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America's Got Talent Episode 1-Auditions 1

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Are you ready for another season of America’s Got Talent?!? Tyra Banks is the host again. We also have all four returning judges of Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell.


We meet Svetlana and Marina and their cats. They know Simon is not a cat person, but they hope to change his mind. Simon greets them and asks what they do and Marina says they train cats and Simon asks why? He turns the stage over to them.


Marina has a hula hoop and the first cat is brought out and the cat jumps through the hoop and then stands on it’s hind legs. The next cat is brought out and pushes a small barrel. The two cats then play leap frog. We then have another cat who they put on a balance beam of sorts and the cat crawls along the bottom. Another cat dances across the stage on it’s hind legs. Another cat is placed between two balance beams and crawls across using it’s two legs inching across. We have another cat who is expected to jump through a hoop made of paper, but the cat gets spooked. The cat is brought back and successfully completes the jump. The last trick is a cat climbs to the top of a pole and jumps off onto a pillow.


Howie says they’ve seen these tricks done by dogs, but never cats. Mel B says that was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Heidi says she used to have a cat and she wouldn’t even respond to her name. Simon says that was impressive because dogs want to please and cats are like make me. Simon thinks there is a gap in the market for this. He could take his dogs to this type of show.


Time to decide. Howie gives them a yes. Mel B gives a yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon says you know what’s coming....four yesses.


We have our next contestant who is a card magician. His name is Shin and he knows the judges are getting a little tired of card magicians, but he hopes they think he’s special enough to move on. He brings out Tyra and asks her to select a card and write her name on the card. She selects the Queen of Spades and he places it in the deck and then pulls it to the top. He then takes the card and rubs it against his chest and the card is blank and the face of the card is on his chest. He then changes the color of the deck and there is one card from the original deck and it is Tyra’s card.


Shin then has Tyra place her card between her hands. He takes the blank card and has it appear with the face and has Tyra reveal the card between her hands is now blank. He then shows the faces of the cards and lays them out on a table with blank cards and an arrow pointing to an envelope and inside the envelope is Tyra’s signed card. Then he makes the cards appear transparent and shuffles through them and Tyra’s card is there. He has Tyra put her card back in the transparent deck and put her hand on the deck. It starts smoking and she moves her hand and her card is sealed inside of a package.


Howie says that was by leaps and bounds the best sleight of hand and close up magic. Mel B says he has ballerina hands. Heidi cannot close her mouth. Simon says he told someone earlier on he’s had it with card magic, but he’s now going to take it back because that was unbelievable. Howie gives a yes. Mel B gives a yes. Heidi gives a third yes. Simon says he thinks everyone in there gives Shin a yes.


It’s time for our next act to take the stage and we meet Ian Brown. He’s not here to be on stage talent, he wants to be a judge. Ian considers himself to have the qualities he thinks a judge should have. He would probably replace Howie because he thinks he could do just as good as job as him.


Ian says he usually says things the way he sees them so he thinks he’s most like Simon. Heidi says so that means you would swap with him? Ian says well the show is Simon’s and they should keep the male/female balance. Howie says what are you saying? You think you can do what I do and do it better? Howie relinquishes his seat and Ian steps in and Howie goes to sit in the audience. Ian takes a drink from Howie’s cup.


Mike comes out to perform his act and Tyra informs him there’s a new judge. Simon turns things over to Ian and has him greet Ian. Mike is a musician so he’s going to be performing a song. Simon advises Ian to tell Mike to take it away. Mike uses his hands to make farting noises to perform America the Beautiful. He is quickly buzzed by Simon, Heidi, and Mel B. Ian lets him go a bit longer and then give the fourth X.


Simon asks Ian what he thinks of Mike and Ian says very disappointing. Mel B asks Ian if that’s all Ian has? Simon says he’s actually going to fire Ian. Ian exits the judges panel and Howie returns and gives Ian his cup. Heidi says no one can replace Howie. Simon says it was like losing his arm. They return to voting for Mike and Howie gives a no. Mel B gives a no. Heidi says it’s not a million dollar act. Simon also gives a no.


Next we have a trio take the stage. They are called We Three and they are a sibling band. They are Joshua, Bethany, and Manny. Their dad had a family band with his siblings and they decided to do the same thing. They wrote a song to celebrate their mother, who passed away from cancer. Manny says it’s a song written from her perspective talking to her children. Simon wishes them the best of luck.


We Three get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Mel B says she lost her father over a year ago so she felt like that song was meant for her. She says it was really, really good. Heidi says she loved their voices and how they harmonized together. She loved the song. Howie says they all have parents and this was so strong and he felt it. Simon says he always struggles with live bands but the whole thing worked and it felt like a record. He says their voices were on point and there is something special about them.


Howie gives a definite yes. Mel B gives a yes. Heidi gives a definite yes too. Simon gives We Three a fourth yes and they are moving on.


We have next a quartet of young men who performed together at a high school talent show. The name of their group is Italian and it’s their favorite opera song. They are going to perform My Heart Will Go On by Il Divo. The music begins to play and they have water in their mouths and they are spitting it out like fountains. They move around the stage doing their fountains. Simon gives them an X. Mel B thinks it’s funny. They spit the water in each other’s mouths and Mel B and Howie are on their feet.


Tyra backstage is saying she loved the guys doing the fountains. Mel B says this is why she loves AGT. There is no where in the entire world where you would see that besides this stage. Howie says you could see it at the Bellagio. Simon wasn’t impressed. Mel B says she loves them. Simon says he doesn’t know what they’ve been drinking but he just saw four guys spitting on each other and they get a standing ovation. Heidi loved it and Howie says amazing. Simon says it was stupid.


Simon gives the fountain guys a no. Mel B gives a big yes. Heidi gives a yes. Howie says they need three yesses and he’s the third.


Next we have a group from the Phillipines. Simon asks why they are here and the spokesman says in the Phillipines they are street children and this is their dream to perform on the world’s biggest stage. They are a dance group and Simon wishes them the best of luck. Midway through their routine they put on heels. The judges seem to be having fun.


The dance group get an ovation from the audience and three of the judges. Howie says wow. Mel B says what just happened? Mel B says she wasn’t expecting that and she loves them. Howie says this was amazing and they are the epitome of dreams coming true. Heidi loved the music, she loved the dancing, and that was insane and they woke her up. Simon says he likes to judge these acts on an entertainment basis. He says the first half of the act he felt like he seen it before, but the second half blew him away.


Howie gives the dance group a yes. Mel B gives a yes, yes, and yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon says they have four yesses. Congratulations!


Next we have a 14-year old girl who is a rapper. Her father was a rapper and he died before she was born. He couldn’t fulfill his dream so she’s there to do it. The song she raps is about her personal life and situation. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Mel B says the young rapper is so on point and so honest. Heidi says it is a crazy world we’re living in right now and she’s so happy a young girl like her is writing a song like that. Howie says she said before she rapped that she didn’t know if they were ready for her. Howie says they are not only ready, but they need it. Simon says he doesn’t know much about rap, but he thinks they are seeing the start of something. He says that was his favorite audition by a clear mile and he wants to meet her mom. She says she’s so proud of her.


Time to vote! Howie votes yes. Mel B says it’s a definite yes from her. Heidi says definite yes. Simon tells her to get ready for the next round because she has four yesses.


Next we have a comedian named Vikki. Mel B greets her and asks what her act is and she says she’s a ballerina. Then she says no I can’t be a ballerina because I like dinner. Mel B says comedy is difficult to do and turns it over to Vikki. The audience seemed to enjoy her act and they give her an ovation as do Mel B and Howie.


Mel B says so many things have happened to her in the last year and she just wanted to laugh and Vikki made her belly laugh. Heidi enjoyed it. Howie says there is a space for a female comic and she filled a void left by Joan Rivers. Simon says Vikki is the funniest person they’ve had on the show. Simon says people are really going to relate to her and he says she’s an absolute star.


Time to vote and Howie gives Vikki the first yes. Mel B gives a definite yes. Heidi gives the third yes. Simon gives her a fourth yes and she’s moving on.


We have our next act take the stage and his name is James and he has a box. He goes off stage to put on a mask and a shawl and comes up in front of the judges. He’s doing some dance movements. He quickly gets buzzed by all four judges.


Howie says it wasn’t even an act. James was putting a spell of creativity into the theater. They go straight to the vote and all four judges give a no. We have a montage of “scary” bad acts.


We have a “scary” looking girl take the stage and Heidi says creepy. Mel B asks what her name is and there is no response. Mel B welcomes the girl and she drops her doll and walks towards the judges table.


She walks around the judges table and go to stand behind Mel B. She then goes back around front and picks up a cloth off of a box that has cards in it. They have old faces on them with names and she pulls out a newspaper and it says 12 people died in a building blaze, suicide victim to blame. We hear a creepy voice saying who caused the fire and Mel B is supposed to choose a card. She selects Bob. Simon buzzes the act and scares Heidi.


The girl has a camera and takes a picture of Mel B and gives her the polaroid. The girl reveals the picture in the newspaper is Bob. The girl wads the paper up and puts in a bowl with the picture of Bob. Mel B looks at the polaroid and it’s a picture of her with Bob behind her. Howie tells her to go away now. Mel B says that’s crazy.


The girl returns to the stage and picks up her doll. Howie says the magic is incredible but the horror is real. Simon tells her she needs to watch some Disney movies or something. Mel B thought it was great. Heidi loves how creepy she is and it was pretty fantastic. Howie asks why Simon buzzed it and he said he just wanted it to end.


Time to vote and Howie gives a yes. Heidi also gives a yes. Simon thinks if he gives a yes they are cursed so he’s going to say no. Mel B says even though she’s scared she’s going to give her a yes because she wants to see what she’s going to do next.


We have a large group called Zurcaroh take the stage and Simon greets them and asks why AGT? The spokesman says because this is the biggest stage where they can show their skills and their talent. The group is not professional dancers and everyone is welcome. They dance and do some acrobatics. The audience is on their feet halfway through their performance. The judges seem impressed. The finish and the crowd erupts and all four judges are on their feet.


Simon says wow, wow, wow. It was ok. Howie says what? Howie keeps saying wow. He says they see dancing and tumbling but wow! Mel B says for all of them to be that in sync, wow too! On point! Heidi says they were unbelievable and it was absolutely incredible. Wow! Simon says there is something in the air right now and that’s one of the most incredible things he’s seen on any of the shows. It was breath taking.


Simon says let’s vote and turns to Howie. Tyra comes out and says hold up and she runs to hit the golden buzzer for Zurcaroh. Simon says he’s thrilled for all of them.  

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