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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 25 Recap

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We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Kaela says she nominated Maddy because she’s a strategic threat, but also because she found out Maddy was trying to mastermind a plan to force Kaela to put Derek on the block. Maddy says being nominated only confirms she’s got an uphill battle. She’s not surprised but it’s overwhelming. She can only take it one day at a time.


Paras says she feels kind of stupid because she just saved Kaela a day ago and now she’s on the block. She knew she was going to be on the block sooner or later. Kaela tells Paras she just didn’t want to nominate Will a second time. Paras feels betrayed by Maddy. They agree to talk later.


Maddy and Kaela are in the WA and they agree to sleep on it and talk tomorrow. Kaela says she was worried Maddy would use veto if she wasn’t on the block. Maddy asks if she’s worried if Will would use it and Kaela hesitates and again they agree to talk later.


Will tells Paras she has to gun for that veto. Paras says if Maddy wins then she’s going home. Maddy comes out and Paras says this fight is far from over. Maddy says the three of them had a huge blowout today and she feels terrible. Maddy begins to cry and says she never manipulated Paras. Paras says she was so hurt. Paras gives Maddy a hug. Paras says she has said plenty of things and screwed over plenty of people and she just couldn’t do it to Maddy. Maddy tells us when you’re in the house for so long it’s hard to separate game from the personal relationships you make.


Derek and Kaela are talking and they say Maddy cannot win because she’s the best person to leave the house this week. Will reminds of the deal he made with Derek and Kaela and he wants to go and touch base and reassure them. Derek tells Will he feels good with him. Derek reminds Will no one knows they made a deal with him. Kaela says they just need to win veto and her, Derek, Will, and Paras can move on to next week.


Derek leaves the room and Kaela says this deal could go further. Will looks at her and Kaela says if she makes final three with Derek she can’t beat him. So she can team up with a fellow East Coaster. She knows she can beat Will.


Paras and Will are in the storage room talking and Paras says they cannot make any deals. Will says he told them he wouldn’t use veto and Paras says he’s going to have to. Paras says they have to get Derek out. Paras says she’s not going to promise them anything. Paras tells us no matter what deal he made he HAS to use the veto.


Kaela is in the HOH room talking to herself. She says POV tomorrow. How did I not go home? She hopes to see her mom soon with the $100k. She knows she can do it. She keeps telling people Derek can win, but she can win. She’s willing to do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes, she’s going to win. Derek comes in and she says she’s admiring her pics.


It’s time for the veto competition. They go outside and there are five giant voodoo dolls in the backyard. Maddy says that’s appropriate because you can be stabbed in the back or the heart at any moment. The voodoo dolls have pins in them that are different colors. They will climb on their voodoo doll and periodically they will be a shown a color and they will have an allotted amount of time to remove a pin of that color. If they fall or don’t get the pin out before time runs out they are eliminated. The last one standing will win the POV.


Maddy says for this veto there are multiple pegs with the same color so you have to plan ahead. Derek says it’s so important Will does not win veto. Kaela says being short may be a disadvantage in this comp, but she’s not going to let that get her down. She’s going to get the higher ones now because she knows she won’t be able to get them later.


Will tells us his girl Paras is on the block and he’d love to win veto and take her down. But it might not be in his best interest to go against the deal he made with Daela. It’s been almost 23 minutes and it’s time to pull the striped peg. Maddy says that seems to be the one that has been anchoring everyone so it’s about to get a lot harder.


Paras is struggling and she took the wrong peg out because she couldn’t reach the correct one. She finally gets the correct one. They now have to pull a blue peg and that’s the only one Paras and Maddy can hang on to. Maddy drops and tells everyone good job and she tells Paras she’s got this. Kaela says Maddy dropping is a great thing. Paras is still standing but she has no pegs to hold onto.


They now have to pull an orange peg. Derek is struggling to hold on. Paras is mad at herself because she took the wrong orange one out earlier and now she can’t reach the other one. Paras falls. She says now all she can do is hope Will wins. Derek says he has to pull the orange peg and time is running out and Will is still in the competition and if he wins and uses veto, Derek goes on the block and is headed home.

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Derek gets the peg out but he is really struggling to hold on. Derek is super solid and he looks at Kaela and realizes they are struggling. He is NOT putting his fate in Will’s hands. He’s going to do whatever it takes to win this. Derek tries to talk Will into dropping and he guarantees they’ll be final four. Derek says if Will drops now final four is locked. Maddy says he needs to get a win. Derek says one win will not make a difference on his resume. Maddy says sorry Derek she had to chime in. Derek says it’s ok it’s a good offer. Will looks at Derek and drops and says he can’t throw away his game.


Paras says Will just made a stupid move. Paras says he was an idiot, if he had won all three of them would have been safe and Derek would have gone home. He took a deal he didn’t need to make. He has NOTHING on his resume. He thinks he made moves because he voted people out? Those aren’t moves!


Kaela says she could drop and give this to Derek but he has one more comp win than she does and this win is hers. Derek says Kaela is literally sitting on her peg now, she is savage and he doesn’t know how he can top that. Derek finally drops and Kaela has won POV!


Will goes into the white rose room and Kaela comes in and she tells him Will is final four to her no matter what. She can’t take Derek to the end and she needs someone. The hug it out. She apologizes for Derek and the deal. Derek comes in and says he was just wanting to make sure. Derek says another week, it’s going to be a blast. Derek leaves and Will flips him off. Will says that was dirty game play and if he gets a chance to take Derek out of this game he will take him out.


Derek is in the storage room and Kaela comes in. Derek says if he hadn’t said that then Will would have won. Kaela says that was a good thing because Will would have sent him home otherwise. Derek says that would have been huge for Will to win that and send him home.


Will and Paras are talking in the white rose room and he apologizes. Will says they are final four anyway but Derek played dirty. Will says Derek implied to him that he’d go home if he didn’t drop. Paras says that was his comp to win though. Paras tells us the one chance Will had to make a move in this game he threw away and now her and Maddy are screwed. They are just going to have to figure something else out.


Kaela calls all HG to the living room. Will and Maddy have gone through the season without officially being have nots. Well today is their lucky day. Big Brother is giving them a chance to be a have not in fast forward. They have to drink a slop shake, take a nap together on top of the tomb and they must take a one minute dip in the moat. If they succeed, the have not room will be closed for the season.


They get their shakes and Will is struggling. He gags in the corner. Maddy seems unphased and she finishes. Will finally finishes. Now they have to take a nap on the tomb. The completed that and now it’s time to take a dip! They both lay down in the moat and Will is wearing a pink shower cap. The have-not room is officially closed for the season!


Maddy says they closed the catacombs and now it’s time for a Hasbro house party. They are playing a game called Awkward Hugs. They ask Maddy and Derek if they are super emotional and both say no. Since Maddy lied they have to serve a consequence which is laugh as hard as they can. They ask Derek and Will if they’ve ever eaten a dog treat and both say yes. They ask Kaela and Paras if they’ve ever broken up with someone by text message and Kaela says no and Paras says yes. Kaela has to sniff Paras’ armpit and Paras says oh no, she’s not wearing deodorant. Kaela sniffs and says she can tell.


Paras and Maddy are talking. Paras says thanks to Will her and Maddy have to come up with a last minute plan to try and save themselves. They decide to pitch that Derek will come to them to get Kaela out next week. They say they will promise to cut each other because of Maddy’s betrayal if Kaela agrees.


Paras and Kaela are in the white rose room. Paras says her and Maddy need to convince Kaela using the veto is best for her game. But they have to be careful while doing it. Paras points out that Kaela can’t play in the next HOH and implies Derek could send her home. Kaela asks if she thinks he’d do that? Paras says well her and Will haven’t been able to pull anything out yet. Kaela says she’d cut Derek and she thinks he would cut her too. Paras says she’d just be skeptical and want to take the shot before he gets a chance to take a shot at her.


Paras says this is tag team effort and now it’s Maddy’s turn. Paras is downstairs while Maddy heads upstairs. Paras says she hopes this goes well, she’s nervous as hell. Maddy says she knows Kaela wants to go as far as she can as a team with Derek, but Maddy going this week is better for Derek. Maddy says Kaela has a chance because she earned HOH AND POV. Maddy says a female showmance has never cut the male first. Kaela says Derek would want to cut her at the end. Kaela says it’s more gutsy to cut him at the end. Maddy says it’s more gutsy to cut him now.


Kaela fills Derek in on their pitches. Derek says they are strong pitches. Kaela says she doesn’t think Derek is coming for her because he will beat her in a final two. Derek says he doesn’t think so. Kaela says she’s the one who screwed people over and he was the nice guy. She asks him if he will cut her and he says you have to ask? Derek wants to be the only showmance in Big Brother history to make it to a final. Kaela says she would cut him at the end and Derek says he wouldn’t talk to her if she cut him at the end. Like he wouldn’t talk to her for a long time.


It’s time for the POV ceremony! Paras speaks first and says things change really fast and if she puts someone on the block it means they are willing to gamble with their life. She saved Kaela last week and hopefully she’ll save her from the block. Maddy speaks she says it’s tempting to twist an elaborate tale to stay, but if Kaela thinks it’s better to keep Maddy in the game then that’s what she should do.


Kaela has decided NOT to use the power of veto. They both pose a threat in different ways. It’s too dangerous to keep them both around which is why one of them has to go.


Paras says Kaela, sweetheart, you do you. But not getting rid of Derek this week will bit her in the butt later on.


Maddy says she’s disappointed because Kaela had a chance to get rid of her biggest threat to the grand prize. If Maddy stays, Kaela is not going to be happy with what she does.

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