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Never ending Big Brother Germany to end in February

Brekkie Boy

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The sixth series of Big Brother Germany, which was supposed to run forever, will end in February, according to http://www.bbfun.de

The show will end on February 26, making it shorter than series 5 which ran from 1 Mar 2004 to 28 Feb 2005, ahead of the never-ending series beginning on 1 Mar 2005.

A seventh series will air later in the year though, back to it's regular run of around 3 months.

Here is a (very dodgy) translation via Babelfish:

25. November. TO ' ENDS 05:: BIG BREAD AGO VI ON 26 FEBRUARY 2006 Written of narf For a long time one speculated, one reported frequently: Now RTL II has the decision pleases, on which already for months one counted: On 26 February 2006 the actually endlessly planned "Big ends bread ago" the village?. With the live-show "Big bread ago - which will ring in decision" on this Sunday moderator Oli.P COUNT down for the final of the current relay, as RTL communicates II on Friday. In the linguistic usage Munich transmitter puts "Big bread ago? then a "creative break? and is to return in the autumn of the coming yearly with a new relay with the original running time from 100 days. But the transmitter promises a new concept. In addition Katja Hofem Best, line program with RTL II: "as we 2003 announced that Big would run bread ago one year long without interruption, to us that hardly someone thought capable of. Now there will be even two years. That is a mad success, of which we are very proud? Forgotten statements before the start seem as an endlessly announced relay. ?Big bread ago? The village? run as for a long time as God and the spectators want, was one of the markigen sayings. "Big bread ago" so Hofem Best further, "developed with RTL II to outstanding mark, to which we will hold. We go in March into creative tracing and the format up to the autumn will continue to develop." In the time between the end of the sixth relay and the restart in the autumn the spectator may look forward to a much promising program. Which is to fill the transmission place however, yet one did not betray. Borris Brandt, Geschaeftsfuehrer with end mol, supplements: "also internationally only completely few thought capable of to us that we are able, to make from a Event a material DAILY Soap. Together with RTL the colleagues unbelievable carried out II. We look forward already to Big bread ago 7." Not one word is to be read from made errors, weak ratio or a confession of the failure in the press release spread by RTL II. Source: DWDL.de
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