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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

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We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Erica says she just put up Merron and Maddy and says it was hard and Merron is not her target this week, but Maddy is. Veronica thought she might get put up, but she’s not and her plan worked and she stirred the pot! Merron is pumped and ready to fight for veto. Maddy is emotional and she is ready to fight and pull herself off the block.


Maddy is upstairs crying and Johnny comes in and comforts her. Maddy says when she gets upset she gets emotional, but if it’s seen as a weakness that works too. Olivia comes in and says it’s overwhelming until you play in the POV and then it gets better. Maddy says let them think I’m weak and not threatening and they’ll forget how passionate she is about the game.


Ali gives Maddy a hug and they go to the WA to talk. Ali is telling Maddy she still has the POV so not to give up. Paras comes in to talk. Maddy says obviously she has work to do with the house. Maddy says she’s crying on the outside, but on the inside she’s thinking there is no way she is going home week 4.


Johnny is in the red rose room and Merron comes in and asks what’s wrong. Johnny says he gets this is the game, but he feels bad. Merron says he thinks this is moment because he wants to win a comp and scream and cheer. Merron says this is the Big Brother experience. Johnny says Merron’s perspective is probably the best mind frame to be in. Merron says regardless of what happens he will not let his head hang low. Johnny says you could not have two more different people on the block. You have Merron who is Mr. Sunshine and Maddy who is staining his clothes with her tears. It’s so emotional and he just can’t take it anymore.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Erica picks first and draws Olivia. Merron draws Alejandra and Maddy draws Ryan. Erica also selects Will to be the host of the veto competition.


Alejandra is talking to Olivia. If she wins POV, then she wants to use it. She’d talk to Erica first. Ali says there are much bigger targets than Maddy and Merron. Olivia says Veronica is a threat in the game and she could go after anyone and she knows V was the rogue vote against her. Ali tells Olivia that she’s been passionate about getting Veronica out since she stepped foot in the house.


It’s time for the POV competition and the HG head out to the backyard to a fishing themed competition. To start, each 6 players will have their own docks and there is “fishing line” around a series of posts. When the go is given they will be attached to one end of the fishing line and will have to wind their through the course. The first three HG to untangle their fishing line will move on to the next part.


Erica doesn’t think she needs to win this because she’s won too many comps already. Maddy is going to win this veto to show how much of a fighter she is and how much she deserves to be there. Ryan seems to be getting dizzy and he says these vetoes are hell, just leave his chip in the bag. He’s not a comp beast, he’s a couch beast. They get squirted with water periodically through the comp. Erica says there is just something inside her where she can’t throw a comp. Erica is at her second post and Maddy is not far behind. Olivia is the first to complete and rings her bell and she is the first to move on to round two. Erica is number 2 and there is one spot left. Maddy and Alejandra are neck and neck. Maddy says that third spot is her and Ali needs to back off. Maddy finishes and makes it through to the final round.


For Round 2 they each have a big reel in the middle of the platforms and they have to jump over to reel in their fish. The first to reel in the fish will win the POV. Olivia is tired and wants to know if she can take a break. Erica seems to have a good form. Maddy is also struggling. Erica says this competition is harder than it looks and it’s even harder to throw against these lame competitors. Erica is taking deep breaths and she stops to fix her ponytail. Maddy says Erica looks like she’s about to be sick and she feels bad for her…not.


Maddy is struggling but she wants the veto and the other HG are encouraging all three girls to keep going. Erica finally reels in her fish and she has won the POV! She says she won the POV which means she has complete control and she also has people to talk to. Maddy says am I happy for Erica? No. But am I happy for her? Of course! Maddy wants to talk Erica into using the POV on her. Maddy and Erica are talking in the WA and Erica says Maddy went so much harder than Merron. Erica says Maddy should be so proud of herself.


Merron, Hamza, and Ryan are talking about whether or not Erica will use the POV. They don’t think she’ll use it and Hamza says if she does, then she has to take out a big target. Merron says he’ll be shocked if Erica uses it and Hamza says that’s a gamers move.


Alejandra, Olivia, Veronica, and Erica are talking about music in the HOH. Veronica leaves and Olivia immediate pitches taking down Maddy and putting up Veronica. They are worried about who Veronica would go after in a D/E situation. Erica says she doesn’t like to BD someone, but she understands that’s the game. Erica says she wants to make sure she has the votes because if she takes the shot and Veronica stays she will come after her. Ali says this is one of those times where people look back and say they should have taken the shot. Merron comes in and Olivia asks for another couple of minutes and he says he just wanted the MP3 player.


Johnny is talking to Alejandra about how he’s been playing such a nice game, but he’s ready to just let go and bring chaos into the house. Ali is laughing.


Erica has her Wendy’s meal and she invites Will to join her. Erica says he’s been missing his son a little bit and maybe this will remind him of home. Erica goes to get the food and while they eat they talk about Will’s son. Will says it’s hard, but you have to remember why you’re here. Erica says it was great to connect with Will on a friendship level.


Olivia goes and wants to talk to Veronica. Ali says her and Olivia are trying to talk Erica into backdooring Veronica, but they don’t want her to get suspicious. Olivia wants to know if there is any way to maybe work with her. Veronica tells them it’s best to vote the way Hamza wants and she feels like she owes Hamza her loyalty. She tells them it’s a good way to build trust. Ali says Veronica is buying everything they are selling right now. Veronica leaves and Olivia says she thinks we’re dumb. Ali looks at the camera and says we’re not stupid.


Ryan goes in to talk to Erica. Erica says even though she tried to throw the veto competition, she won and now everyone is trying to influence her decision. Ryan says if it were him, he’d try to backdoor someone. We see a series of HG knocking on the door to talk to Erica and she says BB should have just put a revolving door on the HOH room.


Erica is talking to Maddy. Maddy says she turned on the waterworks, she showed up at the comp, and she’s not done yet. She thinks Erica needs to play to her ego and she needs to pitch that if she doesn’t use veto on her it’s a weak move and a waste of her HOH. Maddy tells Erica she has to consider whether she’ll get a chance to win another HOH and if not, they will be further in the game and people may be less forthcoming with information. Will talks to Erica and she says she can’t see herself using it, but it’s not the ceremony yet.


Erica and Hamza are talking and she says people are throwing everything at her. Erica says she doesn’t want to grow the target on her back anymore. Hamza says but if you use it, go out swinging because that will get you more respect. Hamza says there could a double coming up, and people will take a shot at her. Erica says they should, she’s a comp beast.


Erica says today is the veto ceremony and she really has no clue what she’s going to do. She says if she takes Maddy or Merron off the block it could put more blood on her hands and she’s not sure she wants to do that. She doesn’t think Merron will hold a grudge if she leaves him on the block, but if she saves Maddy that could be a number on her side. She says everyone wants her to make the move, but is it best for her game or theirs?


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Merron would love for her to use the veto on him because he has a lot more game to play, especially since he came in a week later than everyone else.


Maddy says she is standing out not due to a lack of a relationship, but a game relationship. Using the veto on her will help with that relationship that has grown over the week.


Erica has decided…to use the POV on Maddy. She says she played with a lot of heart and proved she deserved to be here. Now Erica has to name a replacement nominee and her replacement nominee is…Veronica. Erica chose her because last week she chose to play a shady game and she doesn’t respect that. Erica says Veronica thinks she’s running the house and she’s here to remind Veronica that she does not.


Veronica says she is shocked and her game is on now more than ever. Veronica says Erica should have thought about it a little longer because she just started a war.


Erica says she debated to make the move, but playing it safe just isn’t her style.


Find out Thursday who will be evicted!

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