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America's Got Talent Episode 3-Auditions 3

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The first act we meet is Sophie and she is five and she is going to sing. Her mother says Sophie likes to do lots of things like cooking, clothing, and she loves princesses. She sings to make people happy and she doesn’t care about the money.


Tyra brings Sophie on stage and the audience applauds and oohs and awes. Heidi greets Sophie and Sophie says there are so much people. Her favorite judge is Mr. Simon. She had a dream he pressed the golden button. Heidi wishes her luck.


Sophie sings My Way by Frank Sinatra. The audience and judges are laughing and cheering. Sophie gets a standing ovation from the audience as she sings the last chorus and the judges join the audience as Sophie finishes.


Heidi says we’ll go to Sophie’s favorite judge first. Simon says he wasn’t expecting that and he loves that song. He wants Sophie to date his son and she was adorable. Mel B says she’s so cute and Sophie says thank you. Mel B says she sung like an angel. Howie says that was amazing and she is the adorable, cutest, and talented thing he’s seen on stage. Heidi says she should be very proud of herself.


It’s time to vote. Howie says yes. Mel B says she has to say yes. Simon says Sophie is happiness in a bottle and she has her three yesses. Heidi also gives her a yes and she’s on to the next round.


Next we are introduced to Sixto and Lucia and they are from Cuba but they inform us they broke up and they argue over who broke up with who. They take the stage and Heidi greets them and they explain they were inspired by previous quick change artists. Simon asks about their relationships and Sixto says he made many mistakes. Heidi says she loves a quick change act and she wishes them luck.


Sixto and Lucia begin their act and Lucia has several changes. Eventually, Sixto joins Lucia in the same curtain and they both change. Tyra joins Lucia and smoke appears and both Lucia and Tyra have their outfits changed. The audience loved it and they get a standing ovation and all four judges.


Simon says he’s seen a lot of these acts and this is one of the best he’s seen and Howie agrees. Simon says it’s not just about the technique, but their personality and they are perfect for America’s Got Talent. Howie agrees, he’s never seen such quick movement and it was fantastic. Mel B says it was so slick and it was entertaining. Heidi says it was great.


Heidi is going to start the voting for Sixto and Lucia and she gives the first yes. Simon gives them their second yes. Mel B says yes, yes, yes. Howie says he’s changing their three yesses into four.


The next act takes the stage and we meet Noah from South Carolina. He got his start doing YouTube videos and he was once on Glee. He started doing song on YouTube as a way to express himself and he got a call from the casting department of Glee. He’s just trying to get to music now. Simon wishes him luck.


Noah steps behind the mic with a guitar and sings Love On The Brain by Rihanna. Mel B says his voice sounds so good and the audience cheers. As he finishes he has a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says he is wonderful and unique. Mel B says he killed it. Heidi says he has a sexy voice. Simon says Noah is very current and sometimes it’s just about timing and maybe this is his time.


Time to vote. Howie says oh yes! Mel B says yes! Yes. Heidi says definite yes. Simon says he got three, now this is really glee and he has four yesses.


His name is Seth and he’s a performer. He grew up in a large family in a small town in Texas. He’s been able to perform on various stages, but this one is one of the biggest. He’s going to go up and do his best. He takes the stage while the judges and audience clap for him. He’s in a caterpillar costume and he falls down as he comes out. Simon asks what in the bloody heck is that? Seth rolls to the edge of the stage and pops down and looks at all the people.


Seth goes up in front of the judges and the crowd starts to boo. Simon directs Seth back to the stage and he hops up the steps. Simon asks where he’s from and Seth answers from the forest where he lives among the other beautiful creatures. Simon says whatever he’s going to do, get on with it and make it quick. Seth says he’ll see them in two weeks. He sheds his caterpillar costume and he’s in a chrysalis now. Mel B and Howie both hit their X’s and then Simon and Heidi follow along.


Seth has come out of his chrysalis and is wearing butterfly wings on his rear and nothing in his front. Mel B notes he’s not wearing underwear. Simon says that was the worst act they’ve ever seen and it’s four no’s and leave the stage. Tyra comes out with bug spray. Seth falls as he’s leaving the stage and he’s booed.


Next we have a group of young men come out and they are called the Future Kings and they are from Chicago. They’ve been together for about six years. The lead boys talk about their neighborhood and the gang violence and how hard their mom worked to keep them from getting involved. They started a dance group and they wanted to do it as a career, but one of the brothers became a father and he had to stop dancing. It’s been four years since they’ve performed together but they wanted to audition together.


Howie wishes them luck and gives them the stage. They are a hip-hop group. They dance to Be Humble by Kendrick Lamar. They get a standing ovation from the audience. The judges seemed to enjoy the performance.


Mel B liked the choreography a lot. It’s very current, very now, and very on point. Heidi loved the energy and it was exciting and she wants to see more. Howie says they are exuding a joy and they are a group that enjoys what they are doing and as an audience they loved watching. Simon says it was very powerful and cool, and he liked the energy and it was his favorite act of the day.


Howie starts with a yes. Heidi gives a second yes. Mel B says definitely, 100% yes. Simon gives the fourth yes and says congratulations.


The next act is up and gives the judges virtual reality goggles. Howie says they are not only watching something, they are living in it. Simon thinks what they did is clever, but he didn’t actually like being in it.


We then have a Russian gentleman and he is obsessed with technology. He wanted to bring science fiction to life and as he grew older he realized there was a good side and a bad side. He says tonight we’ll have an interesting combination of dancer and technology. We have a guy on stage selecting a destination and an avatar, a wolf, and he becomes a part of the game. The audience loves the act and Mel B seems intrigued. The audience and all four judges are on their feet as the act closes.


Simon greets the two gentleman and the guy who was in the act was named Constantine and the creator is with him on stage. Howie says what he was able to do and the amount of creativity was amazing. Mel B says they crammed so much into that it blew her mind, well done. Heidi says it was one of the most amazing things she’s ever seen. Simon says it’s exciting to see things they’ve never seen before and that was perfection.


Howie gives Constantine and the creator a yes. Mel B gives a definite yes and Heidi does the same. Sim gives four yesses.


The next act is up and he is from France. He’s a puppet at and the puppet is drawing and he is drawing a picture of Simon. Simon gives a standing ovation. We then see the drawing on Simon’s dressing table.


The next act is a singer and his favorite judge is Simon and everyone buzzes him except Simon and Mel B and Heidi leave. Mel B runs back and hits Simon’s button as Simon is giving the guy a hug. Simon says it was one of his favorite auditions.


The next act is Trish and she’s 57 from Chicago and she loves Simon. She put her dream of singing on hold because she had a big family and now she’s ready to be judged by Simon and she never gave up her dream. She’s waited a very long time to perform for Simon.


Trish takes the stage and Mel B greets her. Trish says she’s going to sing and dedicate her song to Simon. She sings If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight and The Pips. The audience seems to enjoy the performance and Mel B is impressed and says yes! As she finishes she winks at Simon and she gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Mel B asks Trish if she’d love to hug Simon and Trish says yes and she runs to give Simon a hug. Howie says she is amazing but he was uncomfortable and they should get a room. Heidi thought she was fabulous. Simon has a little bit of crush on Trish and she’s very naughty.


Simon is going to kick this off with a yes. Heidi says Trish gets a definite yes. Howie gives a yes. Mel B gives the fourth yes and says they’ll see her in the next round. Simon asks if she has a boyfriend and he says her husband.


It’s time for a danger act. We meet an escape artist and it’s his dream to be on AGT. He’s going to perform an extremely dangerous act, The Lord Nil, that has never been seen before and it involves scorpions. He had a lot of energy when he was a kid so he started kick boxing, but he wanted more danger. So he started escaping. He performed a different escape act before and had serious injuries, but this is important to him and he’s doing his most dangerous act tonight. He’s not afraid of death, he challenges death.


The Lord Nil has 90 seconds to escape. Simon asks if anything has ever gone wrong and he says that’s always a possibility. His wife is his assistant and her name is Mya. Mya puts two zip ties on each arm and then puts a padlock on the box he has put his head in and Mya gives him a knife. He has to escape before the scorpions are dropped on his head. He drops the knife 13 seconds in. There is a back up knife on the box. He is bending the bars his arms are strapped to and he’s able to reach the back-up knife and he cuts the zip ties. He’s down to 10 seconds and he’s working on the padlock. He escapes just as the scorpions fall into the box and he locks them in.


Howie says it came close that time. He says that was so scary and The Lord Nil escaped and saved his life, he’s amazed. Heidi says she has never seen anything like that before and it was very exciting. Simon says he was on the edge of his seat and it was maddest thing he’s ever seen. He’s interested to see what he would do next.


Simon kicks the voting off with a yes. Howie gives a second yes. Heidi says a definite yes for her. Mel B says The Lord Nil through to the next round.


Next we meet Michelle, a poet. She does a poem about a spider that climbs a water spout. She is quickly X’d by all four judges. Howie says she’s a sweet lady but they need something with more oomph.


Next, we meet a guy who is a cat person. Heidi says she had a hard time staying awake for his act. We then see a dancing chicken and they didn’t like it. Simon says they need something to pick them up.


Next, we have Hans, an international superstar, and his talent is everything. He’s bigger than Madonna and Lady Gaga. He says Simon will see a Susan Boyle quality in him and he’s ready to share his gift with the world. He wants global domination. He takes the stage with an accordion. He greets Heidi in German. Simon greets Hans and asks if he does this full time. Hans says it’s really an act of charity. Hans says he does it all and he’s going to give Simon a Beyonce show on a Demi Lovato budget. Simon wishes him good luck.


Hans says he thought they’d have a good old-fashioned German sing along. He starts to sing Proud Mary by Tina Turner. He puts the accordion down and starts dancing. The audience is on their feet. He also does a little tap dancing. He finishes with the splits and he has an ovation from the audience and Howie.


Howie says he can’t stop smiling and laughing. Mel B doesn’t know what she witnessed but it made her laugh and her heart feel warm. He says Geri is now his second favorite spice. Heidi says in German she’s really, really proud of him and it’s clear he doesn’t really speak German. He then says Danke Schoen. Simon says you know how when you watch a horror movie and you shouldn’t like it but you do anyway, that’s how he feels about this act.


Howie says he is giving a yes. Mel B says she has to say yes. Heidi gives a yes in German. Simon says Hans has four ja’s.


The next act takes the stage and his name is Samuel and he’s a comedian. He’s been doing comedy full time for 10 years. He has Tourette Syndrome and he was born with it. He was diagnosed when he was 6. He was picked on a lot when he was a child. He just had a daughter and he wants to prove she can do anything. Howie wishes him luck.


The judges seem to enjoy the act. The audience is laughing and cheering halfway through. The judges are laughing. As he finishes he has an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Mel B says Samuel has taken the Tourette Syndrome and turned it into a positive, and hilarious thing. Heidi is very impressed because he’s very talented and funny. Simon says what an incredible guy he is and he has a fantastic attitude. He really, really likes Samuel. Howie agrees and says it’s tough to come out and make someone laugh. He says this is why they say laughter is the best medicine.


Simon kicks things off with a yes. Heidi gives a definite yes. Mel B says it’s a definite, definite yes from her. Howie gives the fourth yes.


Our final act is ready to take the stage and her name is Courtney and she is 13. Her dad says she is really shy and doesn’t communicate well with other children, but she comes to life when she’s doing what she loves and that is to sing. She says she is really nervous.


Courtney comes out and is greeted by Mel B. Her favorite subject in school is music. Mel B tells her not to be nervous and wishes her good luck. Courtney sings Hard to Handle by The Black Crowes. Simon is immediately surprised and the crowd immediately begins to cheer and they are on their feet. Howie is shocked and gets on his feet and she gets an ovation from all four judges.


Simon says she was like a lamb when she came out and then sang like a lion, genuinely incredible. Howie says she’s not from this era and he’s a huge Janis Joplin fan. Howie says he can’t sign her to a record deal, but he can give her the golden buzzer.

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