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Episode 1 - Two Night Season Premier Event

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340 HG have played this game, competing in more than 600 competitions, taking home more than 10 million dollars. Tonight, we launch the 20th season of Big Brother as 16 brand new HG move in here and face a whole new set of twists and turns as these cameras and microphones capture their every move. And after 99 days of blindsides, strategy, and possible showmances, the 20th winner of Big Brother will be crowned.


So get ready, because tonight, summer officially begins.  Welcome to the 20th season of Big Brother!


Good evening, I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to the 2 night premier event and to kick off the 20th season, HG from each and every season of BB are here to help us celebrate! When BB first started, there were no smart phones, no tablets, no social Media (but there WAS Morty's TV!).  But since then, technology has taken over the world and this summer, it's taking over the Big Brother house.  So get ready for a summer full of hacks, apps and robots.


It all begins tonight with 3 epic competitions that will put 2 HG's game in jeopardy and give one HG a brand new game changing power.  But first, before anything can happen, we need to meet the HG.


Here's a look at the first 8.  We meet Bayleigh, Tyler and Sam.  Sam is a welder from Stuarts Draft, VA who has held her own in a male dominated industry and lives in a camper in her mom's side yard. Tyler is a beach lifeguard on Hilton Head Island, SC, looking at cute girls in bikinis and saving lives. He's good under pressure but admits his brain is his biggest weakness.  Bayleigh is a former Miss Missouri and current flight attendant who only helps passengers when she has to.


Steve is a former undercover detective from New Jersey who now rides a bike and teaches criminal justice at a university who will be undercover as a mechanic. Kaitlyn is a Californian life coach and meditation instructor who can read auras circling people's heads. She will be entering the BB house with six spirit guides.  


Winston is a medical sales rep from Somerset, Kentucky who feels more safe with a gun concealed on his hip.  He attended six weddings over the last two years, none his own.  Maybe if he wasn't kissing his dog.  Angela is a fitness model from Playa Vista, CA who is more than just a pretty face but also a kick-ass athlete who can emasculate male athletes. A huge BB fan, she's also an entrepreneur growing her own business.


JC is a professional dancer from West Hollywood, CA who has 4 national records in power lifting and a masters in international business.  He is loud to make up for what he lacks in height. He's always been looked down on because of his height, being an immigrant, Spanish and gay.  He counters with a positive attitude and doing good things for others.  


Tyler is going to try to play really dumb, which is super easy for him.  Angela does not connect with people who are stupid. Bayleigh is not against showmances if tall and handsome walks into her life. Winston's perfect girl is the one who will be into him, and he knows he sounds like a douche.  Kaitlyn will not align with someone who has a cloudy aura. Steve will find each HG's weakness and fear and exploit it. Sam cannot stand bullies and will take them out.


Hello, HG, congratulations on being part of our 20th season. You are about to begin the battle for a half million dollars and you'll have to do it without your smart phones, computers, and all the tech you rely on because for the next 3 months, your only contact will be with each other. Say GB to the outside world, because if you plan on winning this game, you won't see it again for 99 days.  


The first 4 to enter the BB house are: Tyler, Bayleigh, Samantha and Winston.  Head on in!  Bayleigh is the first in and spots the rock climbing wall. Sam introduces herself as the "other girl" but she prefers Samantha. Tyler is open to Bayleigh working on his hair. Samantha notes that Tyler and Winston's faces are shaved and teeth white. Press, steamed, groomed.  But she would rather have a man who needs a shower.


Back outside, that leaves Steve, Angela, JC and Kaitlyn.  The house is yours.  They enter to screams, introductions, and hugs.  JC says he's looking at all these tall, athletic guys but once the comps start, he'll whip their asses.  Steve lies about his occupation, telling Winston he's a mechanic. Fortunately, Winston knows nothing about cars.


The WA is full of emoticon pillows.  Kaitlyn says the aura of the house is so good.  This is the culmination of her manifesting herself in the BB House for the last 5 years.  Tyler and Angela discover their Hilton Head Island connection.  Tyler worries everyone will think they know each other.  But she's really hot, so OK.  


8 are in and getting used to their new summer home.  We'll meet the rest when we return.  Plus, before the night is over, someone will win a game changing power, while others will suffer a game threatening punishment.  And later, find out how you at home can impact the game.  All will be revealed soon enough.  Stay with us!


Welcome back to the BB 2 night premier event.  The 20th season of BB is underway and already 8 HG are inside. But before this game can truly begin, we first have to meet the rest of the HG.  


Rachel is a Las Vegas performer, a hustler who has mastered the art of flirtation and manipulation. A huge BB fan, she plans to be a fierce competitor like Janelle. Don't let the eyelashes and extensions fool you.  Chris is a former college basketball player who is now a day trader (stocks).  He named himself Swaggy C and has to look fly no matter what. He babysits on the weekends and his kids taught him to swim for the game.


Angie, who prefers to be called Rockstar, dresses colorfully - peace through partying - who goes to a lot of festivals. She started asking questions when she was young and is now a Pagan Witch with 3 children.  Brett is a bro who does bro stuff, sports, chicks, being a manly man. He may look all brawn but is actually a cybersecurity engineer fighting terrorists on the internet. He wears fake glasses to hide his true identity.  


Kaycee plays womens' professional football for the San Diego Surge.  She has good hands and a big heart for her family. Football and BB were her and her dad's thing. Scottie admits he's kind of a dweeb who has never dated, never kissed, never had a girlfriend.  A huge gamer (think Dungeons & Dragons), he use his strategic thinking to be 2 steps ahead of everyone else.  He's not playing the game, he's playing the other HG.  Despite appearances, he's also very athletic.


Haleigh is a student at Texas A&M who drives a tractor and is a true cowgirl.  She is studying psychological and brain studies and will use her southern charm to sneak up behind and steal half a million dollars. Faysal is a substitute teacher and football coach from Orlando, FL who was a 2-time All American at University of Chattanooga in Tennessee where he shattered every single receiving record. There's more to him than muscle, though. He is a proud Muslim who is not afraid to make power moves.


Swaggy C says the Alpha Dog goes home in the first few weeks and that's not his style. Rockstar hasn't hit the gym or worked out like a gym rat. Brett plans to be a specimen in competition.  Rachel plans to flirt her way to get what she wants. Scottie says a showmance is very unlikely - he would be suspicious of anyone interested in him.  


Hello, HG, who's ready for the 20th season of BB?  As you can see, there are only 8 of you out here. That's because moments ago, 8 other HG moved in.  Now you will join them.  The first 4 HG to enter are: Haleigh, Scottie, Faysal, and Kaycee.  Head on in!  More screaming and excited hugs and introductions.  Scottie gives Haleigh a hug and her strap falls off.  What a goober, he calls himself.


Scottie notices there are only 2 BRs and knows there should be a 3rd but doesn't want to say anything.  Samantha says this is huge compared to her sugar shack but is not used to sharing space with strange men.  


Back outside the BB house, that leaves Rachel, Chris, Brett and Rockstar.  Move on in!  Swaggy has his name on his t-shirt for easy reference. Rachel is stage ready and keeping her cool.  Brett says JC is a little ball of energy, a perfectly sculpted little body builder. He could probably bench press him.  Rockstar introduces herself as a meditation instructor and Kaitlyn says she brought her oils and sage. Kaycee wonders what planet she is from.


Swaggy says Faysal is Arnold Schwarzenegger Jr and he can see them working together. The HG notice some kind of robot figure in the corner by the KT with a screen and camera.  Some of the guys check out upstairs but the HoH room is locked. JC notices Swaggy and Fasy are already talking and he thinks they are already up to something.


All the HG assemble in the blue BR.  Steve sits with his back to the wall so he can see everyone. Steve notices a wall that appears to move and suspects it's a HN room. He gets Tyler to slide the door to reveal the third bedroom, a hot pink and purple BR.  The entire wall slides back to make one large blue and pink BR.  I know a stash room when I see one, Steve says.


The living room is on a rotating platform with an orange and green circular couch. Bayleigh and Swaggy come out with champagne and the official introductions begin.  Sam says JC is cuter than a bug's ear.  But since he admitted to being part of the LGBT community, she's going to have sit this one out.  Winston lets lose with a "y'all" which gets the girls' attention.  Brett says he is in Technical Sales, whatever that is.


Sam introduces herself in mountain speak. JC says she really has an accent and he needs subtitles.  Faysal hopes he's Haleigh's type - he's attracted to her innocence.  Steve has been married for 17 years with 3 daughters and owns an auto garage. Tyler says Steve is looking at him with bullet eyes, piercing his soul. Haleigh says Fasy is super cute, tall dark and handsome. He can protect her and wrap his arms around him and she can be his teacher's pet.


Kaitlyn offers to put together shakras for all the HG and is met with silence. Winston says that sounds sexual and violent. Angela introduces herself as being from Hilton Head, SC.  Kaitlyn tells Scottie his energy is her favorite. He knows to avoid the Femme Fatals, though.  Steve is suspicious of Rockstar being a festival coordinator - that's where he might start an investigation.  But since she's near his age and has 3 kids, maybe there's an angle or alliance there.


Kaitlyn says Rockstar is very purple, Scottie is very purple but Rachel has a red aura and that usually means friction.  Tyler introduces himself as being from Ohio who is just now in South Carolina.  Bayleigh leaves out her pageant pedigree.  Tyler says it's unfair for him to be so distracted trying to win $500k.  He'd give mouth-to-mouth to any of the girls. They toast the start of a sick summer.


Coming into the BB house is just like coming into a flight, Bayleigh says, everyone is nice. But as soon as you hit some turbulence, HG will be reaching for their seat belts and oxygen masks and there's not enough to go around.  


In the blue side of the Big Bedroom (BBR), Scottie reveals he's never been in a relationship or kissed.  Rachel decides that needs to be rectified and starts chasing him around the house.  JC interrupts the chase and tells the HG to gather in the LR.  The night and the summer is young and what a summer it's going to be.   


Technology has taken over the world and this summer, it's taking over the BB game.  Somebody's a robot, Rockstar jokes.  So prepare yourself for high tech twists, upgraded powers and punishments, and the most techtacular competitions ever. Sam says what she knows about technology could fit a thimble. That's right, JC says, BB technology will dominate this game, and your lives, this summer. And it all begins right now!  


JC sends the HG to the BY where the BB Supercomputer waits. HG must climb up onto two elevated platforms in an enclosed (roof) space, with 4 men and 4 women on each platform.  The walls are lined with digital projections.  


This is the BB Supercomputer. You are all about to battle for the power to reprogram the first week of the game.  The winner will have the ability to keep 8 HG safe, including themselves, while putting 8 HG and their game in jeopardy. Thats' half the house, Steve notes.  


OK, JC says, and then the walls start breaking up in static and her speaker goes out.  A siren starts wailing, leaving the HG confused.  System Crash!  Special effects disappear the HG on the left platform and show them sliding into a pool of water below a secret slide in pitch black darkness.  


After another flash, the second platform of HG are lowered on ropes into another room full of blocks of letters.  The BB Supercomputer has crashed, JC says, and the HG have disappeared.  Which can only mean one thing - everyone should expect the unexpected.  Stay with us!


Welcome back to the BB 2 night premier event. Just moments ago, the HG were about to battle for the power to reprogram the game, but the BB Supercomputer crashed, sending the HG to two separate locations. Let's join the first 8 and find out where they landed.  


Hello, HG, I know you can't see a thing so let me tell you the BB Supercomputer has crashed sending all 8 of you to the Trash Folder. Here's how the comp works. Hidden in the trash are 7 folders. Find one and return it to the Reveal Room to see what's inside. Six are marked with the word "Escape".  Find one of these and you can escape the trash.


But one folder is marked with "Escape And Play".  That is the winning folder. Find that folder and you will not only escape but also get to return to the BB Supercomputer where you will compete to reprogram the game. The one HG who doesn't find a folder will lose the comp and will receive a punishment that will greatly hinder their game.


On your mark, get set, go!  The HG are sprayed with foam in the dark as they scramble out of the water to search for the folders in the trash. The floor has areas of back goop, tall and short obstacles the HG must feel their way around and buckets of gunk.  Brett says it's like his frat house.  In the infrared, we can see the walls are lined with pictures of what I guess are former BB HG and pieces of past BB seasons.


HG start losing shoes in the muck.  Tyler finds a filing cabinet, reaches in and grabs a folder.  He looks for the exit and returns to the light.  His folder says Escape.  He chooses to not return to the trash folder and return to the house.  He is out of the comp.  Bayleigh finds a folder and finds the exit. It is an Escape folder and she exits the comp.  


Brett finds a folder and hauls it to the exit with an Escape folder. He exits the game.  Rachel finds a folder and escapes the comp.  Three folders remain.  Angela finds the Escape And Play folder with a little dumb luck.  The pressure is on with only 2 folders left in a room Winston describes as darker than any ex GF's heart.  JC finds a folder and exits the comp.


One folder remains and it's down to Winston and Kaycee.  Back in the house, Angela reveals she won and the six decide to form an alliance with their 8.  Winston enters the house, leaving Kaycee to receive the punishment.  Better her than me, he says.  


Up next, where did the other 8 HG land?  We'll find out when we return. Plus, learn all about the next twist that will give you at home the power to impact the game. Stay with us!


Welcome back to the BB 2 night premier event. Already tonight Angela has advanced to the final head-to-head comp which will determine who will receive the first game changing power. Let's head to the BY to see who will face her.  When last we saw the second 8 HG, they were suspended from a rope over a pit of block letters.  On the walls are pictures of locks.


Hello HG, JC says. Earlier, the BB Supercomputer crashed.  The 8 of you will compete here in the Cyber Security Zone.  You are all under suspicion of being a robot. Your job is to prove you are not a robot. To do that, you will search the pile of lettered blocks below you.  The goal is to spell the word, "Houseguest".  


The first to do this will advance to the final competition later this evening where they will face off against the winner of the other group of 8.  The last person left trying to complete their puzzle will receive a punishment that will challenge his or her game like never before. Keep in mind, if your blocks fall off the platform (a small yellow elevated pedestal), you must start over.


This comp begins now. Swaggy C wants to win out of the gate to set a tone. Steve wants to prove he can be valuable at his age. Periodically, the HG are lifted up, then lowered again.  They must grab letters and stack them while they are up in the air and stack them on their platforms.  Some try to grab as many blocks as they can.


Sam says she's real good at spelling and was in the All County Spelling Bee in 2nd grade. She lost on the word Raspberry.  And yes, I used spell check.  Swaggy is in the lead with USEGUEST, while Faysal is right behind with SEGUEST.  Some blocks have two letters on them and all the HG seem to be finding those shortcuts.  Some blocks are also smaller than the others, making stacking difficult.


Swaggy is trying to be as precise as possible.  Scottie is tied with Faysal and right behind Swaggy. Swaggy C is the first to complete his stack.  The comp continues for the remaining 7 HG as Swaggy is vanished out of the comp.  Scottie comes in second after Faysal's stack tumbles.  


Swaggy enters the house and JC wants to know why he's so clean.  The first 8 have already cleaned up and are eating a cold cut spread.  He says he won - that's why he's in the house.  Bayleigh congratulates him and tells him to not be so intense.  Scottie enters next.  Game on, Swaggy says about facing Angela.


Back in the Cyber Security Room, the remaining 6 HG are competing to avoid the punishment.  Steve completes his stack next.  Rockstar loses her stack. Faysal completes his and exits the game, glad he didn't put a target on his back. Kaitlyn almost loses her stack but her spirit guides keep her steady. She feels a presence guiding her as she completes her stack.


Rockstar loses her stack again, as does Sam.  Rockstar rebuilds and places her H on top of her stack to complete the comp.  It's down to Sam and Haleigh. Sam has USEUEST, while Haleigh has SEGUEST.  She hauls up the fina HOU, while Sam lifts up the HO she needs.  Haleigh places her letters on her stack first and completes the comp, leaving Sam to receive the punishment.


Sam and Kaycee haven't returned to the house yet.  Bayliegh has another talk with Swaggy C about being so intense and coming off cocky. He needs to keep a low profile.  She tells him to calm down the beast and he thinks it's cool he's got his back, like his little sister.  Alone in the Orange BR, Swaggy C says if he's intimidating already, he should rack it up and win everything in Week One and stay safe, then relax and get that Swaggy kindness out.


Swaggy approaches Angela in the SR about keeping each other safe regardless how the comp shakes out. Angela tells him the only way to keep our hands clean is to put up the 8 not on your platform.  That way we make it out with the least amount of blood on our hands.  Swaggy C tells us she's telling him to his face that if she wins, he's not safe.  My ass will win the competition and not keep you safe at all.


Back in the original BB Supercomputer, the platforms have been replaced by the BB Web and two elevated surfboards slanted about 25 degrees.  With the other HG watching, Angela and Swaggy C climb aboard their surfboards.  


Angela and Swaggy C, says Julie, welcome back to the BB Supercomputer. It's now time to compete for the power to reprogram the first week of the game.  The winner of this final comp will be given the power to keep 8 HG safe, including themselves, for the first week of the game. Needless to say, there's a lot on the line.


This comp is called "Surfing The BB Web" and the object is simple - be the last HG standing on your surfboard and you will win the power to reprogram the first week of the game.  And be warned, any time the BB Supercomputer lands on a new web page, anything could happen.  Get ready, because this comp starts Now!


Steve starts cheering both and Haleigh tells the peanut gallery to shut it so she can focus. She's never surfed but has snowboarded and wind boarded and wave boarded.  Swaggy C is motivated by Angela not considering a deal.  A web page appears behind the two on the digital wall that says Back Doors & Beyond.  Doors come flying from the front of the room towards the two HG.


Angela and Swaggy C dodge the walls coming at them.  The walls come back from behind and keep swinging around them, but neither is knocked off.  The surfboards tilt side to side and forward and back, making it even more difficult to keep balance.  


The next web page loads: Chopping Block.  Wooden discs with carving knives in them swing into the path of Angela and Swaggy C, forcing them to duck on their boards. The next web page is Target Land as bulls eyes as tall as they are try to push them off their perches.  Next up is the Twists web page where 20' tall twisty blocks force them to go low to avoid being knocked over.


Tyler says he's seen his fair share of wipe-outs but he's never seen anything like this before. Frustrated, Swaggy C pushes his twisty block away.  The angle of the surfboards gets more extreme, tilting to the side or forward at up to a 45 degree angle.  Swaggy C doesn't know how much more he can take.  Angela is giving it every ounce of her strength.


The web pages and their obstacles start repeating.  Swaggys' right leg is visibly shaking and he gets hit by the twisty block.  Angela loses her balance and falls off, leaving Swaggy C the winner.  One time for the hug, he says.


Congratulations, Swaggy C, says Julie.  I just smoked Angela, he tells us, this is getting too easy.  He gives Angela a hug and tells her he pushed her, she's safe.  He says he gets to decide everybody's fate and it's marvelous.  Angela hopes he keeps to his word. Bayleigh hopes their connection will keep her safe.  


You have won this competition, Julie continues, and the power to reprogram the game. And here's how that will work. You moved into the house in 4 groups of 4. You will soon choose 2 of the 4 move-in groups to keep safe from the first eviction.  Everyone, please head inside. Swaggy C, you have an important decision to make, so use this time wisely!


So, who will Swaggy C choose to keep safe?  Plus, what happened to Kaycee and Sam and what game altering punishments did they receive?  Find out next.  Stay with us!


Welcome back to BB.  Just moments ago, Swaggy C won the power to reprogram the game.  Now he has an enormous decision to make - which HG to keep safe, and which HG to put in danger of going home.  Swaggy C says obviously he is going to keep himself safe, so he's keeping his move-in group safe, which means Rachel, Rockstar and Brett.


In the lounge, Swaggy C updates his virtual blog.  He made his promise to Angela when he thought he could pick any 8 but now he's not so sure what's best for his game.  Bayleigh comes in to talk, understanding that asking Swaggy C to save Winston, Tyler and Sam just to save her is a bit much.  But princess needs her safety.


Bayleigh makes the pitch for her group.  Swaggy C tells her she's his best friend in the house.  Tyler and Winston come in with Bayleigh and tells Swaggy C he's got all the power. Swaggy C thinks they could keep him safe down the line but wonders why Sam didn't join them.  


Haleigh and her group go in to convince Swaggy C to save her group, with Scottie, Faysal and Kaycee.  Time to turn on the southern charm.  She pitches that they were part of his original move-in 8.  Swaggy C tells them that Angela had told him before the comp that this is what she was going to do, keep her 8.  I can't just save her because we did a comp together, he tells them.


Angela wants to talk to Swaggy C but sends Rockstar to ask.  She brings him a banana to eat so he won't cramp up, along with Steve, JC and Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn tells him this is a good moment for him to be a stand up guy.  JC says he wouldn't have anything against him if he was in another group and he saved her.  Steve says if you give us a pass, it's because of her.  Speaking in the 3rd person, Swaggy C says picking her group could be the easy way out.  


Kaycee returns to the house wearing a color palette pie around her neck, a tie die rainbow dress and butter fly wings.  Rockstar thinks she looks fierce. JC thinks her shoes are cute and calls her a gay fairy godmother.  She doesn't know anything more than she has to wear the outfit. Still no sign of Sam.


Welcome back to Big Brother. Already tonight, Swaggy C won the power to reprogram the game and will soon choose which 8 HG to put in jeopardy of going home the first week. But in the process, Kaycee and Sam both received punishments.  Kaycee was infected with the Pinwheel Of Doom punishment.  I'll let he know exactly what that means soon.  


So what punishment did Sam receive? It's time to find out.  Kaycee said she had green in her ears from the comp. Bayleigh says she blew green snot out of her nose.  Winston says my snot's always green.  The robot in the KT corner wakes up with a digital face and begins moving into the house.  Rachel stands in front of it and it bumps into her.  


Rachel, the robot says, do you recognize my voice?  OMG, it's SAM!!!  Hey girl!  Sam's a robot!  The HG all gather around Sam the Robot.  No way, JC says.  Steve calls it creepy.  She says she can see everything.  JC says finally someone the same height as him in the house.  Sam the Robot turns to face a mirror to see what she looks like.


Tyler is trying to process Sam the robot.  JC asks if she's OK.  Sure, she says, well, I'm a robot.  JC tells her to enjoy it.  Sam the Robot winks at him.  As a robot, she tells us in the DR (as a robot), I might be a pinball in the house.  She keeps bumping into things.  


Julie calls the HG to the LR and JC escorts Sam the Robot as if they were walking down the wedding aisle.  What's up, Steve asks her.  Well, I'm a F*king robot, she says, as her digital face is blurred.  


Julie tells Sam to join Sam.  Kaycee has received the Pinwheel of Doom punishment - she has to wear the unitard until the first live eviction and when her pinwheel begins to spin, she must stay in the room she is in until it stops, a punishment that could greatly affect your social game.  


Sam, you are officially a robot.  Your punishment will also be in effect until the first live eviction. Plus, whenever you hear the words "Robot Offline", you must go to the DR and return to the game as a human. But when you hear the words "Robot Online", you will return to the house as a robot.  So it's like I have multiple personalities, Sam the Robot says.  


Swaggy C, JC says, as the winner of the first comp of the summer, you will soon choose which group of HG to keep safe from eviction and which will be in jeopardy.  All be back for your decision shortly.  Kaycee says she doesn't want to miss out on conversations.  Sam the Robot says her game plan was to be herself and now she's lost that strategy and is just a screen.  She can't even fight for her life - she just has a battery.


So, which 8 HG will be safe this week and which 8 will be in danger of going home?  Find out next.  Plus, you'll learn how you can play a big part in the summer's next big twist.  Stay with us!


Welcome back to the BB 2 night premier event.  Earlier tonight, Swaggy C earned the power to reprogram the first week of the game.  It's now time for him to decide which 8 HG will be in danger of being evicted this week.  Sam the robot tells Rachel she doesn't have to worry about her makeup.  JC calls the HG to the LR - it's time for Swaggy C's decision.  Please sit in your moving groups.


Swaggy C is thinking about who he can have as friends this summer and who he can afford as enemies. This is a pricey decision.  JC tells him to select the two of four move-in groups.  Group #1 was Sam, Winston, Bayleigh and Tyler. Group #2 was Steve, JC, Angela and Kaitlyn.  Group #3 was Scottie, Haleigh, Kaycee and Faysal.  And Group #4 was Rockstar, Brett, Rachel and of course, you, Swaggy C.  


Now it's time to let each group know their fate. Swaggy C, please give your first decision.  Swaggy C saves himself and his move-in group: Rockstar, Brett and Rachel.  He says his second decision was very hard. He would love to save Angela's Group because of the comp they had.  He loves Bayleigh, Tyler and Winston, but he has to save the 8 people he walked into the house with, which is Group #3.


Those HG who are safe, JC says, are Scottie, Haleigh, Kaycee, Faysal (as well as Rockstar, Brett, Rachel and Swaggy C).  As for the rest of you, one of you will be the first HG evicted this summer.  Needless to say, there is a lot riding on your first HoH comp.  Goodnight, HG.


What a way to kick off the 20th season of BB.  Now it's time to reveal how you at home can impact the game in the summer's next big twist.  It's called the BB App Store, and it's up to you, America, to decide which HG is trending the most by answering questions about them.  Each week, the HG who gets the most votes will be trending and will choose a special power from the BB App Store.  No one but that HG will know who won.  


Whoever receives the least votes will receive a punishment, so get get on your smart phones, tablets and laptops right now and head to cbs.com/bbvote to find out how to get the HG trending.  Tune in tomorrow, Thursday night, at 9pm ET as the BB 2-night premier event continues with the first HoH comp of the summer. Who will grab all the power and who will be nom for eviction?  Find out tomorrow night.


Then, Sunday at 8pm ET, we'll reveal the results of your first vote.  Which HG will leave the BB App Store with a special power? Find out Sunday.  For now, let's eaves drop on the HG. From outside the BB House, I'm Julie Chen.  Goodnight.


Kaitlyn tells Rockstar in the SR that this was the absolute worst decision Swaggy C could make, now he has so much blood on his hands.  JC and Angela come in and and she says he literally just put a target on his back.  Swaggy C is standing outside the SR door listening in as Kaitlyn says he's such an idiot. 

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