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Saturday, February 10, 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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3:05AM BBT: The live feeds just returned.  Marissa & Ross were in the HoH room, and Metta was in the Speakeasy sending out a tweet.  Ross won the HoH!

3:15AM BBT: Metta goes to bed all the lights are now off and everyone is in a bed, including me.  It sounds like Omarosa went to the hospital. Ross asks Marissa, "Is Omarosa coming back?" Marissa: "I don't know." Ross thinks she's just staying in the hospital overnight. Marissa explains the Christmas situation from #BB19.  It was a dizzy spinning competition and Omarosa got hit with a ball.
Good night.

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3:15 AM BBT Ross and Marissa are laying in the HOH bed and talking. Marissa is explaining to Ross how Christmas was hospitalized last year, voted from her hospital bed, and reentered the house. She tells him that if Metta wins the whole game it will be weird because he basically escaped twice. And BB let him back in. FOTH


3:17 AM BBT Feeds return. In the HOH bed with the lights off, Ross and Marissa are discussing his HOH nomination speech. He is going to say that if it had been just about anyone else from their alliance that won HOH, the nominations would be same. It's just how the lines were drawn. Good Luck to both of you and I want to give you the same opportunity that I want and not backdoor you. I am giving you the opportunity to fight. When this is all over I hope we can hug it out.


3:19 AM BBT Ross and Marissa congratulate each other on their HOH performance. They were the heroes. Marissa won a pivotal round by knocking Omarosa out. And Ross took out Metta which was a huge deal. Marissa "This is hilarious that you and I knocked out those people. And Omarosa had everything to lose. I mean, I put her in the hospital." FOTH.


3:25 AM BBT All 4 feeds show sleeping HGs. 


3:45 AM BBT Ross gets out of bed and goes to use the WC and blow his nose and clear his throat. He heads back to bed. He wakes up Marissa in the process. He apologizes to her for being loud. He said it his allergies. She volunteers to go and get him one of her allergy pills. He says sorry again. She tells him not to be and uses the WC herself. 


4:50 AM BBT Metta has spent a great deal of time tossing and turning in bed. He is finally asleep enough to start snoring. 

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7:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds show sleeping HGs.


7:05 AM BBT Keshia is awake and goes to the BY to remove some sheets and towels from the dryer. She climbs back into bed.


8:00 AM BBT Keshia is awake. She gets up, walks across the house and off camera. She comes back at 8:05 and starts moving around the towels and sheets on her bed. She isn't even quiet about it and this wakes up Metta. Metta  picks his nose and flicks while she continues to fiddle around the room.  


8:08 AM BBT Keshia heads to the WC and walks right back out. She goes to the SR to get some toilet paper and goes back to the WC. 


8:15 AM BBT Keshia is getting ready to take a shower. In preparation, she has made no fewer than 4 trips between the Wash Area and Bedroom and a trip to the BY. You can hear the crew working in the BY. Each trip to the BR leads to her waking up Metta. Keshia sprays cleaner on the floor of the shower before stepping in.  Mark heads to the WC.


8:30 AM BBT Keshia is up doing ADLs. Metta has been to the WC and has gone back to bed. 


8:39 AM BBT WBRB, probably wake up call.


8:54 AM BBT Feeds return. Lights are on. Keshia and Marissa are up doing ADLs.

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9:00 AM BBT Marissa, Ross and Mark are talking in the SR while they change out their batteries. Marissa is talking about how safe and cozy sleeping in the HOH bed is. They tell Mark the bed is so big that he should come up there to sleep too. It's so big, dark in there, and the bathroom is right there. 


9:08 AM BBT Omarosa has not re-entered the house yet. Ari, Brandi, and Shannon haven't been seen this morning yet. Metta was up but went back to bed. Ross, Mark, James and Keshia are in the KT doing ADLs. Marissa is taking a shower. BB calls for Ari, Brandi and Metta to change their batteries. BB tells Keshia to stop whistling.


9:15 AM BBT Shannon and Mark talk about Keshia. Mark says Keshia is being okay about everything. Shannon says not to her. Meanwhile Ross tells Metta that the HOH room is too dark and bed to big to sleep alone. It is way too creepy.


9:20 AM BBT Metta and Mark are talking in the KT. Metta tells him that Ross got word about Omarosa that she is okay. That's all they know about her.


9:22 AM BBT Metta tells Mark that BB screwed up last night and didn't lock the door to the BY. He went outside last night while they were building and could hear the crew talking. WBRB. 


9:25 AM BBT Most of the HGs are up doing ADLs. Ross is reading his HOH letter. Mark can't get over how much different the house seems with 2 people gone. (Omarosa and Chuck)


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9:09 BBT  Keisha and Mark are in the KT.  Keisha is fixing breakfast, offers to make some for Mark, but he said he is not a breakfast person, but thanks her anyway.  Keisha gets told by BB to stop whistling.   Mark offers to take the full trash out.  James come in, talk turns to coffee.


Feeds switch to Mark talking to Shannon. (from SR taking the trash)  He tells Shannon Keisha is being fine, Shannon says not to her.  Said Keisha won't talk or smile at her, even though Shannon has tried.  Mark leaves and Ross comes in.  They discuss how they slept.  Ross leaves and sees James, apologizing for the bed being a mess, James says it was pitch black in there, it didn't matter.

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9:15 BBT  Feeds 1 and 2 are on the KT.. Keisha is still fixing breakfast, James is making coffee and Mark is putting a new bag in the trash can.  Ross comes in, Keisha asks if he wants anything.  He declines.  Ross can't decide what to wear today, Mark (in his robe) doesn't know if he wants to work out early or later.  He said there is always the DR to consider.   James is talking about some make up he had to wear, and how hard it was to scrub it off.  Discussing if they have to do DR over again, and wear their costumes.   They comment that they can hear building going on outside, not sure when they will get outside again. No game talk, just people in the KT

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9:20 BBT  KT crew is talking about 2 late nights in a row.  Mark says at lest they got to sleep until 9, or 8.  Asked Ross what time he got his room, thought it was about 3 AM, Ross said it was 2:20.  Ross said the lack of sleep is making him loopy, someone said are you sure?  Ross said it could be something else.  Metta joins the KT crew.  They ask how he slept, he said not well, he is still tired, but can't go back to sleep.  Said he got up early, the BY wasn't locked so he went out there and heard the guys talking and stuff being built.  Quick FoTH.  Someone (either James or Mark) said that Ross heard from production that Omarosa is ok, then another FoTH.  


Mark said with 2 people out, it seems so quiet.  They said Chuck was so full of energy, and Omarosa is a force.  Metta misses Chuck's stories.


Feed switches to the HoH room.  Ross is going to re-read his letter.  He said maybe because it was so late,  but he had trouble reading it last night.  He said like in grade school when you start cheering on the slow kid to finish, he was cheering himself on to get through the letter.  Marissa is in the HoH room, just had a shower, now getting ready for the day.  Quiet in HoH room as Ross reads his letter, KT crew still discussing breakfast.  Keisha asked Metta if he wanted anything, he said no, he is going to try to eat clean today, just fruit.

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9:30 AM BBT Brandi is up and at the WA mirror. She looks between the camera and Ari and says she is going to boycott the DR. BB hasn't given her the curling iron yet and said they would. They also said she could color her hair and haven't let her. So, the whole time she has been in the house her hair looks like $hit. 


9:35 AM BBT Brandi tells the others she is going on strike until she gets her curling iron. Ross and Ari are going to make a breakfast quiche. BB "Please stop singing". Metta "Please stop playing Be Our Guest. Why would we waste our time on Be Our Guest?"


9:45 AM Metta, James, and Mark are trying to figure out the schedule this weekend. They are hoping to have the POV today. 


9:55 AM BBT The HGs are up doing ADLs. All the guys are in the KT talking at the counter. Shannon and Brandi are cleaning up. Keshia is sitting on the floor in the bedroom putting on makeup. Marissa tells them that the next person to go to the DR needs to request the SR garbage be emptied. It smells like something has gone really bad in there.

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9:31 BBT  Ross finishes his letter and tells Marissa he is going downstairs, he will shower later.  He tries to adjust his hat.  Back to KT crew, talking about bacon.  Keisha loves turkey bacon.  They discuss the difference between pork and turkey, how processed it is, and how James prefers sausage or something more meaty.  Metta says he usually eats steel cut oats.  James says it doesn't matter if it is rolled or steel cut, Metta says he thinks rolled oats are more  processed.  Just discussing sleeping, napping, etc.  Ross comes back and asks if they make a quiche if Mark wants any.  Mark thanks them, but says he isn't a breakfast person.  Now Shannon and Brandi have jined the KT.  Brandi is cleaning the front of the refrigerator.  They are discussing the music this morning.  Metta asks them to stop playing Be My Guest.  BB tells someone to stop singing.




(will be back if anything starts to happen)

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9:46 BBT  Marissa and Brandi in the BR getting ready.  Marissa is telling her that they had the TV on upstairs, and watched Metta go into the DR last night.  Said he was shirtless, and just had on his underpants.  Went in that way a couple of times.  Mark "shuffled" by once.  Brandi leaves, Marissa putting on makeup

Mark, Metta and James still chatting at the KT counter, and Ross and Shannon are cooking.  Ari and Brandi are in the KT now too. 

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9:53 BBt  Mark says he wants just one of Ross's Powerade drink.  Ross says no problem.   They are now discussing how they need to taste, just a little.  James wants a sparkling water.  Complaining that they are always told something is going to be early, and it never is.


James said they need to do a load of towels.  He said he used someone else's used towel last night.  He said it is probably on him, because he leaves his towel on the hook.  He might need to take it with him.  Mark said yes, that if it is there other people will pry their hand or face on it.  James said he doesn't care about that.  Mark said "Really!?" 


Talking about possible naps today, working out, and/or doing something up in the HoH room.  One of the girls is complaining about how bad the SR smells, it is yesterday's trash.

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10:00 AM BBT Brandi brings James some face cream and places it under his eyes. James "I love you." Brandi "That's such as aggressive word."


10:05 AM BBT Ross says that Brandi is salty today. He goes up to her and says she is grumpy while rubbing her back." Meanwhile the guys are talking about the effects of Metamucil and Mexican food. 


10:09 AM Brandi and Marissa are talking about how good their housekeepers are. Almost too good. Sometimes they can't find their stuff because it's been put away somewhere. Brandi says she will go into her kitchen and when trying to find something have to ask "If I were you, where would I be." 


10:15 AM BBT Everyone but Keshia is talking in the KT. There are multiple conversations going on at the same time. Marissa says Omarosa probably enjoyed a night getting to sleep outside the house with IV fluids. 


10:20 AM BBT Mark and James are talking about playing in stadiums. James' largest crowd was when he opened for Bieber. He has played with him a lot, but he won't say that he knows him. However, he was not impressed the last few time. Just completely disrespectful to not only him but his boys. He has seen him do some nice things too but the last few times he saw Bieber things were wildly different. 


10:30 AM BBT In the KT they are discussing the chances that Omarosa may not be coming back. Mark says he would have suspected that she be back this morning. Now, it's like crisis mode. Brandi says that yeah, but one thing she doesn't see her as is a quitter. Mark says that was her first comp and it exasperated her asthma. If her asthma is that bad then that could be very dangerous. She may have to put her health first.  


10:35 AM BBT Ross has put on his baseball cap. James removes his cap and show the others. He says he knows it is printed wrong but it the prototype. Metta reads it "James Maslow established 1990. Is that when you started your career?" James "No, that's when I was born." Metta "Oh my F*ing God." Everyone laughs. Shannon says she graduated high school when James was 1. 


10:45 AM BBT Marissa and James talk about performing on stage. Marissa was never professionally trained in dance. She just learns what she needs for the show and then drills drill drill. James went to performing art school so he had to do jazz, tap and ballet. Marissa says she can learn anything in 2 weeks. But she can't impromptu anything. 


10:50 AM BBT Most of the HGs are still hanging out in the KT. Metta is asking questions about how and what is shown when it airs on TV. He asks about videos posted online. Shannon says that there are fan and reality TV sites. However, she herself is only aware of one. Let's just say, It isn't mine.


10:55 AM BBT The large group in the KT has scattered. Brandi is in the HOH listening to Beyonce. Marissa is up there doing her nails. Mark gets called to the DR. Ross is inviting everyone to the HOHR because he does not want to  be up there alone during his HOH. James joins them upstairs in the HOH. James says that if Metta is not everyone's favorite then he is offended. 

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10:20 BBT  James keep going on about how he has never missed a show, where he has played, how big he crowds were.....talks about someone (didn't hear who) that is firends with his friends, says he doesn't want to say anything negative, but that is the way it is.  Metta said he always wants to be positive. 


Ross said he wants to wear his hat today..  Also said no one has mentioned Season 16 yet.  Now discussing that when they got to the hotel room, they were all given season 16 to watch.  Metta asked if that was a good one.  Finally FoTH.




Gotta go for now , be back later.

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11:00 AM BBT Ross, Brandi, James, and Marissa are in the HOH. Ross tells them that Metta has agreed to go out second so they can stay the course. That's if Omarosa does come back. If she does then they have to decide which one (O or K) is the most dangerous. They can decide which one is the target. If one of them wins the veto then the other one is going out. 


11:05 AM BBT In the Speakeasy, Keshia and Metta are talking. Keshia tells him that she could see that last night they decided who was going to win and threw it to him. Metta hadn't noticed that. Keshia said maybe she saw it because she was not playing and could just watch.


11:09 AM BBT In the teal room is Marissa, Ari, and Brandi. Brandi said she feels like she doesn't know the plan going forward. Marissa tells Brandi that her perspective of the plan is they get rid of Omaraso, Keshia, then Metta. But then they can just let Metta win the HOH and he will put up James and Shannon. That way they can keep Metta in there and get rid of James, a stronger competitor.


11:15 AM BBT In the Speakeasy, Metta is telling Keshia that he thinks the others are using Ross. Keshia says that things are about to get ugly. Things are about to go down. Meanwhile in the Teal BR Marissa tells Ari and Brandi that she wants to have an asthma attack so that she can leave the house, sleep in a hotel and have food brought to her. 


11:20 AM BBT Marissa is laughing at herself about how cute she thinks James is when he walks around shirtless. Kesha asks BB for her black shirt and black and white skirt. BB kept them to camera test them because the white in the skirt may be too white. Metta tells her that when he gets out of there he is going to speak to the producers. WBRB 


11:25 AM BBT Feeds return. Metta and Keshia are still in the Speakeasy talking. Keshia tells him that she judges people by how the present themselves. She starts to mention her conversation with Omarosa about her time in the white house and we get WBRB again.


11:28 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Metta and Keshia in the Speakeasy. Metta says he thinks Omarosa isn't coming back because she has no control of the situation. In this environment, you can't control anything. Keshia is beginning to wonder if it wasn't Omarosa who actually threw her under the bus. In hindsight, it was Omarosa who pushed them to talk to Chuck.

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11:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Ross, Brandi, Ari,and Marissa in the Teal BR. Ross tells them that this 4 is his final 4. He tells Brandi that he is going to let Shannon and Mark think he is with them. But if he has to decide he is going to go with the 4 right here. Brandi admits that she has been worried. Ross tells her not to worry. 


11:35 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show Metta in the Speakeasy. Metta tells CBS that they better not be making some $hit up and make this some racist BS. That better not be the case. 

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11:42AM BBT WBRB Marissa working on Brandi's extensions in the GBR while showing Ari how she does it.


11:44AM BBT Brandi, Marissa and Ari speculate what the veto comp will be, and will Omarosa be well rested because she's able to sleep more.


11:50AM BBT In the LBR, James talks with Keshia about his part in the game. How he went from being on the outside and bummed, to trying to get back in.


11:53AM BBT Brandi and Ari searching for something in the GBR.  Ari wants to wash her hair today, so they discuss shampoos. They head to the HOH room.


11:55AM BBT Keshia paints her nails in the LBR.  James and Metta in the KT while Mark shaves in the BR.


11:57AM BBT Ari and Brandi look through Ross's producst while he is in the DR.  In the KT, James, Mark and Metta talk about what they would normally be doing on a Saturday at home.

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12:00PM BBT In the KT, Metta says that he'd like for his family to do a reality show.  Mark and James say that they'd watch it.


12:03PM BBT Marissa joins the guys in the KT.  They talk about how great the food is in Vancouver.  


12:06PM BBT In the KT, Marissa, Metta, James and Mark give a shout out to Chuck on the live feeds.  They talk about the scenario of if he went into sequester and was coming back into the house.


12:07PM BBT Metta re-enacts his bowling turn from the HOH comp where he was spinning around.  They were explaining how his balls were bouncing and not hitting the pins.




12:11PM BBT Marissa, Mark and Metta continue to talk the sequence of the HOH comp.  Ari resting up in HOH with full facial mask on.  Brandi says they should have their own show called "Brari"


12:16PM BBT In KT, Metta says that Omarosa should NOT come back. Marissa agrees.


12:19PM BBT James is working out in the gym.  Metta and Marissa go up to join Brandi and Ari in the HOH.  


12:20PM BBT Marissa asks Metta where his favorite place to travel was.  "Tulum, Honduras."  Brandi puts on the tutu and spins around.  Metta listens to music.


12:26PM BBT Keisha had Lil Kim for her music.  In the HOH, Metta and Brandi talk about the difference in how girls and guys react to emotions.  Marissa says she loses power if someone at work sees her cry.


12:28PM BBT Metta wants to do make up with the girls in the HOH.  They talk about what they can see from the HOH monitor.





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12:30PM BBT Ross is out of the DR and doing dishes in the KT. 


12:33PM BBT Brandi gives Metta lessons as he gives Ari a makeover in the HOH.  He says he'll be able to do Mya's makeup when he gets home.


12:34PM BBT Ross makes his way to the HOH room.  Ross said that he loves the moments like this when they're just silly.  They agree that the vibe is very different today.


12:36PM BBT BB announced that the curling iron is now available.  They all hooray.  Metta said that this is the best day in the house and that he's comfortable.  Ross invites him to sleep up there.


12:37PM BBT In the HOH, Marissa tells Ross that Metta doesn't think O will be back, and they all agree that they want her to be healthy, no matter what.


12:39PM BBT Marissa wants to go check in on James.  Ross said that they should all take shifts with that.  In the HOH BR, Marissa and Ross agree that they think James and Shannon have F2 deal.


12:47PM BBT Marissa talks with James as he works out in the gym.   She finds stickers to put on the machines.  James talks about an Orange Theory class he took in LA and about another guy there that he calls "skinny fat James"


12:52PM BBT James said he gets jobs because of his physique and Marissa said she does too. They laugh.  She never got work when she was skinny.


12:54PM BBT James said he was a chubby kid with a bad diet.  Marissa tells him that Metta thinks O is not coming back. They quickly go back to the body talk.  Metta is called to DR.


12:56PM BBT In the HOH, Mark said that he has tried to talk to Keshia, but she's not having it.  She dismisses any attempts to engage with her.  


12:57PM BBT Ross tells Mark to stay up in the HOH and promises that they'll never be cruel to anyone.  The HG have concluded that O is not returning and they are concerned for her.  BB has not given them any info.


1:00PM BBT In the HOH, Brandi thinks that O is faking it and this is her way out.  Ross said that O had grabbed her inhaler and her jacket before leaving.  

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1:02PM BBT Mark tells Ross that he will try to get info out of James. Ross asks Mark to keep an eye on Shannon and James.  Mark said that James and Shannon were having a moment around 2 or 3am with him consoling her.  They notice them getting close/having F2 deal. 


1:04PM BBT James and Marissa talk in the gym about the schedule of noms today and veto tomorrow, and if that will change now because of Omarosa.  James recaps his convo with Keshia earlier for Marissa and how salty she got.

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1:10 PM BBT In the gym Marissa is telling James that she is glad that Omarosa chose to battle against her and she won. That way it wasn't everyone picking her over and over again until one of them beats her. Meanwhile Shannon and Ross are talking in the WA. She hates what things have become. Ross tells her this is like a chess game. All she did was make a move. 


1:15 PM BBT In the bedroom Keshia is talking to Metta. She tells him that the stress is wearing her down. She has never been away from her daughter for one single day. It is even impacting her breast milk. She is over it. 


1:20 PM BBT In the gym James tells Marissa that he has to give Shannon credit. She went after him but then she decided to keep him and that is exactly what happened. Meanwhile Ross is running through his nomination speech with Brandi and Ari. Brandi tells him to remind them that they had their own little alliance and would have no problem putting him up there if it were up to them. 


1:25 PM BBT In the HOH bathroom Ross is talking to Brandi and Ari. The two girls are trying to convince him to go ahead and nominate Keshia and Shannon. He tells the girls it is too early to make that kind of move. If Shannon takes herself down then she is going to be gunning for Ross. It puts a much bigger target on him. He says he can't do. Brandi "It's time to make a big move." Ross "We just did. I am exhausted. We need to get out someone who is coming after us now." 


1:27 PM BBT Ross tells Ari and Brandi that he will nominate Keshia and Metta. If one of them wins POV and takes them self off, then he will reconsider putting up Shannon. He hears what they are saying and will revisit this conversation later after the POV. Meanwhile everyone just needs to reassure Shannon. Make her feel safe. 


1:30 PM BBT The HGs are assuming they have a POV today. Ari to Brandy "Whatever you do, do not drink." Brandi says we have been in here a long time I am going to need a little wine. Ari tells her just a little. To keep in mind that she has to be ready to compete.

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1:15 PM BBT  Lots of talk up in the HOH.  Ross finished his shower, is talking with Mark, Brandi and Ari, though Ari isn't talking.  Mark talks about a "moment" with James and Shannon around 2 AM, and said they need to keep an eye on them.  If the 2 of them hook up as an alliance, everyone else was finished. It was decided that if the 2 of them are not with the group, that they will take turns talking with James or Shannon so they can't be alone together to plot.  Ross goes downstairs to talk with Shannon before she goes to the DR.  Mark and Brandi still in HOH, and Brandi said when she got divorced, she charge $12000 on his credit card to get a new vagina.  She said her ex had complained that it wasn't like it used to be, after she had 2 kids.  Mark is amazed!  She said it hurt more than anything she has ever done.  She said she is now like an 18 year old virgin, and her ex didn't get to try it.  (really???)


Marissa and James are talking a lot of game in the gym.  They keep saying as long as one of the 4 of them win, everything is good.  Think it is Ross, James Marissa and Shannon.  James said even if Mark, Brandi or Ari win something, they should still be good.  He feels they have all the power.  James looks outside the door to see if anyone is listening.  Marissa wonders if Omarosa is coming back.  She says she will be well rested since she isn't in the house.  James wonders how long she can be gone before it is too late to come back.  Marissa is explaining about Christmas last year..  James asks if it could be 3-4 days, that Omarosa might milk it for as long as possible before having to go back.  James said it doesn't matter as long as Keisha goes.  She is excluding herself.  Talking about why the house flipped.  Marissa also talks about how Keisha and Omarosa would say 6 girls to the end.  No one with a penis is going to win, She said Ross was standing right there.  She said she held her tongue, then felt like she lost her voice.  She feels that is more why the flip happened.

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1:34 PM BBT In the Bedroom, Keshia is talking to Mark. She tells him that she put up two people based on the decision of her entire alliance, and then they bailed on her. They just used her to do the dirty work. They accuse her of having an alliance with Chuck that she didn't have. She just asked him not to nominate her. 


1:38 PM BBT Keshia says that she is going to continue playing transparently. The game is not worth jeopardizing the career that she has built  or $250,000. Meanwhile Ari is in the SR with Marissa and tells her that Metta has been talking to Keshia a lot. They really aren't surprised because everyone in the game needs to have their person. Ari has Brandi. Marissa has Ross. Ari tells Marissa that Omarosa was saved by the bell. Because they were about to have a conversation and now she isn't here. 


1:40 PM BBT Ross comes into the SR. Marissa tells him that Shannon admitted to Keshia that she was getting all her information from Omarosa. Like, why would you do that? 


1:43 PM BBT In the bedroom Keshia is crying. Mark tells her that he understands. His family is close by and he misses them. She says she just really misses her daughter. This crying isn't even about them. It is all about her baby.

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1:32 PM BBT  Ross walks in and the conversation changes.  Feeds flip to Keisha and Mark.  Keisha said she felt that the girls were solid.  She was hurt that they didn't stay together.  Mark asked if there was an agenda.  He didn't know what was going on.  Keisha is spilling everything.  She said they wanted to be the first female alliance to not implode.  Keisha had said earlier that she can't be fake to someone.  She feels betrayed.  Mark is being sympathetic while gathering intel.  Keisha said she didn't have a deal with Chuck, all she did was ask if he wouldn't put her up since she couldn't compete.  She didn't offer anything in return.  Keisha said before the vote, Omarosa and Brandi got into it.  Because Keisha was going back and forth getting her things out of the HOH.  She said no one asked her anything or talked with her about the vote.

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1:38 PM BBT  Keisha still venting to Mark.  She said she isn't going to change who she is, it isn't worth the career she has built, or the $250K.  She is telling Mark what she heard about him volunteering as a pawn, then how he was going to keep James.  He said people are putting words in his mouth.  He said it wasn't in stone.  Keisha said Shannon said he was keeping James.  She said she thought there was an alliance, then Mark said same with her and Chuck.  Whether you say it or not, it is said.  Mark said 36 hours ago James was going home, now he is "peacocking" around.  Mark said she has been very sweet and open, and he hears what she is saying.  She said one thing is she is not a player.  She isn't going to sit and play hair and makeup.  Mark says he understands, she feels betrayed.  Mark said he is open. They hug it out.  He asks if she needs anything, more tissues, she says no, then starts crying again.  She is missing her baby.  He understands.  He asks if she got a picture, she said no. (when she took over HOH).   Mark leaves.

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