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December 11th Show Coverage


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Survivor: Guatemala

This is your Survivor Show Thread and this is how it works:

We need people to cover the show so we can post a summary on our Survivor Page. We need volunteers to commit to writing a segment (from commercial to commercial) and people who will post as they watch the show. Anyone doing screen caps can post them in this thread too. When you have written your segment, please post it here and it will get picked up and edited into our show summary.

The show is nearly here

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Ok, so I checked and we have a three hour show. If anyone wants to help let us know.

Thanks mo for covering the first hour. We agreed on a format and I will PM wolfrider.

Mo, MASHEE ranster627 and wolfrider you've done a great job with me this season. Thank you so much.


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Rafe won the first Immunity Challenge. Lydia was voted off 3 to 1.

Final three - Rafe, Stephenie and Danni.

Final Immunity was won by Danni. Danni voted Rafe out.

Final 2 - Danni and Stephenie.

Votes are in - Winner of Survivor Guatemala - Danni Boatwright

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okay don't have to PM me , I will try to cover the entire two hours of show live , as far as the reunion it depends on the format but I think that will be harder . I am recording the whole thing for my daughter so I may be able to do an after the reunion bit , but probably won't be till tomorrow. If ya'll can wait that long

As far as next show , right now I will tell you no more live shows , they hard to do , lmao . But I will segment write or even every segment , just after I get to actually see what I am typing first.

Love ya'll catch you for

Survivor 12

and of course the next BB

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Well wolf. mo (if she is still able) and I have 2 hours of show, then I have 2 hours of clips to download from smirnoff then make them into something people can watch. Then I download the pictures Morty takes (he makes better ones than me). So I think I'll probably be still at it in the AM.

We decided that it was better to just cover the important things for the page, otherwise it will be a week long read.

See you at 8pm. :):wub:

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Segment 1:

only 4 remain , steph , danni , lydia and rafe one will out last , and out play to become the sole surviror.

day 36

lydia first to talk says waking up and realizing I am finale four , why am I here is it my destiny

Rafe says good to be here proud of every decision I made , is really nice

Tree Mail ;

37 days 2000 years of history , the spirit and culture of maya still alive today and you will embrace it , she thinks is a celebration.

thought it was a feast but could be a myan ritual.

a family of two woman and three men walk into camp , none spoke any english and made a circle of sugar , rosemary and honey , the oldest man chanting in each direction thanking there ancestors , with a chicken that was sacreficed by pullling its head off and putting in the fire.

Rafe says he got so much out of the ritual as steph asked is it dead , Rafe says they pulled its head off

offered them the most delicious mayan food , and had lydia ask if they can eat the bird steph had her ask. they said no is an offering to the myan gods.

Immunity Challenge:

is the most complex survivor maze ever constructed based off a myan bird

once you collect all 8 pieces , must put them together to show an image

Jeff says huge maze , lots of area to cover , with many dummy stations

steph , lydia , danni and rafe in that order with there first pair

Rafe and danni neck and neck both with there third piece , now all with 3

danni , rafe and steph all with 4 pieces , lydia with 3

Rafe back with another , steph leaps across the pantoons makes up a lot of ground

Lydia comes back with two pieces , they are neck and neck

steph and rafe have one station each , lydia tailing danni

lydia lost ,

danni one station left , steph finds her last piece ,

rafe with his final piece and steph right behind him ,

Rafe and steph working on there puzzle of the crock , jaguar or monkey

danni back and now in it

lydia not giving up , has her last piece

Patients is key do not panick

Raf has it winns Immunity

Rafe come on over , gots to feel good to have this , rafe safe from tonights vote . Lydia , Steph or Danni one of you going home tonight . Head on back to camp

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Segment 2:

day 37

Rafe says wierd to have immunity necklace and am going to final three , steph says rafe is only one she has chance to win against as they played the same game and double crossed the same people.

Rafe says he promised danni , he would go to final three with danni

danni says rafe promised me but you know how that goes , every one goes back on there word

steph wanted to eat the chicken and goes and checke out the cooked chicken carcass, sorry all ewww

steph tells lydia she is leaning to her over danni

lydai says we surviving out here , steph says it is cooked to perfection. Rafe said was a powerfull experiance so he could not eat the chicken cause would be pointless , the ritual was about not eating the chicken as the rest ate it

Steph says hours later it is still there and I am eating it , when done eating a big storm moves in and they think is maybe because of the chicken

Tribal council:

rafe tells about the 5 mayans and the sacrifical chicken , says it connects us more as this is where they really come to and we are a part of the culture.

lydia says they ate the chicken , and after they ate it the myan gods where mad and thats when it poured and rained . but steph says we are hungry and decided we was going to eat it.

lydia says I don't think I pose a physical threat to anyone , danni says but if she up in final two and is well liked so she is a threat , as does Steph



Lydia 15th person voted out , the tribe has spoken . Rafe , danni , steph , you made it to the final three , I hope the gods have forgiven you . head back to camp , get some sleep

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Segment 3:

day 38

the fire went out and they need to use flint and the howling monkeys scream louder then usual

the corn is discusting with maggots in it and mold , but have to be happy is day 38

take the images of the former tribe mates and imortalize them in the fire

tonight one of you will join the former 15

burned Jim first:

Morgan second burned :

Briana third :

Brooke 4th

Blake 5th

Margrette 6th

Brian 7th

Amy 8th

Brandon 9th

Bobby John 10th

Jamie 10th

Gary 11th the father figure

Judd 12th , mental rehab , going back a whole new man

Cindy 13th

Lydia 14th , I am more then a provider , but no more corn for me I guarntee it

Okay guys can not do all of it , wished I could but my arms giving out on it

Sorry , but I will do the reunion sometime tomorrow

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