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Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Thank you!

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11:00pm-12:00am BBT: James and Brandi argue and James tells her that she pokes at him all the time and if she does not see that then she has an issue. Brandi tells him he is rude and it is hard to like him in the house Mark comes in and tells Brandi that James is a gentleman/He ask Brandi it give it a rest for one night so they can enjoy the night. Brandi goes to the Dr and Ari says she is sorry for the way Brandi is acting. mark and James say she needs to stop apologizing for Brandi.
Brandi is out of the DR and talks to Marissa in the KT. Brandi is upset that Marissa did not defend her to James. Marissa tells her i was brushing my teeth then walks off from her.


12:00am-1:00am BBT: Marissa, Ross and Ari talk about if they win Veto then Omarosa goes on the block. They then taslk about how Brandi needs to go home and how Omarosa can not be in the final four with them.James joins them and talks about maybe Ari going home. Ross says that Omarosa needs to go first becuse she lies all the time. James and marissa say they will win the veto .
Omarosa and Ari are reading their bibles  and Brandi is sleeping. Most Hg are in bed or getting ready for bed.


1:00am-2:00am BBT: Marissa gets up and walks around the house counting things. Ross gets up a joins her they talk about making ti to final four them making a deasl with Ari but first they have to get james out as soon as they get to final five. marissa says that she has lost this games as everyone else can beat her at the end. She keeps repeating herself. They then talk about the feeders being awake and listening to them then they laugh. They head to bed.
All HG sleeping.

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 7:55am BBT:  Ari and Omarosa in the WA doing make up.

8:11am BBT: Ari and Omarosa still doing make up in the WA. All other Hg in bed sleeping.

8:47am BBT: Ari and Omarosa still doing  make up as all other HG are still sleeping.

8:53am BBT: Ari amd Omarosa talking about needing a good nights sleep. omarosa is curling her hair and Ari is straightening her hair.

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 9:10am BBT: We have FOTH as BB wakes the HG for the day.

9:21am BBT: Brandi and Ari talking in the BBR About Everyone agreeing with James in the house and Brandi says that James will see when we get out of here and they will see how he is. Ari says she is so sore. Brandi makes her bed then sits down.

9:37am BBT: Most HG in the KT making coffee and breakfast. Mark says he slept five hours lastnight and feels pretty good. Marissa comes in and mark says morning. She says she had to get up at 6am and we get FOTH.

9:39am BBT: Marissa in bed again telling Ross that  Omarosa told Ari this morning they need to get rid of Brandi. Ross just looks at her and Marissa says i know.

 9:42am BBT: Mark and James talking general talk in the KT while Brandi sits and drinks coffee. Ari is cutting a melon for breakfast. Ross and Marissa in the BR talking about Brandi making things up and how much she drinks. Ross says it is so dry and awful in this house. and covers his eyes.

9:58am BBT: Omarosa and Marissa talking in the BR about Brandi and how she has been acting  and Omarosa thinks her not seeing a video of her kids has affected her so much.

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10:05am BBT: Ross in the Kt making breakfast talking to James and mark about flying. Brandi walking around looking in everything and listening.

 10:12 am BBT: All Hg except Brandi are in the KT eating breakfast and talking general talk. Ari is complaining it is so cold in the house.

10:23am BBT: All HG In the KT eating talking general talk and mark keeps singing and we keep getting FOTh.

10:38am BBT: Hg just sitting around the KT talking general talk about wanting to go home.

10:47am BBT: Marissa and Brandi in the BR and Marissa says i am not going to lie to you i felt like you was yelling at me lastnight and Brandi says i was not yelling, Marissa tells her well i felt like you was yelling at me and  i felt like you was mad at me and all i was doing was brushing my teeth and listening to James vent.Brandi says i felt like you wasn't defending me and Marissa says i am sorry you felt that way but i was just listening to James vent is all i was doing.

10:49am BBT: Marissa says i was not doing anything wrong i was just listening to James and i am sorry you felt that way but i was not in it i thought i was just listening to James vent.Brandi says James says i am saying things i am not and for him to say i lie well we have all lied. Marissa says i can respect that. Marissa says i know how you feel but i was not in the DR saying anything i do not do that.

10:53am BBT: Marissa and Brandi repeating themselves as Ari sits and listens. Brandy says i am sorry you felt i was mad at you. In the KT mark. James and Omarosa are cleaning and talking about what Brandi and Marissa might be saying.

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11:04am BBT: Brandi and Marissa hug and apologizes for everything, Brandi leaves the room as Marissa says they are going to make them wait all day for this then talks about her hair.

 11:11am BBT: Marissa and Ari are putting hair pieces on Ross and laughing. Mark, James and Omarosa are in the KT talking general talk.

 11:22am BBT: Hg are all getting ready for the POV comp as Ross runs and says he is going to try to shower in 15 minutes. He then says i do not know what i am doing as i am hosting.

11:28am BBT: HG are excited as they get ready for the POV comp and saying they can not wait to get outside.

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11:30am-12:00pm BBT: Omarosa asked Ari if Brandi knows that she is the target this week and ari tells her yes she heard James talking lastnight in the WA. Marissa and James are  talking about  if this is the hide and go veto where to hide theirs at, They talk about several places in the house and the high places it can go to be hid. Ross then talks to Marissa and  says that Brandi talked to him and told him she thought they had a final 2 deal and now he does not have her vote. Ross gets called to the Dr and Hg get excited as they get to go out to play the POV. we get Kitty Cam.

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6:30PM BBT Feeds are back. Mark told Ari she did well. Ari has won POV. It was a puzzle with the HG faces. It was face morph.


6:40pm BBT Marissa is in the Hollywood BR talking like she's going to be nom. She wants just her, Brandi, Ari and Ross to be able to talk, but Omarosa comes in. Mark unpacks clothes up in HoH then heads to the gym for a workout, where James already is. Mark tells James he's definitely putting up Marissa, but he's going to go through the motions of listening to everyone. He doesn't want to tick of Omarosa and will just say that Marissa hasn't been nom yet and its her turn.

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6:50pm BBT In the gym, Mark & James discuss who would remain loyal to whom, and who might vote for whom in various F2 pairs. They think in the end, Ross will stick with the boys. With Omarosa in the Hollywood BR, the girl chat is surface-only, talking about the images during the comp.  Mark thinks nominating Marissa will force the house to vote out Brandi whereas if he nominated Omarosa, she would go.


6:55pm BBT Mark is breathing heavily on the elliptical while James is doing lifts with an empty weight bar.  FotH.  Feeds return and no change. Mark said his knee is soar.  Omarosa is listening to Marissa, Ross, Ari and Brandi talk but is not engaging. James says once Brandi is gone, he has a system for getting everyone else out. The others may not think he and Mark have been playing, but they have.


7:00pm BBT Someone is singing the Barney song in the Hollywood BR and BB tells them to stop. James and Mark are pretending to be BB delivering wake up messages.  Brandi is brushing out a wig. James now doing lunges while holding a weight over his head.

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7:05pm BBT James tells Mark in Gym that they have to be very clear to Marissa there's 0% chance she's going home. Mark agrees, saying the others won't mind because it takes the target off them this week. Mark will be happy to see Brandi out of the house. James lifting 10lb weights over his head. Mark is surprised they have 10lbs and 25lbs but no 15lbs. Mark says it helps to have the noise of someone else exercising.


7:10pm BBT James says this won't lead to an acting job but Pilot season is right after the season ends. There are no losers here. Mark says it's a privilege to play the game. James says the shows don't show 90% of the time they spend [but we see it on the live feeds! -- Morty].  James now skipping rope. Brandi now combing out her real hair in the Hollywood BR. Mark says Brandi will be pissed with Marissa's nomination.


7:15pm BBT James says he won't say anything unless someone comes to him. Mark says he's not worried, he'll talk to Ari. As long as she stays with the plan, Brandi goes home. If not, Ari has to go home too sometime. He'll tell her that if she saves Brandi, she'll be the one going home instead.  James is now doing leg pushes. Mark is headed off to the shower. James says he's almost done too. But first, shoulder shrugs while holding hand weights.


7:25 pm BBT James grabs some water, then returns to the lateral overheads with the 25lb weight. James is now shadow boxing a little then it's back to jump rope. It's subdued in the Hollywood BR, with moments of levity. With Omarosa in the room, the girls cannot talk game. James is down in the KT getting more water for his bottle. He returns to the gym.


7:35pm BBT James does some pull-ups then it's back to the hand weights. In the BR, Brandi thinks she could beat James in an Endurance Comp. Marissa says in the comp, she understood the pictures more than the directions BB gave her. Back to the rope in the gym. He keeps telling himself to "come on".  Marissa tells the Hollywood BR that she's sure she'll be the replacement nom to ensure the house votes out Brandi.


7:50pm BBT James is now on the row machine in the gym. In the Hollywood BR, Marissa, Ari and Brandi regret not voting out James instead of Chuck. Mark is out of the HoH shower and blow drying his hair. James is on the elliptical now. Brandi and Ari head to the Teal BR. Brandi is crying as she realizes Marissa is probably right. Mark is downstairs and the rest of the house is mingling in the KT.


7:56pm BBT Marissa, Mark, Ari, Brandi and Ross are in the KT planning dinner. Omarosa is in the DR. James is still working up a sweat in the gym on the elliptical, giving himself pep talks.  Marissa and Ross talk in the SR. She wants to force a tie breaker so Ross doesn't have to vote out Brandi but Ross says it can't be a tie. Ross and Ari would cancel each others' vote and James and Omarosa will vote Brandi.  Marissa thinks Omarosa will vote for her not Brandi.



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 #BBCELBE 8:00pm BBT Marissa, Brandi, Ross and Ari are sitting in the kitchen talking. Marissa is making there chores due to big brothers rule.
The house guest have responsibilities such as cleaning the gym, the kitchen, windows, bathroom, living room, meal prep , tables and feeding the fish , trash removal, taking out the trash and vacuum the floors. Brandi has blonde hair and brown hair. She also has a black hat on. They said that they can't clean the bathroom. Now she is telling them where to be in an earthquake go outside thru the sliding glass door. Some how they have found the instrution book for the bb house and there duties.

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  8:11 pm BBT They are all talking about the book. I see Fifi is by the stairs wrapped in a blanket. They can't get over the nasty bathroom. Now Marissa is still reading about the instruction book.. Ross keeps telling them to follow Metta he knows where to go. Marissa keeps going on and on about the instruction book. Ross is looking in the refrigerator. Marissa wants them all to go to the movies. Marissa wants to make some cookies but nobody else seems to want any. Ari and Brandi are sitting there so quiet.

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  8:20 pm BBT Mark is in the HOH room listening to his music with his glasses on. He's just in there enjoying his HOH room.
Ari, Brandi, Marissa, and Ross are at the pool table. Ross is playing Ari. Brandi must have got a punishment she is wearing gloves, brown wig, black hat, pink and gray pants.
Haven't seen Omarosa anywhere in the feeds. All 4 want to go into DR together, they think it would be so funny.

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 8:27 pm BBT Nothing really going on at the pool table. Just a lot of small talk and Ross and Ari attempting to play pool.
Marissa and Brandi are sitting in the chairs making comments on how they are playing. Right now there is only one red
ball left on the table. Ross is trying to hit the black ball in and didn't do it. Ross calls his pocket he is hitting it into but no luck. 4 rounds and the
black ball still hasn't made it. Now Ari finally made the last play. Now Ross is going to play Marissa.

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  8:36 pm BBT Thanks for the time BB I got to see James and Omarosa in the kitchen. James was asking if they were going to open up the back yard for the after show.
Now feeds are back and James is quiet. I see that James has two bags of ice on his knees one for each of them.  Now he is up checking on his food that he is warming in the kitchen.
Now he is back to sitting down with ice on his knees. James says that there is only 4 days and one night they have to skip.

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#BBCELEB 8: 43 pm BBT James says tomorrow will be the worst day tomorrow because they want have anything to do. Mark tells James it would be a crusher if they made it to the end. James tells Mark that his knees haven't felt right the past two days so that's why he is putting the ice on. Mark ask what's he making and he said taco stuff from the other day. Mark is eating popcorn and James is still fixing his taco food. James said he thing Saturday will be the long one if it's and endurance.

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 8:47 pm BBT Omarosa says the only thing that will help her get over missing her husband is hard drugs and alcohol. James is eating his taco salad. Omarosa tells them that tonight is the last day to wash there clothes. They want have any more days. Omarosa said James will have a hundred million emails and then he will get back to them. We have fish again.
We come back to James eating and Mark gets called to the DR. He says I'll go pee first. Omarosa is cooking in the kitchen with a blanket around her she must be cold. Marissa said that she left her phone at home but if her husband is there then she don't need it. Marissa tells Brandi she loves her wig on her.

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 8:56 pm BBT Still in the Kitchen Omarosa, Marissa, James and Brandi are talking about the comps and how they put there all on every comp.
Brandi said that she is still so so sore from the last HOH comp. Omarosa said they were live in 5 minutes so lets get excited. None of the three don't seem excited . Marissa said that she wouldn't get chuck eyes. Ari won the POV they said that they knew a girl would win..

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9:02PM BBT Brandi and Ross are talking upstairs. He is telling her where she went wrong and not being faithful to the F4 when she voted for Shannon to stay. Also, her blowing up at James didn't help.


9:05PM BBT Ross says that he didn't make a deal with Marissa, and that he'd like to vote for Brandi to stay, but he appears to be trying to let her down easy.


9:06PM BBT Ross tells Brandi that if it's a tie, she'll go home.  


9:08PM BBT Brandi tells Ross that he won't get her vote in the end.  He says he's not even thinking about the end.


9:10PM BBT Ross tells Brandi that it's not up to him.  Their conversation is a bit awkward as Brandi appears to be guilting him.  They realize that Pop TV is on and pep up.


9:15PM BBT Marissa and Ari are with Omarosa and James in the LR going down memory lane.  First question is "who did you talk to first when coming into the house?"


9:17PM BBT Ross and Brandi head downstairs and Ross finishes up their conversation with "we have time".  Brandi joins the others in the LR.


9:19PM BBT The HGs play "Ends on A$$" word game.


9:24PM BBT Marissa asks the others to do her makeup since she still has to do the DR tonight.


9:27PM BBT The HGs play Truth or Dare.


9:28PM BBT They spin the Coke bottle to see who's next up in the game.  It points to Ross and he is jokingly asked by Ari if he's straight in the house and gay outside.  

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9:31PM BBT Ross is asked what celebrity he's made out with.  He says that he was going a segment and the woman kissed him with tongue in his mouth.  The cameras then go to James making tea, so we don't get the name.


9:34PM BBT Ross asks Marissa which actor's performance was the best she's seen on Broadway.  "Patty Lupone in Gypsy"


9:35PM BBT Marissa asks James how old he was when he got his first job.  San Diego children's choir, doing La Boheme.  (wasn't clear on the age)


9:37PM BBT James dares Omarosa to put her hand in the fish tank, and she does. Ross brings up the pedicure fish that eat the skin off your feet. 


9:42PM BBT Bottle lands next on Ari, who takes truth.  "how old is the oldest man you've ever dated"...."50, but he doesn't look like 50".  


9:43PM BBT The bottle lands next on the owl, who picks Truth.  Ross "Owl go first.  What ruffles your feathers?"   "I don't like when people rip my seams open".  (Brandi plays voice of owl)


9:45PM BBT Ross asks Brandi what celebrity she'd like to date if given the opportunity.  "Lenny Kravitz"  She's met him briefly and that he's nice.  


9:46PM BBT Bottle lands next on James, who takes Truth.  "How old were you when you first had sex?"  He doesn't want to answer on camera.  Then asked oldest lady he's had sex with "she was older, and I was younger - she was 18 years older". 


9:49PM BBT Ross is asked who he's never had the chance to interview.  "Adele, I've never met Adele".  Mark is out of the DR and they fill him on the game they're playing.  They're trying to kill time until 10, when the BY opens.


9:51PM BBT Ross is asked who "dead" he would like to have interviewed.  "Bea Arthur or Michael Jackson".


9:52PM BBT Brandi is next and chooses Dare.  Ross tells her to do the cinnamon challenge, and then retracts it.  Marissa is called to the DR.


9:53PM BBT Game is over, Brandi never gets her dare.  They decide that the game would be more fun outside of the house.


9:54PM BBT Mark cleans up in the kitchen, drying and putting away the dishes.  Omarosa comes into the kitchen and throws away her paper plate.  James says that it's hard to not sing in the house and that he sings in the DR all the time.


9:57PM BBT The BY is now open.  James wants to do a small load of laundry.  Mark says that the BY is cold. Ross talks to Mark and asks who's going up as replacement nom.  Mark says "most likely Omarosa"


9:59PM BBT Mark tells Ross in the KT that he's in a weird spot.  Mark said that it was "nice getting off campus today", Ross said he didn't get to.  




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