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Monday, February 19, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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The Hollywood Red Carpet Bedroom (RBR)
The Landmarks Bedroom (LBR)

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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:01 AM BBT Marissa is talking to Ross in the BR. She informs him about a conversation she had with Mark. He told her that the house keeps talking about how his speech was so long but it was because he knew Shannon was about to blow up everyone's game. So instead, he just kept talking. Ross "I love him. He's a genius." 


12:04 AM BBT Ari is talking to Ross and Marissa. Ari says she talked to Mark. Mark told Ross he wasn't aligned with Omarosa. Ross also thinks that Metta likes him and he may vote for Ross too. Ross apologizes to Ari because Brandi may be going. Marissa says she doesn't care what the house does, she is voting for Ross to stay. Brandi knows that. She hasn't even tried to ask for her vote. 


12:12 AM BBT Marissa is talking to Ari in the teal bedroom. If they get a Hail Mary tomorrow and can keep Brandi and Ross then they need to go after James first. Then Mark or Omarosa in whatever order. 


12:14 AM BBT Ari asks Marissa if she and Ross have a deal with Mark and James. Marissa denies it. She then goes straight to Mark, Ross, and James and tells them that Ari knows. They all lay in bed and then after convincing the house they are asleep they will talk again. 


12:22 AM BBT Marissa and Ross get up and go join Ari in the KT. Ross tells Ari that he isn't going to lie to her. He did ask Mark and James for their vote. Ross tells her that they adore her and she will not be their target. Ross admits that he trusts them (James and Mark) and that they have his ear. 


12:27 AM BBT Omarosa joins Ari, Marissa and Ross in the KT. She tells them she has figured out the veto twist. The wording is clear. It changes the power. Picking who the replacement nominee is groundbreaking. Or the person who wins is safe for this eviction and the next one too. Marissa says she would eat worms for that one.

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12:32 AM BBT Omarosa, Marissa, Ari and Ross are in the KT. Ross "What if the veto allows you to take both people off the block?" Omarosa "That would be horrible. That means half the remaining house I would have pi$$ed off."


12:34 AM BBT Ross goes to bed leaving Ari, Omarosa and Marissa in the KT. Marissa tells them that Ross has the votes to stay unless the house flips again. However if she can take him down and put up someone it will be James.  But then James would have to go. 


12:37 AM BBT Omarosa says she would be okay with them putting up James in a veto twist because her promise was that she wouldn't nominate or backdoor him. She honors her promise because it won't be her doing it. 


12:40 AM BBT Ari tells Marissa and Omarosa that Brandi expects her vote. Omarosa says she is free to vote for who she wants. Furthermore, Rule #1 in BB is don't vote against the house. Metta walks over and they ask him his guests about the twists. He thinks the twist may bring someone back in. Marissa says there are too many people in here already. 


12:42 AM BBT In front of Ari and Omarosa, Marissa asks Metta if he could vote out James if he was up on the block. He says yes. Marissa, then that is what they do. Ari asks Metta if he has a deal with Mark and James. He says he does not, but he does know that they want Brandi out. 


12:45 AM BBT While talking in the KT about what to do if they get to replace Ross on the block, Metta shocks Omarosa, Marissa and Ari by eating raw garlic. He eats it raw for strength. Omarosa "Metta, that is hard core."





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12:50 AM BBT In the KT Marissa tells Metta, Ari and Omarosa that even if Ross did come off the block and could name his own replacement he would pick James. Meanwhile Metta is chopping up garlic and lime and grosses them all out by eating it all raw, including the peel on the lime. Omarosa "That is why he is World Champion and we are little people." 


Gross 1.jpg



Gross 2.jpg


Marissa tells Omarosa that she didn't promise James that if he is a replacement nominee by a fluke veto thing, that she wouldn't break a tie and vote him out. They agree whoever gets James out can win the game. Ari says that James going home does them a big favor. 

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1:03 AM BBT Ari is afraid if the veto brings Ross down that she will go up. Metta, Omarosa and Ari assure her that she has the votes over Brandi to stay. Metta tells her that she would easily have James' vote too. 


1:07 AM BBT The Veto Conspiracy Theories continue in the KT between Metta, Marissa, Omarosa and Ari. They now think because of the time constraints, the veto holder automatically becomes the next HOH. 


1:10 AM BBT Ari tells the others that if Brandi stays and wins HoH then she is going to put up Omarosa. Marissa says that she and Ari can convince her to go after James instead. Ari tells Omarosa that the hate between Brandi and James is real.  


1:16 AM BBT Omarosa has left the others in the KT. Marissa, Metta and Ari think that James wouldn't be mad if he went home on a veto twist. He would probably think it was a good game move on their part. 


1:25 AM BBT Everyone is now in bed with the exception of Metta who is folding a load of towels in the wash area. He talks to himself "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy".


1:35 AM BBT Metta goes in the BY to transfer a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer. He then puts on his hoodie and sunglasses and crawls back in bed. He snuggles Orwell and all the lights go out. Metta says goodnight to his family.

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2:07 AM Metta gets out of bed and goes to the speakeasy and goes to Twitter. He goes back outside to check on the dryer. Mark gets up and goes to the bathroom. Mark runs into Metta and asks if he is alright. Metta tells him yeah, he is just waiting on his clothes. Metta and Mark both go back to bed.


2:30 AM BBT Metta is again in the BY checking on the dryer. He folds his clothes on the top of the dryer, takes his clothes to the bedroom, and hops back in bed.


3:50 AM BBT Metta is once again up. He heads to the bathroom, washes his hands, spends a moment grooming in front of the mirror and goes back to bed again.


5:30 AM BBT Metta won't stay in bed. He is again up, this time getting a snack from the KT. He eats some chips and goes back to bed just as Brandi gets up. She heads to the SR and take some medicine. She then goes to the bathroom before heading back to bed. 


7:30 AM BBT Mark is up and heads to the bathroom again. He washes his hands and goes back to bed. Ross and Metta are both snoring.


7:40 AM BBT It's Marissa's turn to get up and use the bathroom. She goes back to bed. 


8:50 AM BBT WBRB. Maybe a wake up call. 

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9:10am BBT: Mark and James in the KT talking about the music BB played this morning. Metta and Marissa in the BR talking about waking up and running when the music starts.

9:17am BBT: Metta and James talking about music and production and how long songs take to sing and play. James wants to get his songs on the radio and maybe have a gold record then maybe make a video of his music.

9:22am BBT: Mark and Metta talking about they will have to pick players for the veto today. Metta says we might do that on the live show tonight. Mark says yeah maybe on the live show. Marissa and James in the KT getting coffee. Brandi and Ari in the bed covered up talking general talk.

9:38am BBT: Marissa and Ross talking about if Brandi comes off the block who will Omarosa put up as she will not put up James. Marissa says Metta probably. Ross ask how Metta is going to vote and Marissa says he will not vote you out. Ross says ok good. They then talk about studying today for  other competitions.

 9:45am BBT: Ross and Marissa in the BR still talking about alliances and how people have final 4 deals and the alliance they have made with each other. Marissa talks how well James is playing this game. Marissa says she told Ari that if it is Ross and Brandi eviction night she can vote how she wants and told Ari that Brandi will leave and Marissa says that Omarosa said she has to vote with the house.

9:52am BBT: Marissa says yeah we need to vote with the house to keep from being a target i guess and Ross agrees. In the KT Mark, James and Metta are talking general talk.

9:56am BBT: Mark tells Metta and James he would like to win the veto and take Brandi off the block and himself go up. James says i think you both are safe if that happens and mark says but i want to change the game. James says we will find out and mark says yeah in another 7 hours we will.

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12:11pm BBT: HOH lock down is over. HG are leaving the HOHR and going downstairs to make food. 

 12:13pm BBT: Metta helping Omarosa get her things back down stairs. Mark in the KT. Brandi goes to the STR and gets the vacuum cleaner.

 12:19pm BBT: Ross and Mark making lunch, Metta and James in the RBR talking about Slop having Metta messed up.

12:25pm BBt: Brandi and Ross in the BR talking, Brandi says Metta said  he wants to go home, Ross says yeah but we have to promise Ormarosa she will be safe if we did that.

12:28pm BBt: Brandi tells Ross i will put Omarosa up next week no problem i have to work to save myself right now. Ross says he told Omarosa that she was not his target. Brandi says right. Ross gets up to leave the room and he says who knows what kind of twist we are going to get thrown at us now. And Brandy says yes right we do not know.

12:35pm BBT: Ross and Mark talking alone about Ross arm that hurts  and talks about seeing the dr and Ross says he will not say what it is but he knows and we get Foth 

 12:45pm BBT: Marissa, Brandi,Metta and Ari in the BR talking about making food then talking about what they are going to wear tonight for the live eviction. Marissa  going through her clothes.

 12:49pm BBT: Marissa and Ross talking about how eviction works if your bags are not packed and how to get your stuff afterwards. James in the workout rm running on the elliptical.

12:53pm BBT: Marissa, Ari, Brandi and Ross talking about the votes tonight and hoping all four of them can stay tonight. Brandi is folding clothes as ari lays in bed, Ross is sitting watching Marissa find something to wear tonight.

 12:57pm BBt: Brandi tells Ari and Marissa she does not want to leaver tonight in her athletic clothes as Omarosa walks in and  shows Ari some make up.

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1:03pm BBT: Ari is doing Omarosas make up for her as Brandi packs. Marissa is looking at the memory wall alone.

 1:11pm BBT: Mark and James working out. Most Hg in the RBR talking general talk about tonight's eviction and what to wear.

1:19pm BBT: Ari and Brandi in the STR, Ari tells her that Ross is not loyal to anyone as he has deals with everyone in the house and he will not be loyal to Marissa either since he has been with James and mark alot.

1:29pm BBT: Marissa, Ari, Brandi and Omarosa talking about Metta wanting to go home and how they would make a deal for someone to stay another day. Brandi is packing her suitcase as Omarosa gets a dress out for tonight.

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1:40PM BBT HG getting ready for tonight. We keep getting FOTH as Omarosa s saying something about the DR. James is eating in the KT.


1:57PM BBT Marissa, Ross, Ari and Brandi talking Marissa says that she doesn't want to over hear anyone talking crap about her but she also doesn't want silence when she walks in either.


2:05PM BBT Ross is called to the SR. He says his bag is there. He returns with some clothes for Marissa. She says she asked for her "hotel clothes" and starts to tell the story. We get FOTH.


2:08PM BBT Ari, Omarosa and Brandi are telling Marissa that Ross doesn't want to go to the F2 with her. They ask her if she thinks they are lying. Marissa says that she doesn't think they are lying but she needs to know what's going on.

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2:11PM Mark and Ross are tlaking. Omarosa had offered a deal that she would send him home as requested if Ross agrees not to go after her for the next eviction.Mark is telling Ross that is a terrible deal and to not even entertain it. Mark takes James in the lounge. He tells James about what Omarosa is offering. He tells James that she wants everyone to agree and make her safe for the next two evictions. James says why don't we just hand her the check.


2:22PM BBT Ross and Marissa are talking. Ross says he sees Brandi isn't talking to him. He asks Marissa what Brandi has said. Marissa says that there is nothing to tell. It doesn't change her game.


2:30PM BBT We have animal reels

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6:11PM BBT Brandi and Ari are packing Metta's bag. Omarosa says she put her Mom's number in there. Omarosa says she told them this morning Metta wanted to go home.


6:16PM BBT Ross talking to Ari and Brandi. He says that Omarosa has to go. They mention James. Ross says if Omarosa wins HOH again then she is going to nominate the same way.


6:19PM BBT James and Omarosa telling Brandi and Ari about the slip and slide comp. Omarosa says that it is endurance HOH tonight. They finish packing Metta's stuff.


6:22PM BBT Brandi and Ari talk about Omarosa making a deal this morning. Brandi says that Mark and James wouldn't commit so there was no deal. BB Is calling Omarosa to the DR.


6:29PM BBT In the KT the HG talk about the Veto. They discuss that it didn't make a lot of sense how the pieces were supposed to go because they looked different on the side.



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6:34PM BBT General chatting in the KT. Brandi is cooking. They discuss Shannon and what a wonderful person she is.


6:46PM BBT HG general chatting and getting ready for HOH comp. James trying to figure out ho to dress. Omarosa says you can take layers off but you cannot put them on.


6:53PM BBT Ari and Marissa whispering. Ari says that she can forgive and forget. They discuss Omarosa and James. Marissa says that physically she can't beat James.emotionally Omarosa scares her.


6:55PM BBT Ross and Brandi in the WC talking. He explains the comp to Brandi that Omarosa thinks it is. (Slip and slide) but he says they didn't have them put on wet mikes so he doesn't think that is it.

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6:57PM BBT Marissa and James talking. James says to Marissa that he doesn't try and win HOH when he doesn't need to have it. He says he has been avoiding winning them. They walk out and James heads to the lounge to tweet.


7:04PM BBT They talk about Metta leaving. They said Metta went out with class. Omarosa says she told Ari this morning that Metta wanted to go. Ari told her to let him go.


7:16PM BBT We just went to animal reels. Possibly HOH time.

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11:02PM BBT The feeds are back and Mark is the new HOH.


11:06PM BBT  Ross in the LBR takes off the clothes from the comp.  He says a message to Salvadore in the camera "if you're watching, I'm still here".  


11:08PM BBT  In the kitchen, Mark says to the other HG that the comp was a team effort.  Brandi is called to the DR.  They all appear to be very hungry and are eating.


11:10PM BBT Ross and Marissa chat in the RBR.  Ross tells her show the others that she is mad and to plant the seed about what Omarosa said so that they know O was lying to them.


11:16PM BBT Mark, O, Ari, Ross, and James in the kitchen  - the SR is locked and they need water and Diet Coke.


11:17PM BBT Marissa wants to do something fun tomorrow.  They start giving shout outs to Pop TV.  SR is now open, so Marissa, Ross and James head in.  Marissa tell James that Mark and James wanted to put her up.


11:19PM BBT James explains to Ross and Marissa in the SR that they did throw around various scenarios.  Ross brings the wine out to the kitchen.


11:22PM BBT James grabs a change of clothes in the RBR and stops in the kitchen on his way to the bathroom for a shower.  James shouts over to Mark in the KT that he's earned a beer.


11:28PM BBT Mark is looking forward to pictures of his kids.  Omarosa asks Ari if she wants to chill for a little bit before Brandi gets out.  



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11:32PM BBT Marissa says that they'll see their families in 7 days, and then the HG discuss which flights they'll be taking.  Marissa, Ross and Ari head to the SR.  Ross tells them to put Omarosa on ice.


11:35PM BBT Mark talks with Omarosa in the KT that the next comp will be endurance.  Ross joins them, Mark is happy that he at least was HOH.  They think that James should get the next one.


11:38PM BBT Marissa and Ari join the KT.  James has his feet up on the counter.  Marissa moves items around in the fridge.  Jame says that they haven't had a group breakfast in a while.


11:41PM BBT Ross and Mark talk in the LBR.  Mark tells Ross not to worry about Omarosa, that they have the numbers.  Ross says if Mark puts O up, that it would be a 4-0 vote and he wouldn't have any blood on his hands.  Mark says that Brandi is a big target for him.


11:42PM BBT Marissa joins the Mark and Ross in the LBR, and Mark tells her not to get sucked into Omarosa's drama.  He says that O lied about him tonight and he's not worried about it, because that's what she does.


11:44PM BBT Ross says that he will go along with whatever Mark chooses.  They talk about putting up Ari/Brandi, and then if one of them wins the veto - up goes O.  Omarosa is called to the DR.


11:46PM BBT Brandi is out of the DR and happy to see the wine.  Marissa whispers to everyone while O is in the GBR that O is going to lie and to just expect it and ignore it, and to definitely not believe it.


11:48PM BBT The HG give a shout out to Metta and start chanting his name.  Ross and Brandi chat in the WA, recanting Omarosa's wish that the girls stick together.  They decide that they should poke the bear so that the guys will see that side of O.


11:54PM BBT James, Mark, Ari, Brandi, Marissa and Ross are in the KT.  James says that he would sing at the finale if they asked him to.  Production played the HG' own songs when they were waking up this morning.


11:56PM BBT Ross asks the others to go upstairs tonight.  They agree since it's comfortable up there.  They want to go in the BY, but it's logged.  Ross goes to the DR to see what time they'll unlock it.


11:57PM BBT Brandi and Ari make Mac and Cheese.  They ask Marissa and Ross to stop whispering in the kitchen when they're with the other HGs.  Mark says that a lot went on today with a range of emotions.


11:59PM BBT Marissa talks and demonstrates to the camera about how she puts her hairpiece on.  In 1994 she cut her hair really short and hated it, and went into a wig shop to buy some hair and has worn them ever since.  


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