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Sunday, February 11, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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12:05 AM BBT Several of the HG have gone to bed. Ari is staying up and doing laundry. She explains that producers told her that they are going to call her back into the DR soon so to keep her makeup on. She calls out to the camera "Love you mi amore."


12:10 AM BBT Ross is laying in the HOH bed with the lights out. Marissa goes in there. He asks her what she thinks the audience (us) care about. WBRB. Feeds return and they are now talking about backdooring Shannon. James might hate them but they can explain that Shannon wanted him out next. They don't think anyone else would truly blame them. 


12:14 AM BBT Ross and Marissa said the downside to flipping is James. He wins HOH then he comes after Ross and puts him up next to Marissa. And James and Shannon both threw this last HOH. They gambled. They won't gamble again. If Keisha wins, that actually might be ideal. 


12:20 AM BBT Ross and Marissa are still in the HOHR. Ross says the only person that would be mad if they BD Shannon is James. However they want it to be a surprise. Then Ross says he hopes this isn't HOH-itis stuff. He hopes it isn't the HOH room talking. He hears Evil Dick screaming in his ear. "Why are going after people who cannot win?" Omarosa spins twice and drops. They see Shannon on the TV screen. Ross asks what she is doing. Marissa "She can't stop. She can't. She is playing so hard." Ross "We have to do it." 


12:25 AM BBT Ross and Marissa say that this game is just so fun. There are only two weeks left. Why not make big moves and go out swinging? Ross says that is what he loves about this game. Big moves.


12:29 AM BBT Ross to Marissa about backdooring Shannon. "Let's not be snarky and gossipy. Let's just do it and not tell anyone. 

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12:34 AM BBT Ross and Marissa are considering who to pick if Ross picks the Player's Choice Veto Token. He asks her if he picks her will she use the veto. She laughs and says "yes, I don't give a F." Ross says the HOH room is talking to him and if he were at home he would be screaming at the TV at himself about why he is going after weak players. 


12:37 AM BBT Ross asks Marissa if she thinks the audience is aware if them, Ari and Brandi are a strong commitment. Marissa "I don't think the audience knows yet."


12:37 AM BBT Marissa to Ross "Aren't you glad to have me?" Ross "Oh my God yes. Because regardless of how stupid the idea is, you are down to do it." 


12:40 AM BBT Ross and Marissa are joking in the HOHR. They are laughing how weird Metta is and that the only thing that makes sense is the audience is controlling him. He is America's Player. Sleeping all day, make up rules to Chinese Checkers and get someone to play with you, refuse to take off sunglasses. Make an alliance with Ross. Sleep with an owl every night. Find out everyone's porn name. 


12:45 AM BBT Marissa and Ross continue to joke that the only thing that makes sense about Metta is that he is a twist. They are going to go to the DR and tell them their suspicions and see what kind of bonus prize they can get. 


12:47 AM BBT Ross and Marissa are worried that by picking players for veto (Player's Choice) then they are showing their hand. Marissa is going to have her, Ari and Brandi make their wishes to play very known that they want to play. Marissa will get them to do it to the point of being obnoxious. That way if Ross picks them to play no one will question him later why.

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1:00 AM BBT Metta is in the KT putting up dishes. Marissa just got done tweeting. Marissa hasn't taken her evening meds yet because she thinks BB is going to call her to the DR. If she on her meds she will be too loopy. 


1:04 AM BBT In the KT Marissa and Metta are talking about Ru Paul. He is groundbreaking. She was a guest judge on Ru Paul's Drag Race. Metta asks if that is a type of racing show. She says no. It is drag queens in drag queen competition. 


1:10 AM BBT Fees 1 and 2 show Ari reading the Bible in bed. Feeds 3 and 4 show Metta doing dishes. 


1:27 AM BBT Metta has finished the dishes and cleaning up the KT. He crawls into bed. All is quiet except the thumping of construction that is going on outside that can be heard inside.


1:33 AM BBT Mark goes to use the WC. He runs into Marissa who just came out of the DR. She says the BB may still call him into the DR. They want him and probably Shannon too. She then heads up to the HOHR to get ready for bed. 


1:41 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house. 

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7:37 AM BBT Metta uses the WC and spends a moment in front of the mirror. Heads back to bed. 


7:54 AM BBT Keshia gets out of bed. The cameras do not follow as she heads towards the WC. We can hear her wash her hands and what sounds like the sliding glass door opening. At 7:57 we see her going to lay down in the Speakeasy on the lounge sofa wrapped in a blanket. 


8:13 AM Feeds 1 and 2 show a dark HOHR where either Marissa or Ross is softly snoring. Feeds 3 and 4 show Keshia laying down in the Speakeasy wrapped in a blanket. She is staring into space. WBRB 


8:23 AM BBT Feeds return. The only one shown up and around is Keshia who is washing her face at the bathroom sink and Omarosa who is coming out of the WC. Brandi appears to be applying some face cream in the darkened bedroom.


8:30 AM BBT Keshia, Omarosa and Brandi are up. Omarosa says that she was coughing all night long. She was worried she was keeping the others up. Meanwhile Brandi calls out to BB that she cannot find her microphone in the dark bedroom. 


8:40 AM BBT Omarosa is in the Speakeasy tweeting. Marissa, Keisha, Brandi and Ross are all up. Keshia jokes that Marissa is fired from coffee duty. 


8:50 AM BBT Marissa is talking to Keshia and Brandi in the WA. She is allergic to some dogs, but not all. Just the shedders. She then talks about her career singing. She said she sang better and more often before she got successful. Once she got successful, people expect something different from you. Keshia tells her that she is probably being too hard on herself because she is awesome. Brandi "She's okay." 


8:55 AM BBT All night long and into the wee morning hours BB has being going to WBRB when calling a HG into the DR. Marissa discusses that she wasn't called in there until 2 AM. They discuss they haven't had any music this morning. Most of the house is awake because of the late night/early morning calls. 

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9:00 AM BBT Marissa, Omarosa, Ross, Brandi and Keshia are in the WA. Marissa has a headache on the side of her face. It's like a pressure cooker. They discuss jewelry. Keshia says that she is way too careless about setting her jewelry down so there was no way she was bringing her good jewelry into the house. 


9:09 AM This is the better part of what we are seeing this morning as the HG cannot help themselves but talk about how/when/why they are being called into the DR. 




9:10 AM BBT Marissa is explaining BB Fast Forward to Brandi and Omarosa. She repeats to them about her theory that Metta is America's Player. All the crazy stuff he does like doing the dishes in his underwear has to be chores America is giving him. Brandi "I think he's just crazy." 


9:13 AM BBT Omarosa to Marissa who is in the WC. "Are we on live feeds right now?" Marissa "Yes, always." Brandi and Omarosa give a couple shout outs which leads to more WBRB. 


9:16 AM BBT Marissa is talking about a show she did where she had a crazy costume with 10 pieces. She told her friend she would pay him to go in there every day and help her get into the costume. Now, he is technical director of the show. So, he ended getting a good paying job because she was a brat and didn't want to zip up her own costume.


9:20 AM BBT Most of the ladies are downstairs primping for today's POV. Meanwhile Ross is upstairs in the HOH bed. He looks to be deep in thought. BB calls for the HGs to change their batteries. 





Deep In Thought.jpg

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9:30 AM BBT BB reminds Ross and Omarosa to put on their microphones. Marissa and Omarosa are discussing her time in the hospital. She found it odd that she was offered the flu shot. When she asked if it works the nurse told her no. She asked why she was being asked about a flu shot that doesn't work. The nurse had told her that she had to and that half the people on that floor were flu patients. Marissa says it is probably because those with asthma are much more susceptible to get pneumonia from the flu. 


9:40 AM BBT WBRB again.


9:45 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Ross and Brandi alone in the HOH. He tells her about his plan to BD Shannon. He tells her he is just thinking about it. She reminds him that he cannot vote. She doesn't think they have the votes.  It would be 3 against 4. They don't have the votes. 


9:50 AM BBT BB tells the HGs that the SR is temporarily unavailable. After a few moments Omarosa is called to go to the SR. Meanwhile BB still has not given them an official wake up call nor has BB required the bedroom lights to be on during the day. The HGs are saying they think it's because BB has been calling them to the DR all night long multiple times.

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10:00 AM BBT James speaks to Ross in the WA. James tells him that Keshia is threatening him just about every day. Ross says he doesn't care which one of them leaves. He just hopes they win POV so that they can just let the house decide. James says that last night Keshia was in the KT so salty. He heard her say that the house better get rid of her or there was going to be Hell to pay. "So, it isn't just him she is threatening." Rose "Duly noted." 


10:05 AM BBT Keshia has cornered Marissa in the hallway. Keisha "I want to like you outside of this house too. I'm just saying." 


10:10 AM BBT Marissa and Ross redecorate BB's statues by giving it some eyelashes.

Eyelashes on the Statue.jpg


Eyelashes on the Statue 2.jpg


10:12 AM BBT Marissa and Ross are in the HOH. She tells him that they have Keshia. She just confirmed it downstairs. She questioned Omarosa's loyalty and if she knew about the switch. They consider keeping Keshia and getting rid of Omarosa. The people they have to convince is Ari and Brandi. Backdooring Shannon is still an option but it puts a huge target on him.


10:25 AM BBT BB tells the HG for the 3rd time the SR is temporarily unavailable. BB then calls Keshia to the DR. All 4 feeds are on Brandi, James, Mark, and Marissa in the KT. Just general chit chat. Ross goes upstairs to brush his teeth.

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10:35 AM BBT All 4 cameras are still on the HGs in the KT. It is just general chit chat like what is their definition of Medium versus Medium Well steak. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Omarosa and Keshia whispering in the WA. It is impossible to hear what Keshia is saying. She is holding a porcelain bowl level with her microphone and her spoon keeps hitting the side of the bowl. To turn the volume up enough to hear her would blow out the eardrums from the spoon hitting the bowl. 


10:43 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Omarosa and Keshia in the WA. Omarosa "Don't tell me the Pillsbury Doughboy is going to win." Keshia "You can't call him that." Omarosa "Who invited him into the all girl alliance. And the boy alliance too. He is playing both sides." Keshia "I called it." They are trying to decide who goes up if the POV is used and one of them comes down. Omarosa "Metta? Maybe the black trifecta." 


10:55 AM BBT Ross comes down from the HOH with a hairdryer. He points it at Ari like a pistol and shoots her. She jumps up and screams. Ross "Give me the quiche and no one gets hurt. Keshia "Did someone call me?....Kidding."


10:58 AM BBT Ross and Marissa are in the HOH room BR talking about keeping Keshia over Omarosa. She thinks Keshia will go after James and Shannon for them. Marissa "We need Brandi to spearhead the we need Omarosa out plan." Omarosa is bringing up the race card a lot and Shannon is afraid of that. No one knows what she will say or accuse you of. 

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11:01AM BBT James in the HOH room with Ross and Marissa. James tells them that Keshia has said that if they don't get her out, there is going to be hell to pay. James says also from a PR standpoint that Omarosa just came back from the hospital and to get her out looks wrong. Marissa says she has pros and cons for each.


 11:06AM BBT Omarosa and Keshia were talking about when Omarosa went to the hospital. She tells Keshia when it was time to go back to the house she only had the leotard and made them get her clothes. She then tells Keshia that she knows the public was talking about her being in the hospital. A nurse told her and cam changes.



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#BBCELEB 11:31am BBT Feeds are back up James, Brandi, Ari , Marissa , Metta, Shannon and Ross are in the kitchen talking about the food. Metta has given Ari a new name like his and it is Crystal Waters. They are telling Shannon to put her microphone on. Metta has his shorts wrapped around his head. Now Keshia is in the kitchen talking. Marissa is talking about getting fired from her job and got fired for being fat and Mel B took over her job because they said she was more relatible. They are thanking Brandi for making breakfast this morning. Ross is asking Metta why the shorts on the head, he said that america told him to. They are all laughing about the things Metta has done in the house. Marissa is talking about how Metta has been washing dishes in his underwear all the time. They are asking in a jokeing way how much they are paying him to pull off all these things.

They are talking about some of the food Brandi cooked is cooked good and other parts are burnt on the botton.Then Metta is telling everybody that he isn't black he's brown. He is telling the others they are white or tan. He told Marissa if he put her in a crayon box she would be peach or peachy rose. James is olive and nobody seems to be listening to him. Metta is still going on about his skin color he said in black history month they are referred to as black but if you look it up it says black is negative space. He says so I'm brown. Metta says everyday is brown history day due to what they have been thru it's an everyday agony in history.
#BBCELEB 11:50 am BBT All 4 feeds are still in the Kitchen , Metta has still got the shorts on his head. They are beginning to scatter now Metta us the kitchen. He's cleaning up the mess on the counter. Now we are in the HOH Ari and Marissa are talking about what Keshia told them that what all the husbands said is all lie. Now Ross and Shannon enter the HOH. Keshia thinks the reason she is on the block is because she trusted the wrong person. She mentioned that yesterday due to Chuck leaving. Marissa is in on the conversation.
Still in the HOH room they were talking about how Omarosa was trying to make Shannon feel bad about breaking up the group but it was all about putting on a show. Brandi has came in and is listening to the group. Shannon is trying to talk Ross into not putting Metta up as a pawn at all due to what it would look if the veto is used.
Now in the HOH room Omarosa is getting Brandi to getting the glue off her chest from the stickers from the EKG tabs were removed from her chest. They said that the Veto meeting for choosing the players will be in an hour. Brandi is wanting to take a bath to get ready for the drawing to see who is playing in the veto.
  12:00 pm BBT Back in the Kitchen James was soaking the dishes when Keshia comes in and is getting her a drink. Now everyone is out of the kitchen. James is standing in the exercise room rolling is side on the blue roll .
 12:12 pm BBT Back in the HOH room Marissa is rubbing alcohol pads all over Omarosa's chest. Shannon is laying in the bed by Ross talking about renting a car and the price wasn't bad for the week. Now Brandi and Omarosa are talking about using Uber
Brandi said she was in an older Honda and people starting pulling up beside her and taking pictures of her sitting in the back seat of that old car. Keshia is still drinking water in the HoH. They are still talking about how much longer they have untilthey have to go to picking veto people. Ross, Shannon and Omarosa are talking about being in the house 2 weeks today . Shannon is saying they called Mark into the DR at 2:00 am and he had his ear phones in and Shannon finally had to yell at him to go to the DR.

   12:19 pm BBT feeds are down we have Foth .Feeds are back up again still in HOH room nobody is really talking with Keshia and Omarosa in the room. Omarosa is talking about veto and Shannon says she thinks it's always a little physical.
Feeds are back up again still in HOH room nobody is really talking with Keshia and Omarosa in the room. Omarosa is talking about veto and Shannon says she thinks it's always a little physical.
They are trying to figure out what the Veto is going to be. It seems like that Keshia and Omarosa are in the room so they can't do any talking about the game. Keshia has left and Omarosa ,Shannon and Ross are talking about how they say there names .Now Shannon is leaving she is going to change clothes and put make up on since they know the veto is fixing to happen anytime.
Now they call Ross about his mic not being in the right place.
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  12:31 pm BBT Mark and Ross are talking about the girl breaking her foot last season and how she had to wear a cast all season.
Mark, Ross and Shannon are in the kitchen talking.. Shannon is talking to Mark and said that they announced that there will be no
 more live evictions since they were a little bit different.
Everywhere you look everyone is trying to get ready. now in the HOH room Metta is wanting to know who came up with black history. Metta and Omarosaare discussing the color while Ari and Brandi are listining. Omarosa said he could be called anything but he doesn't have to answer to anythingNo we are back to the brown color again an how he feels about himself. Omarosa said that it's ok how he feels and what's right to him.
  12:41 pm BBT still same discussion in the HoH , so now the Hollywood room Mark is asking Ross to not put James back on the block. Mark says spread the word I will go up and if it's my time then it's my time.
Marissa is talking to Mark and Ross she is saying she is very trust worthy and she thinks her and Mark are on the outside.They seem confused about what Marissa is saying. She said she had to gather her thoughts.
They are talking about Shannon and they are all playing her game. She wins lots of comps and is a great game player. Ross is talking about if Keshia or Omarosa take themselves off the block when will they have
another chance to put her on the block. They think they would have the votes to get Shannon out. They say Shannon will win this game if she don't go .If they continue to play Shannon's game they have no doubt
she will win. Ross is asking Mark and Marissa if one of them win why don't they take one off the block and put Shannon up and get her out. Ross ask Mark has he been thinking about getting her out and he said that's all I've beenthinking about.
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  12:55 pm BBT Still in the Hollywood room Mark and Marissa are talking about her going into stand up . She said no but she
would use her married name Mrs. Miller, but her husband is a comedian . Now they are talking about having her son checked out for some problems
and she told the dr that her son was a surrogate. The dr. ask what they told him and she said that they hadn't said anything to him yet about it.

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  1:03 pm BBT Lot of chatter in the black bedroom. Now we have went into the Teal bedroom. Ari is been called to the DR. Now Mark is in the Kitchen with Ross he's talking about the suit cases being in the room already. Mark is still digging in the fridge getting out stuff out to make a sandwich.
Mark must be trying to get his sandwich fixed before the picking of the veto players. Everyone else seems to be taking showers, putting on make up and fixing there hair except Ari in the DR. and Mark .
Omarosa has chatted being back in the house and she is feeling good.. Ross put up a lot of emoji's. No they are talking about how bad the refrigerator stinks.  Omarosa is now filling up a pot to put on the stove. Omarosa is talking about loosing over 4 pounds since she has been there. She said if she was hope she would bee cooking a lot. Mark is asking about what time it.

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#BBCELEB 1:18 pm BBT Ari was in the DR because of her fingers. They called a dr in to see about them and the dr. wrapped them up.
Ross and Keshia say that Ari is fine.

Everybody is just sitting around waiting on everything to start. They all seemed bored and anxious.But Keshia is still cooking her a chicken sandwich and Omarosa is boiling two eggs.  Omarosa is telling everybody that she is making a salad because she lost 4 pounds.

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  1:30 pm BBT Really nothing going on in the house at this point but eating in the kitchen. Mark ask Omarosa wonder if it was on the feeds and she said I know for a fact because the house was talking on the feeds. So she had to change a rooms in the hospital.
Now in the WR Brandi and Ross are by the sinks and Ari and Marissa are sitting on the sofa talking to them. Ari ask if Ross had choose a host yet. There are about 5 want to be host.. Now Ross is rehearses the beginning of the veto game. So he says if he would say it likethe girls want him to.

Shannon is in the California room putting on her necklace and putting up her jewelry . Now she is trying to pick a hat that matches better. In the kitchen Marissa sais she had no ideal that you could boil eggs on the stove. So now she will have boiled eggs now everyday. She is so excited over boiled eggs.

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  1:42 pm BBT Most of them are still in the kitchen. Shannon said she lives in capetown. Omarosa ask when was a good time to come to see her in Capetown.Her friend ask if how to get stars in on top of the mountain and he let them go thru first.

Now they are talking how far it is to get to Madagascar to Capetown.
James is wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Mark and Omarosa are talking about having IBF to have babies and who is the best dr. Now Mark, Omarosa and James are talkingabout eye surgery and having to get it touched up after so long.

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#BBCELEB 1:50 BBT Just general chatting you hear things about speeches , eye surgery and still eating. Omarasoa is talking about her Asthma and she will tap
out if it's an endurance comp . Now they are roll playing. Most everyone is in the kitchen. Metta is not seen in any feed. But right now But in the Teal room Brandi
Ari and Marissa are talking about how old everyone is now.

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 # 2:03 BBT Now Ross, Marissa and Brandi are in the Teal room. Brandi thinks that either Keshia or Omarosa should go home . Ross is telling Brandi to pull Ari in to there team.They also think James and or Shannon need to go home because they are such good players. Back in the Kitchen they are talking about how much Metta sleeps and Ross said he would be a great room mate because you wouldn't see him much because he's sleeping all the time. Now the conversation has changed to the top 5 questions on how to live in the BB house with 11 house guest. Ari and Brandi are talking about getting Shannon out of the house because she has a deal with everyone in the house. They plan on taking Keshia down
if anyone of them win the POV.

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 2:14 pm BBT Brandi and Ross are in the HOH bed Brandi is eating celery. Ari now has come in the HOH room. Ari is eating Ross's peanut butter. Brandi ask Ari what she has in her hand and Ross said
it's fiber pills. Ari has taken 4 fiber pills today . Ross is listening to his music, Brandi is eating chesse and watching the TV monitor while  Ari is eating peanut butter.Now back in the kitchen Marissa is putting on Omarosa's earrings. Metta has finally woke up.. They are wanting to put earrings on Metta. Shannon is putting in a big loopin his ear. Metta says it looks bad real bad.. All game talk has stopped for now.

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  2:23 pm BBT Still eating in kitchen, Marissa and Keshia are talking about Marissa's nails and how she has changed colors.
Now they are talking about all the one's voted off will be the one's that choose the winner. Mark says he is taking a break from washing
dishes. Marissa says she will wash her egg pans. Mark is complaining on how his dish pan hands and how they hurt. Now they are beginning to move again. A few still washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen some. They have meat cooking in the crockpot.. James said he would def eat some meat.

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2:31 PM: Shannon is curious why nobody's been called to the DR.
2:33 PM: James doesn't want to work out since he hasn't taken a break since he got to the house.
2:33 PM: Keisha and Omarosa talking in blue bedroom. They both think they're the next two to go. Keisha wants one of them to win the veto. Omarosa is positive there's a backdoor plan due to the shade they throw at Shannon and Metta. Keisha says it'd be smart, but isn't sure if they would do that.
2:36 PM: Shannon and Metta in kitchen. Shannon thinks Metta will make good TV. He talks about doing Ari's makeup the other day, the convo then turns to makeup in general.
2:39 PM: Omarosa suddenly remembered Marcellas, and her and Shannon start talking about him and why he didn't use the veto. O says that her entire perspective about moves that previous players have done has changed due to this experience.
2:41 PM: Shannon, James, and Omarosa talk about how they would no celebrity would ever do the three-month version. James thinks there needs to be a lot of money to justify that. They all think it's arong that the losers barely get any money.
2:46 PM: James talks about his career to Metta. Talks about the types of films he likes to work for, and how hard singing is in a streaming era.
2:50 PM: Omarosa thinks James girlfriend will want to marry him when he gets back. James just wants to take it slow. Shannon, Metta, and Omarosa start sharing stories about their spouses.
3:05 PM: Metta talks about a police officer killing somebody he knew. Omarosa hates law enforcement abusing their power.
3:16 PM: Brandi and Ari together in HoH room. WBRB.
3:28 PM: Just chit chat between Brandi/Ari.
3:34 PM: Brandi asking Omarosa about the veto competition. O says she doesn't know if she'll be able to play it. Brandi says Ari might also not be able to because of her hands?

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3:58 PM BBT Omarosa is putting away her clothes. She mentions that she never wears jeans so she has no idea why she packed them. Ari tells her they are actually bad for your skin because your skin can't breathe through them. Omarosa says she is going to start making a list. Tips from supermodels.


4:10 PM BBT In the KT Shannon is laboring over the stove cooking some concoction where the main ingredients are avocado and spinach. Meanwhile Brandi, Ross, Omarosa, Ari, and Keshia are in the Teal BR talking about fashion and all the clothes they brought that they haven't worn. 


4:15 PM BBT Marissa is laying in bed. Ross goes in there and they whisper. Ross tells her that his fear is that the Backdoor Shannon plan is initiated and they don't pull it off. They may catch wind of it when they pick players for veto. If he gets HG choice and doesn't pick Shannon or James then they are going to know something is up. However, if the option presents itself, it may be too good to pass up. 


4:20 PM BBT Ross and Marissa think that it may be best to go ahead and pick either James or Shannon to play the POV if he gets HG choice. If they don't win, then the BD plan is still an option.


4:22 PM BBT Ross and James are in the HOH. Ross asks him what he should do if he picks the HG choice chip for the veto. James tells him for sure, it should be him or Shannon. Ross asks him if they need to put more targets on her. James said the targets are probably equal but he has no problem stepping in on this one. Ross brings Shannon upstairs and addresses the same to her. She says she doesn't think the targets could get any bigger so it doesn't matter to her.


4:30 PM BBT Ross is called to the DR so the HGs are speculating they about to pick players for Veto. 


4:36 PM BBT Feeds switch to WBRB.


4:40 PM BBT The feeds return and all the HGs except Ross are sitting in the living room like they are preparing to pick players. Ross steps out from the DR into the LR and then turns around and heads back in. 

Preparing to pick for veto.jpg


4:50 PM BBT The HGs are hanging out in the LR waiting to pick players for veto. BB sent Ross back out. He said they were waiting on someone or something but I couldn't tell what. Meanwhile the HGs goof off by pretending their battery packs are phones and calling each other.

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5:10 PM BBT The HGS are still waiting in the LR to pick players for veto. They are playing the game where the group tells a story and each person has to add one word to the story as they go around the circle. Meanwhile Mark is waiting it out in the Speakeasy and sends out a tweet. 


5:20 PM BBT The HGs are trying to figure out ways to pass the time. They are thinking about playing Twister. For colored spots on the ground they are putting down different colored towels.


 5:25 PM BBT The HGs are using the multicolored tiles to play Twister. Round one is Marissa versus Metta. Marissa wins. Round two is Marissa against Omarosa. 

Twister a.jpg


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