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Thursday March 22, 2018 Big Brother Canada Live Feed Updates

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12:18a BBT: Will and Alejandra are talking in the WBR. Ale wants to know how close he is to Veronica. She wants to know how upset he would be if she was targeted or if he was asked to vote her out. He says that at the end of the day, he's here to play for himself. Even though they're friends, they aren't like really close like everyone thinks. He tells Ale that he had that "falling out" with Veronica, and things are still kinda the same....

Ale tells Will that Veronica wants to work with her as a team in the game, and that's why she didn't nominate her. But, Ale just found out that Veronica is telling other people that the only reason why she's doing that this week, is because Jesse is a bigger physical threat than her right now, but if Veronica gets HOH, she wants Ale and Olivia on the block and gone ASAP. So Ale thinks that Veronica is still going after her. 

Will tells her that no matter what, he thinks she can rely on him to persuade Veronica if needed. So if it comes down to it, he'll work on Veronica for her. 

Maddy walks into the room to grab something, and leaves quick. As soon as she leaves, Ale tells William that she doesn't trust Maddy at all. Will agrees that she's "flip-floppy." Ale says she's told Maddy a couple little things that she never said to anyone else, and it's come back to her through the grapevine...so she can't trust her. Ale warns William to not trust her, and watch what he says to her. 

Ale asks Will if he would send Veronica home before he would send herself or Johnny home, and Will says yes. Regardless of what anyone says, they don't talk game at all, and he's not that close with Veronica anymore. They leave the room. 

On his way out, William runs into Ryan. Ryan asks him if everyone is on board to send the same person home tomorrow. Will looks confused at him, and Ryan asks him if he "sold him on it" (Jesse's pitch). William tells Ryan that he did NOT buy it, Ryan is happy, says ok....and they part ways. 

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12:26a BBT: Kaela goes into the RBR where Alejandra and Olivia are. Kaela tells them that Derek asked her if she would help Jesse with votes since everyone realizes that Jesse is probably going home tomorrow. Derek wants Jesse to have at least two votes. Kaela told Derek that she was thinking of asking if she votes to keep Olivia in, if she would help keep her and Derek in the house next week if one of them wins HOH. Alejandra squeels and tells Kaela that she's a smart cookie....But Kaela told Derek that if she doesn't get through to Olivia's side, then she'll vote to keep Jesse. Ale, Olivia and Kaela agree that if they all make it past next week, they need to all sit down and rehash their game plan moving forward. Kaela wants to put up Maddy and Ryan up if one of them get HOH next. They all agree about Maddy because she's constantly changing her mind. Ale mentions the fact that if there's an open opportunity for a back door, they need to pull it out on Veronica. They all agree that the only way to get Veronica out is through a back door. 

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9:16am BBT Good Morning Canada! Today is eviction day and the lights are just turning on in the BB house, but all of the house guests are still sleeping.

9:26am BBT We can hear the rooster crow quite a few times to get the house guests up and out of bed.

9:29am BBT Jesse is in the storage room changing his battery and then he grabs the battery box and proceeds to walk room to room and give the house guests new batteries. After Jesse is done going through the house passing out new batteries, he heads to the kitchen and fixes himself some coffee and then heads outside where Ryan is walking laps. Jesse asks where Hamz is. They both joke about everyone wanting to get out as soon as they wake up in the morning and now everyone is still in bed. Jesse decides to walk laps with Ryan while drinking his coffee. Ryan is talking to Jesse about Hamz theory of double eviction battle back. Jesse asked Ryan if he has talked to Hamz about today. Ryan said that he talked to him yesterday and will probably talk to him in a little bit. Ryan tells Jesse wherever he is an hour before they will tell Jesse what is happening.  

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9:40am BBT Jesse is still walking the yard with Ryan and pitching why they should keep him. Ryan can see pros and cons both ways and then Hamz joins them out for a walk. They joke about Jesse walking around without a shirt when it is cold out there. Jesse said that he is prepping for comps and Hamz says that he is going to be a soldier.

9:42am BBT We hear BB announce that the Head of Household must pack and vacate the HoH room. Hamz wonders if he has to do it right now and Ryan tells him that he does.

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9:45am-10:10am BBT All the house guests are getting ready for the day with no game talk going on.

10:10am BBT Veronica and Will join Hamz in the HoH room to talk. Veronica asks if there is anyone else in there and Hamz tells her that Merron is in the wash area. Veronica asks Hamz how he feels and he replies that he feels sad. Veronica thinks that it has been nice for him to be able to look at all of his photos and Hamz said that he had them all week, but he did not think about it until today that he has to give them up. Will thinks that Jesse will be coming in the HoH room pretty soon and Hamz does not know how much longer they have to stay in the HoH room. Merron is now by the bed in the HoH room talking to the others about Jesse. Will said that he is going to be coming to them soon wanting to know what everyone's answer is. Hamz tells Veronica that Will and Merron think that Jesse is bullshitting. Hamz thinks that he is being genuine, he has debated it and he is fine either way. Veronica thinks that he is being genuine too, but Derek and Kaela also told them that they would have their vote so it could go either way.


Hamz tells Veronica that Will and Merron think that if they keep Jesse, they will not have Derek and Kaela. Will said that Paras is close with Jesse and then Maddy is flip flopping so she might go over with them. Merron thinks that Maddy and Paras are scared of Oliva so he thinks that they would have Derek and Kaela put up Olivia and Ali. Merron is assuming the game plan right now is to get out the showmance after Jesse. Hamz thinks that as long as the showmance is in the game, they are bigger targets then they are.

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Veronica said that the only  reason she is considering sending Jesse home is because Derek and Kaela came to them yesterday and promised their loyalty to them. The only reason she was skeptical about sending Jesse home was because of Derek and Kaela, but now she is fine with sending Jesse home. Hamz is down with what ever they decide. Will thinks that Jesse is going to come over and want to know and they have to give him an answer. Will is going to tell him that they have relationships outside this and they can't let it backfire and come back on them. Will also wants to tell him if they are going to have comps with money involved he would rather be up against Oliva instead of Jesse. Merron warns them to be cautious as to what they say because there is still time for Jesse to go and talk to Derek and Kaela. Will said that Paras and Maddy are going to do what ever they tell them. Merron is going to tell Jesse that he feels like he can beat Oliva and not Jesse. Merron hates these kind of conversations and Will said that he can't be mad because it is a game and Jesse said that he would respect their decision.

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Veronica repeats herself about why she is okay with voting out Jesse now. Will said that getting rid of Jesse now is the best game move for all of them. Hamz questions if they should tell him that they are going to keep him and then send him home. They all laugh at that and Hamz said that he wants a reaction today. Veronica asks if they should just tell him that they are still weighing the options. They discuss making it a 7-4 vote and Will thinks that is too sketchy because people are flopping. Merron said that they will know Derek and Kaela's loyalty if they vote for Jesse to stay. Hamz told Merron to go and tell Paras and Maddy to throw him a pit vote. Merron don't know how they would feel about that and Veronica thinks that they would feel good about that. Hamz is going to go to Paras and Maddy and tell them to vote Oliva out and he will explain to them after it is not a big deal. They decide to tell Jesse that they are still talking it over and they are really torn. Jesse pops his head in the HoH room and then leaves when he sees the others in there. Veronica is going to tell him she is torn and Hamz said that he is torn because if he stays in the game he will be a soldier for them but he could also go back to the threesome. Veronica said that if he stays she could go to Kaela and Derek and tell them that Jesse came to them the night before. Hamz said that Derek would just say that he was trying to plead his case to stay. Will says there is no benefit in keeping him now.

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They discuss again the reasons to get rid of him because he is stronger. Hamz is just feeling the guild and before Jesse's pitch yesterday he was set on sending him home. Veronica said that it sucks because she told Jesse he was safe and she wants to keep him. Johnny pops in and asks if everything is still the same. The others shake their head yes and Merron said that is what they are discussing now. Johnny left the room and Merron told the others that they need to start including Johnny, Paris and Ali in their discussions. Hamz suggests too that they need to include Erica also. Veronica said that they should not be in big groups and they discuss the possibility of a double eviction.

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10:37am BBT Hamz walks down the stairs and we can see Live Eviction Today on the screen. Hamz enters the storage area where Jesse is and he tells Jesse that he can't get Will on board and that he is still not one-hundred percent. Jesse said that if he is worried about him and Paris having a thing, there is nothing there. Hamz said that him and Veronica are down. Jesse said that if is him and Veronica, Ryan and Merron then they still have it. Jesse tells Hamz to let him play the game with him and Hamz said that he wants to. Hamz tells Jesse that Veronica is the same way but she is scared to go against Will as well. Jesse said if it happens without Will and he still has the votes he can prove it to Will. Hamz said that he will not have the votes without them two. They both go over the votes and Hamz tells Jesse to go and talk to Will and get him because Maddy will not vote with them if Will doesn't. Jesse said that he will talk to Will and get him. Maddy walks in and interrupts the conversation so Jesse leaves the storage area. Hamz follows Jesse out of the storage area a few seconds later and whispers to the camera that Jesse is fighting.

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10:40am BBT Hamz and Maddy walk up the stairs together and Maddy asks if things are still the same. Hamz said yes but he does not like how comfortable Oliva is feeling. Maddy agrees and tells Hamz that Oliva is talking about people that she would put on the block. Maddy thinks that Oliva is showing such entitlement and it is pissing her off where Jesse is doing such a good job at not giving up, he is being funny and social so that is the kind of people she wants to see in the game. Hamz said that he told Jesse not to give up and Maddy said that she is still undecided. Hamz tells Maddy that she wants to throw him a few pity votes but Maddy don't know for her game if it is a good call. Someone walks by so the discussion stops.

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10:44am BBT Hamz and Jesse walk into the HoH room to talk.


(there is more discussion going on, but I have to get to work. If no one can cover any of it before I get done, I will try to get back to it.~Sassy2565)

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10:41a BBT: (cam 1)Merron and Olivia are talking in the RBR. Merron tells Olivia that everyone just feels bad for Jesse because he's going so hard with his pitches. Olivia feels like when someone does that, (talking to everyone, pitching hard to stay) you know they can't keep all those kind of promises. She reminds Merron that she has only spoken to and made promises with four people. Merron tells her she has his vote. He promises, Olivia gives him a hug and thanks him, then leaves the room to go get ready for the day. 

10:44a BBT: (cam 2) Jesse and Hamz in the HOH room. Jesse tells Hamz that they have to make this work. If he wants to mess the house up this season, Jesse says, "lets go." Hamz agrees with him. Jesse tells him that if Daela wins HOH next week, they'll for sure go after Hamz, and Jesse says he'll have his back. Hamz tells Jesse that he spoke to Olivia and told her that he's still 50/50, and nothing is set in stone. Also, he says he spoke to Maddy, and she really wants to vote for Jesse, but they need to get Will on board. Jesse thinks he can get the votes to stay with or without Will. Jesse thinks that if Will votes him out this week, he'll regret it...and that maybe he just needs more time to process things than what they have. Hamz is afraid that if they don't have Will's vote, then they don't have Veronica's vote. Hamz tells Jesse to keep trying with Will, and keep in his ear. He tells Jesse that Will is afraid that if Jesse stays in the house, that he will go back and work with Derek and Kaela. Hamz tells him he has to just convince Will otherwise, and even tell him that he'll go after Daela, that they are his target if he has to. He just needs to convince Will. 

Jesse leaves HOH because Erica is on her way up to speak with Hamz. 

Hamz lays on the HOH bed and is looking at all his photos. He has all the frames lined up on the bed in front of him. "Ughh....I don't want to get rid of these photos...."

Kaela pops into HOH to check if things are the same. Hamz tells her that the same plan is in place, and if anything changes, he'll let her know. 

10:48a BBT: (cam 1) Jesse is in the RBR with Maddy. Maddy asks Jesse "How do you feel? To be honest, I haven't heard positive stuff."

"Maddy, there's only one person who needs to be on board." Jesse replies

Maddy: "Which is who??"

Jesse: "Me and Hamzie are so good now, we might have the numbers anyways. Will is who needs to be on board...for unspecified reasons."

Maddy: "Oh, I see."

Jesse: "Which I think I might have an idea. Even without Will, we [freaking] have it. Literally. Cuz with Ryan and Merron jumped into the mix, Hamzie's on board. We got it. And he's talking to Erica anyways. Like, there's only a couple hours left....we're gonna come back to solidify it but we got it."

Maddy tells him she just didn't want to bull[crap] him, and she wants to be on the right side of the house. Jesse says it's Derek, Kaela, Maddy, Paras, Merron, Ryan, and Hamz on board. Maybe Will. That's eight including themselves. Maddy questions Veronica's place. Jesse says he doesn't think Veronica wants to go against them, but she understands and gets his pitch more than Will does. If he can get himself (Jesse), Hamz and Will on the same page, then things will be fine (meaning Veronica will follow). They agree that the only person who can persuade Will is Hamz. Jesse says he's going to try to convince Will, but it's hard. Maddy thinks the best way to get Hamz to convince Will is to stop with the pitch idea, and start putting a bug into his ear about Will's "entitlement" or use the emotional card and drag Veronica into it. Both leave the RBR.

10:52a BBT: Jesse runs into Will in the hall, and asks to go chat in the HOH. Jesse asks Hamz if it's okay if they come into the room to chat. Hamz says he'll leave if they want a bit of privacy, and Jesse tells him he can stay and listen. Says he wants him to hear the convo anyway, but he doesn't have to talk with them if he doesn't want to. 

Jesse starts the conversation by telling Will that he's "100% in this." "I feel like everyone is essentially on board, but like, I just haven't felt like Will is 100% on board yet, whether that be right or wrong."

William interrupts and says "Well that pisses me off, because NO ONE was ever 100% on board."

Jesse backtracks and says "No, I know but people haven't told me 100% but "what I'm feeling" is that....And I could be wrong, you could be way more on board than I thought, or way less...I'm not sure."

Will: "But we just brought Liv over a little bit ago, and pretty much sat her down and told her that "listen, don't get comfortable, we're really trying to sort this out..."

Jesse interrupts: "Someone was just in the bathroom talking to me, telling me she was having dreams about evicting her coworkers and stuff like that. Like, it's stupid. It's so dumb how comfortable she is. Sorry....that just makes me so mad!"

Jesse continues with their conversation: "I just want Will to know that Jesse will NOT work with Derek and Kaela moving forward because that doesn't make any sense for me. That's two people versus the house. It doesn't make sense for me anymore. And it sucks, I know."

Will: "I don't want you to think that like, this is in my hands....cuz it's definitely not."

Jesse continues talking about how much of an asset he can be to the "team." He compares Olivia's gameplay, and their pitches and says he is playing a "bigger and bolder game than her." He continues to say that he's campaigned really hard for himself, and if either one of them ends up on the block, he'd do the same for either of them (Hamz and Will). He tells Will that if he stays, and  "God forbid Daela get HOH, then they will have some influence to not get [screwed]. But if I'm gone, they can put you two boys up and whatever.....But I'm playing it cool, and they don't know I'm "in this" (working with Will and Hamz) and if I win HOH, that's something to consider too. I think that's huge. Especially since Hamzie can't play in the HOH tonight, right? I mean, I hope we win....you (Will) or me (Jesse), or Veronica...whoever. But if they win, and I'm here, I'll target Erica, Johnny, whoever...anyone who is not in the "mix" and I'll have some influence there too, until we win and then we can make a big move."

Will looks up and says "We should have a chat with whoever, up here within the next 40 mins or so while everyone else is getting ready."

Jesse: "Absolutely dude. Seriously, I wanna play the game with you guys. I know you guys wanna play hard, make big moves...we're talking about making this an exciting season. The most exciting move you guys can make is letting me follow through on this pitch. The biggest move today is voting Liv out. It's not voting me out because that's a wasted opportunity. It's keeping me in, I'm on this side 100% ...I have nobody. I literally have nobody...So I don't give a [crap] about Derek and Kaela anymore. That's over. I came to a realization. And when I go with something, I go 100% in. It's painful for me to keep saying these things because I feel like I'm trying too hard...but I want to make sure you guys know that I'm 100% in. So that's it. It's in your hands now."

Will has been playing with the pillow, keeps looking into the mirror and messing with his hair. Jesse tells Will that he just wants to make sure that he feels comfortable with him. Will tells him that he does, 100%. They're cool. He also says again that they should get everyone up there to talk. Jesse decides to stay out of the group conversation and just let them do the talking. Jesse tells Will and Hamz to not mention him wanting to target Kaela and Derek. Just keep everything about numbers and votes. Jesse also feels like it would be safer for Ryan to vote to keep him because everyone thinks he has an alliance with Liv and Ale, and if he votes to keep him, then it'll tell the house that he is not with them. They guys also need to keep the girls in check because they don't want them to rally and take over the house. Jesse thinks that Maddy is most in with all the girls....so they should keep an eye on her. 

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11:04a BBT: Erica is in HOH talking with Hamza. Hamza tells her that the plan has not changed.He tells her everything that Jesse has pitched to him, including going after the showmance. Erica thinks it's bull, and so does Hamza. Erica says she thinks that Jesse was too comfortable this week. She tells him that she's going to vote to keep Olivia because she knows where her head is at, and that Olivia wears her heart on her sleeve which makes it easy to read her. Hamza tells Erica that if things change, no matter what, he's going to keep her in his loop. She wants to keep with the majority of the house, and he agrees to help keep her in that position. Hamza tells her that he thinks it's screwed up that Jesse is even willing to go after the showmance....

Hamza says that he's pissed off that the majority of the girls are rooting for Jesse, and in particular, Maddy and Paras want to keep Jesse in the house. Hamza says that Paras was pushing hard to pitch Jesse to him yesterday....Erica says if she gets HOH, she wants Maddy out first. They then talk about which people have been "flip-flopping" sides, and they agree that those people are on their "list" and cannot be trusted. Hamza continues to tell Erica about his conversation with Jesse after the Veto Ceremony, and how Jesse understood where he was coming from with not using the Veto. Erica talks about how Paras wants to vote Jesse to stay because she doesn't want him to leave the house on an anonymous vote. Hamza says that people need to just vote for whoever they want to stay and be done....stop going back and forth with their decision. They discuss how Jesse thinks that he has Will's vote, but Hamza says absolutely NOT. Will definitely wants Jesse gone. Ryan told Hamza that he'll vote whatever way Hamza needs him to. 

11:14a BBT: Feeds switch to RBR where Jesse is speaking with Kaela. He says that Hamza is good with his pitch. He tells Kaela that they need to sit down and figure out the next HOH move, decide who should take it and what moves should be made. Then go over a few dates and things for the possible comp coming up. Derek and Johnny come in, and they chat about getting ready for the comp, and when to start packing their bags. Kaela tells Johnny that they have to win. Johnny says he probably won't do well in the comp because he thinks other people in the house know more than he does. 


Feeds switch to the storage room. Paras and Olivia are whispering about one of the girls telling Paras that Olivia is sitting too comfortable, and Olivia says she's heard that but refuses to give her a reaction. (Not sure exactly who they are talking about....maybe Veronica or Erica?) 


[Backing up to Cam 3]

10:53a BBT: Paras and Maddy are in the WBR. Maddy tells Paras how Hamza just told her he is getting so pissed at how comfortable Olivia thinks she is. Paras is frustrated and says that if he's so pissed about that, then he needs to just send her home. Stop giving her false hope, and just do it. They both agree that Hamza is being stupid by playing with people's emotions in the game. If he wants to make a move, then just make it. Paras thinks that it's pretty eye-opening to see that even though Hamza and Will are so "tight" that Hamza wants one thing, but Will is stuck in a different direction. Paras thinks that Hamza is upset about how close she is with Jesse, and thinks that Hamza doesn't want her to be close with anyone else in the house other than him. Maddy says that the only person who can change Will's mind, is Hamza. But Will also knows that if he doesn't do what Hamza asks him to do, then that's not good for his game. Paras is sick of people going around the house making stuff up. She says Veronica came to her bragging that they were just making things up with Jesse to mess with him. She thinks that's messed up....if you want to send him home, just do it!! Don't play with him about it....

Derek comes into the room and says there's nothing more he can do to help Jesse at this point. He helped campaign for him for 3-4 days, but he also has to look out for his own game too. Maddy leaves the room, and Paras and Derek immediately whisper "FLOATER!!!" to each other (in reference to Maddy). Derek thinks that only 3 people will vote for Olivia, and the rest are on board to get Jesse out. Derek told Paras that he thinks he should vote with the majority. Paras is hoping that Jesse can work some magic last min to Hamza....things can change at the last min. Paras talks about how hard she's tried to campaign and push for Jesse to stay the last few days, but she heard people were noticing and talking about them being "a pair." She doesn't want people to think that because she legitimately just doesn't want him to go out feeling alone. She would never alienate anyone in the house. She then tells Derek that the way Veronica lies through her teeth....she can't tell what's truth or a lie anymore. She thinks Veronica is a terrible person because of the way she laughs and makes fun of the way they are messing with Jesse. Paras says that she thought she was strong enough to come play this game, but she's not on the same level as everyone with the scheming....She just isn't that kind of person. She just wants to play the game, and doesn't understand why everyone has to do it in a messy way. 

11:05a BBT: Will and Johnny go into the HN room. Will asks Johnny if he's still 100% on getting Jesse out. Johnny says yes, and pinky swears on it. Will tells Johnny that after the eviction, he has a lot of stuff to tell him about....about Jesse's pitches, and lots of info about what has happened this week. They discuss how Paras and Maddy aren't sure, and are flip-flopping their votes. Will tells Johnny to go talk to Maddy and Paras and get their heads back into the game. Will says if Hamz changes his mind and decides to keep Jesse, he's going to be pissed. "Why would you make a big move like that, and then change your mind?" 

Will grabs Paras and takes her into the HN room. He asks her what Derek was saying to her. Paras tells him that Derek knows that her and Kaela are going to be the only votes for Jesse to stay. Paras says that the question he asked her last night was what shed the light on her and made her decide Jesse had to go for her game. They discuss how Veronica has been going around telling Jesse that things were good for him to stay for the last 4 days. That made people want to target Derek, and it's all lies....they never said they were going to keep him. They said they would listen to his pitch and respect him for trying. Will asked Paras if Derek was still campaigning for Jesse, and Paras told him no. Derek stopped doing that a few days ago because he realized it wasn't making his game look too good. Will tells Paras that he's pissed that Jesse told him that the vote all came down to Will. Will says that it's not fair to put that on him because he's not the one who put him up on the block. 

Will tells Paras that they are going to have a meeting in the HOH in about 20 mins. 



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1:04p BBT: Jesse and Erica in WBR: 

Jesse: "I didn't understand pre-veto ceremony. THAT, I do now...If everyone in the house was pitching for me out, and he felt like he (Hamza) couldn't use it, then fair enough. I didn't know that going in. No one spoke to me bluntly enough to tell me "Dude, this is actually how it is...." So obviously without knowing anything, I thought he should just use it. So I felt betrayed because I thought I was on his side." Basically Jesse is explaining to Erica his reasoning for his behavior/reactions from before and after the Veto Ceremony. He says he didn't want to come all out "Beast Mode" on Hamza about the situation. Jesse finishes his pitch to Erica. Erica says she loves him as a person, and if he stays, they'll get together and talk more in-depth gameplay. Erica says that Hamz has changed his whole game this week. He went from a lone wolf basically, to having a posse. She says you need to balance the kind of player you are in the game. You need to be good at what you do, but not so good that you get cocky and make yourself a target. Jesse leaves. Maddy comes into the room. 

Erica and Maddy agree that he's (Jesse) has made some good/great points. But, they don't think they want him in the house because someone like him who is so good at turning the whole house around in one week (from wanting to keep him to getting rid of him) just shows how good of a social player he is. They agree that he's very smart/smooth with his words. 

1:10p BBT: Johnny, Derek, and Will are in the RBR. Discussing Jesse's pitch to go after Daela if he stays in the house. Derek "knows" that Jesse wouldn't really go after Daela, and that it was just a last minute pitch to make a last play to stay. They discuss Ryan quickly saying that he has no position in the house. No power Derek mentions that Ryan should be the first to go out next. Johnny jumps in and states "Even tonight, if it's a double." Derek resumes telling William that it's basically up to him to decide whether keeping Jesse is a good idea or not. He tells him to look at what you think would happen if you're up against him in a comp, up on the block, and even consider his social abilities. Derek gets up to leave to try and speak to more people. William reiterates to Derek that his decision is still up in the air. Anything could still happen Will says, "it's still 50/50."

Once Derek leaves, William and Johnny start whispering to each other. They both agree that they are voting Jesse out. William tells Johnny about a conversation he had with Jesse and Derek separately last night, and it was obvious to him that Jesse would go back with Derek in a heartbeat with the info that they were sharing back and forth between each other, even though Jesse was promising he wasn't telling anyone certain things. William tells Johnny that he feels like he can't really be close to Hamza because he talks too much. Johnny agrees that Hamza is too impulsive. Will asks Johnny who he'd put up if he won HOH. Johnny says he didn't feel like Derek was on his side, but after this week he feels like he has misread him now. Will warns him not to trust everything he says because he really is close with Kaela too. Johnny feels like numbers-wise, Merron has no value to him. Will mentions Maddy is a big floater, and Paras is a bit of a floater too. Will tells him that he has a little thing with Paras and Maddy, and that he told them he'd have their backs to try and get them as far as he can after week two. But, if they rally with the other side of the house, he's gotta look out for his own game. 

Will mentions again why he thinks Jesse, Kaela and Derek are full of crap....because Jesse is talking about putting Derek and Kaela up...but then why is Derek coming to him to try and pitch Jesse and convince Will to vote for Jesse to stay?? Johnny agrees and says that he knew they were all full of it when everything kinda came down this week, and he felt "shunned" from the three of them all of a sudden after they've been good this whole time. Johnny asks Will if this "Five's Company" thing is really a "thing." He wants to know if Hamz believes in it? Will says he thinks he didn't want to believe it, but everyone in the group really likes Johnny too. (Not sure what Will means about that) Johnny asks if he needs to win this next HOH. Will says no he's not a target, and he doesn't think he is either. Will is thinking about throwing the HOH because he doesn't want all of this week to be blown up in his face for his HOH. But then again, do they want to keep Daela in the house for another week? When it comes down to Jury, they're going to be another vote for the other side of the house in the end. If they have a double eviction tonight, they'll have some bitter jury members in the end. They discuss how Ryan wants to put the showmance up if he gets HOH. Johnny chuckles that everyone thinks that Ryan has no place in this house, but he actually has a plan, and it could work for people. William mentions that he caught Paras lying to him the other day, and then he caught her in another lie last night too. Will says when Jesse was over pitching his thing to him, Will questioned Jesse about whether he was with Paras alone in the other room....then Will looks up at the Camera and says Paras is going to be mad that he's saying this on TV....... -and the feeds go out!!- [grrrrrr]

1:30p BBT: Feeds are back on Kaela and Derek in the HN room speculating what Hamza is thinking. Derek tells Kaela to go talk to Johnny to get in his head and see what he's thinking. Then they talk a bit about what they saw today to remember for the upcoming HOH comp. Kaela reminds Derek that no matter what happens, they can't put Liv or Ale up this week if they win HOH because she made a deal with them to keep them safe. Derek reminds her that no one needs to really know that. 

Feeds switch to RBR where Ale is asking Jesse where his head is at. He tells her that he doesn't know...he's been going over everything in his head over and over, and just has no clue right now. 

We hear BB come over the loudspeaker announcing the live eviction will be in 2 hours, then BB lists the nominated houseguests. 

Ale tells Jesse that no matter what happens, she feels sad about the situation. She says if it was anyone else, she'd be cheering for him. If he does stay, she'll be cheering for him, but she'll be sad at the same time if Liv goes. Then she tells him that if she was single, she would have totally tried to showmance him. Jesse asks Ale what she thinks are Liv's odds. Ale says she's totally not sure. But, she knows for a fact that there are people in this house who have been lying a lot. But whatever the outcome is, she's going to know who to trust, and who not to trust because there are questionable people on both sides right now. Jesse leaves, and Ale says to the camera that she really does feel bad for him. But he's really nice to look at. Then she starts to play with her hair in the mirror. She's not sure what to do with her hair. 

1:41p BBT: Feeds switch to HN room where Veronica and Kaela are. Veronica is coming up with cutesy  names that they can call each other in the house.....

Feeds change to Jesse running down the stairs into the kitchen to tell Merron that everyone is having a chat in the WBR. Merron follows him upstairs. 

In the WBR: Hamza, Merron, Ryan, Johnny, Paras, William, Veronica, and Maddy (I think). 

They go around the room stating who they are voting out. They all say Jesse and they all agree they need to just sit him down and tell him so he's not blindsided. 

-Feeds go out-

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