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Saturday, February 17, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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8:31 PM: Houseguests hanging out in kithcen, nothing happenning. Metta goes to gym to work out by running around.
8:39 PM: They talk about what they're going to do when they go home.
8:47 PM: Marrisa telling stories. Talks about how she met her husband and her writing.
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9:01PM BBT Metta still working out. In the KT, Marissa, Brandi, Ross and James talking about POP starting soon.


9:12PM BBT Mark, James, Marissa, and Brandi in the KT discussing what they would be doing on a Saturday night if they were home. Mark says he would be kicking back watching Dateline. James says his buddy's birthday is today and he would be having a party but he hopes the friend is waiting for him to get out first.


9:16PM BBT BB has opened the BY and they head out. Metta is still working out. Brandi and Ari are pulling the sheets off of their beds to wash. Ross is asking for a blanket to take outside.


9:29PM BBT Ross' slop creation is out of the oven. James comes in to try some. Mark says it's not bad. Brandi, James and Marissa chatting in the BY.


9:37PM BBT Mark and Marissa are talking about that they are not good cooks. Mark says he can't even scramble eggs. Marissa explains it to him. Mark says he can make spaghetti and mac and cheese.


 9:39PM BBT Marissa says that she grills a lot but basically only can do necessity cooking. Otherwise she can't cook much. Mark says his Mom didn't cook so he really didn't learn.


9:43PM BBT Metta is in the KT looking for something to eat. Ross tells him about the slop pizza he made. In the BY Marissa, Air and Mark talking.


9:47PM BBT In the BY, they discuss Omarosa thinking that the cameras turn off at certain times. They talk about when Omarosa acts for the cameras but then goes into another room and says things not realizing the cameras are still live.


9:55PM BBT Metta and Omarosa come out to the BY. Metta and Mark talking about how great the slop pizza was.



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10:15 PM BBT The HGs are wrapped in blankets and sitting on the patio. They are discussing what they would be doing if they were home on a Saturday night. 


10:33 PM BBT Marissa speaks to Brandi first and then to Ari second. She whispers very well but it appears that she suspects the guys are going to flip on Ross. 


10:39 PM BBT Omarosa comes out and announces that everyone needs to come out to the patio. She has an envelope in hand. "HG, POP TV is throwing us a margarita party. It is time to get salty. Whether you are feeling sweet or sour, raise your glass to another week in the house. From your friends at POP TV. Slop eaters will be granted a short reprieve in order to enjoy the party."


10:42 Omarosa comes outside with a big platter of chips and salsa. Mark "Can we eat that? The letter said drinks." Omarosa "Yes, you get a reprieve." Metta "What does reprieve mean?"



10:45 PM BBT All the HGs head to the storage room to retrieve their margaritas and each were give a mug from POP TV. Marissa jokes that this party was probably to ensure that the HGs are awake for POP TV. BB could tell that they were about to go to bed.


10:58 PM BBT The HGs are sitting together on the patio enjoying their margaritas and chips. They are playing a game where they ask each other questions that they joke was asked by fake people from fake places via Twitter.  Example "Joan from Rochester asks Ariadna, do you have any words for Steve Harvey? Ari "I love Steve Harvey."

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11:14 PM BBT Omarosa, James, Mark and Metta are now alone on the patio. They are discussing Brandi. James says that she is mean and when she talks he goes back to what his dad told him when he was 8. To get respect you have to give respect. Mark says meanness is her talent. If you give me a microphone then I am going to sing into it. You put her on a reality show and that is what she is going to do. James says that's possible but you have to know your audience. 


11:27 PM BBT Brandi is in the WA with Ross and Ari. Brandi says that someone had to tell Omarosa about their final four alliance. Ross "Or she had eyeballs." Brandi "She knew were working together but not that we had a final four." Ross "But, there's four of us. Anyone could have seen that." 


11:42 PM BBT James is asking Omarosa about what her husband does. She explains what he does as a biblical scholar and that his studies include the Dead Sea scrolls. This lead to a conversation about Judaism and eventually the holocaust. 


11:50 PM BBT The house is literally divided. Ross, Ari, Brandi and Marissa are inside the house. Mark, James, Metta and Omarosa are outside. The group inside have been talking about those outside and those outside have been talking about those inside.

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