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Survivor 36: Ghost Island show recaps


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Welcome to the Finale of Survivor: Ghost Island. There is still a lot of game to be played but lets first say hello to the blindsides, the early players.  And here's the jury so far. And down here, our final six still in the game. Three will go to the jury, three will make it to the end with a shot to win. We are live in Los Angeles on Survivor Finale Night!


Ghost Island, admittedly a corny idea, but the players embraced it and you embraced it, and Survivor Wednesday nights, the highest rated show. And parents, thank you for letting your kids stay up late tonight. And kids, you got to do your part and go to bed right after its over. Here we go, it's the finale of Survivor: Ghost Island!


35 days ago, these 20 Americans were abandoned in the islands of Fiji to take part in the greatest social experiment on television. Now, only six remain: Sebastian has played with his heart but has an extra vote. Can he reverse the curse? Donathan started out a fish out of water but adapted as part of a strong 4 person alliance. Can he truth bomb his way to the Final 3?


Laurel built strong bonds across tribal lines and shown unwavering loyalty, but will she stick with her alliance or cut ties and sprint to the end? Angela has been outside virtually every vote but she now could be the swing vote.  Is this the chance she needs to make it to the end?


Wendell's laid back style masks a clever social game and his partnership with Dom has offered protection, but with a HII, he's a clear threat to win and everyone's target. Domenic has rubbed many the wrong way with his brash style but his game play has been electric. With a real and fake idol, his partnership with Wendell could be his biggest obstacle.


With one more visit to Ghost Island and $1m on the line, this game is far from over. Who will have what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast all the rest to win the game and claim the title of Sole Survivor?


Lavita. Night 35.  Dom says Donathan went bananas and declared war on their alliance. Laurel tells him he almost voted himself out of the game - they would have voted you out if they weren't working with us. Donathan says he was right to be nervous and since he just blew their games up (Dom and Wendell), they probably won't work with him no more. Sebastian thought they were voting Donathan but is tired of following in Dom and Wendell's shadow and is ready to make a big move.  


Day 36, Dom, Wendell and Lauren talk about Donathan. They want to take Sea Bass (Sebastian) out first because Donathan is not a threat in any way. Wendell says both he and Dom have idols in their pockets which makes going after each other hard. Sebastian has played a clean, honest game which makes him a real threat.


Time for the next IC which is the largest maze game in Survivor history. The maze is huge, in the shape of ghost skull. Laurel gives up her III and Immunity is back up for grabs. Survivors race through the maze to collect bags of puzzle pieces. First to solve their puzzle assures themselves a 1 in 5 shot of winning. Plus, playing for reward: Steak dinner, baked potato, bread, dessert.  Big Steaks at stake.


For Immunity and reward, Survivors GO! Each Survivor has 3 bags of puzzle pieces. Jeff walks on a platform in the center of the maze to watch the action. All Survivors reach their first stations except Donathan. After untying their bags, they have to find their way back. Laurel, Wendel and Angela are looking for their second bag. Wendell first to 2nd station, followed by Sebastian.


Dom finally returns with his first bag. Donathan finally gets to first station. Wendell has 2nd bag, followed by Sebastian. Laurel and Angela also looking for 3rd bag. Donathan seeking second bag. Dom catching up.  Sebastian has his 3rd and final bag and starts his puzzle first. Laurel has all her pieces now. Wendell has all his pieces. Donathan has two bags. Dom gets his third bag.


Donathan is the only one not yet working on his puzzle.  Jeff says the puzzle is hard to start but gets easier. Sebastian and Wendell make progress.  Donathan has his 3rd bag.  The crowd erupts in celebration, Jeff mocks. Wendell in lead, with Dom on his tail. Donathan starts his puzzle. Laurel and Angela make no progress. Wendell getting closer. Dom right behind. Immunity on the line.


Wendell is down to one piece but his puzzle is barely together.  Wendell wins Individual Immunity, safe at TC and guaranteed spot in F5.  Wendell's first II win chooses Sebastian to join him.  One more person - he chooses Angela to share the wealth.  She is surprised. Wendell says she deserves it. Laurel says it's strategy. She's livid he chose two enemies of the alliance. The gloves are off.


Dom tells Wendell he had to let him have one. Sebastian asks how Wendell does those puzzles so fast.  Wendell tell us he can use this and his HII to make the Top 4 plus he gets to feast.  Wendell, Angela and Sebastian sit down for their steak meal. He figures this is a chance to turn them on Donathan and to curry favor with the jury.  Sebastian says tonight his the last chance to use his extra vote so he might go fishing.


Laurel tells Dom she's livid Wendell is feeding the competition and not his alliance. She is vulnerable without an idol. Dom says he had no part in Wendell's decision, defends it as being good will.  Dom tell us Laurel's being emotional and that could ruin everything if she tries to shake things up.


Donathan tell Sebastian he's the target since no one's targeted him. They and Angela discuss Dom's articles and decide to flush them out.  Angela thinks he has only one.  Sebastian privately tells Donathan about his extra vote and he plans to use it on Dom. Angela says for once she's in the loop and it's amazing. She has a little power right now.


Dom asks Angela what's going on.  She tells him that one of "them" has an advantage. She reveals Sebastian's extra vote and is gunning for him. Dom is thankful Angela is a loose cannon. He tells her he's playing both his idols. She says Sebastian thinks he has only one. Dom thinks he has Angela on his side but with Sebastian's extra vote and if Laurel flips, he's in trouble.


Donathan tells Laurel about Sebastian's extra vote and she says she's in on making a big move. Dom tells Wendell about Sebastian's extra vote and the plot against him.  Dom wants to save the real one for next time but if he plays the fake one, he may not get the chance.  


Time for TC. Kelyn has joined the Jury. Laurel says everyone feels pressure building around camp, pressure to make moves, make the right moves, to go big, but also go smart. Donathan says no pressure on him because nobody talked to him. It's his time to go because of the last TC and the repercussions. Sebastian agrees Donathan's in trouble today. Dom doesn't buy it, says it's an act at every TC. Something's going on he's not telling us.


Dom implies Donathan is working with Sebastian on an evil plan to take him out with his extra vote. Let's blow it up at TC, Dom says as Donathan denies everything. Sebastian admits to having an extra vote but doesn't know how the cat got out of the bag. Dom says Sea Bass can play ball with Donathan to the end of the game but he's not going anywhere tonight.


Donathan says their pockets are loaded, that's why he's certain he's going home tonight. My pockets are loaded, Dom says, pulling out both his real and fake HII. I got gear, I got merchandise. He says the fake idol has come to life tonight. It won't work as you hoped.


Jeff asks Donathan if he regrets speaking up. I'm an honest person, he says, and I'm going home. I tried to make things happen and that's what you do in Survivor. Dom says we had a solid thing since Day 10, never lied to him once, but he feels the need to turn on him.  Jury whispers - he's the Godfather.  


Donathan says he wanted to make his own game, not play Dom's game. If they're intimidated by that, then let them be.  It's not intimidation, Wendell says, it's confusion as to your game plan. Let's just get to the F4...  That's what you're telling me to do. I'm here to play my game.  Wendell pulls out his HII and asks when that saves him. Tomorrow, Donathan says, the last time you can play it.


But what if I have a Plus One to the party, Wendell asks. I could have used it for you.  You can do that, Donathan says. These could have been used for you, bro, Wendell says.  But you never let me in on those plans, Bro, Donathan retorts.  Why do I need to let you in? Because it's an alliance.  We're trying to work with you, Wendel claims. I don't want your work no more, Donathan says.  


Dom says this is the fake idol (which he claimed is now real) that he's willing to give Jeff now.  Jury whispers: that's not the real one.  Sebastian says he's not sure what to make of Dom's early idol but he isn't changing his game plan. That's his game plan to say he's safe. Wendell says Dom played an idol, Sea Bass may or may not play an additional vote, and Donathan may have something up his sleeve.


Laurel says despite what has been said, she believes something was in the works and still does.  It is time to vote. We don't see who anyone votes for, but we do see Sebastian vote for either Domenic or Donathan.  Time to tally the votes.  No additional HII are played.  


Dom interrupts Jeff and says Jeff already has his idol and reads the note that his tainted idol has not matured into a real idol. The jury rolls their eyes at his theatrics. This idol is a million dollar gamble he's taking, he says. If it goes bust, at least he tried. Sebastian and Donathan sit stone faced. Jeff confirms Dom's story - any votes cast for Dom will count.


Time to read the votes.  Dom.  Donathan.  Sebastian.  Sebastian.  Sebastian is the 15th voted out and 8th member of jury.  Oh man, Donathan says.  Sebastian douses his flame.  The tribe has spoken.


One of the toughest parts of the game, Jeff editorializes, is to tell when someone is telling the truth and when they are bluffing. Wendell is smiling and Dom has a smug look of satisfaction on his face.  


I am so freaking stupid, Sebastian tells us, Dom was such a good actor that I kept my extra vote in my pocket and vote for Donathan.  It was a million dollar mistake.


Jeff confirms that yes, the extra vote will be coming back.  For those keeping track, 6 of the 7 ghost island relics have cursed again. You couldn't do a season like this without a history of bad decision and speaking of bad decisions, here are Eric and James, who are good sports for allowing us to say they made some of the dumbest moves in the game, and I owe both of them an apology. Coming up.


Day 37.  Time for the next IC. Survivors must swim to a platform, climb up, slide down the other side, make their way through a series of land obstacles, collecting bags of puzzle pieces, then solve a 4 piece pyramid puzzle. First to win earns spot in F4. For immunity, Survivors Ready?  Go!


Everyone swimming strong. Wendell first up and over platform, followed by Laurel and Domenic then Donathan. Angela is struggling. On land, Wendell goes under first obstacle and unties his first of two bags, followed by Laurel and Dom. Angela not giving up. Wendell gets 2nd bag followed by Laurel. Donathan has first bag, followed by Domenic. Everyone working on second bag except Angela.


Wendell starts on puzzle. Laurel starts on puzzle.  Angela gets second bag. Donathan starts puzzle. Dom starts puzzle. All working on their puzzles. Who can think in 3 dimensions? Anything short of a pyramid is wrong. Only Donathan has not won Individual Immunity at least once. Wendell wins Immunity!


Wendell says now the game is about how he can posture himself for the jury. Maybe someone can finally outsmart Domenic.  


Back at camp, Dom says for some reason he thought the top would be flat. He tells us he and Wendell are even in the game. Had it been a flat top, Wendell jokes, you would have won. Dom says he will play his real is safe, so the real question is who does he take to F4. Angela is no threat. Donathan is the obvious vote. He asks Donathan who he would take to F3 and Donathan says you.  


Donathan tells us that Dom and Wendell can do anything they want tonight because they have safety. My only play is to convince Dom I'd take him to F3 and go head to head with someone who played a great game. I'm honest, he tells Dom, I want to pick you and compete against the best. Dom says in poker that's called a snap call, giving a response without thinking and it's usually a bluff. But he's weak in challenges.


Dom says Laurel's won challenges and that makes her his #1 threat. Laurel tells Dom and Wendell she feels exposed. Wendell says they have her back.  She knows she's the biggest challenge threat to Dom and Wendell and it doesn't make sense for them to keep her. I didn't flip on them when I could and now am at their mercy.


Dom asks Laurel if she would take Donathan to F3 but Laurel says she needs him on jury to get at least one vote.  Wendell asks if she might not get more jury votes if she takes one of them out? I see your point, Laurel says, but my best shot is you two split votes and I pick up the remainder.   Dom tells us the red light goes on, he doesn't trust her to decide his fate if she wins the next challenge.


Dom and Wendell discuss their choices privately. Dom thinks Laurel is full of it. Wendell agrees she's the only challenge threat. He's willing to let her go.  He tells us he can use Eric's HII to protect Laurel, Donathan or Angela. This is his opportunity for a big move and shift the jury in his favor. But it's a risky decision - Eric make a bad decision giving the idol away before - can he reverse the curse?


Night 37. Time for TC. Sebastian has joined the jury. Laurel says there was a lot of pressure at camp. Wendell is safe and Dom has his idol, so it's all three of you on the line. Can all three really be on the line, Jeff asks? Angela says Dom and Wendell were running ideas alone. Donathan agrees they each have to lay out how they make those other two's games better for them.  I'm may be the first out in tomorrow's challenge.


Dom agrees that taking someone who hasn't won makes sense. It could be a blunder to take the wrong person who could beat you. Wendell says every decision matters - he has the worst cursed II idol in the game and his decision could curse him too. He could save one of the three or keep it for himself. Dom says Wendell's decision is up to him, he can only protect himself tonight.


We're right back in a big game of bluff, Jeff says, everyone is not being transparent.  Wendell confirms Dom doesn't know what he's going to do with his idol. Laurel says them disagreeing is a crack. She's saved them on a few votes and they've saved her on a few votes. She's hoping loyalty outweighs the strength vote.


This is the nitty gritty, Donathan tells Laurel, you can't rely on loyalty to get to the F3. It would be an advantage for those two to take him given his inability to win immunity. It is time to vote.  Dom and Wendell give each other blank looks.  Donathan votes for Laurel with a heart.  Laurel votes for Donathan.  


Time to tally the votes. Wendell lets Dom go first. You got a big finale, Dom asks? A little. Dom plays his Season 26 HII for Andrea.  He is looking to reverse the curse by playing it for himself.


Wendell gets up and says a few weeks ago, Laurel reminded him of his sister back home. I said I would be loyal to her like my sister. So Laurel, I am playing Eric's II for you.  Regardless of strategy, I'm standing by you.  Laurel plays the idol and Jeff confirms any votes cast for her will not be counted.


Time to read the votes. Laurel.  Does not count.  Donathan.  Two votes Donathan.  16th person voted out and 9th member of the jury, Donathan.  Donathan's torch is dashed as he says this was the most wonderful experience of his life. He wishes Laurel luck.  


Donathan tells us he always underestimated himself so to come out and do as great as he did was worth more than $1m because the lessons he learned out here he can apply to his real life.  


Jeff brings Donathan out for the live audience - he went down fighting with the truth bombs, a fish out of water. Jeff says day by day we watched you gain more confidence. Did you change? Donathan says he started gymnastics at age 8 and came out as gay at age 13, in an area where that doesn't happen and along the way I lost my voice and got bullied a lot. I wanted to show on Survivor I had a voice and break some walls down. And I did that.


Jeff tells Donathan you definitely did that. About 20 seconds ago backstage, Sia is a big Survivor fan and benefactor, and a few seasons ago she was moved by Tai's story that she wanted to be involved in his life. She just said she's so touched how you have dedicated your life to your family that she wants to give you $10k to help you take of your family.  Donathan is shocked and grateful.


Day 38.  Final 4 Challenge.  Down to Angela, Laurel, Wendell and Domenic. Final Immunity is up for grabs.  Survivors must balance on a wobbly beam, use a forked pole to stack ping pong balls on a post.  Each ball is separated by a holder.  If the stack drops you have to start over. First person to stack all six balls wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final TC. In addition, you choose one person to sit next to you.


The remaining two will be forced to light fire for the remaining spot in the F3.  Survivors Ready?  Go!  There's a strong wind blowing on shore as each picks up their first ball and places it on the post. Wendell is off to a quick start. Laurel is last. Wendell places his second stand and ball. Dom is right behind, fighting to adjust his stack. Angela has hers as well. Laurel is trailing.


Wendell has 4 balls out of six. Domenic loses his stack and starts over. Wendell has his 5th stand and successfully places his 5th ball.  Laurel drops and starts over. Angela is on 4 balls. Wendell has one ball left but his stack is leaning. He brings out his last ball. But before he can place it, the wind blows his stack down.


Angela is now in the lead, putting on her 5th ball but her stack drops.  Dom now leads with 3 balls and one connector. He moves to place his fourth ball. Wendell is back to 2 balls and 3 stands. Dom has his 5th stand. Wendell has 3 balls. Laurel has 2 balls. Dom places his 5th ball. Wendell with his 4th ball. Dom places his sixth and final stand.


Laurel loses everything again. Wendell places his 5th stand.  Dom tries to place his 6th and final ball. Wendell has his 5th ball. Dom wins Final Individual Immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final TC.


Dom says after 38 days of non-stop emotion, it's not over, there's work to do. Tonight he must decide which of the three sits next to him and who must earn the final spot. Conversations won't happen at camp, though, the four of you will visit Ghost Island one more time to plead your case to Dom. And Dom will have one more final task on a secret scroll.


Wendell says I needed to win immunity and now Dom has the power to get me out. I have to make fire fastest or it's the end for me.  Tonight is do or die for my dream.


Ghost Island - Day 38. Dom cannot believe he won the challenge and secured his spot in the F3. He hasn't seen Ghost Island before and is happy to do so as a winner. His decision on who to take to the F3 could cost him $1m.  It is also Laurel's first time but not Angela and Wendell.  Wendell tells us he knows Dom is scared to face him in the F3, but he's confident in his fire making abilities.


Dom asks Wendell which of the other two he should take. Wendell say she could beat either one of them.  Dom tells us he has to figure out which of the two girls has the best chance of beating Wendell because he doesn't want to give the Jury a choice between him and Wendell.  He tells Laurel he hasn't made his decision but she should practice (making fire).  She says she cannot beat Wendell in fire.


Laurel tells Dom that Angela, who tends the fire at camp, can take Wendell out, implying he should take her to the F3 and let Wendell go up against Angela. Dom doesn't respect Laurel for giving up on herself like that. He goes to Angela and tells her he's putting his faith in her to get Wendell out. She tells us she knows the basics and is prepared but doesn't want to do it.


Angela tells Dom that taking Laurel to the F3 is a mistake - she's sweet and everyone likes her. I don't have those bonds. She knows the game - she's a Yale graduate and a talker. She'll build the fire, she'll go down fighting. Dom tells us Angela makes sense but Wendell's the biggest threat and Angela may be able to get rid of him. I believe in her so she needs to believe in herself.


Dom tells Angela that Wendell is the battle that needs to be fought and if he can help her take him out, then the two of them can be sitting there in the end. Angela says in the military, prior planning prevents p*ss poor performance.  Dom walks Angela through the steps of making fire. I'm not going to quit, she tells us, because anything can happen.  Dom leaves her to practice starting fire.


Dom steps away to read his private message. He started to get the feeling of the Ghost Island curses. He is told that making the wrong decision about who to take to the F3 could cost him $1m. There are three cursed urns in front of him from Colby, Woo and Culpepper's bad choices. He must choose which of these cursed urns in which the Jury will place their votes.  This is your million dollar opportunity to reverse the curse.


Colby lost Survivor: Australia to Tina in Season 2. In Season 28, Woo lost the game to Tony.  Season 34, Culpepper lost to Sara.  Just a reminder of what's at stake. Dom begins to doubt that Angela can beat Wendell at fire making, so what if he gives her his Immunity Necklace and steps into the fire ring himself? If he takes Wendell out himself, it would show the Jury he deserves to win.


Should he make a move that could make him one of the greatest players to ever play the game, or take the safe route and potentially be haunted by a poor decision for the rest of his life.  He chooses Woo's the Cagayan urn, confident the Jury will see he played the game as well as Tony.  I may be crazy to do this, he tells us, but I believe in my ability to make fire.


I'm a huge gambler, Dom tells us.  He tells Wendell in the event something goes...  Haywire, Wendell continues, it's been great.  It's all love.  Great game.  It's all good.  They hug it out. You can play a perfect game for 38 days, Dom tells us, but if you make the wrong decision, it's all for nothing. All I can do is trust what I've trusted for 38 days out here - that's my gut.


Time for TC. Jeff catches the Jury up on what has happened. Dom says the theme of the season is one bad move can haunt you forever and I don't want to be part of that story. It's terrifying. Laurel says her case was she can't take Wendell out with fire. Angela says her case was that Laurel has friends and allies on the Jury. Wendell says he didn't think there was a chance and just hugged him and promised to fight.


Dom says there's no BSing each other. There's one last opportunity to take Wendell out. Wendell is sitting next to the Orange table, which is cursed. Dom reveals which urn he brought and repeats the history of Woo going up against Tony. Dom says he has faith in himself and his game.  


Jeff asks who Dom will take to sit next to him at final TC. Dom says Angela will give Wendell a run for his money so he's taking Laurel to the F3. Laurel says it's a huge weight off her, thankful and excited. Angela and Wendell now have to showdown at the fire making stations - Angela at Purple, Wendell at Orange. Angela doesn't care and offers to switch.


Looking for the third person to join the F3. Both Wendell and Angela have the same supplies - first to burn their rope wins.  Both are read.  Go!  They take similar approaches, adding kindling on top of scrub.  Both are working on their flints.  There's a slight breeze. Angela has a bigger pile but Wendell is first to flame. The wind blows it out.  Angela is sparking but her fire goes out.


Angela and Wendell both get fire. Wendell's fire doesn't go out but the wind is blowing. Wendell starts trying to build her flame vertical. Angela has no flame. Wendell's flame burns taller. He gives Dom a look - I'll be seeing you in a moment. Wendell's fire is on the rope. Angela still hs no flame. Wendell is calmly adding wood to his fire. Wendell wins and makes the F3!


On the Jury, Michael whispers those 3 deserve it.  Angela's torch is extinguished and she becomes the final member of the Jury.  She says she is proud of herself but disappointed to have not made the F3.


The Final 3 watch the sun set. This is it, Wendell says, joking that he hates Dom. This has been a dream for him. Dom says they are all deserving. It's the way it is. Wendell thinks he can plead his case, a silent assassin who connected with people.  He has to bring his A game to the final TC.


They get a bagel breakfast, sausage & eggs, and mimosas. Laurel looks back at how terrified she was at the start. She needs to make sure the Jury knows what moves she made to save herself being at the bottom the whole game. Not a flashy game but she played a pivotal role in most evictions and saved Dom & Wendell multiple times.


Dom says one vote could separate first and second place. There was no turning back as soon as he stepped foot on the beach - he was doing it for his family.  Wendell advises Dom to watch his tone before the jury. Oh really, he laughs. Juries respect great game play, he tells us, and he believes he had the best game. But he doesn't want to come off as better than everyone else. That's the tough part.


Night 39. The final TC. Dom, Wendell and Laurel have outlasted the other 17 but now it's a process of discovery for the Jury to determine who played the best game. Jeff starts with the Outwit portion of the game. Kellyn asks each what their social plan was coming into the game.


Laurel says she was going to play a physical game but being on a losing tribe, she had to shift to a social game and align with Dom and Wendell. Michael gives her credit for being the only on all four tribes but they paved the way to the end. Donathan says they were part of Wendell & Dom's game. Laurel gives examples. Michael says putting others in front of you is not a strategy. I chose options that benefited me, Laurel says.


Michael says Dom played the best social game. Wendell was always off doing his next thing while Dom was connecting. Wendell says Dom is a big talker, a show. I was genuine, had real conversations. He lists all the individual conversations where he connected with people. Des asks about his sleepless nights where he took himself out of the game.


Wendell says for for the first couple weeks, he had to protect Dom from Chris. Chris says if you want the million, someone needs to be the real mastermind. Wendell says me. Dom laughs. Wendell says he had an alliance of 5 that kept winning. He brought in Laurel in when they merged. Dom objects to Wendell's version of events and Donathan backs him up.


Dom says there was no mastermind. He went victory after victory unable to get Chris and then when Chris went to Ghost Island, the others tricked him. Who was part of the Dom & Wendell show? Who brought you in?  I approached them, Laurel says. The Jury says Dom except for Sebastian. Chris is waiting for one to bury the other one or they'll be splitting votes. There was no opportunity to take each other out, Dom says.


Wendell says I sat back to let Dom be the Dom show. His theatrics hurt people and while he made moves, he tried to be love. Michael says you let Dom take the heat for your moves. We move on to the Outplayed portion. Laurel says she won a few challenges but felt she didn't have to win to save her game - if you have to win to save your game, you're not playing well.


Wendell says making camp comfortable was part of his strategy - he built seating, the tool shed, 3 beds. Michael wants to know about the idol dynamics. Wendell says idol management was key - he found an idol but didn't have to use it, using it to protect Laurel instead. I proved my loyalty to her. Chris isn't impressed.


Dom says he's proud of the theatrics of playing the fake idol. Distasteful is a word for it, Sebastian says. Dom says Donathan and Sebastian's plan was going to happen. Sebastian says it was going to happen but I played from my heart and you used it against me. Donathan says Dom attacked him. Dom says it was an act. I haven't been aggressive. The Jury says it was. I had to convince you, I wasn't being evil.


Dom apologizes but says it was a huge move, he thought fans of the game would get it. Michael thought it was a brilliant game move.  Dom says preserving the real idol for F5 proved critical since Wendell won immunity.  Chris offers respect for how hard Dom played the game.   


Time for the last section - Outlast.  Does the jury respect you more than the other two? Laurel says you may think I didn't make the big move, but that would have benefited everyone on the Jury but not him - had they gone, she would have been next. She built loyalty with Wendell to secure her F4 spot. She played smart to get to the end.


Dom says I may have made unpopular moves but I speak with confidence and passion, not arrogance. I wore the necklace three times, found two relics and put them to good use. Vote with your heart and remember it's about who played the best game, owned their moves and played their heart out.


Wendell says he wanted bring the true him out here, build somethings, athletic, social, mesh all the pieces of himself and put his heart out there and play a clean game. He has somethings to apologize for but it's not about making cool mores but making strategic moves. And now it's time for the final vote.  This time it is the Jury voting for the Survivor they want to win.


Back live, Samantha in the audience votes on a piece of parchment who she thinks will win.


After 39 days, who is most deserving of the title of Sole Survivor?  It's time to vote. Michael votes for Domenic.  Sebastian votes for Wendell.  Chris votes for Domenic.  Wendell gets a second vote to tie it up.  Jeff goes to get the vote.  It's over, Donathan says.  


I'm going to read the votes, announces, startling the F3 and the Jury.  What, asks Dom?  Chris thought he was joking.  OMG, Donathan says. The Jury and the F3 are all in shock.


First vote, Domenic.  Second vote, Wendell.  Third vote, Domenic.  Two votes Domenic, two votes Wendell.  Lauren turns her face away, thinking she'll not get any votes.


Domenic gets a third vote.  Three votes Wendell.  This is insane, whispers Donathan.


Four votes Domenic.  And Four votes Wendell!  Tied again.


Domenic gets a 5th vote.  One vote left.  


The last vote is Wendell!  For the first time in 36 seasons of Survivor, there is a tie!


Here's what happens in a tie.  The person who is not tied, Laurel, you become the 11th and final member of the Jury.  Dom gives her a look of resignation.  Wendell gets a look of realization of what his loyalty may have bought him.  You will cast the deciding vote, Jeff tells her.  Jeff gives her the urn to take back to the voting spot.


I love you guys, she says, then goes to vote. The Jury is stunned. Wendell cannot look.  Laurel thinks.  Picks up the pen.  Starts to write then stops.  She places her vote in the urn.  The Jury cannot believe what is happening.  I'll go get the vote, Jeff says.  I hate having had to do that, Laurel tells Dom and Wendell.


This vote, Jeff says, I'll save. Thank you for a great season of Survivor. See you back in the States!  Jeff walks out of the TC, across the wood ramp and appears live in Los Angeles.  


The audience applauds and Jeff tells the Survivors, that's for you guys.  OK, history, Jury.  First time, tie vote.  We were all witness to a great season and a very competitive battle. 5 votes each to Dom and Wendell and Laurel, who was with you every step of the way. There is only one vote in here and I will read the vote.


The winner of Survivor: Ghost Island is...   Wendell!


Wendell thanks Laurel and is congratulated by the other Survivors. Wendell's family joins him on stage. Jeff hands him the check for $1m.  Jeff says somewhere Dom is now second guessing himself. 

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We get a look at Wendell’s audition video. Jeff says they didn’t put him on in 2012, but he kept applying and here he is. Chris, Livvi, Des, Jenna, and Michael voted for Dom. Chelsea, Kellyn, Angela, Sebastian, and Donathon voted for Wendell. Jeff asks Wendell when that moment happens and everyone is shocked, when Laurel starts making her walk how confident was he that relationship paid off? Wendell says he was very confident but he knew Dom had a good relationship with her as well. But it felt good Laurel was casting the tie breaker vote.


Jeff wants to know from Laurel what the deciding factor? She says it was an impossible decision, they both played a great game and both deserved to win, they played a similar game and it came down to Wendell’s social game and their personal relationship.


Jeff wants to know if Dom is second guessing that fire. Dom says he knew when it was a tie that it was a wrap for him. He wonders why he didn’t just take him head on in the fire challenge because he was confident he could do it, but that was the gamble he made. He never got too confident, but his inability to realize he was too overconfident at the end and not put himself out there is where he dropped the ball in the end.


Jeff says this is one of the greatest friendships they’ve had on the show. Jeff gives Dom a picture of him and Wendell. Jeff addresses Michael and says it’s been a long time since they had someone his age and they had so many people attracted to the energy in his maturity. Where does that maturity come from? Michael says he always ran with an older crowd and even graduated early. He moved out to LA on his 18th birthday and it comes from his family. Jeff says he inspired a lot of kids.


Jeff says Chris and Dom had one of the biggest rivalries ever and he heard they buried the hatchet and just did an MS walk together. Chris says they did and their rivalry was real but they had a peace treaty and Dom took him in like family. He talks about his mom being diagnosed at 27 and he’s glad he gets to spread awareness. Jeff says very inspirational.


Jeff says we couldn’t have done this season without James and Erik. He owes them apology when they come back.


Jeff says they couldn’t have done a season like Ghost Island they first have to have a history and it’s because of guys like Erik and James they have these early dumb moves. Jeff asks James if over the years how hard it was to be number 1 or 2 on the list. James says it was hard, it makes you not want to watch the show anymore, it traumatizes you. Jeff says here’s the thing he realizes during the season that James found two idols, and he overlooked that at the time. He is just an early adopter of a risky move and he rolled the dice and he got caught. Has sense of humor kicked in? James says he didn’t take it that personally. Jeff says you get people like Michael who idolized you. Michael says he loved that he found James’ idol and could the right the wrongs.


Jeff says but no one was happier than James when this happened in season 16, 10 years ago. We see Erik giving away his immunity idol. Jeff says you can see the burden lifted off James shoulders. Jeff says Parvati said he will go down as the dumbest Survivor ever. Jeff asks at what point does sense of humor have to kick in for him not to feel bad about that? Erik says just being there was amazing and every day was a gift. He says there’s so much to this because it shows who you are as a human. He says if you don’t laugh you’re going to cry. Jeff says he forgot he made it to final five both times he played.


Jeff goes to Kellyn and says 7 of the 11 advantages that were haunted were cursed again. He asks if it gets in your head? Kellyn says of course you think it might be coincidence. But when you go to Ghost Island you can feel the Survivor lore and it was fun for the fans of the show.


We get a look at the next season of Survivor: David vs Goliath. The David’s are 10 people who have had to overcome adversity. It’s the only thing they’ve known. They’ll take on the Goliath’s. 10 people who capitalize on their advantage and use it to squash their opponents. But when you’re abandoned on a deserted island with no idea what to expect, it doesn’t matter if you were born with it or had to fight for it because every Goliath has an achilles heal and every David a secret weapon.


Jeff brings out Kevin Hart to talk about a new show he’s hosting called TKO and we get a sneak peek at it. It’s an obstacle course combined with dodge ball for the average person.


Jeff says if this looks like fun, then apply. The goal is for someone who applies tonight they want to try and make sure will be on. They will be back in the fall with Survivor: David vs Goliath.

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