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The Hollywood Red Carpet Bedroom (RBR)
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8:13 AM BBT: Feeds are back and Marissa is working out in the gym. Mark is washing dishes in the KT. Ross comes in as Marissa finishes up and comes downstairs. Ross asks if Marissa woke up before the music and she says that she woke up at 7:30 to say good morning to her son before he went to school.

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10:00 AM: Brandi asks James if he has tinted eyelashes. James says he doesn't wear makeup unless he's on set. Brandi says she wears makeup all the time.
10:02 AM: Omorosa and Keisha talking in the bedroom. Keisha says that Brandi was just being drunk, that wasn't game. Omorosa says there's no doubt Shannon isn't individually gaming with each of the boys since James claims Shannon told him to do certain stuff and says Shannon was ticked off when told not to talk to Chuck.
10:06 AM: Ross, Marrisa, Brandi, and James together in the kitchen.
10:06 AM: Shannon doing makeup in the bathroom with Chuck. Chuck just left.
10:14 AM: Keisha talking with Chuck in kitchen. Asks him to act like last night never happenned. Chuck says if Brandi wants to talk he will, but otherwise he doesn't care. Keisha says she won't say anything about it.
10:14 AM: Omorosa, Ross, Ariadna, and Marrisa in bedroom. Omorosa asks if Brandi remembers anything, Marrisa says she remembered nothing.
10:19 AM: Brandi comes into the bedroom.
10:21 AM: James enters the room.
10:23 AM: Ross mentions he's been watching BB since the beginning. Brandi asks Ross to make more vegetables.
10:25 AM: Shannon and Marrisa in bathroom. Shannon thinks there could be a double eviction tomorrow. Marrisa doesn't think they'd want them gone that fast. Shannon thinks they could be bringing a new celebrity in. They're mapping out how they think the schedule will go.
Shannon thinks this game will about going with your gut, as there's no time to discuss anything. Marrisa suggests nominating Metta and Chuck next, doesn't matter who wins veto.
10:33 AM: Ross, Brandi, and Ariadna in bathroom. Brandi asks who she was mean to last night. Ariadna says Chuck, Mark, and James. Ross tells Brandi she needs to be careful, Brandi says it's fine cause she wasn't mean to her group. Ross telling her it was aggressive and says the others think they can beat her in a jury vote. Brandi doesn't understand what a jury is.
Ross is afraid that Brandi could let information slip. Brandi says she wouldn't do that. WBRB.
10:39 AM: Ross says to Brandi that it was showtime last night, and she gave them show. WBRB.
10:47 AM: In the kitchen, Marrisa is saying she's okay with her son cussing if it's in an appropriate context.
10:55 AM: Keisha telling Marrisa she feels like if you're eating an animal, you shouldn't waste any part of it. In the black community, they eat auxtails and chitlins. WBRB.
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2:12 PM: James calls Mark into the SEL and asks him if he would be on board to flip the vote (vote out Chuck) if he could assure him he had the numbers to do so. Mark says he is in, but he needs to be assured as he does not want to be the only vote to save James. James and Mark fist bump as James tells Mark to leave before anyone notices and that he will talk with him later.

2:17 PM: Mark in the KT with Ariadna, Brandi and Keisha. Mark is trying on Brandi's sunglasses before he starts mopping the floor.

Other houseguests are trying out the Snapchat glasses provided by Big Brother. Keisha tries to explain how they work.

2:22 PM: Shannon in the LBR with Marissa and Omarosa. Chuck comes in and tells them about the Snapchat glasses.

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12:15pm BBT HG are out of HOH lockdown. BB tells them to come down and sit around the table.  Apparently BB cleaned while they were in ILD, but Ross is looking around for clues.  Marissa, James and Ross make a massage train and work on each others shoulders.  


12:20pm BBT The HG wait for Omarosa in the KT before beginning a house meeting. Keisha reads:  "HG, in speakeasy lounge, adjacent to the BR, you will now find a social media station for your enjoyment.  This social media station allows you to type messages of 280 characters or fewer to your fans outside the house.  Your msgs, once approved, will be sent to your social media teams to be used on your social media channels.  This is a one way communication tool.  You will not have access to the internet.  You will not see replies from your fans. To create a message, select your name from the drop down menu, write your msg in the space provided, hit send.  Once you hit send, your msg will not be retrievable. No one, including yourself, will be able to see what you have typed - as long as you press send."   


12:27pm BBT In SEL, James is nominated to tweet first since he has the most followers.  He is typing in each of their Twitter names + #BBCELEB, and then submits.  Feeds go to WBRB.


12:38pm BBT Back from WBRB, Ari is fixing Brandi's extensions. Brandi says "it's ok, it's just fake hair".  Chuck, Shannon, James are laughing in KT.  


12:45pm BBT Shannon is sending tweet in SEL.  The other HG are in KT discussing what they will wear for the live show.  Omarosa talks about how her husband "the pastor" has more shoes and clothes than she does, and that he's an impeccable dresser.  

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1:30 PM: Omorosa and James in the gym. Omorosa tells James that he beat Chuck in the competition. James notes that all the girls did that too. The competition wasn't about strength, but weight. Omorosa says James has given him a lot to think of. She said they'll talk later. James says to tell Keisha she's welcome to come work out.
1:31 PM: Mark, Ross, Keisha, Omorosa, Shannon, and Ariadna all in the kitchen. Omorosa is telling stories.
1:39 PM: Brandi in the blue bedroom by herself.
1:43 PM: Ross and Ariadna enter the room. Ross is explaining the jury to Ariadna.
1:51 PM: In the kitchen, Keisha says James didn't say more than a few words to her until after the veto. She doesn't have sympathy for him because he was popping off on her the other day. You can't just talk to people once you need them, you need to be sincere the entire time. Keisha starts talking about the psychology of kids and her school program.
2:00 PM: Metta posing in different glasses to Ross, Ariadna, Brandi, and Shannon.
2:11 PM: Marrisa and Ross talking in bedroom. Talking about somebody lying about their target. The person was pissed that they weren't nominated and they love Keisha. Marrisa is sad she fell so early in the HoH challenge as she doesn't want her son to see that.
2:23 PM: Marrisa talking about her husband. She'd love to cudle with Metta, but it'd be rude to her husband and she would never risk her relationship.
2:34 PM: Omorosa and Keisha join the conversation. They are talking about James. Omorosa says James is really upset about he gift bag thing. Keisha talks again about James not talking to her before the veto competition.
Keisha says that James knew she was working with Shannon and that Shannon told him to go talk to her. Ross asked if would've even helped for James to approach her. Keisha said it would if he did it way before. She compares it to asking a friend you haven't talked to in 2 years for money.
They talk about Mark not being clean. Marrisa tells a story of her telling Mark he was grumpy.
2:46 PM: James and Mark talking together. James is talking about not having any sports at his schools and struggling with bullying. He's comfortable in his skin now.
3:04 PM: Omorosa, Ross, Brandi, Marrisa, Keisha and Ariadna together in bedroom. Omorosa talks about Celebrity Survivor or a Celebrity Naked and Afraid not being able to work.
3:10 PM: James and Mark playing chess together. After, they go to the other bedroom with Chuck and Mark there. Mark seems to be doing some type of impression. Everyone leaves and James is left sleeping.
3:27 PM: Chuck is joining in on the conversation with the girls + Ross. They seem to be roleplaying together.
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3:30 PM BBT On Feeds 1 and 3 James and Mark are playing chess. On feeds 2 and 4 Ariadna is teaching the ladies and Ross how to say certain things in Spanish such as "Stay away from my husband". 


3:39 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show James napping in one bedroom. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the ladies and Ross in the other bedroom. Ariadna is still teaching them lines in Spanish. Ariadna is trying to teach Ross how to say something a large bag of chips and he pronounces it "bared a$$ gordo". Now they want to learn how to say not to $hit in the box. No cagues en la caja.


3:45 PM BBT Now the ladies are asking Ariadna how to say certain words of profanity in Spanish. Feeds 1 and 2 show Metta shaving his head in the WA. 


4:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Omarosa and Keisha in the HOH. Omarosa is telling her that she got robbed as far as HOHs. She didn't get hardly any pictures or anything. Keisha said yeah, but she is grateful for the laundry. Keisha tells Omarosa that she just hopes that they make it to two females as the final 2. 


4:09 PM BBT Keshia is telling Omarosa that Brandi was not nearly as drunk as she was acting like she was. Omarosa says that when everyone was ignoring Brandi, she lost it. Omarosa says this is classic reality TV and she is the OG of reality TV. She states "I refuse to be part of your circus, not my monkeys" in regards to Brandi. 


4:13 PM BBT Omarosa and Keisha are alone in the HOHR. Omarosa says that Shannon is such a super fan that she can't help herself but try to predict every little comp that they are going to play and in what order. She can't help herself. 


4:18 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are Keshia and Omarosa who are still alone in the HOHR. They think that Shannon is the biggest target in the game. Especially if she wins another comp. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Metta, Marissa, Chuck and Brandi. They are chatting about cooking in the Kitchen/Dining Room. 


4:21 PM BBT Omarosa tells Keshia that she cannot vote out Metta under any circumstances. If he wants to leave he can walk right out that door like he's already done. Keshia "And they let him walk right back in." 


4:26 PM BBT Omarosa and Keshia are still talking in the HOHR on feeds 1 and 2. Omarosa says she is playing loose because they need to expect the unexpected. The swag bag is a great twist, for them as players and for the fans. 

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4:30 BBT Omarosa and Keshia are talking game. Omarosa is telling Keshia she will protect her next HOH since she can't compete.
Omarosa thinks Shannon is a big threat and so is Ross. She also told her that you don't step on Brandi.
4:32 BBT A group is in the kitchen talking about cooking... they are talking about eating healty .
4:34 BBT Metta and Chuck are talking about eating the skin off the fish the next day.
4:39 BBT Nothing going on right now.Food talk and a lot of chat in kitchen. The HoH is just talking about
jobs and what a fun place it is to live in California.
4:41 BBT Brandi and Marissa were talking about how Ari is not letting her go to sleep. Brandi says
Ari wants to give her a makeover.
4:44 BBT Still talking about eating and what they are cooking. 
4:48 BBT Keshia is asking Chuck not to put her up next HOH if he wins. They are talking about how each of them know each other. Keshia knows Brandi from Apprentice.
4:51 Keshia and Chuck think Ross is playing both sides of the fence. Keshi says she is 100% up front and that Chuck reads people and that is what she likes about him.
4:57 BBT Omarosa wants James to send a message for her. It sounds like James is the one going first. Marissa and Omarosa like him but only when he is leaving the house.
4:59 Nothing but food talk and cooking.
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5:02 PM BBT In the KT Mark is saying that he hopes they get access to the BY soon. IN the gym Metta and Keshia are in the gym. Keshia asks him if Ross is playing both sides. Metta says he is one of the girls.


5:07 PM BBT In the gym Keshia tells Metta that both James and Chuck said that not everyone is playing this game up front. Brandy made a side deal with Metta and with Mark. Metta "She has side deals with everybody." Metta says that no one is talking to him anymore because they know he will blow it up. Except Ross. Ross talks to him.


5:10 PM BBT On feeds 3 and 4 Keshia is telling Metta that he needs to be up front with her about what he hears. If he does that, she will be prepared for what is coming and can use it to protect him later on. 


5:14 PM BBT Keshia tells Metta not to be mad at him. Everything up to now was all strategic. Metta tells her that the boys are scared $hitless about Shannon. She beat them. Keshia says that Mark and Ross are bigger threats based on their conversation. Metta tells her that Ross and he agreed that if Ross takes care of him, he will take care of Ross. Metta tells her that he feels she can trust Ross. He has been keeping his confidence. Nothing he told Ross has come back to him.


5:17 PM BBT Metta tells Keshia that the guys (minus Ross) are sort of aligned. It is nothing official, not like an official alliance. But they have to work together. Because there are only 4 of them. Kesha and Metta agree not to nominate each other the next time they get HOH. If Metta wins HOH he wants Keshia to pick who goes home. Kesha says they have to agree to it. And he can't tell anyone. If he tells she will send him home.


5:20 PM BBT Metta and Keshia pinky swear. They are going to work together. They hug it out before Keshia leaves the gym. She is going to make white bean chili with chicken. The others are making vegetable stuff. "I am sorry, I eat when I am hungry."


5:26 PM BBT All 4 feeds show that everyone but Metta and Brandi are in the KT getting a bite to eat. Metta was last seen jumping rope in the gym. Brandi is in the DR. They are discussing how badly BRandi behaved last night. She apologized to most of them today.

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5:35 PM BBT Metta comes out of the gym shirtless, covered in sweat and singing "Only You". Metta heads upstairs with a glass of water. BB doesn't do anything about the singing.


5:38 PM BBT Most of the HGs are still in the KT. Marissa calls out to BB. "Do we get to outside today BB?" Everyone looks to the camera. BB does not answer her.


5:44 PM BBT The HGs are in the KT given each other nicknames. Mark is sweet cheeks. Marissa is Jumanji. Chuck is Big Papa. Shannon is Animalista. Brandi is Chardonnay.


5:48 PM BBT Chuck, James and Metta are talking in the HOH bathroom. Chuck is talking about training for Ultimate Fighting. He wants to work on his cardio while he is here.


5:52 PM BBT Keshia and Omarosa are in the HOH bathroom. Brandi and Marissa know know each other outside the house. Their kids are friends too. Keshia is telling Omarosa that Metta and Ross are working together and that Ross doesn't run his mouth. Keshia tells her that Metta really does want to go home. Until he does get to go home, he agreed to be her intel person.


5:56 PM BBT Keshia and Omarosa agree that Chuck is the one to keep. He is the one most likely to work with them. The guys have stopped talking to him.  He can be trusted. They need to redirect his focus. He is a boxer, a fighter. He has good instincts. He comes across as genuine and truthful. Meanwhile Shannon has made deals with everybody. 


5:58 PM BBT Keshia and Omarosa are still talking. Shannon is a nervous nelly. Because she is aligned with everybody and has too many balls up in the air. Metta told Keshia that Shannon will do anything and everything to win this game. 

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6:05pm BBT Ross, Marissa, Ari, Brandi, Shannon at kitchen table playing game where they go in the circle telling a story with each saying a word. Chuck, Mark, James in the KT. Keisha and Omarosa straightening O's hair in the BR.


6:14pm BBT In HOH BR, Keisha and Omarosa discuss how attached Ari is to Chuck, and that the men are concerned. Keisha tells Omarosa that Brandi only comes upstairs to "blow her toilet". They suspect Brandi's drunkness was an act to say what she needed to say, but under the guise of booze.


6:17pm BBT Omarosa and Keisha continue hair straightening in the HOH. Keisha said they'll be getting up at 8am, so she'll be getting her things together and shower to be ready.


6:23pm BBT Back from WBRB, the HG continue to play the word game going around the KT table.  Metta joins them after his workout.  


6:27pm BBT Omarosa joins the other HB at the KT table, carrying her bible. Keisha is primping up in the HOH BR. The game is similar to ad libs.


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6:32pm BBT The ad lib game being played in the KT is starting to turn naughty.  Keisha comes down from HOH and joins so that all HG are now present.  Omarosa shut down one of the rounds by saying the "m" word.  (moist)  


6:40pm BBT The game ends and the HG disperse.   Ross gets in bed because he's cold.  Shannon lets him try her meal while they talk in the LBR.  Ross tells her that being in the house feels normal, not as if they're playing a game as he has watched in past seasons.  


6:43pm BBT Ross, Omarosa and Shannon speculate what will happen Friday.  Omarosa said that Keisha was told to vacate the HOH room.  They talk about how rest is important and they should get to sleep early.  


6:47pm BBT Ross tells Shannon in the LBR that their alliance has her back.  They go through the numbers and various scenarios about votes.  She's worried for Chuck to win HOH, and that he thinks that the games are regulated, but can be manipulated by production.


6:49pm BBT Omarosa, Marissa, and Brandi talk fashion and beauty in the GBR, and what they will wear for evictions. Omarosa wants her legs to look long in the chair. They have renamed the speakeasy bedroom to the FIFI room.


6:52pm BBT Brandi tell Omarosa and Marissa that she remembers Charades, but is pretending like she doesn't.  She only remembers the beginning of the discussion with Chuck and James.  They remind her that she was still wearing her heels and knee pads.


7:00pm BBT Omarosa replays the Chuck/James scene for Brandi, and that she and Marissa can't wait to play it back when they get home. Ross and continue to talk in the LBR and how they hope and pray that one of them wins the next comp.



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7:04pm BBT Shannon heads to the BR to put her makeup on and "get ready".  Metta, Keisha, Mark, Chuck say how the production team is changing shifts.  Mark said that his wife is a "latin chick" and has "great skin" and that she wanted to do something for herself/her money, and then the kids came and she feels she has a purpose - interrupted by WBRB.


7:10pm BBT In the KT, Keisha said she needs water to produce breast milk, but the water she gets has white stuff floating in it.  She is going to ask for bottled water.  They guys agree that they also have noticed this "stuff".


7:12pm BBT Ross and Shannon hug in the LBR and cement their alliance.  Ross tells her that the girls will want them both out as well, so it's more important that they stick together.   Ross tells her that it's not personal - it's just that she can beat them so she's a big threat.


7:14pm BBT Shannon primps in the BR.  Brandi and Omarosa do the same in the BGR.  Shannon comes into the GBR to borrow a facial product.


7:22pm BBT In the KT, Metta tells Mark how he worked with Jenny Garth in "Eleventh Victim".  It wasn't a lot of money, but he would do it again.  Chuck said his 16y/o daughter was in "Accidentally in Love" playing Jenny Garth's daughter.  She's currently in school, not as much interested in acting.


7:23pm BBT James, Mark and Chuck talk through the live show scenario.  Mark explains how the OTEV comp works to Chuck.  Mark asks Chuck if he's been crying...he says "a little bit".  They want to break up the alliances so that they have a shot.


7:28pm BBT Omarosa, Shannon, Brandi, Marissa, and Keisha in the GBR.  They want James out tomorrow, and then will try to get Metta out next Monday.  Marissa says that they should stop spinning the "what ifs" until they know who is in power next.  They agree.


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7:39pm BBT The BY is now open.  Mark heads outside.  In the GBR - Ross, Marissa, Brandi, Ari, and Shannon talk about eventually bringing Mark on board.  They have all noticed how Keisha is talking to the guys one by one and they are starting to not trust her.


7:48pm BBT Marissa sits beside the hot tub where Metta is soaking.  She said that the dynamic of the house would change if the HG were different, such as what if 50 Cent was a HG?


7:53pm BBT Marissa goes through her acting history with Metta in the BY (he's in hot tub) and how she was in "Stacked" with Pamela Anderson and Christopher Lloyd for 3 season, 3rd lead.  Keisha and Chuck talk on the BY couch about how Keisha has the deciding vote and can't compete for next HOH.  "it is what it is"



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8:00pm BBT In the BY, Marissa, Ari, Keisha, and Chuck discuss their tweets.  Marissa said her tweets were shout outs to her son.  They prep for being on the POP After Dark show.  They think that it might be boring, unless Brandi "loses her sh*t".  The discuss the possibility of a double eviction tomorrow.


8:02pm BBT Mark and James work out in the gym and discuss various workouts.  Keisha and Ross on the BY couch and Keisha wonders why one of the girls is fighting to keep Mark, and is suspicious.  Keisha tells Ross to watch the group.


8:09pm BBT Marissa, Keisha and Ross discuss the format of the live show and what to expect.  Metta borrows a pair of Ari's signature sunglasses.  Ross is called to the DR.  Metta is still in the hot tub talking to Marissa on the ledge.


8:11pm BBT Chuck,James, and Mark continue to workout in the gym. They talk about the Crossfit workouts.


8:25pm BBT Shannon heads to the gym to briefly speak with James. She tells him that she is running scenarios with people to save him, and then he would be an ally.  James said that his game is to keep his word in whatever alliance he has.  He denies any current alliances.

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8:31pm BBT Shannon pumps James for information in the gym, but he won't spill anything without her committing to being an alliance.


8:43pm BBT Marissa, Omarosa, and Ari are in the SR checking out what was just stocked. (lots of meat)  Marissa is stressed about the eviction.  Ari said that she saw Shannon talking with Chuck in the BR and to be careful around them.


8:45pm BBT Shannon still speaking with James in the gym.  They want to keep Omarosa as an ally - never an enemy.  Their fear is that Keisha will figure it out, so to be quiet around her.  She encourages him to talk with HG tonight, and will send Ross up to talk with him next.


8:50pm BBT James tells Shannon in the gym that he wants to be F4 with her, and also Ross.  They both realize that Ross has a "gentleman's agreement" with Mark.


8:50pm BBT Brandi, Mark and Chuck on the BY couch. Mark asks "who's sh*t is in the washer??" - Chuck and Brandi thought he said "someone sh*t in the washer" and they have a big laugh.


11:52pm BBT In the gym, Shannon tells James that she doesn't want to be sitting next to Marissa at the end, and that she could beat Omarosa in the end.  It's not about the money in getting to the end, although they "don't have Metta Peace kind of money".  They agree that Omarosa and Ross do not like each other


11:56pm BBT Shannon sets up the pool table for play.  The other HG make frozen pizza. Marissa and Metta play chess in the KT.  .

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9:03PM BBT Marissa comes into the WC. She burned herself with hot pizza down her top between her breasts. Shannon gives her something for burns. They are whispering with Brandi.


9:07PM BBT Shannon and Brandi are talking quietly in the SEL. Brandi is sending something out on the social media screen. They are discussing that there is a lot of whispering among the the girls.


9:11PM BBT Ross and Mark talking in the BY Ross asking Mark if he can get something going with the girls would Mark being willing to join in and leave Chuck. Mark says yes. Ross wants to send Chuck out on the DE.


9:22PM Ross and James are in the work out room. Trying to figure out votes. Ross tells James he isn't going to get Omarosa. Ross tells James that he wishes they had bonded more on day 1.


9:27PM BBT Ross and Brandi chatting in the BY. Brandi is telling Ross and Mark that she thinks she is getting an ulcer from the game. She says she has had one before. She says the game is a nightmare.

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9:42PM BBT Brandi and Mark general chatting. Brandi says she needs to do laundry.Mark points out the washer. Marissa comes out and says something about her doing laundry.  Brandi talks about if they need to talk tonight maybe she should put on eye makeup.


9:44PM BBT In the LBR, Ross and Marissa are whispering. Ross tells Marissa that James came to him today. They start discussing that she thinks Chuck told Brandi that she, Marissa is a threat.


9:51PM BBT Marissa and Ross talking about James possibly staying. Marissa says she told him to get the numbers and let her know. Ross says he is intrigued. Ross says he told him the same thing.


9:54PM BBT Ross and Marissa discuss who they can beat in the house. Ross tells Marissa that Mark is in. Marissa tells him not to tell Brandi. She says Brandi talks and then forgets. James comes in.

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10:00PM BBT MArk and Marissa are in the BY. Marissa doing laundry. Mark telling her that HOH gets their laundry done. Just general chit chat going on.


10:08PM BBT Metta doing shout outs. He asks fans to IG his girl that he is on the feeds and will be back in 10 minutes. Omarosa tells the BY crew that she is going to bed. She is in a pink onesie. She heads inside. Metta doing more shout outs.


10:15PM BBT Just general chit chat and we get FOTH.


10:19PM BBT Omarosa and Keisha are talking quietly in the HOH bed. Omarosa says she wishes there was  way to use Shannon's knowledge. It is difficult to hear them.


10:26PM BBT Chuck and Omarosa head to the BR. Omarosa starts to whisper that they need to figure something out and Brandi comes in on her way to the MBR. They head back out to the KT. Omarosa says goodnight again.

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10:37PM BBT Omarosa and Keisha discussing who would put them up. Discussion about Mark. Omarosa calls him cranky..


 10:38PM BBT Ross and Shannon talking. Shannon says she can see James on their side now. She says she doesn't see playing Keisha's game. Rossa says he has spoken to Marissa and it isn't going to happen. Arianna comes in. They said they are discussing their option. Shannon says the only person they are concerned with getting HOH is Omarosa.


10:45PM Brandi comes in and Ross heads out. Shannon says here is her pitch. She thinks they should keep James. She says if they keep Chuck then they have Keisha, Chuck and Omarosa against them. She says she trusts James because his back is against the wall.


10:48PM BBT Omarosa and Keisha talking about the vote count. Keisha says it should be unanimous or just Mark not voting to evict James. Feed cuts to Metta juggling and Mark cheering him on.


10:52PM BBT Ross telling Mark outside that there may be a realignment but that mark is still safe. Mark says he is happy to hear it. Ross says it is being discussed right now.


10:57PM BBT Shannon taking her make up off, Mark is doing laundry and general getting ready for bed stuff.




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