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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with Andrew and his posse safe in heaven, a hellacious HOH competition left Johnny fired up by the win and the losers feeling the heat. When the campaigning began, Johnny turned on the waterworks. Then Johnny dried his crocodile tears and put up Alejandra and Rozina, but lone wolf Hamza howled at the idea.


At the POV competition, every inch counted. In the end, Johnny wormed his way to the win, then locked down his nominations. On the first eviction night of the season, a unanimous vote sent Rozina packing. Then Big Brother dropped a second bombshell…with a catch. Tonight, will the gate crashers get their story straight or will it go up in flames? Who will make a splash as the next HOH? Can the have nots handle their tomb with a view? It’s all happening now on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up after Rozina’s eviction and Alejandra says she is sad to see her go, but she’s so glad it wasn’t her. Jesse says the vote made the house look united, but it’s a totally different story. Jesse tells us Andrew was relentless on eviction day trying to flip the house to save Rozina and that rubbed people the wrong way. We see Andrew going to different groups and trying to sway them to evict Alejandra.


We then see Arisa explaining the rules to the gate crashers and them entering the house. Olivia says what they heck? They just got rid of one person and now Big Brother is adding two more. Merron and Veronica are telling them they were in the audience and they were randomly selected to enter the house. They were made-up over a break before entering. Olivia is immediately skeptical. Veronica is explaining there was a super fan draw and they thought it was for front row, but it was a twist.


Olivia says if they were in the audience then they seen the first eviction, but they said they don’t know who was evicted. There is speculation they are lying because their bios were out a week before the show was started and so the new people should know at least who was there. Jesse tells Derek he doesn’t believe their story and they are holding something back. He is going to try and get to Merron before Andrew does and bunk with him so he can keep an eye on him.


Merron tells us he can’t believe he’s in the Big Brother Canada house, but he doesn’t think people are buying their story. Merron and Veronica are talking in the red rose room and Merron tells her their story was awful. Veronica says it will be horrible if they get called out. Merron says when they were asked if they seen everyone’s bios he knew it was a wrap.


Erica comes into the red rose room so Merron leaves to put stuff in the WA and Andrew is in there and he tells Merron he’s got his back and he will not send any votes his way. Andrew says if he hears anything he’ll pass it to Merron and vice versa. Andrew tells him to play dumb and say less. Andrew tells us he’s at the bottom but he’s going to come through and make something happen.


It’s time for the HOH competition! Welcome the BB Canada Cocktail Lounge! Earlier, Big Brother had us all fill out a survey based off our first impressions of each other. The results will be the basis of tonight’s HOH competition. This competition is called Right in the Kisser and here’s how it works:


Johnny will ask a question and the first to buzz in will bring their martini glass to him. Johnny will pour them a drink and the HG will answer by throwing their drink right in the kisser of the HG they think is the answer. If correct, they will choose a HG to be “cutoff”, eliminating them from the competition. If incorrect, they will be “cutoff”. The last person remaining in the competition will be the new HOH. Merron and Veronica will not be playing and they are safe for the week.


Question #1-Who did the house decide smells the worst? Andrew buzzes in and answers Ryan. The correct answer is Ryan and Andrew is correct and he chooses to cutoff Olivia.


Question #2-Who did the house decide is only here for a showmance? Erica buzzed in first and she answers Derek. The correct answer is Derek and Erica eliminates Andrew.


Question #3-Who did the house decide is most likely to cry when nominated? Maddy buzzes in and answers herself. The correct answer is Kaela and Maddy is eliminated.


Question #4-Who did the house decide is the easiest to manipulate? Jesse buzzes in and answers Kaela. The correct answer is Paras and Jesse is eliminated.


Question #5-Who did the house decide would have the least amount of people to attend their funeral? Paras buzzes in and answers herself. The correct answer is Olivia and Paras is eliminated.

So far, 5 HG have been eliminated and they are Olivia, Andrew, Maddy, Jesse, and Paras. Remaining in the competition is Erica, Kaela, Derek, Ryan, Alejandra, William, and Hamza.


Question #6-Who is the house most surprised to see cast this season? Kaela buzzes in, apologizes, and breaks her glass as she answers Hamza. The correct answer is Hamza. Kaela is correct and she chooses to eliminate Hamza.


Question #7-Who did the house decide is the dumbest HG? No one wants to ring in but Derek buzzes in and answers William. The correct answer is Paras and Derek is eliminated.


Question #8-Who did the house decide is the least trustworthy HG? Ryan buzzes in and answers Andrew. The correct answer is Andrew and Ryan eliminates Kaela.


Question #9-Who did the house decide would have the least people at their birthday party? Erica buzzes in and answers Ryan. The correct answer is Hamza. Erica is eliminated.


Question #10-Who did the house decide would cause the most drama this season? Alejandra buzzes in and she answers Andrew. The correct answer is Erica and Alejandra has been eliminated.


Ryan and William are the last two HG remaining and one of them will be the next HOH. It’s time for the final question. Who did the house decide was least deserving of the grand prize? William buzzes in and answers Hamza. The correct answer is…Olivia. William is eliminated and Ryan is the new HOH!


Paras and Alejandra are talking and Paras tells Alejandra her feelings are a little hurt. Alejandra tells us Paras has been struggling a little with her confidence and she’s glad Paras is opening up. We see Paras go into the white rose room and she celebrates that people thinks she is dumb and easy to manipulate. Paras says it’s part of her strategy to play dumb.


Hamza asks Ryan if he’s ready for the whole house to kiss his butt. Ryan says he’s ready and he’s going to play everything by ear. Hamza says next week will be a physical competition so he needs to plan for that. Erica comes in and wants to speak to Andrew after eliminating him from the HOH competition. Erica tells him everyone beforehand wanted Andrew out first. Andrew wants to know who said it and Erica said everyone, the entire house. Andrew says Erica jumped ship on him and she says it was just numbers. Erica says it doesn’t change how she feels about him as a person.


Erica and Olivia are sitting on the couch downstairs talking about what a weird day it’s been and Andrew comes down. Olivia asks what’s up and Erica asks if he’s just going to follow her around the house now and Andrew says maybe. Things are tense and Olivia changes the subject and says the house is pretty messy. Andrew tells us he’s shooting daggers at her and she’s uncomfortable but she shouldn’t have done that to him. Andrew is bringing up she was the one of the first people he put in heaven the first week and saved and fed her. She asks how she’s supposed to stand beside him when he’s saying questionable things like trying to flip the house week one. She says those are things she can’t associate herself with. Andrew says we’ll figure it out, but don’t be surprised when the time comes.


Everyone is hanging out in the living room and Alejandra is dancing and singing it feels good to be off the slop. Ryan comes out and says who wants to see my HOH room? He has a picture of his wife and son and he got a shirt his son made for him with his Ryan’s face on it.


Ryan picks up a card and reads: HG, Canada will vote each week and choose a Hasbro game for you to play. The first game choice went to Big Brother and he chose Twister.


Ryan sits down to watch his video. His son, Carter, comes and says Hey Dad! If you’re seeing this you won HOH! Congratulations! So far you are doing great and now he has something to tell him about himself. Their hockey team is doing very well. They have two tournaments left and he is going to practice very hard. I love you! Bye for now!


Several HG have tears in their eyes and Ryan is emotional. He says he’s so proud every day to be Carter’s dad.


Alejandra and Jesse are talking and she asks if he feels good with Ryan. Jesse doesn’t know who he’s targeting but he wonders if Ryan will go with Andrew. Alejandra thinks he does. Alejandra tells us Ryan winning HOH makes her nervous because she doesn’t know where his head is. Alejandra and Jesse are talking about how smart Ryan is. Alejandra thinks Ryan has been laying low and no one should underestimate him.


It’s a new day and Andrew says he went to bed mad but he got up and put on his dad’s sweater and it’s time to go to work. It’s time for hug city. Andrew pulls Erica to the side first and apologizes. He says with the questions from the competition and then Erica taking him out it made him lash out and snap at her. They hug.


Next, Andrew goes to Olivia. He didn’t mean to get mad at her, she was a victim of circumstance. But he messed up and it’s time to go to work. He apologizes to her and Olivia says it’s all good, apology accepted. And we have another hug. Andrew is giving out hugs today and hugs Maddy and William.


Everyone is in the living room and Merron and Veronica are standing in front of everyone. Merron says HG, it’s time to name the first four have-nots of the season. Veronica reads: Ryan since you’re the HOH this week, it is your responsibility to decide who will be eating slop and sleeping in the most hellish have not room ever! Merron and Veronica will be haves for the week.


Ryan stands and says he already decided if he had to choose it was only going to be heaven people because he didn’t want to put anyone on slop for back to back weeks. Ryan says Andrew saved him from slop last week so he can’t put him on it. The four HG he chooses are Jesse, Derek, Hamza, and Erica. That’s the decision for the week.


Merron says have-nots, it’s time to enter Big Brother’s catacombs. They are all grossed out. Hamza says it’s his first time in the have-not room and he’s already shaking in his pants. There’s skulls everywhere, a tomb, nowhere to sleep, and funky water that smells bad. Erica climbs onto the tomb and says she can sleep on that.


Ryan and Erica are talking in the HOH and Ryan is glad he gets time alone with her. Ryan gets to share a meal from Wendy’s so he wants to sit down with Erica and see what she’s all about. Erica says Ryan has knowledge she doesn’t and she finds that very valuable. Erica tells us she could potentially see herself working with him. Ryan chose Erica for two reasons, he made her a have not and they might be able to build connections to use down the line.


Ryan orders Wendy’s through an order thing and their order is ready in the pantry. Ryan goes down to get it. There is a Wendy’s window with an employee handing out the food. Erica is annoyed she’s on slop this week, but she’s excited to have one last meal. She thanks Ryan.


Kaela and Derek are laying down in bed in the red rose room and they are basically playing twenty questions to get to know each other. Kaela says they’ve been spending a lot of time together. They seem to be on the same page game wise and they are having a great time together. Derek says Kaela is super cute. Kaela says she is definitely a little smitten.


Merron and Veronica are talking and Merron says people think they have like some weird power or something. Merron tells us he doesn’t think him or Veronica are in the clear but being safe gives them some time to figure things out. Veronica says they have to win HOH next week. Merron says whether he likes or not Veronica is with him because no one understands where he is like she does. Veronica says even though it puts them in a bad spot, they are the ones stirring the pot.


Ryan is talking to Paras and asks if she thinks it’s red room vs white room. Ryan wants to put up who the house wants because that’s going to gain him trust. He needs to gather as much information as he can before nominations. Paras says Liv is very smart and she’s afraid of her because she plays a good game and she’s quiet and listens and she’s smarter than she lets on. Ryan says he’s concerned about her physically. Paras also tosses out Erica. Ryan says he thinks Liv is the most dangerous.


Andrew is talking to Hamza about who Ryan is meeting with. Hamza says you realize he hasn’t talked to us at all. Andrew says he’s distancing himself from us, which is smart for his game, and the writing is on the wall. Hamza says Ryan will never get in with the others and they have the numbers, but someone like Ryan doesn’t want to go against the house. Hamza tells us no one wants to play the game and if he hears one more time they want to do what the house wants he’s going to lose his mind. Andrew is going to try and go eavesdrop on some conversations.


Hamza tells us he knows Ryan is putting up Andrew this week and he doesn’t trust anyone in the house. If he doesn’t get put up next to Andrew, then he knows he’s being backdoored, and no one is going to backdoor him. He decides to nominate himself to guarantee he can play in the veto competition. He tells Ryan he wants to be put up. Ryan says asking to be nominated is asking to be evicted. Why anyone would willing do that is crazy to him. Hamza says he wants to go up because he wants to make sure he can play veto. Hamza tells us he knows it was a risky move, but he’s a smart guy and he doesn’t want to be backdoored.


It's time for nominations. Ryan heads to the throne room. Ryan says this week is tough. Does he take a shot or play it safe? He has to play it right. He says no matter who you fire at early in the game, you have to deal with the repercussions of that. He says the house wants Andrew up but he has to decide what’s best for his game. He says the house doesn’t trust Hamza and the guy asked him to put him on the block. Ryan says Erica is in the mix for a nomination because she has a lot of friends in the house and he’s not certain where she stands. Ryan says as a marathon runner and a law school student, Olivia is a threat and could be dangerous. Ryan has locked in his nominations.


Everyone gathers in the living room for nominations. Ryan has nominated Andrew and Hamza. Ryan nominated Andrew because of the events last week and it was a house consensus to put him up. Ryan nominated Hamza because he asked to be nominated. They both get to play in veto and good luck.


Hamza says he’s playing the game with a bunch of sheep so he decided to nominate himself so he can play in veto. He says the only way they are going to get him out of the house is to backdoor him.


Andrew says seeing his face burning in hell was not what he wanted to see. He’s going to work super hard for the POV and he’s ready for action. Hibernation is over and Canada is about to see the grizzly bear!


Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Andrew or Hamza fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

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