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Uploading Videos to the Morty's TV Video Gallery

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Morty's TV has a Video Gallery and you are co-curators for this unique collection of Big Brother related videos! 


You can add videos that you created, that you captured off the live feeds or that you created from scratch.  Here are the steps for adding a video to to the Morty's TV Video Gallery:


1.   Go to http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/videos/


2.   Click Add Video


3.   Select the Celebrity Big Brother Category


4.   Enter the following info:


  • Name of the Video
  • The type of media (a URL or file upload are the most likely)
  • The media URL or file location of the video to upload.  
  • Leave Thumbnail as automatic
  • Enter a short description.


5.   Click Submit and the video will be added to the gallery.


Remember that the rules of the road for the Morty's TV Fan Forums still apply - don't post videos that are obscene, abusive or attack other Morty's TV Community members.  Morty's TV reserves the right to remove any video we feel is inappropriate for our gallery.


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