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America's Got Talent Episode 4-Auditions 4

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Our first act of the night is Voices of Hope, which is a children’s choir. The director says they’ve never experienced anything like this. Simon greets the choir. Simon asks what they would do with the money and they would put it back into the program to reach more children. Simon wishes them luck.


The choir begins with a few soloists to the side and they are singing This is Me from the Greatest Showman by Keala Settle. The audience is on their feet and cheering the choir on. The judges seemed to have enjoyed the performance.


Heidi says she adores them and she prefers children choirs over adults choirs and the solo vocalists were spectacular. Mel B loved it and says they did a beautiful job, but she tells them if they get through they have to up their game. Howie says it was very good, and beautiful, and the message was great, but he doesn’t know if it was for him. Simon loves kid’s choirs as well and he thinks this is a group that can definitely get better.


Howie says he loves them, he loves children, but he doesn’t love it for this show so it’s a no for him. Heidi gives them a definite yes, of course it’s a yes. Mel B really enjoyed it and they have amazing singers, but they don’t have a choir so she is going to give them a yes. Simon says it’s down to him and they have some strong singers, so does he think it’s worth seeing if they’ll get better? He says yes! They are through.


Next, we have Quin and Misha and they are ballroom dancers and Quin is almost 71 and Misha is 35. Simon turns the stage over to them. As they begin, Misha lifts Quinn and Heidi says wow. Simon looks impressed. The audience also is enjoying the routine. The audience and Heidi give a standing ovation.


Heidi says Quin doesn’t have an expiration date and she loves that. Mel B says she loved it but she wants to know if they do different styles of dance. Howie asks how long she has been doing it and she says she started when she was 60. Simon says they are interesting and inspirational.


Howie gives a yes. Mel B says yes. Heidi says yes. Simon says they got four yesses and congratulations.


The next act is Leos and he can move things with his mind. His mother told him to keep it hidden and not tell anyone, but as he grew up he decided it could be a gift. He’s going to show America and he thinks they’ll see something they’ve never seen before. Mel B greets him and asks what he’ll be doing and he says he’s a mentalist. He says he knows telekinesis and can move objects with his mind. Mel B says do you think this is a million dollar act and he says you are the judges. Mel B wishes him luck.


He begins his act and instantly the judges realize it’s a joke. Heidi eventually lays her head down on her X button. Mel B and Howie are enjoying the performance. Simon hits his X. The audience is laughing and applauding. As he’s finishing, Simon begins laughing. He gets an ovation from some of the audience and Mel B and Howie.


Mel B thinks he is brilliant, funny, and she loved everything about him and she would say yes, yes, yes. Hilarious. Howie is 100% behind Mel B. He’s brilliant, a star, and he’s funny and he gives the second yes. Heidi didn’t love the act and the crowd boos and Mel B says she doesn’t get it. Heidi says she’s going to be the party pooper and she gives a no.


Mel B says come on Simon. Simon says when it started he thought it was stupid, then he thought it was really stupid, then he realized it was funny. Leos says this is not comedy and the crowd laughs and starts chanting put him through! Simon says he’d like to remove his X please and he gives the third yes and he’s on to the next round.


Now we have Jeffrey and he’s 13 and he came to sing. He’s an only child and he says sometimes it gets boring. If he wins AGT, he’d buy a German Shepherd. His parents send him on to the stage. Heidi greets him and asks if he’s nervous and he says yeah. Heidi asks what he’d do with the money if he won and he says he’d like a companion, so maybe a dog.


Jeffrey is going to sing Raise Me Up by Josh Groban. Simon says if he does well he will buy him a dog. Simon says let’s do this for the doggie. The crowd immediately cheers as Jeffrey starts singing. When he hits the chorus the crowd cheers loudly. By the time he finishes, the audience is on their feet cheering and three of the judges give an ovation.


Heidi says Jeffrey might be getting a puppy from Simon. Howie says he is so talented and poised and amazing. Mel B says he’s like an angel singing, absolutely beautiful. She loved it. Simon says he’s not going to tell him what he thinks of it until the very end.


Time to vote and Howie begins and says yes! Mel B says she has to say yes to him. Heidi says of course she’s going to say yes. Simon says Jeffrey, he thinks this was an amazing audition and not only does he have four yesses, but he also got himself a new dog.


Next we have Shannon dressed as a super hero and she has a dog and they go through to the next round.


Then we have two guys who do some strength tricks on a pole and they also get through.


We then have a guy who does huge bubbles including putting Tyra inside one and he is through.


Next, is a couple and guy is balancing on a board and wheel and the female is doing tricks on top of him and they also put them through.


The next act is up and they dim the lights for the act. It’s a light show. The audience seemed to enjoy it and the audience and all four judges are on their feet. Simon recognizes them and they were on Britain’s Got Talent. Simon says it was a great act, but he didn’t get the ending. Howie says it was amazing, it was clear and wonderful and he loved it. Mel B says what just happened?!? It was a beautiful story and it kept her focused and it was beautiful to watch. Heidi says she loved it too and it was visually so beautiful.


Howie says yes! Mel B says it’s a definite yes. Heidi loves them and it’s a yes from her. Simon says they have four yesses and they are through to the next round.


Next we see a montage of singers and Simon giving them criticism. We then meet Daniel from New York. He’s a classical crossover singer and he’s going to sing an original song. Mel B wishes him luck. He begins and the audience really enjoys it, but none of the judges look impressed. Simon asks if he has a second song and Daniel says no. Simon says you can’t do that for an audition, you have to have a second song.


Simon says there is a better song for him. Mel B asks what it is and Simon says he won’t know, it’s a song Simon knows. Simon talks to a casting assistant and asks if they can give Daniel the song and he can learn it and come back later and perform it. Simon says Daniel deserves a second chance and sends him off to learn the song. Daniel is backstage and he says he’s excited, but freaking out because he doesn’t have a lot of time and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.


Auditions continue and Daniel is still learning the song. We see another singer, Lauren, performing and Simon says she sounds like too many other people and she needs to perfect her act and she says no. Heidi doesn’t think she’s ready and Howie also says no but wishes her luck.


Daniel is ready to return and attempt to perform Passera by Il Divo. He is going to try not to mess it up. Heidi says if he pulls this off she’ll be so impressed. The crowd begins to applaud. The judges are looking at each other as Simon listens intently. As he finishes he gets a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Heidi thinks Daniel is insane. Simon says that tells a lot about him as a person and he thinks he did incredibly well and he really, really likes him. Mel B says he really, really liked him, but the second time she really loved him big time. She says well done. Howie thought Simon was nuts and he was setting Daniel up to fail. Simon says he always loved that song and he thinks Daniel did it justice. Heidi thinks he’s incredible.


Heidi starts the voting with a yes. Howie says yes. Mel B says oh yes baby. Simon says he got four yesses, congratulations.


Next we have an act from Japan and the gentleman arrived the day before and he’s going to show him a traditional Japanese tablecloth performance. Simon asks why he wanted to audition this year and the interpreter says because this is a famous television show. Simon wishes him luck.


He begins by pulling a tablecloth cleanly from under two teacups. He then takes off his suit and puts the tablecloth in front of him while he gets nude. Mel B hits her button. He then lays down and puts a cup over his privates and two cups over his chest and rips the table cloth out leaving the cups to cover him. Heidi also gives an X. He then puts a table cloth in the fan and turns it on to rip it from under the cup over his privates. Simon then buzzes and the interpreter runs out with a robe. Simon asks the interpreter what the heck was that?


Howie says his fellow judges didn’t get it. Time to vote and Howie says oh yes. Mel B gives an absolute no. Heidi says not her cup of tea and it’s a no from her as well. Simon says no, they don’t want to see it again.


The next act is married and they are a trapeze act called Duo Transcend. They’d love to get a show in Vegas so they are in one city and can spend time with their son. Tice, the man, has an eye disease that creates things to be fuzzy and he will eventually become blind. His biggest fear is missing a catch and Mary falling. They want to do this for as long as they can. The judges greet them and Simon wishes them luck.


Mary and Tice climb the rope to the trapeze and get in place. The audience is on their feet and the judges look afraid. They get an ovation from the audience and from all of the judges except Mel B.


Simon says he thinks the people will relate to them and root for them. He says this is the first act of it’s kind he can see going into the finals. Heidi thought it was absolutely incredible. Mel B says she has to be honest. There were a few tricks that didn’t make her go wow. She wasn’t wowed enough. Howie says he was wowed and he thought it was fantastic.


Heidi gives a definite yes. Simon says a million, billion percent yes. Mel B says she wasn’t wowed so she has to say no. Howie says maybe something was wrong with eyesight, but they need three yesses and he has the power to give it to them and they are moving on.


Next, we have Annelise and she is Bello’s daughter. Bello was on AGT last year and she thought he was a superhero. She feels like her dad always pushed her to follow her dreams. She’s been Bello Nock’s daughter, but she’s ready to step out on her own and make a name for herself. Simon asks why she wouldn’t do this and she says she wanted to show that girls can do it.


Annelise is going to be performing the exploding coffin. Simon asks how dangerous the act is and she says it’s very dangerous. Simon says he hopes it goes well and good luck. The judges come outside to watch and we see the safety team setting things up. Bello is giving last minute advice. Howie notes her father looks worried. Annelise is nailed into the coffin. The coffin explodes and the crowd waits with the judges. Annelise is laying down and a safety technician runs up to check on things and Annelise gets up slowly and gives the thumbs up.


Back inside, Annelise returns to the stage. Heidi gives her kudos for doing something so gutsy and she calls that girl power. Howie says when she got into the box and it explode that was amazing. Mel B says it was absolutely terrifying, but she’s glad she’s alive. Simon says it might be better with more dynamite in the box and she has to think about the act. Annelise asks if Simon wants to join her and he says I’ll think about it.


Howie says he’ll start the voting and it’s a yes. Mel B says definitely yes. Heidi says yes. Simon says he hasn’t agreed to lay in a box with her but it’s four yesses.


Our final act is Amanda and she’s 15 from Boston and she’s a singer. Howie greets her and Amanda says she feels like her experiences connect her with music. She was raised in the Dominican Republic and when she came here she didn’t know any English and she got bullied a lot. Simon asks what got her through that period and she says music and her mom. Her mother inspired her to not be ashamed of who she is.


Amanda says she’s a little nervous and Howie turns the stage over to her and says best of luck. Amanda sings A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. The crowd loves it. Howie looks happy and Simon looks surprised. Mel B looks happy and she’s clapping. She gets an ovation from the audience, Heidi is the first on her feet, followed by Mel B and Howie.


Heidi says wow. She is just blown away by Amanda’s beautiful voice. She loved it. Howie says she sang natural woman, and she is a super natural talent. Simon says do you know what you have Amanda? She has genuinely natural soul and that’s not an easy song to sing. This is an audition they are going to remember for a long time. Mel B says where do I start? That was just incredible. She has goose pimples all over, she loves her, and she loves her voice. She hits the golden buzzer.

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