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Friday, June 29 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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3:39pm BBT Scottie doing dishes, girls jogging up and down the staircase, Tyler listening to music in HOH. Steve and Swaggy talking to Scottie in KT. Bayleigh and Rockstar are in WA. Sam sitting on WA floor trimming Faysal's hair.

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3:05 PM BBT  Scottie is doing dishes and three of the girls (Rachel, and maybe Haleigh, and Angela) are doing jumping jacks on the balcony.

3:08 PM BBT Steve and Scottie are making Batman references and discussing movie plot.  BB: "Please do not quote dialogue from movies."  Swaggy C is sitting in kitchen watching girls on balcony.

3:10 PM  BBT Sam is working on Faysal's hair and talking about her first truck.  Rockstar and Baleigh are also in Bathroom watching and listening. 

3:12 PM BBT  Tyler is not alone in HOHR anymore.  Kaitlyn sounds sick and is in bed next to Tyler.  She said, "Scottie said that Winston wants to send me home." Tyler assures her that Winston doesn't have those kinds of numbers and not to worry.

Kaitlyn says that Angela is scary, and Tyler says he tried to see earlier how much power she really has but had a hard time reading her.

Tyler says he just needs to win the veto...or not "I don't know; I'm screwed either way."  Kaitlyn says that the only way he is screwed is if he puts up Baleigh and makes Swaggy mad. 

Tyler says that the others are not seeing things the way he does.  He tells Kaitlyn she just has to trust him a little bit.  She says she does. 


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3:15 ish PM BBT Tyler pulled Kaycee into the HoH room and told her what the other side has been saying and doing in trying to get Winston or Angela up otb. He says he's not doing that and he will put Bailey up otb if anyone uses the pov.


4 p.m. bbt Swaggy and Fasyal have agreed that if they win hoh next week they are putting Tyler up vs. Angela to make her use her power and if veto is used Winston or Rachel will be replacement nominee.


4:15 ish BBT Tyler has a long conversation to the cameras. He says that people underestimate him and his knowlege of the game. He's a superfan and he's not going to work with a 9 person alliance. He said why would he ever put Winston and Angela his allies otb. He says Haleigh spills all the secrets of the big alliance, so he doesn't have to work with them.


4:30 pm bbt Faysal and Swaggy have decided if they win the veto they aren't using it because they won't risk losing Bayleigh. Swaggy tells Tyler this. Tyler tells him that it's a smart idea.


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5:40 PM BBT  Tyler and Sam in the HOHR.  Tyler, "I don't want to screw up my game trying to get people for you."  Sam, "You can trust me like I trusted you.  I have a Thing."  Tyler, "even if you're on the block? Even if you're evicted?"  Sam, "Yeah"--to both.  Camera 1





Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 7.44.02 PM.png

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5:17PM Swagy C & Taylor in the HOHR
SC: So what would happen if someone from my side put you on the block and says since you're playing the opposite side let's keep it that way but you're a pawn.
T: I don't know man, I don't know how much I trust the other side
SC: You got trust in me
T: Yeah but if it is someone from your side, that's one vote that's not there since they can't vote. I don't know it depends on the numbers at the time.
SC: I know for a fact I'm going to win the next HOH and once I do that--
T: If I win this veto, people are going to be gunning for me.
SC: To use it?
T: To get me out, they will say I'm a physical threat.

They discuss how they don't want Bayleigh to go home but she's emotional and they are here to play for themselves. She won't be calm until the veto is done. Taylor will keep the noms the same if he wins veto. Swaggy says he'll leave noms the same too. Swaggy says he doesn't care if he's a physical threat, he's going to keep winning competitions.

5:21PM Taylor says he doesn't want her to stay (Sam) but he wants to have a talk with her because what if she does stay and wins HOH. Swaggy says she keeps throwing jabs at him like 'I haven't talked to you once'. Taylor says he has to deflect her too.

5:24PM JC enters HOHR
JC wants to know where everyone is, he's bored. Everyone is sleeping.

5:24PM Sam big spoon cuddles up to Kaycee
She's telling Kaycee she's tough as nails and she's proud of her. She said we're bonded by week one BS. She said she rocks that rainbow s*** and that's she awesome, just tons of compliments. They say they will go to Vegas one day. Sam gets up and lets Kaycee nap.

5:33PM Shaggy C and Taylor in HOHR talking about Swaggy hookin up with Bayleigh
Swaggy C: We were asleep one night, and when I say asleep, I don't mean laying down, I mean dead ass sleep and then she rolled over, her head was really close to my face so I woke up and she woke up and we were like Hrmmm
Taylor: It just happened out of nowhere?
Swaggy C: Just randomly. It just kept going and kept going and going. The DR was like, you got really intimate with someone the other night. They said describe what happened in the bathroom because I got up and went to the bathroom and was like 'you're a f'n idiot' It was like 5 in the morning bro, it's going to make for good TV bro. Like they gonna show me and Bayleigh just like kissing and taking our clothes off, they gonna play the music and all that s*** and then they are gonna show me getting up 30 minutes later going to the bathroom all pissed saying F*** (Sam walks in and conversation changes)

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5:36PM Sam & Tyler in HOHR

Tyler tells Sam he's working, that he needs Sam to stay. Sam tells him to stop freaking out, Sam says she'll be there for Tyler no matter what and says she has his back. He says he has her back and he trusts her. Sam says she's told everyone the same thing, she's going to do what she says and say what she means. Tyler saying he's trying to make sure she stays no matter what. Sam tells him not to stress so much. Sam continues to reassure Tyler to trust her and that it's ok. Sam says it's a sure thing that she's not going anywhere. Tyler says, even if you're on the block? She says yeah. Tyler tries to get her to reveal how she knows that and she says she's only going to tell him what he needs to know, to trust her and she doesn't want him to have to keep that secret.

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Changed Taylor to Tyler
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09:12PM BBT Feeds are back up, and Fessie has won veto comp


09:14PM BBT Angela is comforting Sam, who appears to be worn out from the comp.

09:15PM BBT The houseguests are moving about the house, most are in the kitchen rustling through food


09:18PM BBT Sam sheds a few tears in the blue bdrm as appears disappointed in the comp.  Tyler gave her a big hug.  


09:21PM BBT Fessie gets congrats from Brett, JC, and Tyler in the pantry.  The veto players had to jump in ice cold water and then get shocked.


09:27PM BBT Sam is called to the DR.  Steve said that production looked happy with the paintball guns, as if they were getting back at the players for how many times they had to yell at them.


09:32PM BBT Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Bayleigh talk in the PBR.  They guess how hard the HOH comp will be, if this veto was that bad.  They compare it to Fear Factor.


09:34PM BBT Kaitlyn helps Rockstar with her makeup and they decide to give each makeovers at some point. Kaitlyn said she was disappointed that Steve was laughed at when he was eliminated from the comp.


09:36PM BBT Tyler joins the girls in the PBR and they surround him with TLC.


09:37PM BBT Rachel, Kaycee and Angela discuss JC having the power and that they should talk with him today. They need one sympathy vote.


09:41PM BBT Angela believes that JC's power is that he has two votes.


09:42PM BBT Winston asks to talk with Fessie in the storage room later tonight to talk.  They're alone in the HOH room, so Fessie says why wait.


09:43PM BBT Fessie says they need to play it week by week, and all four feeds go to the lounge where JC and Angela are discussing vote numbers.


09:49PM BBT Swaggy is in the BRB getting dressed after showering.  Rockstar, Bayleigh and Haleigh tell funny life stories in the PBR.


09:52PM BBT JC talks with Fessie up in HOH.  They are making a deal and comparing how they can help each other.  Fessie tells him that at this point, JC doesn't affect his game.


09:55PM BBT Fessie tells JC not to get paranoid, and that he has his word.  Swaggy joins them in the HOH.


09:56PM BBT Angela sits in the kitchen while Tyler eats his salad. The other houseguests come back in and there's lots of chatter.


09:58PM BBT Bayleigh joins JC, Fessie and Swaggy in the HOH room. They talk about who's now trending. They wonder when they'll have the veto ceremony.

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10:01 p.m. bbt Bayleigh, Swaggy, Faysal, and JC talk about the schedule for nominations, veto, and veto ceremony.


10:03 p.m. bbt Faysal and Swaggy tell JC that they'd prefer to keep Steve. They were really turned off by Sam calling the producers of CBS mother effers and being really inappropriate during the veto competition. JC tries to stick up for her, but Faysal said it was a really bad look for her to do that.


10:04 p.m bbt Faysal puts on a charcoal mask. JC leaves the room. Swaggy, Faysal, and Bayleigh talk about not using the veto. Faysal tells Swaggy and Bayleigh to let the other side think he is using the veto so that they start freaking out and spilling game secrets to him.

10:06 p.m. bbt Faysal says he took a bunch of paintballs to the junk and his legs. He said it was pretty painful. He said he almost threw the veto but thought better of it. Faysal says he has to talk to Steve so that he's not salty when he doesn't use veto.

10:08 p.m. Faysal says this veto win set them up well for next week. He said that they have a good shot of winning hoh and if they don't, he doesn't think Winston's side won't go after him or Swaggy. Swaggy says that Tyler spilled to him that Brett/Winston/Rachel/Angela don't care about Faysal. He's their main target.

10:08 p.m. Tyler comes to the hoh room. Faysal says that he and Tyler advanced to the last round and they agreed that Faysal would win it, but Tyler couldn't even throw it, because Faysal was really good at that comp.

10:10 p.m. Swaggy said he was pissed at how bad he was during the veto, but once he saw how good Faysal was doing, he cheered up.

10:10 p.m. Bayleigh, Tyler, Faysal, and Swaggy talk about how immature Sam's behavior was during the competition. They said her outburst was awful. Bayleigh said she hopes that CBS won't air it since they made JC film another take of it. Tyler said he doesn't see why CBS wouldn't air it.

10:17 p.m. Brett and Winston are in the have not room making their beds. They are making fun of Scottie being a weak chump for not being able to stick his hands in the snakes.

10:18 p.m. Brett tells Winston the best thing to do this week is to do nothing. Winston says he's in Faysal's head and the fact that Fessy is begging him for safety down the road. He tells Brett Fessy hates Brett because no pretty girls in the house wants him. They start making fun of Swaggy having no swag because he sucked in the competition.

10:21 p.m. Brett and Winston are talking about how bad Sam looked tonight cursing at the producers during the veto competition, even when they asked her to stop. They said she should get a punishment for that.

10:22 p.m. Brett tells Winston the nerves are high so they should just sit back and let the other side eat themselves and pick each other off.

10:26 p.m. bbt Everyone is talking about the veto competition. One group is in the hoh and the other group is down on the couches in the living room.

10:30 p.m. Angela, Rachel, Sam, Kaycee, and Angie Rockstar are in the bathroom. Angela is putting on her eyelashes. Rachel tells her she should lead a tutorial for the viewers on the feeds.

10:32 p.m. Angie says she has a pet snake named Yoda. She said the snakes were domesticated and they were yawning which means they had just been fed so they weren't likely to bite anyone.

10:35 p.m. Scottie and Steve are hanging out in the bedroom. Scottie asked him about the deal Steve had with Winston/Brett. Steve said he picked Fessie instead of Winston/Brett to not make the other side suspicious. Steve said he only wants he/Scottie in the end, he doesn't care who they're with between Swaggy/Faysal or Brett/Winston.


10:38 p.m. Tyler tells Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Faysal that he can't put up Winston or Angela in case they win hoh. Kaitlyn tells Tyler it's telling that Angela/Winston don't even come up and talk to Tyler and that they feel too safe. Faysal says Angela hasn't even tried to talk to him about not using the veto, so if it does get used and she goes up, she'll deserve it


 10:49 p.m. bbt Haleigh tells Tyler to just ignore her group when they push for him to put up Winston/Angela again because they are going to keep pushing for it until the veto ceremony. Tyler said the votes this week will show who is aligned with who.




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10:50 p.m. Haleigh and Tyler said Sams behavior tonight was so embarrassing and she looked psychotic with how she was acting. Haleigh said she understood why she was upset when she was being shocked but she kept cursing the producers out for the rest of the hoh competition and wouldn't stop.


11:04 p.m. Most of the hgs are making dinner. Faysal took the vet off. Angie Rockstar asked him why he's not wearing it. Faysal said he has to stop showboating.


11:08 p.m Faysal tells Angie Rockstar, Bayleigh, and Kaitlyn that he told Tyler by trying not to piss off the other side, he's just pissing off a bigger group. Faysal said Tyler will come running if that side doesn't win hoh next week.

11:11 p.m. Kaitlyn tells Faysla/Bayleigh she doesn't feel safe this week. She wants to know why Winston hates her so much and wants her gone. Kaitlyn says he's just pissed because she has great hearing and constantly hears him talking about her in rooms and confronts him.

11:12 p.m. Faysal tells Kaitlyn if he had a diamond pov he'd for sure get rid of Winston, but he doesn't get the renom choice.

11:19 p.m. bbt Faysal tells the girls if they ever get houseguests choice to choose him.

11:14 p.m. bbt Steve joins them and tells them that his balance was so bad because his ears were clogged with wax. Bayleigh asks him how his wife has never called him out for having disgusting ears.

11:15 p.m. bbt Faysal tells Steve he can't use veto because if he does Kaitlyn or Bayleigh could go up and there could be votes to get rid of them instead of Sam.

11:16 p.m. bbt Faysal tells Steve that no one on their side even talks to Sam or likes her that much, so why would they want to save her? Faysal said he thinks they already have the votes to save him.

11:20 p.m. bbt Steve, Haleigh, Angela, and Kaitlyn tell Fessy that he's finally trending. Faysal said his reaction when he found out he was least trending was really monotone. He said I probably looked and sounded like Cody last year in the DR.

11:25 p.m. bbt JC tells Faysal he's sleeping with him tonight. He's gonna take a shower and he'll cuddle with him. Kaitlyn tells him that Fessy puts off a lot of body heat.

11:38 p.m. bbt Rachel tells Tyler that she and Brett hate watching Swaggy's ridiculous hand gestures and handshakes and thinks he looks like an idiot.

11:40 p.m. Rachel and Kaycee want to backdoor Swaggy so bad. Tyler tells them he told him tonight he's the kingpin of the other side. Rachel says she hates him so much and can't wait for him to leave. Tyler says if she is able to backdoor Swaggy, that could win her the entire game.

11:41 p.m. Angela joins kaycee, tyler, and rachel in the room. Rachel says that Haleigh is ridiculous and was super annoying last night when she asked if she wanted her to leave. Rachel said Haleigh is the most immature person she's ever met. She's 29 years old and doesn't have time for her little girl shit.

11:45 p.m. The entire bro alliance is in the hoh room wit11:49 p.m. They said that Tyler and Sam need to talk and they need to get her to go and smooth things over with the other side to gain some votes. Tyler asks if they're sure that Sam would work with them if they save her. Rachel said she'd be stupid not to.h Tyler. They do their handshake. Tyler tells them that he made a deal with Faysal for the veto. Tyler tells Winston/Brett they better win the next hoh. The girls tell Brett/Winston they aren't keeping Steve because he's on the wrong side. They said Scottie will be alone when this happens and he loves Winston/Brett and will go with them.

11:46 p.m. Brett/Winston tell them that earlier Steve said he was worried about this week and they asked him why when Fessy won. Steve said he made a deal with Faysal and Scottie had no clue. They said Scottie feels betrayed and will come with them. Tyler warns them that Scottie is Swaggy's informant. Brett says Scottie is clearly playing both sides since he's also given them information.

11:47 p.m. Rachel is still trying to sell her idea of getting one of the other side to throw a sympathy vote so they can screw that side over. She wants it to happen because it would be funny and would be epic for their side and their game.

11:48 p.m Tyler tells the Bro alliance that the other side is starting to sketched out about him because he isn't giving them anything. He says at some point he's going to have to cut Haleigh anyway, so whatever.

11:49 p.m. Tyler asks Brett/Winston about Faysal/Swaggy trying to make a deal with him. Winston said Faysal is paranoid and try to threaten him with not using the veto. Winston says he's so paranoid about next week because he won't win the hoh. Tyler said Fessy/Swaggy lied to him then about Winston/Brett trying to start a side alliance. The rest of the room start bashing Fessy.







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3:03 am BBT Faysal and Swaggy are awakened/startled by a sound KNOCK KNOCK! HAMazon Delivery! They unhappily rise and walk together to the door and retrieve the package. Faysal opens the package and lifts from it a plate with assorted ham/spam slices and ponders whether he must eat it all tonight or if he can wait until morning. Swaggy heads to the WC while noticing his pants are on backwards-he says, while they are actually inside-out. Swaggy returns from the WC (pants still inside out) and the two begin a conversation about the VETO.

Faysal says he talked to Tyler and they agreed to keep the noms the same and the plans for next week the same. If Faysal gets HOH, (they?) do not go up. Faysal says he thought they had a gentlemans agreement but he made up a story that he overheard Scotty talking about it the other day. Tyler says he’s being paranoid. Tyler says that if they clash this early and go up, the people behind them are going to take a step forward and watch us destroy each other. Then Tyler started talking final 4 (Swaggy, Faysal, Tyler, Rachel). He says Tyler brought up a good point -they have to act like they hate each other and Swaggy says, yeah but then if we do get HOH, they will question  why we aren’t putting them up. Faysal wonders if he should even talk to Angela.

Faysal says if he wins HOH, he will put up Rachel and Kaysee. He can’t put up Angela because he doesn’t want to be the one that calls THAT bluff. He starts giving his HOH nom speech, saying (Angela is boring as F***) but Rachel talks to no one and that he hasn’t connected with her at all. Kaysee is obviously with them and if we don’t get her out now she will start to gain confidence and start winning comps.

Faysal says he’s talked to JC and he’s not going to put them up. Swaggy leaves and Faysal continues cooking his spam.


3:15 am BBT In walks Angela who hugs Faysal at the frying pan. He says he thinks they are good going into next week. Good she says. He outlines the strategy for next week. If he or Swaggy goes up they have a good chance to win veto, if she gets HG choice, she should pick he or Swaggy.

Angela says something is wrong with her leg. Faysal asks if it is swollen and she says yes. She thinks it might be from working out with Jaysee and Faysal suggests she take some Advil.



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3:20 am BBT Swaggy and Bayleigh whispering in bed. She asks if Swaggy threw the comp today, he answers that Swaggy did not throw the comp. (3rd person) Swaggy tried to win to keep them safe. The game threw a punch that tried to mess up his game. He says he will win HOH this week to keep her safe AND to get a room to themselves.  AND get a power he says. She says that’s the only way we will find out what America thinks of us.

More inaudible whispering. She says she likes sleeping with him, she gets bored easy. Swaggy starts telling a story, mentions a name and we get fish.

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3:27am BBT Faysal and Rockstar whispering in KT. She says she thinks the universe is on their side. Faysal says he cant wait for his family to see it. Rockstar says there is no way Angela is sending him (?) home after that. They talk about who they would put on the block. He says there is now way their side wont win back to back HOH's. She says most of the comps are physical. She says they have to talk about what happened when every day.


3:37am BBT Everyone in bed, some one is snoring loudly.


4:06am BBT One of the guys is up wondering the house then goes in the DR. Sam is in the KT. Sam's sitting at the table thinking. (her memory pic is herself right now)


7:00am BBT Steve is awake having his morning coffee. 7:43am BBT Winston is awake, they take their coffee into the Jenga room. Winston says relax and be himself. Winston understand he frustrated but he (Steve) didn't snap. They talk about the comps they have done. 


8:58am BBT Steve and Winston play Jenga, it gets intense and is leaning heavily. At 9:17 Steve wins. Kaycee is awake. 


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9:30am BBT Steve and Winston are on game 2 of Jenga. And we get FOTH, must be wake up call.

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9:50am BBT HG are rubbing eyes and stretching trying to wake up. Swaggy and Faysal talk about BB getting renewed for season 21 and 22. Sam is going to make scrambled eggs and bacon.  Sam tells Steve she makes things out of pallets, she has a special tool for breaking them apart. BB tells Swaggy and Faysal to put on their mics. Rockstar wants to see her kids she asks BB to let them in for a few min.



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