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The Voice (Season 14)


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The Reality TV Winner who started a generation of pop stars comes to The Voice as Kelly Clarkson joins Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys for the 14th season of The Voice!


Catch up on all the performances and results shows with our show recaps and tell us what you think?  Which coach has the best team?  Which artist do you think is going to win?  What do you think about the new Block twist?

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America’s favorite, The Voice is back and better than ever. Kelly Clarkson joins The Voice as the newest coach. She’ll be joined by returning coaches, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Alicia Keyes. But this season, there is a big game changer. It’s called the block. Each coach can block one of their fellow coaches from getting an artist. But the coaches must choose wisely because they only get one chance to make it pay off.


Prepare yourself America, the talent this season will have the coaches feeling more and going wilder than ever before. The most exciting season of The Voice starts right now! The coaches are settled in and Kelly is talking about how excited she is.


Our first artist of the night is Britton Buchanan from Sanford, NC. He’s 17 and has been compared to a young Matt Damon. He is going to play guitar while he sings. He takes the stage and sings Trouble by Ray LaMontagne. Alicia hits first before he gets to the chorus with Blake right behind and Blake hits his block Adam button.  Adam also hits behind them but hasn’t realized he’s been blocked yet. Kelly is still listening and swaying in her seat. Britton got a 3-chair turn.


Alicia has noticed Adam has been blocked and points it out to Adam. Blake denies it was him but Adam says he’s out because Blake blocked him. Adam says they are afraid of him, but he thinks 100% Britton should go with Alicia. Alicia says his voice has so much honesty in it and she goes on emotion and she’d love to help him bring that out. Blake says he sounded like he was angry at the song and he heard a little gravel to his voice and a little bit of country. He says he did block Adam because he really wants Britton on his team.


Adam tells Britton he knows how Adam feels, he wants to be on Alicia’s team. Who does he pick as his coach? Britton takes a moment and picks Alicia. Alicia says he was fantastic, there was something very pure about him.


Our next artist is Brynn Cartelli from Longmeadow, MA. She heard Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway when she was young and that’s when she knew she wanted to keep going with singing. She also plays field hockey. She sings Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande. Kelly hits her button first at the chorus. Blake moves like he’s going to hit his button but waits. He hits it at the very end.


Kelly tells Brynn she is the first person she’s turned for. Kelly likes there are a lot of different elements to her voice. Kelly says Blake hit at the last second. Blake says it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s where you finish. Alicia says she has a beautiful voice. Blake asks her if she’s seen the show before and Brynn says yes. Blake says it’s Adam’s mission to derail him every time he hits his button for an artist. Blake says you know I have had more success with young females than any other artist and Kelly doesn’t have any experience on the show. Kelly says she had enough experience to mentor his team in season 2.


Adam says it’s time to choose, who do you want as your coach? Brynn says she loves them both, but she has to pick…Kelly.


Let’s meet the next artist. His name is Rayshun LaMarr and he’s from Fort Washington, MD. He was in a band and travelled with them. He was diagnosed with cancer, but now he’s cancer free. He is going to perform Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Adam immediately hits his button and Alicia hits a moment later. Blake is listening intently. Kelly is bobbing her head and mouthing the words. He’s a 2-chair turn.


Adam and Alicia are on their feet. Alicia says Rayshun was singing with so much joy and Adam says seeing it was different. Adam says the sheer bliss he sings with is really infectious and he’s torn because he can see both him and Alicia in Rayshun. Alicia says she does too. Kelly says she’s so mad she didn’t turn around. Adam says as his coach, it’s important to have some who can match his energy and someone who can be critical because there were some things that could be better, and he likes to help people get better. Alicia says his story is very inspiring and he needs someone who will not let anything stop him and she’s dedicated to helping his story come to life.


Alicia says she’s ready for her second consecutive win and Adam says technically not consecutive. Alicia gets up to give Rayshun a hug and then goes to stand next to Adam. Adam says he’s the guy who’s never going to stop to make sure Rayshun gets as far as he can get on the show. It’s time to choose. Rayshun hesitates and looks back to where his family is. He says he loves them both…he picks Adam.


Our coaches are getting ready for the next artist, Kyla Jade and she lives in Nashville, TN. She has sung background for Carrie Underwood and Wynonna Judd and she’s also sung background for Jennifer Hudson. She’s going to sing See Saw by Aretha Franklin. The coaches are listening and Kelly is swaying and singing in her seat. The coaches all seem to be enjoying the singing but no one has turned. Blake finally hits his button and says she’s too good not to turn. Kelly hits hers a moment later.


Alicia says Kyla was so spectacular and she’s so happy for her. Kelly says she loves that song and she loves her hair and her look. She thinks every part is sassy and confident and so good. Blake says he wants her on his team so bad. He asks what she’s doing in Nashville and she tells him she’s been singing with Jennifer Hudson. Blake says hopefully she says something good about him. Blake takes an oxygen tank and mask out and Adam staggers over while Kelly talks. Blake says the first time he won the show was with Alicia Keyes backup singer, Jermaine Paul.


Adam asks who Kyla picks as her coach. Kyla says she is kindred with Kelly because they share Aretha Franklin, but the first person to give her an opportunity was Wynonna Judd so she has to go with Blake.


Next, we have Blaise Raccuglia from Austin, TX. He loves the water and during the week he’s a pool technician but he knows there’s more for his life. He takes the stage with Wanted by Hunter Hayes. The coaches are listening closely but no one turns their chair.


Kelly says she could feel Blaise’s nerves a little bit and it was pitchy in places. Blake says it wasn’t put together as tightly as it could be, but he was really close. Alicia thinks he did a great job and she’s excited for his future. Alicia says his nerves just got the better of him.


The next artist is Kelsea Johnson from Newark, DE. Kelsea’s grandfather was in a mariachi band and she knows that he brought music to the family and it passed on to her. She sings Like I’m Gonna Lose You by John Legend by Meghan Trainor. Adam hits his button very quickly with Kelly right behind. Alicia finally hits her button as Kelsea is getting close to the end. Kelsea is a 3-chair turn.


Adam says Kelsea is absolutely stunning from the way she sings to the way she looks. He says they can do this. Kelly says she could make a record now and release it and have a career. She’d like to help her find songs to perform to get air time to reach as many people as possible.


Alicia says she has won the show and she’s ready to win it again. Alicia says she has a gift and there’s a reason she was given that gift. She’s been in the studio with Chris Blue and she’s dedicated to what happens. Blake says it’s time to pick her coach. Kelsea thanks them for their kind words. She then picks Alicia.     


Carson is on his way to meet their next artist, Drew Cole from Los Angeles, CA. He’s a bartender and he’s had a viral video and that’s why he went to California from Connecticut. He plays in bars and small venues and this is a big opportunity for him.


Drew takes the stage saying he’d love to work with Adam Levine, but Blake could give him a different perspective. He performs Sex and Candy by Marcy’s Playground. Adam hits his button after the first line of the song. Blake hits his button near the middle of the song. Kelly is again singing along but she hasn’t turned. Drew was a 2-chair turn.


Adam says he doesn’t know if Drew knows he did a cover of that song that was similar to that and Drew says yes. Adam says he’s hoping that cover has something to do with why Drew performed it. Blake says he’s won the show with all kinds of different artists because he tries to take the focus off of him. He sees a cowboy hat on Drew’s head and he would love to be his coach.


Adam says he sang the lights out without even trying and he doesn’t just see him as the winner, but far beyond the competition. Alicia says it’s time to pick his coach. Drew takes a moment to think…he picks…Adam.


The next artist is ready to take the stage. His name is D.R. King and he sings Believe by Imagine Dragons. All the coaches are listening. Kelly finally hits her button. Blake hits his a minute later. D.R. is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly loves that D.R. brought his soul to that song and his runs were sick. He was a school teacher and Kelly gives him an ovation. Kelly thinks they can do something fantastic together. Alicia says she’s glad that Kelly and Blake turned around. Adam says it’s hard to fill a room with a voice like that. Blake says his voice is explosive and any song he sings is going to sound like D.R. King. Blake says he’ll be beside himself if he picks him as his coach.


Adam asks D.R. who he picks as his coach. D.R. looks to where his family is and thinks about it…and picks Kelly.


Time to meet the next artist, Kaleb Lee from Ormond Beach, FL. He’s there to show his kids to pursue their dreams. He had given up music to care for his family. He has two biological daughters with his wife and they adopted a son. Kaleb heads up the stage with his guitar and sings Never Wanted Nothing More by Chris Stapleton. Blake immediately looks down at the other coaches. Everyone is looking back at Blake and then Kelly hits her button. Blake hits his a minute later. Kaleb is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly says she knows enough about country music to hit her button. Blake says his voice and style reminds him of Texas red dirt kind of music. Kelly says that’s weird, because I’m Texan. Blake says his voice would stand out on country radio. He asks if he ever made the trip to Nashville and Kaleb says he did but he set it aside to take care of his family.


Kaleb asks if he can bring his kids up and they say yes. Kelly says his family is so beautiful. Kelly says Kaleb should shock everyone and pick her as his coach. She sings to him don’t you want to stay here a little while? Blake says his wife is right there. Kelly says it was good enough for Jason Aldean.


Adam says it’s time to pick your coach. Kaleb says his kids watch the show and they are huge fans of Blake…so he picks Blake.


Next, we have Makenzie Thomas from Wallingord, KY. She says believe it or not she grew up listening to R&B. She’s going to sing Redbone by Childish Gambino because it will allow her to be creative. The coaches are dancing in their seats. Blake is listening intently. Adam says so close and Alicia agrees.


Adam says there is so much magic in Makenzie’s voice. Kelly says she’s so unexpected, which if fabulous. Alicia says she was not what she expected to turn around to but stay on the path because she’s so close.


The next artist is Justin Kilgore from Buffalo, TX. He joined the cheerleading team in high school in a very conservative town. He started getting interested in country music while he was in college and he moved to Austin, TX. The Voice is the first opportunity for him to be himself. He performs by Tomorrow by Chris Young. All the coaches look at each other and Blake makes to hit his button. Alicia and Kelly both hit and turn at the same time and Alicia has blocked Blake. Blake shakes his head. Adam hits his button at the very end.


Kelly and Adam go tease Blake about being blocked. Adam lays down on the Blocked light and he’s making a snow angel. Alicia says she used her only block on him because she knew he was that special. Blake tells Adam to get away from him. Kelly asks how Justin got into country and he says he was a fan of Reba McEntire. Kelly says that’s weird because Reba is her mother-in-law.


Alicia would love to help bring the best out of him. Adam says he’s so good he won’t even be mad if he doesn’t go with him because he can’t go with Blake. He tells Justin to do whatever he wants to do, he is amazing. Kelly says she knows country music and Blake says she doesn’t know anything about country. Adam says the sheer amount of words that come out of her mouth and she says he does the same thing.


Adam says, Justin, who do you pick as your coach? Justin hesitates and he picks…Kelly. Alicia says she was waiting to use her block on Blake. Kelly feels like Justin has a lot of potential. Blake says he hates them all.     

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Last night, the greatest season of The Voice yet kicked off with the return of season 12 champion coach, Alicia Keyes, and the debut of new coach, Kelly Clarkson, who proved to be more than a match for our veteran coaches. And changing The Voice forever was the arrival of the block, giving each coach just one opportunity from getting an artist they want. Blake was the first to strike, followed by Alicia, who gave Blake a taste of his own medicine, leaving Adam and Kelly the only coaches still able to block.


Let’s meet our first artist, Davison from Little Rock, AR. He’s a worship leader at his church and he’s also a local stylist. Musically, he gospel, with a little soul and grit. He’d love to work with Adam. His mom likes Blake. He’d also like to work with Alicia and Kelly is great. Davison steps and sings To Love Somebody by the Bee Gees. Blake and Adam hit their buttons at almost the same time. Kelly started to hit her button at the end and missed her opportunity.


Adam says he’s going to kill Blake. Alicia says she’s out of her mind because he’s Davison is outrageous and he did a beautiful job. Blake says he loves that song and says it was an old Bee Gees record and Adam says no and Davison corrects Adam. Blake says he would be honored to be his coach.


Adam says that’s shocking that Blake knew something about music he didn’t. He says Davison embodies what the whole point of the show is and his voice speaks to all of them. He says before he started recording he was listening to Lauryn Hill records and he knows who Davison is. Blake says Davison would be the centerpiece of Team Blake.


Alicia asks who Davison picks as his coach. He takes a minute and says he loves them both, but he picks…Adam. Alicia and Kelly both talk about regretting turning around and Adam says that’s where he takes advantage.


The next artist is Jaclyn Lovey from Placerville, CA. She is hoping to make her community proud because they have all been supportive and helpful for her as she follows her path. She is going to perform Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley. Kelly looks at Alicia and says that’s pretty. All the judges are listening as she sings through the chorus. Blake finally hits his button and Alicia follows. Jaclyn is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly tells Jaclyn no one on the show sounds like her. Alicia says sometimes we feel like we have to overperform and she just showed you can be simple and pure. Blake says her voice makes her feel every word. Blake says for the first time in his life he pictured himself riding a unicorn holding a care bear. Blake says they may have artists who can blow the roof off, but what she just did was more powerful than that.


Alicia says to Jaclyn that she’s a huge lover of the classic songs and she sees what they can do together. She can keep the performances honest and genuine and keep it all about her.


Adam says it’s time for Jaclyn to pick a coach. Jaclyn says she’d love to work with either one of them, but she picks…Alicia.


Our next artist is Sophia Dion from Park City, UT. She sings What A Man by Linda Lyndell. The judges are listening and Kelly and Alicia start to sing along. She does not get a chair turn. Kelly says she didn’t even recognize the song at first but she was waiting for a little extra. Blake says if he can’t understand what people are saying when they are singing it drives him nuts. He says he could understand her most of the time, but it might need to be little cleaned up.


As the auditions continued, both Blake and Kelly had something special in mind, and these singers just missed the mark. We see Brittney Spencer who sang Road Less Traveled by Lauren Alaina who Kelly says they could hear her nerves in the pitch.


Next we see Karianne Jean who sang Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban who Blake says the song got away from her. He says she went for something big and it didn’t land correctly. Finally, we see Wildee Fusard who sang Legends by Kelsea Ballerini and Kelly doesn’t think that was the best song to showcase what she was capable of and Blake says if she could have put together a start to finish more solid audition, they’d be fighting over her.


Let’s see if the next artist is the one Kelly has been waiting for. Molly Stevens is from Raleigh, NC, and she kind of puts herself in country, but she sees herself more in the Americana realm. Molly takes the stage with a guitar and sings Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin. Blake immediately hits his button and tells Kelly she is not blocking him. Kelly turns right after. Molly is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly asks Blake if he knew who sang that song and he didn’t. Kelly knows that song. Kelly tells Molly you don’t have to have Blake as a coach to be successful in country. Blake says he doesn’t move from genre to genre, his life is country that’s all he does.


Kelly says she loves all genres of music. Adam tells Molly that he thinks Kelly is a good fit for her. Alicia says her chances are higher with Kelly, but she likes Blake as well. Kelly says Molly is unique and she’d sound great in country music and be great on her team.


Adam asks Molly who she’s going to pick. Molly says oh man…she picks Kelly. Blake says the other three coaches are ganging up on him and he has no one his team yet today and he’s starting to feel left out.


The next artist is Dylan Hartigan from Wyckoff, NJ. He’s done some acting and been in a few commercials and had some experience in a boy band called NY5. He takes the stage and performs Danny’s Song by Anne Murray. The judges are listening and Kelly is saying it’s pretty. Kelly keeps acting like she wants to hit her button but hesitates. Kelly finally hits her button.


Kelly tells Dylan he has a solid voice and she can’t wait to see what his range is and what he can do. He says he’s more folk rock and Kelly says yes, she loves it. Kelly says she doesn’t even have to fight for him. She doesn’t know if he wanted her but he got her.


Our final artist of the night is Pryor Baird from Nashville, TN. He says you don’t choose the Blues, Blues chooses you and he says that’s right because you don’t play the Blues for the money. He’s a project manager for a home restoration company. He has chosen to sing I Don’t Need No Doctor by Humble Pie. Adam is the first to turn. Blake hits his button a minute later with Alicia right behind. Kelly hits her button as well, and we have a 4-chair.


Kelly says she loves all of it, the soulfulness and the way Pryor rocked out and she’d love to have him on her team. Adam says he’s glad he turned first and the way he makes the guitar song is singular and unique and amazing. He doesn’t usually sing the way he does and play the way he does and he thinks Team Adam should be Pryor’s home.


Blake says when he heard Pryor’s guitar playing he thought of Pete Anderson and that’s who made all of Dwight Yoakam’s records, a little loose and a little wild. Blake says he’s an incredible vocalist and he wants Pryor on his team. Alicia says she felt there was such a power and such a range and it felt so good and she’d love to help him explore that. She feels like she’s the only one who can sing in the range Pryor just did.


Adam says he has to be Pryor’s coach and he sees him holding on to that guitar like it’s an extension of him and he understands that. Kelly asks who he picks as his coach. Pryor says this is tough…he picks Blake.

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Different backgrounds, different reasons, all with one goal…to be named The Voice. Tonight, the blind auditions continue. With talent this good, our coaches will have to raise the bar to build the team they want. Making it even harder, Adam and Kelly have yet to use the block. Prepare yourself America, tonight anything can happen!


Let’s meet the first artist of night three. We meet Christiana Danielle from Fort Wayne, IN. She listens to gospel and her mother is a gospel rapper. She got into jazz in high school. She’s going to sing Hotline Bling by Drake, but a different version to show her versatility. Adam hits his button before she finishes the first line. Blake looks interested and so does Kelly. Kelly finally decides to hit her button. Alicia seems to enjoy her voice and finally hits her button. Christiana is a 3-chair turn.


Kelly says she loves Christiana’s voice and she doesn’t want her to listen to Alicia. Adam says Christiana is a champ and she’s one of the greatest gifts they’ve been given on the show and he wants to be a guiding light for her on the show. Adam says she is one of the greatest singers he’s ever heard. Kelly says she has a chance at winning no matter who she picks. Alicia says she would be great from Adam or Kelly, but Christiana was crazy and she’s so excited. Kelly says she loves country. Alicia says she brought in Ella Fitzgerald with Drake. Alicia says she gets her.


Blake says Christiana, it’s time to pick your coach. Christiana hesitates and looks at her parents and then picks…Alicia.


Next we meet Brett Hunter from Pasadena, CA. He lives with his brother and they sleep in the same bed. He appreciates his brother’s sacrifice and he wants to be able to give back and make an impact in music. He performs She’s a Bad Mama Jama by Carl Carlton with a ukulele. Kelly seems to enjoy it and Adam is dancing in his seat. Blake finally hits his button towards the end of the performance.


Brett will be on Team Blake. Blake says he has the next Tiny Tim and everyone else is a bunch of idiots. Blake says he’s never been more surprised because he didn’t expect to see someone up there playing a ukulele. Adam says if Brett had played and sang with just the ukulele, then they all would have turned. Blake says he couldn’t be happier for Brett to be on his team.


Carson is on his way to meet the next artist, Jamai who delivers singing telegrams from Chester, PA. When he’s not doing singing telegrams he’s in the studio and he’s ready to take it to the next level. He takes the stage to sing U Got it Bad by Usher. Alicia is singing along in her chair. Kelly looks like she’s on the fence. Alicia and Kelly both look at each other and hit their buttons at the same time.


Jamai says hi to Alicia and Adam notices how he said her name. Jamai says Kelly is a versatile singer and the epitome of success for artists who have won a singing show. Alicia says she turned around because she could tell he had variety and a style of his own. Kelly says she’d pick songs for him so he wouldn’t be compared to original artists. Alicia says she wants to make sure he’s a success, not only on the show but in the real world.


Adam asks Jamai who he picks. Jamai sings it…Alicia.


Next we meet Mitch Cardoza from Dartmouth, MA. He grew up in a musical household and both of his parents would sing to him. He got into reggae music in middle school. Mitch sings No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley. The coaches are all nodding and swaying in their chairs. He did not get anyone to turn.


Kelly says she loves the song and he sang so well. Alicia says he had some beautiful runs and she advises him to show more uniqueness. Adam says this song is so hard and so untouchable, but he is talented. Blake says there was a big not he hit and he should have incorporated that more into his performance.


The next artist is Mia Boostrom from Boston, MA. She started singing in middle school and began writing her own music. She stopped doing music for awhile because people started not paying attention to her music and commenting on her weight. She decides this is her time to try again. She steps up to sing Pillowtalk by Zayn. Adam hits his button as she’s almost finished.


Mia is on Team Adam. Adam says she is going to be the best one chair turn of the season, maybe ever. He knew from her last line he had the best kept secret of the moment. Alicia congratulates her on a great performance. Kelly says she’s looking for something super specific and her highs were beautiful, but her lows were sexy. Adam says there is a lot of great stuff to work with, she is so good.


Jackie Foster is our next artist from San Diego, CA. She’s the lead singer of a band based out of Boston. Her mom has been watching since season one. She is going to sing What About Us? By P!nk. She gets through the first chorus and Kelly decides to hit her button. Blake reaches for his button and Alicia smacks hers. Jackie is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly points out to Jackie that she turned first. Kelly says she’s been waiting for someone with depth and versatility and Jackie has that. Alicia says her voice had so much texture and was so genuine and her tone was accurate. Kelly says she thinks she would be a good coach for Jackie and she’s glad she will pick her. Alicia thinks there is a lot they can explore if she picks her.


Adam says it’s time to pick your coach. Jackie hesitates and picks…Kelly.


The next artist is Kayla Woodson from Waggaman, LA. She works at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. She finds it inspiring as a country music artist to work there. She’s going to perform Turn on the Radio by Reba McEntire. The coaches are listening intently. Adam looks like he wants to hit his button but he’s watching Blake. She does not get a chair turn.


Blake says she has incredible range and what kept him from hitting his button was she was sharp sometimes. Alicia would love to hear a little more dynamic throughout the song. Adam says he’s guilty of watching Captain Country which is stupid because a great voice is a great voice. Adam tells her to come back again.


Next, we have Reid Umstattd from Austin, TX. He’s a bartender, but he misses singing and performing. He was in a band after college and then he met his wife. Touring was hard on them so he quit the band. This will be the first solo performance he’s ever done. He sings Take Me to the Pilot by Elton John. Adam recognized the song immediately. Adam is the first to hit his button with Alicia right behind. Adam is dancing and singing along as he watches. Reid is a two chair turn.


Kelly says she loved Reid’s vocal but it’s her first season and she’s looking for something specific. Adam says he’s glad that was the Elton song he chose. He has a killer voice, killer range, soul for days, and pocket, he loves him and he wants Reid on his team so badly. Alicia says she could play the piano that Elton played and Reid could sing. Alicia says his voice was powerful and so much fun. Alicia thinks they could do craziness and go all the way and have fun the whole time. Adam believes he can win the show and he’s his guy. Alicia wants to showcase that greatness and lift him up.


Kelly says as a fellow Texan, who are you picking as your coach. Reid appreciates them both…but he picks Adam.


The next artist is Jorge Eduardo from Guadalajara, Mexico. His dad is a mariachi singer. He grew up watching his dad perform and he always dreamed of doing what his dad did. He was on The Voice Mexico and got all four chairs to turn and got fourth place. Jorge sings Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. Kelly wastes no time hitting her button and then gets out of her seat to dance. Alicia is dancing in her seat. Alicia seems to enjoy the song and seems like she wants to hit her button. No one else turns.


Jorge is on Team Kelly. Adam feels like Kelly picked him before he started singing and Alicia says Kelly scared her because she turned so fast. Kelly says she is so excited and she wants Jorge to teach her that song. Blake says it would be monumental if he could teach him to sing that song.


As the night wore on we see Jamella who sang Dive by Ed Sheeran and Kelly and Blake both turned and Jamella chose Kelly as her coach. Then we see Angel Bonilla who sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and Adam was the only coach who turned.


The next artist is Austin Giorgio from Rochester, NY. He loves Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett and he was introduced to music through his father. Austin sings How Sweet (It Is To Be Loved By You) by James Taylor. Blake hits his button to turn. Kelly hits her button right at the end. Austin is a two-chair turn.


Kelly loves the old standards and she won a singing competition and you have to have a little bit of strategy. She advises him to choose a contemporary song and make it that old style. Blake says he too has won a show like this and Kelly says not as a contestant. Blake says one of his favorite vocalists is Michael Buble and they’ll face time him.


Adam tells Austin it’s time to pick his coach. Austin hesitates and he says he has to pick…Blake as his coach.


The last artist of the night is Johnny Bliss from New York, NY. He’s a karaoke host and he hopes to be an artist who can sing in English and Spanish. He wants to make his family proud of him. He takes the stage to sing Preciosa by Marc Antony. Adam hits his button very quickly. Alicia and Kelly both turn right after and Adam has blocked Kelly. Blake turns next and he sees Kelly is blocked and starts laughing.


Johnny thanks them for turning. He loves Adam’s shirt and Adam says he can have it if he picks him and Kelly says he’s the only one. Adam says he blocked Kelly and he thinks Johnny has not only the voice, but he also had a moment where he got lost and he wants to be part of his journey. Alicia says he sounds like he’s been singing lifetimes and he’s been put on this planet to do what he just did. Blake says he doesn’t know what he was singing but he’s pretty sure it was about drinking beer and eating fried chicken. That may not have been what he was singing about but it got him excited and that’s why he turned.


Alicia says this is very important, Johnny, she thinks he should know she was named after her Puerto Rican godmother. She sings If I Ain’t Got You in Spanish. Johnny goes down to give Alicia a hug. Kelly says that was the sexiest thing. Adam says as amazing as that was and you’re picking a coach. Blake says it’s time to pick your coach. Johnny says all he hears, in Jesus’ name, he picks…Alicia.

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As the coaches get settled, let’s meet our first artist of the night, Spensha Baker from San Antonio, TX. She signed with a major record label as a gospel singer at age 11 and toured for three years but the labeled decided to part ways. She is going to sing Blackbird by The Beatles. Blake and Kelly both hit their buttons at the same time.


Adam says he loves the way Spensha took one of his favorite songs and did it her way. Alicia says she is incredible. Kelly says her favorite thing is to see an artist feel everything she’s singing. Kelly can’t wait to see more of her. Blake loves her slow vibrato and she would be the greatest gift to him on the anniversary of his 14th season as a coach.


Kelly says they seem like they have similarities and Blake asks her what music she wants to pursue and Spensha says country. Alicia asks who she picks as her coach. Spensha says she can’t believe this is happening and she picks Blake.


Up next, we have Alexa Cappelli from Upland, CA. She is in a music program at an Orange County School and she has a twin brother. Alexa sings I’ve Got the Music In Me by Kiki Dee Band. Kelly hits her button and Adam hits his a moment later.


Adam says that wasn’t just really good, it was also really soulful. Adam says he loves Alexa. Alicia says she is sic and phenomenal and the only reason she didn’t turn is because she’s looking for something specific. Alexa tells Kelly to get into the Orange county school she auditioned with Kelly’s song People Like Us. Kelly wants to hear her sing it and she sings with her.


It’s time for Alexa to choose her coach and she picks…Kelly.


The next artist is Adrian Brannan from Ventura, CA. She’s a cowgirl and sings cowboy music. She’s also been classically trained in opera. She’d really love to work with Blake or Kelly. She sings Two More Bottles of Wine by Emmylou Harris. Kelly mouths to Blake she can’t hear the words she’s singing. She doesn’t get a chair turn.


Blake says Adrian’s personality is incredible. Blake didn’t push his button because a little bit of a problem with diction. He advises her next time to enunciate the best she can. Adrian says this is a big honor just to be out here. Alicia loves her vibrato and she has a beautiful tone.


Next we meet Wilkes from Waleska, GA. Wilkes was in a band after high school but he’s a stay-at-home dad now. He takes the stage and performs One Headlight by The Wallflowers. Adam tells Alicia if Wilkes sings the chorus good he’s going to turn. Blake leans forward to look at Adam and they both hit their buttons at the same time.


Adam thinks Wilkes is a singular singer and he thinks he’s the coach for Wilkes. Kelly says she hears a little country music in him too. Blake says his voice was sneaky and the longer he sang the more he turned it up. He’s a fan.


Alicia says who do you pick as your coach, Wilkes? Wilkes says…well..I’m sorry Adam but I’m going to pick Blake.


After a big win over Adam, we hear Jesslee sing I’m With You by Avril Lavigne and Blake goes head to head against Kelly and Jesslee picked Blake as her coach. Then we hear Jordyn Simone who sang Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton and Alicia was inspired to turn her chair. Megan Lee was next and she sang Killing Me Softly With His Song by Roberta Flack and Alicia pushed her button for her too.


Next we have Jaron Strom from Shelby, NC. He’s a web designer by day and a performer by night. He was introduced to Motown by his grandfather when he was growing up. He’d love to work with Adam, but all the coaches have a great ability. He’s singing This Magic Moment by Ben E. King. Blake hits his button as Jaron is finishing his song.


Jaron is on Team Blake. Jaron does a happy dance and Adam says Jaron has to see Blake’s happy dance. Blake says he knew from the second he started singing he was into it. The longer he sang the more he knew he had to turn because Jaron didn’t deserve to go home.


Our final artist of the night is Terrence Cunningham from Washington, DC. He’s been singing all his life but mostly he’s a piano player. He’s going to sing My Girl by The Temptations because it reminds him of his daughter. He plays the keyboard while he’s singing. Adam is the first to hit his button. Alicia follows behind and laughs when she sees the keyboard. Kelly and Blake both hit their buttons as well. Terrence is a 4-chair turn.


Blake tells Terrence they are all speechless. They have never heard a performance like that on any level of The Voice. Alicia asks what made him sing that song and she says she felt it, it was so beautiful. Kelly wants to sing with him and she’s curious why he’s not already on the radio.


Kelly says Terrence has the most amazing voice, but these shows are about strategy and she’s been through that process and wants to help him succeed. Alicia says it feels like a vacuum in this space and in this moment and there was a beautiful honesty and artistry to his performance.


Blake thinks Terrence is special and he’s been doing it a long time and he’s never seen anything like that. Adam says Terrence doesn’t need them, they need him. Adam wants to coach him more than he’s ever wanted to coach another person on The Voice.


Adam says it’s time for him to pick a coach. Terrence picks…Alicia.

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Tonight, the final week of the blind auditions begins. Coach Kelly Clarkson, who has been a force to be reckoned with in her debut season needs 3 artists. Adam needs 6, and Alicia and Blake also each need 3 artists. And before the night is over, Kelly will use the final block. The biggest season of The Voice yet begins right now!


Let’s meet the first artist of the night, Stephanie Skipper from Nashville, TN. She had a band with her husband and they started to tour, but her husband was offered a job in town. She thought they were going to do it together, but she’s going to pick it back up as a solo artist.


Stephanie steps on stage and performs Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly immediately gets emotional. All the coaches are looking at each other. Kelly seems like she wants to hit her button and Alicia tells her to just do it. Adam hits his button at the end and Blake says he’ll go too. Stephanie is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly says she’s so sad and she’s mad she didn’t turn for Stephanie. Kelly says it was cool she picked that song. Adam says one of his favorite things about her is she brought his attention to the song. Blake says he thinks every song Kelly writes is extra personal, and that song has a little extra dose in it and he applauds her for coming out and laying out a passionate performance that connected to all of them, especially Kelly.


Adam says he’s excited to work with Stephanie technically. Alicia asks who she picks as her coach. Stephanie says this is really hard, it’s a tough decision, but she picks…Adam.


As Stephanie celebrates, let’s meet the next artist of the night. Tish Haynes Keys is next and she is from St. Louis, MO. Her father was a pastor, and her mother was a gospel singer. She has chosen the song Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin. Kelly seems immediate impressed. Adam hits his button and Kelly hits right behind. Tish is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly is excited, and on her feet and she wants to know what is wrong with Alicia and Blake because Tish just killed Aretha Franklin. Kelly goes up to give her a hug. Blake says he’s being strategic because his team is almost full. Kelly says her team is almost full and didn’t care. Kelly says if Tish were on her team she’d just let her fly and if she don’t win the show she can tour with Kelly anytime.


Alicia says the only reason she didn’t turn is because she has other soulful voices on her team and she didn’t want to put her in the position where that would be a hindrance for her. Adam says he pushed his button because it would be disrespectful to the art of singing to not push it for her voice, which is the reason of the show. Adam says he’d love to have her on his team.


Alicia asks who Tish picks as her coach. Tish says she’s watched Kelly since she started and she means so much to her musical career, but she wants to grow and be different and she picks…Adam.


Our next artist is Branson Ireland from Fairview, TN. He works on weekends at an Apple store and he pursues music through the week. He appreciative of his wife for her support and allowing him to follow his dreams. He sings Tulsa Time by Don Williams. Kelly is singing along in her chair. Adam says he likes it and Kelly says he’s good. Blake hits his button and Adam follows. Branson is a 2-chair turn.


Adam says Branson sang a song that clearly said he’s not going to be on Adam’s team, but if by some chance he has a bigger scheme and shock the world, then he’d go with Adam. Alicia says Adam is trying to say Adam recognized the power and brilliance in Branson’s voice before Blake.


Kelly says Blake does work with artists after the show, but Branson also wouldn’t have much competition on Adam’s team. Blake says Kelly is right but if he picks Blake, then he’ll have to work harder and it will make him a better singer. Adam says he does not take this lightly.


Alicia asks Branson who he picks as his coach. Carson tells Branson’s wife if he picks Adam that will be the craziest moment ever. Carson picks team Blake.


Adam and Blake are both off to a strong start, while Alicia and Kelly continue to be selective with their final few spots. We see Teddy Chipouras sing Ophelia by The Lumineers and Kelly says she didn’t turn because she’s looking for something super specific. Then Arlo Montenegro performs Attention by Charlie Puth and Alicia says some of the lower notes were a little tricky. Next up is Daniel Garcia and he sings Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Kelly he was brave to come out and bare it all.


Next we have Teana Boston from Stockton, CA. Her genre is R&B and Alicia Keys is one of her biggest motivations when she was younger. She takes the stage to perform Unfaithful by Rihanna. The coaches are all looking at each other. Kelly seems to want to hit her button and she finally does. Teana is a 1-chair turn.


Kelly says it wasn’t until the very end when she was in her head voice and it was gorgeous. Alicia says it was super beautiful and that was a hard song to sing. Adam says Kelly did an amazing job of picking her because she’s going to be one of the ones to watch in the competition. Blake says they are all going to regret not hitting their button.


Up next, we have Miya Bass from Jamaica Queens, NY. Both her parents work for the NYPD, her sister works as a police offer, and she also worked in law enforcement, but turned down being an officer because she wants to sing. She sings Issues by Julia Michaels. Adam hits his button. Miya is a 1-chair turn.


Blake congratulates Miya. Adam says if she was a cop and pulled him over with that hair, he’d be like he wasn’t messing with that lady. Alicia says she didn’t turn because there’s a few things she’s looking for but she’s on team Adam. Adam says when he turned she got in her head a little and that’s a good thing because it may have deterred the others from turning.


Livia Faith is next and she is from Stanton, KY. She has always wanted to sing. Her mother is her best friend. Her audition song is Dream a Little Dream of Me by Ella Fitzgerald. Alicia says it’s sweet. Kelly hits her button and Blake hits right after. Alicia seems to be enjoying the performance. Alicia finally hits her button at the end. Livia is a 3-chair turn.


Kelly says she would love to have Livia on her team and she’s different from everybody else. Kelly would like to see her voice on a contemporary song but with a twist. Alicia asks if Livia plays any instruments and she answers she plays the ukulele. Alicia says she likes oldies and classics and twist them and she thinks together can come up with a few new songs and take over The Voice.


Blake says he knew he was going to hit his button when she started singing. Blake thinks with the right coach they can take songs and twist them and make them different with the sound of her voice. Alicia says she thought of the song Earth Angel for Livia and she starts to sing it. Kelly sings along with Alicia.


Adam sings Livia, who do you pick as your coach? Livia hesitates and says oh man…she has to pick…Alicia.


The next artist is Jordan Kirkdorffer from Nashville, TN. He has an accounting job and he loves spread sheets. He’s from a small town in Indiana, a small farming community, and he liked singing to the pigs. He moved to Nashville after high school. He sings In Case You Don’t Know by Brett Young. The coaches are listening closely. Adam hits his button and Blake hits towards the end.


Adam says just tell me, do I have a chance? Adam says Jordan’s performance was multi-faceted. His performance was beautiful and it touched him. Blake says he could hear that Jordan was different and special. Adam says he did hit his button before Blake. Kelly says Jordan will stand out on Adam’s team.


Alicia says at the end of the day you get this incredible opportunity, Jordan who do you pick as your coach. Jordan thanks them both but he picks…Blake.


Carson travelled to west Los Angeles to meet the next artist, Shana Halligan from Los Angeles, CA. Her dad was one of the founding members of Blood, Sweat, and Tears. She started a band when she was 30 and when it ended she was very depressed. She says she hopes the coaches like her voice because it’s unique.


Shana steps up on stage and performs Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra. The coaches are listening very carefully. Alicia finally slaps her button. Shana is a 1-chair turn.


Alicia felt there was something unique about Shana’s voice and she was very excited to experience that. Adam says she is so different and she’s so happy for her. Blake says she looks like a goddess.


The next artist is Gary Edwards from Lewisville, TX. He’s a choir director with young children. His grandmother was very instrumental in his music when he was young. He’s an also an IT assistant and he sings with two cover bands. He’s going to sing What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. Adam hits his button. Blake hits his button before the song ends.


Adam thanks Gary for singing that song and it was like he was singing them to sleep. Adam wants to meet his grandmother. Blake says his voice is soft and flows and then sometimes it punches you in the face. Alicia says his voice is so superb. Kelly says he has a beautiful voice hands down. Adam says there’s something about him that transcends everything.


Kelly asks Gary who he picks as his coach. Gary picks…Adam.


The next artist is Mercedes Ferreira-Dias from Miami, FL. She was driven to singing since she was a child. She takes influence from Latin artists. She performs All I Ask by Adele. All the coaches are listening closely. Blake has his head tilted to the side. Kelly seems impressed. Kelly says she’s good. None of the coaches hit their button and Kelly immediately regrets not hitting her button.


Adam says Kelly was closer than he was to hitting his button and he tells Mercedes to come back again. Kelly says she was so close and Blake says physically. Kelly says that might be the dumbest thing she’s ever done. She says she was looking for something specific and maybe that’s why she hesitated.


The final artist of the night is Hannah Goebel from Omaha, NE but she now lives in Nashville. She had a learning disability in school but music helped her focus. Hannah is going to sing If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. Kelly immediately looks at Alicia. Kelly hits her button and blocks Alicia, and Adam hits his right behind. Blake hits his button. Alicia hits her button at the end and sees she’s blocked. The audience boos.


Adam says Kelly crushed Hannah’s dreams today and Kelly says she had no chance unless she blocked Alicia. Kelly thinks she could be a really great coach for Hannah and since she used her only block on her she’d be the best choice for her. Blake says doesn’t it make you feel special that your dream was to work with Alicia Keys and she crushed your dream by blocking her.


Blake says he loves Hannah, but he would love to be her coach. Adam says he covers that song all the time and if you get an artist to turn for you singing their song, that’s special. Kelly reminds her she used her only block. Alicia asks Hannah who she chooses as her coach. Hannah smiles and she picks…Kelly.

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Tonight, it’s the biggest night of the season yet as the coaches complete their teams with some of the best voices they’ve ever heard. Adam needs 2 more artists to fill his team, while Alicia, Kelly, and Blake have one spot each. Who will get the final spots and the opportunity to work with our super star coaches in the upcoming battles? Let’s find out!


Our first artist of the night is Genesis Diaz from Miami, FL. Her parents were both in a band in Cuba when they were children. They gave up music for their children. Genesis is going to perform Praying by Kesha. The audience seems to love the performance but the judges are listening closely. Adam hits his button at the end with Blake immediately behind.


Adam says he was the spark and Blake came smoldering after and Genesis should remember that when she’s picking her coach. Adam says he thinks Genesis is tremendous. Blake says he has one spot left on his team and he would love to have her complete team Blake. Adam says as he listened he came up with all of these ideas for her and he’d love to be her coach.


Kelly asks Genesis who she picks as her coach? Genesis says she’s going to have to pick…Adam.


The next artist is Sharane Calister from Des Moines, IA. She grew up on gospel music and sang with her twin sister in the choir. She was placed in foster care at age 10 and she was adopted, but she was separated from her twin. She sings Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran. Alicia hits her button. Alicia tells Kelly to push her button and Kelly gets in at the last second.


Kelly says she turned around because it’s disrespectful not to turn around for some like Sharane. Kelly says she’s just weary of not getting picked over Alicia. Kelly says she can tell she’s a fan of Alicia. Alicia says that was so powerful and her voice was perfection. Alicia says whatever her journey has been has led her to share that performance. Kelly says her type of story is what makes great artists.


Blake says who do you pick as your coach, Sharane? Sharane says she loves Kelly, but she has to go with Alicia. Team Alicia is now full.


Next, we have Dallas Caroline from Santa Rosa, CA. She was named after a country song. She was able to play CMA fest last summer and that was a dream come true for her. She’s going to sing Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson. Kelly hits her button fairly quickly. Adam hits his button a little over halfway through. Blake is the last to turn.


Adam says he doesn’t know how it looks for him, but Dallas is so great and the core of who she is as a singer is there and he’s going to fight for her because she’s awesome. Kelly says they each only have one more spot on their team and that speaks to her talent that they all turned. Kelly says she has a quality that is missing in country music.


Blake says when he sees someone young like Dallas performing Always On My Mind, it’s a sacred country song and he can go wow, that’s the next Leann Rimes. That’s why he wants to be her coach on the show. Alicia asks who she picks as her coach. Dallas thanks them all and says this is crazy. She picks…Blake. Blake’s team is now full!


The next artist to take the stage is Allen Pride Bowser from Philadelphia, PA. His grandmother got him a keyboard and that was his outlet. He got into an altercation at 17 and he was sent to a disciplinary high school and ended up getting straight A’s and graduated early. He takes the stage What You Won’t Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell. Kelly is listening and she tells Blake she wants him to go high. He does not get a chair turn.


Adam thanks Allen and he finds himself married to that song and it’s not fair. Adam says he’s fantastic. Kelly says she loved his voice but she was waiting for the next level or a little more variety and she thinks he’s a great singer.


Next, we have Jackie Verna from West Chester, PA. She’s a country pop artist. She had a car accident before she went off to a college and she was unable to go. She’s always loved music and it was the drive that kept her going while she was recovering. She struggled with self-image because of the damage caused by the accident. She steps up and sings Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini. Adam hits his button. Kelly is sitting still listening.


Adam is excited and runs around and dances. He gives Jackie a hug and returns to his seat. Adam says she is the best country singer he’s heard. Alicia says it was so good and so beautiful. Adam has never been more excited about a 1-chair turn in his life. Kelly says she was freaking out and she only has one spot left. Team Adam is full!


Our final artist of the blind auditions is Amber Sauer from Paradise, CA. She was from a very small country town in California and so she moved to Los Angeles when she could and booked her first gig within two weeks of moving. This is her first chance to step out as a solo artist and prove she is good enough. She takes the stage to perform Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Kelly listens for quite awhile and hits her button towards the end of the performance.


Kelly says she is so happy that no one could turn their chairs for Amber. Alicia says that was crazy. Kelly says she can pretty high, but that performance was pretty high. Kelly says she would have fought like hell for Amber. Blake wants to see the people who are cheering her on and they all come out. Team Kelly is full!

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Tonight, get ready for battles like you’ve never seen before. For the first time ever, you’ll see the artists pairings revealed and our coaches will take the training further than ever before. Joining the action will be some of the hottest names across music: Shawn Mendes, Julia Michaels, Hailee Steinfeld, and Trace Adkins.


Expectations will be high, leading to some of the best battles we’ve ever seen. Decisions will be tougher. The steals will be bigger. The most exciting round of battles yet starts right now!


Let’s meet the first artist from Team Alicia as he learns which artist he’ll be battling, Jamai. He goes to find out who he has been paired with and he sees on screen Sharane Calister. Shawn Mendes is Team Alicia’s advisor.


Alicia gave Jamai and Sharane the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes. Shawn says Sharane is talented, she had such control and she was just flawless. Jamai had sheer strength, especially in the higher octave. Alicia gives Sharane tips on tempo and Shawn advises Jamai to get emotionally invested in his verse.


We then see Alicia at the stage rehearsal with Sharane and Jamai. Alicia gets to see their outfits, how they interact with each other, and they also have vocal coaches and choreographers. Alicia thinks this battle is going to steal the show because there is so much power in it and so much energy.


Jamai and Sharane have just taken the stage to perform Mercy by Shawn Mendes and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. It’s time to see what the coaches have to say. Adam is feeling Jamai’s trench. Adam says there were moments with Jamai where he was like wow and Sharane has a fullness in her voice that fills the room. Adam says it’s a dead heat.


Blake says Sharane doesn’t even need a microphone and they are both incredible vocally and he doesn’t know what Alicia is going to do. Maybe he’d go with Jamai. Kelly says they really complemented each other and they could also both be forces. Kelly gravitates more toward Sharane.


Alicia has the final words. She is supremely proud of that performance and she thinks Shawn will be blown away. Alicia says Jamai is a shocker for her and Sharane’s performance was wow.


Alicia is ready to pick her winner. She selects the winner…Sharane.


Now it’s time to look at Team Kelly and her advisor, Hailee Steinfeld. They away Team Kelly’s first pairing, Brynn Cartelli vs Dylan Hartigan. Kelly has given them the song …Ready for It? by Taylor Swift. Hailee says Brynn is the real deal, you can just feel her presence and energy. Dylan has the swagger and she loves it. Kelly gives Dylan tips on styling on notes. Kelly advises Brynn on stance to ensure her vocals don’t seem strained.


Kelly gets a look at Brynn and Dylan’s stage rehearsal. She thinks Dylan came in more solid than he did in rehearsals. Kelly says these two did their homework, they are nailing it and she thinks either can take this battle.


Brynn and Dylan have taken the stage and performed …Ready for It? by Taylor Swift. The crowd is pumped up from that performance. Alicia says that voice inside of Brynn is crazy and Dylan has all kinds of swag. Adam says Brynn is a star and Dylan’s energy is so infectious. Adam would go with Brynn.


Blake says Dylan is like one of the dude’s from Grease. Blake thinks Dylan is a really good singer and Brynn doesn’t sound like anyone else and she has a lot of power and energy and she’s a star.


Kelly says Dylan does have a really solid voice and there’s this old soul, really cool vibe about Brynn. The winner of the battle is…Brynn.


Carson reminds the coaches that Dylan is available to steal. He thanks Kelly for working with him and it’s been a pleasure. Dylan heads off stage and Blake hits his button. Dylan will be joining Team Blake.


Let’s take a look at Team Blake and his advisor, Trace Adkins. They are waiting for Blake’s first pairing of Jesslee vs Kyla Jade. Blake has given them the song One Last Time by Ariana Grande. Blake tells Kyla that she’s not background anymore and Trace tells her to hit the song full voice. Trace says Jesslee is just powerful.


Jesslee and Kyla step on stage to perform One Last Time by Ariana Grande. Kelly gets out of her seat to dance as they perform. Kelly says she loved that. Kelly loves that Kyla makes it look effortless. Adam says he was thinking the same thing. Kelly says Jesslee is amazing, she is phenomenal. Kelly is a fan of Kyla.


Alicia says that was a beautiful testament what Jesslee just did and she did an incredible job. Alicia says Kyla needs to work on not closing down her greatness and she did a beautiful job.


Blake says says Jesslee had a grip on the song and that’s what Kyla needed to figure out for herself. He says they were both incredible. The winner of this battle is…Kyla.


For Team Adam, he brought in advisor Julia Michaels. Adam chose to pair Rayshun Lamarr and Tish Haynes Keys. Adam is giving them the song Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Adam says the harmonies in this song are crazy. Adam advises Rayshun not to try and outdo Tish, just be himself. Adam says this will be one of the best battles. Julie says they are both incredible.


Adam is heading to Tish and Rayshun’s stage rehearsal. Adam advises them to keep the magic. He also tells them to keep the energy and original intent of it. Adam says this is the dumbest and smartest decision he’s ever made because they are going to blow everyone away.


Rayshun and Tish are now stage performing Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Adam stands through most of the performance. Adam says that moment that just happened couldn’t have happened if they both weren’t together.


Kelly says their range is in the stratosphere. If she had to pick, then she’d pick Tish, but she’d love them both on her team. Blake says it was equal and Tish is such a phenomenon but Rayshun stepped up. Alicia says this sucks. She says Rayshun’s voice is really special and fresh. Alicia says there was a moment in the earlier parts that was tender for Tish.


Adam says this song was in Tish’s range but Rayshun really stepped up and showed who he was. Adam is choosing the winner as…Rayshun.


Tish is up for grabs and she thanks Adam for turning for her, and Kelly, and she thanks Adam for the advice. Kelly hits her button and steals Tish. Tish is now on Team Kelly.


Next we have Shana Halligan and Christiana Danielle from Team Alicia. Alicia has given them the song Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Alicia gives the band some tips and then advises Shana and Christiana on arrangement tips. Shawn says Christiana has an incredible tone and he couldn’t look away from her. Shawn says Shana has one of the most unique voices he’s ever heard in his life.


Alicia is now with them at the stage rehearsal for Shana and Christiana. Alicia says Christiana added more of herself and Shana continues to bend and change the melody. Alicia says this is going to be a really hard choice.


Shana and Christiana take the stage and perform Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Alicia gets on her feet as they finish. Adam says there’s something about Christiana that draws him in to what she does. Adam says Shana is a very unique singer. Adam would pick Christiana.


Kelly says you don’t get those types of performances at award shows. Kelly says Shana is mythological and Christiana is Nefertiti-like. Blake says that performance was very equal and they were different in their approach. Blake would pick Shana because she cast a spell on him.


Alicia loves this version of that song and she loved they could deconstruct it and take it to another place. She loves the battle rounds because you can be creative. Alicia picks as her winner…Christiana.


Let’s meet Kelly’s final pairing of the night, Jackie Foster vs D.R. King. Kelly has given them the song Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Hailee says they were absolutely incredible and when they had their solo parts they made it their own. Kelly gives them both tips on building the song and notes. Hailee says what they did with this song is absolutely amazing.


Kelly is with Jackie and D.R. at their stage rehearsal. Kelly says D.R. has incredible range and Jackie took her by surprise. Kelly says they are nailing the harmonies. She says it’s a toss-up because they are both so talented.


Jackie and D.R. take the stage and perform Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Kelly is on her feet very quickly. The crowd and all four coaches are on their feet. Alicia says that was her favorite battle today. Alicia says D.R. is a total stunner and Jackie has a gorgeous roundness to her voice.


Adam says that was a special, special thing and they are both just that good. Adam says he couldn’t take his eyes off Jackie, and no disrespect to D.R., but Jackie was a revelation. Blake says there’s so much pressure in these battles and the confidence they have goes a long way. Blake agrees with Adam that Jackie is the discovery for him.


Kelly says she loves both of them. Kelly says when D.R. hits those notes it’s effortless. But then Jackie comes in and Kelly says she’s so screwed. Kelly chooses the winner as…D.R. King.


Jackie is available to steal and Adam hits his button, with Blake and Alicia right behind. It’s a triple steal. Adam says he thinks they can win this thing and it’s a definitive moment for this season. Adam knows how to win this show with her.


Alicia says she didn’t compete with D.R., she stood on her own and Alicia turned in the blinds for her too and this is a chance for her to make it right. Blake says he loves Jackie and it was about this point in the show when a little girl named Chloe last year took a chance and picked him and they won the show.


Jackie now gets to pick her new coach. She says this is such a hard decision and she picks…Adam. Jackie now joins Team Adam.    

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Tonight, the most exciting rounds of battles yet continues. Helping prepare the artists will be some of the biggest names in music: Hailee Steinfeld, Julia Michaels, Trace Adkins, and Shawn Mendes. The challenges will be greater, the training more intense, and the performances some of the greatest our coaches have ever seen. Get ready America, the epic season 14 battles continue right now!


Going head to head from Team Kelly is Amber Sauer and Jorge Eduardo. Kelly paired them because they are her two most passionate ones. Kelly has given them the song Starving by Hailee Steinfeld. Hailee says they have a certain chemistry and that’s awesome. Hailee gives staging tips. Kelly says Amber has sass for day and Jorge has a killer voice.


Kelly says she has paired two very compelling artists and she’s hoping one just knocks it out of the park and stands out. Amber and Jorge take the stage to perform and the crowd seems to enjoy it. Jorge is playing the guitar. Alicia says she loved their energy and it was cool to see Jorge with the guitar. Alicia would go with Jorge.


Adam says they couldn’t be more different. Adam says Amber is a fantastic singer and Jorge playing and singing and doing a duet is so diverse and he thinks he’ll go far in the competition. Adam would go with Jorge. Blake says Amber has an incredible voice and he thought she was having the most fun and he’d go with Amber.


Kelly says this was her dumbest move by far. Kelly says Amber rose to the challenge of singing in Spanish and Jorge playing the guitar, and playing well, was impressive. Kelly has chosen the winner as…Jorge.


Adam’s first pairing is Davison vs Reid Umstattd. Adam has given them the song Love On the Brain by Rihanna. Adam says they are both amazing and he’s thinking of them like a Blues Brothers or R&B duo. Julie tells them to sing it like they are singing it to someone. Julie says she loved Reid, she was super impressed he could switch from full voice to falsetto, but Davison you could tell he was feeling everything he was singing because of his emotions.


During their stage rehearsal, Adam takes their microphone stands and tells them they are too stiff and that they need to sing to the audience. Davison and Reid take the stage to perform for the audience and they get a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges.


Blake says Reid dipped into his falsetto and came out of it and it made him go woah! He says Davison was so good and every time he thought Reid was taking it, Davison would come back with a run. Blake says it’s even, but he’d probably go with Davison, but Reid shocked him. Kelly says Davison had some crazy runs and Reid’s intensity was surprising.


Kelly says Davison’s runs are like warm biscuits on a Sunday and Reid’s favorite part of that song was so intense and it bites quietly. Kelly could not choose a winner. Alicia says that song totally fit Reid’s vibe and Davison just owned it and flowed with it. Alicia couldn’t pick a winner either.


Adam says Reid had incredible confidence and some of that could rub off on Davison and some of Davison’s passion and fire when singing could rub off on Reid. Adam is going to go with the person who surprises him every time he sings, and the winner is…Reid.


As the night continued one, the coaches were faced with more tough decisions. We see Team Blake’s pairing of Bransen Ireland vs Jaron Strom performing Head Over Boots by Jon Pardi and Blake says the song was more in Bransen’s zone, but Jaron had the ability to step up to the plate and he appreciates that kind of work ethic. The winner of that battle was Jaron.


We then see Team Alicia’s pairing of Johnny Blizz vs Megan Lee singing Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars and Alicia says Johnny has a phenomenal voice and a huge personality and Johnny was named the winner of the battle.


Next is Team Kelly’s pairing of Jamella vs Teana Boston singing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles. Kelly says she has to realize in the Knock-outs who can hold their ground against the others on her team and the winner is Jamella.


Time to check in with Team Alicia and her advisor Shawn Mendes and her first pairing of Jordyn Simone vs Kelsea Johnson. Alicia gave them the song Don’t Let Go by En Vogue. Alicia says these two seem similar until you listen to their voices and see how different they are. Shawn says Jordyn had a confidence, like a full grown woman came out of her which is impressive. As soon as Kelsea started singing, Shawn was like who is this girl? Shawn says Kelsea needs to be a mega star. He thinks they are both so good, they could be the best performance of the night.


Alicia changed a few staging things at their stage rehearsal and she says the rehearsal is excellent, but Kelsea’s voice is sore and she could lose her voice. Jordyn and Kelsea take the stage to perform for the audience and the coaches. They get an ovation from the crowd and Adam.


Adam says when he hears Kelsea, he hears a lot of Alicia. Jordyn’s power is incredible and he’d probably go with Jordyn, but they are both phenomenal. Blake feels they were evenly matched. Blake says Kelsea has a scratchy, sultry tone and that’s who he’d pick.


Kelly says they are both young and for Kelsea to have that tone is insane, and Jordyn’s power is wow. Kelly might go with Kelsea, but they are both rad. Alicia was really impressed with Jordyn’s performance, she felt like she gave it all. Alicia says he knows Kelsea is dealing with what goes with singing long hours, but she handled it with tremendous grace. Alicia is choosing the winner and she selects…Kelsea.


Jordyn thanks Alicia for all of her support and Adam hits his button. Kelly hits her button a moment later. Adam says he paved the way. Some lead others follow. Adam says he said decisively before Alicia chose that he’d go with her. Kelly says she only had one steal left and she chooses her for that. Kelly says even if she doesn’t pick her she will steal her later. Adam and Kelly get into a squabble over Jordyn and Carson says it’s time for her to pick her coach. Jordyn picks…Adam. Jordyn joins Team Adam!

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Tonight, week 2 of the battles begins. Helping to create some of the greatest battles in Voice history will be, Shawn Mendes, Julia Michaels, Trace Adkins, and Hailee Steinfeld. With the Knock-outs looming, every decision will be impactful, and every steal will be crucial. The battles continue right now!


Tonight’s first battle pairing will be from Team Blake, Kaleb Lee vs Pryor Baird. Blake gave them the song Don’t Do Me Like That by Tom Petty. Trace says Pryor has a voice that gets your attention and Blake says Kaleb is a great country vocalist. Blake gives Kaleb notes on phrasing and gives notes to Pryor tips on breath control and scaling back to let it build. Trace says they are doing it like a duet and it’s cool and to go out and do this song like a tribute.


Blake says being able to go into rehearsals and see what’s happening is helpful so they can see what’s going on and give them a little edge before the battle. Blake says they really took his notes and they are doing great. Blake says Kaleb and Pryor are blowing his mind because something has built up inside of them and now it’s all coming out.


Kaleb and Pryor take the stage to perform Don’t Do Me Like That by Tom Petty and both gentlemen are playing guitars. Kelly says that was real good and they both have such cool tones. Kelly says it was an evenly matched battle. Alicia says that was such fun and they both had a vibrant energy. Alicia would go with Kaleb. Adam says Pryor is a beastly man, but Kaleb has a certain subtleness to what he does.


Blake says both Pryor and Kaleb have put music to the side and it’s shocking because of how talented they are. Blake says Kaleb stepped up to it and Pryor came out here and he is for real and he brought again. Blake says this is the suckiest part of this job for him. The winner of the battle is…Pryor.


Kaleb tells Blake he’s so grateful and thankful the opportunity. As he starts to walk off, Kelly hits her button. Kaleb is joining Team Kelly.


The next battle pairing is from Team Adam, Mia Boostrom vs Genesis Diaz. Adam has given them the song Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. Julia liked Mia’s deep tone which you don’t hear too often. Adam says Genesis can pierce through a band, she has a very strong tone. Adam tells them to sing back and forth because it’s important for him to hear each of them. Julia says they both have really intense, soulful vibratos and that’s very unique. Julia tells them to figure out a way to make it their own and put themselves in it.


At rehearsals, Adam says there are always variables that can happen and they both have to do the best they can to get past them and put their best on the stage. Adam says this will come down to confidence and who breaks through on the song. He thinks Kelly will love it.


Mia and Genesis take the stage to perform Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. Blake says they are both great singers and hearing them perform that song made him realize how hard that song was. Blake would pick Mia as the winner. Alicia says Mia is more earthy and Mia is a lioness and she thinks the song better suited Mia. Kelly loved hearing the song and she says Genesis is a piston and she’s ready for Pat Benatar. She also felt the song was better suited for Mia and she had some low ends that she would die for.


Adam says he loved how almost out of control Genesis was, where Mia has control and excellence when it comes to technical singing. What they both have, he loves and it makes this decision difficult. Adam is thinking hard and says the winner…of this battle…is Mia.


Next, we have Team Kelly’s pairing of Justin Kilgore vs Molly Stevens. Kelly gave them the song of Burning House by Cam. Hailee says Molly’s voice was so captivating. It had the ability to make you hold on to every word she sang. Kelly says Justin is an old school country voice she loves, but he’s also go this R&B thing too. Kelly says there are not country males doing what Justin can do with his voice. Kelly tells Molly to not get too introspective, but to look out at the audience or Justin.


At rehearsals, Kelly says the winner needs to connect to the song. She wants Justin and Molly to be believable. Kelly advises them not to be too rigid. Kelly says this song is about the body language and owning it while they are performing.


Justin and Molly take the stage to sing Burning House by Cam. Alicia says there was a real tenderness between them that was beautiful. Alicia says this is a tough one for her, but she’d probably pick Molly. Adam says he appreciates they made him feel something, it was a nice moment. Adam says he would probably go with Justin, but no one sings like Molly.


Blake says he turned his chair for both of them. Blake says Justin’s voice probably fit better with the song and with Molly it’s odd to hear her go soft to hard. He was impressed by that and he would go with Molly. Kelly says their voices are very different, but they are both so emotional. Kelly says Molly has this Melissa Etheridge greatness to her and Justin is an untapped well with something waiting to come out. Kelly is having difficulty choosing the winner, but she goes with…Justin.


Our next pairing is Miya Bass vs Drew Cole from Team Adam. Adam has given them the song Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. Adam says Drew has a voice that can be on the radio now or 40 years ago, he has a timeless voice. Julia says what makes Miya special is her range because it’s really cool she can go from the very bottom of her range to the very top. Adam wants to change the arrangement a little and he says Axl Rose gave his version a lot of pizazz.


Julie says for Drew and Miya, it’s going to take them both to make this song as unique as possible. Julie says it’s nice they both have their own identities in the song and this is going to be a tough one for Adam. At rehearsals, Adam says this is a song that’s going to boil down to the performance and the urgency of it. Adam says there has been more growth in this duo than any other. Adam gives some final advice on note selection and control.


Drew and Miya take the stage to sing Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. Blake says that didn’t feel like a battle but a Grammy performance. Blake says that was an obvious choice for Drew and Miya was creative with it, but still honored the original. He would probably go with Miya. Kelly says Drew has a voice that has a story teller vibe and the freedom that Miya performs with is amazing. Kelly regrets not turning for Miya in the blinds.


Alicia says it was fantastic to see two different interpretations of the same song. Alicia says that song was in Drew’s wheelhouse and Miya made that her own. Alicia says it doesn’t matter what she thinks, all that matters is what Adam thinks. Adam says the two of them encapsulate everything he loves about music. Adam congratulates them on making this a special moment and making him proud. They both did an 11 out of 10 and he’s going to choose as the winner…Drew.


Miya thanks Adam it was thanks to him she made it this far and she thanks everyone. Alicia hits her button. Cason says Miya is stunned. Alicia says she was waiting and waiting and here she comes. Alicia can’t wait to explore things that are unexpected. Miya is joining Team Alicia!


Time to meet Blake’s battle pairing of Jordan Kirkdorffer vs Wilkes. Blake has given them the song Nobody to Blame by Chris Stapleton. Blake tells Jordan to own the song with his sound and be him. Trace says Wilkes has been doing this awhile and he has a lot of confidence. Blake says this is in Wilkes wheelhouse, but he tells him not to get too comfortable with it.


Trace says sometimes it’s the right time for things to happen like Chris Stapleton. Trace says Wilkes is very conversational and that’s something you can’t teach people. He says Jordan has a really good range and control and he thinks this will be the toughest call for Blake because there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner between the two. At rehearsals, Blake says Wilkes is in his wheelhouse, but Jordan has taken extra steps to make this fit in his lane. Blake this is going to be a tough decision and one of the other coaches could steal one of his better artists.


Jordan and Wilkes take the stage to perform Nobody to Blame by Chris Stapleton and Wilkes plays the guitar. Kelly says Jordan’s style is so on point and Wilkes has a cool vibe. If she had to pick one, she doesn’t know. Alicia says that was really electric and she loved Jordan’s energy and Wilkes is a little more husky and raw. Alicia would choose Wilkes.


Adam tells Jordan that Wilkes is one of his favorites and he’s a huge fan of him, but Jordan is a fantastic singer. Blake says they worked their butts off on that and did a great job. Blake says Jordan took every note that was given to him and he nailed it and he has a great energy. Blake says Wilkes has an energy to him to, just in a different way. They both delivered a perfect performance. Blake says he just has to make a gut decision and the winner of this battle is…Wilkes.


Our final battle of the night is from Team Alicia, Britton Buchanan vs Jaclyn Lovey. Alicia has given them the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Alicia gives tips on phrasing and Shawn says Jaclyn did a couple of falsetto breaks and they were nice and she should let them shine. Shawn says she has a beautiful tone. Shawn tells Britton to smile because it will help him calm down. Alicia says Britton can push himself and reach notes he thinks he can’t reach.


At rehearsals, Alicia says Jaclyn seems comfortable and she’s owning it and Britton sounds great too and they complement each other because they are different. She’s going to make this decision based on who makes this song their own and who’s ready for the next step.


Britton and Jaclyn take the stage to sing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Adam says he blames Blake for not getting a shot at Britton in the blinds, and Jaclyn is a revelation to him. Blake says both of their performances and stage presence is timeless. Kelly thinks Britton is an insane vocalist, but she thinks they are underestimating Jaclyn. Kelly says if she had a steal, she’d be stealing Jaclyn if she were up for grabs.


Alicia says she is so proud of them. She says Britton has such a lived in voice and that’s something that is so powerful and she was far better than he was in rehearsal. Alicia says she is a fan of Jaclyn’s voice and she makes people feel there is a sweetness in the world. The winner of this battle…is Britton.


Jaclyn thanks Alicia and says she taught her so many things and she’s just thankful for the opportunity. Blake hits his button to steal. Blake says she reminds him of a young Cher. Jaclyn has now joined Team Blake!

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Tonight, the final battles will be fought. The toughest decisions will be made. And one last artist will be stolen. Before the artists take the stage, they’ll get coaching from some of the best in the business. They will create some of the best battles of the season. The biggest and most exciting round of the battles yet…concludes tonight!


Let’s meet Adam’s first battle pairing of the night, Stephanie Skipper vs Jackie Verna. Adam has given them the song These Dreams by Heart. Julie loves Jackie’s twang she had in her voice, and Stephanie when she hit the high notes it was almost like Celine Dion.


At their stage rehearsal, Adam notes how hard Stephanie and Jackie worked. He’s pretty blown away and he says it’s cool to see people grow in front of your eyes.


Stephanie and Jackie take the stage to perform These Dreams by Heart. Blake congratulates them and he felt like that song didn’t fit in either of their wheelhouses, but because of that they each got to take a moment to showcase what they can do. Blake says it was even, but if he had to choose he’d go with Jackie. Kelly says she felt like the both captured country via Heart. Kelly says she’d probably pick Stephanie, but she thinks both singers are pretty fantastic.


Alicia says she loves that song and Stephanie has more of an awareness of who she is and Jackie has raw, untapped talent that’s ready to evolve. Adam says this song was a huge challenge and they both did a fantastic job. Adam says the growth he seen in Jackie was astounding, but they are both incredible singers and that was an amazing duet. Adam says sometimes this boils down to a feeling and the winner of this battle is…Jackie.


It’s time to meet our next artist’s, Livia Faith vs Terrence Cunningham. Alicia has given them the song Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Alicia asks Terrence how he feels about playing the song. Shawn says the second Terrence’s hands touched the piano his vocals opened up because he felt calmer. Shawn says the creativity level with those two is through the roof and there is going to be a beautiful connection to happen on stage.


Alicia says Livia and Terrence really worked on this piece and it’s really a beautiful moment. She says she’s in a reverie right now and this is going to be a really hard choice for her. It’s going to be about what gives her the chills.


Livia and Terrence take the stage to perform Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Adam says Terrence is a ridiculous musician and an incredible singer and Livia came out and surprised everyone because she held her own. Adam says she’s a diamond in the rough. Kelly says Livia has a story teller kind of voice and she thinks Terrence was so respectful during the performance and they did a good job together as a team.


Blake says he didn’t even feel like he was at the Voice. They worked so hard on creating a moment together, it was hard to separate the two of them. Alicia says they are both complete individuals. She says Livia revealed herself in that battle and was really impressive. Alicia says Terrence draws people in in a quiet way that’s really powerful. Alicia has to decide the winner and she says it’s the most difficult battle to choose from. The winner of this battle is…Terrence.


As the night went on, the battles continued to impress our coaches. We see Angel Bonilla vs Gary Edwards from Team Adam who sang When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Adam says Gary went above and beyond and he’s the winner of the battle.


Next, we see Austin Giorgio vs Brett Hunter from Team Blake and they perform Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul. Blake thanked them both working so hard and it came down to which one of these two could move forward and not let the pressure get to them. The winner of this battle is Austin.


From Team Kelly, Alexa Capelli WAS paired with Hannah Goebel, but unfortunately Hannah Goebel had to leave for personal reasons so Alexa performed the song Pray by Sam Smith solo.


The final battle pairing of the season from Team Blake is Dallas Caroline vs Spensha Baker. Blake has given them the song I Could Use a Love Song by Maren Morris. Blake says Dallas is a very accurate vocalist. Trace says of all the performances he saw, Spensha was his favorite. Trace says some of the things Spensha did at the end made him smile. Trace tells them on the verses to maybe be a touch behind the beat.


#VOICE Dallas and Spensha take the stage and sing I Could Use a Love Song by Maren Morris. Kelly says Dallas is a tiny little package with a huge voice and all she needs is confidence and Spensha has an undeniable, huge presence. Kelly would go with Spensha if she had to pick. Alicia says she could sense nerve from Dallas, but she did her thing and Spensha has unlimited abilities and that was so special. Alicia might go with Dallas.


Adam says Dallas an untapped potential and that’s hard to not want to discover. Adam says Spensha has a chameleon aspect which is really special and they are both fantastic. Blake says Dallas is a great singer and she stepped up to the plate. Blake says Spensha has the opportunity to blow the minds of Nashville and turn the country music industry on it’s ear. Blake says there isn’t a clear winner. Blake has to choose a winner and the winner is…Spensha.


Carson reminds them Dallas is available to steal and before Dallas gets a chance to talk to Blake, Alicia hits her button. Alicia says she sees something special in her and she can help her explore what she wants to say. Dallas has joined Team Alicia!


Next week, the Knock-out rounds are about to change the game because each coach can now keep one artist from leaving their team with…The Save!

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Tonight, for the first time ever, our coaches will call on four Voice champions to help their teams prepare for the most crucial and competitive Knock-Outs yet. Kelly Clarkson brought back Cassadee Pope, Adam Levine has Jordan Smith, Alicia Keys has Chris Blue, and Blake Shelton brought in his latest champion, Chloe Kohanski. Our advisors know the importance of choosing the right song, they know what it takes to face their own teammate, and how a second chance can change everything.


In a new twist to the Knock-Outs we’ve added the Save which gives each coach one chance to keep a deserving artist on their team. But with the steals in play, the artist can go with a different coach. America get ready for the Knock-outs.


Let’s check in with Team Blake and his advisor, Chloe Kohanski. Blake paired Jaclyn Lovey and Kyla Jade because they are both equally powerful in their own ways. Kyla has chosen the song You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore. Chloe says Kyla is a tiger of a woman. Everything she did was so intentional and there is such a large presence in her voice. Blake says she needs to figure out what she’s going to do with the ending.


Jaclyn has chosen the song Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae. Blake says she’s really afraid to let it fly and it’s keeping her in a box almost. Blake says she has to be believe she’s a great singer. Chloe says she has a beautiful voice, it’s jazzy, yet modern. Blake says this Knock-Out round will come down to whoever has the most confidence and Kyla has to step into the role of being front and center and Jaclyn has to shake her nerves off.


Jaclyn takes the stage first and Kelly says she likes her. Adam says it’s amazing and Alicia agrees. Kyla steps up to perform and Kelly notes Kyla has her hands on her hips. They get an ovation from all four judges. Adam says there has be no stranger pairing in the history of the Voice. Adam says Jaclyn is the sweetest most beautiful and Kyla was incredible.


Kelly says she loves that song that Kyla performed and she’ll be singing in her shower tonight. Kelly says Jaclyn has a great head voice. Alicia loved how Jaclyn just performed and Kyla says they just all died. Carson turns to Blake and Blake says the song Jaclyn chose allowed him to learn something about her and her voice is so good. Blake says he feels like Kyla is beginning to own the stage.


Carson asks for the winner. Blake says he appreciates them both and the winner of this Knock-Out is…Kyla. Jaclyn thanks Blake and she’s appreciative of working with two incredible coaches. Blake says Kyla won because she made them feel something.


Time to look at Team Kelly and her advisor, Cassadee Pope. Kelly has paired Justin Kilgore with Kaleb Lee because they are her two country people and she’s thinking of strategy. Justin is going to sing Shameless by Billy Joel in the style of Garth Brooks. Cassadee says there is this awesomeness to his voice that is kind of scratchy, but when he’s singing in his high register she felt he was struggling. Cassadee says she felt he was captivating but was pushing and he just needs confidence.


Kaleb Lee has decided to perform Free by Zac Brown Band. Cassadee says those big notes were so tasteful and Kelly says she wants one more money spot. Cassadee says this Knock-Out will be really tough and she hopes Justin settles his nerves and Kaleb is a true artist. She says there is a lane for both of them in country music and she’ll bring them on tour if they want.


Kaleb takes the stage first to perform with his guitar. Adam says he likes it. Blake looks at Kelly and says wow. Justin then steps up to perform. Alicia says Justin showed more of his range and Kaleb continues to show he’s a force to be reckoned with.


Adam says they are choosing their own songs so they are putting themselves out there. Adam says he was trying to figure out who Justin was and Kaleb is the real deal, there is something purely country about him. Blake says he’s going to come to Justin’s defense because he did the Garth Brooks version of that song and it’s kind of an intense. Blake says at the same time he was lost somewhere in the middle of both versions and he thinks nerves got to him. Blake says his biggest regret this season was letting him go, especially now after seeing him perform like that.


Kelly says she is a fan of Justin’s voice and he’s been working on his nerves and he was less nervous this time. Kelly says she looked at Blake and he’s stupid for letting Kaleb go. Kelly says based on the Knock-Out performance, the winner is…Kaleb. Kelly apologizes and Justin says he had an incredible experience and he’s honored just to have been picked for her team.


Let’s check out Team Adam and his advisor, Jordan Smith. Adam has paired Jackie Foster and Mia Boostrom and he thinks this will be his toughest decision. Jackie has chosen the song Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. Adam says the quiet parts of the song are the hard parts and Jordan says he thinks it’s going to be important for her not to give away all the power of her voice the entire song. Jordan would like to see her show he has two sides to her voice, the tender and beautiful and the belting and powerful side.


Mia has decided to sing Wade in the Water by Eva Cassidy. Jordan says Mia brought out the soul of someone much older than she is. Adam says Mia was a one-chair turn and the other coaches are not going to believe they slept on this one. Adam advises her to go big at the end and Jordan tells her to commit to everything she is doing.


Jackie steps up first to perform. The judges seemed to enjoy her performance. Mia steps up to sing next. Adam is on his feet before Mia finishes. Blake tells them great job. Blake says Jackie is as good as it gets and Mia is the surprise and that performance was brilliant and he’d go with Mia. Kelly says Jackie has this crazy range and Mia is a dark horse for her and she doesn’t think Adam can go long, but she’d go with Jackie.


Alicia says Jackie’s voice got stronger and strong and the places she can go with her voice is very fresh and Mia, it was exciting to hear a warm passionate voice. Alicia would pick Jackie. Adam says Mia was going to be the big surprise and Jackie did an incredible job with that song and he truly believes this is a tie because they are both talented enough to be in the finale. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Mia.


Kelly immediately hits her button to steal Jackie and Adam hits his save button. Kelly says Jackie should come back home to her team. Blake then hits his button to steal. Adam says they are just messing with him and Jackie told him she thought he could help her with rock and roll music. Kelly knew one of them was going to get stolen and Adam is a great coach, but home is nice.


Blake says Adam was faced with which one of the two was he unwilling to walk away and risk the other and that’s what happened. Blake says out of the three coaches that pushed their button, he is the only one that hasn’t kicked her out of the house and he’s the guy that wants to take her to the live shows. Alicia then hits her button. Adam is shaking his head and tells her not to make the wrong decision.


Alicia says she didn’t want to be left out because this is so exciting. Alicia says when Blake used the line he never kicked her out, well she didn’t either and she turned for her in the blinds and she tried to steal at the battles. Carson says this is an incredible moment for Jackie and who does she choose as her coach. Jackie hesitates…the coach that she picks…is Alicia! Jackie has joined Team Alicia.


Let’s meet Blake’s next Knock-Out pairing, Austin Giorgio and Spensha Baker. He paired them because they both are very specific in knowing what they want to do. Austin has opted to sing Almost Like Being in Love by Nat King Cole. Chloe says his voice is so rich and smooth, like caramel. Chloe advises him to not sing the song like anyone else, it’s his song. Chloe says he has an incredible gift and embodies the spirit of the people he looks up to and that’s so cool.


Spensha is going to perform Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton. Blake thinks this is a great song choice for Spensha. Blake says she’s quick to fall off of notes and advises her to hold out a bit longer. Chloe says it has to be a wave of a dynamic and the last one should be at a 10. Chloe says both Spensha and Austin are unique and you never know what can happen in a pairing like this.


Austin performs first. He plays to the crowd and they love it. Blake looks at Kelly after Austin finishes and says what am I going to do here? Spensha steps up to perform next. Kelly says that was so good, that soulful vibe and that country thing, she can’t wait to buy Spensha’s album. Kelly says she loves Austin’s confidence.


Alicia appreciates how Austin uses the stage and talks to the audience, and Spensha getting emotional is very telling how she feels about this moment in her life. She’d go with Spensha. Adam says Austin is so pure in his intention, but he’d like to see a bad boy side, something to make them wonder what he’s up to. Adam says there is so much undiscovered in Spensha and with Blake as her coach it’s an explosive combination.


Blake says we’re down to the best of the best and this is a tough one for him. Blake says Austin has a passion for entertaining and Spensha has a connection with a song. Blake says stylistically he is a fan of both of them, but the winner of this Knock-Out is…Spensha.


Carson gives Austin a chance to speak to his coach and Austin thanks Blake for his time and consideration and he’s really like what people say behind closed doors. Blake says he’s one of a kind and he’s not letting him go and hits his Save button. Carson says Austin, your coach just used his one and only save on him and Austin thanks him so much.


It’s time for our first look at Team Alicia and her advisor, Chris Blue. Alicia has paired Johnny Bliss and Miya Bass because they both have big voices and big personalities. Johnny has decided to sing Alive by Sia. Chris says Johnny had this nice soft texture to his voice and he immediately became drawn in to his story. Chris tells Johnny he should be so lost in the song, in the story, he should be barely breathing.


Miya has selected the song Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. Chris says when she hits the line I’m on my way, she needs to go there. Chris says Miya attacks the stage with love and joy and she may come out on top. Chris says Johnny needs to remind himself of why he’s there and what he’s been through.


Johnny takes the stage to perform first. The coaches seemed to enjoy the performance. Miya takes the stage to perform. Adam says Johnny Bliss has a dynamic voice and he’s amazing. Adam says the song might have presented Miya some problems but he’s always rooting for her. Blake says Johnny stayed on point, especially with that song. Blake would like to see Johnny get back to the fun stuff. Blake agrees with Adam about Miya and he’d give this one to Johnny.


Kelly says she wishes Miya would have gone somewhere different because of her voice and it’s potential. Kelly says Johnny was cool and she liked him doing something serious. Alicia says Miya’s runs are beautiful and this song put her in another space and Johnny poured everything into that performance and it was so emotional. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Johnny Bliss.


We go back to Team Adam and his advisor Jordan for the pairing of Drew Cole and Jackie Verna. Adam says they are very different, but this is a battle for who has the most potential going forward. Drew is going to sing Slow Hands by Niall Horan. Adam says he has a beautiful old school feeling to his voice combined with modern ideas. Jordan says the Knock-Outs are a really important week and you have to have a certain swag with this song. Jordan loves his voice but he has to find moments where he really shines.


Jackie is going to perform American Honey by Lady Antebellum. Adam says Jackie’s voice is unknown potential. Jordan advises her to make sure the lower notes are really supported. Jordan says Jackie has the sweetest voice and it’s important for her to stay in the story and pull the audience in with her. Adam says Jackie gets more confident every day.


Drew steps up first with his guitar to sing first. Jackie performs next. Blake says it’s good to see artists get on the stage and realize what this moment is and this is pretty evenly matched. Blake says Drew has things about his style that makes him think Adam might be leaning towards him, but Jackie is a country artist and Adam has a weird fetish about beating him with a country artist.


Kelly says Drew has a really cool voice and Jackie has a quality that is pure and angelic and she has a huge voice. Alicia thinks Drew’s voice is really special and Jackie has a pure tone and at the end she got really powerful too, which is cool.


Adam says he loves them both very much and they both made great strides. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Jackie. Drew is available to save or steal and Adam hits his save. Blake hits his steal button. Blake says Drew is an incredible vocalist and musician and a true artist. Blake says this is the second time he has hit button for Drew and he has never turned his back on him.


Adam says he’s pushed his button twice, and if they want to have a button pushing contest, it’s a dead tie. Adam says he’s one of his favorites on his team. Carson says it’s up to Drew…who does he pick as his coach. Drew says he’s been conflicted with this decision before…this is crazy…but he’s a loyal man…he picks Adam…again!

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Tonight, it takes a champion to make a champion. Chloe Kohanski, Chris Blue, Jordan Smith, and Cassadee Pope will help the teams create some of the most memorable knock-out performances of the season. Leaving one coach looking to save an artist, while our other coaches hope to steal. The biggest round of Knock-Outs yet continues…right now!


Let’s look at Team Kelly’s first pairing of the night, Brynn Cartelli and Jamella. Brynn is going to sing Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts. Cassadee says she was completely blown away by Brynn, she put her heart and soul into the lyrics. Kelly says every time Brynn opens her mouth she is floored. Cassadee says Brynn’s tone is great but advises her to work on the last goodbye.


Jamella has chosen the song Girl Crush by Little Big Town. Cassadee says the song choice is really bold and what Jamella did with it is really special. Kelly tells Jamella to make sure there are big notes in there because she’s trying to get to the next level in the competition. Kelly says this is going to be really tough, maybe she’ll use her save on this one.


Brynn is up first. Adam and Alicia look impressed and Kelly gives a standing ovation as Brynn finishes. Brynn steps up to perform. Jamella also gets an ovation from Kelly Clarkson. Alicia says Jamella really has a style about her, a flow and a vibe that’s really cool. Alicia says Brynn continues to impress and she has a maturity beyond her years. They both did a beautiful job.


Adam says for Brynn to be as good as she is at her age is remarkable. Adam says Jamella, it’s a tough one, he’d have to go with Brynn, but they are both awesome, amazing, and they both did a great job. Blake says interesting song choices. Blake says Jamella took that song and put her spin on it which is notable and Brynn, the vibrato in her voice is one of the favorite things he’s heard this season, it’s awesome.


Kelly says Jamella really does bring more and more of her A game and she has such an emotional connection to the songs that you can’t teach people. Kelly says Brynn, she was so excited by the song choice and it was insane. She says they both did a great job. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Brynn.


Let’s check-in with Team Blake’s next pairing, Jaron Strom and Pryor Baird. Jaron is going to perform the song Grenade by Bruno Mars. Chloe says Jaron has stage charisma and movement and he knows exactly what he wants to do as an artist. Blake gives tips on his notes.


Pryor is going to sing Will It Go Round in Circles by Billy Preston. Blake is glad he chose this song because it shows where he wants to go at an artist. Chloe gives Pryor advice on how to have a moment and pull the audience in. Blake says the winner of this battle is going to come down to whoever owns the stage and puts their best foot forward, and gets the audience going.


Pryor is up first with his guitar.  Kelly and Alicia look at each other and nod their heads. As Pryor finishes, Kelly says the audience is going to start throwing bras or something. Jaron steps up next and the crowd seemed to enjoy his performances. Kelly says she loves Pryor’s tone and Jaron has a growl, and she digs him as well.


Alicia says she was just impressed that Pryor’s range was that diverse and it’s cool to embody that energy, and with Jaron maybe he was too concerned with getting the crowd brought in than the delivering the song. Adam says they are both talented, but he’d probably go with Pryor because he’s more ready.


Blake says Jaron likes to move around on stage and sometimes it feels like he’s trying to release some nervous energy. Blake says he knows it’s hard for Pryor not to start at the top of his range and him working on that, it really paid off this time. Blake says he hates this part of his job, but the winner is…Pryor.


We’re ready for Team Alicia’s first pairing of the night, Christiana Danielle and Terrence Cunningham. Christiana is going to sing Elastic Heart by Sia. Alicia says this is a cool song for her because it’s her first time not singing worship music. Chris says he felt like chocolate under a hot lamp, she has a way of sucking you in to every single word.


Terrence is going to perform Tell Me Something Good by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Alicia says Terrence has this mysterious, ethereal style and he needs to continue to show them who he is and evolve. Chris tells him when he was there he realized the nice guy had to go and Alicia pushed him. Chris says this Knock-Out is going to be a crazy fight and he can’t wait to watch it.


Christiana takes the stage first. Christiana is excited as she finishes and the crowd seemed to appreciate the performance. Terrence is up next and he’s behind the keyboard. As Terrence performs, Kelly gets out of her seat and says oh, my, God. Adam says so much to talk about, holy crap. Adam says Christiana was great since the blind auditions, but there’s still more and she’s going to be fantastic. Adam says he can’t believe what was going on with Terrence’s upper register and this decision is terrible and he’s glad he doesn’t have to make it.


Kelly says it was the perfect song, the style, how Terrence did it. It moved her. Kelly says Christiana is insane and the intensity in her eyes is so captivating and she thinks they are both equally talented. Blake says he’s a fan of Christiana’s and he thinks it was more of a challenge for her in the first verse and Terrence is pretty good.


Alicia says Christiana is so special and this song was done to express a part of her story and that’s what artist’s do. Alicia then says Terrence sang that in the original Chaka Khan key and that was wonderful. She says they are both magnificent and the winner is…Terrence.     


Christiana is available to steal and Alicia immediately hits her button to Save her and says there is no winner here. Kelly then hits her button to steal. Kelly says Alicia didn’t pick you! Carson says she can stay loyal and stay with Alicia or switch teams now to Kelly.


Kelly says she’s loved her in the blinds and she thinks she’s incredible. Kelly says she grew up in church too and she thinks it would be fun to experience new songs with her. Adam goes and slaps his button to steal as well. Blake stands up to watch and says this is about to get good.


Adam says he had to press so she knew that she was incredibly talented and she deserves all three of them to be fighting for her. Alicia says it would be devastating for her to lose Christiana and asks her to please stay. Carson says she can go back home or try a new team. Christiana says she picks…Alicia. Christiana remains on Team Alicia.

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Tonight, the final Knock-Outs will be fought and the most difficult decisions will lead to second chances. But with two other steals left in play besides Kelly’s save and steal, anything can happen. The biggest night of Knock-Outs starts now!


We start with Team Alicia and her advisor Chris Blue. Alicia has paired Britton Buchanan and Dallas Caroline. Britton is going to sing New York State of Mind by Billy Joel. Chris says Britton has a nice bluesy, soulful, out of this world swag. Britton tells Alicia he performs this in his shows and he plays piano so Alicia encourages him to play while he performs.


Dallas is going to sing Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. Chris gives Dallas a few tips on the last couple of lines. Chris says vocally he thinks Dallas has a lot, but she’s young and there’s a lot more exploring she’s got to do. But Britton has something nice he’s working with. Alicia says the winner of the Knock-Out will be the one that wows them the most.


Britton performs first at the keyboard. Adam says he loved that to Alicia at the end. Dallas is up next to perform. Adam says he couldn’t get Britton, but at least he wasn’t on Blake’s team. Adam says Dallas broke his heart also. He sees the progress in both of them, but he’d have to go with Britton.


Blake says there is something pure about Dallas’s tone and he thinks she did a great job. Blake says every time Britton gets on stage he has a style that’s undeniable. Blake says if he had to choose he’d have to give it to his girl, Dallas. Kelly says Britton is almost like a really soulful crooner, he has an almost old school rat pack type thing. Kelly says Britton is a story teller and if she could just reign in that pitch when she’s pitchy, she thinks she could be really cool and represent something almost Dolly like.


Alicia says Dallas did a beautiful job of listening to her tips. Alicia says Britton wanted to try something new and get more confident and he did that. She is proud of both of them. The winner of this knock-out is…Britton.


We’re going to check-in with Team Kelly and her advisor, Cassadee Pope. Kelly has put D.R. King with Tish Haynes Keys. D.R. has chosen the song (I Know) I’m Losing You by Rod Stewart. Cassadee says he’s a beast. Kelly gives tips on breath control.


Tish steps up and she has chosen to sing Lady Marmalade by LaBelle. Cassadee says being able to come back to The Voice is eye opening because they inspired her to get better because these two are so good. Kelly says she is 100% sure one of them will get stolen if she doesn’t pick them.


D.R. steps up first to perform. Tish is up in the background while D.R. performs and is dancing and clapping. Kelly is on her feet as he finishes and Blake says what in the world? Tish steps up to perform next. All the judges are on their feet when Tish finishes and crowd loved it. Alicia says first of all…this is crazy! She is speechless. She loves D.R. He took that song to a whole other space, he has a magnificient voice. And then Tish! She had sass and flow and it was amazing, she loved it.


Adam says D.R. took that Rod Stewart and he did a version that was different and in any other situation that would have been the illest thing he’s heard in his life, but then Tish comes along and ruins it. Adam says he loves Tish and he misses her. He thinks they are both beyond phenomenal and Kelly can’t go wrong. Blake says this is world class talent. He says D.R. every time he is on the stage he knows it will be exciting, but there’s Tish who comes in and it’s crazy.


Kelly says they both equally killed it and she would dream of having a performance like that. The winner of this Knock-Out is…D.R. King.


Kelly immediately hits her save button and Adam hits his button to steal. Carson says Tish is in a tough spot. Kelly says Tish was trying to show something different that she hasn’t been trying to do yet and she wants to be right there with her. Adam says Tish is one of the most fun, positive human beings and she really truly does have it all and he wants to push her to change it up. Carson says ok Tish, who’s your new coach. Tish says she loves Adam so much. Tish says she thinks she wants to take this to the top with her new coach. Tish remains on Team Kelly.


Time to take a look at Team Blake and his advisor, Chloe Kohanski. Blake has paired Dylan Hartigan vs Wilkes. Dylan is going to sing You Are the Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne. Blake advises Dylan to project the entire performance and let it fly. Chloe tells him to be direct with the eyes.


Wilkes is going to sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Chloe says Wilkes was soaring through those notes, he gave her chills and he’s making his own moment with that song. Blake says he likes to understand every lyric someone is singing so he advises him to make sure he does that. Blake says this is going to be a difficult decision for him.


Dylan is up first to perform. The crowd seemed to enjoy the performance and Kelly gets on her feet and says he was showing his range. Wilkes is set to perform next. Adam, Kelly, and Alicia are on their feet. Kelly says she thought he was already there. When she saw the song she thought that was awesome. Kelly says she loves Dylan and he showed his range. Kelly would go with Dylan because he was on her team.


Alicia says Dylan is super dynamic and he has energy about him where he wants to bring everyone along. And Wilkes he dialed it all the way back and then the music takes over him. Adam says Dylan gets noticed more and more every time he sings. And Wilkes is so crazy with his range and his tone. Adam would go with Wilkes, but Dylan is great.


Blake says he thought they both did everything they could do. He says Dylan had a lot of personality and Wilkes, they are sure if he’s conscious between songs. The winner of this Knock-Out is Wilkes.


Dylan thanks Blake for giving him another shot. Kelly looks at Blake and says she has so many guys. Blake says it’s tough but she has time. As Dylan is walking off Kelly hits her button. Kelly says she couldn’t let him go home. She says it’s turning out to be a guys club on Team KC.


Now we’ll check in with Team Adam and his advisor, Jordan Smith. Adam has paired Gary Edwards vs Rayshun Lamarr. Gary is going to sing Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff. Adam says this is an ambitious song to sing. Jordan tells Gary this is his first chance to show what he wants to be as an artist. Jordan says the important thing for Gary is not to worry about the technical aspects of the song and just have a moment on stage.


Rayshun has chosen the song Fallin’ by Alicia Keys. Jordan says it’s a bit of a risk to sing an Alicia Keys song in front of Alicia, but that’s good for him. Adam says Rayshun’s voice just crackles and sizzles, it’s so good. Jordan just advises Rayshun to just go for it.


Gary steps up first to perform. As he finishes Alicia cheers and Adam says church. Kelly says no pressure! Rayshun steps up to perform. Adam gets on his feet as Rayshun is performing and as he’s finishing all the judges are on their feet and Alicia looks impressed. Kelly says Rayshun is ballsy is heck. Kelly says his vocal was insane. Kelly says Gary’s low tones were like butter and she’d go with Gary.


Blake says Rayshun was so full of energy, so full of passion, he’s full of it. And Gary sang the hell out of that song. Alicia thinks Gary did such a beautiful job, his tone is so pure. Alicia says Rayshun hit those notes!


Adam says how funny is that? Alicia was wondering if you could hit those notes and you could! He’s glad Rayshun went for that and he has that fire. Adam says Gary came out today and that was a transformation because that was not happening in rehearsal. Carson says Adam, who is the winner of this Knock-Out and Adam says good question. Adam says the winner of this knock out is…Rayshun.


Gary says this is musically the toughest thing he’s ever done. Adam says good things are going to happen to him because he’s a good person. Blake hits his button to steal and Gary looks stunned. Blake says he was excited to be able to use his steal for Gary. Gary has joined Team Blake.


Next we have Team Kelly and she’s telling Cassadee about her next pairing and says they are totally different. Kelly has paired Alexa Cappelli vs Jorge Eduardo. Alexa has decided to sing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John. Cassadee says it’s a big task to sing an Elton John song. For her to feel confident enough and strong enough to take that on is very telling. Kelly says she’s bold and super talented.


Jorge has decided to sing Adorn by Miguel. Kelly says she didn’t know Jorge could sing like he sang today. Jorge says he isn’t sure about the falsetto at the end and Kelly says don’t you dare lose that and Cassadee says that was sick. Kelly says Jorge really went for some big stuff. She says the winner will come down to who can handle the pressure.


Alexa steps up to perform first. Kelly gives an ovation as she finishes. Jorge is up to perform. Blake laughs and says that wasn’t fair because Jorge pointed at Kelly. Alicia says Jorge came out and was completely in his zone. She says Alexa has a really powerful voice and she made it feel effortless and she continued to surprise. She thinks Alexa took it.


Adam says that was a good song for Jorge. Adam says Alexa is someone he has been noticing and she has potential and everything it takes to be an incredible singer. Blake says it’s undeniable when Jorge is on stage and he hears the reaction from the crowd. Blake says Alexa has an unusual sounding voice and it’s powerful and maybe she didn’t navigate the melody as well as she could have, but she’s one of the best singers in the competition.


Kelly says she loves Jorge. She says even when he switched it up he’s still cool. Kelly says that was a crazy hard melody which was bold. The winner of this Knock-Out…keeps shocking her…is Alexa.


As the night went on, Adam advanced Reid Umstattd, who sang Let Him Fly by Dixie Chicks, to the live playoffs, losing Jordyn Simone. Adam says he had to go with Reid because he has a connection with what he was singing.


It’s time for our final pairing of the Knock-Outs from Team Alicia, Kelsea Johnson vs Sharane Calister. Kelsea is going to sing Rise Up by Andra Day. Chris advises Kelsea to not sing to him, but to talk to him. Kelsea says she’s a little nervous because she’s trying to make everyone proud. Chris tells her not to put that pressure on herself, Alicia picked her and she has nothing else to prove.


Sharane has chosen the song All I Could Do Was Cry by Etta James. Chris says Sharane is a beast for sure. He can just sense through that song she’s gone through a lot, but he thinks there is more to her. Alicia says it’s scary to open up all of those feelings and Sharane says she needs to open up to the audience. Alicia says this Knock-Out is going to come down to whoever is ready to shed it all.


Kelsea steps up to perform first. Alicia and Kelly both give an ovation for Kelsea. Sharane is ready to perform next. Sharane also gets an ovation from Alicia and Kelly. Adam says Sharane was so connected emotionally with what’s going on there is no turning back and she was great. Adam says Kelsea the only difference between close to perfect and perfect for her is belief. He doesn’t know if there’s a better in this knock-out, there are just two amazings.


Kelly says with Kelsea she gets a little raspy and she shouldn’t get in her head about that because she still nailed it. And Sharane is one of the most emotional singers on the show and she has some kind of intensity. Blake says Sharane has those pops, like w-t-f. Blake says Kelsea has a voice like Chloe’s and Chloe figured out that’s what people like.


Alicia says Kelly brought up something interesting and she sometimes there’s a wall between Sharane and the audience. Alicia says Kelsea has been in her head a lot and she sees so much in her and being able to break through. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Kelsea.


Carson reminds the coaches Sharane is available to steal and Adam slaps his button. He says Sharane belongs on his team and he truly believes that. He believes he hasn’t the seen the best of her which is scary. Sharane has joined Team Adam.


Next week, The Voice goes live and the power shifts to America!

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For the first time this season, The Voice is live for the playoffs! The judges are all introduced and they take their seats. Tonight, all 24 artists will perform and you get to vote in real time! The artists with the most votes from each team will advance to the top 12. We’ll find out the results all throughout the show. The remaining artists aren’t done, they will have a chance tomorrow and Wednesday to get into the top 12. There are two ways to vote this week. You can either use The Voice app or follow them on twitter. You can retweet to vote!


Alexa is up first! Alexa sings It Hurt So Bad by Susan Tedeschi. Kelly was on her feet during the performance.


Kaleb Lee sings You Don’t Even Know Who I Am by Patty Loveless. Kelly looks very happy.


Tish Haynes Keys is next and she is performing Nothing Left For You by Sam Smith.


Brynn Carelli is next and she sings Unstoppable by Sia. She starts out playing the keyboard.


Next is Dylan Hartigan has chosen to sing Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams.


The last artist from Team Kelly is D.R. King and he performs Home by Meghan Linsey.


The first artist from Team Adam is Drew Cole with a unique take on the song Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.


Now, Mia Boostrom is singing Baby I Love You by Aretha Franklin.  


Next, we have Jackie Verna singing Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift.


The next artist to perform is Rayshun LaMarr with the song Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder.


Now, we have Sharane Callister singing Never Enough by Loren Allred.


The last artist from Team Adam is Reid Umstattd singing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2.


Voting for Team Adam is still open but now we’re going to get the results for Team Kelly.


Kelly says she’s so excited about her team and they are so different and even if they aren’t picked, they’ve all done remarkably well. She loves each and every one of them.


It’s time to find out which artist received the most votes. America has saved…Brynn Cartelli. Brynn is in the Top 12. The rest of the members of Team Kelly will perform Wednesday to fight for the 2 remaining spots.


The first artist from Team Blake is Austin Giorgio singing Ain’t That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin.


Next is Pryor Baird who will perform I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton.


Next up is Kyla Jade singing the Christian hymn How Great Thou Art.


Now we have Gary Edwards singing Finesse by Bruno Mars.


Spensha Baker is taking the stage to perform I Still Believe in You by Vince Gill.


The last artist from Team Blake is Wilkes and he is singing Brother by Needtobreathe.


Voting for Team Blake is now closed!


It’s time to get results for Team Adam. Adam tells them he is proud of them and he has no idea what is about to happen, but they all impressed everyone.


The artist America saved is…Sharane Callister.


Team Adam will perform on Wednesday for the final two spots for his team.


Voting for Team Alicia is now open!


Team Alicia’s first artist is Johnny Bliss performing America, America.


Kelsea Johnson is next and she sings You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse.


Next is Terrence Cunningham who has chosen the song How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore by Prince.


Now we have Jackie Foster performing Never Tear Us Apart by INXS.


Christiana Danielle is up next and she’s putting her unique stamp on Hey Ya by Outkast.


The last artist from Team Alicia is Britton Buchanan and he’s going to sing Some Kind of Wonderful by Grand Funk Railroad.


Now it’s time for the results for Team Blake!


Blake says he thought he had a good team, but he didn’t realize they were all that freaking good! Every single one of them stepped up to the plate and great job all of them. He says there is nothing obvious there to him.


Time to find out who America sent to the Top 12. America saved…Kyla Jade.


Team Blake will perform tomorrow for the remaining two spots for his team.


Voting for Team Alicia is now closed!


Alicia says they are all so spectacular and special. She says they are all extremely talented and they are all so beautiful. She says they are all artists and they each have their own unique way of expressing their passion.


It’s time to find out which artist America saved from Team Alicia. America has saved…Britton Buchanan.

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Tonight, Team Blake and Team Alicia will perform for the final two spots on their teams. Voting will be open for about 30 minutes for each team.


Spensha Baker from Team Blake is first and she sings Smoke Break by Carrie Underwood. Kelly says the fact Spensha can sing a Carrie song like that and nail it is amazing. Kelly says she will be a force in country music, she’s a big fan.


Blake says it’s hard to not have favorites along the way and Spensha is one of his favorites. He thinks her performance tonight is the lane she needs to be in, it was high energy and she had a big voice.


Wilkes takes the stage next and he performs Don’t Speak by No Doubt. His mic stand falls as he’s finishing his song and he kneels to get it and finishes his song. Adam says he deserves to get voted through because that was the illest improvisation he’s ever seen in his entire life.


Alicia says he’s special, he has something he doesn’t try to do it he just does it. Alicia says his range is ridiculous and she really thinks he deserves to be here. Blake says these guys chose the songs they are doing and what a great song choice. He says the mic drop, Wilkes is just a pro.


Pryor Baird is next and he performs 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. He has all four judges on his feet. Adam says he’s always been a huge fan of his and he’s amazing.


Blake says he agrees. He thinks Pryor deserves to be on the show and it’s hard to believe he won’t get through. He doesn’t know where he gets the range from, but it’s unbelievable.


Austin Giorgio has chosen to sing Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. Alicia says he has such a light inside of him. Every time he comes on stage he’s enjoying what he’s doing and it shows that he loves this. She loves that he has his own style.


Blake says Austin also has earned his place moving forward because there is no one else like him, not only on the show but out there. He says that’s something exciting for him as a coach and as a fan of the show.


All of the results will be revealed tomorrow night. The final artist from Team Blake is Gary Edwards and he is singing America, the Beautiful. He also has an ovation from all of the judges. Kelly says his runs are insane and so is his range. Kelly loves last night he did Bruno Mars and then comes out and did this, it was really cool.


Blake says Gary has made his presence known. Blake says that was a big move on his part and he did a great job. He loves that song so much. Team Blake voting is open for just a couple of more minutes.


Voting is closed for Team Blake and voting is now open for Team Alicia!


Terrence Cunningham has chosen the song Ain’t Nobody by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Adam says wow. He says that was another planet. He doesn’t know if people truly understands what he does, but he is what the show should epitomize.


Alicia says she’s going to take this opportunity to explain to America why they should vote for Terrence. She says he’s so special. He arranges all his own music and creates it how he hears it. He marches to his own drum and his own beat. Alicia says that was amazing!


Christiana Danielle sings Take Me To Church by Hozier. Kelly says she might be the greatest person on this show. She loves her team, but if she’s looking at everyone else’s team Christiana is the one to beat. She is so good and so ridiculous.


Alicia says Christiana is a special soul. She has this energy that is so pure and her voice is a one of a kind voice. You will not hear another Christiana anywhere you go. She is amazing.


The next artist to perform is Jackie Foster and she’s singing Alone by Heart. All four judges are on their feet. Alicia says Jackie has a very clear sense of who she is and that’s very rare. She effortless goes to these places and she is so unique and powerful. Alicia says it so hard what she just did.


Kelsea Johnson takes the stage and performs Need You Bad by Jazmine Sullivan. Alicia says she loved it, she’s in her essence and her center. She is a one of one and she has her own space kind of like Lauryn Hill. She is a unique voice and she’s carving out her own space. 


Voting will close for Team Alicia at the end of the show. If you want to vote, now is the time.


The last artist to perform is Johnny Bliss and he has chosen the song One and Only by Adele. Alicia says Johnny has the most beautiful energy and everyone has seen how versatile he is. There is not one style of music he cannot conquer.  His voice is a one of a kind voice, it is so powerful and strong. He sings in the original keys, even that the women sing in. He’s so unique.

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Voting is now open for Team Kelly!


Up first is Kaleb Lee who is going to perform Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. Kelly is chanting she loves her team. She says Kaleb is so ridiculously talented and in her opinion the best country singer on this show. He’s a solid country singer and he’s so good.


Next is Alexa Capelli singing Stop and Stare by OneRepublic. Kelly is crying and she says she is so proud. She says please vote for Alexa because she shocks her every time she is on stage. Kelly says she is so captivating and she has a really powerful way of bringing people to her.


Next is D.R. King and he sings All On My Mind by Anderson East. Kelly says he is seriously so talented. Not only his range, but he gets that intimacy and it’s so refreshing to see. She says he is so talented and she really hopes America is listening.


Dylan Hartigan is next to perform and he has chosen to sing Last Dance With Mary Jane by Tom Petty. Kelly says Dylan is super talented and his range is just as great as everyone else’s. She says he is such a talented dude and he’s capable of taking a pop song and making it his own.


The last to perform for Team Kelly is Tish Haynes Keys and she sings At Last by Etta James. Kelly is such a gifted singer and she loves her head voice. She’s so good, she’s a phenomenal singer.


Voting for Team Kelly is now closed and voting for Team Adam is now open!


The first artist for Team Adam is Reid Umstattd and he is singing Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies. Adam says that was some old school classic and no one has done that yet. He says it felt so genuine and he couldn’t possibly be happier with the outcome.


Next we have Jackie Verna taking the stage and performs Once by Maren Morris. Adam says he’s beaming with pride. She is one that people underestimated, but there is no one in the competition right now that can carry long, pristine notes like her.


The next artist is Drew Cole performing Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. Adam loves that he performed that. Adam says that was so, so good it was unbelievable.


Next we have Mia Boostrom and she is singing Either Way by Chris Stapleton. Adam says it’s really crazy that it was just the two of them the whole time. He says she has beaten the odds each time and she has continued to surprise them. He applauds the ambition and he feels like she will continue to grow.


The final artist to perform is Rayshun LaMarr and he has chosen to sing I’m Goin’ Down by Mary J. Blige. Adam says if only he could have a little more energy! He is just a one of a kind, he just destroyed the evening and he won the week.


Voting for Team Adam is now closed! It’s now time to get the results!


Only two artists per team will advance. Let’s start with Team Blake!


It’s time to see who received the most votes! America has saved…Pryor Baird!


Blake has to save one more artist. He thanks them all and says this sucks. This is awful. The artist he is going to move forward is someone he has high hopes can make a difference in a genre and that is Spensha Baker!


Team Kelly is next! America has saved…Kaleb Lee!


Kelly must now save one more artist. Kelly says she totally loves each of them and would love to help them all. She chooses to save…the one person from the beginning that she had to know who it was…D.R. King.


Team Alicia is next! America has saved…Jackie Foster!


Alicia has to save one more artist. Alicia says this is absolutely atrocious. She says this is one stop on their journey. She’s going with her heart and she chooses…Christiana Danielle!


It’s time for Team Adam. America has saved…Rayshun LaMarr!


Adam will choose his final artist. Adam says he’s going to save and he’s probably going to surprise everyone, but he can only choose one and he has to go with Jackie Verna!

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Tonight, the top 12 perform for your votes. Voting is now open on all methods. We’re going to kick things off with Team Adam’s passionate rocker, Rayshun LaMarr. Rayshun has chosen to sing the song When Love Takes Over by David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland. Adam says this song embodies his spirit. Adam advises him to aim flat because 9 times out of 10 he’ll end up hitting the notes spot on.


Alicia says there is something about Rayshun that is so electric. Adam says Rayshun continues to amp it up more every time he performs which is not only a key to success in life, but on the show as well. Adam believes Rayshun is the front runner because he is the best performer in the group.


Next is Team Kelly’s country singer, Kaleb Lee. Kaleb is going to sing Amazed by Lonestar. He says this song reminds him how awesome his wife is. If he’s had a bad day, then she makes him feel better. Kelly suggests maybe just starting the song with him and his guitar.


Blake says that performance was amazing. Kelly says she is such a fan of him and she loves the texture of his voice. Kelly says she knows he got a little tripped up because of his emotions, but that’s ok because people like that.


Next is Team Alicia’s Boston artist, Jackie Foster. Jackie is going to perform Toxic by Britney Spears. She is doing an arrangement her band has used which puts a rock spin on the pop tune. Alicia says Jackie is between P!nk and No Doubt.


Kelly says Jackie came out and was so sexy and cool and a little punk and rock and roll, but still in the pop vein. Alicia says she was so excited about this song and she got to show people who she really is as an artist. She says this was killer and she nailed it.


We’re going to continue now with Team Blake’s country artist Spensha Baker, with a song by one of her favorite singers of all time. She is going to sing Down on My Knees by Trisha Yearwood. Blake tells her it is so important to stay on top of the beat.


Adam says it’s very rare for a singer to have it all, but Spensha has it. Blake says she’s one of his favorites he’s ever worked with and he can see every week her growth. Blake says Spensha is doing exactly what she is meant to do by singing country.


We’re going to continue with the Indiana soul singer, Christiana Danielle. Christiana is going to sing Say Something by A Great Big World. Alicia says this moment is going to set her apart.


Kelly says Christiana’s low tones are so magical and she doesn’t know any other singer that has that. Alicia says Christiana keeps showing them the different dimensions to her and she doesn’t feel like there is another person in the world that sounds like she does.


We’re going to continue with back to back performances. Here is Kelly’s soul singer D.R. King. He is going to perform White Flag by Dido. Kelly says he has crazy range but he’s also got the ability to bring it down and keep it cool, calm, and collected. Kelly wants him to build throughout the song.


Blake says there are so many different sounds to D.R.’s voice and he has so many layers of what he’s capable of doing. Kelly says he’s such an amazing vocalist and she wants to hear the record he’s going to make. She says he is so different than anyone else.


We’re going to continue with Team Adam’s powerhouse, Sharane Callister. Sharane has chosen to sing In My Blood by Shawn Mendes. Adam says she brings people in with her emotion and she shows artistry.


Alicia says she is really rooting for Sharane, and she’s excited for her. Adam says Sharane has the ability to make people understand she is telling the truth. The only thing he cares about that she has in spades is the ability to bring them along on the journey.


Next is Team Blake’s blues rocker, Pryor Baird. Pryor has decided to perform Pickin’ Wildflowers by Keith Anderson. Blake says this is a recognizable song to the country fan base that he needs to nail all the lyrics.


Kelly says every time Pryor sings it reminds her of Texas bars. Blake says Pryor is to a song what a bulldozer is to trees. Blake says every time Pryor gets on stage he delivers a different version of the song he is performing and it’s magic.


Next is the youngest artist in the competition, Brynn Cartelli. Brynn is going to sing Up to the Mountain by Patty Griffin. Kelly says Brynn can just tell a story with her tone and that’s highly rare and impressive in a 15-year old.


Alicia says she feels like Brynn is from another planet, another era, and another time. Kelly says Brynn has the craziest, most eclectic taste in music for a 15-year old and she is amazing.


We’re going to continue with the country singer Adam saved, Jackie Verna. Jackie has chosen the song I’m With You by Avril Lavigne. Adam tells Jackie to make sure she hits the notes but she can stretch them out as she wants.


Blake says he loves how direct Jackie is and she sings with purpose and she’s a great singer. Adam says her voice is so amazing, but tonight he could see the improvement so much.    


Next, we have Team Alicia’s North Carolina folk rocker, Brittan Buchanan. Britton has chosen to sing Small Town by John Mellencamp. Alicia says this song has never been done on the show before and he’s so talented.


Kelly says Britton’s an amazing vocalist and he’s so cool. Alicia says he doesn’t need this stage and he doesn’t need anyone else because his destiny is to be here. Alicia says they’ve watched him bloom and she’s excited to see him continue on.


The final artist from Team Blake is Kyla Jade. Kyla has chosen to perform One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson. Blake says her talent is undeniable and there is no question she is a front runner.


Blake says Kyla, welcome to the front of the stage. He says no more insecurities about her taking her moment. Blake says let’s start mowing them down! It’s exciting and it’s her time.

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Tonight, it’s a big night. Both Kelly and Blake will perform with their teams for the first time. You will get to use the Instant Save tonight. Maroon 5 will be there to perform! Time to get our first results.


The first artist who is safe…from Team Alicia…


The first artist who is safe from Team is…Britton Buchanan!


The second artist who is safe…from Team Kelly…


The second artist America saved from Team Kelly is…Brynn Cartelli!


America also saved…from Team Adam…


The third artist America saved from Team Adam….is Sharane Callister!


The next artist America has saved…from Team Blake….


The fourth artist America saved from Team Blake…is Pryor Baird!


America has also saved…from Team Alicia…


The fifth artist America saved from Team Alicia…is Christiana Danielle!


Maroon 5 took the stage and performed their new song Wait.


Time for more results for the remaining seven artists!


The sixth artist saved…from Team Blake…


The sixth artist saved from Team Blake….is Spensha Baker!


America has also saved…from Team Kelly…


The seventh artist America saved from Team Kelly…is Kaleb Lee!


Time for more results! America has decided to save…from Team Adam…


The eighth artists saved from Team Adam…is Jackie Verna!


The ninth artist America saved from Team Blake…is Kyla Jade!


The final artist America saved from Team Alicia….is Jackie Foster!


D.R. and Rayshun will sing for the Instant Save. Do NOT vote until I post voting is open and then you will have only FIVE minutes to vote!


D.R. King has chosen to sing Papa Was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations.


Kelly says she’s puzzles because D.R. is so talented. He has so much soul and so much rock and roll. Kelly says America, please for my birthday, vote D.R.!


Rayshun LaMarr is going to perform I Can’t Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles.


Adam says the lives just started so he’s going to give America a pass on this one, but after that performance, he’s pretty sure everyone knows Rayshun is a spectacular talent. Adam says it would be a crime if he didn’t make it to next week!


Just a reminder, you can vote even if you are not on the east coast, so make sure you vote if you want to save your favorite!


Just another minute or two and Rayshun is in the lead. Get in your last minute votes!


Here are the final results!


America has instantly saved…Rayshun LaMarr from Team Adam!

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Tonight, this entire night is dedicated to the fans! The fans have chosen the songs for tonight’s Top 11!


We’re going to kick off the night with Pryor Baird from Team Blake. Fans have requested Night Moves by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band for Pryor. Pryor thinks fans knocked it out of the park on this one. Blake says Pryor is going to kill this one.


We have a message from a fan of Pryor’s. Angela from Spokane, WA says she’s a huge fan of Pryor because of his soulful voice, his unique rasp, and his mad guitar skills. She’s excited to announce Pryor will be singing their fan pick song Night Moves. Go Pryor!


Pryor gets a standing ovation from Blake and the fans love it. Kelly says her favorite thing about Pryor is something you can’t teach and that’s being comfortable on stage and in his own skin. Blake says he felt it. He felt the softer side of Pryor. Blake says he has so much momentum building, it’s undeniable.


We’re going to continue with Sharane Calister from Team Adam. Fans have chosen Hero by Mariah Carey. She’s dedicating this song to her sister and Adam says she has the range to do this song. Adam advises her not to take too many liberties at the beginning but the end should be full Sharane.


Alison and Sarah’s from New Jersey and they are two of Sharane’s biggest fans. They like Sharane because she puts so much emotion into her singing and they cannot wait to hear her song their fan choice song of Hero. Give it up for Sharane Calister!


Sharane gets a standing ovation from Adam and fans. Alicia says she’s watching her bloom before their very eyes and she is finding her footing and who she is. She’s not holding back anymore and she did this song beautifully in her own way. Adam says he was afraid but he is so proud of her for doing a great job and he’s proud of her for tackling that song with her style.


Next, we’re going to hear from Kaleb Lee from Team Kelly. Fans have chosen T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Travis Tritt. He performed this song when he was in elementary school. Kelly is excited to see him come alive and connect with everyone in the audience.


The Hamilton Family from Ormond Beach, Florida has his fan message. Kaleb is their favorite because he’s a great guy, he has a great voice, a wonderful family and he is a wonderful representation of their hometown. With the fan pick song Trouble, here’s Kaleb!


Kelly was on her feet throughout most of the performance. Blake says it was all he could do to just sit there and not run up there to jam with him. Blake says it was perfect for his voice because it showcases his energy and range. Kelly says she loves that Kaleb can sound amazing in a ballad but he can also rock out. Kelly says he did a killer job, he nailed it.


Joining Carson is Ashley from Poway, California and she’s a fan of Jackie Foster from Team Alicia. Ashley loves Jackie has a rare passion for her music and whenever she gets on stage she shows that passion and she genuinely cares about her fans.


Jackie says she actually has a fanbase called the Jack Pack. Fans have chosen Love, Reign O’er Me by The Who. Alicia helps Jackie with the arrangement because Jackie says she wants to have room to build up during the song. She likes that she gets to sing a love song because her boyfriend is also a singer.


Jackie gets an ovation from all four judges. Adam says he is so happy she had the best song and the best performance. He says it was perfect and that was crazy. Alicia says let the horns blow, let the trumpets blare. Alicia says America selected one of the beautiful songs that was so perfect for Alicia. That was amazing!


Next is Jackie Verna from Team Adam. The fans have chosen the song Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter. She’s never done this song, but she’s excited to do this for America. Adam says she will sound amazing, this song is perfect for her.


Jackie’s biggest fan, Jimmy sent a message for his favorite artist. Jimmy is from Rowland Heights, CA and he says he’s a huge fan of Jackie Verna because she’s the star of the show, and everyone knows it. He’s so excited to announce Jackie is going to sing their fan choice song Strawberry Wine. Jackie, you’re going to be amazing!


Blake says it’s so awesome to get the fan pick songs because that song was perfect for Jackie’s voice and it’s cool to see how involved and intuitive the fans are. Blake says that song worked for her so well. Adam says Jackie is more dynamic and better and her tone is richer every show. He thinks she is not only one of the best country singers, but she is one of the better singers on the show and she is one of his favorites.


We’re going to continue with Kyla Jade from Team Blake. The fans chose the song Sweet Sweet Baby (Since You’ve Been Gone) by Aretha Franklin. She’s extremely excited the fans know her enough to send her an Aretha Franklin song. Blake says Kyla is on sacred ground and she’s introducing it to a whole new audience. Blake says she is going to slay this song.


Superfans William and his daughter Zoe from Chattanooga, TN and they love Kyla so much Zoe is listening to Kyla on iTunes right now! Fans have voted for her to sing Sweet Baby, Sweet Baby and William and Zoe chant Go Kyla!


Kyla gets a standing ovation from all four coaches and they are astounded by her last note. The audience is going crazy. Alicia is still standing and she says she can’t take Kyla! She is so phenomenal and she just loves it and she loves seeing her be so secure and she is so inspiring. Blake says she has gone from being afraid to step out of the background to being comfortable standing in front of the stage to now dominating this show.


Time to hear from Team Alicia’s Christiana Danielle. The fans have chosen the song Umbrella by Rihanna. Christiana says she is so happy the fans believe in her. Christiana says Alicia had to contact Jay-Z personally to allow her to perform this song. Alicia says Christiana has an element of jazz that flows through her music. Alicia is so excited to get Christiana’s version.


Here’s a message from Jason from Boston, MA for Christiana. He loves Christiana because she can transfer any song into her own unique masterpiece. They voted for her to sing Umbrella. They love you Christiana!


Christiana gets an ovation from Alicia. We go right to Alicia and she says everything about Christiana is so engaging, it’s so personal and beautiful. There is nobody on this show who takes a song and makes it their own. She has shown America she is a unique artist and she can’t wait to buy her version. She is incredible!


Next, we have Team Kelly’s pop singer, Brynn Cartelli. Carson is with a fan Susan from Wendell, MA. Susan says she is so emotional and mature and it’s incredible she is 15 and can make Susan feel like she’s experiencing her first break up again. She so glad Brynn is going to perform You and I and it’s going to be wicked amazing.


Brynn is going to perform the fan choice song, You and I by Lady Gaga. Brynn says she is honored the fans picked a Lady Gaga song. Kelly gives advice on technique on hitting the notes hard or soft. Kelly says Brynn has this fire about her and she’s just really cool and captivating.


Carson says Kelly, the fans are doing a great job of picking fans. Kelly says Brynn is so captivating and she is just cool and beautiful. Kelly says it’s crazy how confident she is in her own skin and it’s amazing and America sees it too.


Next, is Rayshun LaMarr from Team Adam. The fans have chosen the song Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. Rayshun says fans picked the perfect song for him because he needs a moment. Adam advises Rayshun to build through the song and bring the audience along.


One of Rayshun’s biggest fans, Tifara from Atlanta, GA. She loves Rayshun because he shows you can impact the world by living your life with no fear. Singing your fan pick song Try a Little Tenderness, give it up for Rayshun LaMarr and go vote!


Adam and Kelly are on their feet for Rayshun during the performance and Alicia and Blake join as he finishes. The crowd is going crazy. Carson turns it over to Adam and the crowd is still screaming. Adam says last week this guy was in the bottom two and tonight he is number one! And that’s the first time in the history of the show that all four coaches were on their feet before he even finished the song.


We’re going to continue with Britton Buchanan from Team Alicia. Carson is on stage with Britton’s fan Julie from Ventura, CA. Julie says what’s so special about Britton is he has an innate talent that shines through in every performance. His voice is so rich and soulful for being only 18. She’s proud to announce his song, their fan pick, Perfect.


Britton says the fans chose for him Perfect by Ed Sheeran. He loves this song. Britton says he has a girlfriend and she was on Alicia’s team, Livia Faith. Alicia asks if he’s dedicating this song to her and he says no one else. Alicia advises him not to play the guitar. Alicia thinks this will be a moment for him.


Alicia says Britton is no joke. There are no bells, there are no whistles, no flashing light, it’s just him, his voice, and his passion and power. Congratulations!


The last artist of the night is Spensha Baker from Team Blake. The fans have chosen the song Better Man by Little Big Town. Spensha says the fans hit it right on the money. Blake says he’s glad the fans were picking this song. Blake says the magic of Spensha is her delivery of the music.


Two of Spensha’s fans from Winnipeg Canada are Jill and Tara. They love Spensha because she has the voice of an angel. With their fan pick Better Man, here is Spensha!


Kelly thinks it’s crazy how big Spensha’s voice is and she has a big, beautiful, round sound. Kelly says she does such a great job. Blake says Spensha is so important to music, country music, and her voice is so powerful. This is proof she is doing what she is meant to do.

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Tonight, we find out your Top 10! Last night was fan night and your results are in! And stay tuned for the Instant Save at the end of the show! Please do NOT vote until we say voting is open!


West coast can vote too! After both artists perform, we’ll post links to retweet for your favorite! Stay close because that will happen within the hour!


Time to find out some results! The first artist America has saved…from Team Blake…


The first artist moving on from Team Blake is…Pryor Baird!


America also saved…from Team Alicia…


The second artist America saved from Team Alicia is…Britton Buchanan!


The third artist moving on…from Team Adam…


The next artist America saved from Team Adam…is Rayshun LaMarr!


America has also saved…from Team Kelly…


The third artist making the Top 10 from Team Kelly….is Brynn Cartelli!


The fifth artist moving on to the Top 10…from Team Blake…


The next artist America saved from Team Blake…is Spensha Baker!


America has also saved…from Team Adam…


The sixth artist who is safe from Team Adam…is Jackie Verna!


We’re going to name the next three artists safe and our bottom two will be revealed.

The next artist moving on…from Team Alicia…


The seventh artist America saved from Team Alicia…is Jackie Foster!


America has saved…


The eighth artist moving to the Top 10 from Team Blake…is Kyla Jade!


The last artist safe for now is…


The last artist America saved from Team Kelly…is Kaleb Lee!


The bottom two artists will now sing for the Instant Save. Voting will be open for five minutes. Please do NOT vote until we say voting is open or your votes will not count!


Sharane Calister is going to sing If I Were a Boy by Beyonce. She gets an ovation from three of the judges. Adam says he’s so mad and sad she is in the bottom. Adam says it never reflects anyone’s talent, it only reflects the people’s opinion in that moment. Adam says he knows Sharane has had big moments before and he knows she can have another so please vote to give her that chance.


Christiana Danielle has chosen the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Alicia says she has to stand up for this one because if they didn’t just get goosebumps, she doesn’t know. She says there is no artist like Christiana and she wants to say to America they get a chance to save an original, beautiful piece of art.


Alicia says this is not the end of the journey for Christiana. She is stunning. Adam says Sharane deserves to be here and he doesn’t think she’s had that magical breakthrough.


The time has come to see who America has saved. America instantly saved…Christiana Danielle from Team Alicia!

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Tonight, your Top 10 sing live for your votes. Tomorrow, 2 artists go home, no matter what team they are on.


We’ll kick things of with Kyla Jade from Team Blake. Kyla is going to sing This is Me by Kaela Settle. Kyla says this song is about triumph, not necessarily winning. Blake says the biggest challenge for this song is her putting her spin on it.


Alicia says Kyla is stunning, riveting, masterful, and magnificent. She doesn’t know what made her feel like she wasn’t a goddess but she shows everyone what is possible. Blake says he loves her and we not only heard her message but everyone felt it. Blake says he’s pretty sure she just punched her ticket for the semi-finals.


We’re going to continue with Kaleb Lee from Team Kelly. Kaleb is going to sing Boondocks by Little Big Town. He thinks this is going to give him a chance to work the crowd a little bit more. Kelly says this is a tough song for a solo artist to take on since it’s a song by a quartet. Kelly says Kaleb is missing home a little bit and she thinks he subconsciously picked this song.


Adam says that was phenomenal. Adam says he’s proud of Kaleb and the growth he’s seen from the beginning to now is unbelievable. Adam says he’s amazing and he’s come into his own. Kelly says she was so excited because he’s always been a shy guy and it can be hard on a show like this but he’s such a great dude and a solid performer.


Next, we’re going to Team Adam’s country singer, Jackie Verna. Jackie has chosen the song Love Triangle by RaeLynn. Adam thinks this song by a former Voice artist in this moment is the right thing for Jackie. Jackie says this song is so beautifully written.


Blake says he loves that song that Jackie sang and the message of that song and her delivery was incredible. Blake says that song hits home for him and she nailed it with that performance. Adam says seeing her do that it’s like they finally found it. Adam urges everyone at home to recognize the understated elegance of Jackie’s performance and vote.


Kelly Clarkson takes the stage to perform her new single I Don’t Think About You.


Next we have Rayshun LaMarr from Team Adam. Rayshun is going to sing Grant Green by Mr. Jukes ft. Charles Bradley. Adam says he was born to do this, it’s time for him to do a song he can claim. Adam says this moment is special, it can be a game changer.


Kelly says she doesn’t think she’s had that much fun watching anyone like she does with Rayshun. Kelly says he nailed it, it was so great. She says that was pure joy. Adam says this felt like they were sitting there like Rayshun was promoting a new album. Adam says if you’re looking for your star, this is the dude. Adam says America vote for this dude right now!


We’re going to continue with Spensha Baker from Team Blake. Spensha is going to sing Red by Taylor Swift. She’s going to add a soulful touch to it and hope the fans love it. Blake says Spensha is definitely a contemporary country artist. He says she’s an emotional person and the fact she can wear her heart on her sleeve like that makes her special.


Adam says some people can sing all the notes possible and not connect, but people like Spensha can sing and connect with everyone. Adam says what she’s doing is exactly what she should be doing and her instincts are amazing. Blake says that was Spensha’s best performance so far on the show. Blake says she is going to make country music history, she’s going to be a star, and he can’t believe he got to be a tiny part of it.


Next up is Jackie Foster from Team Alicia. Jackie is going to sing Gravity by Sara Bareilles. Jackie says she’s ready to go up on stage and perform a song America would not expect of her. Alicia says she thinks it will be a show stopper.


Alicia says she knows that song means so much to Jackie and she thought it was a perfect moment for this. Alicia says she did such a beautiful job and showed her vulnerability and sometimes in those moments we are stronger than ever. Alicia says that was a beautiful performance and she was riveted.


Next is Britton Buchanan from Team Alicia with an unexpected song choice. Britton is going to sing What’s Love Got to Do With It by Tina Turner. Britton says this song is a challenge because he has to arrange it in a way to fit what he’s doing. Alicia says he’s making it totally his own.


Adam says that song was speaking directly to his soul because Britton is not on his team. He says it was petty and lame to not root for him the same and he’s proud of him and he’s absolutely so special and incredible. Alicia says Britton is so unique and if America could join her in recognizing the exponential growth, it’s unbelievable. Alicia says he is so spectacular, he smashed that.


We’re going to continue with Christiana Danielle from Team Alicia. Christiana is going to sing Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers. Alicia is giving tips on notes and adjustments so Christiana can make the song her own in a way that doesn’t take away from the original and still resonates with the audience.


Kelly says that was really beautiful. Kelly says Christiana doesn’t just sing, her whole body sings and it’s the most beautiful thing to watch. Kelly says that was so rad and it’s her favorite thing Christiana has done on the show. Alicia says she is one of the most unique, special human beings she ever met. Alicia says her instincts are so spectacular and she is the only Christiana. Alicia says they are riveted by her.


Now we have Pryor Baird from Team Blake. Pryor is going to sing My Town by Montgomery Gentry. Blake says this song is going to be difficult because there are two different voices. Blake says he is excited about this song choice and he is being embraced by country fans.


Adam says his favorite thing about tonight is they got to see more range from Pryor. He says it’s so cool he can get way up there but tonight they seen a much lower voice. Adam says Pryor is so dynamic and amazing. Blake says the reason Pryor is seeing the momentum he is, is because his voice is so rare and people are seeing that. Blake says that was incredible.


We’re going to close out the night with Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly. Brynn is going to sing Fix You by Coldplay. Brynn says the challenge is she wants to make this song her own but still honor the original because it’s such an iconic song. She says this song has such a great message for anyone going through a challenge. Kelly says it’s a really beautiful thing to see a young person have such an old soul and deliver this message.


Kelly says Brynn is amazing. She says it’s an amazing thing to watch someone so young to deliver that message and feel it. Kelly says that’s not something you can teach and Brynn is an innate artist. She’s so excited for America to vote for her. She’s an anomaly, she’s special.

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Your results are in and your finalists will be revealed tonight! The bottom three WILL sing your votes tonight! It’s important to be ready to vote when voting opens! Remember you can vote even if you’re on west coast! Stay tuned to Morty’s and we’ll tell you when voting is open!


It’s time to get to some results! The first artist moving on to the semi finals…from Team Blake…


The first artist moving on to the semi-finals from Team Blake…is Kyla Jade!


The second artist America wants to see next week…from Team Alicia…


The second artist America saved from Team Alicia….is Britton Buchanan!


The next artist moving on to the semi-finals…from Team Kelly…


The third artist in the semi-finals from Team Kelly…is Brynn Cartelli!


America has also saved…from Team Alicia…


America has also saved from Team Alicia…is Jackie Foster!


Time for more results! America has saved…from Team Blake…


America has saved from Team Blake…Pryor Baird!


America has also saved…


The next artist moving to the semi-finals is…Kaleb Lee from Team Kelly!


The last artist who is safe for now…


The last artist who is moving on to the semi-finals and is safe right now…is Spensha Baker!


The remaining three artists will perform for your instant save. Two of these artists will go home. Voting is not open yet, but it will be soon!


Christiana Danielle is singing Unchain My Heart by Joe Cocker. Alicia says she is incredibly powerful. She has shown the entire country what a magnificent, magnetic, incredible artist like her. There is no one like her in the world. Alicia says America, see this vision because Christiana has so much more to give.


Jackie Verna is singing I Told You So by Randy Travis. Jackie got emotional at the end of her song and Adam is on his feet. Adam says he’s shocked to see her in the bottom. Adam doesn’t need validation from America that Jackie is talented. He hopes America votes because she deserves to be here. She is truly amazing.


Rayshun LaMarr is singing Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye. Adam is on his feet before Rayshun sings his last note. Adam says it’s up to America. Do you want to be deprived of this?!? Is it a shame he’s even in the bottom? The audience screams yes and Adam says then do something about it!


Just a reminder that votes will NOT count until voting is officially open! You will have 5 minutes to vote once voting is open!


America has used their Instant Save to save…


The last artist moving on to the semi-finals…saved by America’s Instant Save…is Rayshun LaMarr from Team Adam!

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Tonight, our 8 semi-finalists are going to perform two times. They will do an individual song and then they’ll pair up for a duet. Voting is open.


We’re kicking the night off with Team Kelly’s Brynn Cartelli. Brynn is going to sing What the Worlds Needs Now is Love by Andra Day. She says it’s a tough time in the world and everyone deserves love. Kelly says it’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t want the song to be so linear. Kelly says Brynn is a unicorn and she thought she’d be in the finale since she first turned in the blinds.


Brynn gets a standing ovation from all the coaches. Blake says for 15 years old she is a master at mastering her performances. Every time she steps on that stage she really embraces the song and the moment and it’s easy to get lost in her performances. Kelly says it’s crazy how innate everything is in her already at such a young age. Kelly says her performances are so epic and beautiful and tasteful.


Now we have our first duet, Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee from Teams Blake and Kelly. The duets are going to be a cool mash-up. There will be special hashtags for each duet and each member of the duet will get a vote. They are going to sing Hillybilly Bone by Blake Shelton and Hillybilly Deluxe by Brooks and Dunn. The hashtag for them is #KalebPryorDuet.


Next is Team Alicia’s Jackie Foster. She is going to sing Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. Jackie says she wants to write songs like this and bring rock back. She wants this song to be her anthem. She loves having Alicia as a coach and getting messages from her because very message is uplifting and encouraging and it helps her confidence in knowing she’s in the right place.


Adam says the more fun you have when you’re performing is how an artist dictates their success and she let loose and showed everyone who she really is. He loved that song, he loved that time, and he wants it back too. Alicia says she owned it, she made that song hers, she smashed, and she’s gorgeous.


Next, we have another duet and it’s Kyla Jade and Spensha Baker. They are singing What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye and Rise Up by Andra Day. The hashtag for this duet is #KylaSpenshaDuet.


Now we have Team Adam’s last remaining artist Rayshun LaMarr. He thanks America for saving him again. He’s going to sing Imagine by John Lennon. He loves the message of this song. He says America has seen the entertainer side, but now he just wants to stand there and deliver a powerful message. Adam advises him to hold out the final note and give America goosebumps.


Rayshun gets an ovation from everyone in the room. Kelly says he has so much joy in him and it’s such a pleasure to watch him perform. Kelly says he’s such a great escape and that’s what music should be. Adam says he doesn’t even know where to start. Adam says he is so inspiring and he thinks that’s a version of Imagine that John Lennon would be proud of.


Next, we have Team Blake’s Spensha Baker. She is going to sing My Church by Maren Morris. She says it’s a perfect blend of spiritual and country. Blake says they are the only team with all three members still intact. Blake says she is one step away from the finale.


Blake says it’s like everything Spensha has been holding back just came out on the stage. Blake will be shocked if Spensha is not in the finale after that performance.


We’re going to continue with Team Blake’s Kyla Jade. She is going to sing Let It Be by the Beatles. Blake says vocally she should treat it like this is the last time she’s going to sing on the show. He says this performance is going to bring her back to church and be epic.


All four judges are on their feet as Kyla finishes. Alicia says she was embodying Marian Anderson. She saw this magnificence and grandness and there’s a confidence rising inside of her and she feels so much joy. Alicia says this was a superstar, iconic performance. Blake says he has never been more honored to be associated with a human being and a vocalist. Blake says he sometimes tells people the show can be won in the semi-finals and if that’s true he thinks she may have just won.


Our next duet is Britton Buchanan and Brynn Cartelli. They are going to sing FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna and You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones. The hashtag for this duet is #BrittonBrynnDuet.


We’re going to continue on with Team Kelly’s Kaleb Lee. Kaleb is going to sing It Is Well With My Soul which is a traditional hymn. Kelly says Kaleb has shown a lot of country and now he’s showing America his heart. Kelly advises Kaleb to go a capella at the end. This performance will be extra special to Kaleb because he gets to look over and see his family.


Kelly says Kaleb’s family has to be so proud of him because he just killed it. Kelly says Kaleb has grown so much from the beginning and this was the perfect time to do this song. It was so beautiful and so perfect.


Now we have our last duet Jackie Foster and Rayshun LaMarr. They are going to sing Believer and Radioactive both song by Imagine Dragons. The hashtag for this duet is #JackieRayshunDuet.


Next, we have Team Blake’s Pryor Baird. Pryor is going to sing Change the World by Eric Clapton. Blake says he can see Pryor being an artist like Eric Clapton. Pryor is singing this song in honor of his girlfriend because the lyrics fit so well.


Kelly says every time Pryor is on stage he sounds like his voice is in a cool state of pleading, like he’s in love with whatever he’s singing. It’s her favorite part. Blake says he thinks America has fallen in love with him because he’s an incredible singer, but also because he seems like that great guy who lives next door. Blake says he really is that guy.


The final artist of the night is Team Alicia’s Britton Buchanan. Britton has chosen to sing The Rising by Bruce Springsteen. Alicia says Britton is a genuine, true storyteller and he is the real deal. Alicia tells him to own this moment, it’s his. Britton says people are either going to be smiling all the way through or crying.


Alicia says she is blessed to be working with Britton. She says when he comes on stage she sees another side of him she’s never seen before. She says this was a piece of what he wanted to say to the world. She says there is nothing he can’t do and there is such emotion that he’s conveying. What he’s going to accomplish is outrageous.

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Tonight, your finalists will be revealed! We’ll find out which four artist will advance to next week’s finale and the fourth artist will be put through with the Instant Save! 


Time to find out our first results!


The first artist saved and advancing to next week’s finale…


The first finalist is Spensha Baker!


Time to find out another finalist!


Your second finalist is…Brynn Cartelli!


Time to find out the third artist moving to the finale!


The third finalist America chose to move on is…Kyla Jade!


We will soon find out which 3 of the 5 remaining artists will compete for the final spot in the finale! Stay close!


We are now going to find out which 3 artists are going to perform for the Instant Save.


The first artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Britton Buchanan.


The second artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Kaleb Lee.


The last artist performing for the last spot in the finale is…Pryor Baird.


Jackie Foster and Rayshun LaMarr are leaving the competition. Adam will not be represented in the finale and Alicia will have to see what happens with the Instant Save. 


Pryor Baird is performing the song Soul Shine by The Allman Brothers Band. He gets an ovation from all four coaches. Blake says this is your guy, America! Blake says he’s surprised to see Pryor in this position and he deserves to be in the finale.


Kaleb Lee is singing Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Kaleb gets an ovation from Kelly and Alicia. Kelly says she is so excited for Kaleb right now. He has grown so much on this show and people are excited. Kelly says you gotta vote for Kaleb!


Britton Buchanan is singing Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott. Britton gets an ovation from Adam and Alicia. Alicia says he gave her full body chills. He is the real deal. There is no act. America, make sure you vote Britton through! Adam wants everyone to save Britton because the universe gave him a chance to help him.


Blake says there are no last words for Pryor because they are friends and whether the journey ends here or where it takes him, Blake will be backing him no matter what. Blake says this is shocking to see these three.


Kelly says she came on the show because she loves Blake and her goal is to give back. She says if he gets through or if he doesn’t, she’s already collecting songs for him. She says this is not his defining moment, that comes after the show and she will be there with him.


Alicia congratulates them all and says they are all special. She thanks America for voting Britton through thus far and he is so special and talented and she is so proud and excited for his future.


The time has come. America has instantly saved…Britton Buchanan!

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