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Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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10:01PM BBT Mark goes up to HOH while Marissa and Ross chat in the RBR.  Ross fills Marissa in on what Mark just told her.  They say that they have to make a choice, and then O walks into the room and the stop talking.


10:05PM BBT Ross tells Marissa to find time to talk tonight.  Ross tells her about his earlier conversation with Brandi and how Brandi said that she was upset that he didn't keep his F2 with her.


10:07PM BBT Brandi said that they have "a thing" tomorrow morning, but they'll be up late with long DRs.  Mark said that they asked "a million questions".  


10:08PM BBT Mark joins Brandi and Ross in the BY, saying that it's their last night outside.  Mark doesn't believe that there will be a double eviction on Friday, that they'll bring 6 HG to the finale.  


10:10PM BBT Brandi says "we're all going to need a lot of therapy after this".  Ari brings chips outside.  Mark in the KT tells O that Ari is so much more fun when Brandi isn't around her. 


10:12PM BBT Mark says that he thinks he'll be "more present" after leaving the house, taking more time with his kids.  He likes that this is a takeaway from this experience.


10:13PM BBT James said that he would have a hard time taking a long weekend just to go visit his sister in FL, but yet he's taken a month to be in the BB house.  They are now all around the fire in the BY.


10:15PM BBT The HG talk about the differences between regular BB and celebrity BB, both physically with the house and the people in the house. (i.e. open BY hours, smokers, etc)


10:17PM BBT They all say that they've never been smokers.  Mark said that his parents were smokers, which was a turn off.  James asks if there are any good shows in LA, that he saw Cirque before coming in the house.


10:18PM BBT The HG give a shoutout to Metta and ponder what he is doing right now.  Brandi talks about how gross the KT was and that it was dirty and hard to cook in, but that it's clean now.  


10:22PM BBT Brandi pours a beer into her wine glass and asks Production for a bottle of win, and that she'd share it.  "Instead of drinking 3.5 glasses, I'll only drink 2".  She rejoins the others in the BY.


10:25PM BBT They confirm that veto ceremony will be done mid-morning tomorrow.  They wonder how they will eliminate so many people in 2 hours on Friday.  "Double eviction - double on Saturday?  Or Thurs, Fri, Sunday?"  They are thinking out loud the different possibilities.


10:28PM BBT Brandi says that the wig she's wearing is Marissa's, and that while it keeps her warm, it is really itchy.  Mark talks about Paul wearing the pink flamingo "Trejo" into the DR with no shirt. 


10:29PM BBT They flashback to Victoria being on the block 9x, which was from Season 16.  They all were given that season to watch as a reference to what to expect in the house.



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10:30PM BBT Ross reminds them that there are only 4 days left in the house.  They don't think they could make it in the house for 3 months while constantly gaming.


10:31PM BBT Brandi brings up the jury and who's pissed off at them when voting.  She says you can't get through this game with integrity.  They all agree that you can't win without being deceptive or misinformation.  Mark says "that's just how it works"


10:33PM BBT Mark says that he'll have an Angry Orchard at 11PM BBT, that it'll give him something to look forward to.  Brandi is wearing plastic gloves that have a lotion concoction in them.


10:35PM BBT Ross and Ari tell Brandi that she should consider going brunette because it looks good on her and that she looks younger.


10:39PM BBT Mark talks about how his "turn" recording for the opening of BB shows is awkward, that he didn't like doing that for the show Xtra either.  Omarosa said she had to have a fan and to put gel on the lighting when recording hers.


10:41PM BBT Brandi and Ari talk about giving Chuck a makeover with his nails and a green mask, and then how much fun they used to be.  Mark says that the house has aged him 10 years at least.


10:42PM BBT The HG know that they will be asked about the show for the next 6 months and should be prepared for the people telling them what they should've done differently, and how they will react.  


10:43PM BBT James says that he doesn't want to spend his time after eviction watching the show at home preparing for his vote.  They feel like they will learn quickly who has been talking smack about them.


10:45PM BBT "Free Marissa" - they are sad for Marissa, who's missing the outdoor time while in the DR.  They wonder how disgusting the KT and BR would be with 16 people who've never lived on their own and don't clean dishes.  


10:48PM BBT The HG talk about how many people they'll meet at the wrap party.  Ross said he'll stay for about 5 minutes and then he'll leave.  Mark "all we can do is speculate and talk sh*t in here".  


10:52PM BBT Ross tells the story about how Metta whispers to him "I wanna go home" before the first comp even started - 45 minutes after walking into the house.  Metta then told him on day 7 "remember that thing  told you before?  spread it around!"


10:53PM BBT Brandi goes into the KT to get some candy and then heads back outside.  Marissa is still in the DR.


10:54PM BBT The HG wonder if BB showed Metta really wanting to leave the house on the episodes.  Brandi tells them the time and even though they want to go inside, they stay because they know they won't have the opportunity again.


10:56PM BBT Mark goes into the KT to get a soda.  (he foregoes the Angry Orchard - "I'm not in the mood for booze").  James also goes in to eat something because he'll have to go in the DR soon.


10:59PM BBT Brandi says in the BY that she wishes she was better at kissing a$$, like when people she doesn't like are in power.  


11:00PM BBT James eats the chicken from yesterday and Ross brings a sandwich out to the BY.  They again talk about how cold it is outside.  Omarosa, Brandi, Ari and Ross are in the BY saying that they'll just go to bed early when they're stuck inside.



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