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Feeds went live after last night’s part 2 of BB20 premier! We learn a lot very quickly and all at once. Conversely this leaves some huge questions that have taken a bit longer to find out. I will be back with a complete summary of players and events but this game moves quickly so there are some facts I want to share so you are up to date on the actual state of the ‘game’. 


HOH:  Tyler 

Nominees:  Sam and Steve 


We have an almost complete divide down the middle much like season 6 and BBOTT as soon as the feeds are live the house is divided both by ‘teams’ and physical proximity. 


Team Bros (for now) 








Team Yoga (for now) 








There are no ‘official’ team names yet and I expect there to be some serious shifts a couple weeks into the season. That being said, for now I labeled them based on what the majority of fans are going to easily associate them to. 


We have four HG’s Floating to varying degrees:


Sam -who is currently following Tyler but be robot punishment has put her at a huge disadvantage. It’s painful as a fan to watch and this has really limited her ability to make serious social connections with anyone other than Tyler. 


Steve-currently infiltrating Team Yoga relying on them for his safety in his mind. For being the eldest player and on the block the fact he found an ‘in’ with the large alliance is impressive but by no means a concrete assimilation into that group.  It’s all about the numbers! Notable is that both Steve as well as Team Yoga seem to be miscalculating to a small degree the size of the other alliance thanks to Tyler. Team Yoga believes they have the ‘numbers’ advantage with 8 or 9 because they are including Tyler, Steve, and Scottie which is not the case. 



JC has a lot going on all by himself but he appears to be walking a tight rope between the two sides well enough for now. Despite this it seems to me he is leaning a bit more toward Tyler based on all of conversations. The good news for him is that he socializes with everyone but has a propensity for both Sam and Tyler. 



Scottie is completely playing both sides. He is openly ‘ spying’ on both teams and running intel back to both in varying degrees (Team Bros sweat he’s with them). What we do know is that Steve and Scottie have a close bond and appear to be a duo for now.


Kaitlin has blabbed to Tyler (this morning) that Scottie is team Yoga’s secret team member infiltrating the other side to bring them all the details from team Bros. Scottie needs to slow his roll before this in his name being thrown into the hat a replacement nominee. 


We have some pairs mixed in between the separate alliances of course. 


Chris and Bayleigh clearly kissing their way into the BB20 Showmance board. Worse thing possible for both these dominant personalities already drawing a lot of attention individually. 


Kaitlin and Haleigh want you to know they are BFF’s and have a final 2. 


Tyler and Kaycee have a final 2. 


Steve and Scottie are a duo. 


Brett and Winston are a duo and let me tease that of these two I NEVER would have expected Brett to be the more calm level headed cautious player but that’s the way it appears for now. Based on what I have seen the last 18 hours Brett would be the HG that surprises me most in comparison to my preseason analysis. 


The most interesting observation I’ve made with this house already split is we have pretty even teams! Both have strong competitors. Both have more brainy strategic minds, and both have even numbers unbeknownst to team Yoga who believe Tyler is more on their team or in the middle than he actually is. These are very evenly distributed teams and I love that aspect! 


Tyler has been a wonderful surprise for me which I will share more the next blog!


Haleigh and Tyler have a ‘flirt’ mance where both are on opposite sides of the house trying to sway the other. Lol. Neither is getting any where. 


 There’s some serious tension between the two sides. and I’ve already seen a lot of road blocks and attempted infiltrations. Beyond that there is really no socializing over the lines drawn between the two big alliances except for Tyler. I will tell you that IMO, Tyler is managing this first (typically most difficult) HOH. We have another week to go until the first eviction but this first week so far actually is shaping up to be one of the best (least explosive) first HOH BB has seen in many years. 


The first have nots of the season are:






From the sound of things Winston and Brett volunteered but no confirmation of all

4 volunteered or just the Bros. 


Veto Players were drawn this morning.  Two of the 3 already playing (Steve and Tyler) drew HG choice. So Veto players are:







It sounds like Steve chose Scottie. Tyler tells JC he chose Chris Tyler says he chose Chris because he swore he would do what Tyler wanted as HOH if he picked him to play. It’s Chris of

course so as soon as Veto players were drawn Chris flipped the script and Tyler isn’t feeling that at all but he’s played it cool thus far. Let me say the convo in the HOH that followed was painful to endure. 


JC will host veto which is happening now! I really hope Sam wins, saves herself! 


The BB App Store rewards and punishment was released into the game prior to feeds going live. 


Faysal was the ‘least trending’ and chose the Hamazon Punishment. That requires he eats and entire Vegan Ham every time there is a Hamazon delivery and he’s already losing it over having to eat it so often by today. 


It was crazy trying to navigate all of the speculation and paranoia about which HG received a ‘power’ for the most trending HG. 


Chris is using this to continue trying to push Tyler to put Angela up swearing he’s positive Angela has it. Team Yoga all following Chris’ lead. 


While the ladies on Team Bros were convinced by JC that he had the power (by their interpretation). Meanwhile after alcohol was delivered last night JC goes to Tyler and says Brett has it for sure and JC is the only one that knows so don’t

say anything! Not sure if it’s what JC is certain based on observation or if he’s intentionally lying (although I am doubtful of that). It could just be he’s drunk and escalating his own ideas at this point. 


It wasn’t until around lunch time today that we realize during a 1-1 with Tyler and Sam (offline for a while finally) that Sam is “safe” no mater what Tyler decides so do what is in his heart and not what these 14 other people are trying to get him to do. 


I was ecstatic to hear this! We also have a leak from a credible source that in fact Sam did win the first power (thank you America you finally got one right!) Her power is safety! She can save herself anytime in the next 4 weeks/evictions. I seriously would love to see her win Veto for her own safety and to rebuild her confidence a bit. This would mean that advantage stays with her a couple more weeks. 


Sam was the target by default but Tyler seems relieved she won’t be the one going home on his HOH. Tyler knows Steve is malleable so his current mindset is if someone uses veto (or safety) Bayleigh will be the replacement nominee which I am completely in support of. No tears would be shed on my part it eliminates an annoyance, delivers a blow to Chris (whose ego rivals Paul and Paulie at this point and he doesn’t even have any power). 


There you have it! Noms, alliances, duos, showmance, conflict, Veto players, HN’s and the first week of advantages and disadvantages all in about 14 hours. 


The feeds only have me more excited about BB20 and there is plenty more RealiTea to sip but for now you are up to speed on the key points and current status of the game! 





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