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Friday, June 29 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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#BB20 12:01 AM BBT Kaitlyn, Steve, and Faysal are hanging out in the blue bedroom and are discussing that Sam made a joke about Kaitlyn's job and she has to go.


12:06 a.m. BBT Bayleigh is sitting in Swaggy C's lap listening to music when Angie Rockstar comes in and makes a joke. Swaggy C and Bayleigh joke abou their love for each other and how they'll be with each other at Christmas. They proceed to make out.


12:08 a.m. BBT Kaitlyn and Steve tell Fessy that he has insane moves. Kaitlyn said Fessy is a straight up beast and literally jumped over a huge trash can yesterday. Faysal tells them to stop pointing out how awesome he is out loud.


12:09 a.m. BBT Brett and Winston come into the blue 12:15 a.m. BBT Winston and Brett are planning their first meal after they get off have nots. Chips and gummy bears are at the top of the list.room to join Faysal, Steve, and Kaitlyn. They are trying to get away from Rachel, JC, and Angela who are drunk and being ridiculous. They talk about the disgusting vegan ham Faysal has to eat.


12:10 a.m. BBT In the kitchen Tyler and Hayleigh join JC, Rachel, and Angela. They are dancing and singing so the feeds flip to the blue bedroom. Swaggy C comes down from the hoh room to join them.



12:15 a.m. BBT Winston and Brett are planning their first meal after they get off have nots. Chips and gummy bears are at the top of the list.


12:17 a.m. Faysal says that he's surprised how much Big Brother is like a sport. He says it's like when he played football. The competitions are important but your mindset, strategy, and thought process are as important. He has more respect for former players now. He explains HGs choice money vs. the Final 2.


12:20 a.m. BBT Scottie and Steve talk about if they win the F2, they can pool their money and donate to a worthy cause. Kaitlyn says if she wins HG she's going to rent a dope crazy AirBnB in Malibu with a pool and a ton of bedrooms. She'll throw a huge party for them.


12:23 a.m. BBT Steve, Kaitlyn, and Faysal are telling Scottie after this he'll be known as Scottie Too Hottie and girls are going to be all over him. Fessy says he'll be super bougie too and wear Louboutin scarves and will have an army of escorts.


12:26 a.m. BBT Steve wants to know how Faysal isn't trendin12:35 a.m. Tyler and JC have a conversation about the power. JC spills to Tyler that Brett got it. He only told JC, not even Winston. JC tells Tyler it can't get back to Brett that he told.

g. He bets it's because there are too many women who all think someone else will make him trend. Angie Rockstar says if she was single she'd make Fessy trend all day long.


12:26 a.m. BBT Angie Rockstar says the funniest part of the entire evening was when Brett and Winston were acting like idiots and going crazy and yelling and JC said hastag has a small wiener. They laugh about how ridiculous Winston and Brett are.


12:30 a.m. bbt Steve is making fun of Faysal not trending when 12:45 a.m. Winston and Brett are annoyed that Angie interrupted their game talk and their jenga playing. Winston said that Angie is transparent and annoying. Winston and Brett are annoyed that the hgs are lightweights and can't hold their alcohol.Faysal has had more diary rooms than even Steve and he's somehow trending more.


12:31 a.m. Faysal makes a joke about how he has two pair of pants and he's super trendy. Angie Rockstar starts joking around about his fashion sense.


 12:32 a.m. Faysal explains to Hayleigh about how he picked his punishment. He didn't think it was a punishment. He just saw meat. He said he saw a book. He said he was already shook when they told him he was the least trending person in America. They start laughing about how a robot is more trendy than Faysal.


12:35 a.m. Tyler and JC have a conversation about the power. JC spills to Tyler that Brett got it. He only told JC, not even Winston. JC tells Tyler it can't get back to Brett that he told.


12:38 a.m. BBT Angel and Rachel are talking about how blessed they are their side has the power. They are covering for the fact that JC or Brett has the power.


12:45 a.m. Winston and Brett are annoyed that Angie interrupted their game talk and their jenga playing. Winston said that Angie is transparent and annoying. Winston and Brett are annoyed that the hgs are lightweights and can't hold their alcohol.


12:46 a.m. BBT Brett tells Winston he needs to stop being so paranoid about the "dark side" as they call the other side of the house.


12:48 a.m. BBT Angie Rockstar and Swaggy C are talking about how awkward Winston and Brett are. Angie said she tries to be nice but they are just rude to her and treat her like an outcast. She said anytime she joins them they either stop talking abruptly or just side eye her. She says the must be intimidated because neither one has a personality.


12:57 a.m. Hayleigh tells Tyler that she doesn't get or like Winston at all. She said that today outside at the pool a bee was buzzing around and the girls were just ignoring it, but Winston proceeded to beat it viciously.


12:58 a.m. Tyler tries to tell Hayleigh she needs to cross over and work with their side and that Winston isn't that bad. Hayleigh says she doesn't like Winston and won't work him. She says he needs to stop putting faith in people that don't deserve it.









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1:00 a.m. Hayleigh tells Tyler that Winston is always looking for a fight and will fight with anyone even if it's something dumb.


1:01 a.m. Rachel comes in to the hoh room and the game talk ends between Tyler and Hayleigh. She informs Hayleigh she's already called dibs on sleeping in the hoh room tonight.

1:09 a.m. Rachel whines to Tyler that Hayleigh better not try and sleep up there with them because it's not fair and she wants her space. They proceed to laugh about how dumb JC is and how he thinks Brett has the power. Hayleigh comes back in the HoH to hang out.


1:14 a.m. Tyler gets called to the DR. Rachel tries to tell Haleigh she hasn't had good sleep in a few days and she wants to see all the girls get a chance to rotate sleeping in the hoh bed. Haleigh tells her which beds and which guy is the best to share a bed with downstairs. Apparently it's Fessy.


1:18 a.m. bbt Swaggy C and Bayleigh come into the HOH room and Rachel asks them to leave so she can just get good sleep. She's annoyed that Steve kept her up last night snoring.


1:20 a.m. Bayleigh helps Faysal take the braids out that she did for him. Everyone else is in bed or getting ready for bed.


1:23 a.m. Apparently Faysal isn't allowed to sleep until all his ham is gone. He's struggling to finish his meat in the bathroom.


1:27 a.m. BBT Faysal tells Bayleigh and Kaitlyn that he already feels so full but he has more ham to eat.


1:29 a.m. Faysal tells Bayleigh that sides have already been drawn and now everyone caught in the middle are being fake.


1:32 A.M. bbt Bayleigh tells Faysal that Angela/Rachel have been mean to her for days now because she's spending time with the other side. She says she's a target now because she doesn't have a fake bone in her body and won't just do what she's told.


1:38 a.m. bbt Bayleigh leaves. Faysal and Kaitlyn talk about how Bayleigh joining their side is good for them. The more people they can sway away from Winston/Angela the better off they are.


1:45 a.m. BBT Bayleigh joins them again. She's super annoyed. Kaitlyn asks her what's wrong. Bayleigh says she's about to snap and once Crazy Bay comes out, she's not going back in. She says she's tired of being nice and it not being reciprocated.


1:46 a.m bbt Bayleigh says she's having a hard time reconciling the fact that she really respects and enjoys everyone in the house, but she can't and other people are already separating emotion from the game. 


1:47 a.m. Faysal makes fun of Swaggy C's pajamas. He's wearing swim trunks to sleep in. Faysal asks Bayleigh if she's going to go swimming with him tonight.



1:49 a.m. Faysal prepares to eat the last of his ham. He shouts out the Live Feeders, "This is for you". He nearly gags. Bayleigh tells him to go to the bathroom and stop being gross. He says, "What do you expect, Bayleigh? America voted me least trendy. I'm trying to make them happy."


1:52 a.m. Kaitlyn offers to plus Faysal's nose for him so he can eat without gagging. She says they are a "friendmance" and he's her favorite friendmance she's ever had a with a guy. Bayleigh joins them again and Faysal tells her, "Welcome to the party!"


1:54 a.m. bbt Bayleigh gets on top of Faysal because he's messing around. She forcefully pops some of his pimples. He tells her she's a freak and to get off him.


1:55 a.m. Faysal is cry laughing about his punishment. He says this is only day one, he has 8 more days of this and doesn't know how he's going to handle it.


1:58 a.m. bbt Faysal is still trying to force himself to eat floor ham.


2:05 a.m. bbt Faysal throws up the ham he tries to eat.  Kaitlyn makes sure he's okay.  She rubs his back and gives him water. 







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2:15 am BBT Kaitlyn in WA, talking to Faysal in the shower. She says Haleigh won’t sleep with him because he produces too much body heat. He is in the shower and can’t hear her so she has to keep repeating it. She keeps telling him to hurry and he says for her to wait a minute. As Kaitlyn straightens the WA, she catches a glimpse of Bayleigh in the hallway going into the Lounge. Kaitlyn and Faysal follow her in.  

Bayleigh is wrapped in a blanket in the corner sobbing. Kaitlyn pats her softly and tells her that she doesn’t have to talk, they’re not going anywhere. Bayleigh tells her that she (Bayleigh) is going on the block. She says Tyler told her that if Steve comes down he would put up her or Kaitlyn because they wouldn’t go home and everyone loves them. Kaitlyn asks why not put up someone else who would go home and Bayleigh says because he doesn’t want blood on his hands.

Bayleigh says doesn’t want to sleep with Swaggy anymore because it is making her a target, because they are close. Kaitlyn says she and Faysal are close (she knows it’s different) but they aren’t targets.

Bayleigh says she just went in to say goodnight and Tyler told her this.

Bayleigh says if he puts us up, it is personal. He needs to put up Angela. She stood up on a surfboard for 45 minutes!!!

Bayleigh is upset, sobbing and sniffing. She says Swaggy told her that they should probably distance themselves from each other. (she keeps jumping from Tyler to Swaggy and back. She is upset about both)

Kaitlyn is trying to calm her down and says that she is not a target and that Tyler is right. If he put them up, they wouldn’t go home. They would need 7 votes to go home.

Vote counting ensues. Rachel and Angela would vote for them to go home. Winston and Brett, that’s 4. Maybe Scottie? But if Sam comes off the block, Scottie won’t vote to send Steve home.


Bayleigh heads off to blow her nose and Faysal tells Kaitlyn that it is true. Tyler told him that Bayleigh would go up because she wouldn’t go home. Kaitlyn questions the sense of that. Angela competed in 3 comps. She won the first one and kicked arse in the other 2. Those are the facts and that’s all he should be going on. Bayleigh says that’s why he will keep Angela. She will be on his side if he saves her. Kaitlyn says that she would go home if he put her (Angela) up. Kaitlyn says, Angela would go home and he wouldn’t have blood on his hands. Then we go after Rachel. Tyler’s not thinking and she’s (Kaitlyn) getting F’ing pissed.

Bayleigh says that the thing that really pisses her off is that this is all hypothetical, but the damage has been done, he said it. (Tyler or Swaggy?)

Faysal says lets just wait and see if anyone takes their self of the block.


2:30 am BBT Bayleigh heads off to sleep with Kaysee since Rachel is upstairs in the HOH. She is upset with herself for getting upset about it all, (the Tyler comment and the Swaggy one) say’s F this soft sh*t! I’m not soft.

Kaitlyn again wonders why her name came up because she would go home. Faysal asks her who would vote her out. She says she hopes she wins tomorrow. Would you use it, he asks? I don’t know.


[As a side note- Kaitlyn appears to be sick. This entire conversation was filled with pauses for nose blowing, sniffing and snorting, coughing and gasping. She is carrying a roll of TP with her.]


3:00 am BBT Bayliegh gets in bed with Swaggy, not Kaysee. Swaggy gets up, goes to the WC, returns.


Swaggy and Bayleigh in bed whispering, following a brief period of close, cuddling contact. BB tells them to please put on their microphones. Bayleigh says, they are on, WTF are you bothering me for? Swaggy puts his on. They continue to whispering. Inaudible whispering – the worst kind!


For a moment we hear them. Bayleigh asks him why he doesn’t just tell Tyler that he’ll be mad if she goes up? He assures her that he did and that Tyler said he has her best interest, but doesn’t want to get blood on his hands and Swaggy can do damage control for him. Swaggy says that he told him that he’d be mad, but Tyler is still debating who is a front runner. Swaggy says he told him that if Steve comes off, Angela or Winston needs to go up. Swaggy told him, Steve will be fine, Sam will go home.

He tells her she will see and that they don’t have to worry after this because they will win HOH. He tells her to cry now and get it all out. They will be fine for three or four weeks.


4:00 am BBT Lots of uneasiness in the house. Faysal has been up walking around the house. He pulled a wrapped plate from the frig and unwrapped it to reveal what looks like rolled up tortillas or cheap lunchmeat? (A Have-Not delicacy?) Steve joined him briefly at the counter, followed by FISH and when the cameras came back, no sign of Steve and Faysal was walking around again. Most of the girls have been up to potty, Balyiegh and Swaggy simply cannot get comfortable.


4:45 am BBT All seem to be settling.


[Interesting to note – there are no cameras on the HOH bedroom. Normally at least one camera is dedicated to the goings on in there.]

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6:50am BBT All HG are sleeping. Occasionally you can hear some snoring or a cough.


7:01am BBT Swaggy went to WC then back to bed.


7:47am BBT Steve is up making coffee, changes his batteries and uses WC, washes his hands and starts ADLs.

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8:06am BBT Steve is done with his coffee and rinses his cup. He quietly gets some clothes and prepares to take a shower. (Sam's memory wall pic is the robot.)


8:19am BBT Steve is out of the shower. He folds up and puts away the clothes he wore to bed. He drops a hanger that clatters to the floor. A head pops up to look at him but can't tell who it is.


8:24am BBT Steve gets more coffee, sits to the KT island to put his contacts in. He has a bit of trouble with the right eye but finally gets it. 


8:27am BBT Steve says Hello to Kaycee on her way to the WC. Kaycee walks back thru KT giving Steve a high five and she goes back to bed.


8:49am BBT Steve took care of his contact stuff, looked out the patio door (they are on IDLD), sits at the counter with head in hand half asleep. He exchanges his slippers for shoes then lays down on the DR table bench. 


8:57am BBT Steve looks at the camera and tells his wife and girls he loves them. We have fish...must be wake up call.

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9:50 AM  BBT  Robot off line.  Sam is excited to become human again.  Scottie helps her to the Diary room door, but they had to request it be opened.  Some HG still sleeping, others doing morning ADLs and getting coffee.  Tyler said he can't believe he is in the HOH room another week.  BB announced "no napping HG"  Tyler goes downstairs, Rockstar stays up in HOH listening to headphones and dancing.

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9:57 am BBT  BB asked for the mirrors to be cleaned above the bathroom sink, then asked again, and again.  Sam said she heard, but evidently no one is in the bathroom other than someone taking a shower.Various HGs are in the kitchen.  Steve asks if there are any extra bandanas.  Someone offered him a zebra one.  Others are already complaining about how dirty the house is, they are tired of cleaning. (sorry, still learning all 16 HG)

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10:04 am BBT  HG's are cooking breakfast, drinking coffee.  Rockstar is still upstairs dancing to the headphones.  Swaggy is in HOH shower, others doing ADLs  No game talk now.  Swaggy out of the shower, Rockstar tells him she needs the music and a little dance to get her life right.  Sam comes out of the DR, she is a person again!  People in the KT cheer.


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10:10 am BBT Sam is giving everyone hugs, ask how they slept.  She tells Bayleigh she hadn't seen her hair natural before.  She really likes it, says she would leave it that way all the time.  Sam asks which camera is live, Steve said that since there are a lot of people in the room, probably one of them is.  Sam goes to a camera and starts giving shout outs to her family, friends, and is having a one-sided conversation with everyone through the camera..  Back to the KT.  People are still cooking and eating.  Someone uses salsa, Scotie said he is going to put that on his slop, since he knows what that tastes like.

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10:15am BBT   Kaitlyn tells Bayleigh she loves her curls, and that she is beautiful.  She says Bayleigh is her most beautiful friend.  Bayleigh said "don't say that".  Kaitlyn said she has some really pretty friends, but none as beautiful as Bayleigh.   BB tell Rockstar to stop singing.  People in the KT laugh.  Steve said with the bandana on, he wants to sing Every Rose has a Thorn, but he would get into trouble.  

People still eating breakfast, lots of bacon and scrambled eggs.  Talking about grease fires, putting water on it would just make it worse.


In WR, talking about cutting hair and donate them for wigs for kids with cancer.


Tyler gets called to the DR, possible VETO comp.  FoTH


(not much going on, will be back later)

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9:17 a.m. Houseguests are starting to wake up. Scottie and Kaitlyn are doing ADLs in the bathroom.


9:20 a.m. Angela, Angie Rockstar, Steve, Scottie, and Winston are in the kitchen preparing breakfast.


9:27 a.m. The people who got drunk last night are complaining of being hung over. JC said it was an amazing night. Steve said he had a beer and had a great night just chilling. Angela shouts out her parents. Winston shouts them out as well and tells them to set him a place for Thanksgiving. He said Angela gave him her jacket so that means something.


9:29 a.m. Winston and Angela make fun of Kaitlyn because she went to the DR last night to tell them she needed to sleep somewhere else because she's sick and annoyed from being a have not.


9:30 a.m. Brett tells Winston he got no sleep because he was snoring all night. Winston says to just wake him up next time since they share a bed.


9:37 a.m. bbt Faysal, Kaitlyn, and Haleigh are having a conversation about how Haleigh is trying to get Tyler to move away from Winston.


9:41 a.m. Angie Rockstar said she's not married to her boyfriend and doesn't need to be married. She would marry for a ring that she wants.


9:42 a.m. bbt Faysal and Angie Rockstar say that the weirdest people in the house teamed up. The BB House calls out Faysal for playing with his mic.


9:45 a.m. bbt The BB House keeps calling Faysal out. He gets called to the DR to bring Sam Robot out. Sam asks Fessy about his ham punishment. She says that's an awful punishment. Sam heads to the kitchen.

9:50 a.m. Steve says he's going to request Breathe Right Strips to let other people sleep. Scottie says, "No! That's our advantage. Keep them up so they don't win any competitions!"


9:52 a.m. Robot Offline message comes. Scottie wheels Sam to the storage room. Everyone in the kitchen cheers when they hear it.

9:54 a.m. Kaitlyn is warning Swaggy C to be careful with Bayleigh's heart.







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10:03 a.m bbt Faysal and Winston talking about sports and the NFL players Faysal knew from college.


10:07 Angie Rockstar is dancing in the hoh room. Swaggy C comes in to use the lotion. Angie says she's starting to feel better having music to listen to. She says she'd been in a funk up until this morning.


10:11 a.m. Sam is back in the house. She has a blanket on. She says the house is freezing. She says Bayleigh's natural hair is amazing and so cute. She hugs everyone good morning.


10:13 a.m Sam starts doing shout outs to her parents, friends, and dog. She tells them she's okay as a robot. She asks them how weird her punishment is. She calls out her "Instagramily" and says hi to them. She says this house is highly entertaining.


10:18 a.m. bbt Sam asking the guys if they want their hair done. Faysal says he'd like a low fade. Scottie says she can do whatever she wants to his hair.


10:21 a.m. bbt Sam telling Haleigh that her hair is long enough to donate to Wigs for Kids. Sam says she use to cut hair, so she knows how to cut it into a cute cut.


10:24 a.m. Angela and Kaycee check in with each other in the storage room. They both assure each other they're solid.


10:26 a.m. Feeds go to fish. Looks like they're about to pick veto players.


Before feeds cut to fish Sam told Angie Rockstar she knows Winston/Brett/Angela/Rachel are an alliance because they've openly talked in front of the robot forgetting Sam was there and listening.



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1107 HOHBR - Swaggy C, Bayleigh and Faysal
B: At least people I trust got pulled. Scottie's on fire. He's like, I'm gonna kill this competition. Bayleigh exits.
SC: Asking Faysal what happened last night.
F: She came in crying and said 'Tyler said flat out that if the veto gets used I'm getting putup, or me and Kaitlyn is getting put up because they know for sure I won't go home..and then I went to Swaggy and Swaggy said we need to distance ourselves and I wish he woulda said that on day two or day three when I tried to get out of the bed and go sleep with Kaycee and he said to stay' she was just emotional abut that. I guess she was just made because not only did she hear she was going on the block but then hearing that from you I guess just messed with her head.
SC: I was just looking at it from her perspective, that they were putting her on the block to get back at me, I was telling her to save her game. She just kind walked away and started crying.
F: I feel like we have to use that veto
SC: I know we have to use that veto.
F: We have to tell Tyler up front-- (JC walks in and they stop talking)
JC: We still on the same plan right? I don't know what's in your head right now.
SC: Scottie wins the veto he's using it on Steve
F: If Scottie, Steve or Sam win noms are changing. If Tyler wins they are staying the same.
JC: What are you guys gonna do? You keeping them the same?
F: What do you think we should do, keep them the same?
JC: I don't know
F: I didn't even think I would get picked as houseguests choice, I wasn't even planning on playing.
(Tyler walks in)
JC: It was meant to be Scottie playing
T: It was meant to be you (Faysal) playing.
(SC or F, not sure): I knew me and Scottie would be playing.
F: Every veto there is like a fighting chance because you get the person you want.
SC: Big brother freaking rigs it. They out like 10 Swaggy C's in there and 10 houseguest choice and 10 Scottie's because they knew it would make for good TV. I garuntee you they didn't just pick me, there were a bunch of my name in there.
JC: I'm pretty sure of that too.
T: Should have just reached in and grabbed all of them out to look
SC: They can do that.
F: They can't mess with the game like that.
JC: Why can't they?
SC: there's past winners who--
F: It's agains the law to mess with --
SC: They don't get caught
F: Ok but if you pull it out and get caught they are F***ed so you can't do that.
(Camera switches to Steve)

Playing veto (so far): Sam, Steve, Tyler, Scottie, Swaggy C, Faysal

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11:25 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Swaggy is holding court in the HOH room.  He said that Sam needs to go home.  Take Steve off, Sam goes home.  Stays the same, Sam goes home.  They think Angela has the trending power.  She had been upstairs all week, now she isn't up there anymore.  They want to draw the power out, so they want to put Angela up.  JC had been upstairs, but they kicked him out.  They said now he is paranoid.  Steve, Tyler, Swaggy, Scottie and maybe Faysal are discussing what to do. Swaggy is doing most of the talking. Swaggy said Scottie will take Steve off,  Steve will take himself off, Swaggy said he has to decide what to do, he isn't sure he can pull Steve off, since there are only a couple of people to pick from.  They want to pull out Angela's power (they are assuming she has it).  They want the power out of the game, because next week there will be 14 people vulnerable.  Tyler said he wants as little blood on his hands as possible. 

Swaggy said he has seen the game enough to know the pawn can go home.  He said if noms stay the same, people might start feeling sorry for Sam, then Steve would go home.  Swaggy doesn't want Bayleigh going up.  They are saying who needs to go up, and asked Tyler who he is putting up.  He said it is his HOH, and they have to respect it is his decision.  Tyler said Steve will be safe if he stays up.  Swaggy said ...no names....that the other side wants Bayleigh to go home to mess with Swaggy (he used the F word)  Swaggy said if Bayleigh goes home, he is winning HOH and sending someone home.

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11:07am BBT:SwaggyC and Faysal in the HOHR talking about they have to use the veto. JC comes in and Swaggy tells him that if Scottie wins the veto then he will take Steve down.

11:10am BBT: In the Kt most Hg are making food and drinking coffee. Steve in the Lounge Rm laying alone

11:16am BBT:Hg whispering and talking about Scottie getting picked for the Veto, Sounds like Faysal and Swaggy got picked also.

11:20am BBT: Swaggy kicks JC out of the HOHR and is talking about the veto and what they will do with it.. Steve, Faysal, Scottie and Steve in the HOHR they say if anyone wins then Sam goes home . Swaggy says worse case  Sam wins. They then try to figure out who has the power this week and they think it is Angela.

11:28am BBT: Swaggy says no matter what that Sam is going home and he tells Tyler he may need to put Angela up and tell her she will not go home but they need to know  what the power is. Faysal says  then she will come after Tyler. Swaggy says yeah true just tell her that we only had 4 to pick from it was either her or Jc actually.

11:31am BBT: Jc in the Lounge RM talking to Kaycee,Bayleigh about  being kicked out of the HOHR. JC is not happy about the talking up there. In the HNR Winston and Bret are whispering about what is going to happen before the next HOH. Winston tells him he has to win

11:38am BBT: JC and Sam complaining that it is so cold in the house today. sam ask what songs they played this morning and JC says he does not know. Bret ask if JC is making slop and he says no.

11:45am BBT: Swaggy telling Tyler he is just throwing out things, Tyler says he does not want Swaggy or Bayleigh either one going home. Faysal says he is ok with pulling Steve off the block but then he is afraid to pull him off that someone he wants to stay might go home.  Swaggy says i would love to save Steve but i can not risk Bayleigh going home i can not risk that.

 11:53am BBT: Angie,Kaitlyn and Haleigh trying to get in the HOHR, the guys are saying they have to stay on the same page and stay safe for next week. The girls knock on the door again and they let them in and Kaitlyn says what is up we are told we are locked out. Tyler holds the door open and  she leaves out.

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11:57 am BBt  Swaggy et al are still strategizing about what to do in the Veto comp.    They are talking about JC causing drama, maybe put him up instead of Bayleigh.  Swaggy explaining how the votes can flip, he has to save Bayleigh, she is his number one. (why would they save her if he is more loyal to her than them ?  KP)  FoTH


Feeds are back, Sam goes up to HOH rm.  She said she hasn't put her clothes away yet, there is no place for her clothes, but BB wants her suitcase.  Maybe she will put them under the island counter in the kitchen  She said she is ready for anything mental, spelling, math etc, but not physical.  She isn't good at physical.  She said she will do it to the best of her abilities.  If she stays she will be cooking supper, if she goes she will be eating supper. She said people are already playing in week 5, but there is a lot of game to play before then, they might not even be there. She said people are still trying to feel each other out.  She said she is playing exactly the way she planned, honest.  Doing what she says and saying what she means.  She tells Scottie he isn't a lost puppy, please don't think of yourself that way.  She knows he is smart, athletic, don't short himself.

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 12:00pm BBT: Sam in the HOHR talking to Tyler and swaggy about her playing in the POV and she says she will do anything to win that she does not want to leave. She says if it is physical then she will do her best but she is not that strong so i am just going to put the costume on and do what i can and be happy with it so if i go i go its either way.

12:05pm BBT: Sam telling the guys in the HOHR that she talked to everyone in the STR and she believed everyone was sincere  with her and was being honest. But she feels because she was a robot that she is behind everyone else. Scottie tells her that he will probably save Steve and sam talks to him  about his good things and not to down himself.

12:10pm BBT: Swaggy and sam arguing that there are 16 people left in the house and that when they guys are talking does not mean that they are trying to help him win the money because they all want the money. sam says of course there are 16 of us in here still.

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12:30pm BBT Sam and Tyler in HOH: Sam tells Tyler to count on her, she will be here no matter what. Tyler asks if she has a power, she says she will be here NO MATTER WHAT! to count on her.


12:35pm BBT Kaitlyn and Tyler talk in HOH: She tells him that Scottie and Swaggy tell each other everything. Tyler gets freaked out. They count votes and she says they are neck and neck. Tyler says Angela has a power, what if she uses her power on Winston. Kaitlyn says she aint going to use it on Winston. 


12:40pm BBT JC talking to Sam: He tells her to listen to him she doesn't need to think, just listen to him. He says please don't F with him, can she remember. She says she has the best memory. She is good with spelling, but not with numbers.

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12:47pm BBT HG are outside HOH waiting to talk to Tyler. Winston and JC are playing foozeball. JC goes into HOH, JC asks what is going on here. They want to backdoor Angela. Tyler says they all are saying they want to use Veto on Steve. JC says Swaggy is using him. Tyler says he knows. Tyler says he kept it into Swaggy and ?? heads that if Veto is used he is putting up Bayleigh. JC that as soon as Tyler is not HOH they will be coming after him (Tyler).


 12:54pm BBT JC tells Tyler that Scottie is on the Swaggy train. Swaggy has all these ppl and soon he will have the numbers. JC says they need to keep the numbers. Tyler tells JC that they are trying to make Tyler think Angela has a power and want him to make her use it. JC says Angela has no power she is freaking out right now. 


12:58pm BBT Sam, Scottie and Kaycee talking in KT. Sam needs to unpack her suitcase but there is no place for her stuff. Scottie says he has very little stuff and she can use his locker

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1113 HOHBR

JC: Do you think we should talk to Scottie?
SC: No, he's going to use the veto.
JC: Maybe we can talk to him beacuse I actually do like him.
SC: Yeah but you're trying to save your ass, and he's trying to save his best friends ass. Steve and Scottie are best friends. Basically explaining nothing will change his mind. You just have to hope he doesn't win. That's like if Bayleigh were on the block, I would take her off, no matter what you said. If one of your best friends is on the block you are going to take them off. I don't want Scottie to use the veto but playing devils advocate you have to look at it from his prespective, it's good for his game if he takes Steve off the block. It may not be good for our game but we have to respect it if that makes sense. (Kaitlyn & Bayleigh enter)
K: Where's Ty?
SC: In the bathroom
K to JC: Babe you ok?
JC: Yeah I'm ok.
K: What's going on?
Jc: I don't know, just thinking.
KC: Well I'm here for you if you need me.
(K or B) Thinking about what?
JC: Thinking about Scottie playing the veto
K: What about Scottie?
JC: Nothing.
K: Tyler I love that shirt, that color is so pretty
B: Where is Scottie, do you know?
K: I think last time I saw him he was laying down.
B: I'm going to go check on him really quickly. I'll be right back. (Bayleigh leaves)

1118 Camera shifts to Kaycee and Angela

Kaycee telling Angela to be quiet but not scared, not too obvious or over the top.
KC talking about Swaggy saying everyone here is fucked up, like everyone needs to shut the fuck up, like he's so like intense. Calm the fuck down, he just has such bad energy, it's so fucking annoying. We all knew he was going to be picked for houseguests choice. They got their whole team up there and he feels so confident.

Angela: We left the meeting and they all went upstairs straight to the HOH

KC: He's going to be exposed when he puts someone up.
Angela:It's good that he picked Swaggy and he said he would put Bayleigh up as a pawn.
KC: Swaggy is on top of the world right now.
Angela: Yeah but I think Sam is going home, there's like 80% chance unless she wins. If she wins they won't send Bayleigh home before Steven. (JC walks in)

Angela: Are you excited to host?
JC: Swaggy just kicked me out of the HOHR
KC: They kicked you out?
Angela: Are you fucking kidding me?
JC: ...when he (Swaggy) opens his mouth I don't trust him at all... They are totally planning something...they are going to have the numbers. They are planning something, that's 100% for sure.
KC: Is Tyler up there too?
JC: Yeah
Angela: They think I have power.
JC: I think they are going to play so they can take Sam out, if it comes down to it they will throw it to Steve or Scottie {Who they have said will save Steve -SCRTsqrl} ...Swaggy is up there running the HOH room like he's running the world...I fucking want him out.
KC: Just stay cool.
Angela: I would have just sat down and smiled and said no, you can go somewhere else.
JC: I can't do stuff like that because I don't know who is going to be HOH next week.

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2:57 PM BBT   Steve and Scottie in the KT.  They are talking about soft drinks.  Seems like some of the HGs are going to workout. 

Brett wants to do a barbell curl while JC hangs onto the bar.  JC says he will do it, but that he doesn't think Brett is going to be able to.



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3:00 PM BBT  Tyler and Angela are in the HOHR talking about what might happen if a replacement nom has to be made.  Tyler said, "It's getting tough....but I'm die hard for the 6."  Angela is agreeing with him. 

Tyler says that he has been bombarded in the HOHR and that he would rather just relax and listen to his music.

3:03 PM BBT Tyler gets some alone time.

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