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Tuesday, July 3 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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1:30AM BBT Haleigh, Bayleigh, Chris are at the Hammock talking (Faysal is listening) about a blow up with Kaitlin, who seems to be jealous of Faysal's attention directed at Hayleigh.  Bayleigh and Chris pledge their support for Hayleigh then say they're heading in. Faysal says they're heading in soon.

1:33AM BBT Hayleigh tells Faysal that it depends on how her talk goes with Kaitlin as to who she sleeps with. Faysal says he wants her to sleep with him.

1:34AM BBT Hayleigh and Faysal head in, and Hayleigh heads off to brush her teeth while Faysal heads to the kitchen. Chris/Swaggy heads in and raids the fridge, looking for his water bottle. (This is a good time to mention that Chris has worn a lot of Swaggy shirts so far - pic attached!)

1:36AM BBT Chris enlists Bayleigh to help him find his water bottle and they head out to the backyard again looking for it.

1:40AM BBT Hayleigh and Kaitlin head out to the back yard to talk out their problems. Kaitlin minimizes things she did/said. Hayleigh does something similar. It's a long, boring, pointless fake conversation that lasts for about an hour. They hug it out in the WA at the end and go to bed fake friends. 


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1:39 AM BBT: Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Haleigh are in the pink bedroom, Kaitlyn comes up to Haleigh and tells her that she went up to Bayleigh after she heard Bayleigh and Haleigh say her name. She asked Bayleigh what was going on and Bayleigh told Kaitlyn that she needed to "f*cking calm down" and that Faysal is the one that needed to be having this conversation with Kaitlyn. Haleigh interupts Kaitlyn and tells her that she wants to have this conversation outside.  Rockstar is "sleeping."


When Kaitlyn and Haleigh go outside, Swaggy and Bayleigh enter the pink bedroom and want to gossip with Rockstar. Not able to hear what Rockstar is saying, because her mic isn't on. Swaggy, Bayleigh, and Rockstar whisper back and forth for several minutes, but because Rockstar is either playing with her mic, or not wearing it, we can't hear what they're all saying except for the occasional reply from Bayleigh.


Once outside, Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that she didn't mean to have an intense conversation and Haleigh tells Kaitlyn that she's really tense right now. Haleigh tells Kaitlyn that Bayleigh told her earlier in the day when Haleigh and Faysal where under the blanket tent that JC made, that Kaitlyn walked in, said "it looks like they're having sex," rolled her eyes and walked out.


"I don't even recall those words coming out of my mouth," Kaitlyn tells Haleigh. Haleigh says she herself didn't hear anything, just that she heard her voice. Kaitlyn says that she was "in and out" of the room quickly and that she's not going to say she didn't say that, because she doesn't remember, but that she doesn't recall saying that.


Haleigh says that it upset her because that's not something she wants "portrayed on the show." Scottie comes out and Kaitlyn asks him to give them a minute. Kaitlyn apologizes to Haleigh if she did say those words and that if she did say it, she meant it as a joke. Kaitlyn then tells Haleigh that she's upset because all of her "best friends" in the house are bringing up her name. She says she's tried to confront Faysal several times, but he doesn't ever say anything. Haleigh says she's been approached several times by Bayleigh and Swaggy and others telling her that Kaitlyn was mad at Haleigh because of Faysal. Kaitlyn says that's "bull sh*t," and that she's not upset at all that Faysal and Haleigh are in a showmance. 


Haleigh tells Kaitlyn that she feels like Kaitlyn doesn't want to be around her. Kaitlyn apologizes if she came across that way, but that Haleigh is her sister and she doesn't mean to come off as cold. Haleigh tells Kaitlyn that she wanted to bring it up to her ASAP, but everyone convinced her not to. 


Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that Faysal, Swaggy, Winston, and Brett made a deal and that Bayleigh and Swaggy told her not to tell Haleigh. Swaggy told Kaitlyn and Tyler that he wants to put Winston up because the deal they made was "bull sh*t." Kaitlyn says that Bayleigh told her to "cool it."

1:49 AM BBT: BB Cuts the feeds.


1:52 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Kaitlyn and Haleigh are still outside, hashing out the same conversation over and over again. They keep going back to when everyone told Haleigh to not tell Kaitlyn that she was upset...over and over again. 


1:53 AM BBT: In the HOHR, Winston, Brett, Angela, and Rachel they think that JC has an extra vote and that now they won't have the votes. Rachel says they do, because something "big just happened" and that "things are breaking apart." Angela agrees. The four then jump up and down on the bed and celebrate. "We f*ckin' rule," Brett exclaims, "we're like the coolest kids in high school." They all high five. Winston says they still have to worry about the power app, Rachel and Angela assure him that JC has it. Winston doesn't understand why JC wouldn't tell them if he does have. 


Brett says that Swaggy is being "weirdly nice" to him tonight. Rachel also agrees that he and Bayleigh are being "super nice," and that Bayleigh hugged her and Angela. 

BB tells Angela to put her microphone on. Winston says that everyone and everything is changing. Winston tells everyone to not fall for whatever Swaggy and Bayleigh are doing. Rachel tells them that JC told her that he knows who has the power and it's not Bayleigh or Swaggy. They're afraid that if JC gets HOH, he won't put Swaggy and Faysal on the block. 


"He's playing Big Brother," Winston says. 

Winston then tells everyone he thinks Thursday will be double eviction, because they've been in the house for 14 days and no one has gone home. Because of this, Winston wants to prepare ahead of time for what happens on that second eviction. They talk about who to use as pawns and who not to use. Winston wants the girls (Angela and Rachel) to act scared so they aren't used as pawns. They want Rockstar and Sam to be used as pawns next round, so they have no chance of winning veto. Angela suggests putting up Faysal and Bayleigh up and that if Bayleigh wins veto, that Swaggy goes up. One way or another, either Swaggy or his girlfriend go home next week. They all agree that Swaggy needs to go home ASAP and they want to keep Faysal for now and backdoor him later.


Angela doesn't understand how double eviction works, they all explain it to her. 


2:02 AM BBT: In the backyard Kaitlyn and Haleigh are still hashing out the same conversation.


2:05 AM BBT: The four in the HOHR (Brett, Winston, Angela, and Rachel) start to talk about something that happened at the pool, but Brett says, "let's not talk about that right now," and then they all look up at the cameras. They go back to giving reasons as to why they want Bayleigh and Swaggy out. The girls feel like Bayleigh lied to them Day One. Tyler enters the room. Tyler starts to talk about something that happened two hours ago, but his microphone is either off or not working, because he can only be heard through the others mics. BB seems to fix the volume on Tyler's mic and we can hear him  talk about how Swaggy thinks he's running the house. "Let him think that," Winston says. Rachel doesn't like that. 


Winston says that Swaggy told him that Winston is the most hated person in the house. 


The four (Rachel, Angela, Brett, and Winston) go over the plan with Tyler, to put up Faysal and Bayleigh and backdoor Swaggy if Bayleigh wins veto. 


2:12 AM BBT: Tyler and Rachel go over their plan on how to get Kaitlyn over to their side and vote with them. They want to convince her that they know what the power is, that it's going to shake things up and that she needs to come with them. Now Tyler start to tell the others about the drama between Haleigh and Kaitlyn. 


In the backyard, Haleigh and Kaitlyn are also still talking about the drama. Haleigh feels forced into the showmance with Faysal and that she wants to take it slow. Kaitlyn suggests Haleigh have a conversation with Faysal about just letting things unfold naturally and to not force themselves into a showmance with each other. It sounds like Haleigh has an interest in both Tyler and Faysal and she doesn't know which one to pick. She says that Faysal is more aggressive than Tyler and that Faysal is actively pursuing her, while Tyler is more laid back and just going with the flow. Haleigh says that Kaitlyn is her "ride or die."

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2:15 AM BBT: The five in the HOHR (Tyler, Brett, Winston, Angela, and Rachel) talk about the showmances. They all agree that they don't want to lay in the hammock or in any of the beds in the pink bedroom. 


2:22 AM BBT: Brett says that Haleigh is only up in the HOHR with Tyler is because he's the HOH. They talk about how Faysal wants Haleigh to sleep in his bed with him. Winston says them all being linked up together is perfect, because they're easy to knock off. 


2:27 AM BBT: Winson says they need Kaitlyn on their side, even though he doesn't agree with how she's playing the game, he respects her. The talk about Scottie not wanting to be HOH, but they're concerned that he could be upset if Steve goes home. 


In the backyard, Kaitlyn and Haleigh are still hashing out the drama. 


2:33 AM BBT: The five in the HOHR go over how to bring Kaitlyn over to their side and vote with them. Tyler says he's going to talk to her tomorrow. They're also going to talk to Sam about being on their side. Rachel says she'll talk to Sam and tell her to be nice to Kaitlyn. 


2:40AM BBT: The five in the HOHR watch Kaitlyn and Haleigh on the cameras. They try to figure out what they're saying. "They don't hate each other at all!"

The five then start to talk about the Haleigh - Kaitlyn drama again. They watch Haleigh, Kaitlyn, and Faysal on the cameras and make up their conversation. 


3:00 AM BBT: In the PBR, Swaggy wants to know what Haleigh and Kaitlyn talked about outside. Haleigh tells him everything. Swaggy leaves and Haleigh lays down in her bed with Rockstar, but gets up a few seconds later to lay in bed with Faysal. "I'm not sleeping here," she tells him as she lays down. They start to talk about the conversation between them and Kaitlyn and then BB cuts the feeds. When we come back, Faysal and Haleigh are still talking about the Kaitlyn - Haleigh drama. 


3:04 AM - 3:10 AM BBT: The feeds cut in and out while Brett, Tyler, and Winston talk in the Washroom Area about something that happened in the Water Closet. At some point it looks like Tyler may have cleaned it up. Unsure since the feeds keep cutting in and out.


3:10 AM BBT: Eventually they all leave the Washroom Area. Tyler gets water and goes up to the HOHR. Winston and Brett clean up the kitchen. Faysal and Haleigh kiss in the PBR. 


3:14 AM - 3:27 AM BBT: Winston and Brett go outside. They try to sit on the hammock but end up sitting in the green chairs. They talk about the rest of the house and how the other group is so stupid and they have no idea how to play the game. Winston says it's just "too simple right now." He doesn't want to come off as cocky, but he feels like it's just too simple right now and everything is playing into his and Brett's hand. "It's hilarious," Winston says. Brett thinks that Swaggy is going to get paranoid. "We're going to win HOH, and we're going to run it next week," Winston says. Brett and Winston talk about having Tyler tell Kaitlyn that her "brother-sister" act with Faysal is all a sham. Winston and Brett think it would be funny to make Faysal jealous by flirting with Haleigh. They think that when Haleigh leaves Faysal to go with someone else, that Faysal will just leave the house because he won't be able to handle it. Brett and Winston then talk about Swaggy and about how he told Winston that he (Winston) is the most hated person in the house and that everyone wants Winston out. They both agree that Swaggy's game is bad. Winston and Brett go over their plan for tomorrow and agree to cut all communication with Swaggy. They talk about messing around with Faysal's head tomorrow by making comments about Haleigh. BB cuts the feeds. 


3:28 AM BBT: Feeds are back and Brett and Winston are in the Washroom Area, Brett is brushing his teeth. They walk out and go to sleep in the BBR.  


3:33 AM - 3:38 AM BBT: Haleigh and Faysal are still up and cuddling in Faysal's bed in the PBR. BB tells them to put their mics on. Haleigh says if they close their eyes, BB will turn the lights off. They pretend to be asleep for a few minutes. BB doesn't turn the lights off. They go back to kiss once they realize BB isn't turning the lights off. Haleigh tells Faysal to go to sleep and she leaves his bed to go back to the one she shares with Rockstar.


3:42 AM BBT: BB turns off the lights. Everyone appears to be asleep. 


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8:14am BBT Steve is awake and drinking his coffee. 


8:35am BBT FOTH its a bit early for wake up call but as Julie says, "expect the unexpected."


8:52am BBT still FOTH, wake up call.


8:56am BBT Rockstar and Scottie join Steve at the KT island for coffee, Bayleigh gives morning hugs. Some HG still in bed, some trying to wake up.

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 9:04am BBT: HG awake talking general talk in the KT about  snoring and throwing pillows. 

9:07am BBT: Kaitlyn and Bayleigh are in the lounge rm talking about them being mad at each other for conversations that were said yesterday. Bayleigh says she is not one to lie when asked a question and i told them it was Swaggy in that bed not Faysel. So i guess i need to shut down and not say anything to anyone and not be honest.

9:13am BBT: Bayleigh tells Kaitlyn that she needs to talk to Swaggy but that Swaggy wont talk to her unless she is calm he does not want her coming off mad. Kaitlyn says she has never been mad about things and that she is a very honest person .Kaitlyn cries and says that yesterdays things were so confusing and alot of things were hear say. She says it is over and i do not care anymore. Kaitlyn then says if something comes up from now on we need to talk about it that day not wait till three days later.

 9:33am BBT: Tyler, Angie, Steve, Scottie in the KT just sitting around as kaitlyn and Bayleigh join them they wonder why they can not go outside and we get FOTH.

9:36am BBT: Rachel and kaycee in the WA doing ADL's. Sam has now enterd the house as herself.

 9:40am BBT: Sam tells Steve it is about to be a cleaning day and everyone better pick their feet up today in this place.Steve is not happy that the BY is not opened.

 9:48am BBT: Most HG either in the WA doing ADL's or in the KT making breakfast. Sam goes to the WA and tells everyone she is going to be cleaning today and she will tell everyone if you have something you do not want moved you better protect it. Bayleigh says we will help you girl then laughs and says give it to the goodwill. sam says she shops at the goodwill and gets lots of compliments on her clothes all the time.

9:50am BBT: Angie goes to the KT and says that Sam shops at the GW Blue and Steve says what then Angie tells him GW Blue is goodwill , He says oh i like that  and he then tells her he calls the salvation army Sally's so not they have sally's and GW Blue.

9:55am BBT: Tyler and Haleigh in the HOHR talking, Tyler says he is ready for his HOH to be over. 

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The "something that happened in the water closet" at 3:03am was


3:03AM BBT Brett discovers someone ejaculated on the toilet seat and left it [GROSS - BBLurkerPlus]. He tells Winston about it in the WA then laughs as Winston checks it out - they both run up to HoH and tell Tyler, Hayleigh, and Rachel that "someone jizzed on the toilet seat".  Shocked laughter ensues, and FotH.  The seat was sullied between 2:35am and 3:02am BBT because Hayleigh used the WC uneventfully at 2:35am BBT.

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10:03am BBT: HG just doing ADl's in the WA, Some making breakfast and some just laying in bed talking general talk.

10:09am BBT: kaycee and Haleigh in the lounge rm talking about Kaycee having maybe a spider bite, She says the DR looked at it and she has to go back later to have it looked at again, She then says it hurts like hell when she tightens her leg up or walks. Haleigh goes to see if the coffee is ready yet then comes back.

10:15am BBT: Kaitlyn in the HOHR telling Tyler about her conversation with Bayleigh this morning and how she walked in on Faysal yesterday under the covers in like a fort and she said that it looked like they was having sex and how Bayleigh was upset over it. 

10:30am BBT: kaitlyn now talking to Angela in the HOHR about the same story and  saying that Faysal told her not to tell. Then kaitlyn goes through the whole story with Angela. Bayleigh  and Haleigh in the BR talking and whispering really low about what Kaitlyn said and did  and  Haleigh says she does not even care.

10:44am BBT: Most Hg are laying or sitting in beds just talking general talk.

10:45am BBT: Sam is asking everyone if they want a shower before she cleans the bathroom. Most are saying they will get one later today. sam then says she will go make  Haleigh some cinnamon oatmeal with peanut butter and milk in it and heads to the KT.

 10:53am BBT: Brett is making very big pancakes. sam is having coffee before she starts cleaning, All other Hg are sitting around or still in bed just talking general talk.

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2:03 BBT Scottie and JC taking turns at the rock climbing wall while Steve cheers them on from the couch. Brett lounging on the couch with Haleigh close by. 

Meanwhile Kaitlyn, Angela and Winston making lunch in the kitchen. 



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2:20 JC and Rockstar in the SR. JC believes Winston and Brett will vote to keep Steve because they seem to be aligned. Rockstar just agrees with him and both continue to grab whatever food they came in for. 


2:28 pm BBT Winston and Brett sneak into the HN for a quick chat. Brett lets WInston know that he believes Winston may be a target for her. He explains that he and Kaitlyn had a convo about the upcoming HoH and Kaitlyn emphasized that Brett would be safe if she won. This makes Brett believe WInston is a target. Winston is confused about this because he believes he and Kaitlyn have a good relationship..."She just made me a sandwich." Brett continues by telling him to be careful because the fact that they just walked into the room together will show "them" (Fesi and Swaggy?) that he is telling him this information. 


Winston plans to out Fesi and Haleigh as a showmance in order to put a target on them. Brett agrees it is a good idea. Both leave the HN room and enter the BBR to check on Angela who is napping and says she does not feel well. 

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2:20ish pm BBT JC and Rockstar talking in SR. JC gets some ground beef and they head out. Kaitlyn says she would buy things from a vender, she is from NYC. She is talking to Brett and says she found some Rachel DNA on him (she removes a hair) and he says grodey.


2:25pm BBT JC cooking ground beef and gives us TMI about his circumcision  2 years ago. Brett and Winston in HN. Brett says they are positioning "her" against him. Brett tells him to not get cornered by Swaggy. Winston says he will walk away. Winston says he just caught. Kaitlyn talking to Kaycee about her going back to NY cuz her insurance is better there. She was supposed to be there for only 5 days but she stayed longer to take care of a viral  infection. 


2:37pm BBT Rockstar and Swaggy clear the nail board the Swaggy spells his name. Kaycee and Tyler in HOH, he says he wants a nap and she says shhhh don't tell them. He says we are not supposed to take naps. Scottie comes in to use the shower.  Scottie says there are raisins on the floor (of the shower). Tyler says it sounds like JC. Kaycee asks if they have raisins in the house? Tyler says in cereal. 

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3:01 pm BBT.  In LR Haleigh & Steve talking about freezing eggs and parenting.  In the HOH room Kaitlyn tells Scottie he is handsome & has cute dimples & underestimates himself.  


3:04 pm BBT.  Steve, Haleigh & JC talking about different cities & cost of living.  Jc doing pull-ups on the rock wall.  Haleigh is stroking Brett’s hair.  Tyler, Kaitlyn & Scottie in the HOH room talking about dreams & sleepwalking.  


3:10 pm BBT.  Rachel has joined Scottie, Tyler & Kaitlyn in the HOH room.  Rachel says she can’t fall asleep u less it’s dark & no one is talking, maybe 15 minutes.  Bayleigh is mopping the kitchen.  


3:15 pm BBT.  JC is annoyingly ringing the HOH doorbell.  Scottie says he meditated yesterday & has been good since.  HOH crew talks about doing facials & meditation later today.  Chris is in the kitchen staring at the counter.  Bayleigh doing dishes. 

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3:21 pm BBT.  Bayleigh in LR telling Haleigh she wants a basement with a cool game room.  Haleigh agrees so when she has kids they’ll hang out there.  They are talking about apps that tell where you are.  Brett says the sanctity of being a kid is gone.  


3:24 pm BBT.  Winston is helping Sam clean the bathroom.  She says after she will clean herself.  Winston thanks her for cleaning & says he appreciates it.  Winston says he doesn’t leave his stuff out bcuz there are 2 many ppl who would prank u.  Winston goes to use the bathroom.  Sam asks if she should leave.  He says no, I’m just peeing.   Winston comes out & thanks Sam again.  She thanks him for saying that.  Kaycee comes in & tells Sam she’s awesome.  Sam tells her she doesn’t touch peoples stuff & wants them to feel safe about that.  Sam says she needs to find something else to clean.  Sam says she’s cleaning bcuz she doesn’t know what else to do & doesn’t wanna be awkward.   Kaycee asks Sam if she knows who is voting to keep Steve.  Sam says no.  Then she says Scottie will, he said that a while ago.  


3:30 pm BBT.  Tyler is in the HOH shower.  Winston asks if he can use the HOH bathroom.  He tells him Sam is going ham on cleaning the downstairs bathroom.  He says it’s cleaner then when they entered the house. 


3:32 pm BBT.  JC says he’s going to take a nap.  Scottie is listening to music in the HOH room.  Sam tells Kaycee cleaning makes her happy & then she doesn’t think about stuff.  Kaycee says she’s awesome & things get awkward sometimes.  Angela comes into the bathroom & says Sam is amazing for cleaning.  


3:37 pm BBT.  Sam gets called to become Sambot.  Haleigh says she moves enough she doesn’t get attached to places.  Angie Rockstar hugs Sam, then Haleigh hugs her & Chris follows.  


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3:45 BBT.  Winston in HN room talking to Angela.  They’re contemplating upcoming comps.  He hopes she isn’t getting sick, says he needs her.  Brett comes in.  He asks if she took advil & says it’ll help with the fever.  They are talking about the upcoming comp they practiced for.  They think it may be a have not comp.  Angela asks him if Kaycee is feeling ok about things.  Brett comes in with advil & a drink for her.  Brett tells them Chris cornered him in the HOH room.  He says he asked him how he felt & if they could work together.  He then says Kaitlyn was talking about if she won HOH she told Brett he would be safe.  Winston says he’s trying to be nice but he might have to go into “dick” mode.  Brett says no, just stay steady.  Brett says it was so awkward to get cornered.  


3:50 pm BBT.  Angela says Bayleigh asked her if she should sleep with Chris.  Angela tells the guys she thought to herself she already is, who does she think she’s kidding.   


3:54 pm BBT.  We have fish.  


3:54 pm BBT.  Brett, Angela & Winston still talking/whispering in the HN room.  Winston says he’s starting to get nervous.  Brett says he is ready & feels rock solid.  They are talking about Kaycee & Rachel doing well when they had comp practice.  Scottie comes into the HN room.  Angela says she got away with a little nap but BB probably saw her coughing & dying so they let her be.  Kaitlyn comes in & hugs Brett.  


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4:00 BBT Winston, Brett, Angela, Rachel, and Scottie in HN room. General chit chat about where Scottie has been sleeping. Apparently he doesn't mind Steve's snoring and the others' are having a hard time with it. Winston is sensitive to "decibels." 


In the kitchen, Tyler seems to be calling out animal names (I think they are playing a game where they name animals with every letter of the alphabet) with Haleigh, JC, Robot Sam, and Kaycee. We get periodic Robot POV. 

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4:23 pm BBT Winston and Brett playing Jenga while Angela watches. They start to read the names on the wall that Rockstar and Swaggy were working on earlier. "Angela MFN Rockstar." Winston scoffs and says what a great role model for her kids. Angela asks should they all start calling each other Swaggy A, B, etc. Winston says that would be a good way to have everyone start using Swaggy's real name. 

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4:05PM BBT In the KT, snacking and general chatting. Sambot is with the group in the KT. In the HN room, Brett and Winston talking about legs and working out.


4:16PM BBT In the HN Room, discussion about if the chairs are comfortable enough to sleep in. Brett and Winston are telling them that they are comfy to chat in but sleeping in them are not comfortable. They talk about wanting to go into the HT but the BY is locked currently.


 4:27PM BBT Scottie and Rachel are chatting. Rachel is telling him how thankful she is to be there. They discuss Paul coming in last year.



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4:35 pm BBT In the SR, JC tells Tyler that he heard from Winston that Haleigh is with Fesi. Tyler says he knows. JC says he had a convo with Rockstar earlier and he needs to give him information. He will do it later. They both leave the SR. 



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4:37 pm BBT In the HN room, Scottie asks Rachel where her head is at for the HoH? Rachel says you always want to win to guarantee your safety because she doesn't know how the house is. Scottie says he will definitely try to win. Rachel says she didn't want to win the first two but competition is in her blood. Scottie says that Steve told him it may not be in their best interest to win, but Scottie disagrees. Rachel says there are definitely heads of groups that will try to win. 


Scottie says if he does win he doesn’t know what he will do. Rachel agrees the same for her. Scottie says week 2 they will find out who the floaters are and he plans to chop them off. He says he doesn’t spend too much time upstairs in the HoH but if he wins he will cross reference who has spent time up there last week. Scottie says he is close with Kaycee but he doesn’t know where her head is out. Rachel says people think she is part of “the four” (Angela, Winston, Brett, Rachel)  but they are just getting along not necessarily aligned together. Rachel says she hardly talks game with anyone. Scottie says he gets his game talk fill with Steve because Steve loves to talk game. Rachel thinks people are scared to talk to her because of who she hangs out with. Scottie doesn’t think a lot of game is getting talked in general in the house.


Scottie says there was drama this morning but he can’t remember who it was. He wonders if there will be more drama after the next HoH. Scottie believes JC will win an endurance comp. Rachel agrees or Kaitlyn. Scottie says he really doesn’t know where JC’s head is at. 

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4:50 pm BBT Kaitlyn and Tyler in HoH. Tyler tells her he is scheming. She crawls into bed with him and starts playing with his hand. Tyler asks if she is testing him to see if he is with the crew or not. (More of a flirtatious question). Kaitlyn says literally never. Tyler asks who she trusts the most, Kaitlyn answers "You." "Second most? She answers "no one." Third most? Haleigh. Tyler says he does not trust Fesi. Kaitlyn says she doesn't know if she does anymore either. Tyler says he barely looks at him. Kaitlyn thinks it is because of Haleigh. Kaitlyn says she was advised before entering the house to let other's take out her targets. Her intution is telling her that if she were a viewer she would think Swaggy and Fesi need to go home because they are threats. 

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