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Monday March 19, 2018 Big Brother Canada Live Feed Updates

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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:39a BBT: Veronica is talking with Hamza in HOH room. Veronica starts her conversation with him by telling him that she agrees that getting rid of Liv and Ale is an emotional move, and not a smart one. They know that they aren't "threats." She tells Hamza that Ryan is playing both sides of the house. She doesn't trust him, Hamza agrees and says he's made so many mistakes in the house. She says she just wants to warn Hamza of Ryan, and that he's going to be up in his face constantly now, won't give him two seconds alone, and is constantly watching everything from the balcony "like a hawk." She also wants him to realize that Olivia and Ale are just kissing his butt. "I want you to remember all those people who voted for you in that comp (bartender comp) against you and look at you now....you're half a country above them all now." Conversation continues about how everyone underestimated his ability to play the game because he kept quiet and to himself in the beginning. Hamza says he wants to take Jesse down because he's not a physical threat, and use Ryan as a replacement and rattle his feathers. 
Veronica tells Hamza that the only person she 100% trusts is Will. She wants to work with Will and Hamz. Hamz agrees about Will and says him and Will are tight like brothers for life. Hamz says he can't wait for her and Will to get their chance to start making moves, and he'll have their back. After that, they can come together and beast through the house. 
Merron interrupts to ask for some time. Hamz tells him to give him a minute and Merron steps out. Hamz says that he (Merron) keeps coming in a lot, and feels super safe and he wants to put him up and then "save" him later so he would owe him. Hamz wants himself, Veronica and Will to just stay tight, even Erica because he's real close with her. 
Hamz's plan is to take Jesse down, and put Ryan up. He's not going to tell him before so that it rattles him. Then Jesse will owe him, and either way, if they go after Hamz next week, someone will pull him down if he's on the block. "I rattled the house today, tomorrow I'm going to rattle the house even more.....these people shouldn't be able to sleep."
Veronica leaves to go fetch Will to bring him into the conversation. Hamz shouts out to Carolyn (sp?) and tells her that he hopes she's proud of him, that he just won $5,000.00 and they are going on a trip soon.
Will comes into HOH. Hamz says he hopes that one of them (Veronica or Will) wins HOH. They speculate that the comp could be "truth or false," and then the next comp should be an endurance comp. Hamz tells Will his plan about taking Jesse down, and replacing him with Ryan. He wants to know what Will's thought is, and they are making this decision as a team. The plan is to make Olivia feel super safe until Thursday, and then just get her out of the house. Will says he's good with the plan either way. He will go with whatever they decide. Veronica wants to make Ryan feel like he's not king of the house anymore, and to realise that they aren't stupid in the house. If they convince Olivia that she's safe, that will get to him, and he'll really be shaking. Hamz reiterates to Will that if they pull Jesse down, that side of the house will "owe" them big time. Also, keeping Ale off the block, and not putting her up against Liv, they will also be thankful. So if they want to come after them next week, they should have the numbers to keep them safe. Even if they don't win HOH on their own, they should be safe with Erica pulled in, which helps keep Daela on their side. Veronica feels like Ale realises how lucky she is that she's not on the block this week, and that keeps her in their good graces as well. 
Chatter continues about the comp today and how everyone played. Then they discuss how strong Derek and Kaela are strong compeditors. 
If this week is a double eviction, Hamz, Veronica and Will decide to let the other side have the HOH. They will put up Ale and Ryan. Then they'll be able to play the endurance comp, and they'll have the control over the single eviction. 

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