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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 23

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Arisa tells us it’s time for a triple eviction! We’ll take a look at what went down after the POV ceremony.


Ali says she feels so stupid. She put so much effort into saving Johnny last week and she is done with Johnny. Paras tells us with Ali and Kaela on the block it’s tough to say who she wants to go home. Paras says she singlehandedly decides who stays this week and that’s awesome.


Ali says she knows she 100% has Olivia because she would never go against her and she’s pretty sure she has Will. Ali goes to talk to Maddy. Ali tells her she knows they haven’t always been on the same page. Maddy tells us she sees the irony in Ali having to grovel to her for her vote. Maddy tells her that Ali has been tossing her name around a lot and now she needs Maddy to help her and that’s hard to commit to. Ali says she doesn’t desperately need Maddy and Maddy agrees and says but she needs people. Ali says well she can do what she wants to do and she won’t pester her about it.


Olivia is talking to herself and she says she ate something bad today. Olivia says she wants a private room even though she’s only sharing with Ali. Olivia says she doesn’t want to go to final two with Ali because she’ll just take credit for everything Olivia did. Liv says even though she’s insecure because she hasn’t won anything. Liv wants to call her out for her attitude.


Kaela says Will’s vote will be hard to get but she needs to convince him if Ali stays Johnny will team up with her and Olivia and go after Will. Kaela makes her pitch to Will and she says she wants Ali and Johnny gone in the triple eviction. Will says after Kaela went back on her word he doesn’t think he can trust her because he was so close to going home. Kaela says but she can promise him he will not be going home in a triple eviction. Kaela says she was worried she was going home, but Will might be buying what she’s selling.


Will goes to talk to Paras and Maddy and tells them their conversation. Paras says Kaela is just pitching that because her back is up against the wall and she doesn’t know if they should trust her. Will tells us he has some thinking to do and then he would have to get Maddy and Paras on board. He leaves and Paras tells Maddy she doesn’t trust Kaela but this might be the move to make.


Kaela and Derek are talking and Kaela tells him he can win this. Derek says they can. Kaela says she had a really good talk with Will. Derek says this is our game to lose. This is our house. Kaela says it’s always been their house.


The first vote is coming right up but before we get to it Ali and Kaela are working hard to stay and they are pulling all the stops out.


Paras and Derek are talking and Paras is saying if she keeps Kaela then Derek needs to have her back. Johnny interrupts and says Derek has been talking about Paras and the other side all week. Derek wants Johnny to leave so he can rebuild some trust and he doesn’t want Johnny to throw him under the bus.


Derek calls Johnny out for lying to the entire house and blowing his game up and that’s why he isn’t good with everyone anymore. Derek again asks Johnny to leave so he can finish his conversation with Paras. Johnny says he will leave because he chooses to leave.


Johnny tells us if Kaela stays then his HOH was a waste and he’s going to do everything he can to blow up Daela’s game. Kaela is talking to Maddy, Paras, and Will and Johnny is outside listening. Kaela is saying if Ali stays then Johnny is going to work with Ali and Olivia and put up Will, Maddy, and Paras on the block. Johnny interrupts and says it’s a lie and he wants to know if they want a house conversation. Kaela says ok.


Johnny goes to grab Olivia and Paras and Derek comes in as well and Johnny is calling Daela are lying through their teeth to keep Kaela safe. Ali tells Kaela not to guarantee anything about what she would do because Kaela doesn’t know what Ali would do. This ensues into a fight with Ali yelling. Kaela says all she can say is next week Johnny and Olivia are gone and Olivia says if you can pull it off. Ali makes a final pitch about everyone trusting their gut on who they can trust moving forward.


Arisa greets the houseguests and she’s giving them a moment to plead their case. Kaela says if they think she can keep them one more week or longer please keep her here and she promises them she will Johnny out the door. Ali says HG, desperate attempts on a bed of lies mean nothing. She brings up Kaela telling Will to take the phone call with his son and promising not to put him but then doing it anyway. Ali says it was her and Liv’s vote to keep him safe and actions speak louder than words.


Time to vote!

Derek votes to evict Alejandra.

Olivia votes to evict Kaela.

Maddy votes to evict Alejandra.

Paras votes to evict Alejandra.

Will votes to evict Alejandra.


By a vote of 4-1, Alejandra has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


As Alejandra leaves Olivia says you better hope like heck I don’t win this HOH. Alejandra says as she leaves that Derek and Kaela’s word mean nothing and they will not get her jury vote.


Arisa says Ali was the first on the block and then went far and what an explosive exit. Ali says freaking Johnny!


Arisa asks about her journey and strategy. Ali says her plan was to come in and find one person to trust and she loved that she worked with Olivia and she’s rooting for her.


Time to let the HG know about the triple eviction. Two more will be leaving the house and more details are coming up. Arisa directs them all to go to the backyard!


It’s time to find a new HOH! This is called Name that Speech. Arisa is going to ask a question and the HG have to identify who said it. If they are correct they stay in the game.


At an eviction ceremony who said they lost 20 pounds but gained 15 new best friends? Ryan was the answer and they are all correct.


At a veto ceremony who said they gave them meals filled with love and held them in their arms with big bear hugs. Answer is Andrew they are all correct.


At a veto ceremony who said I can assure you we could be blood brothers. Answer is Merron and Derek is the only one who got it right and he is the new HOH.


They all need to head back inside right now. Derek wants to talk to Will. Olivia tells Johnny it sucks how the people who play the worst game are always safe.


Derek must now nominate 3 of his fellow HG for eviction and 2 will be heading to jury. Derek is nominating Johnny, Olivia, and Maddy. When we come back it will be the fight for the POV.


Derek does not play in the POV. They have to find the planks with the name of a previous HOH who also won POV. The first HG to place all their planks, lower their drawbridge, and hit their button will win POV. Kaela won the POV. When we come back we’ll have the POV ceremony that will shape the rest of the season.


Time to find out if Kaela will use the POV. Kaela has decided not to use the POV.

Maddy says it’s a running joke how grateful she is to be here and she’d love to stay.

Olivia gives mad respect and to the floaters she hopes they know what they just did because they are going to get steam rolled.

Johnny gives respect and he tells them they need to fight and get dirty.


Time to vote! They are voting for the person they want to save!

Kaela votes to save Maddy.

Paras votes to save Maddy.

Will votes to save Maddy


With a vote of 3-0, Maddy is safe and staying in the game. Johnny and Olivia have been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


Johnny says it’s a good thing they got rid of them because they would have beaten them in the end!


Arisa asks them if they thought they’d be sitting there. Johnny says as soon as he seen Derek won yes. Olivia says she dropped the ball on that HOH.


Arisa asks about their approach to the week and Johnny says people already seen him as a threat so he figured he had to go out guns playing.


Arisa asks them about the showmance. Arisa says there is a trio who haven’t won anything and a showmance. Johnny says great strategy on their part, huh? Olivia says they think they can win out and it won’t happen.


Arisa says Johnny was after the showmance for so long and he put them on the block and they are both still there. Johnny says it’s sickening. He says he wants to respect the game, but it’s so hard.


Arisa asks who’s winning the game and Olivia says Derek. Johnny says Kaela over Derek. He says Derek fits the mold of a winner of the game, but Kaela has done more than he has.


Arisa congratulates the final five on surviving the triple eviction.

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