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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada: The King of Chaos dropped the hammer when he nominated Olivia and Jesse. Then at a farm-tastic PoV Hamza bagged a win and kept the power to himself.

But when Jesse called out the King, the hammer nailed a target to the stud's back.

With the house falling in line, the writing was on the wall, but Derek couldn't read it, so Kaela spelled it out for him.

While Olivia, the serial (cereal) floater, just drifted along, Jesse played every card he could to stay in the house.

Then, in the dying moments before the vote, Jesse named and shamed the enemy.

As expected, Derek backed his buddy, and in a shocker, so did Veronica. But in a nine to two tally, Jesse was jettisoned.

Tonight, who will make history as the next HoH? And can the fallen angel [Veronica] keep her vote a secret? And who will end up on the block? It's time to raise a little hell, on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the eviction with everyone wondering where the second vote to keep Jesse came from. The girls' huddle and Veronica acts shocked and demands to know who cast the vote that is causing everyone else to look shady.

In the DR, Veronica tells us her plan to shake things up is working just as she hoped.

It's time to crown a new Head of Household. Tonight's competition is called, "Night at the BBCAN Museum." Earlier, the HGs got to walk through the BB Hall of Fame Museum where they got to see three former BBCAN HG legends reenacting iconic moments from past seasons of BBCAN. The current HGs had just minutes to memorize details from the museum reenactment displays.

Arisa: "You will now be tested on how much you remember from these exhibits. The answer to each question will be either 'A' or 'B'. If you answer incorrectly you will be eliminated from the competition. The last HG standing will become the new HoH."

First question: "What was the name on the envelope that Ika was holding in her hand?" A for Neta, B for Jon. The answer was Jon Pardy. Everyone was correct.

Next question: In Sabrina's display, which hand did she have pointed up in the air? The answer was right. Merron and Will were wrong and they are eliminated.

Next question: True or False, Kevin had the veto around his neck in his exhibit? The answer is false, everyone is correct.

Next question: True or False, the title of Sabrina's exhibit was "Sabrina Delivers Good TV" Kaela, Veronica, Johnny, and Olivia were wrong and eliminated.

From the DR, Paras tells us she knows all the answers but it's too early in the game for her to start looking like a threat, so she's going to throw this HoH.

Next question: On the table behind Ika, how many envelopes did not have stamps on them? A for two, or B for three? Paras picks B, the answer is A. We now have Erica, Maddy, and Alejandra remaining in the competition.

Next question: How many times did we hear the clip of Sabrina saying, "You want good TV?" A = 3, B = 4. The correct answer was B, but everyone answered A, so everyone remains in the contest.

Next question: How many times did the word "triple" appear on Kevin's plaque? A for 2, B for 3? The correct answer is B, three times. Maddy got it wrong and was eliminated.

Erica, Ali, and Derek are all still in the competition in a three-way tie.

In the tie-breaker question, the players have chalkboards. The answer will be a number, and the contestant that comes closest without going over will be the winner.

The tiebreaker question: "At the end of the competition, 'Handle With Care,' was how many pieces of fruit were successfully passed across the backyard to the other side in total? The correct answer was 206. Erica guessed 150, Derek: 420, Ali: 243. Erica is the new HoH.

From the DR, Erica tells us it is now time to get down to business, "Tonight has just proven there are some major trust issues in the house, and now that I'm HoH I need to figure out exactly who I can trust, and what kind of move I plan on making in this game."

In the red room, the girls assure Derek that he has nothing to worry about, that Erica has bigger targets to go after. They assume that Ryan will be going on the block.

Meanwhile, in the white room, Merron and William try to figure out what Erica's agenda might be.

From the DR, Merron tells us that on a personal level, he and Erica get along very well, "but from a game perspective, I'm not very sure where her head's at."

The girls, including Erica, talk about how certain they are that Veronica was the hinky vote. They tell Erica they'll support whatever decision she makes regarding the nominations.

Hamza asks Ryan if he thinks the hinky vote was cast be the same person he's thinking of. Kaela says Ryan thinks it was her, and Ryan says he thinks it was Kaela too, "I can tell you why I feel like you and Derek feel isolated from the house and that you are targets. So, by sitting in a room and telling everybody you're not going to vote for Jesse, it makes everyone else distrust one and other, which may take the focus off you."

Ryan asks if Kaela thinks he was the hinky vote and she replies, "Part of me does, just because you're the one saying it's someone else." Ryan says he understands the point of a rogue vote, but it wasn't his.


Kaela adds again the rogue vote wasn’t hers and Ryan says he’d rather it be Kaela for a strategic reason than think someone else is lying to everyone’s face. Kaela says someone else is lying. Upstairs, Veronica goes into the WA and she tells us her rogue vote is doing exactly what she wanted it to do: make everyone question everyone else. She then does a little dance meant to show she stirred the pot. She says the house is completely flipped upside down right now and she’s loving every minute of it.


Paras tells us everyone doesn’t know who the second vote was and the house is a mess because everyone is freaking out. Will is talking to Paras and he’s questioning her and he’s not sure if he can trust her. Paras says she thinks someone did it to stir the pot. Veronica comes into the SR where Will and Paras are and Paras asks for a minute. Will and Paras are bickering about her loyalty and it turns into an argument over Paras talking loudly. Paras says she doesn’t like Will questioning her loyalty and her character.


Paras goes up to the red rose room where Veronica is laying down and Paras is venting to Veronica about Will questioning her. Alejandra comes in and asks what’s going on and Veronica says everyone is just freaking out over the vote. Paras says Will is not someone she cares enough about to allow him to talk to her like that.


Who wants to see Erica’s HOH room? She has pictures of her girlfriend and her family. She gets a stuffed elephant from her girlfriend, Shea and she starts to get emotional. They got Catchphrase from Hasbro.


Erica sits down for her video:


It’s her girlfriend, Shea and she says “Hi Babe! Congratulations on your HOH win! I am so proud of you, you deserve this so much. I watch you every day on the live feeds morning to night, at work, at the gym, it’s pretty much on 24/7. I miss you so much and life is not the same without you. It honestly kind of sucks. For now, enjoy your week as an HOH! I love you to the moon and back, forever and always. I cannot wait to see you! I’ll talk to you very, very soon. I love you babe!


Erica says seeing the video is so overwhelming. It’s all the more motivation she needs, but obviously it’s hard to see someone you love so much that you just want to be with all of the time.


Maddy says every week with the family videos, it’s great to see someone’s family member in front of them. But it’s impossible to forget they haven’t seen their own families. Maddy is downstairs crying and Olivia goes to comfort Maddy. Maddy says it’s not about her though, it’s about Erica and her win. Olivia says she understands it’s hard not to get frustrated though. They talk about who their family videos might be from if they got HOH.


Will and Paras are outside talking and Will apologizes for being a jerk. Paras says she understands. She just doesn’t want Will to question her loyalty. Will says if Paras were up against Maddy or Veronica, he’d take her down. Will says no one has ever brought Paras’s name up to him, but Maddy’s name has been brought up to him. Will says she always walks in on people’s conversations and she’s getting herself in trouble. Paras says Maddy is making herself a target and that worries her a lot because she’s tight with Maddy and Will.


Erica and Merron are talking in the HOH room. Merron is trying to figure out where Erica’s head is at because a lot of people are uncertain what she’s going to do. Erica says there are a few people she doesn’t know about, but with Merron, she is obsessed with him as a person, but they never talk game. That worries her a little bit and she’s basing her decision on people who she doesn’t know where they stand. And she tells him his name on the short list. She says there is one person she really wants on the block and the other person will be there to fill a chair.


Erica tells us she is considering using Merron as a pawn because he doesn’t pose a threat to anyone and he doesn’t have many close relationships so it won’t make waves in the house. She’d love for him to win veto and there might be a bigger move in the works. Merron tells us Erica is considering putting him on the block and he thinks it’s a weak move because he’s not gunning for her and she knows that.


Erica got to invite some friends to play Catchphrase and there is fruit to snack on. She invited Maddy, Ryan, Alejandra, Olivia, and Johnny. Erica says Ali is carrying the team, she’s really good at the game.


Paras, Will, and Maddy are in the white rose room and Paras is looking forward to a relaxed week. Maddy says her relationship is blossoming, but she knows there are better relationships in the house. Maddy is concerned because she’s not sure if their relationship is enough to keep her off the block.


Erica and Hamza are talking and Erica says they could beast through the house. Hamza says he has her until the end and she says the same. Erica tells us she is close with Hamza and he’s someone she feels like she can trust to discuss nominations with. Hamza is trying to convince Erica to put him on the block to stack the veto and Erica isn’t going for it. Erica wants to keep as many straight shooters as she can because she wants someone who will come at her from the front and not the back. Erica does not want to risk Hamza going home because the HG are too fickle.


 Erica pitches putting up Maddy and Hamza says that’s a waste of an HOH. Erica asks who else besides that and then she asks how he feels about Veronica. Hamza says she’s a bit of a wild card and that’s a great game move, but she’s a strong player so if Erica is going to take a shot then she has to win. Hamza tells her if she takes out Veronica that’s a huge target.


Veronica wants to talk to Erica and reassure her she can trust her. Veronica thinks it would be a great move for them to work together. They discuss the rogue vote and Erica tells Veronica that Jesse told her V would vote for him. Veronica is still denying it and says what would be the point of me doing that? Veronica says she’s stronger and faster than a lot of other people in the house and if they stick together they could run the house. Veronica says she is willing to put herself on the line in comps to keep Erica safe. Erica tells us she is 100% convinced the rogue vote is Veronica and she’s been lying to everyone’s face.


Alejandra and Erica and Erica is telling Alejandra she’s convinced the rogue vote is Veronica. Erica tells Ali that she is getting Veronica to think she believes her to get more information because she wants to see how far V will go with a lie. Ali says she is dangerous. Erica tells us it’s clear to her that Veronica not only poses a huge threat to her game, but the gave of the entire house. But what’s not so clear is if she should be the one to take her out of the game. Erica tells Ali if she takes that shot and it doesn’t land then she screws her own game. Ali says it would be sick if Erica gets Veronica out this week.


Maddy tells us Erica being HOH this week makes her nervous because they don’t have a strong game connection and they both know that. Maddy wants to get in her ear before nominations. Erica tells Maddy she feels like she’s going to put her up and there’s nothing wrong with what they have, it’s just not where others are. Maddy says she’s disappointed this is the result because she feels like things could get better. Maddy tells Erica she doesn’t have to pit them against each other and she never wanted strong women to be against strong women. Maddy thinks her and Erica on the same team would be a shock to everyone and she doesn’t think it’s ideal for either of them for Maddy to go home. Erica appreciates that and she is listening. Maddy says she hopes she doesn’t see her name on the screen, but if it is it draws a line and she doesn’t want that. Maddy says if she sees her name on the screen, Erica has no idea how vengeful she can be and if she crosses that line there is no forgiveness for her.


Erica heads to the throne room and she says now that she’s HOH it’s time to start putting plans in motion, not just for this week but for weeks to come. Now she has to decide if she wants to make big and rash moves, or something safer that still benefits her.


She’s considering Merron as a nomination because they got a late start in forming a relationship and they have no game relationship at all.


She’s considering Maddy because she’s playing a game she doesn’t understand or respect and she doesn’t want to play with people like that.


She’s considering nominating Hamza because he’s interested in being on the block and that could be good for her if they pull out the veto win and secure control for the week.


She’s considering nominating Veronica because she’s sure she’s lying about last week’s vote and she can’t work with dishonest people and she could be dangerous to her game.


This is the first time she’s had to get her hands dirty in the game and she wants to make sure it’s worth something.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Erica has nominated Merron and Maddy. Erica chose to nominate Merron because even though their personal relationship has begun to develop, their game relationship hasn’t. Erica has chosen to nominate Maddy because she is an extremely social player and that coupled with their own lack of game chats has left her wondering where her head is at. She respects them both as people and players and she expects them to kick butt in the POV.


Merron says he’s pumped to be on the block. It’s part of the Big Brother experience and he’s ready to go out and win the POV and take his fate into his own hands.


Maddy says Erica did exactly what she would have done in her position. She respects the move, but she won’t forget the move either.

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