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Saturday, February 17, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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12:01 AM BBT Brandi is alone in the Teal BR when Omarosa comes out of the DR. It's time for her HoH room. One of her pictures is of Leo, her puppy that past away last year. For her music she got Go Go Chuck Brown.


12:04 AM BBT Omarosa reads her letter from her husband.  He says that he has been praying for her every day. All is well. The church is praying for her too. She is living proof that dreams comes true. She has had some amazing calls in her life and when the door opens you have to go through them. Her mom has heard from the entire state of Ohio and Mamarosa is doing fine.


12:07 AM BBT The group disperses from the HoH room with hugs and congratulations to her. As he walks out Mark tells Metta he is not going to make it on this f*ing oatmeal. Metta "It's going to be rough." 


12:13 AM BBT Ross walks up to Brandi in the hallway. Ross tells her that he just doesn't want to lie to her and asks her to sit down and talk about something not Big Brother. Brandi says that everyone's reaction broke her heart. She just doesn't understand. She misses her family so much too. Ross says they got to see her kick a$$ on that HoH comp. She didn't win but she did good. 


12:14 AM BBT Ross apologizes to Brandi for not getting to see her kids today and he knows how much it meant to all the others. She says that she doesn't understand sometimes and it punishes her. Ross "That they can't be on TV?" She replies something about the kids can or cannot be on television on (his) time. And they are the reasons she went on this show. 


12:21 AM BBT In the BR James and Metta are talking. James says that he keeps "managing to just not win so that the target is still on someone else". He says this puts him in the best position and it's great. 


12:28 AM BBT Ari and Marissa are walking down the hall and Ari spots Ross. She runs up behind him and jumps on his back piggy back style. He jokes "Have you lost your mind, did you not see what I just did tonight?" Ari notices that Brandi is helping Omarosa carry her belonging up to the HoH. 

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12:30 AM BBT Ari is venting to Ross. Brandi lied to their face. They have been taking care of her and she does this? Ari thinks it may be beneficial to talk to James. He may be the one to find out who Omarosa is going to nominate. 


12:34 AM BBT Ari is hyper tonight. They ask her where her energy comes from. She said that she doesn't know, she can't sleep. Marissa "Let's just skip over everything and laugh out loud about the fact that the person that won was the only person in the house that they didn't make a deal with. They all laugh. Ross "It's the worst. I haven't been this upset that someone won since Trump, and she was just as happy." 


12:38 AM BBT In the Teal BR Marissa, Brandi, Ari and Ross are trying to make lemonade out of lemons. They know that someone is going home but it won't be until Friday. They are going to enjoy the week and regardless of who goes home, they would have stayed 20 out of 26 days and that is good. 


12:47 AM BBT In the BR Ross, Marissa and James are talking about Brandi. If she makes it to the end, and they hear her story, no way they vote against her. Marissa says that Brandi only has $3000.00 in her bank account. No one beats her anymore. James "Why does she drive a Range Rover?" Ross "Legal bills. She got sued. All her money is gone." Ross "People can't beat her in the end with that story." 


12:54 AM BBT In the bedroom is Metta (asleep) Ross, Marissa and James. James says that this 4 is the best 4 because none of them have made anyone mad. They have all come across as kind. James says that Metta hasn't even been playing the game at all. 

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1:05 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are in the Teal BR where Brandi is venting to Ari about Shannon. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Omarosa completely alone in her HoHR putting on makeup. Brandi tells Ari that they need to get rid of James next. Brandi just wishes she could have held on a little longer. Ari sings to her "Let it go, let it go." 


1:15 AM BBT Ari is reading her bible. Omarosa is still putting on makeup. Brandi asks Ari if they are on the block, and use the veto on somebody, are they still safe? Ari tells her no. 


1:26 AM BBT Everyone is in bed except for Omarosa who is upstairs in the HoHR curling her hair. 


1:40 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on the downstairs bedrooms with the lights out. Omarosa is up and about though and can be seen walking through the bedrooms collecting things, probably to take to her HoHR.

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2:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds on sleeping HGs in the downstairs BRs. 


2:30 AM BBT The only one up is Omarosa. She is in the HoH and sitting at the chess board. It appears she is trying to use the pieces of the chess pieces to figure out how the other HGs are aligned. Ross and Marissa. Ari and Brandy. James and Mark. She moves the pieces around. "If I put up Ross and Brandi and then it stays the same...Metta will vote for Brandi. James will vote for Ross. Metta will vote for Brandi. Marissa will vote for Ross." She is torn between who James would vote for. Probably Ross. Brandi only has Ari and maybe Metta.


 2:45 AM BBT Omarosa continues to use the chess board pieces to work out who would vote for whom based on different nomination choices. She needs to talk to Metta. 


3:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds on sleeping HGs.

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8:30 AM BBT WBRB Wake up call.


8:45 AM BBT The feeds return and the only one up is Ross. BB reminds the HGs that they need new batteries. Marissa, James, Mark and Metta all get up. Marissa tells them that after the comp last night the entire tone of the house changed. She told everyone to just have fun this week. 


8:55 AM BBT All 4 of the boys are in the wash area chatting and doing ADLs. Ross comes out of the WC. Slop will blow out your pipes. 


8:58 AM BBT BB calls for Omarosa, Brandi and Ariadna to replace their batteries with one in the SR. 

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9:00 AM BBT Everyone is up except for Ari, Brandi and Omarosa. The rest are sitting around in the bedroom speculating if they are going to have the veto today after nominations. The house consensus is noms today and veto tomorrow. Marissa thinks they will do both today so they can edit it for Sunday's show.


9:06 AM BBT Ross and Marissa are in the bed and Metta is in there talking to them. Metta decides to join them in bed with Marissa being in the middle. Marissa loves it and snuggles up next to Ross. She then tries to convince Ross that he is in fact very comfortable, despite the fact that his elbow is on the table now.


9:10 AM BBT Ross is talking about Sliscuits (slop biscuits) to Marissa and Metta and how he is going to garnish his sliscuits later. 


9:12 AM BBT Ross speaks to Marissa and Metta about sliscuits like he is the chef on a cooking show. Marissa says she has never thought about what she could do with slop. Ross "Any super fan like me has thought about what you could do with slop." 


9:20 AM BBT All the HGs are up and hanging out in the KT today. They are trying to figure out what to do today. Omarosa suggests they take us on a tour of the house. She has noticed that the speakeasy has the best lighting for putting on makeup. 

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9:30 AM BBT All the HGs are in the KT. Ross is using an ice cream scoop to scoop slop on a cookie tray. He says that he is in the sliscuit business (slop biscuits) and has a sliscuit and coffee combo for 3 kisses. 


9:35 AM BBT James is telling the HGs about his very rare nerve condition that almost paralyzed him. Even with state of the art care and multiple procedures there are still muscles in his back that he can't access. It is so rare that not much is known about it all or what causes it. Mostly seen after some kind of impact, they can't locate a specific event that caused his.


9:40 AM BBT In the HoHR Brandi, Ari and Marissa have come to the conclusion that they need to just accept that they have no idea what is going to happen. There isn't a reason to gossip because they are clueless. 


9:44 AM BBT In the KT Mark, James and Metta are talking about the disadvantages of wearing boxers while participating in an athletic event.  


9:55 AM BBT The girls are upstairs talking about last night's competition. Marissa thinks if she could have figured out how to hold on with her hands, she could have hung on forever. 

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10:10 AM BBT The girls plus Ross are in the HoHR. They are talking about makeup trends on Feeds 1 and 2. Feeds 3 and 4 show Metta in bed asleep.


10:19 AM BBT HGs are just doing ADLs and chatting. The girls are upstairs in the HoH primping. They are glad that regardless of who is HoH, they are all allowed to hang out in the HoH and put on makeup together. 


10:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show the girls and James in the HoH. They expect those on slop are going to be much more grumpy in the near future. Feeds 3 and 4 show Ross alone in the KT eating his sliscuits (slop biscuits). 


10:40 AM BBT Not much has changed. Just general chit chat. WBRB.


11:10 AM BBT the HGs are getting ready for today's nomination ceremony.


11:20 AM BBT In the KT James and Mark are talking. James says this is the first week that he isn't being targeted. And he still gets to play next week. It's a good position to be in. 


11:24 AM BBT Mark and James are in the KT confirming that they are both down with having a final 4 with Ross and Marissa. Those 2 are the only ones that they have a chance of beating in the end. Ari was crowned and then lost her crown. It would be sweet to win Big Brother. Brandi is spreading a sob story that she has no money in the bank. And no one can beat Omarosa. 

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11:30 AM BBT Omarosa, Ari and Marissa are now alone in the HoHR. Omarosa tells them that she is probably going to nominate Ross. He nominated her so it puts no blood on her hand. Marissa tells her that if she goes up next to him then Ross stays because he has James and Mark. Omarosa says that she knows that which is why she will probably put Mark up with him. Omarosa tells her that she hopes she understands. Marissa says there are only 8 days left so yes, she gets it. 


11:50 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show the ladies primping for the HoH Nomination Ceremony while talking about their lives outside the house. Feeds 3 and 4 show James alone in the KT doing dishes. 


12:00 PM BBT Omarosa is speaking to Marissa and Ari. They discuss if Marissa would be in jeopardy if she is put on the block with Ross. Marissa says she would go home. Omarosa entertains the girls working together again to ensure they make it to the finals. She doesn't want to see 2 guys in the finale again and them in the audience looking stupid. 




12:20 PM BBT Feeds have been in and out as the HG talk about their lives outside house. Omarosa tells Marissa that Shannon put the blame of the initial house flip on Ross. Marissa told her that was not true. It was Shannon. 




12:35 PM BBT The feeds return for just one minute and then back to WBRB. The HGs were still just hanging out together. 


12:45 PM BBT The feeds are still on WBRB


12:52 PM BBT The feeds return. Still no nomination ceremony. 


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1:00 PM BBT Ari and Brandi are now alone in the HoH. They are discussing Ross. They feel like he is being a completely different person now. He is overthinking things. Marissa comes in. She asks "Do we say we are going to vote out Mark and then don't?" Marissa says that lying to Omarosa would be very hard for her. 


1:10 PM BBT Most the HGs are hanging around in the KT. Brandi is taking a shower. Marissa pretends to be Big Brother's personal assistant. 


1:15 PM BBT Marissa and Omarosa are in the SR. Marissa tells her that whatever the twist is, she will be fine. She can probably use it to her advantage. They go back into the KT and are speculating what the POV twist is going to be. 


1:22 PM BBT In the HoH Marissa and Omarosa are in the HoH. Knowing there is some kind of twist, Omarosa is not completely sold on putting up Ross and Mark anymore. She is now thinking about maybe putting up Brandi and Mark. Omarosa is trying to determine who is the strongest male in the house now besides James because she gave him her word. That's who they need to go after.


1:35 PM BBT The girls are in the HoH doing Brandi's hair and quizzing with each other. Who went down 3rd in the first HoH? How many photos are on the wall of the Speakeasy? Etc


1:40 PM BBT The HGs are trying to speculate what the POV twist is going to be. Whatever it is, Marissa says that Brandi is going to make her hair fabulous so she hopes she gets called to the DR with her fabulous hair. Omarosa "You can explain the POV twist in your DR."


1:47 PM BBT BB calls Marissa to the DR. She is quite excited because she feels like she hasn't been in a while. However she asks for 15 minutes because Brandi isn't done with her hair. "Will you make me look pretty? I want to go to the DR with my pretty hair because I want to talk. I have a lot to talk about." BB "Ariadna, please go to the DR." Marissa "No, she was going to do my makeup!"


1:56 PM BBT Omarosa to Marissa in the HoH "I think I am going to just do Mark and Ross and then see what happens with the twist." Omarosa is very interested in getting the girls to work together again. 

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2:15 PM BBT The HGs are still getting ready for the nomination ceremony. Not much has changed. Ross made some hamburger style slop patties that are a pretty big hit with those on slop. Even those not on slop have eaten some. 


2:22 PM BBT In the teal BR Marissa, Brandi and Ross are trying to determine if Metta still wants to go home or not. Marissa "Omarosa said she asked him and he said that he definitely wants to stay." Ross "He told me he asked her to go and she told him no." At this point they feel like if he really wanted to go, he would have convinced her to let him. 


2:30 PM BBT Marissa and Brandi realize that Ross is going to be on the block. AS long as the two of them and Ari vote to keep Ross then they have the numbers. They will just have to not talk to Ross to keep appearances. That will be very hard. 


2:40 PM BBT Marissa, Brandi and Ari are in the Teal BR. They are discussing that they have the numbers to keep Ross but he just needs to trust them. Him walking around paranoid is not a good look for him. 


2:45 PM BBT James is tired of the IDLD. He wants some fresh hair. Marissa is finally getting invited to the DR which she has been hoping for all day. Before she went, she had to go and ask Ari for her shirt back. Ari has been wearing it all day. James "You look great in Brandi's hair and Ari's shirt." Marissa "It's my shirt!" 


2:53 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Metta in bed. We can hear the HGs in the rest of the house. BB "James, you are not allowed to talk about production."

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3:00 PM BBT WBRB Omarosa "BB was so polite yesterday. He said thank you and everything. He is cranky-poo today." James "BB didn't get enough sleep last night."


3:20 PM BBT Omarosa and James spend a good deal of time talking about their exposure to guns growing up. Both of them have had firearm safety training. Still no nomination ceremony.


3:37 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are focused on Mark sleeping in the bedroom. Feeds 3 and 4 show Ari in the kitchen cooking her salmon. Marissa jokes with her "I hate salmon, why do you only cook things that I hate?" Ari offers some to James but he is on his way upstairs to work out. 


3:40 PM BBT Mark goes upstairs to talk to Omarosa. O tells him that her target is clearly Ross. She doesn't want to put Mark up there. She would rather put up Brandi. Marks says he would appreciate not being put up because he has never campaigned anyway. O says the rest of the house is quick to drop Mark's name but they are not so quick to let her into any final 4s.


3:43 PM BBT O offers Mark a deal. If she keeps him off the block will he offer one week of complete safety. No nomination and no backdoor. Mark is happy to agree to those terms. O says that means now he has to try to win. Mark is hoping the next HoH is more suited to him. Either way, her biggest target is clearly Ross and everyone knows it. 


3:47 PM BBT In order to keep their little deal quiet, Mark is going to go back downstairs and tell them that O is still considering putting him on the block. She says that's great because that is what they have been trying to get her to do since the moment she won. Mark and O watch the HoH screen. Mark "They are scurrying around the house. They are afraid of you." Omarosa "If anyone else had won I would be on the block." Mark "I believe that." 


3:50 PM BBT Having just offered Mark a deal not to nominate him, Omarosa goes back to the chess board. Like she did last night, she starts to use the chess pieces to figure out her plan. She pushes the pieces for James and Mark to the side and says that they are not options. She is down to nominating Ross and Marissa or Ross and Brandi. 


3:53 PM Omarosa goes down to Metta. She asks him to help her work out her noms. She tells him that she is thinking her target needs to be Ross. Metta says he would put up Ross and Ari if he was her. She says she won't put up Ari because she was HoH week and didn't put her up. She asks him if it was Marissa and Ross on there together, who would he vote for? He said that he could vote out Ross. 


3:56 PM BBT Omarosa goes up to the gym to speak to James. Omarosa tells him that she wants to put up Ross and wants him to go. She doesn't want to put Mark. James says he is tired of Mark going up. Omarosa tells him that she also wants Brandi to go. James says he is good with that. He doesn't think he can beat Brandi at this point. Her single mom with no money story is hard to beat.  


3:59 PM BBT Omarosa asks James if he would be willing to extend their deal one more weak if he agrees to get out Ross. James says it would have to be bigger than just one week. Because getting rid of Ross would make him lose a lot more people. At the end of the day they both feel it would be unfair to put up Mark again. 

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4:01 PM BBT James tell Omarosa that the only people he would be justified putting up would be Ari and Brandi. Ari nominated him and Brandi is the bully that hated him from day one. Omarosa wanted to know what it would take for him to agree to get Rid of Ross. He said he would want more than just Omarosa to come to the table. 


4:06 PM BBT James asks Omarosa who her ideal final 4 would be. She tells him that her ideal 4 would be herself, James, Mark and Metta. James says that Mark will be afraid to turn from the others because he thinks that they have his back. She can walk Metta. She tells James to go talk to Mark and see for himself and then come back to her. 


4:10 PM BBT O is trying to get James to consider a final 4 with her, Mark and Metta. They next step will be to try to reel Mark in. O asks that James give her a few minutes to see if she can work Mark into this. She already knows she can bring Metta in. 


4:12 PM BBT Omarosa goes down to speak to Mark. The water in the sink is running full blast so it's very hard to hear. O does introduce him to the final 4 idea with them, James and Metta. Mark agrees to go and talk to James. 


4:16 PM BBT Mark goes to the gym to talk to James. James says that they need to get rid of Brandi before Ross. James says if we try to go for Brandi first we won't have Omarosa moving forward so this is not an ideal situation. James tells Mark that this could work if they can trust Metta. Mark says you can't trust Metta because he reacts instinctively. 


4:18 PM BBT James and Ross discuss how James was thought to be in a final 4 with Ross but he continues to play both sides and then Shannon left. James and Mark say they are expendable to Ross and his group. James and Mark agree that a final 4 between them, Omarosa and Metta could be the fairest thing. O comes in and says that Metta is in. Mark says that's fine but they can only give him the most minimal of information. 


4:20 PM BBT In the gym Omarosa, James and Mark are talking about Brandi. O says she is going to blow up her game during her noms. She is going to bring up the Shannon vote. She won't cry if Brandi goes home however Ross is the one that flipped the house. The guys tell her that Brandi is more likely to fight to get them out. She says yes, but Ross is more likely to get power, not Brandi. 


4:22 PM BBT James and Mark agree to work with Omarosa and send out Ross first. Then they all agree that Brandi can go. However Mark and James feel that Metta could blow all of this on the simple fact that he doesn't understand the game. 


4:24 PM BBT Mark and James are now alone in the gym. They both agree that they are low on the totem pole with Ross, Marissa and the rest of them. 
They feel like it was a dumb move that the others never decided to bring them closer in. They agree that they have to do this with Omarosa. They have no choice to win otherwise. 


 4:27 PM BBT Mark and James are still talking in the gym. They agree with Omarosa that Ross is more dangerous than Brandi because he is convincing when he talk to people. 

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4:33 PM BBT The house is officially divided in half: Omarosa, James, Mark and Metta vs Ross, Marissa, Brandi and Ari. Omarosa has gotten Mark, James and Metta to agree to work with her to target first Ross and then Brandi. 


4:35 PM BBT Mark comes out of the gym and tells the others that he was locked in there. He says he never had claustrophobia until he considered himself being locked in a box within a box within a box. 


4:39 PM BBT The HGs say that regardless of noms, they are getting together tonight for a slumber party. They consider having it in the gym but Ross says that he doesn't go in the gym. That door locks you in there. 


4:42 PM BBT We get WBRB as Marissa sings "Tiiiiiiime is on my side". Which caused no fewer than 30 FOTHs today. 


 4:56 PM BBT Most of the HGs are sitting on the balcony by the pool table as they wait for the nomination ceremony. Omarosa has stated many times that it is supposed to take place soon. 

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5:02 PM BBT Another false alarm. The feeds return to the HGs still hanging out on the balcony together passing the time.


5:19 PM BBT The HGs are all crammed into the upstairs patio waiting on the nomination ceremony. Ari admits that she has a crush on Beastmode Cowboy. Puppies. Must be time for them to do nominations. 

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6:30 PM BBT As the feeds return, Ross is saying that he is not sure what final fours Omarosa was talking about in her speech. Omarosa says it had to be dramatic and it was more about breaking up pairs. Ross yells then why didn't you say that, you made me look at sketchy. Omarosa tells him not be all dramatic. 


6:31 PM BBT Ross is upset that he was accused of having final fours with the whole house. He admits he talks to people but he does not have deals with half the house. He tells her "That's okay sweetie you can say what you want, it's okay." Again she tells him she has to break up pairs but that is not good TV. Ross "I am just looking for the truth somewhere." Omarosa "You are looking for the truth?" Brandi says she wants to know who from their final four said something. She is considered untrustworthy because she voted for Mark when she felt sorry for Shannon.


6:32 PM BBT Marissa says that Brandi is extremely upset because we (she and Ross) told Omarosa about a final four when we never had a final four. She doesn't like her being mad at them for being sketchy when they weren't being sketchy.


6:34 PM BBT Marissa and Brandi are talking at the table. Brandi says it was clear who Omarosa was talking about during her speech because she looked right at you and winked. Marissa "Yes, I told Omarosa I was in a final four so that she could nominate two of my closest friends." 


6:36 PM BBT Ross says he should be flattered. She (Omarosa) think I am smarter than I really am. Metta "This cannot stop our game of pool." Marissa keeps walking around saying that she is not happy with that all. She is less upset about noms than what Brandi said afterwards. 


6:38 PM BBT Brandi says to Marissa that she is sorry that she feels bad but she is having a moment where she is questioning things and she should be allowed to have that. Marissa says that's fine, you can, but I am sad. Metta "Can we please finish this pool game? We got to finish this tournament."


6:40 PM BBT The tone in the house has calmed down significantly. The HGs have heard Metta's plea and the pool tournament has resumed. Most of the HGs head up to the balcony to watch.


6:50 PM BBT Metta tells the house that if the producers offered him 10 million dollars to stay longer in the house that he wouldn't take it. The rest said they would absolutely do that. 

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 7:15PM BBT James is lying on a bed talking out loud. He says that it is boring in the house but he is eating well, working out, made some friends and Metta owes him Laker tickets. He says 8 more days - he can do this for 8 more days. He shouts out to the reg summer BB players. 3 1/2 months. He says it is hard with no fresh air or sun due to the way the BB has the BY set up.


7:25PM BBT Most of the HG are playing pool or sitting chatting around the pool table. Mark asks BB if they can let them know if they are going to get to go outside tonight.


7:36PM BBT Mark making something in the KT. HG still sitting around pool table chatting.


7:41PM BBT Omarosa is teaching Ari had to shoot "behind the back" They are playing pool. Everyone else has moved downstairs. Brandi is not on the feeds.

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 7:44PM BBT Marissa and Ross talk about Omarosa nominations. Marissa says that Omarosa still wants a woman to win at the end. Mark comes into the BR. Mark says the veto will be interesting. Marissa thinks the veto is who wins the Veto can take someone down and chooses who to put up.


7:46PM BBT Ross says that they will sit around for a day. Mark says longer, the veto will be live on Monday.


7:55PM BBT Mark, Ross and Mark talking about the nomination ceremony. Mark says that the nominations aren't bad now. Mark says Omarosa says she asked Metta if he wanted to go home and he said no. Ross says that he talked to Metta and Metta told him that Omarosa turned him down even though he asked her if he could go home.



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 8:04PM BBT Marissa and Ari are talking. Ari says she feels James is coming after her. Marissa says that is it. Mark must have gone to Omarosa and promised to vote how she wants if he doesn't go on the block. Marissa says she isn't going to talk game anymore to Omarosa.


8:11PM BBT Marissa and Ari talk. Ari asks when the last day is. Marissa tells her 8 more days. Ari says if they go it's ok. Ari asks Marissa to explain how the final comps are for the F3. Marissa explains it.


8:21PM BBT Omarosa has been called into the DR. She went up to the HOH room and plugged in her curling iron and is snacking. BB gave up and called James. Marissa trying to get something off of the top shelf in the SR with a broom.



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