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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Finale recap

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The decision is now in the hands of the massive jury! With each juror getting 1 vote, they’ll decide the winner. We welcome in Ryan, Alejandra, Olivia, Johnny, Maddy, and Will. Johnny comes in on crutches. He was running up and down walls at jury and broke his foot. Will thinks Derek or Kaela will be sitting next to him in jury. Arisa brings out Derek.


Before they cast their votes, they each get to ask either Paras or Kaela anything they want to decide who should win.


Ryan wants to ask Kaela what she could possibly say to change his mind to get his vote? Kaela says the only reason she wanted him out is because he wasn’t fooled by her like everyone else was.


Ali asks Paras was her preaching loyalty and her word if it was her strategy or playing off people’s emotions. Paras says the only move she regrets is getting rid of Ali, but she had to play on people’s emotions to get to where she was.


Olivia wants to know what big moves Kaela made before winning HOH. Kaela says she teamed up with Derek and he knew nothing about the game and she molded him to the player she needed him to be and then eliminated numbers that would have been Derek’s such as Hamza or Erica.


Johnny wants Paras to explain why Kaela played a worse game than her and drag her through the mud. Paras says Kaela was in a showmance and Paras knew all of Kaela’s alliances. Paras brought herself there.


Maddy wants Paras to tell the jury why they are wrong thinking she “fell” into final two. Paras says she made a solid alliance and she always knew Maddy would go before her. She says she brought herself to 4 and final 2, this is HER game.


Will wants to know why Kaela thought it was strategic to get rid of him and not Derek in a final four? Kaela says she had to cut Will because he would have taken Paras and vice versa. Kaela says she had Derek and she carried him, not the other way around.


Derek wants to know what Kaela’s biggest secret she kept the entire game? Kaela says she has a degree in criminal psychology and Canada put her in the house with emotional players and she knew how to play off them because they were all babies.


Arisa thanks everyone. The final 2 will make their final pitches and the jury will vote.


Just before the final vote of the season, each of the final 2 gets to plead their case to the jury.


Kaela says she has earned her position in the final 2. She has been a target since week 1 because of her showmance, and she’s been a have-not almost the entire season. She won HOH’s and vetoes and earned her way through the game. She’s a huge super fan of the season and she came to make big moves and stir the pot. She earned everything she’s done.


Paras says when she walked in she knew if she were fierce and competitive she’d be out week one. She has a criminal psychology degree and that was helpful for her. Her social game carried her through the season and she won the two most important HOH’s of the season and she brought herself here. Arisa cuts her off.


Arisa addresses the members of the jury and they’ll each cast their vote for the person they want to see win. They will vote for who they want to WIN!


Ryan says he can’t believe he got to play and he was never on slop and he would never vote for what he considers a slop game.


Alejandra says her vote goes to the person who played a nearly flawless game.


Olivia says she’s voting for the person who managed to evade her sharp intuition.


Johnny gives the Susan Hawk speech from Survivor.


Maddy says she played this game with her heart, but today as a player, a juror, and a fan she votes with her head.


Will says he’s voting for the biggest screecher in the end.


Derek says the final 2 has two beautiful ladies and he’s voting for the one he trusted to the end.


There were 7 jurors who went deep into the season, but there were 7 others who didn’t go as far who still made a massive impact. We see flashbacks from the first 7 evicted HG. Arisa introduces them and they are sitting in the audience.


Rozina says what a beautiful season they had and she loves them all.


Arisa says Andrew is surrounded by a lot of big personalities, does he think it was too much game too soon? He says he got the goblet, thanks to Maddy, and he had to play too fast too soon.


Arisa asks Jesse how he feels about 3 of the people he was aligned with made it top 3? Jesse says he’s proud of those three.


Arisa asks Veronica when she thought the BB house stopped being summer camp? Veronica says after her and Hamza went home.


Arisa asks Hamza if this is an I told you so moment because he knew the showmances were a threat? Hamza says he played himself.


Arisa says to Erica that this is the first female final 2 in Big Brother Canada history? Erica says she is happy with that outcome. Erica says they both played vastly different games but they both deserved to be there.


There’s no denying that this season of heaven and hell was full of drama and emotion. Arisa says the house meetings were out of control. It was obvious that none of the HG were afraid of explosive game play. We see clips of arguments and house meetings and HG being evicted and their final words.


Arisa says Johnny lived for the drama. Johnny says he loved it and that’s what they were there for. They were his favorite moments.


Arisa says Ali never called a house meeting but she was always at them. Ali says she’s a Latina and she has a fiery temper. She was ready to go.


Arisa asks Ryan as a fan what he thought of the house meetings? Ryan says when he wasn’t the target they were great. When he was the target it wasn’t that great.


Maddy says having a front row seat instead of watching BB Canada was really fun. Will says if you haven’t played, then you have no idea how hard it is.


Arisa introduces some clips of “Deep Thoughts” and the HG finding the meaning of Big Brother Canada.


Arisa asks Olivia if it was tiring listening to all those philosophers all the time? Olivia says yeah, it was exhausting and she couldn’t wait to go to her room and be alone with her own thoughts.


Arisa says it’s time to reveal the Season 6 winner. One at a time she’ll let them know who the voter is and how they voted and they need 4 votes to win. Good luck to them both!


Ryan voted for Paras.

Alejandra voted for Paras.

Olivia voted for Paras.

Johnny voted for Paras.


Paras is the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 6!


Arisa brings out Kaela and the winner, Paras.


Ryan is telling Paras she earned every dollar.


Arisa asks Paras how she feels. Paras says she can’t put it into words. She’s been watching the show for 5 years and to be standing there is a dream come true. Paras says she was a live feeder and she knew she needed to talk to them and give them some love.


Arisa says the vote was 6-1, with Derek being the only vote for Kaela, and she congratulates both of them.

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