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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 17 Recap

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Kaela outlasted and outfoxed everyone and won her first HOH of the season. From minute one it was game on for the pint-sized punisher. Her play spread paranoia and descension throughout the house and when the blitz was over she tossed Will on the block as her pawn and Ryan as her target.


At the veto competition, with the odds stacked against him, the beard beasted out. But in the final showdown with Johnny, Ryan fell just short. With Johnny’s desires to use the veto threatening Kaela’s noms, Kaela laid a trap for Johnny to see if he would flinch. And if he crossed her she’d backdoor his bestie. Johnny decided to back off and Erica dodged a bullet leaving Will and Ryan locked to the block. Or were they?


Tonight, will Canada drop the ultimate bomb shell and save Will or Ryan from the block? And who is next on Kaela’s hit list? And who will become the new HOH?


We pick up after the veto ceremony. Will says he’s still on the block but he’s not worried about it. He trusts Johnny and the rest of the houseguests. Kaela is going to be so satisfied if Ryan is the one walking out the door this week. Olivia doesn’t care who goes home, but she doesn’t want to see Will gone because he’s the last good looking guy this season.


Ryan is talking to Paras in the white rose room and he thinks he’ll be alone a lot. Ryan says he only has one shot to take next week and if they don’t get Kaela when she is HOH, then she will likely win. Ryan says Derek has never beaten him in anything and he knows Paras is in a worst case scenario, but he’d like to stay. Ryan says at the end of the day Will is a big friendly target and if she’s sitting next to Will who goes home? Paras says me. Ryan says and if you’re next to me, I go home. Ryan says the longer Will stays in the game the deeper the relationships get.


Earlier this week our friends at Wendy’s challenged the HG to get a little “fresh” with each other. The HG will be divided into two teams of four and they will be cutting vegetables for 100 salads. The winners will received dinner from Wendy’s and videos from their loved ones. Olivia has found a secret message and she has to complete three secret missions in order to win videos for the entire house. She must take a shower, take a nap, and eat a salad. It’s a secret and no one can know. She read the message upstairs saying she needed to get a hair elastic.


Will, Derek, and Erica are on a team with Olivia. Olivia says she’s over it and she wants to take a shower. She heads upstairs and Erica is like is she serious? Olivia says she’s too tired. Will asks if she’s really going to take a shower. Olivia takes her shower and then lays down in the WA on the couch.


Paras is the judge and she goes to check on Olivia and Olivia says she just wants to sleep. Olivia goes to eat her salad and gets a plate. Will tells us he wants the videos from home and she just needs to chop some vegetables. Will, Derek, and Erica think they are done and Paras has to check everything and approve it.


Alejandra is upset. She feels getting her video was ripped away from her. Ryan is on the stairs with his head down. Olivia then has everyone gather in the living room and she informs them about the secret mission. Olivia tells them what she had to do and she says since she was successful everyone gets dinner from Wendy’s and videos from home.


Alejandra gets her video first, then Erica, then Johnny, then Kaela, then Liv, then Ryan, then Will, then Maddy, Paras, and finally Derek. Maddy and Johnny are in tears and everyone is emotional.


Ryan is talking to the cameras and he says it’s looking grim. He thought there would be someone older than him in the house and there was, it was Rozie and she was voted out because of it. He will be competitive the longer he stays in the game and he loves Canada. And anything he can do for Canada he is going to do and anything they can do for him will be so appreciated.


Olivia, Alejandra, Derek, and Kaela are in the HOH room talking about Erica. They think it’s odd Erica doesn’t want to talk game with them and they think she is closer to Johnny than them. Kaela says it’s very clear that Johnny is not with us. Derek has noticed Johnny and Erica are the last two to come out of the bedrooms. Derek doesn’t think Erica would put them up yet, but he thinks Johnny would take a shot.


Will is moving into the other room and Paras says loyalty speaks volumes in the house. If Will moves in with Johnny and aligns with him, then she would have no problem voting him out.


Ryan says he feels like there’s still a lot of game for them to play. Now he just needs to convince people to keep in the game instead of the tall guy who everyone likes. He starts making his rounds to the HG. Ryan says he has no trouble in the outside world putting his boots on, picking up the toolbox, and going to work and being in the house is no different.


Ryan says he feels like he deserves to be in the game more than Will does because he’s had to fight in the game since week 2 and has won an HOH and pulled himself off the block and Will is getting his first taste of it this week. Ryan makes his pitch to Johnny and he says he’s been the guy who’s floated along and no one really wants to work with him and maybe now is the time. Johnny says he wishes he’d use veto save Will and then maybe they could both be safe. Will interrupts their discussion.


The plot is about to thicken and it’s time to let the HG know Canada has decided to use a little power. She greets the HG and says she has huge news that will rock the house and put them all on edge. She fills them in about the vote. Arisa says they decided to vote and the voted in a huge way and they decided to save one of tonight’s nominees. The HG Canada voted to save this week is…Ryan!


Ryan thanks Canada. Kaela now has to decide who will be the replacement nominee. She cannot nominate Derek because he won immunity for the week and Johnny can’t be nominated because he is the POV holder.


We see the last minute meetings. Kaela has asked Erica if she’d vote Will out and she wants him to stay. Kaela talks to Ali and wants to put up Erica and vote her out and Ali thinks it’s hasty.


It’s time to decide. Kaela has named Erica as the replacement nominee. Will doesn’t know where to start but please keep him, he doesn’t want to go home. He respects their decision but he doesn’t want to go home.


Erica says she can’t say she doesn’t see the irony in the backdoor. Please keep her, it’s hard to campaign against her boy Will.


It’s time to vote.

Johnny votes to evict Will.

Alejandra votes to evict Erica.

Olivia votes to evict Erica.

Ryan votes to evict Will.

Paras votes to evict Erica.

Derek votes to evict Erica.

Maddy votes to evict Erica.


By a vote of 5-2, Erica has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


Erica is irritated and she says screw both Kaela and Derek. Kaela says she was told she was Erica’s number one target. Erica says cute. Kaela says she respects Erica and Erica says she doesn’t care. Kaela and Johnny get into an argument as Erica is leaving. Kaela says Johnny wanted Will to stay and Johnny says he did. Johnny says emotions are running high and it sucks it happened this way.


Arisa says that was an emotional exit, do you feel betrayed. Erica understands why Kaela had to do it, she can’t play as well as Erica can. Erica says she’s not great socially and she can’t win a comp to save her life. She won a comp by pushing a button.


Arisa says you won comps you didn’t even want to win, do you think that created a bigger target? Erica says yeah but she wanted to play hard.


Arisa asks how she thinks Johnny will do without her? Erica says she’s nervous for him because besides her he won most of the comps.


Arisa asks how she thinks Ryan will do? Erica is worried about Ryan too. She doesn’t know if he can come back but he knows the game better than anyone.


Arisa asks who’s going to win? Erica says Johnny!


It’s time for the HOH competition! The competition is called before or after. Arisa will read events that happened and they have to decide if the first event happened before or after the next event.


On the first question, Will is incorrect and eliminated.


Did HG untangle themselves in a POV competition before or after the guys tangled the girls hair in a task? The answer is before and they are all correct.


We’ll find out Monday who won this HOH and one more thing, jury starts next week.

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