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Saturday, June 30 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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6/30 11:17

Winston and Steve in room together, everyone else is still sleeping.

Winston says he doesn't know anyone's last name and Steve spells his name.

Steve telling a story about his daughters birth, forgot all the suitcases at the


His friend brought him girl cigars, talks about his friend telling him to remember

this feeling when the judge smacks down the hammer and says 3k a month.

Winston says thats hilarious.

Steve says everyone laughed.

Steve says everyone f's up, you laugh when you arent supposed to. Now says

people see the writing on the wall, continuing the 3k a month.

In Jersey it is “enough to indict, not enough to convict” Steve adds.

Talking about flirting women. (Steve may be pretending to work in a bar? But not sure)

Steves daughter is topic of conversation, she is cosmetologist, works full time,

went to college. He has a shirt on that says State University of New York, says

all his kids go there for family discount.

Camera changes to sleeping house guests.


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Camera back to Winston and Steve, everyone else is still sleeping

a few fidgets in the beds, maybe they are are starting to wake.

They are still talking about family. Now Winston is talking about his wife.

And Steve is talking about his wife. He says he was a bouncer when he met

met his wife. Winston tells him he is “so soprano”. Says he was bouncing

to make extra money, about 12 bucks an hour. He worked the door until 4am

Wake up at 11, go lifting, go to IHOP, go home, shower shave and go back to

bouncing. He quit because he met his wife. FISH 11:31am est

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8:32AM BBT: 

Still talking about his wife. They leave the room to go to the kitchen.

Says it is 8:30am

Think it will be 4 or 5 hours before anyone else is up.

Steve is showing Winston how to use the coffee maker.

Winston is impressed “Oh God, mumble.”

Winston is making coffee and Steve is hovering over cup at counter.

Neither of them washed hands.

Now they a

re talking about movies. Steve is telling Winston about the movie

The Bird Cage” is the movie.

He says the movie is hysterical, and starts telling more about it.

Now on to “The Awakening”. (he must really have liked Robin Williams

movies.) Steve is telling Winston the theme of the movie.

Winston may have left the kitchen

Steve is sitting there, drinking coffee, silent while he plays with a plastic


Winston returns

They are talking about Steve not acting like a baby.

They went back to the room with the cube art on the walls

They are talking about someone being heavy but not fat. Didn't catch the name

Steve:“I could be sitting there with Julie and you say “Dude I had to vote you off”.

Winston: “We have not set up anything, it's too early. Rumors spread

like wildfire.


Winston: Still week 1, going into week 2. Last year they voted “that kid” off.

You are over thinking it.


Steve mumbles, then says “The 7”

says they may sent Angela up. More whispering about back door

Tyler stuck to his word, it is easiest way to get out of HOH this week

Fess name comes up, but more mumbling.

Winston: I asked am I good, Tyler said I am keeping it the same.

Steve: it is smart but its not, mumbling then “if he was smart he would take me off and

put Angela up. JC doesn't know how to play this game

Winston: I know.

Steve: Made a deal with xxx, but he did not want to play. I will stay up

there, but I will secure the votes to stay.

Bretts name has not come up. They don't know you are working with


Winston: I know

Steve: mumbling something about “her” hitting him with pillows every night.

Winston: there is a lot that could happen, just be yourself and chill

Now they are playing jenga. (colorful language during play that grandma can't say)

just a lot of jenga game chatter now. They have added four tiers so far, starting on

tier five. Now tier six begins. Quite an impressive tower, not working on tier seven.

They are now on tier eight. It is very intense, tier nine. (this is the best jenga tower I have

ever seen!). AND Winston is not successful. Tier 10 collapsed.

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10:01AM BBT Sam is making breakfast. HG getting dressed and general chit chat. No game talk.


10:08AM BBT We keep getting FOTH as the HG keep singing.


 10:21AM BBT HG lying around in bed. Sam is still making breakfast in the KT.



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10:35AM BBT HG in the KT eating breakfast. One camera shows the Veto sitting on a bed.


10:40AM BBT In the HOH room, Kay and Tyler chatting. He is telling her that JC is trying to get Haleigh's trust. Tyler tells Kay that they need to vote to keep Sam to stay.


10:52 AM BBT We currently have had FOTH for a few minutes. Not sure why.


10:59AM BBT We still have FOTH. Haleigh had mentioned earlier in the HOH room that they would be called up so it is possible there is a LD in the HOH room. Nothing is confirmed why or if there is though.

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2:25PM BBT Brett and Winston playing jenga in Kaleidoscope room.  Angela, Steve and Bayleigh watching.  Steve commentating.  Rachel joins the watchers.  Winston wins. 


2:55PM BBT Winston, Brett and JC sitting at table in the kitchen talking about food and exercising.  Other houseguests general chit chat in the kitchen.


3:00PM BBT Swaggy, Haleigh and Fessy watching tv in HOHr talking about houseguests.  Tyler comes in and they discuss their social media accounts and the veto competition. 

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Kaycee and Rachel (bathroom area)6:20pm eastern


They are talking about telling Sam to keep her head straight. We need to

get close to her so we can be sure she is on our side.

Kaycee believes Sam trusts her, and told Sam to just walk around


Rachel says she needs to get her in the storage room and talk to her

They want to be the ones in Sam's ear.

Kaycee: me and Angela said “sure” when she asked if we were on her side

both laughing

Kaycee mumbled about Winston

Angie comes into the room and now we have

Kaycee, Rachel Angie and Bailey are in the room

now just general conversation, no game talk.

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4:47pm BBT You haven't missed anything, they are outside doing yoga, excising, general chatting. Scottie did his first head stand and nailed it. RobotSam came outside and shut off, she had to be moved into the shade to work.

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4:45 BBT Steve tries a headstand with Bay. 

4:50 BBT Bay, Swaggy, Scotty, and Steve chatting about bible stories. Camera switches to Kaitlyn and Brett. Kaitlyn is complaining about her current HN diet. 


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6:00 PM All cameras on the backyard where Swaggy C & Taylor playing with balls on the pool table, Rockstar and Faysal in the hot tub. JC, Bayleigh, Steve and Kaycee lifting weights. Scottie in the hammock. Rachel just standing there. Then we get fish.

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5:35 pm BBT Tyler and Rachel in the Kitchen. Tyler is stirring a protein shake and making it difficult to hear. Tyler says JC was dropping too many names. He’s trying to get Haleigh to trust him. Tyler goes to the backyard and Rachel adjusts her mic higher per BB request. She sits at the table and says JC if F’ing our F’ing plan up.

Outside Tyler and Swaggy play pool with their hands not cues. Trying to knock in the balls by spinning them hard and fast. They want to make up a game.


5:45 pm BBT Steve asks Tyler about Box jellyfish in Australia. Tyler says they are in Hilton Head sometimes, they are purple. Steve says they are small and Tyler says some are big. Steve wants to know if urine really takes the sting out. Tyler says Vinegar is better.


5:50 pm BBT Tyler and Swaggy made up a game like HORSE, only with the pool balls. You get 5 tries to make it in then it’s the other person’s turn. They decide that it is too difficult. Swaggy finally makes one in and they howl with excitement! Tyler’s turn. He almost makes one, back to Swaggy, no luck.


5:50 pm BBT Winston and Angela in the hammock. Angela asks how old Swaggy is? Winston says young. 23? He just finished college. It’s a young cast, Winston says. Yeah. Paul was young. 23 I think. Christmas was older. Matt was boring. Cody was like 30. Jessica was like 26. Yeah. Yeah. Winston says he’s thinking about the game more than the show. He forgets it’s a show sometimes. He does a mental checklist every night of who he needs to talk to and what he needs to talk about. He says that you can believe when he is HOH that he is going to get alone time, going to spend nights alone. They decide to work out and exit the hammock.


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6:15 pm BBT Scottie and Bayleigh in the hammock. Scottie says there is no way Sam will stay. Steve has the votes to stay and he is fighting to stay. Scottie says he will try for HOH next week. Bayleigh agrees. She says you see lines and there are definitely sides. Everybody knows Steve is your boy, we all know that. And she says that he talks to everyone and is friendly to all. She says everyone knows that Scottie is a beast and will win the comps. They discuss the VETO comp and Faysal downing the drinks and how no one could beat him.


6:20pm BBT Bayleigh tells Scottieshe does want to win HOH because she feels disregarded as a competitor. Everyone else is super athletic and she’s not. Hopefully the next comp won’t be a nutty one. She wants to see who people would put up. Scottie says he doesn’t think Tyler had a plan going in. Bayleigh says she can’t believe she was considered to be a replacement. She asks Scottie is he got the power. He says NO. I couldn’t keep that secret if I had it. Bayleigh says it puts a target on you if you tell people you have it. Scottie asks who she thinks has it. She says it might be Brett.


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6:38 BBT In the BY, camera is on Angela and Winston working out. The camera quickly cuts to Rachel who tells Kaycee she just needs clarity. She needs to know what JC meant by having the votes for Steve to go. Kaycee agrees. They want to know who has the power. Rachel says if Sam needs to start turning on the water works, they need to talk to her about it soon. Kaycee says they need to prep it. Brett joins them and starts talking about working out. 


6:44 BBT In the SR Sam and Tyler are talking about hair products. Sam changes the topic and asks Tyler how he feels about everything. "Do you still feel good?" Tyler says yes he hasn't really talked to anyone today. Sam asks if he slept with Haleigh and JC last night. He says yes and that he told her (Haleigh) to talk to her and he's sure they will talk to her today. Haleigh enters the SR. Sam continues saying she is glad he is feeling less pressure today. They all leave the SR. 

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6:55 BBT All cameras on Rockstar and Tyler joking around in the kitchen. Angie jokingly tells Tyler he isn't abusing his power enough. He should make the HG perform for him. 

BB: "Rachel Knock it off!" (Apparently she was throwing oranges at Brett or Winston)

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