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Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Mint Green Bedroom (GBR)

The Hollywood Red Carpet Bedroom (RBR)
The Landmarks Bedroom (LBR)

The Speakeasy Lounge (SEL)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
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and let's just call the gym, GYM

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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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 11:00pm- 12:00am BBT: Ariadna and Marissa are tsling about keeping James but are worried about Omarosa winning HOh next week and coming after them. Brandi says it would be better to keep Jmaes evem thopugh she likes Chuck better than James. Marissa says she will change her vote and flip if Ross and shannon really want her to but then she worries about what Omarosa will do as she feels like Omarosa is playing a different game to change her life. Marissa thinks it is to early to flip the votes and Ross agrees.
Shannon tells Ross she is number 5 in the group and will  go first and Ross ask her what she means and Shannon says i am a target but i have no final two deals with anyone. Ross thinks he will be a target sooner than later if they flip the votes this week. talk continues about flipping the vote or not


12:00am-1:30am BBT: Brandi talsk to james and tells him they are doing him a favor by saving him as he lays betweenn the beds listening to her. Shannon tells James not to tell Messa anthing cause he will go back and tell everyone .
Ross goes to Ariadna and ask if she has made her mind up and and she tells him that Jasmes is staying. Ross then says he can not trust James. Ross wants to go to bed but talk conitues as they can not decide  who to vote out. Ross leaves and goes to bed.
Hg now going to bed and taking make up off.

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 8:39am BBT: We have WBRB as BB wakes the HG.

 8:54am BBT: Marissa and Ross laying in bed awake whispering about James. Keshia in the HOH WA brushing her teeth. marissa talking about how she needs to play for herself. we get FOTH

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9:01am BBT: Keshia,James,Chuck and Mark in the KT making coffee and breakfast. Marissa and Ross in the BR talking about other people are making deals and Marissa says she is not going to play like that she is not going to make those deals.

9:13am BBT: Ormarosa goes to the BR and ask if the princess is up yet and Brandi sets up saying she is getting sick that she always gets B12 shots and she has not had one since she got here.

9:17am BBT: Marissa and Shannon talking about people turning on them as Shannon puts lotion on her arms. Marissa gets up out of bed to get ready for the HOH lock down. Ormarosa and Ross in the WA doing ADL's

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9:38am BBT Marissa and Brandi whispering in the BGR about scenarios if Chuck stays and wins HOH.  Ari wakes up and starts making her bed, telling Brandi that she had a weird dream and kisses Brandi on the head. 


9:40am BBT Ross and Shannon get ready in the BT, talking about the unfairness of how fast guys can get ready vs. girls.  Back in the BGR, Omarosa gets dressed in the GBR


9:43am BBT In the LBR, Ross tells Shannon that he is now on the fence with the new talks of changing the plan.  Shannon said that she's fine with any scenario.  Mark is called to the DR


9:47am BBT In the LBR, Ross realizes after trying on his black sport jacket that he's losing weight because it's too big.  They wonder if they can get a seamstress to fix it.  Marissa comes in and asks what to say when someone asks who she's voting for.


9:52am BBT In the KT, Omarosa says that she should have some coffee in their last 10 minutes of freedom.  Chuck, Marissa and Ari have beauty product gold pads under their eyes.  WBRB


9:56am BBT In the KT, as all of the HG scurry around, Marissa is fantasizing about a picnic in the treehouse today. (HOH lockdown?)  Marissa and Keisha go through the SR and bring food back to the KT - no game talk in the SR.


9:58am BBT Mark gets dressed in the LBR.  WBRB

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 11:30am BBT Keshia and Metta are in the Media /Bar room sending out messages.
Keshia is correcting his spelling , he seems to be typing very slow.
James is in the kitchen fixing to wash dishes.
 While in the HOH room Keshia, Ross, Marisa, Omarosa, Brandi, Ari, and Shannon are discussing why a woman should be the winner.
Omarosa is asking Ross if he thinks it's disrespectful for 6 women sticking together.
Marissa said if it gets to the 7 she might vote Ross and it could be for any reason.

  11:41am BBT Omarosa said in this day and time she thinks that with women in the place
they are that women should stick together.  Keshia said that James and Mark are trying to make sure everybody know that everybody is making side deals.
Keshia is telling all of the group in the HOH that if they make it to the final 7 then they all need to play it fairly.
  11:50am BBT They all agree she had almost told to much and they thought
that it would have hurt Shannon the most. Keshia was telling Brandi that she was planting seeds and was damaging there alliance.
Brandi said that they guys have an alliance but then the group ask how she knows .
She says you know they have to have one.
  11:50am BBT They all agree Brandi had almost told to much and they thought
that it would have hurt Shannon the most. Keshia was telling Brandi that she was planting seeds and was damaging there alliance.
Brandi said that they guys have an alliance but then the group ask how she knows .
She says you know they have to have one.
  12:09pm BBT While in the Weight Room Chuck is asking for votes and talking about who will vote
for him. He said he knows now that he don't have one of the guys vote. Chuck is talking about Brandi
giving out game facts. Brandi said that they guys were coming after her.
  12:25pm BBT James is in the weight room jumping rope and Chuck just walked in. Chuck almost fell off the bike.
Now all the ladies and Ross are in the blue bedroom talking about what they are planning on wearing tonight.
The other 3 feeds are Chuck and James exercising. Ross and Shannon are talking and he wanted her to
know he didn't say to anyone she was a target. Chuck ask Ross if the plan was still on.
  12:36pm BBT Shannon, Marissa and Ross are talking about James they are afriad that james will go back on his deal. Marissa
thinks that Shannon and Ross can flip the house better than anyone else can. Shannon, Marissa and Ross are wanting to pull James
in on a final four group starting today. They are talking about how to protect each other if they go
on the block and to protect each other so the other one goes home instead of them.
 12:46 pm BBT Shannon is talking to James about being in the final four not final two with Shannon.
 James agrees with Shannon about being in final four with Shannon, him, Marissa and Ross. Shannon
says James needs to go talk to Ross and tell him that he is apart of it. The main thing is he has to
hang around with the other guys so he don't look like a part of the group . She told him to make sure
 he goes and talks to them so they will get Brandi and Ari's votes.
  1:00 pm BBT Shannon and Ross are talking and bring Metta in the group. Shannon is telling
Ross that she got advice from Evil Dick before she came in the house.
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7:04PM BBT Keisha, Omarosa and Metta talking in the gym. Keisha says she will be cool. Metta says for them to go get the HOH. Keisha tells him not to trust them.


7:09PM BBT Keisha says she gets that it's a game. Metta asks her if she has watched the show and she says she has. Keisha says that she thought as woman she thought they had a something in common but because they are black women they don't. Omarosa says that black women also have come behind other women. Metta says he doesn't believe it was 7-1 votes.


7:13PM BBT Metta says he said he votes for Chuck. He says they should have explained it better. Keisha explains that means he voted to evict Chuck.


7:17PM Omarosa says that the guys knew they had to get with the women and the women fell apart as usual. Keisha says that she doesn't think it fell apart. She doesn't think they were ever park of it. She says that she wanted to put up Mark but went with Shannon's choices. She feels Shannon and Mark have a business connection. Maybe the same agent.


7:23PM BBT In the KT HG getting food. Metta explains how he voted for Chuck. Mark asks him if that is the story he is sticking to? Metta says it is on tape. Omarosa is called to DR. She shouts out she has LOTS to talk about.

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7:25PM BBT Shannon asked if they were still playing HOH tonight. Mrk confirmed it is being played tonight. Metta says something about it has to be played by midnight.


7:26PM BBT Shannon tells Metta she is proud of him for not running out. Metta says Marissa talked him into staying. He says he tried to leave on the first day. Shannon reminds him why he is in the house.


7:29PM BBT Metta and Ross talk in the BR. Ross telling him that he went with who was supporting him. Metta tells him he is going for the HOH tonight. Metta says if he wins he is nominating James and Shannon. He says he was disrespected.  He says he doesn't want to work with anyone honestly. Metta wants to be out next. Ross asks him if he will wait for the 2nd HOH. Metta says no.


7:33PM BBT Ross tells Metta that they want to get Omarosa or Keisha out next and prmises that he will get Metta out next. He tells Metta it is only 2 more days. Metta says he can't take that deal. Metta tells Ross that he will not put him up.



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7:36PM BBT Metta says he doesn't care who he puts on the block. He tells Ross he is good. Ross asks him to give him a couple more days. He tells Metta he wants to get Omarosa or Keisha out, then will get Metta out and then wants to get the other one out (K or O)


7:42PM BBT Omarosa and Marissa talking at the KT counter. Omarosa tells her that Chuck will see he was lied to. Marissa says she never lied to Chuck. She says she never told him that he had her vote.


7:45PM BBT Ross and Ariadna talking with Brandi in the MBR. Brandi tells them that Omarosa came to her and told her that she must be happy because she and her white girl alliance won.


7:54PM BBT Omarosa and Shannon in the KT. Shannon says for her to give them a chance to explain. They agree to talk. Omarosa says she wants to speak with Shannon.



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7:59PM BBT Shannon and Omarosa talking. Shannon says that they heard that Omarosa and Chuck had a deal. Omarosa says they never had a deal. Omarosa tells Shannon that she was looking out for her. Shannon says she had to go with the group. Omarosa asks from who. Shannon says there is no one running the group.


8:04PM BBT Keshia and Brandi talking in the WC. Brandi saying it is a game. Keshia says that real friends it wouln't have gone down that way. Brandi says that she doesn't want it to come between them. Keshia says that she will say hello but that it will come back to bite them really bad.


8:13PM BBT Shannon is telling them they added Mark for the vote count tonight only. Keshia and Omarosa continue to tell Shannon that they know they are the bootm of the pecking order. Shannon says that when they heard there was a deal with Chuck they changed their mind. Omarosa asks Shannon doesn't she think she is coming off as the bitchy girl. Shannon says no. Omarosa says "oh sweetheart". Omarosa tells Shannon that they didn't want the two brown girls working with them. Shannon says that has nothing to do with it. Omarosa tells her "girl buy" Omarosa dismisses her. Shannon leaves.


8:21PM BBT Keshia, Brandi, and Shannon talking. Keshia says she had a gut feeling and she was right. Shannon tells her if she had told the group about the convo with Chuck then it would have helped. Shannon says if Chuck was HOH he would have put up two girls because the guys have a pact not to put each other up. Keshia just keeps saying "good luck"

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8:23PM BBT Keshia and Omarosa talking. Keshia says that Chuck and she had no deal. She says the only thing was when Chuck talked to her and she asked him not to put her up if he got HOH. Omarosa says that she voted out James. they discuss that Metta is with the others.


8:28PM BBT Shannon joins Ross, Brandi, Marissa, and Ariadna in the bar lounge. She tells them about the convo with Omarosa.


8:34PM BBT Omarosa and Keshia talking. Omarosa tells her you can not flip an entire house in a few hours. Keshia says that the only reason she spoke with Chuck last night was because she had a feeling.


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8:35PM BBT Omarosa says that two black women getting along is a threat to their game is what she told Shannon. She says Shannon told her that wasn't it. Omarosa says she is going to go out and make them uncomfortable. She isn't going to hide.


8:42PM BBT We have FOTH - HOH time

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