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Sunday, July 1 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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7/1 12:23 BB Time


Tyler, Angie and Hayleigh are in the HOH Room talking about the snakes in the POV


Haleigh wants Winston gone, she doesn't really care about Brett.

Tyler laughs and makes odd noises about her suggestion.

Haleigh says she can't stop thinking of all the food in the house and she

lists all types of things she wants to eat.

Not much game chat here, just general chatter and silly talk.

They have an owl in the bed, they are talking about him needing fresh

air. The owl is a stuffed toy, possibly from the POV competition.

Hayleigh says Winston is her target because he killed a bee with a blow

up pool float. She says he brutally murdered the bee.

Tyler says thats the kind of petty s00t I look for. Sounds like

the girls were trying to save it, and while it was “getting its breath”

he killed it. Hayleigh is not kidding, she is serious about this bee murder.

Angie is trying to get Rachel to stop acting like a performer and

act like a real person. People are really mean to Rachel, and

Angie says 'they; make fun of her (Rachel).

Tyler is talking about secrets spilling out.

Hayleigh has decided to stop cussing tomorrow, she wants

to use other words to get her point across. Now they are

using the f words as many times as possible in a sentence.

Camera 1 12:37am

Swaggy and JC are in the beds, Kaleigh just left to look for

someone. Swaggy is just staring into space, JC is asking them to turn the lights off.

BB Brother says, “You are not allowed to talk about production” he sounds irritated with JC

JC please stop playing with your microphone.” again, sounding like an irritating

parent. JC is still complaining about the lights.

Swaggy and Kayleigh are in the kitchen, he is eating chips while she winds her hair up. They

are talking about where to sleep. Faysal is in the kitchen. Kayleigh went to see what they are doing. Swaggy says,

be honest with them, but I cant tell who “they” are. Too much loud munching and crunching and Swaggy is mumbling

with mouthfuls of chips. I heard the word, “Rockstar”

but not the rest.

Camera 3

Hayleigh and Angie in the kitchen. Whispering about something someone said to her.

Hayleigh is telling Angie that she was flirting with “him” to see what Kaitlyn would do. They

are talking about Kayleigh having a boyfriend back home.

The kitchen is filling up with people and Hayleigh has decided to make cookies.

Tyler decides to go back upstairs. Now he says anyone can sleep with him if they want to.

Hayleigh, Angie and JC are in the kitchen waiting for cookies.

No game talk, just chatter.


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Saturday 6/30 9:55:42 BBT this got missed (and that thread is locked now) - towel mishap in the HoH room when Chris came into the HoH unexpectedly while  Kaycee, Rachel, Winston, Brett, and Angela were talking strategy on outing a showmance.  Brett was in perfect position and got at least two eyeballs-full of Angela's full frontal.  No one else was in position to see anything except her towel (and Winston was looking at the spy screen the opposite direction of the HoH action shot).


Weird thing is, it looks like she's still wearing pasties on her nipples, fresh out of the shower...


It's still on flashback as of now.


HoH Room Towel Malfunction-pasties.jpg


Angela Streaking in HoH2.jpg

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12:53am BBT Haleigh doing dishes as Rockstar watches. Haleigh says, that earlier when they were laying there, Faysal was wrapping his legs around hers like he always does, and he said, he has never felt this way about anyone. That’s the same thing that she (Kaitlyn) said, he said to her. So I said, is this the first time you’ve said this in this house? And he said, what? Yes! And I’m like really? And he’s like, who do you think I would say it to? Do you think I would say that to Kaitlyn. Haleigh says, And I’m like, I never said that! You said that, I never said her name. He says, you think I would say that, she has a BF! Cause I never said that. Haleigh says, and I’m freaking out. I don’t know what you said! She tells Rockstar that it was just uncomfortable. Does she not think the live feeds are going to find out that she has a BF? Rockstar says, I dunno… does she REALLY have a BF? Haleigh says, true. No Sh*t!


12:55am BBT Rockstar says it’s none of my business, but it is just so in my face. It was literally like walking to a room with two couples. Haleigh says I think she got annoyed because I was getting flirty with him. She left the room. OK, I WAS kinda doing it to see what she would do. They both laugh.


1:00am  BBT Kaitlyn begins making cookies. She says she makes a mean homemade choc chip cookie. I mean people pay me to make them. Then she says, when I get out of here, like I’m I am staying here in CA for a few weeks. Rockstar says, well, I dunno I can do all that but we can certainly have a day together before I head home. Rockstar says, a dispensary day, and Haleigh says, hey yeah! Can we do that?

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1:25am BBT JC and Tyler in bed chatting. JC is talking about the twists and the other people f’ing things up, but I think we will be good. Tyler says, Dude, I have a feeling that Steve will go home this week. JC says he has the votes to go home. Tyler says name the votes. Name them? JC says, the 4 are voting him out, Kaysee, me, Haleigh. Tyler says, Haleigh is NOT voting him to go. JC sits up and says, NO, that is why I brought her last night in here, to convince her to do what is best for our game. We have to show friendship. I give to her peep talk and then she do what we say.

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1:40 am BBT Tyler and JC decide to go after Haleigh’s vote because she is the outsider of the two groups and if they don’t get her now, they will lose her to the other alliance. Tyler fears that them going after Haleigh could mess up their game if the other side suspects they are doing it. JC says that’s why we have to have more “peep talks”.


1:50 am BBT Haleigh and Rockstar continue their paranoid conversation. They think Swaggy is trying to get them to turn against the other side by telling them things he overheard Scottie say about putting them on the block. Scottie denied it so they feel Swaggy is lying to them. Haleigh says when they are HOH they can figure it out. They will call Winston in and say, did you do such and such. He doesn’t have to tell the truth about it of course. Hey, but while you are here could you take a look at my leg, says Rockstar, and Haleigh says, yeah, would you look at the back of my throat? They are both convinced that he’s a doctor.

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2:15 am BBT Haleigh and Rockstar decide that they need to allow Faysal and Swaggy to think they have the ideas, and to keep continuing to let people thing they are floaters is best for their game. They keep talking about Kaitlyn and the fact that they can’t trust her and fear her becoming HOH.


2:20am BBT Rockstar puts herself in the category with Steve, she’s older and he is too. But she says she feels comfortable with the young kids and she thinks Steve doesn’t. Steve acts 20 years older than the rest of them and Rockstar identifies with them.


2:25am BBT  The paranoia continues with Rockstar and Haleigh. They now suspect that Kaitlyn and Faysar might be a twist. Haleigh surmises that they might really be best friends, or they grew up together or they are a couple or kin. Rockstar says, they are definitely not kin! Rockstar says, maybe he’s Joe… but then why is he caressing you?  Haleigh says no sh*t. They can’t control the giggles. Rockstar proclaims. I thought I solved everything!



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1:50am BBT Brett and JC talking in bed. Brett tells JC that if Rockstar finds out he is trying to real in Haliegh she will run to Swaggy and Fezz. JC wants to win this his way but he wants Brett to be secure. Brett wants JC to be careful its early. 


 1:52am BBT Jc tells Brett we are guys we think with our D* basically. They think all feely. We can get in Haleigh's head. She is weak mentally. JC says Swaggy threw the comp, he took one chip at a time.


2:09am BBT Rockstar and Haleigh are talking, they feel they are not considered part of any one group, people don't see them that way. They talk about how strong the guys are. Tyler is strong physically but he is not a warrior. Haleigh says if it does this the fan...Rockstar says we are getting out of there. Haleigh considers them free agents, they are with a strong group right now but if it breaks up they are out of there.


2:13am BBT Rockstar says she only feeds Swaggy info when it benefits her. Rockstar goes on to tell her about how chess pieces move and how they relate to people in the game. Rockstar says to let Fezz and Swaggy think they make the choices is the way to go

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2:53am BBT All cams are on sleeping HG when BB yells "Knock knock, I've got a hamazon delivery." "Come on get your D* ham!!" Faysal gets out of bed, puts a hat on and goes to the front door to get his package. He's not excited but he opens it and its a salad with ham and tomatoes. He paces back and forth hanging his head. He gets a drink, puts 2 dots of mustard and some hot sauce on each ham slice. He takes it to the WA, uses the WC (yes he washed his hands), picks the ham apart and eats it.


3:27am BBT After Faysal takes a shower he goes to the backyard to pray. He then goes back to bed.

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8:08am BBT Steve is awake and in WC, Swaggy gets out of bed and heads to HOH where he uses WC and goes back to bed. Steve does ADLs.


8:50am BBT Steve is outside with his coffee and smoke. Kaycee is awake, uses the WC and does some ADLs and lays back down. Steve check the washer/dryer and heads inside. Rachel is awake, uses WC, her and Steve discuss laundry and she heads back to bed.

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Faysal arises, throws on a t-shirt, opens the cabinet and gets out a hat, retrieves his package, opens it at the kitchen table. To his delight, there are only three skewers atop his bed of cabbage chunks. Each skewer contains 2 slices of delightful ham product and three cherry tomatoes. He finally squirts yellow mustard and hot sauce on the ham slices and heads to the WC, carrying the delivery. He picks up a white towel, throws it over the shower door and enters the WC. He exits the WC, washes his hands and dries them on the towel placed on the shower stall and then pulls his shirt up and wipes his nose on it. He then disassembles his skewers and puts a piece of ham in his mouth. Still chewing, he opens the stall door and turns on the water. He leaves the water running while he paces, chews and drinks water. He finishes up the ham while making faces in the mirror, checking out his teeth and physique.


3:12am BBT Faysal brushes his teeth, (shower water still running) drinks from the communal mouthwash bottle, gargles, spits and finally enter the shower at 3:15. He showers for 7 minutes, dresses and returns his ham-less plate to the kitchen, tosses the produce in the trash, takes the box to the DR door and heads to the bedroom, grabs a pair of sweats, and goes outside and begins his rituals. He heads back inside, returns the sweats and hops back in bed. But no… He stands up, goes to the bed next to his, pulls the covers off the sleeping HG (Haleigh? Kaitlyn?) pulls their arms as if to urge them to come with him to his bed. The two whisper for a moment and he returns to his bed, alone.


Meanwhile on another camera loud snoring can be heard. It is interrupted by Rockstar’s voice. “STEVE”. The admonition silences the log sawing for exactly one minute.

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9:13am BBT Steve still the only one awake. He checks his laundry, gets more coffee, enjoys the sunshine. 


 9:15am BBT Steve gets Sambot from the SR. One of the cams shows us her view. They are going outside. He asks if she is good, she says not really. He tells her that the HG don't want anyone on the block to go home right now. Steve wants to convince Tyler to put someone Fezz is not close with on the block they will go home. Tyler wont tell Steve who he is close with tho. Tyler is close with Kaitlyn and maybe Swaggy. 


9:20am BBT Steve has tried to talk to Tyler but Tyler shut him down. He tells Sam that she is loyal and strong. Sam says she hates people not talking to her. Steve says he chose Fezz to play for POV so Fezz owes him. Steve says its a numbers game. Steve says Tyler is young and sweet he doesn't want to rock the boat. Steve says 5 people wont talk to him...JC just starts singing.


9:25am BBT Sambot says she said she wouldn't talk to people as a robot. Steve says he will do all he can to keep her in. They will be votes in each others corner. Sam tells Steve to ask Tyler for a one on one. He says if you do people think you are being devious. She says no people do it. She had her one on one. 

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9:29am BBT Sam says she cant imagine having to vote this early, everyone likes each other. Sam says she hasn't talked to Fezz, he is kind of shy. Steve says Kaitlyn is like a little daughter to him. They go thru people who could up but they like everyone. (Kaycee is awake changing her batteries.)


 9:39am BBT Steve says its like a big sh*t sandwich and we all gotta take a bite. Sam says that's a bad analogy but a true one. Sam asks how his thumb is, he says its fine, he must have cut it on the ice. FOTH could be wake up call.

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9:48am BBT Sam and Kaycee are in KT, Kaycee says she is going outside. HG are awake. Kaycee joins Winston in the hammock. Winston says JC has something they just don't know what it is. HN room got very cold last night. Winston says he was looking at Scottie in his saucer last night and he looked above in to the window and there is a body. Kaycee says OMG...FOTH. Kaitlyn is feeling better and is going to work out.


10:00am BBT Sambot is standing by the KT island all by herself. Her and Brett talk for a few minutes, he helps her outside. She wants to find a place where she is out of the jogging path, she goes over by the hammock. They joke about laying her in the hammock and she says it would probably shut her off.


10:02am BBT Sam says someone F'd up a hand on her other robot. She jokes about getting a bumper sticker that says "My other car is a robot." Sam asks if Winston is 30, he says 28. They talk about aol names, they can't remember all of them. Is myspace still around? Video games, RGP games. Kaitlyn and Bayleigh on the spin bikes. Bayleigh says it sucks to be sick. Angela keeps coughing. 


10:13 am BBT Haleigh tells Rockstar that she hates to work out, she complains every time she has to do it. But she gets up to do it. Rockstar is going to tan. Fezz going to do laundry. Haleigh and Rockstar whispering saying something about "she". "she didn't do anything this morning, is "she" saying things about us in her subconscious, maybe "she" was feeling bad about last night. Rockstar means not to get into a relationship but do it when they get out of her. Rockstar is very happy with what she has at home, in all ways.

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10:05 AM BBT

Kaitlyn and Bayleigh are on the exercise bikes in the BY.  They’re talking about Faysal and the romance drama in the house.

Bayleigh says that when they went to sleep last night, Faysal was worried about Kaitlyn.  He didn’t want K to be mad at him.  K says she’s not.

B says she told F to hang out delicately this week because she doesn’t want “her” (Haleigh) to be all mad.  K says she doesn’t know why H would be mad though and asks if H said something about it.

B says no, last night H was talking about Tyler and wasn’t even worried about Faysal.  K says H has never mentioned anything about it to her so she doesn’t know why it’s an issue all of a sudden.

K tells B that Brett asked her if she thinks Haleigh is into him.  K wasn’t sure what to say because as far as she was concerned, she thought H liked Tyler.

Bayleigh says H has the boys wrapped around her finger, with having them all think she likes them, and it’s scary.

K gets off the bike and says they’ll have to talk about it later.

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10:52 AM BBT

Just general chit-chat.

Swaggy and Steve in the kitchen talking about professional boxing while some of the others prep food.

Kaycee, Winston, Rachel, and Sambot in the BY by the hammock talking about farts.

R: "I don't like to immerse myself into a room of flatulence."

Riveting stuff.

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11:05 AM BBT

Kaitlyn in the WA waiting for Faysal to come out of the WC.

She’s talking to him about how some of them hid the veto from him.  K says DR told her they have to give it back.

FOTH for DR talk.

When we come back, F is holding the veto up to the camera in the bedroom.  K hugs him for a while and congratulates him on “finding” it.

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11:09 am BBT  Kaysee, Winston, Steve in kitchen discussing workouts and fasting. Winston and Steve head off to play a Jenga rematch. Steve says Faysal would use the veto if Winston would go on the block, but won’t use it for fear that Bayleigh will go up. Winston says it’s Tylers decision, not Faysals.

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11:10 AM BBT

Steve and Winston in the geometry room talking.  Winston is asking Steve about what deal he tried to make with Faysal or Tyler.  Winston says Steve should have made a deal with Faysal to take him off the block.  S says F won’t take him off and that F told him that if he does, he wants W to go up in his place.  So he says now he just has to face the firing squad.

Winston says it’s a tough situation but that he doesn’t know if it really matters what Faysal wants, it only matters who Tyler is going to put up.  Steve says he already committed to Tyler prior and he wouldn’t back that up anyway (if Tyler wanted to put W up).

W says Steve should have picked him to play in the veto since it was the only way he could guarantee his own safety.  S says he’s not getting taken off, and W says he doesn’t know that.  S says they’re too scared to do it.

W reiterates that he wishes he could have played in veto so he could take S off the block and still be safe.  Steve says that if Winston had won the veto and used it, Winston would be put up.  W explains that that’s not the rule – the rule is you’re safe if you are the veto holder.  S claims he didn’t know that, “You’re kidding me, dude.”

Steve asks W what his consensus is.  W skirts it and says he’s just trying to guarantee his own safety since he’s got people telling him Faysal is trying to get him out, so that’s his focus.  He says again that’s why he wanted to play for veto.  Steve says he didn’t know.

W says he sees Steve’s side and just tells him to try to calm down.  W gets up and leaves the room.

S starts stacking the Jenga pieces and grimaces.  He says to himself/us, “Well, lost his support, that was easy.  Half-assed answer.”

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11:15am BBT heads off abruptly, finds Brett and tells him everything Steve just said. (Meanwhile Steve is setting up the Jenga game and smiles and says, did exactly what I wanted it to do…


11:30 am BBT Brett and Winston in the wash area. Winston wants Sam to do his hair but he says she wouldn’t. Brett says if you asked nice she might. They briefly mention Austin Powers changing their life and get admonished by BB for quoting movies.


11:35 BBT Sam in the bedroom with Rachel, says she was a bit of an alcoholic before coming on this trip, but I’m not in denial about it at all. I openly admit it. Rachel says she can’t be “on” all the time. Sometimes I just have to lay low. Rachel and Sam hug and whisper.

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11:40 AM BBT

Rachel and Sam (in human form) are in the BBR.  Sam says she and Kaitlyn had sort of a heart-to-heart and noted that K doesn’t really talk to her as much as the others do when she’s a robot.  She says they had a light conversation but it was good.

Rachel says Sam needs to go outside and just hang out with them.  S asks who is most important.  R says to talk to Haleigh, Kaitlyn, and Rockstar and tap into their emotional side.  S says she had a conversation with Faysal and realized he was a sweet, simple dude.  R tells her to just keep playing on their emotions.

JC walks in and they stop whispering for a few minutes.

When they’re alone again, Sam says she can’t believe what Steve said to her.  She says he told her not to worry about anything, that she’s staying, that they have some kind of plan.  Sam laughs, “How is that going to work?”

S says JC keeps telling her to just be quiet and it will work out.  She says she feels JC is on her side.

R says she thinks JC might have the power.  She tells S to keep that info to herself and just know that he might.  She says she thinks it’s either JC or Brett but is leaning towards JC because he keeps saying to calm down.

R tells S to just keep playing her role, the “woe is me, I really wanna be here, where’s your head at?” deal.  Tells her to be low-key and act like she doesn’t know what’s going on.

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7/1 12:14pm

Steve, Scottie and JC are in the back yard talking about

movies. Scottie and Steve are arguing about Nicholas Cage

in Ghostwriter. The argument is intense, they are talking about

emotions, the relationship between the girl and Cage.

JC is watching them, then starts to ask to questions, and

Steve is happy to explain the movie to him. JC seems very

interested in the explanation, and Steve is passionately telling

him about it, while Scottie inserts things like “that was a

plot device”.

Steve is taking this movie to heart and none of them seem

to be interested in the shouting coming from the house.

(Probably not game related yelling, I don't see any confrontations

on the other cams)

Steve continues to describe the movie, scene by scene. Scotty is listening



And the camera moves to the bedroom

Chris and Bayleigh are talking about getting the target off them

They are talking about a showmance, probably Faysal and one of

the other girls.

Chris:If Brett gets HOH he won't go after us.

Bayleigh: We need to tell Hayleigh the boys are getting

wise to her going after all of them. They are already talking about you making the


Chris: we need to look out after each other

Bayleigh: “we need to tell Winston”, mumbling, (but they

are plotting). But I did hear “You tell her that and she will tell Steve and he

will tell Scottie.”

Bayleigh: I have to tell you Kaitlyn and Hayleigh are” (sounds like going to get

in a fight, but not sure)

They are both whispering at the same time and it is hard to get.

Bayleigh: (not a quote here, just what I could get from her whispering)

Faysal is being discussed in relation toHayleigh, that she is feeling

territorial and they (Chris and Bayleigh) should tell him. She (Bayliegh)

will talk to Kaitlyn (this is all related to the Faysal romantic quadrangle)

They leave the room.


**yesterday Morty made a note about
“tale VS tail. Tale,as in story, was my meaning.

Thanks Morty. I want to be accurate.


Edited by morty
Morty tried to be funny
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1:45am BBT HG were outside, in the WA or HOH just chatting when we went to quick fish and then Reruns of past BB with the message the HG are playing something we will see later. 

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2:54pm BBT Feeds back. Bayleigh and Swaggy playing pool. Steve, Kaitlyn and Fezz talk in the BY. They say Fezz did the right thing, Steve will show sadness for the cams. Fezz says he doesn't put the replacement nom up anyway. Fezz didn't use Veto, noms remain the same.


3:00pm BBT Sam and Tyler in HOH. Sam asks if that was ok what just happened and Tyler says yes. He tells her that if people are talking about him she is not to say good things about him. Tyler says everyone thinks Brett has the power and she has it right? Sam says yes. She its ok with her to say that JC has it, she feels that will protect him not make him a target.   


3:04pm BBT Tyler tells Sam that they need to keep JC safe. Tyler goes into the HOH WA and kicks the WC door open. We get reruns for a min. Sam tells Tyler that it could be that in 3 weeks he may be on the block and she could use it on him (Tyler). He asks if it has to be used in 3 weeks, she says don't think that.


3:07pm BBT Swaggy, Rockstar and Bayleigh talk about reminding Haleigh what she does at home. Bayleigh says she places a reminder in her head. Back to the HOH, Sam tells Tyler that she loves Scottie and is ok with taking him all the way. Tyler tells her Steve is with them, they haven't taken her in. If they ask her tell them she is ok with it. Sam says she thinks Swaggie will think she is to smart to go with that.   No one thinks they are together. Tyler likes Sam more then Kaitlyn, Sam is more to him then she is.



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