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Extras on TV show

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OK, this is probably the weirdest question that this place has ever received. I really do not expect anyone to answer..but anyway...

Does anyone know who the heck this person is? He's an extra that's been on shows spanning 3 decades.

Here's what he looks like. He's a short, light-skinned black guy that has squinty eyes. He has a slight stocky build. I'm not sure how else to describe him.

I guess I'm not looking for a specific name, I just want to know if anyone else has recognized this dude.

I first noticed him on numerous episodes of a Different World..in the pit, on campus (the only specific episode that I can recall him being in is the one where Dwaye and Ron pledge - i checked imdb and the couple of extras listed are not him) I later saw him on a couple of episodes of What's Happening. I then noticed him in the background of many Saved by the Bell episodes...both in the hallways and in the Max. A couple of years ago I started seeing him on the White Shadow. He was a lot slimmer them.

I'm like, hold on this dude has been in high school for 30 years..lol.

But it cracks me up everytime I see him.

Anybody else? Anybody?

*crickets chirp*

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