.


I haven’t seen such a masterfully choreographed 1st HOH ever! Tyler has really avoided his reign making him the biggest target. He has convinced Foute he’s with them (again they fail to admit that his actions clearly indicate at the very least he is not a sure thing (being absolute in his decision that if veto were used Bayleigh would be his replacement nominee). 


This morning Kaitlin is back in the HOH grateful to Tyler and the girls in Level 6 for their comfort and support last night. She’s also trying to spin what she did and shift the blame to her teammates. I’m watching after Tyler leaves and ironically Kaitlin is complaining to Angela of all people! These people have done nothing but talk about wanting Angela’s blood all over their hands and now Kaitlin is explaining she’s upset (but non game related). She just doesn’t like the fact people are talking behind her back. People saying things about me that aren’t true. 


Angela sits there listening empatheticly and then gives a well timed affirmation to her feelings. I love that she calmly and politely says to her face that, “you begin to question everyone’s motives. No matter what is said you wonder if there’s a motive behind anything they say because people are coming to you saying this person is coming for you this person doesn’t like you?” 


Kaitlin is so self involved she misses the irony in her saying this to the one girl Kaitlin and Foute have been doing to her since night 1. This makes Kaitlin so comfortable she throws up all drama with her team and the love triangle to Angela. 


I’m like ok, so Kaitlin you thought that telling your team’s biggest target every little issue and conflict between your team mates? HAHAHAHAHHAHA I’m sorry but if I’m in the BB house and this happened to me I would use every single detail to feed each and every small fire Foute has. Planting seeds discreetly. I mean seriously would there be anything better than your greatest enemy delivering every location of their bases? 


This is something I will continue to monitor Kaitlin’s direction. If Foute sees the potential or threat of a shift in her they could go to work to turn that around. She’s a messy player and although you want her vote she can also be a huge liability. Level 6 listened and comfort her enough for her to start oozing with gratitude and appreciation despite her being on the other team. 


What’s important beyond the drama and spilling of secrets is that right now the teams are even 6-6 with Steve, Scottie. Sam and JC floating around the middle. Sam and JC for the moment are leaning towards Level 6 while Steve and Scottie for the moment more towards Foute. 


This talk show also leads to yet another convo between Haleigh and Faysal where he’s still trying to persuade her to accept she’s his soul mate and she molds him like a chuck of clay.


Haleigh conveys once again she is not getting into a showmance with him, they are not ‘bed mates’ and for the LF we can clearly see her repeatedly denying all of his advances. She uses this opportunity to tell him that Kaitlin has told her that Faysal has told her he’s Kaitlin’s number one even if he gets into a showmance with Haleigh. It’s like you can see her trying in her own mind while they’re talking to see how far she will have to go to keep Faysal on the hook. 


Faysal tells Haleigh that she will be his number one if they are in a showmance of

course and I’m watching this like wth are you doing man? Haleigh sees what I see looking in from the outside and it’s like you can see her calculating how much she will have to pretend to get Faysal to be loyal to her. It’s like watching a bad soap opera! 


Last night Level 6 sat in the HOH watching Haleigh/Kaitlin waiting to talk to Faysal as soon as he returned to the house from the DR. They were loving every second of the soap opera on the spy cams. Winston starts jumping on the bed and Tyler has to tell him to chill before someone downstairs hears him. This whole drama played right into their plan. Sit back and let Foute implode from the inside while making them feel like they are running the game. 


There you have it! While Winston and Brett have their own deals in their minds for now they realize they need the numbers and hopefully that will allow for the group to grow stronger next week if one of them wins HOH. That’s my only note in the back of my mind is what will

Winston do if the other team wins HOH and comes for him? 


Beyond that Tyler is the standout from this side. I’m not confident how the vote will go but if we’ve learned nothing else the eviction vote is always questionable down to the last minute before going live. Tomorrow I hope to have an idea of where Winston, Kaitlin, Angie, and Haleigh have their minds set. I will also spill the RealiTea on how the floaters are fairing in the middle of these two teams. 


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