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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 2 Recap

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Last night, 14 HG entered Big Brother Canada’s version of Heaven and Hell. Right away, they were rocked by the massive impact of the first bombshell. Tonight, not only will one person be evicted, but we’ll find out which two gate crashers got voted in.


Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when 14 hopeful HG entered the house they thought they entered heaven. But when Big Brother charmed a chalice, all hell broke loose. With the power to put half the house in heaven and half in hell, Andrew gave seven lucky HG immunity for the week and then sent the rest straight to hell to face the fire of the first HOH competition. Alejandra was the first to burn out. One by one the rest saw their hope go up in flames except Johnny who held on for the win. Tonight, who will Johnny nominate for eviction? Will anyone worm their way off the block? Which two gate crashers will you vote into the house: angels or devils? It all happens now on Big Brother Canada.


In just moments, one HG will begin their Big Brother afterlife. After that will be a huge reveal. We’ll find out which two gate crashers Canada voted into the house. Let’s see what happened after the HOH competition. We begin with seeing the end of the HOH competition and Johnny winning. Paras feels awful because Johnny wouldn’t take her deal. Hamza doesn’t care who Johnny nominates because he’s safe and he doesn’t care about anyone in hell.


Johnny and Alejandra are talking about Andrew laughing during the HOH competition. Alejandra knows she’s an easy target since she fell first so she’s hoping to sway Johnny. Alejandra throws Paras’ name out as a potential nominee and also tells Johnny Rozina wanted a girl to win. We see the HG sleeping and Johnny is pacing and thinking who he’s going to nominate. Johnny says there is an angel and devil fighting in his mind. The angel is saying he’s really a nice guy and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The devil is saying no, they are there to win $100,000.


Day 2 dawns and all the HG are in the living room chatting and getting to know each other. Johnny comes out and it’s time to see the HOH room. He loves seeing his pictures. He then says he needs to nominate the two people who will get the least amount of blood on his hands. He wants to make people think he’s incapable of making this decision and he wants them to feel sorry for him. He’s using the sad puppy strategy to not make himself a target and people won’t see him as a threat.


Johnny meets with Rozina and he tells her he will probably nominate her and she wants to know why. He says because the other girls told her Rozina wanted a girl to win. Rozina says the other girls were cheering for Paras as well and she tells him the other girls called him weak. Rozina pleads with Johnny to reconsider his decision and maybe target one of the other girls.


It’s time to find out who’s in danger tonight. Johnny goes in to sit on the throne and lock in his nominations. He then goes to the living room to face the HG and reveal his nominations. His first nomination is Rozina and his second nominee is Alejandra. He nominated Rozina because he thinks she was cheering against him in the first HOH and he nominated Alejandra because she was the first to fall. He wishes them both the best in the veto competition.


Alejandra says this week couldn’t be off to a worse start and Rozina can’t believe she’s nominated because she was cheering for a girl. Alejandra goes to lay down and she tells herself to stay focused. Paras comes in and says she doesn’t think she’s the target. Hamza says Johnny nominated Rozina, and wow what a great game move to nominate the oldest person in the house. He’s on Rozina’s side because she’ll be a vote for him, she’s a good cook, and she can’t do anything in competitions.


Kaela is attracted to Derek and she likes Paras and Jesse. Kaela, Derek, Jesse, and Paras form an alliance. They think they will have the most influence in the whole house. They name their alliance the “Real Deal”. Paras says they should not tell anyone about their alliance because it puts them all in jeopardy. Kaela hopes the alliance is the ‘real deal’ because her and Paras could still be replacement nominees, but it’s nice to have two allies in heaven.


It’s time for the veto competition! Kaela is in a butterfly costume and Derek says she’s the sexiest butterfly he’s ever seen. Competing in this competition will be Johnny, Alejandra, Rozina, Jesse, Olivia, and Hamza. They are all in inch word costumes. On go, they will slide down their leaf and grab an egg and then nudge it inch by inch to the other end. At the 5 inch mark they can no longer use their hands to push the egg where they’ll try and land it in one of the five holes. Each HG also has one golden egg and the first HG to land their golden egg will freeze the other HG for 30 seconds. The first HG to land all five eggs will win veto.


Alejandra lands her first egg. Alejandra lands a second egg. Hamza has his first egg. Hamza scores a second egg. Rozina looks exhausted. Johnny lands his first egg. Hamza has his golden egg and is going to attempt to land it. Hamza misses the golden egg and Alejandra lands her third egg. Alejandra misses on her golden egg. Johnny gets his golden egg and he scores. Everyone else is frozen and only Johnny can play. Johnny scores an egg. Johnny has 4 eggs and is in first place and everyone can continue again. Hamza gets his third egg. Alejandra just misses her fourth egg and Johnny scores his fifth egg. Johnny has won the POV!


We go straight into the veto ceremony where Johnny decides he will not use the power of veto. Hamza can’t believe they are going to vote out the oldest person and he talks to a few people to try and sway them to keep Rozina. Hamza says Alejandra could be a threat in future competitions. Hamza says he came to play and he’s going to try and dictate every single vote this season and if it backfires and ruins his game, then so be it.


It’s time for the first eviction vote of season 6. Arisa gives Alejandra 30 seconds to plead their case. Alejandra apologizes for the dress and she appreciates all the HG and she’s not ready to go home and she’s here to compete. Rozina is next and she tells the HG she loves them and she wants them to keep her in the game because she’s a great cook and she’s weak. She’s not a strong player but she can be the vote they need to move themselves forward in the game.


It’s time for the vote. Johnny will not be voting. The magic number for eviction is 6 and there is no talking or communicating in any way during the vote.












By a unanimous vote, Rozina has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


Rozina joins Arisa on stage. Arisa tells Rozina she was trending across Canada and people have strong feelings about her. Arisa says Rozina, you made a compelling argument, why didn’t they listen? Rozina says it’s because they are youngsters. Arisa asks about her relationship with Hamza and Rozina says they were close and everyone is playing scared and if she were in there she’d make big moves.


Coming up, we’ll find out which two gate crashers Canada voted into the house. Arisa says just moments ago Rozina was evicted, but if the 13 remaining HG think the night is over, they are mistaken. Arisa brings out the four gate crashers.


Arisa asks before they enter what would they want people to know or not to know about them inside the house. Kirsten would not want people to know she’s a big fan of the game. Veronica doesn’t want anyone to know she’s a newbie and has only seen two seasons. Merron wants people to know he’s trustworthy. Mikey wants people to know he’s a fun guy and that’s it.


Arisa has some news. She reveals they are a little late to the party and their new roomies have no idea they are coming. Only one man and one woman will be heading in. Arisa reveals the woman going in is…Veronica. The man who will be going in is…Merron.


Arisa tells Veronica and Merron they may NOT tell their fellow HG they were voted in by Canada. They will enter through the diary room and they have to come up with their own believable story why they are there. The good news is they’ll both be safe for a week. Arisa sends them off to go in through the diary room where they start working on their story. What story will the gate crashers come up with? And how will the 13 HG react?


The story they concocted is there was a draw for a superfan and instead they were selected to enter the house. Merron says Veronica can scope out the girl situation and he’ll scope out the guys. Arisa reminds them they can’t tell their HG Canada voted them in. Arisa says they can now officially enter the Big Brother Canada house. Those who were upstairs head downstairs to greet the new HG and introductions are being made.


Join us Monday to find out who will be the next HOH.

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