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Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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The Hollywood Red Carpet Bedroom (RBR)
The Landmarks Bedroom (LBR)

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Thank you!

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  1:02 am BBT Ross is telling Brandi that a friend of his said he wants to feel the ew and he tried on the sandles and he understood what he ment and Ross want wear anyother sandles but them. Production called for Mark to go to the DR. So he must be getting his HOH room. Omarosa tells Ari that her nails are cute . Ross tells Omarosa that Ari gave him an manicure to but there wasn't one that was shinny so he shot them a bird to show them that he doesn't have any polish on it. They are wondering why it takes so long for them to load there music on to the mp3 player. Ross is betting that Mark don't get any wine in his box. Now we have Fish.

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  1:08 am BBT Brandi and Ross are talking about good wines. Ross says he is going to sleep and will go up later to see Mark's HOH room.
Ross says he is going to sleep with Ari. Omarosa is falling asleep while listening to Ross and Brandi talking. Jame'ss in the Kitchen saying I knew it I knew it . Now he has went towards the WR he has decided to brush his teeth. He is cleaning his retainer. Now we go to the Hollywood room and Ross is in bed with Ari a little tipsy laying with Ross. Ross tells them that he is in a very committed relationship.Marissa wants to take her bra off but she don't want her boobs out when she goes up to the HOH room. Marissa wants to be naked again.

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  1:15 am BBT James said that Omarosa has peed off a lot of people game wise. Ross said but I like her then James says but
she isn't playing a good game. Ross wishes Brandi would just have a couple glasses of wine and let it be ok but that's not her way. Ross is asking what time is it and is asking Marissa.
Marissa is asking for her medicine. I think Ross and Ari are enjoying laying down in the bed together. Sounds like they have had a little to much to drink tonight they are acting silly and laughing about everything.James is getting a blanket to take up to Mark when he gets in the HOH room. They are telling him how nice it is for him to do that.

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  1:22 am BBT  Omarosa is laying down in the bed just about asleep. Everyone has been called to go to the HOH room. Mark is leading with Omarosa, Ross, James, Marissa, Brandi and Ari then we get fish again. They are all headed up the stairs sing something song. Now Mark says he is so excited to get into the HOH room. Here we go in, Mark is talking about what food he got and now they are looking at the pictures of his family. James is going thru Mark's box and he is so excited because he has some bottles of coke zero and some angry orchard beer. Now they are yelling letter, letter so he is fixing to read it and not going to cry. His wife tells him she missed him so much. She tells him the cabinets will in within the next two weeks. She has been doing some therapy shopping . She has booked a trip for his 50th birthday to Hawaii. She is giving him instructions on what to do in the house.

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 1:33 am BBT They are excited about the marshmallows and sloppy joes. Mark says he is so excited about the letter his wife sent him. Mark is offering everyone any of his food he has got. Now Omarosa, Brandi and Marissa left the room to go to bed. Marissa and Brandi want a sweet letter like that one they are trying to get into the DR to gets meds. Ari , Omarosa, and Marissa are going to feed the fish since Mark is busy. Marissa says we have six more nights left. Omarosa tells Ari that they have the same flight to Miami. They are watching the food go down to the fish. Production tells them that Mark is the one to feed the fish .
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  1:39 am BBT Ross said he was happy for Mark but he really wanted to hear a letter from his mom. Ross said he is so happy Mark but if Ross had left he could be talking to his mom.
Marissa told Mark that she was so happy for Mark and the letter felt like home. Mark told them I told you she was going to finish the kitchen. Mark is packing his clothes in a bag so they will wash his clothes. Mark ask them if they are going to be sad with out him in there. Ross said that the note was tough because he misses his family. Ari said that him and Brandi both were calm. Ari tells Ross she prayed for him and it worked that he got to stay.

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  1:44 am BBT We have fish again.. Brandi and Omarosa are talking and now in the teal room Brandi says she wants
her own time. She was unhappy in the other room. Omaroa goes out of the room and Brandi shoots Omarosa two birds. Brandi said she
promised Metta that she would get James out and since he saved her she feels like that is her mission to get him out.
Brandi thinks Metta was happy to go but she still promised him to get James out of the house. Brandi told Omarosa that they still need
the numbers to get someone out. Brandi says she is trying her hardest to win . Omarosa says that it may not be her time to win.

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  1:53 pm BBT Ross tells Ari that he just can't confront Omarosa. Marissa said that Brandi and Ari wanted her and Ross on the block. Ross says that Metta came
to her right before eviction that she couldn't send him home but when Ari yelled then Omarosa didn't have a choice then she had to send him home. Ross said that Omarosa
told him that he was out first and Marissa said she had cried in the DR because she thought everyone was against her. Omarosa wants a girl to win the game. James tells them that
it just isn't right or fair for a woman to win the game. They are talking about Shannon went home because she was trying to control the whole house . James says that Shannon was a bigger threat.The all agree that what ever Omarosa says you can't believe.

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2:00am-3:00am BBT: Marissa tells Ari thast because shannon and kiesha was trying to control everything they left the house Marissa tells Ari she is scared of Omarosa, Ari then tells her that brandi will not work with Omarosa she will walk out before she does. In the BR omarosa is talking to brandi about how sweet and tough Ari is. Omarosa then talks about being worried about her mom being sick.
Marissa , James and ross talking about neededing to get Omarosa out but james wants Brandi gone so they go over the votes to see what votes they may have. Marissa says she will be excited to get Omarosa out. 
Ari and brandi getting ready for bed and brandi tells her that james threw that comp to mark so he can play in the next HOH and win it.
Hg getting ready for bed and some sleeping already.

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9:00am BBT: All HG still snuggled in their beds asleep.

 9:11am BBT: Mark in HOHR talking to James about sleeping good lastnight. mark thanks James for letting him win HOH lastnight. James says you are welcome you earned it. Ross takes trash to the STR then walks around the KT. Marissa walks through and heads back to the BR.

9:13am BBT: Mark and James talk about being so comfortable in this HOHR. Mark says we can turn the lights out in here and sleep, James says sleep if you want and mark says no he is good. James says just think about all the conversations that was up here without us dude and mark laughs and says yeah.

 9:19am BBT: Mark and James talking about Brandi and how she was saying lastnight that James threw the HOH comp for his own game. Mark says maybe he did and James  tells mark yeah we talked about that before and mark says yeah we did.  James says that Ross wants to Keep Brandi and says that Ross said that Brandi is so nice but James says he does not see it she is never nice to me at all. James says we will talk about it to see who is the bigger threat Omarosa or Brandy and mark says we have talked about it. James says Omarosa can win things but Brandi hasn't done anything.

9:23am BBT: James says she does not like when Brandi is mean to him and then says Ari knows that she is fixen to lose Brandi. So if you nominate Brandi and Omarosa or you can backdoor brandy. Mark says i do not think i want to nominate Brandi and Omarosa together it will be to much  in the house on me then. James says put Ari up there then and backdoor Brandi. James says what if Brandi wins the veto? mark says i can always put up Ross.

9:33am BBT: Mark and James in the KT talking to Ross as he sweeps the floor. Ari and Brandi still in bed sleeping with covers over their heads.

9:42am BBT: Mark and James saying to Ross how they never go around telling anything about anyone else in the house. Mark says it is amazing how people get effected by words in this house. Ross says i know i get it. Mark says he ripped his muscles lastnight. James says yeah i know it used your biceps.

9:51am BBT: Mark and James talking about their fans and how they like their fans. Ross is doing dishes, all other Hg are still in bed sleeping.

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10:00AM - 11:00AM BBT Ross, Mark and James discuss what drinks they like. Discussion about the HOH robes. Ross says he didn't touch his but he thinks Brandi kept Ari's. Mark says he wears robes at home all the time. James has his DWTS robe but it's really big. Ross says his Mom still has a Tonight Show robe that she wears. Ross heads out of the KT. James and Mark chat while doing dishes. Rest of HG sleeping.


11:00AM - 12:00PM BBT James and Mark continue to do dishes. They say they are endless. Omarosa up and looking at a book. May be a Bible. Eventually James crawls in bed and Mark heads to the HOH room to listen to music. Omarosa and Brandi chatting in the WC about The Apprentice.


12:00PM - 1:00PM BBT In the KT James is making lattes and specialty coffees for the HGs. The HG are starting to move about and general chatting. Brandi doing her make up. James and Ari talk about the game. James says that his game changes depending on what is happening. He says he hasn't had to lie in this game. Ari leaves the room. Mark and James talk about Ari. Mark says he feels bad because he likes her. James says he thought about telling her that she isn't the target but didn't.



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1:00PM - 2:00PM BBT Omarosa doing her make up. Mark and Brandi generally talking about the game. About taking friends to the end but there is only one winner. Omarosa talks about that she wants to get into movies and back to fun stuff. She says she spent 2 years doing briefings for the weekends.


2:00PM - 3:00P BBT Ari talks to Ross in the BR. She says she has the feeling that Mark will put her up. Ross asks he if she wants to ask Mark. She says no but she wants to know because she wants to be ready. A bit later, Marissa, Ross and Ari in the BR. They discuss that Ross can write jokes for others. Mark in HOH listening to music.


 3:00PM - 4:00 PM BBT Ari, Brandi, Omarosa and Brandi talk. They discuss even if one of the girls wins the Veto, one of them will be going home. Marissa says that more then likely it is one of the three of them. She doesn't feel Omarosa would be going home. Ross and Mark talk about the noms. Mark says she feels Brandi will not be surprised but Ari may be.


4:00 - 4:26PM BBT Ross, Marissa and Ari play pool. General chatter. That they miss Metta. They talk about how Metta said there was a 10:55PM flight and he was going to be on it. Omarosa says that Metta is still doing press. James says they are lucky if Metta finished his convo with Julie. Mark is called to the DR. Feeds go to animals. Nom time.

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5:37PM BBT Feeds are back. Brandi and Ari are nominated. Ari gives him a hug and says it is just a game. Brandi says she isn't angry. Mark says it is like having to nominate your son or daughter.


5:47PM BBT Ari and Brandi talk in the WC. Brandi says they knew it would be 2 out of the three of them. Ross comes in and they get quiet. Ari walks out and then Ross walks out as Brandi heads into the WC.


5:50PM BBT OMarosa talks to Mark abut the charity auctions she does. About him giving something to it. Mark says that is cool. Omarosa says maybe she will frame her HOH robe. Mark says you have to wear that thing. They can hear construction outside. Mark says they will be luck to get the yard today.


5:59PM BBT General chatting in the KT. Omarosa says that it is 9PM now back east so maybe her husband is watching. Mark says probably not. Omarosa asks if Mark's wife is watching. Mark says he can't even call it. He says she may watch it or never have any interest in it.

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 6:02PM BBT Marissa and Ross are whispering in the BR. Marissa says that they want Brandi out. Ross says he doesn't know that is the right move. Marissa says that they can't argue with them. Marissa says that Brandi takes on the person who left. Brandi is now wearing Metta's clothes. Marissa says maybe split the vote and make him vote out Brandi.


6:07PM BBT Marissa says she was prepared to be nominated because she figured they want to split her and Ross up. Marissa says she isn't going to talk about it until the Veto. Marissa tells him that everyone tried to get her to vote Ross out. Ross says then if Brandi was included in that, why is he feeling bad for Brandi.+


6:26PM BBT Ari and James chatting in the lounge. They are talking about the sofa in the KT is comfortable. Mark doing some cleaning in the KT.



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6:28PM BBT James tells Ari that he has purposely not won the HOH. Ari says she thinks the next one is the last one. James says that there has to be at least 3 more. Ross and Mark are now playing pool.


6:45PM BBT James and Mark playing pool. Brandi doing dishes. Marissa and Ari whispering. Hard ot hear but it sounds like she overheard something in the KT.


6:57PM BBT OMarosa and Marissa talk about that it is getting to them not being able to go outside. Marissa says that it isn't about the house but more about not getting outside and the air. Omarosa and Marissa talk about the cop last night. They had to lay on a board. Marissa says that Brandi joked she was going to pop a silicone. Mark is called to the DR. Omarosa asks if there is an announcement tonight or a comp. Marissa says she doesn't think so. We get animal reels

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7:29PM BBT Feeds are back. All HG in the KT making dinner. Marissa, Ari, James and Ross in the SR. Ross hugs Ari. He tells her not to feel bad if she has questions. James asks BB for more water. He says they need basic needs.


7:39PM BBT Ross and Marissa in the MBR. Marissa tells him that Mark says it is time for Brandi to go.If someone comes down, then Omarosa goes up. If Brandi comes down, them Omarosa goes home. Ross thanks her for telling him. Marissa says that she is going to vote against Brandi.


7:50PM BBT dinner time in the BB house. All HG eating tacos.


7:59PM BBT Omarosa is talking about The Apprentice. Marissa asks her if she was 2nd her first time. Omarosa says she was 9th all three times. Marissa says she thought Omarosa was in the top 2. Omarosa says that top 2 was never her goal. She says she was in every scene and every board room.

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8:03PM BBT Omarosa talks about that she worked in the White House under the Clinton's for 2 years. Marissa says that she had no idea that Omarosa worked in the White House before. Omarosa says that her background was scrubbed when they talk about her.


8:14PM BBT Ross and James talk about when they have to get up early for work. 4:30 AM. James says the only good thing is then you are done by noon. They discuss that he feels bad about Ari nominated. He says that Ari wants to get out Omarosa first. Ross agrees.


 8:20PM BBT James and Ross talking. Trying to figure out who is voting for who. Ross says he feels bad but he has to do what he has to do. James says if Brandi wins Veto, then it's Omarosa but eventually they need to vote out Brandi. James says it would be good if Ari wins the next one, she will put Omarosa out.


8:25PM BBT ROss and James continue to talk strategy. Ross says he is bummed he isn't playing. James says he felt that way yesterday during Veto. They are studying.

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8:35PM BBT Marissa and Ari explaining OTEV to Brandi. Marissa says that OTEV and Zingbot are usually at the same time in the game.


8:42PM BBT James says the more you can keep your word in the house the better but he knows it's hard. They then discuss what Omarosa has said about lies in the White House. They decide to nap.


8:53PM BBT Ari, Brandi and Marissa cleaning the KT. Brandi talking about reality TV. She says she has done 38 reality shows.



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9:03:54 PM BBT Ari, Marissa and Brandi are deep cleaning the kitchen.


9:06PM BBT Ross gets up from his nap, just in time for Pop TV.  Ross and James are admiring the clean KT.


9:08PM BBT James goes to the HOH room to use the restroom.  Mark is listening to his music with the sunglasses on.


9:10PM BBT Marissa, Brandi, Ari, Ross and Omarosa talking in the KT.  They'll be able to go outside in less than an hour.  Brandi tells the others how she was writing profanities while cleaning the mirrors/windows.


9:14PM BBT James tells Mark in the HOH that they have wine downstairs, and then heads down. They start mocking the production recordings, and how they won't miss them at home.


9:16PM BBT The HG joke about getting evicted and then coming back for the finale, and how they'll have a tan/lost weight/be manicured.  


9:18PM BBT James is called to the DR.  Brandi pours Ross a glass of wine.  He notices that it's the last of the bottle and she says "that's what you get for taking a nap".


9:22PM BBT Ari and Omarosa pick up a game of pool.  James, Brandi, Marissa and Ross join them upstairs.


9:24PM BBT Mark comes out of the HOH room to join the others upstairs.  They're telling stories of earlier days in the house.


9:29PM BBT Ari wins at pool, and the HG decide to play doubles. 



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9:36PM BBT Marissa is called to the DR.  Omarosa jokes that "well see you in about 45 minutes"


9:48PM BBT While playing pool, they wonder if Pop has lost viewers because they're so boring.  They feel that Thursday will be the last day of "crushing boredom" while in the house.


9:51PM BBT They compare comps and who was worst at which ones.  


9:53PM BBT Brandi, Omarosa and Ari talk about going into the hot tub when the BY opens up.   They then talk about the courses of junior college that Brandi took while modeling.


9:57PM BBT Feeds go to fish.


9:58PM BBT  Feeds are back and all on Mark taking meds in the SR.   



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10:00PM BBT Mark checks the back door and then heads upstairs to HOH room.  He takes the pillows off the bed and then heads back to group.  The BY is now open.


10:03PM BBT Apparently the BY is a mess, most likely caused by the winds.  Ari and Brandi straighten it up while the others go get their bathing suits.


10:05PM BBT They change their minds about swimming because it's cold outside, and instead of swimsuits, they put on sweatshirts.


10:07PM BBT Ari looks through the KT for stuff to make s'mores.  Ross asks if Brandi really drank all the wine.  Ariadna is called to the DR.


10:09PM BBT Brandi asks for more wine because she can't drink beer and tells production "I'm way more fun on wine".  


10:11PM BBT In the BY, Mark feels that he looks like a vampire and is emaciated since being in the house.  


10:14PM BBT They compare the house as like going through a portal and that it really feels like they're in a "house", and not a set.  They then discuss what it was like as each HG came up on stage before going in.


10:19PM BBT Mark, James, Ross, Marissa and Omarosa ask Brandi about the UK version of BB.  She tells them how bad it is to be boo'd.  They talk about how cold it is outside, but they plan on staying out there until they go to bed.


10:24PM BBT They talk about how special it was to see their family videos on the live show and how emotional it made them.




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10:31PM BBT Ari comes out of the DR and James is called in.  Ari brings marshmallows out to the BY.  It's time for s'mores.


10:33PM BBT Marissa works on the laundry.  Brandi walks through the KT and gives a shout out to Metta.  Brandi was given more wine and brings it out to the DR.


10:36PM BBT They pretend to be on a group date and they have a rose to give out.  Ross try to come up with a name other than The Bachelor so that it can be aired on the show.


10:37PM BBT The show is called "The Last Call" and the HG have to pass the rose around and make a last call for love.   Omarosa professes her love for Mark and passes the rose to him.  He then goes on to Ross.


10:41PM BBT James returns to join them in the BY.  Ross chooses to give the rose to Ari.  Brandi takes the rose and rips off the petals, pretending to be jealous.  The roses burn in the firepit.


10:46PM BBT The game they just played was changed to "Last Call, B*tches".  The HG make fun of Ari wearing Ross's bright green sweatshirt - she finally takes it off.  


10:50PM BBT In the BY, the game turns to "It Ends on A$$" where they go around to make up a song.   Marissa puts on Ross' green sweatshirt, so she is now the one glowing.


10:57PM BBT Mariss heads to the bathroom, where Omarosa and Ross are talking. Back in the BY, Brandi said that it's almost time for bed.  Ross and Marissa are now in the SEL where Marissa is tweeting.


11:00PM BBT Omarosa joins Marissa and Ross in the SEL and they talk about how Ari could be a comedian because she's so funny with her timing and says what you're not supposed to say.

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