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Friday April 6, 2018 Big Brother Canada Live Feed Updates

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This morning each house guest made their way into the HoH to talk to Kaela before nominations. As Kaela spoke to them individually, she told each of "the five" (Johnny, Maddy, Will, Ryan and Paras) that their name have been thrown out there a few times so now they are getting all paranoid about who they can trust. The feeds went down about 3:00pm BBT and came back up about 5:00pm BBT with Kaela and Derek in the HoH room talking. Kaela wants to put Maddy and Will on the block and possibly back door Johnny. Kaela stresses how she has been telling everyone that she has not been saying any names of who she is going to put up so everyone is anxious.

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5:28pm BBT Kaela and Derek agree on who to put up and Kaela wants Derek to bring Johnny in the room so they can tell him that he is not going on the block. Derek went to get Johnny and they went back to the HoH room. Kaela explains that everyone that kept Ryan in the house knowing that he is going after Kaela and Derek are the options to put on the block. Kaela trusts Johnny the most out of the five that saved Ryan. Kaela tells Johnny that the five are saying each others name to her. Johnny is shocked by this and he would like Kaela to tell him who he can and cant trust, but Kaela does not want to say names. Johnny really wants Kaela to give him names but she really does not want to blow up other people's games. Johnny has heard Daela's name being put out there, but he does not want to give names and throw people under the bus. Kaela knows that there are things that she has told Johnny and he does not give her any information so that is why she knows that he has to be working with someone.

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5:38pm BBT Kaela is telling Johnny that she did not tell him before that she was not going to put him on the block is because she really did not know and had to talk to everyone first. After talking to everyone she feels like Johnny is the most trustworthy because everyone else was saying everyone's name. Johnny really wants to know because he has protected people and he could tell Dayla things now that would make them think game changer because he knows things people say but he isn't going to start shooting names off because he does not know who is putting his name out there. Johnny tells Dayla that he can be useful in trusting each other and working together.  So Johnny asked if he was going up and Kaela said no. He asked if she was going to back door him and Kaela said no. Johnny got up in excitement and rolled on the bed being loud. Derek motioned to him to be quiet and so then quieted down and hugged Kaela and Derek.

6:03pm BBT they finish up their conversation and Ryan said that he is going to walk out and pretend to be upset and gives them a hug before he leaves.  

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6:04pm BBT After Johnny left the room Daela started quietly laughing. Kaela thinks it was fun watching Johnny squirm because he has not had to squirm yet in this game. A few minutes later Maddy entered the HoH room.

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6:26pm BBT Kaela, Derek and Maddy finish up their conversation and it ended with Maddy crying and begging for them to give her until the veto and then decide if she needs to go up and then she asked them to let her know if she is going on the block before the ceremony. Maddy hugged them and left the room as Will was walking in. Maddy starts telling Will that she has been told Maddy was the leader of trying to get Dayla out and there are others that were working with her to do it.

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[Continuing from Friday night when feeds started around 9:30p BBT]

April 6th (Friday Night):

9:26p BBT: In Cam 4 we see Will walking making his way upstairs into the WBR. Once inside alone, he kicks one of his shoes off across the room and whispers a few expletives, obviously angry stating: "Use me for a f-ing pawn, I'll fire it right back at you's....I'm f-ing coming for you." He then sits on his bed, breathing heavy, mumbling about untrustworthy people, and that it's time to "play." "Let's play," Will says, as he punches a pillow. 


In the HOH room, Ryan is speaking to Kaela about a situation when Will told Ryan that he was the deciding vote, that he said he's voting for Ryan to stay, but told Ryan he needs to get on board to start going after certain people in the house because they are targeting him behind his back. During that conversation, Maddy came in and confirmed to Will that "they" were still campaigning to get Ryan out of the house on eviction night which made Ryan worked up. He's questioning his position with Kaela  right now because last time he was on the block, everyone told Ryan that he was going to get voted out when all week he was told he was just a "pawn." Basically Ryan is telling Kaela that she is wrong about him, and when the game is over, she'll see for herself that he was completely honest with her the whole time, and that they (the rest of the house) "got" her. Talk then goes onto a speech (Nomination Ceremony) that Kaela  made, calling Ryan a "manipulative liar" in front of the entire country. She tells him well, there's still POV, and we'll see what happens.....Ryan stops her and tells her that she'll have to excuse him from believing that she'll use the veto on him if she wins after making that speech....that she can't backtrack after saying something like that. -Feeds go out. 

9:29p BBT: Feeds back, still on Ryan and Kaela. Kaela is talking to Ryan about his little sly remarks he makes to her like he thinks she's smarter and a better player than Derek....that she's more of a threat. Ryan says those remarks aren't meant to be condescending or sly in any way, that she should be taking them as compliments. He then says that in the "real world" he's the host of his show, and he's very dominant in the way he speaks to people, and he's used to giving the "play-by-play" day in and out. He's sorry if his comments have rubbed her the wrong way. Kaela admits that they did rub her the wrong way in the beginning, and that after a while, she learned to take them as compliments. She's just going with her gut, and at the end of the day, she's happy that she's making her own move right now, and not being driven by anyone during her HOH. Kaela says their game talk, and game "trust" hasn't really had a chance to grow at all....

Kaela goes on to explain that the whole house wants to get Ryan out this week....and they were the ones who mentioned putting Ryan up on the block this week even though she told everyone that that move wasn't really what she thought was the right move for her game this week. Kaela promises that everyone in the house were pushing her. Ryan says he'd love to have a house meeting right now to put it out there....but he tells her that at the end of it, everyone will tell him that Kaela is lying to him, and that everyone really does have his back. Kaela says it doesn't matter what anyone says, she can't trust anyone in the house right now. As Ryan gets up to leave the HOH room Kaela says: "Just to confirm, all four of them said they wanted to get out Kaela and Derek?" Ryan agrees, "All four of them suggested that you were the target they were going for, and all four of them said they wanted to take the shot, they wanted to win HOH and take them out...All four."

"Sweet, thanks," Kaela says as she leaves the HOH. Ryan leaves behind her. 

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April 6th (Friday Night):

9:40p BBT: After Ryan has finished speaking with Kaela, he finds Will and asks to speak to him. They both go into the WBR alone....Will asks "Well, how was that for TV?" Ryan says he'd rather not be called a manipulative liar on national TV, and then asks Will if his name came out of his mouth today. Will says no, that he'd swear on Parker's life over that. Ryan tells Will that he heard that him, Johnny, Maddy and Paras all told Kaela that he (Ryan) was the "ringleader" behind trying to get them out, and that if anyone was coming after Kaela, it was definitely him (Ryan). Will swears up and down that he's never said a thing, and his name hasn't come out of his mouth. Will gives Ryan his word. Kaela told Ryan (yesterday) that the whole week everyone was on board with getting him out of the house, but that all changed when everyone heard that Ryan changed his targets from getting Liv and Ale out, to now wanting Kaela and Derek out. Will again, swears up and down he never said a thing. Ryan told Will that Kaela changed her mind from putting Maddy up on the block, to now putting Ryan out because everyone told her that Ryan was going after them (Kaela and Derek). She told Ryan that all four of them told her about it, that every single one of them mentioned his name specifically, and that sealed the deal. She said she'd bring every one of them in the room and point it out....But Will says absolutely not him. Will tells Ryan that he chose to vote Merron out because he didn't want to end up next to Merron on the block next....that he was afraid he would be used as a pawn, and he hates that idea. 

Ryan looks like he's getting emotional, and tells Will that he's not sure if he wants to really play hard for the veto tomorrow....that he lives in an honest world, and he feels like every person in the house is lying to him, and there's no point. He said after the nomination ceremony no one hugged him and whispered in his ear that he wasn't the target....that at least one person does that, but this time it didn't happen. He feels like his chances are zero. Will asks Ryan if you get a lot of DR time when you're on the block, and Ryan tells him yes, a ton, and to keep the shirt he was wearing during the noms handy. Big Brother tells them to stop talking about production. Sounds like the nominations were going to be Maddy and Will up until about 3 hours before the nominations....and then a lot of stuff got stirred up before the ceremony, and Ryan ended up getting nominated instead of Maddy. 

Ryan tells Will that he's been working with Kaela and Derek for a couple of weeks now, and his targets were Ale and Liv up until now. At one point, Maddy gave Ryan some advice to switch his targets from Liv and Ale to Kaela and Derek to stay in the house vote. Once that happened and word got around, Kaela then changed her mind because she said she heard from five people that Ryan was specifically going after Daela. Ryan says he was 100% on targeting Ale and Liv, and then he only changed his targets mid-week because he was misled....and he feels like he was lied to on purpose for this to happen. As much as Ryan loves this experience, he's bummed if he goes out as the first jury member because he'd rather be home with his family. Ryan tells Will that he will take his word for what he's said....but he doesn't believe anyone else in the house. He thinks he'll definitly be leaving the house this week, since everyone thinks Ryan is a liar, a manipulator......and Ryan thinks that he's going to get a lot of "I'm sorry" messages once everyone goes home and watches this back....they'll see he's been honest, and Ryan will be able to see who has been lying to him. 


Maddy comes into the WBR and asks if he can talk to Ryan alone....


10:00p BBT: Maddy: "How dare you, Ryan! How dare you!! I took the heat for all these people too. How dare you! We stuck our necks out for you, and this is what you do to everybody? What the....Ryan, What the....She says that I'm the ringleader of this entire thing? When did I become the ringleader Ryan?"

Ryan: "She told me I was the ringleader of this entire thing...."

Maddy: "What are you doing?? We tried so hard to keep you here. And then as soon as that moment happens, when I became suspicious of you, and the moment when I decided I wanted to get you out was when you told me about what Ale said at the pool table because I did not believe you. THIS IS WHAT IT IS....I did not believe you when you said that. This is what it is, Ryan. We tried so hard to keep you here, and then after that whole situation, and I didn't believe what you said, we still kept you. And now you go into the HOH and say that I'm the ringleader of all this crap, like, what the....Ryan"

Ryan: "You sat here and told me that I needed to shift my target to Daela, and she (Kaela) said that the only reason why I would go up.....cuz her and I have been working together for a couple of weeks now."

Maddy is really emotional, crying, and yelling at Ryan. She asks why he would mention Daela before this whole thing, and not now. Ryan tells her he never did because he was working with Kaela, and his targets were on getting Ale and Liv out. Maddy calms down for a second and says that he must not have told her specifically, but she thought that Daela was at least one of his targets, and that was the only reason why it made sense in keeping him in the house. It's the only reason why everyone was so gung-ho on keeping Ryan around. Then Maddy brings up the whole pool table situation, and asks if Ryan did that to to get an emotional reaction out of people. She doesn't believe that he heard what he heard. And she thinks he used that moment to manipulate people. Anyway, Maddy is mad at Ryan because he told Kaela that she specifically asked him to switch his targets from Liv and Ale to Daela, so Kaela thinks that Maddy is the big ring leader. Maddy doesn't think that she's telling Ryan what to do, it was just her opinion on what she thought would be good for him gameplay....it wasn't her trying to orchestrate a blindside against them. She thinks Ryan is misunderstanding their conversations....

Ryan said he was only trying to look out for the people who said they had his back. And now he says it feels like he's being "worked"by four people. That four people kept him last week to fire him up and talk about going after Daela, so that in case Daela won HOH this week, they'd look at him first. Maddy says he's wrong. They wanted him to stay so he could stay and do what he wanted to do in this game. Ryan brings up the fact that since day three, he's told Maddy that if he ever hears anyone throw her name out, he'd be honest and let her know....that he didn't want his people to get thrown under the bus because he wants to play an honest game. Maddy brings up all these things that made her feel skeptical about Ryan, and why she didn't feel like she could trust him. Maddy feels betrayed. Ryan says he feels betrayed because he's been completely honest with her since day three....and he wishes she had come to her earlier about her issues with him. He says he's never given her any reason to doubt him. She tells him that she just doesn't buy what he's saying. Ryan tells her that it totally makes sense that no one else is lying to her either....But yes, there is a whole bunch of other people lying to her face, and he's never lied to her face before, and he wouldn't have ever came to her to protect her, and tell her so she knew he was watching her back for her........

Anyway, Maddy says something doesn't make sense about the situation....Ryan goes over the situation with her again telling her that he switched his targets to Ale and Liv because he wasn't buying what they were saying, and he started working with Kaela for a couple of weeks. They made a deal to not take a shot at each other up until after the double eviction....Maddy feels like they must have been lying to Ryan because that's not what they were telling other people. Ryan says that they must be lying to everyone, and must be working for only themselves. Maddy gets very emotional.....

Maddy thought that Ryan was in a bad position, and that's why she told him that he should change his targets.....and if Maddy is the only person who was being honest out of the four votes he got last week, then someone else is lying to him too....because all four of them told him every single day that he was safe. But no one ever came to tell him if he wasn't if they didn't feel so sure, or if there were trust issues. 

Basically Maddy is wrapped up in all the suspicion in the house right now. All the sketchy stuff Maddy has been hearing, everyone has been telling Maddy that it all comes from Ryan. Ryan thinks that no one wants to believe the truth, and the things they don't want to hear come across as mistrust, when all he's done is just give his honest opinion when he's asked for it. He also thinks that it's easy for people to twist his words, and he's a very convenient, easy target. Ryan then goes on to tell Maddy the things that's he's heard from people about Maddy....that she's always looking for information, that she pops in and out of rooms all the time looking to get more info.....

Eventually, Maddy starts to calm down emotionally, and goes over the situation again with Ryan. Ryan maintains his honesty with her trying to convince her of certain situations to open her eyes. 

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April 6th (Friday Night):

11:00p BBT: Erica and Ryan are alone in the WBR. Erica can't believe the blowup that has happened tonight...Ryan explains to Erica what happened with his conversation with Maddy. That Maddy basically admitted to Ryan that every single person in their four-person alliance was gunning to get him out of the house at some point. He is more willing to believe Will when he says he never once said he was willing to blindside him, and he swore on his son.....But Ryan isn't planning on being in the house on Friday. Unless he wins the veto tomorrow, then maybe he'll be here for another 14 days....but he doesn't expect anything right now. Will joins Erica and Ryan in the room, and goes over what's happened tonight.....Will thinks that Maddy is just putting a target on her block. 

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