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Big Brother Canada SEason 6 Episode 11 Recap

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We pick up after the veto ceremony. Maddy tells us she is safe and for one of the first times in her whole life, she is speechless. Veronica is totally pissed off. Erica made it seem like she was a phony and a liar. There is only one thing she can do and that’s go to war and rally as many troops as she can. Erica says that was an A+ backdoor and she feels like the baddest B in the house and she just reminded them. Merron is dumbstruck he and Veronica are on the block together. Veronica tells Will and Merron if you take a shot at me, you better not miss. She came here to play.


Olivia and Alejandra are talking and they are glad they weren’t the ones to have to do it. Alejandra tells us the best thing is she and Olivia orchestrated the whole thing and the best thing is she’s wanted Veronica out since she stepped foot in the house. Maddy tells us this is her game and Veronica lost.


Erica and Hamza are talking and Hamza says that was great. He says he has Erica until the end and all they have to do is get one more big target out and they can sail to the end. Hamza says he has mad respect for Erica. He’s so happy. He tells Erica she gave him a shot of adrenaline.


Paras goes in to talk to Veronica and Veronica says she has mixed emotions. Paras tells her she has to campaign hard. Veronica says she’s going to and if she stays she’s going to wreak havoc in the house and if she stays she’s gunning for Erica. Johnny comes in and says he’s counted the votes and he doesn’t know how she’ll do it. Veronica it just starts with you or Will and if she stays come Thursday she’s starting a war.


Former Big Brother Canada player, Cassandra stopped by the house this week for a makeover. Let’s take a look at their “hair raising” good time! She goes around and wakes everyone up. Merron thought he was dreaming. Cassandra tells them it’s makeover day and the guys will be giving the girls an 80s makeover. The winning team will receive a $2000 cash prize and a years worth of L’Oreals. Cassandra sends the ladies upstairs. After they leave, Cassandra informs the guys there is a twist…they have to do the WORST makeover for the win. Erica did not participate because she’s the HOH.


They do a catwalk with all of the ladies. Cassandra then informed the ladies of the twist and she chooses the winners as Veronica and Johnny and they also win a dinner for two. Erica is their waitress and shows them into the red rose room. Johnny gives a toast to Veronica.


Hamza tells us it’s been awhile since Erica put Veronica on the block and things are getting boring. He says it’s time for your boy to create some chaos. Hamza is encouraging Veronica to call people out at a house meeting and she can leave with her head high. She says it’s a good idea, she’s pumped. Hamza tells us he’s here to stir the pot and everyone should get their popcorn ready.


Veronica calls everyone to the living room and she says she has nothing to lose and she’s pretty angry right now. There’s a lot of people being fake to her and telling her things she wants to hear. Veronica says if you want me out of the house then stop being fake and tell me. She says if you choose to keep me she’ll have their back and she’s the only one with something to give. She says use her as a shield in the house and stop acting like they are at summer camp. Veronica says they have a girl on the block who can be in their corner and they need to keep her in the house.


Paras says that was really intense and she might have to keep Veronica around because she’s a huge target and she can hide behind her. Paras makes a pitch to Maddy and Maddy doesn’t seem on board. Paras says Veronica would not come for her and Maddy before some of the others. Maddy says Veronica could be a tool to go after Erica and that could be useful for her game. Paras tells Maddy they really have to think this one out.


It’s time to head into the living room. Merron gets to speak first and he says he’s not ready to see his family yet and he’s humbled to be sitting next to such a strong woman and he loves Veronica and everyone.


Veronica says she loves Will and she wouldn’t be surprised if she walked out the door because everyone is sheep and she’s the big bad wolf and she’d hunt them all down and probably win. If they have to get her out then so be it, but she’ll be the one sitting at home saying baaaaaaa witches.


It’s time to vote.

Derek votes to evict Veronica.

Olivia votes to evict Veronica.

Will votes to evict Merron.

Hamza votes to evict Veronica.

Kaela votes to evict Veronica.

Paras votes to evict Veronica.

Ryan votes to evict Veronica.

Maddy votes to evict Veronica

Alejandra votes to evict Veronica.

Johnny votes to evict Veronica.


By a vote of 9-1 Veronica has been evicted from the BB Canada house.


Arisa says tough break. She says a week ago she was in a very different position and does she regret that rogue vote? Veronica says absolutely not. She says everyone is thinking they are at summer camp and she wanted to take a risk. Arisa says she did not go down with a fight.


Arisa says let’s drop another bomb shell on the remaining HG. It’s time for a double eviction!


The HG are in the backyard and it’s time to find a new HOH. Arisa explains two at a time the HG will face-off at the podiums and answer questions about their time in the house. It’s an elimination game and they get to choose two to go head to head. The answer will be 1, 2, or 3. The last person standing will be the new HOH.


Earlier, they drew for the first two spots and Olivia and Ali are up first. How many male HG competed in the fisherman’s wharf. Olivia answered 2 and is correct. Olivia chooses Ryan and Merron.


How many times has the POV been used this season. Ryan answers 1 and he is correct. Ryan selects Olivia and Maddy.


How many former HG visited the HG on day 26. The answer is one and Maddy answered wrong. Olivia chooses Paras and Hamza.


How many pairs of HG wore handcuffs after the have-not competition? Paras is correct and she selects Ryan and Johnny.


How many votes were cast to evict Olivia at the time of Jesse’s eviction. Ryan is correct and he selects Olivia and Paras.


How many of the exhibits at the BB Can museum featured a former female HG? Olivia is correct and she selects Ryan and Kaela.


How many evictees have been male? Ryan is correct with 2 and he selects Olivia and Derek.


How many times has the POV been won by the reigning HOH? Olivia won and she selects Ryan and Will because they are the last two left.


How many HG did NOT compete in handle with care? The answer is 2 and Ryan is up against Olivia for the final round.


How many POV competitions have been won by a female? Ryan rings in with 1 and the answer is 2 and Olivia is the new HOH.


Arisa tells them all to head back inside and there are quick meetings between Olivia and the others. Hamza is upstairs praying. Arisa calls them all back to the living room and Olivia must now nominate two house mates for eviction. Olivia nominates Merron and Ryan.


It’s time for an arcade POV. They have to knock down targets and the first to knock down all five will win the POV. It’s a pinball style game. Paras, Alejandra, and Hamza were all drawn to play. Ryan is the first to knock them down and he wins POV. Arisa thinks Ryan will use that POV, but who will the replacement nominee be? We’ll find out in a few moments.

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We come back and everyone is still outside with Merron and Olivia talking. We go inside and Ryan does remove himself from the block. Olivia names Hamza as the replacement nominee.


It’s time for speeches. Merron says he won’t campaign against him. Hamza says the same. If they want to keep him, then keep him. If they want to get rid of him through the backdoor fair game.


It’s time to vote.

Maddy votes to evict Hamza.

Johnny votes to evict Hamza.

Erica votes to evict Merron.

Kaela votes to evict Hamza.

Derek votes to evict Hamza.

Will votes to evict Hamza.

Paras votes to evict Hamza.

Ali votes to evict Hamza.

Ryan votes to evict Hamza.


By a vote of 8-1, Hamza has been evicted. As Hamza leaves he stops and says everyone, shout out Caroline. Everyone does.


Arisa says Hamza was incredible to watch and he made some special connections and his vote came from Erica, she was devastated. Hamza says Erica is an amazing person and Merron is one of the most amazing people he’s ever met. Arisa asks who his pick to win is and he says Erica or Merron.

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