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Episode 3-The App Store

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Previously, on Big Brother, with a high-tech summer under way, the game kicked off with Kaycee with the pinwheel of doom punishment, and Sam the robot, and Swaggy C with the ability to keep 8 people safe for the week. With half the house put on notice, winning the first HOH was crucial, and the lifeguard rescued his game by seizing power.


Taking fate into his own hands, Winston formed an alliance with Angela, Rachel, Kaycee, and Brett, but he needed to get Tyler on board to make it work. Meanwhile, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Hayleigh, Rockstar, and Faysal. Swaggy and his crew tried to get Tyler to put up a big target, but Tyler considered putting up a friend of Swaggy’s instead.


At the nomination ceremony, Tyler decided to play it safe. Tonight, alliances strengthen, romances blossom, and the BB App Store opens for business. Who will receive a power app and who gets a crap app? Find out now, on the 20th season of Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 5 after the nomination ceremony. Tyler says he put up Sam and Steve because they were the first two people eliminated from the HOH competition. There’s still veto so he has to play it cool. Steve says it sucks he’s on the block, but he doesn’t look for sympathy and he’s going to show these houseguests he’s not phased at all. Swaggy says Tyler’s game is all out of whack! He put up Sam and Steve? What are they going to do to him. Sam says she’s officially the first robot on the block and it sucks and it’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.


Tyler is holding Sambot’s hands and she tells him he doesn’t have to do that. Tyler reassures Sam that everyone is behind her and Sambot says she can see that everyone is literally behind her. Kaycee and Steve are outside talking and Steve is saying he’s ready for the week. Tyler comes outside and he’s upset and has tears. Steve says that breaks his heart. Tyler is a good kid. Tyler says he feels pretty bad, but he’s turning on the waterworks for sympathy.


Rockstar goes into the SR and asks Sambot if she’s ok. Sambot requests Rockstar to have everyone come by and say hi to her. We see Bayleigh, JC, Haleigh, Tyler, and Kaitlyn come in. Faysal also enters. Sam is basically asking to see where everyone’s thoughts are about nominations.


Kaitlyn tells her it was an obvious choice because she’s not really there. Kaitlyn tells Sambot to get prepared for the veto. Sambot says she’s using the opportunity to get people to come in and tell them what the !@#$ they think. Kaitlyn says she just needs to get prepared for the veto and Sambot says she doesn’t need a pep talk.


Scottie and Steve are talking and Scottie tells Steve to just keep up his attitude. Steve says it’s fair to say that he and Scottie understand each other but Scottie’s social game is lacking. Steve thinks Scottie is a great guy and he never thought he’d pair up with someone much younger. He finds an awesome alliance member in Scottie because that kid is loyal. Scottie says he and Steve are 100% a duo and priority number one is to save Steve.


Swaggy C says Bayleigh is the dopest girl he’s ever met. He says everyone is asleep and they just stay up and talk all night. We see them in bed chatting and Bayleigh doesn’t like his nickname. Bayleigh tells us who gives themselves a nickname and then forces everyone to call them by it. At the same time, he has a sweet, soft Christopher side that she likes and hopefully Chris will override Swaggy.


Most of the HG are in the backyard and Kaycee goes inside in to the SR and her pinwheel starts spinning and she’s stuck in the SR. She hates it because it’s the first week and she feels left out. We then see a few in the bedrooms and her pinwheel starts spinning as they leave to eat. She missed out on Rockstar’s birthday, she missed out on family dinner, and she’s so over the punishment. She holds it up for the camera in the DR and it starts spinning. She says this guy has to go.


Brett feels good about his relationship with his alliance and they are set to make final six. They’re group name is Level Six and they have a handshake. Winston says they have a very limited time before the other side starts speculating. Tyler relays the conversation with Swaggy C’s group and Angela is livid. Swaggy C better watch out for Level Six. Winston says they need to stay rock solid. Tyler says the Level Six alliance is great because he can’t play HOH next week and they can keep him safe.


Swaggy is talking to Kaitlyn about Bayleigh. He thinks she has his back but he doesn’t want her to be a distraction. He came in focused to get to the end and not get in a showmance. Bayleigh is outside talking to Haleigh about Swaggy and she says she’s going to boycott Swaggy as much as she can. Swaggy says he’s not letting anything come between him and the game.


We see the HG sleeping and we see Bayleigh and Swaggy C cuddling and not admitting they like each other, but then we get kissing. Swaggy C tells us he is all the way bugging because he came here for the money, not a showmance. He says showmances never work because the girls always win and the guys go home and he’s not having that.


The HG are in the backyard relaxing. Scottie and Steve are sitting on the couches and Scottie points out a bird sitting on the fence. Kaitlyn says the universe never ceases to amaze her and she believes the white bird is his grandpa.


Sambot tells us life in the BB house is pretty rough for a robot and we see her difficulty maneuvering around the house. She says it might sound crazy but she almost feels more like herself as a robot. Robot offline and Sam comes back into the house. Sam tells us it’s almost like she’s a ghost or not real and it’s very lonely and she feels like an outcast, an outsider. She misses her real friends, family, and her real life. Angela asks Sam if she’s ok and Sam says this is the fakest thing she’s ever been through. She says maybe everyone else feels the same way and they are better at hiding it.


Swaggy comes through and asks if Sam is ok and Swaggy and Angela talk to Sam to comfort her. Angela tells her she has to keep reminding herself it’s a game. JC comes in and he tells her to be strong and positive. Sam says she’s struggling with being a fake piece of crap. JC is trying to comfort Sam and she snaps at him. JC says Sam is making herself a target and making herself the victim. Sam says JC speaking to her was the realest thing that’s happened so far.


It’s time for Big Brother slop and have-nots. Bayleigh tells us she absolutely refuses to eat slop and there will be no volunteering coming from her. Tyler reads the card and he has to choose the first four have-nots of the season. They will only eat slop, take cold showers, and sleep in the most low-tech room in history. Tyler asks for volunteers and Kaitlyn, Brett, Scottie, and Winston all volunteer. They go to check out their room and Winston says he will not be bunking with his boy Brett.


Faysal and Swaggy C want to talk to Winston and Brett. Faysal, Brett, and Swaggy C play pool but Winston wants to avoid the conversation because he has a good alliance. Faysal and Swaggy C pitch a four person alliance with Brett and Winston and take out the floaters and stragglers. Brett says sure, but he already has a good thing and he thinks Swaggy C and Faysal are writing checks they can’t cash. Swaggy says he and Faysal are the strongest guys in the house, but having Brett and Winston would solidify things.


Brett runs back to the Level Six alliance and tells them the entire conversation. Tyler says it’s becoming clear that Swaggy thinks he’s running the game. Maybe Tyler SHOULD go after a strong player and take out Swaggy’s closest ally and the camera goes to Bayleigh.


Kaitlyn, Swaggy, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal are all in the HOH and they decide it’s time to get a name. Kaitlyn wants to come up with the perfect name to describe them. Kaitlyn came up with FOUTTE, Five of us to the End. Faysal says that’s not going to work for him but then he realizes he doesn’t have anything better. Haleigh seems to like it.


Hello HG, the BB App Store is now open for business! Tyler reads BB is all about expect the unexpected. They’ve all been granted access to the BB app store. Each week, America will answer questions to determine who is trending all summer. Whoever is trending most will get to choose an app which will be an advantage. Then one HG will be the least trending and they will get a crap app which will inflict a punishment. Once they get an advantage, they cannot get a second.


Haleigh is stoked and excited to see how it goes. Swaggy C says he’s always trending so that power app is as good as his and once it’s his he’ll be running the house more than he already is. Tyler recaps the twist and says if one of his nominees gets the power app that could throw everything off. Steve says it would be great if he got it and he could take himself off the block.


Brett is called to the BB App Store. Sam recaps the twist again and she’s not sure what trending is. Brett enters the store and is welcomed. Brett says the room is glowing and there’s a high-tech touch screen. He places his hand on the scanner to see if he’s the top or least trending HG. Access denied. He thought America was going to love him.


Kaitlyn is next and she says it’s so cool. Access denied. Bayleigh is also denied, followed by Scottie. Steve is called into the app store. He says he can’t get the crap app right now, he doesn’t need it. He enters the room and…Access denied. Faysal is next and he says he for sure isn’t the least trending. Faysal has access granted. He is the least trending HG. He has yell, fake news, read it, hamazon, and spammed choices. He sees a hambone and he thinks it will be related to food and he selects Hamazon. Every time he hears there is a delivery he has to prepare for a feast. He’s worried that it’s ham and he’s hoping it will be a ham substitute which he thinks will be disgusting.


Angela, Rockstar, and Winston are all denied. Kaycee is next to be denied, then Tyler. JC is also denied. Swaggy C is called to the store and he’s feeling confident and he knows he got the power because he’s running the house. Access denied. Swaggy walks around the room and he’s in disbelief that he didn’t win and he doesn’t know what America was thinking and they are clearly against him. But that’s ok because he’s Swaggy C.


Sam enters the App Store. She is a nervous wreck in the room and she doesn’t even want to put her hand on the screen. She puts her hand on the screen and access is granted. She is the top trending HG. She gets emotional and asks why? She get’s re-draw, bonus life, upgrade, the cloud, and identity theft are her choices and she selects bonus life. This power can be used on her or anyone of her choosing. She can use it for the first four week. If someone is evicted, and she decides to use it, the evicted HG will be given an opportunity to return to the game. If it’s not used in the first three weeks, the fourth HG will automatically have a chance to come back into the game. We see the remaining HG get access denied messages.


Steve says he didn’t get the power and his back is against the wall. Swaggy C says he didn’t get the power because America messed up, but there’s always next week and he will give America another chance to get it right because he’s not some gibroni. Tyler hopes the power didn’t fall into the wrong hands because he doesn’t want to get any more blood on his. Sam says she’s 50% human, 50% robot, and 100% ready to play. She thanks America for the power.


How will Sam’s power change the game? And who will win Power of Veto? And will it be used to save Sam or Steve from eviction? Find out next time, on Big Brother!

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