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America's Got Talent Episode 2-Auditions 2

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It’s time for the second night of auditions for America’s Got Talent! We get our first look at the first act of the night, Yumbo Dump. They take their shirts off and they have a sign that says they make sounds with their bodies. The first sound is a water dropping on the surface of water. Mel B buzzes them and asks why? The second sound is the sound of a cork being taken off a bottle of whiskey. Then we have the cries of dolphins. Then we have the sound of a UFO flying.


Howie wants to know how many times he sat at home and played with his belly button. Howie really liked it. Heidi says people might be wondering what their talent is and she thinks it’s making people laugh doing weird things. Simon thought halfway through he wondered what the heck he was watching. It was stupid, but they were hilarious. Mel B says she was watching a completely different show.


Simon wants to give them their first yes. Heidi gives them a yes too. Mel B has to give them a no. Howie says he’s so honored to give him their third yes.


We next meet two couples who are married. The first duo is Lindsey and Shawn, and they are a comedy duo. Simon greets them and turns the stage over to them. They start their routine and it is not well received. Simon buzzed them. Howie says he was excited to see a couple do comedy and it was uncomfortable and he says no. Mel B says no and so does Heidi. Simon says sorry, it’s four no’s.


The next couple takes the stage, UsTheDuo, and they are musicians. They sing an original song and the crowd seems to really enjoy and the judges liked it. Heidi says that made her feel all mushy inside. Howie says the song seemed a little coffee house. Mel B concurs and says there is always a risk to do an original. Simon doesn’t agree. He loved the chorus and he liked that she played the drum. He says it was a really good audition.


Heidi and Simon both give a yes. Howie says he didn’t respond to the song and he says they have a no and talk to Mel B. Mel says they have a lot of acts who are very talented and she’s on the fence. But she did like the song and she gives them a yes.


Next we have a pet segment. We see a woman who has imaginary cats and she sings and is buzzed. Then we have Lily who lives on a farm with her mom and dad. She loves to talk with animals. Simon asks what she’d do with the money if she won and she says she’d donated it to hospitals and animal shelters.


We hear Old MacDonald had a farm and a picture of a dolphin appears and Lily makes a dolphin sound, followed by a turkey. She then neighs like a horse. She dedicates the dog to Simon. Everyone seems to love her. She does a duck next and she is giggling throughout her routine. She then does a rooster.


Simon tells Lily that was fantastic. Howie asks if she’s ever done that at the back of the class and says he loves her. Mel B says she’s such a sweet girl and very likeable. Heidi says it was a lot of fun and she’s great. Simon says amazing and he thinks America will fall in love with her.


Simon gives Lily a yes. Heidi gives a yes as well. Mel B gives her a third yes. Howie gives Lily a fourth yes and she gets emotional.


Next we have a segment on superstitions specifically surrounding the number 13 for season 13 of AGT. We see two gentleman, FratelliRossi, take the stage and they are brothers and they are going to do a tumbling act. Simon asks how dangerous the act is and one of the brothers says he tore his ACL last time he performed and he had surgery and this is first performance back.


One brother of Fratelli Rossi is laying down and using his legs and feet to flip his brother in various ways and pretty quickly. The one brother then falls. He then decided he cannot continue and the crowd is cheering. They decide they are going to go again after all and they make another attempt and he ends standing on his brothers feet and he did a flip and landed on his feet. The crowd cheers loudly. He then does ten flips and then lands on his feet again. They get a standing ovation.


Heidi says that was terrifying. Mel B says it was hot in a dangerous way. Howie says the only thing they can say is wow. Simon says it’s not always fair to judge these acts on perfection and the fact it went wrong and then they nailed it made it better.


Howie gives the first yes. Mel B says yes, yes, yes. Heidi says they are definitely getting a yes from her. Simon gives them their fourth yes.


We’re back for the auditions and we start with a woman singing Take Me To Church by Hozier. They immediately go to voting and the woman gets four yeses and moves on. We have the next woman take the stage and her name is Christina and she’s from Texas and she’s 42. She auditioned in the past and did well and got standing ovations, but she was turned down because she wouldn’t fit the costumes they were using.


Mel B asks Christina if she sings for a living and she says no she’s a registered nurse. Simon asks why she came on the show this year and she says she wants to show her boys that nothing should prevent them from making their dreams come true. Mel B turns the stage over to her. Christina sings I Know Where I’ve Been by Queen Latifah. The crowd immediately responds and cheers.


Christina is finishing her song and she has an ovation from all four judges and the crowd and she’s immediately emotional. Howie says she just blew the cork off and exploded and they felt her energy. Mel B tells her not to let anyone else’s comments stop her from being here. Heidi just wishes she could do half of what she does. Simon  says one of the reasons he wanted to do these shows is because he works with stupid people in the music business. Simon says it doesn’t matter what someone looks like if they are a fantastic singer.


Howie gives the first yes. Mel B says yes! Heidi says Christina has her third yes. Simon says she has her fourth yes.


Next we have a group take the stage and Heidi gives them some encouragement. They are called DaRepublik and they are a hip hop dance group. The crowd is enjoying it and Heidi is dancing in her seat. The crowd explodes as they are finishing their routine.


Mel B thinks DaRepublik was brilliant. Howie says this is pure amazing, brilliance in dance. Heidi agrees and she says it felt like a different type of passion from them. Simon says in 2 minutes they did about everything they could do. He loves their personalities and the way they look.


Heidi is going to kick it off and gives DaRepublik a yes. Mel B gives a yes. Howie gives a yes. Simon says you have your fourth yes!


We now have a segment of Simon unimpressed with several acts. We have our next act, ItsAaronCrow, take the stage and he doesn’t answer any of the judges questions. He has a sword and he tosses up an apple and uses the sword to cut it. He then grabs a few random audience members and Howie.


Aaron has one audience member hold a paper bag and the second audience member hold a block of wood horizontally. Howie gets a pineapple to hold on his head. The guy pours hot wax on his eyes and then wraps his head with gauze and then electrical tape and then aluminum foil. He then takes a knife and pokes the bag, then takes nunchucks and breaks the wood, and finally he takes the sword and slices it through the pineapple.


Simon says it takes balls to do what Aaron just did, it was incredible. Mel B says for once she felt sorry for Howie but she loved it. Heidi thought it was incredible. Howie says his brain is saying no but as a judge the real answer is yes. Mel B gives a definite yes. Heidi wants to see what he does next. Simon also says yes.


Next we have Alex Cooper and he’s here to unite the world through happiness, positivity, and comedy. He wants everyone he sees to smile and have a wonderful moment in their day. He takes the stage and is greeted by Simon. Simon turns the stage over to him. He begins by roasting Tyra and then Howie and the audience boos and Howie gives an X.


Alex starts on Mel B and she then gives him an X. Alex moves on to Heidi and she also gives an X. Mel B wonders what he’ll say about Simon and Alex says he’s getting to him. Simon is laughing at Alex but the crowd is booing. Mel B gets up and hits Simon’s buzzer. Simon says he’s not sure where this will go but we’ll start with Howie. Howie says no. Mel B says no. Heidi says no. Simon thought he was really funny and gives him a yes.


The next act takes the stage and he tells Simon to call him Mochi. Simon asks what he wants to achieve and he responds to perform all over the world. He steps in front of a screen and we get a light show. The crowd loved it and he gets an ovation.


Howie says when you think you’ve seen everything and then there’s a Mochi and you realize you haven’t seen anything yet. Mel B says it was brilliant and it’s very current and she’s on point. Heidi says it was brilliant and a lot of fun. Simon says he thinks the act went so well because of Mochi’s personality.


Time to vote and Howie gives a yes. Mel B gives a yes. Heidi says it’s a yes from her. Simon says Mochi got four yeses.


The next act is an older couple who is there to dance for the judges. Their daughter introduces them and is there to translate. The music starts and it’s Talk Dirty to Me by Jason Derulo. The crowd seems to be a mix of excited and cheering but grossed out and disgusted. Mel B buzzes them.


Their daughter returns to the stage and her mother is thanking the audience. Howie wants to know what’s wrong with Mel B and she says some things need to be done in private. Heidi says she prays she’s lucky when she’s that old. Simon says he’s surprised by them and it’d be awkward if he was the daughter. Mel B says that was too much and this is a family show.


Howie gives them a yes and Mel B says she has to say no. Simon says obviously yes and Heidi gives a third yes.


Our final act is Michael Ketterer and he’s a pediatric mental health nurse and he’s going to sing. He sings To Love Somebody by the BeeGees. The crowd cheers and gets on their feet. Simon looks surprised. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Howie says when he watches and listens to him he just wants to be a fraction of the person he is. Simon says when you see singers on these shows it doesn’t always have to be perfect technically. Simon says actions speak louder than words and he hits his golden buzzer.

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