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Thursday, February 22, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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12:00am-1:00am BBT: Ari < marissa and brandi talk about the replacement noms and marissa wants Omarosa to go up but she figures it will be herself.  Ross comes in and they talk about picking sides, Ross says he told Omarosa he is just pivoting that he has no side he is playing on.
Omarosa alone in the BY with her eyes closed as Ari and Marissa whisper in the KT about Brandi and what shwe has done wrong in this game.Marissa and Air go out to the BY and wake Omarosa as they are doing laundry. They carry the laundry in the house and then sit in the KT, brandi comes in and they decide to go sit outside before they are on lock down again. 
Marissa and ross talking about Ari and how she has been with james most of the day. marissa says she is going to go to Mark and try to make a deal with him and  promise to put up Brandi if she wins HOh next. Ari comes in and ross is called to the DR. james has now entered. marissa tells james she has not even talked game with mark this whole time.
Ari and Brandi leave and go to their BR and Marissa tells James they wanted her to turn on Ross. James tells her to be calm they just can not let Omarosa win the next HOh and they will be fine and Mark, Ross, Marissa and himself will make it to final four.


1:00am-2:00am BBT: Marissa tells james she rather mark choose Omarosa to go up as replacement nom than herself  but James says she will be fine that brandi is leaving.
Brandi and ari in their BR talking about how good Ross is at this game and how he knows puzzles and everything. Ari says to brandi that Ross has made to many deals in this house now. Brandi tells Ari she wants her to win this game and that she has two people on her side and Ari ask who and she says marissa and Ross. Ari says not ross he left her  already. Brandi then says maybe we could back door Ross and talk to mark about it then they start laughing.
Ari tells Brandi  that Marissa and Ross will be in final two and Marissa wins the game and Brandi agrees. Omarosa comes ion and they get in bed talking about they need zing bot to come in tomorrow.


2:00am-3:00am BBT: Brandi, Ari and Omarosa continue to talk as they lay in bed about Ross just wanting to win this game but they say he will not win. Omarosa tells Brandi to go talk to mark tomorrow but make sure James is not around. Omarosa tells them that James and mark just want to get the girls out and they are not looking at the big picture at the end. Brandi says she will sleep on the idea and they get quiet. All HG now in bed sleeping.

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8:43am BBT: Omarosa is awake reading her bible in bed. Ari and Brandi are in the KT getting a drink and making coffee.

8:50am BBT: Omarosa doing make up in bed, In the KT Brandi says she is going to go take a shower and we get FOTH.

8:55am BBT: Brandi and Ari in the WA doing ADL's while Omarosa is in the BR doing her make up. Ari goes to the BR and ask Omarosa if she wants to go in there with them and Omarosa says no that bathroom is to busy for me. Ari gets clothes and leaves. Brandi is curling her hair extensions.

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9:00am BBT: Brandi and Ari are talking about they need to be taking vitamins so they do not get sick in this house. Ari getting into the shower.

9:11am BBT: All cameras are on Omarosa in the BR putting her make up on.

9:22am BBT: Ari out of the shower, Brandi gets in the shower and says she wishes they had music to listen to.

9:38am BBT: Brandi is teaching Ari how to put in color contacts. Omarosa comes in and starts filing her nails.

 9:57am BBT: Ari is blow drying her hair and Omarosa doing her nails while Brandi is doing makeup. all other Hg still sleeping.

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10:02am BBT: Ari, Omarosa and Brandi in the Wa talking about how James is marks bromance and how Marissa is giving Ross the money. Brandi says she wants Ari to win this game. Brandi says maybe if i just blow up everyone's games since i am leaving anyways. Omarosa says good morning real loud as mark came down the stairs and talking stops. Brandi ask who is that  and Omarosa says it is mark. The girls go back to do ADL's and no talking now.

10:14am BBT: Omarosa says she has nothing to wear for a grand finale outfit and Brandi says it will be possible that she could be in workout clothes. Brandi then talks about nails and how they do not stay on her. Talk then turns to eye contacts and how Ari can not keep them in they yell sorry guys we tried.

 10:29am BBT: Ari, Omarosa and Brandi still doing ADL's. Mark goes back to the HOHR to change his clothes.

10:31am BBT: Omarosa says if Shannon hadn't played so hard and had chilled for a week she might still be here. Brandi agrees. Omarosa ask i wonder if Shannon is watching and Brandi says oh i know she is. Then they talk about Keisha and how she felt and how people got upset over her talking to chuck.

10:45am BBT: Ari curling her hair while Brandi brushes hers. Ari's eyes are burning from trying the contacts so Brandi gives her eye drops to try. Omarosa and mark in the KT talking about traveling.

10:53am BBT: BB calls Brandi to the DR and she says Pass and we get FOTH.

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2:22PM BBT HG are eating lunch. Marissa walking around and collecting her clothing and items to pack.


2:26PM BBT Brandi in the KT and says "let's play what would you do if you were HOH". Mark says he doesn't have to play. Brandi says it was a dual HOH with him and James. James says that Mark is a grown man. Brandi says she knows. Mark says that it is no different then her and Ari. Brandi agrees.


2:45PM BBT Mark tells the HG that BB has advised them not to put anything down the sink. TO scrape it into the trash first. (they clogged the sink)


 2:47PM BBT Marissa and Ross talking in the BR. Marissa tells Ross that Brandi is saying she is going to have her Monday convos tonight. She tells him that Brandi and James were in the SR for a long time today. Marissa says she told Air that she would understand if Ari needed to vote for Brandi to stay.


2:54PM BBT Marissa and Ross talk. Marissa is talking about Brandi. She says that she is "scared" of her because she never knows what is going to come out of Brandi's mouth. Marissa jokes that she is bummed Zingbot isn't coming.



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3:00pm-4:00pm BBT: Ross and Marissa continue their talk about High school and college days in the red BR. in the Kt is Ari, Brandi and Omarosa and mark talking about James being a great dancer. Mark leaves the KT and Ari whispers to Omarosa and Brandi about Ross and Marissa talking in the BR. Omarosa says lets go over the numbers here. She says you have  me and Ari and she has Ross and James so Mark breaks the tie.  Brandi says the problem with that is James and mark are sharing HOH. Mark is in the  workout rm on the elliptical. Marissa and Ross continue the school talking with Ari and Brandi. James is in the KT making food. Marissa, Ross and Ari leave the Br to go to the KT.

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4:04pm BBT: James , Ari, Marissa , Brandi and Ross on the HOH bed and Omarosa on the couch just general talk going on about playing music.

4:13pm BBT: All the Hg are in the HOHR talking about beepers they used to use and having cell phones and texting and how they miss their phones. James and Omarosa talk about how many people can use  one cell tower at the same time and Omarosa says if everything else fails that will still work. James says he is going to start calling (!! to ask for a number for Uber and Omarosa says you will go to jail. they all laugh.

4:24pm BBT: Hg talking about  alcohol they like and eating snacks and talking general talk in the HOHR.

4:32pm BBT:Hg talking about summer BB and how long they stay in the house and how they go into sequester 2 weeks  before it starts then it is 2 weeks after it starts before anyone gets evicted.

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4:42PM BBT The HG are in the HOH room discussing the people on the wallpaper and who they find attractive. It has just dawned on Marissa and Brandi that the people are on a diving board.


4:54PM BBT HG are released from LD. Mark is drying dishes. Ross and James discuss being live in 24 hours. James says no mater what happens it's going to be fast. He says they just need to adjust and go.


5:16PM BBT Ross sleeping. General chatting in the KT with James, Mark, Marissa and Ari.

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5:26PM BBT All HG heading to LR. Brandi has something from BB she needs to read. It reads: Hello contestants, This is how you wear your hair extensions" She is joking. They woke up Omarosa and Ross for it. The HG leave the LR. Brandi says to have some fun, it was a joke.


5:32PM BBT Omarosa is in a foot jammie onesie in the MBR. Brandi says the DR asked her what her plan is. Brandi wants to blow up that Ross had F2 with her the entire game. Omarosa says they are going to pick them off one by one.


5:40PM BBT Omarosa and Mark are still playing pool. Omarosa looks like a giant pink bunny in her jammies (think A Christmas Story). Brandi, Ross and Marissa chatting in general.


5:54PM BBT Omarosa heads to the gym and talks to James. Says she was sleeping nicely and James says until loud mouth Brandi played the prank. He says at least she is going home tomorrow. Omarosa says that it is going to be a DE though.

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5:57PM BBT Omarosa and James talking. Talking about who different HG would put up. Omarosa says that Ari is fighting with Marissa and Ross. James says no she isn't. Omarosa says that Ross pinky promised Brandi F2 so Brandi has been talking to Ari.


6:03PM BBT Omarosa talks about who has won what. James tells her that he didn't win things on purpose. Omarosa tells him to make sure he tells people that when he gives his speech.


6:07PM BBT James says that prisons have more sunlight and room then the house. He says at the same time he hasn't had as much free time ever. Omarosa says she is looking forward to getting home and getting fresh air. She needs to get her oxygen levels back to normal and then work out.


6:13PM BBT Ross and Brandi talk. Ross asks Brandi is she knows what Ari is doing. Brandi says yes. Brandi talks about them making a F2. Ross says she was the only one he knew in the house. He says he ment it. He says everything changes in the house quickly. Brandi says that she and Ari have never made a deal.


6:19PM BBT James and Omarosa talk. James says after the game he may take his handlers to dinner. Omarosa says she takes wrap parties very seriously because you see these people again and again. James says he will keep it in mind but doesn't know. In the BR, Brandi is calling out Ross for making alliances. We get FOTH.

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8:02PM BBT Marissa tells Ross in the SR that Brandi is getting ready to put on a show in an hour when the Pop TV is live.  Her hair and makeup are going on now.


8:05PM BBT Brandi heads to the KT with Ari to eat because she's feeling a little nauseous. 


8:08PM BBT Ross, Brandi, James, Ari and Marissa are in the KT making pizza and garlic bread.  Brandi heads back to the WA or SR.   You can hear her in the background asking BB for wine.


8:13PM BBT Mark is also now in the KT with the others.  It's fairly quiet and somewhat awkward.


8:14PM BBT Marissa says she's going to bed at 9.  Mark says he will sleep at 10.  Ross said earlier that he will head to his room at 9 to avoid Brandi during Pop TV.


8:19PM BBT Marissa says she needs to study the days because she's confused.  Omarosa is now in the KT as well.  Not much talk - just a lot of blank stares.


8:23PM BBT Marissa says that she wishes they had their cell phones. Marissa to Mark "you all right, McGrath?" "Just chillin". Ari does her nails, Brandi and James cook, Marissa eats.


8:27PM BBT Marissa reads off the nutritional info from the feta cheese container.  [this is how desperate they are for conversation]


8:30PM BBT Brandi finds a bottle of wine in the SR.  But she can't find the wine opener.

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6:25PM BBT Ross apologizes to Brandi but says that she upset everyone in the house. Brandi says she thought he was her friend. He says he is but everything is different from 22 days ago. He says Marissa has been loyal to him. He says he feels awful but he has to choose between sending a friend home. Brandi says he made a deal with her.


6:30PM BBT Brandi gets up and walks out of the BR. She says "nice working with you. Remind me never to do that again". Ross tells Ari that he feels bad and if he could go back he wouldn't make the deal. He says a lot has changed but he can't change it.



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8:32PM BBT The camera zooms in on the wine opener behind the pink Himalayan salt.






8:34PM BBT Marissa follows Mark into the other side of the house to let him know that Brandi is ready to put on a show at 9BBT and that she is going to bed.  Mark said that he's going to be up in his HOH room.  Ross is in bed.


8:36PM BBT Marissa goes in to talk with Ross in the LBR and tells him that Brandi is going to ask for another opener.  Ross says that they should all take a glass. Mark tells Marissa and Ross that they're welcome to come up to HOH.  


8:38PM BBT Mark tells Marissa and Ross that if for some reason there's a tie, he will vote Brandi out.


8:40PM BBT Ross tells Mark that he needs more time to think of what he'll say to Brandi in his goodbye message.  


8:44PM BBT All of the HG are back in the KT.  They start to predict how the show will go tomorrow night.  Brandi heads to the DR to ask for another bottle opener.


8:46PM BBT Marissa says that she's had some really fun times in the house, but also on the flip side of that, shes's also been strung out and sad.


8:47PM BBT Brandi organizes her cosmetics, etc. in the BR while the HG start to joke and laugh in the KT, talking about the "what ifs" if they had an America's Player in the house.  


8:53PM BBT Ross goes upstairs to play pool, but looks and listens to the KT. Marissa goes up to play with him.


9:00PM BBT Brandi joins Marissa, Ari, and Ross upstairs.  She's very quiet while Marissa and Ari are fairly loud.



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9:04PM BBT Pop TV is on, so they start giving shout outs.  Brandi takes out some of her hair extensions.


9:08PM BBT James does some heavy breathing ab work in the RBR.


9:09PM BBT Omarosa joins Ross, Ari, Brandi and Marissa upstairs in the pool area.  Brandi continues to just stare at them awkwardly.  Omarosa talks about her allergies and how the house is affecting her.


9:11PM BBT Mark comes by in his HOH robe and heads down to the BR.  Brandi said that she can't pack (no suitcase) and can't drink (no opener).  She thinks that it was left in the BY a few nights back.


9:18PM BBT The HG are hoping that they get a visit fron Zingbot.


9:19PM BBT Brandi goes downstairs to get Benadryl, carrying her hair extensions.  


9:23PM BBT Brandi asks Ross to come downstairs.  Production told her that the wine opener is in the house, so they start searching.


9:26PM BBT Marissa tells Brandi that she wants a glass of wine.  Brandi says that she's being a f'n b.  They're all down in the KT now.


9:28PM BBT Marissa, Mark, Ari and Omarosa talk to the camera explaining how Omarosa made her dip.  The camera keeps turning away from Marissa and she feigns being offended.

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9:33PM BBT The HG start giving shoutouts to the evicted players.  Marissa is in the RBR with James, placing her items in a trash bag.  She tells James that Brandi had O swear on the bible that she would vote for Marissa if she could get Ross to change his vote.


9:36PM BBT Marissa has a sip of Ross's wine.  He tells her to get a glass, but she said she needs to keep her wits about her when Brandi's meds kick in.


9:36PM BBT Marissa and Ross talk about how they could either go home tomorrow night as well as Brandi because of the double eviction.  "Omarosa could win HOH and put us both up".


9:38PM BBT James had a glass of white wine as well, leaving Brandi with even less.  She called him an a-hole.


9:40PM BBT Marissa and Ross head upstairs to use the HOH BR.  James goes up to hang in the HOH room as well.


9:42PM BBT In the KT, Brandi says "it's just a game". Omarosa says she's just happy to meet the others.  Brandi pours Ross more wine.


9:45PM BBT Omarosa asks them to use one word to describe their time in the house.  Ross - intense, Ari - drama, Brandi - lucky, Mark - incredible, Omarosa - complicated.


9:46PM BBT Omarosa said she cried for 3 days the first week.  The others said they didn't see her cry.  She said she wouldn't let them see that.


9:48PM BBT Brandi feels that there would be more game talk if there weren't so many friends.  


9:50PM BBT Brandi starts to talk about the irony, and then stops and says she'll save that for Julie.  Omarosa tells her to make sure she tells Julie how good her roommates were.


9:51PM BBT Omarosa said that she was in the Miss DC USA pageant, and that had she won she would've moved on to Miss USA, but she didn't win.  She said she won a lot of scholarship money through the Miss America pageant system.


9:55PM BBT Omarosa tells the others that there's a website where you can list your trees where people can come pick the fruit that is growing.


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10:04PM BBT Ross is called to the DR. In the KT, Brandi tells Ari and Omarosa that they can go lie down, but she's going to stay up and pack. O offers to stay with her and help pack, but she says she doesn't need it.


10:06PM BBT Mark makes fun of Marissa's use of the word "like".  He started counting how many times she would say it in a sentence.  He also said that Marissa snores.  Mark said that O can't have a guy in the room where she sleeps. [must be in her contract?]


10:08PM BBT Brandi said that she broke up with a guy once because of his snoring.  She's a light sleeper, and he would wear ear plugs for his own snoring.


10:10PM BBT The HG talk about how they travel with the Clear system.  They use biometrics so that you don't need ID.  Mark said that they're adding this to stadiums, etc.


10:16PM BBT Ross and Marissa are in the RBR.  Marissa says that she's had an easy going approach.  Ross says that he hopes Brandi doesn't say anything horrible because his mom is watching.


10:22PM BBT In the KT, Ari, Omarosa, and Brandi talk about places they've lived.  O said she moved into her husband's house, and that his man cave is bigger than her Culver City apartment.


10:26PM BBT Brandi said that she's given up and knows she's going home.  O tells her that someone else will be going with her with the double eviction.  Mark still doesn't believe that two will be evicted.


10:27PM BBT Brandi switches over to the red wine.  Marissa, Ross and James still talking about Brandi's game play. Marissa says that Brandi thinks that she still has Ari's vote.


10:30PM BBT Mark said that he's not a floater, he's just non-committal, and "the competitions are only 15% of this game".  Brandi says if she could go back in time, she would change some things.  She understands the game now, but wishes that she understood it more coming in.



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10:32PM BBT It's just Brandi and Mark in the KT now.  They talk about living with someone and how it's not always easy, and that they have dealbreakers with hygiene, etc.  


10:35PM BBT Brandi says that her boys have a code phrase "safety no bear", but she doesn't know what it means.  They're at Eddie's house right now.  The feeds go to fish while she finishes the personal convo.


10:41PM BBT Brandi tells Mark that he should not be sitting against James at the end.  She advises that he should be against O because nobody will vote for her.  Brandi tells Mark that he will not have her vote.  Mark tells her how much Ross had her back more than anyone in the house.


10:42PM BBT Brandi said that Ross not getting her vote is personal.   She tells Mark that he's grumpy sometimes, and he tells her that she is too.  Brandi says that he's been very nice the last couple of days, and never arrogant - he said it's because he's been sleeping.


10:45PM BBT Mark says that he can't win against Ross, Ari or Marissa.  He had gigs that he almost kept this weekend because he never thought he'd be in the house this long.


10:47PM BBT Mark and Brandi talk about how perfect Ariadna is.  She never speaks bad anybody and they can't win against her.


10:48PM BBT Brandi and Mark talk about the press after the show is over.  They feel that the winner will be going on the late shows, but not as the first guest of the night.  (second guest is less important)


10:51PM BBT Brandi has 900k Twitter followers, and 300k Instagram followers.  She said she can make her rent with this.  Ross goes to the restroom and then to sleep.  Mark goes up to say good night to everybody.


10:52PM BBT In the BR, Ross asks Brandi if she needs help with anything.  She closes the BR door and he says goodnight.


10:55PM BBT Ross and Brandi are in the GBR.  Brandi asks if the "little one" was upset with her because she was acting a little manic upstairs.  Ross says no.  Ross tells her he feels awful. Brandi says "good".   


10:58PM BBT Ross apologizes for being so naive in making a deal with her that he couldn't uphold.   He asks Brandi for a favor in not saying anything mean about him during the show because his mom is watching.  


10:59PM BBT Brandi says to Ross that she is loyal to a fault and just didn't understand the game.  They say that there's still love between them and that they expect to be at happy hour together in a week.  He says he'll pay.


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11:02PM BBT Brandi gets teary eyed talking about Ari's loyalty and how sad she is that Ari won't have someone like her in the house after Brandi leaves.


11:03PM BBT Ross tells Brandi what he will do going forward.  He will stay in the middle ground.  Brandi tells Ross that he needs to get James out of the house.  James can do the physical stuff, but Ross can do the puzzles.


11:07PM BBT Omarosa comes into the GBR while Brandi starts packing her suitcase.  In the BR, Ross tells Marissa about their conversation and how he feels less awful.


11:08PM BBT James and Ari chat in a RBR bed about the BB game.  


11:10PM BBT Brandi gets in the bed with James and Ari and cuddles Ari.  James goes into the KT.  Brandi gets up and talks with Ross and Ari about how cute their butts are.  


11:13PM BBT  Mark is upstairs listening to music in the HOH room.  Ari, Marissa, Ross, O, and Brandi are in the GBR while Brandi packs.  They all joke around and the mood is much lighter.


11:22PM BBT James talks to the camera about not knowing what they're talking about with Brandi and motions with his hand that she's crazy.


11:24PM BBT Ari models her bustier.


11:28PM BBT James tells Ross that he "towel changes" on the beach all the time, but that's different than having people watching online and take screen shots.  He hopes that there are no compromising pics out there.


11:35PM BBT Ross tells Marissa and James that in 19 seasons, they've never shown someone in the shower.  He also says he's not worried about it because it's in their contract that they won't show anything.  He jokingly says "actually I hope they do, because then I could sue them".


11:37PM BBT Ross, James and Marissa in the LBR starts talking about the dates "before and after" and will practice more in the morning.

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