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Sunday, February 11, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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7:00PM BBT Marissa, Shannon, Mark and James talking. James saying that from a PR standpoint voting our Omarosa after she came home from the hospital. They agree.


7:09PM BBT Ross and Brandi head to the lounge to talk. Ross tells Brandi the group wants Keshia gone because she is stronger and that Omarosa really can't compete in challenges due to her asthma. Brandi says so they would rather keep someone in the house that throws out the language she does. Ross says that's the argument.


7:12PM BBT Marissa joins Ross in the HOH room. She tells him they are 100% for Keshia. Ross tells her that he thinks Mark has a F3 with James and Shannon. Marissa says she would rather Omarosa go home.Ross says they better just go with Keshia. Ross is only concerned Omarosa will come after him.


7:18PM BBT Ross says if they get Keshia out then it's just for Shannon. Marissa says if she is picked for Veto then she will take Keshia off. She confirms with Ross that is what he wants her to do. He says that is the plan. She says if his plan changes he will let her know. He agrees.


7:27PM BBT Brandi trying to talk to Shannon, Mark, James and Ari. She explains her reason for wanting Omarosa out. They explain to her again about Omarosa coming back from the hospital. Brandi says that the way Omarosa speaks about race, she doesn't want it in the house.



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7:30PM BBT Ross tells the group that he is down with Keshia going but he feels Omarosa is coming after him. They all agree that it is important to listen to each other.


7:45PM BBT HG in the KT. Chatting about food and cooking. General chit chat.


7:54PM BBT The HG are talking about how dirty the vents are. Mark jokingly says loudly "that his health may be in danger" in the house. Omarosa says it is like airplane air.



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8:00PM BBT Houseguest are in the kitchen chatting/eating and announce that everyone has washed their dishes. Mark is in the back yard by the firepit.


8:02PM BBT Ross joins him and they both work to ignite the gas fire.


8:04PM BBT Mark reads the instructions out loud, and then Ross assists.  Omarosa brushes her hair out in the BR.


8:07PM BBT Omarosa says God bless Ari regarding applying contouring makeup to the face.  Shannon says she's afraid to countour because it could make her look older.


8:10PM BBT Omarosa takes more makeup tips from Ari as Ari passes through the BR.  


8:12PM BBT The HG are in the BY playing Lie Lie Truth and start with Ross.  Metta, Mark,  Brandi, Marissa, Ross and Shannon all try to guess the lies and the truth.


8:14PM BBT James joins the HG gaming in the BY and Mark goes in to use the bathroom.  Omarosa continues to do her makeup and asks production if she can go to the DR after Mark so that she can go to bed early.


8:20PM BBT Keshia and Omarosa talk hair in the BR.  Omarosa sings "I Whip My Hair" by Will Smith's daughter while Keshia whips her pony tail.


8:24PM BBT Keshia starts to say "so they didn't stop you when...." to Omarosa and the feeds go to fish.   


8:25PM BBT Ross, Ari, Brandi, James, Marissa, and Metta continue playing the Lie Lie Truth game in the BY


8:27PM BBT Omarosa uses her inhaler.   Keisha goes to get her bathroom items so that she can take a shower and wash her hair.


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8:35PM BBT The HG talk about who's had Botox and how many times they've had it done.  [they talked over each other, so it was difficult to get the counts]


8:37PM BBT The HG change the game up to when they say a word each, going from one to the other, while making sentences/stories.


8:39PM BBT Omarosa tells Keshia about her teeth whitening solutions, and that she was at the highest level of whitening with the dentist and now she uses baking soda and salt, followed by swishing with peroxide. 


8:42PM BBT Omarosa goes out to get her bottle of water and returns to the BR where Keshia continues to shower.


8:44PM BBT In the BY, the HG study together the events that have occurred in the house.  


8:48PM BBT Metta joins the HG in the BY with a hat and furry head covering after wearing it to the DR.  The HG laugh and say he looks crazy.


8:54PM BBT James comes outside and they speculate what tomorrow night's live show will be.  


8:56PM BBT Keshia blows her hair dry while Omarosa continues to apply makeup.  Mark comes from the DR and tells O that it was a short session.

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9:03PM BBT  Omarosa is called to the DR and celebrates with a "yaaaaaaay".  Marissa and Keshia talk hair in the BR.  Marissa brushes her teeth.


9:05PM BBT James goes into the lounge. Metta, Mark, Shannon, Ari, and Ross still in BY talking about a show on VH1, RuPaul's Drag Race. Metta and Ross head inside.


9:09PM BBT  They hot tub temp is 105, so Marissa turns it down so that it's not so hot. They talk about how they're now on Pop.


9:10PM BBT Ross asks what they'll do when they get out of the house.  Mark said he'll take a shower and a nap.


9:12PM BBT Brandi tells Ross, Mark, Marissa and Shannon about her BBUK experience and how horrific it was with the crowds booing.  She felt like it was a rebirth when she came out.


9:14PM BBT Brandi explains the difference between Housewives and BBUK.  Ross is surprised that they didn't have any YouTube celebrities in the house.  James preps to go in hot tub.


9:16PM BBT James turns hot tub jets on.  Metta is back in the KT snacking.


9:18PM BBT Omarosa joins the HG in the BY.  Marissa tells Brandi that she is a very good person.


9:24PM BBT Metta and James soak in the hot tub.



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9:33PM BBT They HG in the BY go through their favorite parts each person of BBCELEB.  They compliment each other. (Ross, Omarosa, Mark; Shannon is sleeping)


9:39PM BBT James and Metta talk about how much they have learn from the other houseguests.  Metta said that when he's playing bball, they can't use the hot tub unless they have an injury.


9:45PM BBT  The backyard gang is now Keshia, Shannon, Marissa, Brandi and Ross.  Keshia says that her hairdresser makes the products she uses.


9:46PM BBT They ask Shannon to makes some more popcorn with the coconut oil.


9:48PM BBT Brandi says that they should wash their pillowcases. They talk about hiding the owl from Metta - Keshia puts a stop to that because she wants to sleep and Metta would keep looking for it all night.


9:49PM BBT They decide to hide one item from each person.  Coconut oil from Shannon, facial blotting paper from James, hide the owl, Ross's chapstick, Mark's slippers, etc.


9:53PM BBT Brandi jokes about how much James looks in the mirror.  He joins Brandi, Keshia, Ari, and Marissa by the fire.  Brandi gets called to the DR.


9:55PM BBT Ross and Brandi talk in the HOH BR about targeting Shannon, and is that ok since she's part of their alliance.  


9:56PM BBT Brandi and Ross in HOH BR - Ross can't decide if it's stupid or smart, and what the fallout will be.


9:57PM BBT Brandi tells Ross that it's only going to get harder.


9:58PM BBT Ross rejoins Marissa, James, Ari and Keshia by the BY firepit.  Mark joins them as well and talks about how Superbad saved him and his friends a night in juvi.

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10:00PM BBT The BY HG talk about possible twists or America's player. They then discuss past twists.


10:04PM BBT Metta is taking a shower in the BR.


10:18PM BBT Shannon is called to the DR.  The other HG talk about the cameras and what is behind the mirrors.


10:19PM BBT James talks about who he's paid to appear at his parties.  James talks about his party where one of his guests was just back from overseas and had 15 illegal firearms in his truck.

10:26PM BBT Keshia is in the RBR laughing at Metta and the camera.  Keshia is going to sleep.  Metta says the viewers know them - he didn't expect to show as much in the house.


10:28PM BBT Metta talks about who has cried in the house.  Keshia says that she has, and that also Chuck and James have.  Brandi and Ari comes in.


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10:30PM BBT Brandi asks Ari what she thinks will happen tomorrow.  She hopes they don't win because they have too much power now.  Brandi said that Shannon's acting weird now.


10:32PM BBT Ari and Brandi in GBR talking about Metta's owl and how he doesn't know they hid it.


10:33PM BBT Brandi said she's going to wash her hair before the comp.  Ari said that she's just going to get dirty, so to wait.  Brandi said she's got to look good for the live show.


10:34PM BBT In the BY, Ross says that anyone is welcome to sleep up in the HOHR. Mark says he may take him up on that.  Ross heads to the HOH room.


10:36PM BBT Ross goes to bed.  Omarosa and James are left in the BY by firepit.  Mark joins them.  They're wondering how things are going on the outside.


10:38PM BBT Marissa is called to the DR.  Mark wonders how they would get through all of the DRs with 16 people in the house.  Shannon is debating going to bed - she wants to see what's going on.


10:41PM BBT Omarosa wishes that there was a production recording saying "Omarosa, that's not a good idea", or "Omarosa....shut up".  


10:42PM BBT By the firepit Mark, Omarosa and James talk about what they think will happen on the live show.  She likes being on live, and hates being edited.


10:43PM BBT Omarosa talks about the feeling about being on the block, and how everyone should be on the block at least one time.  She says that Derek went through the whole season without being on the block.


10:46PM BBT Omarosa talks about her asthma, and how she tries to hide it because it's a sign of weakness.  She told her doctor that she wanted to come back to the house.  They compare this with Christmas last season.  


10:49PM BBT Omarosa says that she's making Ari crazy with her OCD.  Ari wants to fold and organize things and Omarosa doesn't let her.


10:51PM BBT Shannon talks about her relationship with Simon and how they're different in some areas, yet passionate about animals.   She's less organized than him.  Omarosa buys fabrics everywhere she goes.


10:52PM BBT Omarosa self praises herself for feeding the hungry last Thanksgiving.  


10:54PM BBT Shannon shares her experience acting like a crazy homeless person and learned a lot about people, and how they wouldn't look her in the eye.  


10:56PM BBT Brandi and Ariadna continue to wind down in the GBR.  Brandi feels that if Omarosa stays, they will (Brandi and Omarosa) for sure go at it.  Brandi and Ari agree that they low and let the other think they're not really playing the game.


11:01PM BBT Mark is called to the DR. Ross joins Ari and Brandi in the GBR.  Ross works through the numbers to see if he would be evicted in the next eviction and believes he is safe for a while.


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