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The Voice (Season 14)

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This is it! We’re live for The Voice finale! It’s a big night and it all comes down to tonight. We have four finalists and they are each going to sing three times. They are going to do a new cover, a song with their coach, and they are going to debut an original song. Voting is open on all methods.


We’re going to kickoff the night with Kyla Jade from Team Blake. Kyla is going to perform With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles. Blake says there are only a handful of singers on this earth that can do what Kyla does.


Kelly says Kyla is always so impressive. The best part of the night was not just her vocals, but how she included everyone behind her. Blake says if Kyla doesn’t win the voice, he doesn’t know why they call the show the voice. After that performance, he thinks this will be the last time he’ll get front row seats to see her perform.


Next up is Britton Buchanan from Team Alicia. Britton wrote and is going to perform his song Where You Come From. Alicia says there is no one else like him.


Adam says since he no longer has a horse in his race he’s Team Britton. Adam says they’d be lucky if he won the show because it feels like Britton has so much more to show them. Alicia says they have so much gratitude for America and the love they have given him. She says every feeling is his and that’s what an artist does is create a picture.


Now we have our first Coach-Artist duet, Kelly Clarkson with Brynn Cartelli. They are singing Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House.


Now Spensha Baker from Team Blake is going to take the stage. She’s has chosen to perform Merry Go ‘Round by Kacey Musgraves. Blake says he wouldn’t be surprised to see Spensha win because every week she steps it up.


Blake gives an ovation and he says America, this is why Spensha was his save in the playoffs and that’s why America voted her to the finale, because she’s a story teller. He says we’re looking at the next big country star.


It’s time for our second coach-artist duet. Britton Buchanan and Alicia Keys are going to sing Wake Me Up by Avicii featuring Aloe Blacc.


We’re going to continue with an emotional debut song with Kyla Jade. Kyla’s original song is called The Last Tear. Blake says this can be the greatest song she’s done.


Alicia and Blake give Kyla an ovation. Kelly says they always come to her because they know she loves Kyla. Kelly says if she were a song writer she would be a dream to work with. Kelly says it’s a blessing as a song writer to have an artist like Kyla who can sing anything they give her. Blake says this show was designed to find a vocalist just like her. Blake tells people to rewind and watch that performance and listen to Kyla’s voice because THAT is The Voice!


Our final four are one step away from winning it all. Now it’s time for our next coach-artist duet, Spensha Baker and Blake Shelton. They are going to sing Tell Me About It by Tanya Tucker.


Next is Brynn Cartelli’s original song. Brynn’s song is called Walk My Way. Kelly says she is the president of her fan club and she’s so excited for people to hear this song while they’re waiting for an album.


Brynn gets an ovation from all four coaches. Adam says she’s probably sick of hearing this, but the fact she’s 15 and she’s come all this way in such a short period of time is so amazing. Kelly says she doesn’t want to just talk to America, but radio too. She cannot wait for America to hear her and she is so talented and amazing and that was incredible.


Our final coach-artist duet is Kyla Jade and Blake Shelton. They are going to sing Only Love by Wynonna.


The next artist is Britton Buchanan from Team Alicia to perform his final cover. He has chosen to sing Good Lovin’ by The Rascals. Alicia says this song just shows there is no world he can’t make his own. Alicia says to see him win would be so gratifying.


The audience is extremely loud. Alicia is on her feet and says it’s electric in here! She says he’s totally alive, he’s totally in his element, he’s in the zone. She’s so proud of him because he set the whole place on fire and woke the whole pace up. There is no stopping him!


Now it’s time for Spensha Baker to debut her original song. Spensha’s song is called Old Soul. Blake says this song gives him chills and he called it, she’s a star.


Blake says Spensha is ready to step off the stage and step onto the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Blake says they need her in country music and this girl deserves to win this show.


Our final artist of the night is Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly. Brynn has chosen to close out the night with Skyfall by Adele. Kelly says Brynn has not only the drive but the intellect and talent too and she’s tackling Adele.


Kelly is on her feet for Brynn. Kelly says she is so lucky. She’s so lucky to get to know Brynn and she is literally just a cheerleader. Kelly says everything you see Brynn do is her idea and she’s just sitting here in awe. She’s amazing and so captivating to watch.

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Tonight, we’re going to find out who wins The Voice! Five of this season’s artists kick the show off singing In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. The artists are Christiana Danielle, Jackie Foster, Britton Buchanan, Wilkes, and Mia Boostrom.


We get a look at how hard Kelly has worked this season on The Voice. Carson says she’s been a great addition to the family and he informs us she will be back next season.


Dua Lipa takes the stage to perform IDGAF by Dua Lipa.


We get a look at the coach/artist relationship between Kyla and Blake. Kyla says she loves Blake. She says he’s always there to comfort and to encourage. Blake says if Kyla doesn’t win the voice she will win the hug, she has to be the best hugger on the show. Blake says he and Kyla made a connection and she’ll be a friend from now on.


Kane Brown is ready to perform and Spensha Baker will be joining him to sing his song What If.


We get a look at Adam as he puts on a disguise and messes with people on the Jurassic Park ride.


Next James Bay is going to perform Us with Alicia Keys.


We check-in with Chloe Kohanski to see what she’s been up to since winning The Voice and she is going to perform her new single Come This Far.


We now get a look at the relationship between Britton and Alicia. Alicia says Britton was shy and took awhile to come out of his shell for her. Alicia says he is a talented, amazing guy. Britton says Alicia is the kindest person he’s ever met. Alicia really thanks Blake for blocking Adam.


Julia Michaels is joined by Brynn Cartelli and they are going to sing Julia’s songs Issues and Jump. Carson tells us Julia wrote Brynn’s original song from the finale performances.


Johnny Bliss, Kyla Jade, Rayshun LaMarr, and Sharane Callister take the stage and perform Papa Was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations.


The Top 4 get brand new cars from Toyota.


Florence and the Machine take the stage and perform their new song Hunger.


We get a look at Blake and Spensha’s relationship. Blake says Spensha is really goofy behind the scenes. Spensha says she still gets nervous seeing Blake, but it’s a nervous excitement. Spensha says Blake believes in her and she’s super grateful.


Britton takes the stage with Ryan Adams and they sing To Be Without You.


Halsey and Big Sean take the stage and perform Alone.


We are now going to look at Brynn and Kelly’s relationship. Kelly says she’s more emotional than the teenager. Brynn says Kelly is the same way behind the scenes as she is on camera. Brynn says she is real and caring and she’s always looked up to her. Kelly says she’s going to be Brynn’s big sis for life.


We’re going to keep the music going and Jason Aldean takes the stage to perform Drowns the Whiskey.     


Now Kyla takes the stage with Jennifer Hudson singing I Know Where I’ve Been.


Carson tells us Jennifer will be back next season.


We see clips of Alicia as a life coach and some of the advice she gives.


Time to get to some results!


The finalist in fourth place is…


The finalist in fourth place is Spensha Baker.


Carson will now read the name of the artist in third place…


The finalist in third place is…Kyla Jade.


The moment we have all been waiting for!


The winner of The Voice is…Brynn Cartelli!!

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