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Thursday, February 15, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Celebrity_Big_Brother_USA_HG_Reference_Sheet.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Mint Green Bedroom (GBR)

The Hollywood Red Carpet Bedroom (RBR)
The Landmarks Bedroom (LBR)

The Speakeasy Lounge (SEL)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00AM BBT Shannon does laundry while the girls continue to talk about the Black Box.


12:02AM BBT Mark and James join Brandi, Omarosa, Ari and Marissa in the BY. They said that the showers and the SR are trashed and that they all need to clean it up. They say that the only thing they have tomorrow is the POV meeting.


12:03AM BBT They are speculating that they will have a double eviction on Friday, especially since it will be 2 hours. They'll start the show with 9 people, so they predict 2 double evictions coming.


12:23AM BBT In the BY, Shannon offers up her stipend to BB for a twist in the game.


12:24AM BBT Marissa tries to fix her hair with the add-on hair piece. Omarosa talks to Metta in the KT. They talk about how Shannon flipped the game, and brought this upcoming eviction on herself.


12:25AM BBT Metta says that you can't make your decisions personal. Omarosa says that that's why women don't women the game.


12:37AM BBT The HG in the BY talk about who has had sex in the BB house in the past seasons.  






















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 1:00am-2:00am BBT: Metta and Shannon talk about his brother going to jail for ten years when he was seventeen. Shannon tells Metta she is an only child and how she always wanted a brother.
Brandi talks about BBUK and how different it is than this game.just general talk going on with the HG in the BY.Brandi then tells Shannon she has an idea and winks at her and says we will talk later. Shannon smiles at her and nods. Brandi leaves the BY and heads to the HOHR.
In the HOHR Brandi talks to Ari and Ross about how bad she feels for sending Shannon home. Brandi tells her that Shannon will not protect her iof she keeps her. Brandi tells Ari she never promised Shannon anything but feels bad for her. Ari says i feel bad for her too but  we agreed to do this . Ari says I gave her a chance to win the veto and save herself but she did not win the veto.Brandi then says she is crazy if she keeps metta over Shannon and Ari tells her she will be happy if Metta wins this game.


2:00am-3:00am BBT: Ross and Marissa talk about who might be going up on the block when james takes himself off the block, ross says he will vote anyone but Ormarosa. 
Shannon and metta talking . Shannon terlls metta it feels like they have been in this house for a year.Shannon goes on talking to Metta about if she stays in the house  she will help him as she can not remeber anything in past seasons or this one. metta tells her if she stays this week and he gets HOH he will work with her.
Metta gets up and heads to bed asking for Bb to turn the lights out.


3:00am-4:00am BBT: Ari in the DR as Brandi eats waiting to get in the DR. Brandi finally goes to bed. Ari comes out of the DR dancing and heads to take her make up off then heads to bed. All HG in bed for the night.

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 9:03am BBT: HG are up, Metta and James in the WA talking about Shannon as they do their ADL's Ross and Shannon are in the STR changing batteries.

9:04am BBT: Ross and Marissa in the STR talking about sitting down with Shannon and telling her that he went with the plan. Marissa says it is risky but Brandi will be ok. Marissa heads to the KT and tells Mark there is no more Starbucks coffee he will have to make Folgers this morning. mark says he is ok with it.

9:06am BBT: Metta and Shannon are cleaning the bathroom. Mark, James, Ross and Marissa in the KT just general talk about coffee. Metta walks in and says it is cold, Marissa agrees and tells him to go back to bed to get warm.

 9:16am BBT: just general talk going on in the Kt with Mark, Marissa, Ross and James as they wait for their coffee to finish making. Shannon in the WA doing make up.

9:25am BBT: Ross in the BR drinking his iced coffee watching Shannon put laundry away. Marissa in the KT talking general talk with Mark and James. all other Hg still in bed sleeping.

9:37am BBT: Ross waiting for Ari to get up so he can get a shower in the HOHR. Marissa tells him to just leave his stuff up there since he is using her shower. Marissa says i am not taking a shower in the goo shower either. James says the goo is probably the cleanest thing in the shower right now. Marissa and James start studying and counting  things and events in the house.

9:51am BBT: Metta , Marissa and James talking about they only have 11 days left in the house. James gets in the bed to lay down. Metta is in his bed telling James that Shannon wants to stay and he feels bad for her. Metta gets up to leaver and James tells him not to say anything to Shannon and he says he is going to go talk to Ari, James tells him Ari is asleep and metta says i will wake her up. He walks in the KT tells mark he is going to go talk to Brandi.

 9:55am BBT: Metta comes back down after seeing Brandi and Ari still asleep and he is upset he says he is not going to sacrifice himself for her game and mark says no way she is crazy and drives me nuts. Shannon in the LVR eating breakfast alone.

9:58am BBT: Metta in the KT telling James and Mark he is going to make oatmeal. Mark gets called to the DR. 

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10:12am BBT: Mark, James and Metta in the KT talking general talk and making oatmeal. Shannon sitting in the LVR alone, Ross walks through and goes to the KT talking  about oatmeal. Shannon gets up and goes to the WA sneezes and puts on lip gloss and we get FOTH.

 10:25am BBT: Most HG still in bed sleeping, Mark, Metta, Ross and Marissa in the KT counting stars in the house and general talk.

 10:35am BBT: Marissa, Metta and mark in the KT talking. Marissa tells them that Friday is a two hour live show so maybe there will be a double eviction and we get FOTH.

 10:42am BBT: Marissa and Ross in the STR talking and Marissa says i will do whatever the group wants to do i will do. Ross says ok. Marissa says if they want him out i will go that way. Marissa then tells Ross that she talked to James and he said he had to break from everyone. Marissa says she told him it was not him they did not trust it was Shannon. Ross keeps nodding his head. Ross leaves the STR. In the KT Mark and Metta are talking general talk.

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11:10am BBT: Hg just talking general talk.

11:16am BBT: Marissa and Ross talking about Shannon and how she needs to go and if James wins HOh this week then we have him get Omarosa out next. Ross says ok. Ross wonders if he could beat Brandi in the final 2.

11:30am BBT: Shannon in the HOHR pleading her case and trying to stay in the game. She tells them she is alone in the house and wants to stay.Shannon stops talking when James pops in the room. He leaves and Shannon tells Brandi and Ari that there are couples in this  house that need to be split up.Ross and Marissa walk in and talk stops.

11:35am BBT: Shannon is telling Brandi that Metta said he would go u[p on the block and go home so Shannon can stay but Brandi tells her that she talked to everyone already and she does not think Shannon will stay and that they might need Metta to get James out of the house. Shannon tells them that it would be better to break up Ross and Marissa.

11:45am BBT: Shannon repeats herself to Brandi then starts braiding Ari's hair.

 11:52am BBT: Marissa now in HOHR with Shannon, Ari and Brandi just general talk going on as Marissa lays on the couch.

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 12:00pm-12:30pm BBT: Just general talk going on then Ross and Marissa go to HOHR and joins Ari and Brandi they talk about who to put up on the block after James uses the veto. either mark or Omarosa is going up but they cannot decide which one as they want Shannon to be evicted this week. we now get Puppy Cam as they do the POV Ceremony.

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1:31 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  Ross and Marissa are talking   They said Shannon is upset, and will be doing nothing but dropping bombs on their games.  They plan on voting Shannon nout.  They go to talk with Brandi and Ari.  Ari said James can't vote, they said yes, he can now (must have pulled himself down). Ross said she (Shannon) was ragging on Metta because he offered to go up, and go home.  Not sure who went up in James place.   Ross is hugging Ari and telling her to be strong.  He is there for her.  Counting votes, and Shannon is going home. Ari is offering her snacks, celery, carrots, blueberries, fresh apples and strawberries. 

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1:36 PM BBT  James and Ross are talking in the bedroom while Metta, Omarosa and Mark are eating in the KT.  James said that when they get to final 5 in their group, he will be the first one out.  Ross said things change, so not necessarily.  Talking about someone lying, and it messes up your game before you even know what happened.  James and Ross go into the KT, everyone getting something to eat.

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 1:27pm BBT: Shannon and James in the WA and Shannon tells James he needs to break up Marissa and Ross if he wants to win this game. Ross in the HOH WA telling Ari and Brandi that Shannon is going to say anything to stay now.

 1:30pm BBT: Shannon goes to bed. Marissa in HOh telling Ari that everything is ok that she is just after you now. Ari says don't leave me alone with her please do not leave me alone. Marissa says we won't it will be ok. Omarosa in the KT making food with Metta, Mark and James.

 1:33pm BBT: Ari and Ross following Marissa to the KT to fix food. Shannon is in her bed with sunshades on not talking to anyone. James and Ross in the BR saying they want to talk later to see what to do if James wins HOH and Ross says yeah we can talk later buddy.

1:37pm BBT: Mark has been nominated as the replacement nominee. All HG except Shannon are in the KT eating and making food just general talk going on

1:53pm BBT: Hg still in KT eating , cooking and general talk going on.

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2:30 pm BBT 

Brandi, Ari , Marissa, Ross Omarosa and  Mark are in the KT talking about expiring Fish and other food.   James is cooking


2:40 pm BBT we get WBRB and fish and 

Brandi, Ari , Melissa, Ross and Omarosa

in the KT cooking 


2:49 pm BBT Shannon is out in the KT looking for food Marissa mentions there is   Quinoa but Shannon says she’ll make something since the quinoa has sugar


2:50 Pm BBT Shannon grabs food from the SR and Ari is cooking in the KT

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 2:02pm BBT: James, Ari, Omarosa and Marissa saying that Shannon wont talk to anyone right now, James says all we can do is make her feel comfortable this week and  have fun. Omaroas says if Metta is in the final two she is voting for him to win. She then says if he is in final  four she is still voting for him.

2:05pm BBT: Ross and Omarosa go to the STR looking for meat to cook she ask can we mix turkey and meat together? Ross says i do not think it matters Ari wont eat it anyways as they leave the STR. Back in the KT general talk still going on with everyone but Shannon who is still in bed.

2:18pm BBT: Hg still cooking and eating. Mark says he is going to have his third lunch as Omarosa made sloppy joes. Just general talk going on about different foods they like.

2:45pm BBT: Most Hg still in the Kt talking general talk as they clean the KT up.

2:48pm BBT: Ross in the HOHR and says i just want to tell you that i went to the room where Shannon was and James comes in and says i want to talk to you and it is game but i want you to know i did not go against you so if Shannon comes to you and says that i did it is not true. Ross then says that James ask who they are going to put up next week and he told James he did not know. Brandi and Marissa said oh really James did? Ross says yeah.

2:53pm BBT: Brandi telling Ross, Marissa and Ari that Ross needs to tell James that they will be three strong if James wins HOH and Ross said who are the three and Brandi says you mark and James. She says he has to put up Omarosa and Metta if he wins. They think says if there is a double eviction tomorrow as they think it will be then Omarosa needs to go home in the double eviction.

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3:13 pm BBT


Brandi, Ari , Marissa, Ross, and Omarosa are in the HOH 


They are all talking and joking 

Marissa is trying to fall asleep


Shannon is in the KT cooking


3:20 pm BBT 

HOH room

Brandi, Ari, Marissa, Ross are doing crafts on the bed  and Omarosa is sleeping on the couch 


Shannon is in the KT eating salad

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3:38 pm BBT 

HOH room 

Brandi andRoss are tucked into bed   and Omarosa is sleeping on the couch 

Marissa picks up some clothes and then 


Shannon is filing her nails in the KT

Ari comes to KT to check on Shannon

then heads Back to HOH 

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4:04 pm BBT 


HOH room 

Brandi, Marissa, Ross are sleeping in bed 

( I’m not sure if Ari is there ) Omarosa is. Sleeping on couch in corner


WR ( workout room)

Metta starts stretching and  comments that he didn’t want to ask Ari to let him go.  His plan is to go after everyone after James is gone 

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5:30pm BBT Mark is now working out in the gym. Shannon has been cooking and cleaning and talking to herself. Various HG are stirring but there really isn't anything going on. James joins Mark in the gym. They say Metta is quick like a cat. And he sweats a lot. 

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5:40pm BBT Brandi has grabbed the duster and Shannon asks if she cleans at home. Brandi replies she has a housekeeper come in twice a week but cleans up behind her boys in between.  Brandi tells Metta she's dusted the whole downstairs and it's "pretty rewarding".  She is called to the DR but stops to do makeup first. 

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5:50pm BBT James is done working out and heads to the shower. Marissa is in whisper mode with Ross in the BR. Shannon is dying her hair. Metta and Omarosa are in the KT. No serious game talk. Ari makes the rounds carrying around a spoon and checking whose up in the BRs.

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6:00pm BBT It's a gab fest between Ross, Marissa and Ari, resulting in frequent FotH.  Metta is washing dishes in the KT. Mark is out of the shower and grabs a drink in the KT. His hair is perfectly molded. 

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6:10pm BBT Shannon joins Metta in the KT to dry dishes and talk about their life stories. Ari, Ross and Marissa continue shooting the breeze, Omarosa is in the Teal BR while James is presumably still in the gym and Brandi in the DR.


6:30pm BBT Omarosa and Mark are now in the KT along with Metta and Shannon, who is filing her nails at the counter.  The gab fest continues in both rooms.


6:45pm BBT Shannon intrudes on the Hollywood BR gab fest with Ross and Ari, and Marissa quizzes her about her time in South Africa. Mark, Omarosa and Metta carry on in the KT. Brandi and James are still MIA.  Shannon leaves the Gab Fest and all is oriented right with the BB House again.  Then Marissa comes into the KT and we're off kilter once again.


7:00pm BBT James has been found in the Hollywood BR! And Ross is actually vertical for the first time in HOURS. Mark is cleaning up behind himself in the KT. Omarosa is watching him from the KT lounge. Ross hangs out in the KT for a little.  BB scares Marissa by calling her name. Omarosa is checking on something in the oven. With Shannon potentially on her way out, Ari is getting to know James better.

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7:18pm BBT  James, Ari, Ross & Marissa are in the Hollywood BR discussing who they should put up if it’s a DE on Friday. They agree the target is Omarosa with Metta as a pawn or possibly Mark. Looks like Shannon took a shower (her hair is wet). Omarosa is puttering around in the KT with something in the skillet while Shannon combs her hair out.


7:30pm BBT - Mark is upstairs playing Pool Solitaire while Metta chills in the Red BR with James and Marissa. Ross is in the SR with Brandi where there's no lack of fruit and veggies. Shannon is cooking in the KT. Metta is in bed with his hoodie on. James was putting something on his face. Ari is also in the KT with her HoH robe on.

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